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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. TH7fi .DALLY COLTKiJm, C , FA. FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1980. V Basketball THE SPORTING WORLD By JAMES IV. DRISCOLl. Basketball NEAR T Leisenring Is Eliminated From W.PIAleague Play By Great Passing Offense .LOSES TO MONESSEN HIGH Four Hnn(i!rc«l Fifty Fans Accompany Kod Jind "Black to Pitt Stadium for dame. TULLEY LEADS LOCAL OUTFIT By JOHN II. WHORIC. Monosson eUeh School pas-sors. u team that a p p a r e n t l y is going places and will do thin ;s, at least as far aa ttisv W. P. I. A. League is concerned, eliminated Dumur Township from f u r t h e r competition Thursday night at I'Ht Stadium, P f t h b u n j , by a scoi 3 of 43 to 22. Turning loose a bewildering pass- ins? attack that the Ued and Black was powerless if check, the Monongahela Valley quintet chalked up a total of 20 fioli: goals, three o.f its aces, Feld-man, Janosik and Stevenson each T6J?lstennK six double deckers. While Dunbar displayed a neat offensive in tho first frame it did net measure up to tiie stellar play of the Monesen clan as that contingent recorded an eva half dozen. It was tho oivly frame that tho D. T. boys were able to keep within striking distance of the rack aggregation that is being favored to participate in the finals. In tliat stanza, the Shearer machine tallied seven markers. However, in tho filial quarter when Coach Ditty used Ws reserves, the Leisenrlng youtl.s ontscored tho Mon- esaen clan, six to two. During the other frames thf winning combination virtually had things its own way. It was a revelation to watch the Rules for 1930 American Legion Diamond Program This 16 the first a serlee of articles giving the rules and regulations of tho 1930 baseball program ot tho Junior American Legion teams in the United States, ponsorod by the American Legion. '! here will bo a similar league in Cinnellsvllle, Milton L. Bishop Poet having vot/xl in. favor of the plan. The rulee include: 1.-- All games will be played under tits official playing i-ules of baseball and on regulation diamonds. The ball used will be standard league ball. 2. -- The competition will 1)6 open only to boyti who ai e amateurs Cthat Is, boys who have not been paid for playing bnaeball), and who will not havo attained their 17th birthday before September 15, 1''30. (Note: a boy torii prior to midnight September 14, 3913, is not eligible) 3. -- Each player must be a bona fide resident of the comni unity represented by the team in which he enrolls in accordance with thv regulations laid down by the department athletic conn inltte«s of the rc«p«i live departments,4. -- Every player muet fill out a certificate of entry ai d eligibility and each team muet rerhsUw on a certificate of entry. To oach player's certificate of entry an-l eligibility there rrrust bo attached a certified copy ot Four Bouts Ready For Amateur Show On Thursday Night Jood Fistic Program Is Being Planned for Slavish Hall For March 13. Four bouts havo already been arranged for the nest flatic program of the Connelleville Athletic flub, to be presentr-d next Thursday evening at the Slavish Hall, according to announcement today by Billy Carter, matchmaker and trainer, who has already securod the aervino« of Moncaaen c l u b i n a c t i o n r u n c o r k i n g a i his birth certificate along with the cl«\er passing offensive that is the real playcr'e signature for identification backbone of its great winning apree, substantiating tho contention that a pood offense is the best -i-efonse. Dun'bar, hauling against odda, fought desperately and eight field goals was the result of its endeavor. Several beautiful shots from midfloor and several trom very difficult angles pepped up the Hed and Black. However after the first quarter, there was no question about the outcome BO convincing was the passing attack of the Monessoti outfit. The Section 12 champions starred In performance from the foul line, n e t t i n g eight out of 10 attempts while Mouessen, the t tie winners of Section 5, scored but three out of eight tries f r o m the free zone. Joe Tulley, D. T. ace and acting captain, led in this department, registering five out of six tries. When play was first started, Dunbar took possession of the ball but was unable to advance it beyond mid- floor. After taking the sphere on