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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, June 28, 1918
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Connellsyille's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,761 VOL. 16, NO. 196. CONNELLSVILLE, PA^ FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 28, 1918. TEN PAGES. REVOLT IN DUAL MONARCHY SPREADING OVER AUSTRIA; SERIOUSLY AFFECTING ARMY Reports Today Tell of 2,000 Soldiers Being Condemned to Death for Participation in Disorders; German Foreign Secretary Tenders Resignation to Kaiser. ELEVEN KILLED IN PARIS RAID LAST NIGHT THE BOLSHEYIKI IS OVERTHROWN; DUKE NICHOLS REIGNS Kinsman of Slain Czar of Russia is Proclaimed Emeror, Reports Say. MOSCOW IS CAPTURED A3LEKICAJT ACE 3USSING, BELIEVED TO BE Reports of Overthrow Come From Gorman Sources, Msimtehes Say, and StonW Be JSeceived Cautiously; Kerensky Called Xan of Futnrc. . By A±)»ochiti!d Prt!*JS. .LONDON, June 28.--According to Bolhas -». . By Associated Press. PARIS, June 28. -- There have been rebellious outbreaks among the garrison of the city of Gypr and Pecs, Hungary, as ; unconfirmed reports today a result of which 2,000 of the military involved in the mutiny shcviki government in Moscow Lave been condemned to death, according to reports received by: been overthrown, says a dispatch to | Le Matin today. Both Austria and Hungary are affected by the · the Exchange Telegraph company | revolutionary movement which is said to be in progress on a j TosccTtbTreport adds, has been : large scale in Austria, the newspaper advices declare. The spirit j captured of revolt is said to be strongly persuasive in the army. Violent : demonstrations are reported to have occurred cities. COMMITTEE MAKES REPORT ON PLAN FOR WAR CHEST Board of Directors of 150 Mem-; ~ bers in County is ; METHODISTS WILL Proposed. MILLION DOLLARS GOAL This Vast Sum Would be JBaised in ! One Drive, i'or Use of lied Cross, V. JU C. A., Knights of Columbus and Other IVar Relief BURN MORTGAGE i SUNDAY MORNING' !]»r..J. J. Wallace of Pitisljuri: is t o . i All Teams Are Out To| day Hustling in Order to Close Work Speaker; Harry Don,, Wdll i REPORT AT 9 TONIGHT Apply the .Match. ; The Methodist. Episcopal church of · ' ~ [mortgage covering a n indepbtedness! Comprehensive plaas for the for- ; of $10,000 incurred at the time of the | mation of a county VVar Chest organ-i purchase of tbe Beatty-\Vilkey lot ad-i jtzation tor Fayette county are con- joining thc church property in "West: · Utined in a report to -10 represents- Apple sireet. Lieut. Paul K Daer. listed a.s m, S s-i" v e cillzEns ° f "" county by a com- Attorney K. E. Younkin, who has, linitteo composed of 1.. w. Fogg, J. been handling the legal end. w i l l turn . As Rule the Canvassers Are Cordially Received By People. 0'E SLAMS BOOR sup- in by General Korniloff, ported by Gorman troops, numerous j Advices from tbe same sources as- i sert that Grand Duke Nicholas has ing in tbe casualty li.-tt of May 22, is ; said to have fallt-n into the enemy's; hands. He was out on a. scouting!TM.' 11 TM a . 1 " from which be never returned.; OK KUEHUEANX BEAUX TO QUIT. l bcci1 Proclaimed emperor. PARIS. June 2S.--Dr. Von Kuehimarm offered his resigna-j Nik ° lal Loninc . u c premier, tion as German foreign secretary on Wednesday, says a Zurich' " £ rottk ?' ""', dispatch to the Journal. The dispatch adds that it is believed the; ^^ ^ emperor will accept the resignation. icctlng in Uniontown on and the inner w i l l apply the match. Wednesday. Organiwuion of a board This wiil take place at the mornins Ueutenant Bacr was one- of "lie most j of direc " 5rs ot K(] members together ; service preceding a'i address by Dr. danns of all American aviators. H e j w i l " tb! u s u a l o:bjcr °?' x TM of TM ch . ! J ", J " ^iltece. editor of the "Christian waj, formerly with tho French Ksca-i 1 boli ' ls Pr°P»""-'1. . Th l. W "-? C ^ Adv ° c " e " *»° wi» '-'e the principal lie Also lraivs the Curtains tx» Show Jler Displensurc at the Appearance of Solicitor; Four .Minute Lecturers Add impetus to (.'amjmign ia City. " and , of war.; Murman d r i l l s but was later transferred ir JTtK5CH APTANGE LECES i- A3UE.