The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Pages 11 to 20 Second Part VO1, 28, NO, 100. CONNELLSV1LLE, PA., FRIDAY Ir r ENlNG, MARCH 7, 1930. TWENTY PAGES Rioting, Bloodshed, 'Hundreds of Arrests Red Thursday Summary York HxperiiMitTs One The Vor1 Outbreaks hi IK History. of Pittsburgh Lass Queen At Swec-t Briar College PHILADELPHIA WORKER SLAIN except ( luc.iRii The*»- t w o i i l i e f i o m a n d One San K r a u r l M o Hail [K'.ut'tiil deniou- it, bombs against a | tront. ot the While into I A Uriel s n v e v ol tlif diflTn ullie* in I ho United -ilate 1 * tho«n rhil.uUlpln.i One lalkd Nes\ Y o i U - t(H injured, 1 '· arrested D e t r o i t -- I ' - i ui]ured. -·'! J nested Root on -- t i g h t arrested Piltsburg Tvio injured nci ioutl Milv.uuke---17 .itiwtcd. tom in-, j u r r d , three hour not. j Washington--l:? arrested, a f t e r p o - j l u c us«i te-ai B denionstr.itK'ti in House. The dctnoiiet ration*! Canada. A» Winnipeg police and unemployed crashed in, a brief battle. M a n y were injured but none was considered in A beuous condition. Montreal reported a minor dttiirbaiup. A survey of tho "Red Thursda" through tho ihorld showed: WASHINGTON', March 7 --Thirteen nerbons awaited arraignment today on various charges after two demonstrations In fron ot the White House which were quelled by police using tear gas "bombs and Mackjacke. President Hoover's office iu tho State Department Building overlooked the riot scene The- demonstrations were- led by 100 persons, many ot whom appeared to bo quite young, PHII*ArKL/PHIA, March 7---A number of persons wor utidw arrest today after, a clash, between strikers and, strike-brcdkfcrs of the H. C. Aberlo Hosiery Mills, in "which Carl Clagley was killed. Three- other persons. TVOTO injuied severely. Automobiles cotilataing strikers and unemployed pursued several mo- ·or cars containing- strike-breakers *nd at aa iuter«ectton la Koosevelt ioad. A clash developed. Bricks and BtotiPS -were tosed and shots weie tired. Ciagley was shot to death. .MONTREAL, Quo., March 7.---Two Communists wore to bo arraigned to- dav after a demonstration in. which, a acoro were, injured slightly. BOSTON, March 7.--Jacksoa "Wales, Commutilst socro'ary, and, seven com- '·pdiuoaa -waited arraignment today af- er i Communist demoustratiou. in *-hlch BjOOO peron participated. DETROIT, Mich., Marcli 7.--Thir- t e e n peraun.-. weu- injured ia tho ,'otr,mun!8t-uneniikymout demonslra- tton horo and -3 poisons, including Mrs. Bf-tsy Uravi B Hoyneau, a New ^'ork bocioty woman, A*cro arrested. Ml»s EUza Ruth Htutson. a T1tt»- burgh, Pa., girl, has been elected .Queen of tho May at Sweet Briar iColi«!ge at Lynchburg, Virginia. iThe annual fealival ctarts May 4. When the riot, uarkod by charging horses, flying bri ks, u-winging' clubs and screaming wcuien was over, 100 persons had been Injured and 13 arrests had been rai do The arrested leaders were William Z foster, IsraeJ Ainter, Robert Minor, Morria Stakin and Jos.oph I^ester. They were chffirgod with foat«ring unlawful assembly. LONDON, March 7. -- IjOtidon's wave ot Communism s-w^pt against a wall of Knglteh bobbie- yc«terday and broke. Heads wore smashed, mon. and women -were trampled upon, police ·were battered, and the net result was complete failure or the part of 5,000 demonstrators to ; et to the lord mayor's house, wh.i'h w u s their objective. In many respect', this "was the worst clash between. th« police and discontented elernejiUj since the gon- oriil strike of May, L9a6. Police permitted open d-etmnctiitloaaot "capitalist governnjents" by su 'h veteran agitators as Tom Mann atil Jnt-k Gallagher. A riot that took four and a half hours beforo it was quelled wari started when police refused to permit a parade. ATtiANTA, Ga., March 7. -- Uneri.