an out-of-bounds play, Monessen released Its deceptive passing and Captain Feldman tallied from beneath the basket. This tally, tho first of the game, came after two minutes ot action. Joe Tulley wink a beautiful shot from a difficult angle to tie the count and then Miller took a pass from Bailey to chalk up another murker, sending D. T. into the lead. However Monessen came back strong and Feldman recorded a double-decker. Stevenson got. away from the guards and was free under the net when ho dropped an easy one. Feldman came into the picture again with another neat shot. Bailey was fouled by Janosik and he made both attempts count. Currio then was given two shots from the free zone when he was fouled by Skonezuy. Ho made good. Salottl fouled Miller and Heorby tallied ono out of the two tries. As Stevenson dashed beneath the basket, he was given the ball on snappy pass from Janosik and doing a,fancy leap, he sent tho ball through the net aa the first quarter ended, 12 to 7. Janosik opened the second stanza with a field goul and then a foul shot. Currie dropped one from the side of the not and Janoslk dashed through tlu- center of i h o D. T. team to take a pretty pass and on two successive plays, ho registered. Feldtnau collected a douhlc-docker beloro Dunbar was able to break into the scoring columns. Hf-rby Miller, closely guarded by two Monessen players, purposes. (Note: Where copy of the birth certificate certified is not available, then a certified copy of the Baptismal certificate and of player's school record age should be attached,) Where a player is a. high school student, hte certificate f entry must give the name of his school, aa shown by the school records on February 15, 1930. Bach department will adopt ita own form of certificate which, however, must include the provlsfone herein mentioned.- There will be moi e tomorrow. MACHINE SHOP DOWNS MOULDERS IN CAPSTAN LOOP boya who have a reputation willingness to mix it up. Th© matches on the slate are: Teddj Mancueo, Connellsvllle, Johnny Nagy, Masontown. JOG Vargosky, Young-wood, Young Prancesk, West Newton. Jimmy Glaehetfe, TJniontown, Rill's Sickloa, West Nowton. Younjf Gorcheck, Maeontown, lied Visits, VTost Newton. eight for a vs. SUPERINTENDENTS TAKE THREE FROM MATOJHTOE TEAM The Superintendent's Office swept the Main Office off its feet last night at the Elk alleys In Capstan Glass Iveague. R, Younkln was high scorer tor one gatne with 183, while Shoerir.g' took honor for the trio of games with a score of 460. Tho ftcorefl r SUFT"S OFTtQEl. Dushav 131 13fl mteuour 114 112 McNamair 136 10« R. Younkln 120 183 Moorman 153 f7 Sheering 133 149 117 80. 140 109 132 179 377 .W7 3S2 421 373 460 Totals -706 776 7!X 2319 Fisher Cunningham DeMeroll Cohen Sperry _ Ralston . Dummy . Brown _ MAIN CKFTFIOB. 102 88 - OT .124 144 S5 85 106 1315 85 139 107 128 100 170 ae 159 385 291 313 330 427 86 Totals -593 66(2 740 2155 Machine Shop tcok the od-d game from the Mould Shop at the Blk alleys in the Caps-tan league. It aeeme as though the Moulders were not mould- ing their best. Sohonag© was high scorer for one fram with 314 and be was also high scori-r tor three games with 486. The scores: MOTJDL SHOP. G. Ambrisco 103 104 101 307 Griffith , 105 Snyder 117 Shupe 125 Bieber -- Sohonage . Totals __136 117 107 112 110 154 125 88 151 120 118 347 312 388 ace --.799 704 703 3306 Bailey MoCormick Benkine Tipping 1C. Clawsou G. Clawson Totals 121 Ij27 .._ 158 113 SHOP 90 106 ISO 84 ·119 126 l i t 112 176 lot 107 108 477 »13 384 338 385 742 758 704 22KM Ralu ceased at Paso Roblea, Ca!., yesterday and the Pittsburg Firateii went through a long workout. train that was operated over the Plttsburg Lake Brie Railroad and the others went bv automobiles, the excellent weather conditions enticing many to make the pilgrimage in vehicles. The line-up: sanlt a boauUCul left-handed shot that j Monesson -- 18, was perfect. Foldman and Stevenson | Salottl followed with nea.t goals. Jimmy j steve-nson Bailey registered a perfect shot from ! Janosik midiloor. Janosik made one, heaving Currie tho b.ill backward over his head. Feldnran After Currie shot a dual pointer, Stevenson chalked up another one- hamluU goal us the half ended, 33 to 11. The third period was marked by a g r o a t play bv Jimmy Bailey. Sttlotti was m-aving to Currie, the BiucKy l i t t l e suard intercepted the Dan ,ttid w i t h the