\s -^ PARIS, June 2S.--f-'Tencb. troops *night eairied out an operatioD on the froat sovitbeast of Amiens, by me^ns of which, their lines were advanced in Senecat wood and the Arre river, tbe war office announced today. In tLis action and in other fighting between the Marne and Ourcq, south of Gammard, prisoners to the number of 122 were taken. *. I SAILORS ADRIFT FOR EIGHT DAYS AFTER TORPEDOING, LANDED American Hying corp;:. He bias b^cn ! j ch.'curatud with the (JroEx ck 1 Guerre I and is also the jjOHSosaor of thti Dis- j Liugutotted Service Cross. Li mi tea ant General Kaledinos is said to have . B . Uir la a son of M v i u B;ier . f o r m c riy cooperated vnth General KoroilofT in ; of C o n n e l t e v i U C i aow . or Mobile, .Via,, thc capture of AUwcow.- ; t t n d a ;j ranii50Q of u rnj!U uin P. B*u-r, Thc Cop^Lhagen newpkpws. thc i who m u n y fi ago Wfts cnsa5Cll !n agency dispatch adds, gives promi- ; tbe manufacture of soap in ncflct-- to a UerJin dtaiuuch qu ·" *' ' Tagcs Zeitung of thai city lows: "It Is believed here Bolshoviki government will j org.ini7.aUon propopw. to f u n d of a million dollars ^ raise a *« c TM n ~ speaker. .years ago the church iras i t y in one bi£ drive Inertecui of d i s - j $20,000 in debu Under tho leader- trlbutlng tho war tioancins in several ship of the hue Bishop John \V, Ham- smaller drives. At the request of thehlion suUsrripUons louUing ?35,000, committee The Courier herewith pre- covering a three-year period, were sents the report of iho committee in j taken. Now the congregation is free f u l l : |of debt. Your committee selected to s u b m i t . A vcr The commit ices working on the "War Savings Stamp drive are meeting wiU) good success and the \vhirl- wiml campaign lor $323,000 in this ci;y w i l l close tonight, with a big fis- ure to report. The canvassers have not slackened in ihcir campaign and liie two-day drive is expected to cover the quota of the city. Fledges as f o l - ' that the j soon be ; overthrown and that Kerensky 13 'Jte ' man of llie future in Kussia." '· Tbe defeat of the Bolslieviki is aaid ; to have boon made possible by the | victory of the (^echo-Slovak forces j vilU*. He la . J. A. Lyon of ConnclltiVille. J BRITISH FATB01S HAKASS THE BOCH£ Are 3r.emhors of Crew of Amorican- 1 · Cbarterwi Vessel Kwinsk Sank VOO Xilcs Off Coast. BJ- Associated Prt-ats. HAIrP^*^, Xova Scotia, June 2.S.--(and the treacb^rj- of UJP Reel Guard-( A boatloao of sailors from an Ameri- Several detachments of the Red . can vessel' sunk by a submarine off ; Guard arc decUired to have murdered BROWNSVILLE MAN CITED FOR BRAVERY IN CAPTURING GUN HUeresLLng pan of lie eam- ,. _ a plan for thc organization of Fny-^aign ha.s been ihe effort on the part are DO * n S liberally made for Uie most n«"u»w'of Mrs. ' ! ' ue Count ^ War c!lcst - be S leave '-o : rf the lev remaining members of the r ' arl ' a l'- n °usn some are smaller than Craiford avea'ue, : r c n o r t : | Y o u n g Men's liible class to raise .