The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1918
Page 3
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, JUNE ZS, 1918. TTTE DAILY COURTER. COKMELLSVIUjE. PA, PAGE NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAFS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN 3Iiw Florence Runt Become* Bride of Gilbert H. Dawson. WEW8NG AH ELABORATE EVENT ' I s Perforned In Prerty- Ckwrch Before Larfn Gather- 1»S; Itnttetf Are Gieats at tapper ·t tfce Y. JC. C. A.; Other .News. Special to The Courier, 8CCrTTDALE, June 25.--Miss Flo- Y A Message to Mothers OH know tbe real human 'doctors right around in your neighborhood: the doctors made of flash and blood just like vou: tbe doctors with A souls «nd heart*: those men who are respondg to your call in the dead of night as readily as in the broad daylight; they are ready to tell yon the good that Fletcher's Caatoria has done, is doing and ·will do, from tbeir experience and their love for children. Fletcher's Caatorut is nothing mw.' :We- aro not asking try an experiment. We just want to -repress upon you the importance ox buying Fletcher's. tour physician will tell yon this, as he knows there are a number of imitations' on the market, and he is particularly interested in the welfare of your baby. Gvnnine ·Cafltoria always tears the signature of for U. Pink and white was tie color ! HEADS J'EOTECTJTE WBKK scheme carried out. Poole Reunion July 4. j The Poole clan will hold a reunion ; at the home of \Villiam Poole at \ Pennsville on July Fourth. This re-, union and clan meeting promises to ! be very interesting, and all of the clan are invited to attend. Swimming Meet. This evening at 8.15 o'clock there will be a swimming meet for the cadets, juniors and intermediates at the: I Y. M. C. A. There has been unite a! fence Hurst, daughter ot Mrs. Olive Hurst, and Gilbert Haven .Dawson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas- Dawsoa of .Mourn Carmel, Pa., were married last evening at 8 o'clock at the Presbyterian church by the pastor.' Rev. J. E. Hutchinson. Miss Mildred Hurst, sister of the bride, was Uie bridesmaid. T. w. Dawson. brother o£ the bridenoom, was the best man, and M»ry Jane Kelly was flower girl. The ushers were James Hutchinson, Harold Hutchinson, John Hurst and lorsle McCombs ot Pittsburg. M. V. Whitman played tbe wedding march. Mra. T: W. Dawscm sang two solos. There was also a wedding hymn by Meredith Brooks, Grace Jarrett and Ruth, Wiley of this place, and Helen Raub ot PhiladelpJua.- The bride was given away by her mother. Af'.er the wedding Mr. and Mrs, G. F. Kelly, the attnt and uncle of thb bride, gave a reception for them. The out-of-town guests here for the wedding wore -Mr. and Mrs. G. J. P. Raub, Lancaster; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Raub and two children, Helen and .Mary, Philadelphia; Tliomas Dawson, Mount Carme!; Mrs. Sadie McCombs and son Ljsle. Pitts-1 ridiculous low price ol 05c. etc. j burg; Mrs. Bertram Cyclesteel. Pius- i Broartwav Ladies' Store, as you set! bar*, and Mrs. Harriet Ruff. Mount! off the car, Scoudale, Pa.-Adv. : Pleasant. Miss Hurst was a graduate of the Scottdale Sigh school, and FOR WXBVF.X AM) GIRI/S. number of entries. Albert Bcnp Safe. Word has been received of tlae safe arrival overseas of Albert Hemp of this place. DeWJtt Sells Lots. E. F. DeWitt has sold the Emanuel Hepler property at Owensd-ale to Na- tiianiel King, and the Eliza Thompson lots in North Scottdale to John A. Hyde. Ton Can't beat ihe prices offered durin-g ihe July Clearance ' Sale which started! yesterday at Ihe Bendiner Broadway | Store, Scottdale. For instance, 500 j new hat values at ?7.50 on sale at the j _ has been a teacher in the primary- de- Personal. All early season hats. ! «, : Mrs. Jane D. Rippin, formerly chief including ' probation officer of the municipal models, reduced to one-half former court of Philadelphia, is in charge of i partment for a number of years. Mr. prlce . we have everything desirable the government's protective work for j D»Wfion is a. graduate of Ohio North- j j n mid-summer hats, I-cghorn, Milan. . women and trirls. She has more than i I Georgette and Organdie Hats, at 75 women officers under her direction. : MnFarland's, Apple street.