- ploymont demonstrations in the South yesterday were- miiet WINNIPEG, Muu., March 7 --No one uas reported sorunisly injured today at'tor the clash botweon 10 polk-o and ·WO Communist. Demonstrations be- h i n d tho city hall Tho unemployed Communists had attempted to parade hut police activity pi evented. Scores wore beaten. VTI-IAVAUKEiE, M a u n 7 -- l-'orl- «oven persons wer» to bo arraigned today aftor police with machine guns and night sticks stopped ;i three-hour demonstration of unemployed. Fom persons woro taken to hospitals and others wero brulse-d March 7 - F i v e pohc« w«re injured and i!0 demonstrators arrosrted aftor a ComnmuUl demo.ii- strutlon at Gabion, c e n t u r oC the gla industry. trcrmai v , March 7 --One an unemployni-tMit demonstration X1TTAC, Gorman. M a n h 7--Thror pol)( * won* Hijureil seiiously in an l d e m o n s t r a t i o n . , Man'li 7.- Disorders growing out p£ Bp-rltn's Communist demonstration yesterday k pt tho capital in an uproar throughout tho day and far Into last night, roMil'lnf? hi tho killing of one man and he wounding of three others. long after dark p lice patrolled sections of the citv n trucks and armor-od carss, ecjuipp- d with searchlights, to disperse pp-r ibtent Rroupa of agitato) s. Sporadic revolver .shots uer® heard The Communists deilod police orders against opon-alr moit- Jugs. PARIS, Marcli 1 7 -- ' iltd Tliutsdtiy" oudi'd poacerutlj, will only minor rlahht'H during the daj between combined military and pol ico. forces and groups, o£ Communists Several demonstrators were injured In a section of tho Paris slumb, and otbprs wero beaten with police clubs the Basilic Iron Bridge U A M B l RG. c i e r a u i n Mun.h 7 Koui pol (. weio I n j u r e d a n d .seven fe arrested ui a Communist dtin N K l M t L\\S i'KR CM i m a n j . M d . c h 1' i) LI- and uotei'n e\c lutnged I n o t i \ o K O i H f w f i o miuit'd. f K i l l i (1 by police Ui a riot NEW Y O R K Ma/.-h we-ro iiill ptisit'd t o i l i \ at tho h«tne:«i of pro uuw'iit t l t t r e n ^ und a t o u u d lub lie bill ill in? ·» and it liati aaain-.t t u i t h c ' i Comm'1'ii-.l stir* x * HUM- 1111:^ ««·% put into etU'ct aM ;i i ^ s u ^ ol one ot Hit worst 'iot-i in Uie i i t j ' ' hi'-toi i- Unit) i Square- M'«-no -i ;i tivolj u r t l t M i v d n n n i - l r i t i o u yl" o.O(if) '' r n i H u n ' - t r w !· ) t u n n e d a | J H K ' C U - »t ,1 t ONV ii ol p ' i n a p - «"ii; DDO l i i n o i t , w.t-i !u !"· n i n u i t f 1 ' - | a to parade U i l hall. 1 HJOX BRIDGK, M a t c h 7 -- Ira Ciosby, who lei employ* d it Xewton Falls, Ohio, is spending t h o week hero with hte family Mr«. Laura Fox ot M uat Ploatiaut was hero Tuesday a n ! Wednesday w i t h her daughter, Mis EH Crosby. Preaching service \ v n l bo held at tho Iron Bridge School next Sunday I Afternoon after Sunday school Tho ' publii- ia Invited to a l i e n I i M r h Frank flprg of t ' l t t f i b u r g w a e j bpre Saturday vldlting h« sister, Mrs Ben Pearson am! her pan n t h , Mr and M i w ,fauic, M u l l of Woo dale ' Mr. and Mrs.. K r n e s t i''a«»n baker t were ConnDllteVille hhopt ^ one day i t h i s week. TTotner Davih ;f EverjvOi. was a bub- \ i b l t o r h«re on 'I ue«lay Mrs Ivrt Stotier of Sci t t d u l o heM \\ediie6rtay w i t h her "arent and Mi-. Eli il. t rc«by SuniucM Faitli went to Cl 'Velund, O., Monday where he expects to upend S.\eial v\telw -Altli h:i-. u u i !