^'should be. ! "Believing that thr- tirao to act if a: enough in pay off the balance of ihe Tnc coun try districts and the en- ; once, v,-l hnvc not taken m u c h time subscription of ?50i), made by the '' re city are b-''°S covered hv tha :!rr::= \ to examine clos.?!y into the df!ta.llB of class LO the new church, and in ad- . canvassers - Citizens are cooperating | t h e of tbe many War Chest*'· ciiUan. a f u n d for a memorial windon- i n o w in nporation, especially M these , m the This has been a i plans ^rtain mostly to the manage- ! very popular movement and has ·mem of the campaign for the raisins . struck a responsive chord in the 'of rhe fandp, a:id ran be o.Ta:n7nrd .hearts of the people. Twenty-f, _ later after our onraaizatton. The gen-| the young men out of tbe class are in . K snvas$ers. they preferring to have canvassers. in the drive in most instances, and at many places the canvasser has oily to explain what he is after, and Oies pledge card is signed immediately. o j - ' Very Jij.;]e cash is being take,a by the . . . ._. _ "ai r lM aDd purpose cf all War : the service- of tbe country. The class j U l e subsc "l'er buy the stamps from LONDON, June 28.--Considerable j the Atlafcric coast was landed '.his '· their officnrs and then surrendered. ; I-nter. It Is Itdicvfd. Andrew Alton Chests arc ihf fame ami have proved j I H temporarily disbanded, hut those · s o m e aul± iorized insuiution, as a artillery activity developed last .night | mor ning by a flshing vessel at Shel- . Ton Kxcbango Telegraph company: L Killed In AnUon nn Wi-st Front. :a surcraa where ever tried. Iu pur- · remaining request ail those "who have burjse. Nova Scotia, says a message ' publishes its mes-sage conminlns the ; Before his death in aruon in iYance ! P° 8C if tn falso 1 district's portion of . sons or brothers or friends in the on both sides in the region southeast of Gommecourt. southwest of Arras, the war office announced British patrols inflicted casualties upon the Germans in t'ig area. some bank, store or tbe postoffice. One canvasser reported this morn- forn that port today. ; reports of the Bolshevik! overthrow i a few days aeo, Andrew Axton. ^Vst · money needed for all national war Army tn help vi build np this memor-' i n s tba " a woman slammed a door iu The me-n were picked up 60 miles ' and lie acoompanrtng detail "with re- · BrovraM-ilte was cltfti far ja)lantrj\ : fharilios. not a uaw fund, but a com- . ial to the young men who have gone : hls face y ester °^. v and then jerked · · · - - · · ' . t h e WiTid down. H e Faid h e intended i visiting tie bouse again today to see what success he should meet with. II the same reception :s handed the so- . south of Peal island in the Golf of : serve," and point.-, out tnat the infor- lalons with a companion, according to ' binallon of many of the very import- , ' 1 TAD DUH TUU I\£iU St. Lawrence. They had been drift- .' mation emanates mainly from German i Information rcct'ivud today. Thc clta- ! llnt war relief f u n d s for which con-: _^_ . ing for eight days, surviving on a [.sources and thrcrfore should, be re-i tion reads: - t r i b u t i o n B have been asked in the ELEVK9 EELLED ET IiATESI small quantity of bread and water. I coifed with caution. · | "Corporal Bcr. Pone of Detroit, P^-'t--lo raise t-His fund with o n e ; PARIS ArB KAID. The sailors, numbering Z4, w e r e ! i Mich., and Andruw Arum of Wesi: r -impaisn. Uius avoidinK waste mo-; Profits of FourOi of Jnly Ontlne {orj !iciur Wday the matter will be re- FAKIS, Jnne 2S.--Eleven parsons i from the steamship Ewinsk, a later i FUBTHKS COSf I1UUTtOX OF i Brownsville, pa_. went afier tin enemy i l!on - I i m c and 5S P^ n sc that would bo · rajetto Connty Chnpter. " I ported to tbe executive conrmiuee. "were killed and 14 others iiSured jmessage said. Previous reports of i J I l ' R D K K OF MCllOLAS.; machine gun with automatic rifles: necfwsary with the many campaigns: | Arrangomcnts are being completed With more than 10 ° mea w orkins through the explosion of bombs drop-!,h e destruction of the Ewinsk. a, PARIS, June 2S.--The court martial j anil got it," : I0 6im P !it y and systematize yonr giv- i f o r ^ e annual Fourth of July ouiing! 