same motion threw it i n t o the net. It was one of the lriHt:ev, plays of the- evening. I n liif final blau/ia, Tulloy dropped o' i I'rom mulfoor and Skonenny Phot out f r o m a liard angle. The o t h e r pollings for (1 e Hed and liiaek came via OIK f o u l r mtc. A p p i d x i m a t e l y -150 Followers of tho m a c h i n e gathered at the !o n a t c h t b p J r representa- t i v e s in a c t i o n . It was u n a n i m o u s nwst-nt of th ^ dole-gut ion t h a t tho pasbiui? a t t a c k o£ the Mnnesseu t,«am was too rinu'h for Dunbar--and \ s i l l be too m u c h for other opponents, beginning wit! Union town next Tuesday «veuiii£. There were iiG fusis oa the special F. F. C. G. }. Dnnbar--22. Tulley Skonezny Miller ...... tleilly Bailey Substitutions--Kotys for Salutti, Rosenthal for Stevenson, Dobaa for Jauosik, MuCleary for Currie, Lynch for McCleary, Knutilla for Feldmin, Bola for Kuutilla, Behrens for Miller As | for Skone-zny, Re:,henberg for Behrens, Skonezny -Joi Miller. Field goals--Moi lessen, 20; Stevenson (5, Janosik 6, Currie, Feldman 6, McCleary. Dunbar Township, 7; Tu'l- ey 2,» Skonezny, M'ller 2, Bailey 2. Team fouls--Monessen, 3 out of {!; D u n b a r Township, S out of 10. i n d i v i d u a l foula- -Kotys, 0 out of 1; Roseuthnl, 0 out of 1; Janosik, 1 out of 1; Dobas, 0 out of 2; Currie, 2 out of 2; McCleary, 0 out of 1; Tulley, 5 out oC 6; Miller, i out of 2; Bailey, 2 out of 2. Searing by tiuai tors: Dunbar Township 7 4 5 G--22 j Muiiesson -._ - - --.12 21 S 2--13 Referee--Walsh. Umpire--Campb* U. Scorer--Clark, Time r--e hr e tt. Time of quarter i--Eight minutes. JEANNETTE ONLY MID-ATLANTIC CLUB WITHOUT MANAGER Sevea of the eight teams ta tb* Middle Atlantic I/eague have made preparations for the 1930 drive and their managers have already been choeen. Jeannetto is the only clnb without a pilot, th-te selection being awaited daily from Montreal, Canada, who will operate the Jays as a farm, The managers on the rolls are: Soottdale--Edwin H. Dyers. Wheeling--Bobert Pryeock. Johnetown--Wilbur Good. Fairmont--Del Gainer. Cumberland--Joeeph Phillips. Charleroi--David Lamb. Clarke burg--Barle Neale. CrtlCXOo ORCxdJAD A»H ruurm Scottdale Spring Training Camp Opens April 21 - SOOTTUALEl, March 7.--An Mmnce- ment was ma-do today that th spring training camp for the Scottd vie and Waynesboro toams, part of U e farm system of the SL Louis Ca rdials, will open at Athletic Park on J pril 21, a week later than had been anticipated. Eddrto Dyer, manager of t le Mill Town entry in the Middle vtlantlc League, will have charge of tb camp. ST. VINCENT WINS FROMSCOTTDALS BUlCKPAiSERS SOOTTDALE, March 7.--St Vlncelit College dribblers handed Un Scottdale Buicks a. seven point setback last night at Slato Armory 1 afore a large crowd. The final tally wa* 4T to 40. Tho collegiate basketeer were given a. hard battle by the 1 ical independent club but had the q .aJity of play that netn triumphs. Use CtaMlfied Ads. They bring MASONTOWN HIGH DOWNS SCOTTDALE PAROCHIAL QUINT Atl Saints High School of Masontown last night defeated St- John's Parochial High School of Scottdale in a game played at Masontown, 30 to 10. Dangherty and Oberleitner featured for the home team. All Saints bad a lead o* 15 to 5 at the haM and although ontscored In the third quarter bad an easy tim* in the final stanza. The line-up: AH Saints--80. St. John's--10. Ralston F, Lippe Lang- F. Nowasky Oberleitner C. Gretz Peters G. Bombree Alox G. Hlckey Substitutions--Castoria lor Ralston, Fomera for Castoria, Daagherty for Lang, King for Gretz, "Waller for Bombree, Foul goals--All Satnt«, 4 ont of 5; St John's 2 out of 7. Referee--Andxewa. Movement for Organization Of City League Under Way; McCormick May Be at Head Sports Comment By JOHN H. WHORIC. Boyn moat and will pliiy. irfcy not the right kind of Pitt's bid for a basketball title is threatened by West, Virginia University in the game to bo played at Morgantown oa Saturday night. The two-year winning streak, ot the Panther freshman club will also be at stake as the .Kowallia trew tried tor its 44th consecutive victory. those ·wtoo advertise. TROUTMAN'S .The Outfitters for Bo - Scoots. j Men's Plain and Fancy Shirts Sizes foif All Men; Good Colors and Patterns 1.00 The shirts -with outstanding wearing qualities! Made of madras ; ,nd cheviot 'material's with double shoulder yoke, r inforced collar,' cuffs, neckband, continuous