--Adv--, most of them around the country's i 2S-2t. -i military camps. i ' Miss Mario.n Bamhrick, who gradu- j ----== _^^__-_.-_-________________. \ ated at tbe Indiana normal on Wed- \ ·in university, and is employed by the H. C. Fricfc Coke company. Mr. and Mrs. Dawsoa will be at home after Aosnst 1 at 411 North Chestnut street, Seottdale. Siren Wrist rTatch. The United Brethren Sunday school at JSverson presented the superintendent, Lawrence Eicher, with a wriat watch and a comfort kit. Mr. Eicher has been their superintendent tor the past six years, and '.eft on 'Wednesday with the draftees for Camp Lee. Rev. Alban made the presentation address. Draftees Feasted. The draftees who meet at thi Y. M. C. A. and leave by auto for Councils- ! ville at 6 o'clock this evening were j entertained at the "Y" last evening, j Cut flowers and patriotic colors were j rnHHITTEC MAITTC DCDHDT used profusely in th-i decorations.! lUfflJIH IEL MAto KtrUKl Addresses were made by the Hev. G. W. Terbush and Albert L. Porter, chief clerk o£ Xn. 7 Board. R. B. Barkell's five-piece orchestni f u r - nished the music. Covers were laid for 21. The supper was served by the Ladies' auxiliary- Elmer Carroll. . ., . , j would suggest three members from nesdar. arrived borne yesterday and j Connellsvllle. ' brought two guests with her for he Browaavlllep and tv . a from i wee, end. Misses Katherme Proellch j ; of Punxsutawner, and Edith camp-; execQtive ctmmiu £ sholl ; ecora . i bell of TVest Newton. , mend ^ ^ board Qf d|reclora the j Ttionmonts for war ro- i tints exceeding JlO.OOtf, I and the»e apportionments will be f passed upcvs by the board of dlrcc-j tors. Amounts of $"10.000 or under, | may be ordered pair! by the executive 'committee without action ar'ter board j of director*. The- executive commit- j tee shall apportion for the treapnrer j the amounts of money to be helrt Tiy i the various bunks in the county. | "Second--A buclpet committee, con- ; siFtir.R of a oli.-urmnn and Conr mem- ' bers: supKesting one member from i ConnellBville, one from Uniontown, \ Miss Evelyn Byrne is the gueat of j various Miss Madeline Tarvy of Pittsburg. Uef . James Wardlow. is visiiing friends nnA ^ at Vanderbilu Mrs. Mary Batton and family have left on an extended visit to Alabama friend*. Gasolme, 26c. Wells-Mills Motor ^ Co connellsville.--Adv-27-k. ON PLAN FOR WAR CBEST Continued from "Page On*. "The plan of getting a "War Chest' one from Brownsville, and one from started varies in different cities or 1 Dawson. The business of the burtgc* _ __ localities. In the larger cities in | Committee will he to rnipp sufficient the physicafdirector, acted" aT'lig'st · most c* 5 * 5 - the Chamber of Com- . funds in advance of the main corn- to the draftees in behalf of the V. !M. | mcrce becn r; in " ! small cities or in counties it has beeji Informal Lancheon a few ol the DUDlic spirited citizens, Mrs. W. V. Whitman gave'an iinfor- | Planning an organization and then . mal luncheon on Wednesday after-! s t l b m i u i n e . noon, for Mrs. Eugene \Vinsiow ofjff_ o p t ^ n - Punisutawney, who is the house guest ol Airs. T. TV. Dawson. Miss Myers Hostess. H to a larger body for was with this latter idea to view that a committee was railed together from Brownsville,, i Connellnville and UnJontown,' and a Miss Hazel Myers gave a luncheon {. , ^ . ,_ , at 1 o'clock yesterday atternvou for\ iAic a P I a n to submu to lbe larser Mrs. Paul Undberg. Covers were laid ! committees «rom these three cities Ladies! Use Buttermilk To Remove Freckles, Sunburn or Tan New TaBlKkinx Cr* KtaixlMJT True Dattermllk *o S*M W C*«K«ll»rille Dmic Ca. W1H Make Voa L*ok Yearn TCmmmm** or Monry .Bfcck. Jmmt Try It. and if the plan, is acceptable and feasible, either as submitted or amended, to them call a mass of citi- ztws from all over the county for the adoption of the plan and organization. "With this in mind your sub-committee submits the 'following plan of ! organization for your consideration: ! "The organization shall consist of 'a chairman, three vice chairmen. mitten, to care for the oxrrense of the ' campaign and the e:cp«vise of the or- i gnnization