0 0 the iriTe - ^^ cit v was B r e"" ped by German, airmen in last nights .British ship nnder American charter, i at Darmstadt. Germany, has received i Alton was awarSwi a rcedAl, which i t n so that you nced contribute h u t ! to be held by 12 different churches i thorOT1 S hl 5- covered yesterday and raid over the-' Paris district. | said she was sunk June J8. 700 mile? i a telegram signed "Tchitcherin," an- j w i l l be tonvarrted to his pan nts i o n c o a yenr ' Anrt Ulcro ls yet a ' aad Sunday schools at Hemin-er's : many teams are devoting tieir cf- Keports of the raid indicate tuatjeast of the Delaware capes. ' j n o u n c i n g ti»i Nicaolas Romanoff, tie; u i s hBtievei Axton was killed in : B" rcatcr Purpose than all this, to ed- Mills. The attendance of this outing /C/ " S to tie OUIsM e territory today, there were several groups of enemy I former Russian emocror. has been as- ' TM t m n l.i:,.r ;ucatp every man by enlistMg him .15 i has been e-rnwini- Krt. vonr ,-** ,,,, . Much ot "e city has been covered machines which took different COUTSBS in an effort to break through the de- fensii* barrier fire. During the ctrai- motioa. in the fire thus created, some of tbe machines evidently were able ""to effect a penetration, for boinbs '"began to drop almost immediately. The damage done by the raiders is reported as considerable. President Poincare sent the victims messages rf sympathy and solicitude on behalf of the government. M. Peyssiere, chief of the Paris are department, died of suffocation while directing the rescue of victims of "Wed- ..nesday night's raid. · TWESTY-FOtB DEE TS ACTHXX, 2« WASHINGTON, June RAISE $2727 28.--Tbe Dawson Boys and Giris GJT« Concert for Jtenefit of lied Cross. Twelve Dawson boys and girls gave the persons of that town a surprise yesterday afternoon and raised $27.27 for the benefit of the Red Cross by a concert in the public square. The children, dressed all in white and wearing the Sed Cross head caps, made a. pretty appearance as they grouped together singing patriotic songs. Every child carried a small American flag. Four of the larger girls carried a big flag into which coins were tossed. Master Etvert Charles Evans played a violin accompaniment. The chil- j former Russian em-peror, has been as- J sassinated, saye .a- dispatch to t h e ! I Matin from Berne. Tbe assassination | took place between Ekaterinburg and · a LVTK V3L F. DOYIXDiT. WiSTED TO GKT IX "TASK" SKUVICE. is an army casualty list today contained 56 | irm --mtipnUus in . namea, divided as follows: Killed in -- . . action, 24; died of wounds, 4; died of disaase, 3; wounded severely, 22; wounded, degree undetermined, 2; prisoner, 1. The list includes: Killed in action. Lieutenant Karl H. Eyman, Lancaster, Ohio, and Norman. J. McCreary, Volant, Pa. Died of disease. Major Albert L. Crubb, Berkeley Springs, "W. Va.; Private Louis Rosenberg, .Pittsbitrg, Pa. ·Wounded severely. Private "William B. Martin, Pittston, Pa. MPOETAST COXFEBENCE AT GEKXAX AEMT HE.UXJUiETERS. COPENHAGEN, June 28.--Count von Hertling. the German imperial chanceJlor. will pay a visit, today to ^ German army headquarters to attend 'an important conference, according to the Berlin Vossische Zeitung. SETEfTEEX XUIDTES DIE Of ACTI03T. WASHE^'GTON, June 28.