sleeve facings, and center pleat all tne way downi The ihirt tested for fast color, size and roominess. T -(Hitman's--first Floor. The Boys' Shirt and E House for Wear! 78c Full Range of Colors and Sizes The shirt and blout e that is cut good and full w th reinforced shoulder yofo, collar, and cuffs. Sizes for Joys of 6 to 16. Trontinan's--First 1 loor. Fast Color Percales and Broadcloths Mlltan L. BMiop Poet of the American L*gk» has answered this qoestion with a step in fcbe rlgh* direction, deciding to spoaior a Junior American Legion Baseball League in OonneltovtUa, Ttoe Legionnaires, keenly Interested in community welfare and natBrally the right «nvlroiin»iit fer, tb« future mnnhood of thie great National, are to be commended for this more. It cannot b« denied that wood training in adhering to the rule* and reg- ulatians of the diamond sport wtll sen* to iMrtOl in the roangvter a spirit of respect tor the law« of this country and Inevitably wwre to make a better dtisen oat ot him. That's the real principle ct thte sport actirity. Baseball, America'* nrn game, is played by all of tb» bom and Inas- mocii as it is one to wttoh they are more apt to take a IBdn-K it is a much eaater task to get them to lire up to the code of the cnrricnlom. Organised compettUoti, eapecially tinder amaieor regnlatiooB, will tend to buIW tip the diamond sport in Conso that IB the rery n*a* fntnre greater things in thfa respect may be in etore for fans of tbte oom- mnnJty. This phaee of contests wQI flerre to glide the young boys of thfa region an opportunity to demonstrate their ba«e- ball ability. There's no (roertlon that these opportunttieB na,T» been con- spicious by their abwrnw. It will keep the youngsters active ami the training code that undoubtedly wfll be set down should keep a uwmber from straying from the "straight and narrow." In atl the advantage* fit tbte circuit are no numerous thett II. ahbuM be grven the wholehearted tooperatlcm of every citizen of thia oocitnnnity. If a a big step in the right direction and the beneftte of tt wfll long be remen- bered. Informatfon that slmfsar plan* era being tormutated at Scottdale bM been received. Dnnbar, it is understood, win again conduct an American Legion chtb. The Furnace Townera took part in the Fayette county ©limi- nattune last season. More towns and cities are expected to follow the diamond eport gp. All wn can add is: "More power to them!" Baseball Will Claim More Attention This Summer Than In Many Years. Eddlo Dyer, skipper of tt Cardinals at Scottdale, has Young changed his place o? abode from San Antonio to Howrton, Texas. He is doing a little athletic coaching for Rice Ineti- tate of which he is a gradnate. The information low leaks oot that the GTeensbnrg promoters of an "independent baekethall tournament" offered Scottdale Buicks t. 'leg" on tb« 1980 cnp 11 they wonM mter the play. Greensharg newspaper? , it seems, wrongly aecmed the B-oiefce of poor sportamansbJp in stirring op thie phaee of the 1929 tourney. It seem* strange that tbe^ Greene burgem could not live up to their promiww and pro- vWe the silver loving cup to the 1929 champions, jnst act they eaid thejr would, in view of the fact that the tournament was a ftnaidal sucoeeo. Their attitude in trying to "cover up"* their neglect eeems like a poor raoveu Many fans are wupporting the Bulckn in their step in not ante-ing the Greeneburg meet. The championship reste In Scottdale and if anyone wants it they'll have to oome there to flght for ft. tt seems that the Westmoreland county "capital" promoters take too much for granted and it'e high time that a halt be called to it. MEETING TO BE HELD SOON Although it, still rains and (mows here, the prone dispatches tell of activity of the haflehall s^an of the- major leagues getting Into condition under the sunshiny skiee of Florida and California, so with conclusive proof that spring and summer are ju«t around the corner, it is apparent the time is ripo to begin the organisa- tion of th« City Baseball League. Although a first attempt at organization of euch a loop, failed last spring, a half dozen clubs of -various sorts did get together late in the rammer and play a schedule until short daye of fall made it neoefieary to cloffB the season even before the tttlebolder had been decided. There is a reviving interest in. baseball here. The succese of the little