«-, K m m e t t Ada ins Air juid Mrs R i c h a r d luck'-! and daughter, ljrotliy, of Srol tlalo wero recent (.alk'rs here w i t h Mi and U l i s AltK'1 1 Truxi.l. J(. Mr and Mi--'. M u i t i n Pli i l i p p i and t h t W r e n w e r e at WoMlda] Sunday with Mr I ' l n l l i p p I V sister, M i s Mary PoorhaiiRh a n d family. Mi ami M - l l a i v - e j Mct'i n n c l t and 4 iuuht^u-,, 1C lull ami Ilenv t^penl S U I K ' L I V w i t h M i s MrC'omi M l s iar- on .. Mi ,ui(l MU-- Sf- ieff (,t u a i U of Mr Grocery Sale Friday an Saturday Record LOW PRICES FOR OUR GROCERY Sale FRIDAY and SATURDAY AT WHOLE Start today to buy the Penn Store way. Join the many thrifty people who come from miles around to buy their groceries at wholesale. If you want to save brin j your orders to the Penn Stores--Lowest Price Grocery Stores. RUMFORDSl3AKiNG^OWDER,lb.can 25° BACON, SUGAR CURED, 5 Pounds $1.00 OLEOMARGARINE, 3 Ib. Country Roll 55c COFFEE ncw io * prices 1 9° « b - 24° ib - 2 8 Old Dutch Cle2inser,4*»» 'tl£KZ'~f' (^MIU.%, ||i POKE FRANKLIN SUGAR FLOU SACK 87c LARD, 5 Swansdown Cake FLOUR 25c -FARM ROLL*- HARMN GREJTCQ. OMAHA -KANSAS OITY-DE MOIATSS WEDGEWOOD BUTTER Best Butter in America You CaiiTiot Bny Better Batter At Any Price. 2 Ib. ROLL 79c BLUE RIBBON MALT, 2 CANS 97c LIMABi:ANS,3Lbs. Good Luck OLIiO, 2 Lbs. 59c MOPS 2 c Jc-39c-49c B R O O M S 39c-49c-89c-98c Wash Boilers Galvanixed, All Copper OT I I' Tin. . . Solid Copper, Copper Lid Tubs Largest p j *jr $4.75 95c EGGS, Fresh, 3 DOZ. 89c CHEESE, F/INCY BRICK, Lb.25c MILK, IO Tall Cans 89c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE, 2 POUNDS 85c (CAKES and CRACKERS \NA TIONAL BISCUIT CO. Soda Crackers 3 LB. BOX 42c U N E E D A S 12 BOXES 49c Premium Sodas 2 LB. BOX 32c Butter Wafers--can ~.33c Flaked Butters--box ~ 20c Apricot Jumbles--Ib _ 23c HUNT'S SUPREME PEACHES »««* **** 2 CREAM CO NAVY There, Daughter, That Will Relieve^ Those SORE, STIFF MUSCLES, QUICK l-ots of the new ways are better than the old-fashioned ways but you can't beat an Allrock Porovis Plaster when you arhe all over frcnjri a cold or jfrpm oro, strained muhtles. ^Its medication bcems to sinlc right in andvdraw out every bit of pain, Some say an Altrock Porous. Plaster will knock out lumbago otcrnight--some say it's the greatest thing yet for aching weak backs--but the rcil t r u t h is an Allcock Porous Piaster is jubtagood for any kmd-ofpaiu' or soreness. Allcock's Poious Plaster is the original of all poioua plasters used by millions hinco 1847--Odorless---you can v ear it any place. Only costs a tiuniler. Lots of imitators but none so gooci, bo be sure to ask for Atlcock's POROUS PIASTERS trr, .Mii W i l l i i in Ilowaivl who has lipun A p a t i e n t in the ho-spital t h e i e loi l h t o k v,ck- hufforini; Ironi p n e u - monia .lllfl Fighting Fire From Land and Water Itivestidai Tliis * ' Friendly 'LtOiKl Service nio-!ly tin iipd \li Mr-- an.i Mrs W l l l i . i n i R u n ;;ml and M i l t o n P r i r t ^ w e r e n M o u n t visiting Airs, B u o g i r d b ais- I.(i«l.iiis for Bargains 1 j I/ SK, reaii Iho advertisiag columns i t Tlie Dallj- Courier. i Fire tug pouring quantises of water upon the smouldering cotton bales on th · burned wharf nt Ne-w Orleans, I.a, m on9 o ' the most disastrous fires of its kind ever o occur, Two persons Are known to bq dead and dam»$« is estimated at ?1,500,000. Heavy losa waa imf- fered by the S. S, Scantic, of the United States Shipping Board, to which the flames spread. More than a million dollars' worth of cotton vra* destroyed, _ \fOU will lilte (his bp«*r nay of ·*· obtairing the money you need. Our friendly plan lets you havn (he money promptly and privately We ntiiUe no embarrassing investigations among your friends. We rrniire no outhicle hlgners. ^ou can lM)rro\v up (o $300, ISofc ea\y pajnu-riK below vv!ii* INCLLDE laufwl interrstj S 5,18 monthly repays S 50. hiaa $10.5(5 nionUiIy rrpajs $150. lean $31.1') iiiontiilj repays SSOO. loan Let us tell jou about our (HgnHI"«I loaning pliut niiliout ohli;;ation anil our .service wliirh extends over 19 j'pars in Greensbnrjj. Call, Write or Phone 1-34-3 Ucinocd l»y «!· Sn*« . Op*n 8 (o Hu'IO--Siiturilny 8 to W UNION LOAN CO. First National Bank BJdff. Koom 204 -- Second Floor. GREENSBURG, PA. Fa-troolta then* ytoxt

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