--A Mai-ine Corps casualty list issued today contained 50 names, divided as follows: Killed in action, 17: died or wounds, 7; severely wounded, 26. ·^ The list included: * Killed in action--Sergeant William R. Cleveland. Crosby. Pa. ' Wounded severely--Private George J. Bobal. Hastings. Pa.; John E. Obarle, Riverview, O.; Howard M. Tell, Creeton, W. Va.; Andrew M. Perash, Courtdale, Pa. Downing, Qula Helene Evans, Caroline Van Horn, T^mim £xu Stickel, Catherine Henry, Oiroline Cocoran, Edith Durbin, Sarah MoJine, Catherine Stickel, Jack Darbin, Elvert Charles Evans and Eleanor Gibson. PATRON FOOTS BUI Bollroad Companies Xo Longer Pay for Etservatlon Charges. Word has been received at the Baltimore Ohio liciet office here that railroad agents or representatives will no longer pay for telegraph or telephone messages covering sleeping, parlor or steamer reservations. Parties desiring such reservations made for them by the railroad representatives will be required to pay the established charges for the telegraph or telephone service in both direc- FOEXAX EfJUKED. BRITISH LABO RITES TOB HUSH HO.UJE KCLE. UNDON, June 2S.--The British labor conference at its concluding session here today passed a resolution [ calling on the Dominion statesmen, j now sitting in the conference in London, "to insist 011 the British government settling the Irish question by Bockwood Hon in Serious Condition After Touching Live Tftre. Fred Ehoads, employed'by the Fenn Electric company as foreman ot a gang ot men engaged in building a line from the plant of the. company at Rockwood to Blacfcfield, was seriously injured on Tuesday when he came in contact with, a live -wire. He is in a critical condition at the .Memorial hospital in Johnstown. Rhoads' hoiae is in Johnstown, but he had been r-aaking his headquarters at Rockwood. * Steamer Torpedoed. Perm. Bupportsr In war relief. · .j,e coming holiday it is expected that ' b r thc Kn 'Shts of the Maccabees, --enaive and serious bnsi- i more than 2.000 people will be pres- : ch lodge has sent out Pledge our resources will b o ; cat. cards to its members in Conneils- On that day races and different, " lle ' Union t°w7i and Point Marion. j War ness and all ; engaged in it until It is won. "The most serious part of this i s ! sports contests :the expense our country bns to p. -- !burg street, received a letter a fow o most s e o u s part of this is sport s contests will be held and re- ese o a r s are I0 he retunied to tho LONDON. June 28.--The Prank-! days ago that had been written b y i t h c c ^ ie ° BB °«r country has to pay froshments sold. The entire net prof- !0eal le!U TMTMediately for tabula- tuner Zeituag reports that M. Tchil- j the late William F. Dowling in Franco ; b " thc loss of " te - beyond measure- i - lls wiu be donated to tie Payeua llon ' May 3S. just one week prior to his ! m e n t by d °»ars aad cents, and lha ; county chapter of thc Red Cross " .th from peritonitis. At the time', yomj f, M . e ot rjns nauon is Eorag i j n e afternoon three addre cherin. the Russian foreign minister j ; on has telegraphed the Russian minister . death from peritonitis. At the umc;* " -- "r ~~~ *----~- *- ^'^^ -, m me atternoou three addresses at Barnstadt, that the former Russian ; O f writing Private Dowling was ap- j p f° n y to , its duty ' u P noldin S the j will be made. Judge J. Q. Van Swear- emperor was murdered a few days j parently in the best of health and l princ 'P Ies of a f r e e Sovemment, This | ingen. will speak on the war; Rev. A. Today is nationally known "War Savings Day." and is is hoped that the pledges In the best inves:- ment ever offered by the United ago between Ekaterinburg and Perm, i spirits." He stated that he intended situation demands of every man who i j;. slayton. director of the bureau of'. Statcs government will be completely says an Exchange Telegraph dispatch I to ma ke application for transfer to j 3 '*'' Dehlnd nis stipport by labor and ! civilian relief of the Payette county : subscrlbed - Four Minute lecturers from Copenhagen. XICflftLAS SLAW IS QUAJUIHL, SATS REPOB.T. ·WASHINGTON, June 28.