for the 1 first year. ! "Third -- A Publicity committee. ! consisting of cnairmnn and four ; membors. "Wo png^est that the four | members would represent the fonr j great relief works, Tl^d Crosn. V. f. · C. A., Knights of Colrnnbus .tnid Jev- i tsh War Eelirf. for the reason that j contributors in the War Chest uould '. be reminded publications of the i work each relief was doinp, of the amount of money appropriated and its requirement. "Fourth--Campaign committee consisting of chairman, two vice chairmen and secretary. ThlR committee is the most important of the orpanl- zattan, as npnn it will depend the success of the campaign drive. "This committee should have work- ng under it tnam captains, repre- I secretary and treasurer, a board of j stnting the different professions, I directors of 350 members, "divided in j trade and labor throughout the coun- i representation approximately as f o l - j t y and these in turn sub-divided for Who Gets the Last Hoosiers? For $5 Down--Before the Price Goes Up Rain or shine tomorrow, it will be your last chance to get the famous Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet at the low price we offer iD. our sweeping clearance. The fact is, you won't be able to get a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet in this town for any price by tomorrow night. This is the only store that is authorized to sell them, and the 7 Hoosier Cabinets that remain Special Terms of Sale Sale ends top instant these 7 Hooters are fioltl. Store OTftis at S A. -V. tomorrow, "close* at 10 P. M. Pay oniy liiS when yon pick yocir cabinet, Tonr mcmejr hack If yoi are not Ifo Hoosier orders accepted by tnlepkone. Hoosier's Motion Saving Arrangement is the result of scientific motion study. There are places for 400 articles within arm's reach. And the things most used are nearest at hand. Hoosier Shaker Floor Sifter sifts flour four times faster than most, and shakes it out light and fluffy. The Over-Size Base has 20 per cent more space for pots and pans. Are You One of These 7 Lucky Women? Only 7 Hoosiers will be sold tomorrow. Then the sale ends. Seven women will be happy and delighted tomorrow night. They will be the lucky ones. You can be one if you come here early. in our sale will have many takers without a doubt Please understand that these Hoosier Cabinets are the latest models, brand new, fresh and beautiful. They are the finest Hoosiers ever built. All features have the certified approval of Hoosier's Council of Kitchen Scientists, composed of leading household authorities. The Two-Way Sugar Bin holds twice the ordinary amount. The Revolving Rack of 7 air-tight, dust-proof spice jars is also exclusive. The Uncluttered Cupboard --the vital part of the cabinet--gives-twice the average work space. The Poreeliron Table Top slides out 16 inches from the base and lets you sit down with plenty of knee room. It never dents or chips and is easily washed like a china plate. More than a million Hoosiers are in daily use. And no kitchen cabinet was ever sold with a broader guarantee--your money all back if you are'not delighted. Remember, this is yotir chance to get the -Hoosier at the old time price. Don't miss it. The home of reliable, exclusive lines of Quality Furniture andHomefurnishlngs Connellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Aaron's four-store buying power makes possible "larger values tor less money" nubile meeting to be held In the large j nomtaatiDE committee be selected by ; TAjfC » S1INSH1NF court room to which' the public gen- this whose duty it shall j J A W 1 * o TM"i" ,, THY STOMACHS SAKE jlows: 28 county Red Cross officials, Get a snutU quantity at any phar- ! 14 Y. M. C. A. officials, 14 Knights of "We. recomtnand the amount to ob- each district. or, from Connellaville Druff Co.. , Columbus officials, 10 Jewish welfare Itain in the drive should be |1 000 000 officials, 18 coke officials, 16 j and the demand to make is for one n*ck. vrnM and hands. The directions j merchants, 30 bankers, 10 tradesmen, j hour per week or its equivalent are -simple and It costs sr, little that j 6 lawyers. 6 physicians, 6 ministers.