Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 30, 1974 · Page 46
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 46

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 46
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Elimination Problems Have Simle Solutions ByMMiMWeftt Jfa««rr* Director Amuerieam Fitme** Itnemrek We may lead to associate summer travel with '"traveler's diarrhea/' but intestinal irregularity can be uncomfortably regular all year round. We have enough trouble getting things "out of our system" to make an annual investment in laxative products totaling more than $200 million. Unfortunately, laxatives only treat symptoms. Physicians warn that laxatives can themsleves cause constipation by selves cause constipation by overstimulating and exhausting your intestinal muscles. What's more, if your symptoms happen to herald appendicitis, laxatives could just strain your appendix to the bursting point. The resulting infection can be fatal. It's best not use laxatives if you have even a hint of a stomachache. urns may 4etey «eeted ireat- meiat It's also a mistake to ABCs of Health tor post** rouges *» ftU*C teat afeahatie htver- eal iavestigatioa. S«eb changes may signal digestive opauseand igaoretaeot, N«w a ward la the wary traveler. Whether *r act ya* leave the eftnatry, y*a may yanr fcaty j* arijaatiaf la a wa- riety «f fftaagfr. Ta kdp jare- veat la* prdateai, fawswtaac saggest fettiaf pleat? af rert. sfiey «r "excise" Speeif ie pr«ea»tio«s sea v van departing «* where y«u go. hut a few jeteral fuide- liaes are always food to bear in owl Select eating places with an eye to sanitation and wfc* v«ae better «fl awwtoig ecM for tows Worefcawe swv«d- Ev*« wlaere f mil is safe to eat. you're wiser to peel it yourself. if either dianfcea or constipation persists or is accompanied by fever, nausea, vomit- FUaJUy. wfce* it comes to e,tovaalin». eaeemrafe ngit- larity, hut pay aiteatio* to what your My is tryiaf to teH you. Attwer its eaU «th a relaxed attitude aid you may Have a muck better *ut- oome. HOW CAN you eliminate your elimination problem? Authorities explain that elimination problems often result from poor health habits or lack of knowledge on the subject. A few simple measures may prevent or alleviate the trouble and do away with needless expense and discomfort. First, do you "sit around" all day? According to experts, inactivity can encourage constipation. Poor muscle tone in the intestinal and abdominal muscles can also be a contributing factor. More specialized exercise aside, simple brisk walking is an excellent form of moderate activity that you .' would benefit from doing every day. Improper diet can also help make you constipated. Physicians recognize that you need roughage--and the nutrients contained in the foods which provide this. Be sure that you're getting fresh fruits and raw or slightly uudercooked vegetables as part of your daily diet--unless a special medical reason prohibits them. The spring and summer seasons are an excellent time to ·! start. Such comparatively ; undesirable foods as tea, co:* ·; coa, chocolate and fried prod- peaale wkt are c*tstipated ·ay Benefit fn« eatiaf weh f««4s as s«aked araaes, saaked figs, plaia y«c«rt, aei- dtpailas aad raw apples (preferably with the skia). Is your constipation at least partly an "end result" of not getting enough fluids? Your body needs water to transport nutrients and get rid of wastes. How about trying an additional glass or two between meals and before bed? Authorities advise drinking extra fluid to replace water lost through vomiting, diarrhea, fever or perspiration. You may count the liquids in juices, soups and other foods as part of the total. Physicians also report that "the intestinal tract is probably more easily disturbed in function by outside stimuli than any part of the body. Pear and apprehension may produce diarrhea or constipation." Try to identify and eliminate unnecessary stress. Some of us can eliminate our elimination problems simply by realizing that everyone's metabolism is different. The American Medical Assn. points out that one is not necessarily constipated just because a bowel movement doesn't occur every, day. This is especially true of very young infants whose diet is mostly milk. Older babies may suffer constipation because mother overused laxatives. Of course, your pediatrician should be consulted to rule out organic causes. Incidentally. The AMA reports epidemic diarrhea in infants, caused mostly by bacteria or viruses, rarely afflicts breast- fed babies. IF CONSTIPATION is a problem for you during pregnancy, your obstetrician may be able to correct it by adjusting your diet. Diarrhea during pregnancy calls for immediate medical attention, since severe cases are capable of triggering a miscarriage. In all of us, any change in normal bowel habits, continued diarrhea, continued constipation, an alternation between the two or bleeding from the bowel or urinary tract deserves prompt medi- *«». ." . 1 Rabin Hood's Deeds '.r-- ·- · '· liGome to Untime SALT LAKE CITY (AP)He called himself "Robin Hood Public Parking .Aide" but his exploits on behalf of overtime parkers have been halted by the law. A couple of weeks ago. Richard Wessman,'24, began , walking the streets of downtown Salt Lake City .putting coins in expired parking me' ters. " _ ' · ' ' . ' .:'··· He would leave this card on the windshield of the overtime '·vehicle: -· "You have just been rescued from a $3 parking ticket by the Robin Hood Public \ Parking Aide. This was done as a public service and can only be continued with your help. Please send $1 to contin- ue this service." Attached was a stamped envelope addressed to Wessman's residence. ; .. ; He received $12 from a test run and last Monday went to- work in earnest, distributing nearly 300 cards and feeding that many meters. ' * * * THEN the law entered the picture. Salt Lake City Attorney Roger F. Cutler said he phoned Wessman and warned him that he may have violated city laws. Wessman has agreed to quit his enterprise. City law specifies that it's a violation to park for more than a specified time in a given parking spot no matter how many times you feed a meter. Free Services. ^Highest Interest on Insured Savings We pay the highest interest allowed by law. A 4-year Certificate of Deposit for $5000 or more , earns.7%% interest;That's..: more than ahy bank-p"ays.- Free Money Orders With a Charleston Federal Account Free Save-by-Mail Postage with any Charleston Federal account. Free Parking while transacting business in bur offices Free Travelers \Checks \With p. aleharieston PTFederal Account Free Loan Counseling and Literature We want you to know the facts. ·--^--«·»···» 3 Big Locations _ Convenient, too! Kanawha Boulevard,, South Charleston and St. Albans. "\ Monthly Income Plan Free Check Cashing With a Charleston Federal account. Free Community Rooms when available, for charitable or educational groups Free Inter branch Transactions fou can deposit or ^withdraw at any foffice. Free Notary Service* With A Charleston Federal Account Free Photocopy Service With a Charleston Federal Acount Free Savings Banks Great idea to teach-youngsters to save. Ask for one. Free ^Payroll Savings, Deduction Plan It's easy. Ask any Charleston Federal Savings Counselor. ALL INTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY; PAID QUARTERLY REGULAR PASSBOOKS It CHRISTMAS/CLUBS No iMnfflium batanct raqulrad. 5.31* annual yteW. GOLD KEY 90-DAY PASSBOOKS $100 mtnkmim t*MCt.Abig 1 TO 2 YEAR CERTIFICATES 1% TO 4 YEAR CERTIFICATES NOT $1.50 or $2.00 or even $2.75, but FREE WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU TO SAVE! $1000 minHnom $1000 minimum balanct rtquirad. batance. Earns 6.72% annual yMd. 6.96% annual yMd. Ctnmcm«5 presw*' (or wmxjinul pftor lojiyumy t^n imtr«» from (tele ot dgxait .0 '^te ot withdraw*! it the prwiifing P««KX* *e plus * (orterture 01» oays .merest. Charleston federal aoaD. S371

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