--Ukraine newspaper repoits quoted in German official wireless buletms say the former Czar Nicholas was killed by a Russian Red Guard in a personal quarrel. Another German bulletin stated rumors are current that the family of the Czar has been taken to Peruz. the "tank" service, the work he was [ then doing being "too tame" to suit! iu'ai. "I waat something with more action and excitement," ho wrote. by his means, and he who would not 'chapter of the Red Cross will sneak '· 5IK)he on Ule ne «ssity O f tojiping the contribute his pittance to add to the on the work of that organization, and' f2 ' 000 - 000 ' 000 Joan ' ^ reminded the AXOT1CER TEESION 01' MUEDJilt OF EX-CZAB. AMSTERDAM, June 28.--The Wolff bureau, the semi-official German news agency, says it has learned from Russian sources that the former Russian emperor was murdered in a train while leaving Ekaterinburg, immediately after that city had been captured by Czecho-Slovak forces. The Wolff bureau also repeats the report that Alexis, the former Russian crown prince, diod a fortnight ago after a long illness. COJQOSSIOJf TO AID RUSSIA SKRIOUSLI CONSIDERED. WASHINGTON, June 28.--Plans for sending a cpmmission to Russia to assist that country economically and industrially have advanced to the point where "it is possible to announce on official authority that the personnel-of the commission is now being discussed. 14 WOMEN REGISTER Female Aliens Kosh to Enroll on last Registration Day. Complete figures on the registration of female aliens show that 14 German women enrolled in this dry. The last day for enrolling was on "Wednesday and up to that time only seven womftu had reported. The others went to the city hall on the jast day. Several women who had been un- comfort, the happiness and care of the there, should not have right boys or protection of American citizenship ALFRED KULL REPORTS Continue." on F " ffe Threl! " S.VTE AKRIYAl OVERSEAS. | " rt/w7n»T Mr. and .Mrs. N. B. Kell have re- : (,. L ELECTION ceaved a card announcing tho safe arrival overseas of their son. Alfred H.: Officers Xiuned at SiVtli AnnuaJ Con- ,Mrs. R. E. Umbel will speak on the work of the women in the war. TO RESUME WORK Surgical Dressing: t« Take Tp " (Continued on JL'aee Two.) COMPLETE LIST A grain ventlon In Uniontown. I Activities of Uie surgical dressings At the 25th annual Pay«tts County ! departmellt of Ul ° Conneiisviiie citizGis that the purchase of baby bonds, redeemable at any time of need, was the best thing mi/ney couJd be put into at present. The reports of the teams will beu made tonight when the campaign here closes at 0 o'clock. PRICE OF BREAD brajiah lied Cross will be. re- To Be LLnii(cd to M Cen(s fflr a 1( ,_ Ot' Order Xumbers for Nev K trants Given iu This Issue. The registrants whose order of call t to service was established by yester- Christian Endeavor convention held in the Central Christian church in ' sumed on ^°nday a"- er several weeks' Uniontown last evening, officers for ' ^Pension oa orders from headqmr- the ensuing year w-e eiocted as fol- | -«.Jo^lo^t^ mux^uaTM of ^ by ^ Fw ^^^ . Greenwood, Dunbar, counsel-1 ^the demand. During^ i^val; ^« «^- ^^^^ Onnec I^iaf; 15 Cents for 24-Oz. Maximum, prices for bread have building bava been thoroughly drawing has lacked the novelty attached to trie drawing of a year ago. In yesterday's transmission over the wires, just as occurred a year ago, there were a number of omissions and transpositions in the numbers. AH corrections mad e to the hour of going to press have beett made in the complete list, covering the numbers that apply to districts Nos. 2 and 5, which appears on. page four of today's issue of TKe Courier. Under $1,000 Bail. Charged with having in their possession 25 automobile tires alleged to nave been s tol en from i nte rstate shipments, Frank Scolvino, 40 years old, and Koy R. Colbert, 26 years old, ponding secretary; E. P. Williams, Uniontown, treasurer. Committee chairmen elected were: Lookout, Floyd M. Seaman, Uniontown; missionary, Miss