league last year .probably had ooiy- siderable to do with it and in addition, Mayor H. D. MInerd ha* declared himself ae favoring a broader scope ot sports. He is a baseball player and fan himself and it i« very likely that such influence toadfc to urge the leaders into action. Some definite steps towards the organisation have already been taken. Two or three dabs have aligned themselves with the loop and an o^ ganizatkm meeting will be held in the near future. As bo/ore, tte offices of The Courier will h» mntflahte tor this purpose. With six or eight chib* repw there wflj be opportunity for many young athletes to get the benefit of the diamond sport. Equal division ot the stare on the different teams will make the contest* more interesting and an early Mart, permitting a divided season with the champion of one hall playing the champion ot the second will provide a. series of real merit. Throughout the winter months some of the organisers, it Is known, have been quietly working to better their organizations and a enrprtstng good quality of ball will be played. Several of the boosters have advocated the election of William McOor- mick, aa president o* the league, veet- Ing in hint the powers of a "high commissioner" eo that there would be an ending place for all arguments. He has agreed to do everything poesiblr- to help make the circuit a cmcoeea a£*i it IB believed h« will accept the duties of that office. ~B111" Urea on baseball in the summer time, and nibbles of every other sport in its respective season. If the city league te (successful ly organized and there te rstill a surplus of playing material, another loop- either a church league or an industrial circuit of some kind, could probably be undertaken. ' In addition to that brand ot baseball, there is the American Legion Junior League which, the Milton I,. Btehop Post wfll sponsor. It is likely every playing ground In the community -will be used by one or more clubs in the next six months. SEVEN TRACK MEETS ON CARNEGIE TECH SPRING SCHEDULE PirTSBURO, March 7--That spring is in the air waa indicated lat week when about 75 candidate of the Carnegie Tech track team , met with Coach Guy Halferty anl received instructions regarding training and plans for the coming ci.mpaisn T h e schedule for this season is as follows: April 26--Western Reuerve at Cleveland. May 2--Geneva College at Pittsburg. May 3--Annual Ga -ngie Interscholastic meet. May 10---W. J. at Pittsburg. May 14--Pitt at Stadium. May 17--"Big Four" in eel (Pitt, W. Va., W. J.) May 23--Grove City i-.t PitUbnrg. Many Connellsvillo Pitt, fans and admirers of Charley Ifyatt will hxp over to the Mountain lioor on Saturday to BOO the Pautheis in action as the season wanes. Uoe our claa-aiilod ad/ertiaem-cmi. TECH FANS APPROVE DRESHAR AS LEADER OF SKIBQ CRiDDERS PrrTSBURG. March 7.--The tenor ot the messages received in the oflicu of Graduate Manager of Athletics amicp Over end of Carnegie Tech this week seems to indicate that alumni and followers of the football team are heartily in accord wtth ths Tartan coaches in re-appointing John Dreshar, stellar guard, a8 captain of the Skfbo grid team next fall. Dreshar wae appointed captain o» the football team at the close at the 1928 season. He was the first leader (o bo chosen by the coaching staff under the now system, and bis work last year vindicated the judgment of the coaches in the selection. Practically every one ot Carnegie's opponents, including Notre Dame, Pitt, New York U. and W. J. voted Dre-shar the best lineman to face them during the season. Captain Dreshar' aggreasivenebf. and playing ability will bo invaluable to the Tartan grid team next Call. Ho hails trom Irwin, Pa., and will graduate with the class of '31 from the School of Industrial Education. Uniontowii's wise-crackers took occasion to declare that the coiiity* sealers would last longer than DoBr bar in the W. P. I. A. tournament, However we must inform tho Section R champions that their pilgrimage to Pittsburg Tuesday night will be tho last one this year--as far as the elimination tourney is concerned. Th» Payette "capital" boys had Boft picking in Ford City an/' eurely did crow- when they eked out a tally--particularly when Dunbar stacked u p against a team that will figure la the disposition of the final laurels. Monesseu clicks like a state

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