} "We further recommend that the any girl or woman can afford it. Your , 6 Iarrners- 4 ma-airfaeturers and 2 cr^TmrrovTnfent^of^uf^al'r'uUoneral; the chairman of the War authorised to return your money with- j Chest organization to be chairman of erally shall be Invited and to which · be to nominate suitable persons for j the workers in all of the war relief chairman, three vice chairmen, sec- funds shall he especially urged by invitations through the press and, where possible, by personal invitation to be present- And for this purpose we recommend that an invitation committee be appointed by the chairman of this committee. "And we further recommend that a out question lied. should you be dissatis- | b oara - of directors, the vice chair- No natter whether yon ar« troubled ! man - secretary and treasurer to with wrinkles, hard little tines around i el-officio members of the board. be th« mouth and ' eyes, coarse, sallow. faded looking skin, or Kimply roughness caused by wind and sun. you will find th*t a»l these trials quickly disappear wi»h the na* of this, old-fash- .... . .. _. .____, loned beaotr recipe brousht up TO date. C hahrmaii of the board of directors, "Board of directors to have four "First--ExfxrnjfciTe committee with chairman who may or may not be the "War Chest drive he helti. simultaa- eously with the T. M. C. A. drive. Relief from Eczema eczema or , . ..,,*.»»* ^u- can have a \\e further recommend that the j healthy skin by using a KtUe other clear, 2 c; mo, retary, treasurer and a board of directors, to be submitted to tbe public meeting aforesaid, the nominations j to be distributed among the several j organisations, business, labor and ! professional classes stipulated jn the above paragraph relating to the board of directors, provided, however, that fitljtional nominations may be made at the public meeting. "We further recom mend that tbe nominating committee recoramand to j tbe public meeting, the "members of '· the. executive committee, budget ; committee and publicity committee l a n d vice chairmen, and secretary of War Chest fund shall include funds :obtained at any drag store for 35c, or,the campaign committee.' for the Red Cross, T. M. C. A., Y. M. j extra large bottle at$1.00. H. A., Knights of Co him bus and such other war relief organizations as, in the opinion of the executive committee, are entitled by thn merit of Zemo generally removes pimpies, black- As was told in The Courier yester- lay July IS was fixed aa fhe date for their work to receive a part of fund. Zemo is a clean, penetrating, antiseptic *·"· i liquid, neither sticky nor greasy and stains the | nothing. It is easily applied and costs a 'mere trifle for each application. It is ositive Kuarnntee of aatiafactlon or [ and v fce chairman and 10 members noncy bacfc. -- Adv. |or a total membership of 12. "We ""We f nr th er recomm emd th at this meeting fix a date and hour' for a always dependable. The E. W. Rose Co^aevdand, O. Then nse our daseified coloron, Re- BUlts vdll follow. Hunting B«r pains I ! Ton will find them hi our ad, columns. ! Mwao»K ^| yr* **»- ' Kant Help? There nover was such a marvelous prescription for tuouuich d:»trftHs and Indication as Ml-o-ao. No doctor ever wrote a better on* 1 ; It's doubtful if any doctor ev«r will. It U* so g-ood that A. A, Clarke says money back H It doesn't, rnliev**. A woman in Maine calls Mi-o-na the sunshine prescription because she has seen «o many sour, minerab]t. aggra- vatin^ dyspeptics tarried into htippy, ch«erCul. sweet human beings in a few days by takinp Sfi-o-na. The sLor»ach iff responsible fnr thrRe-rourths of the nervousness ami half the misery of the world. A wonmn can have a first-chiss stomach .%nd yet br rnfserble if she has a husband who is a ncrvou? dyspeptic. If you have in-disresHion. bnlchinf? 01' £, heaviness after eating-, drowsy sensation H.ftor eatinp. pntir Ftomach or any miserable stomach dlaturboncti the presnription called M!»o-na put you rtEhL, and bring sunshine Into your lift in a week. A ijjrRp. bos of Mi-o-na tablets eont only 60 cent.* M. A. A. Clarke's and by leadinn' drugriviirtP everywhere. Tli«y are small and e^tsy to swallow.--Adv. PBTET BITVT 1 "-- x " Bv O. A. VOTGHT

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