Alverda, Uaiontown; evangelism, Kev. Martin Shivetey, Masontown; war work, E. C. Cornish, Ctnostown.; efficiency, ( Harry RescoCski, Connellsville; junior work, Mrs. S. L. Fletcher, ConneHsTille; intermediate, Miss Thefrna Patterson, Uniontov;n. OFFICERS EECTED 3trs. I*, S. Kerckner is Head of Ihinbur Red Cross Unit. At tbe regrular meeting of the Dun- of Dawsou, were taken to Fittsburg j bar brancjl of me Red Cross Wednes _ [ Wednesday n.nd after prelim'"' ary hearings before United States Commissioner Roger Knox, released on $1,000 bail for court. most recently completed the Course, will be held at tbe rooms Saturday ;,. o'clock Saturday evening in the court house at Un- atiernoon ai 3. o'clock. ; iontown to discuss the situation, TO MOBILIZE INDUSTRY Of This Sectiou to Help in Whining ] POP PRICE DOUBLES i Popular Brink Goes From Five Cents the War. At manu to 10 on Jnly 1. meeting of the Soutbu-c a meeting of representatives of | f^^^ ^Bottlers' assoclauon facturiug and business inter-, Uniontowll vesterdav after- ests of Pennsylvania, Western alary-1 .. . , · . . land and We . t Virginia in PiUsburg i TM £ ££ «, F^TM^ yesterday steps were taken to bring about a thorough organization and ; mobilization, of industry to help winning the war. The country was divided into 20 re- . price goes into effect on July 1. The pop makers have bean out 50 per cent in their supply of sugar by the food administration and in order i to cm tbe production of thc drink gional groups, each t o b e organize.! d , ' ' by the local commercial bodies. The granting to Ireland of home rule." ' a large measure QUIET KE1GXS 0-f AJ1JEUICAX FKOXT. WASHINGTON, June 28.--Ajide i from the repulse of hostile raiding garths in the Vosges General Persh; commtvtxlque ;for yesterday says ·tlrt : Js nothing 'to report from . front. A GULP POM, June 28.--Private able to enroll on account ot "illness advices have been received here to thc -,-ere given aditional t:me to report. I effect that the British steamship At- lantian had been torpedoed and sunk. There were no casualties, the report day officers were elected as follows: |P ian ;s L0 aiobiiize all plant* bavins Chain^an, Mrs. L. S. Kerchwsr; first mei1 and " ro P er equipment in the vice chairman, Miss Edna Minerd; h»° rk ° ; fl;iia s war orders. Payetie secretary, Mrs. L. B. Gongaware as-l 001 " 1 ^ a:ltl )Jle coke resion are in ' Four Fingers Cot Off. Oliver Sisley of Hazelwood, formerly of Perryopolts, lost four fingers ot his left hand in an accident while at j the plan to force a vote next week work yesterday, according to word re-i and thought they would withhold ac- He is a car- j tion until after the proposed recess 1 of congress. the coived at Perryopolis. i penter. I Unsettled, probably showers this Suffrage Tote Blocked. . afternoon or tonight; Saturday, Eair WASHING-TON. June 2S---Indefinite and warmer, is the .noon weather postponement of a vote i n . the senate ; forecast for "Western Pennsylvania, the woman suffrage resolution, Temperature BccoriL. IMS 1917 "Maximum 85 87 Minimum 67 G9 Mean 76 7S The Yotgh" river remained" stationary during the night at -1.30 feet. blocked yesterday, virtually was decided on today by senate suffrage leaders. They were ready to abandon sistant secretary. Mrs. Ray Holsing; treasurer, Mrs. Charles Gaddis. During the year the branch turned J i n the following articles: Sweaters,! ! 1S6, scarfs, 33; socks, 7S pairs; wrist- i lets. 60 pairs; pillow cases, 19 dozen ' a n d 7 pairs; bed sheets, 28; draw sh'eets, 42; operating sheets, 90; napkins. 100 dozen; tray covers, 40 dozen and 10; underdrawers, 25 pairs, un- ·, dersbirts, 30. : Water Officials on "Visit. \V. B. MnCaleb of PbiladelphLa, general superintendent of the Mountain .Water Supply compay; C. A. Spencer, ; superintendent of the western divi- |sion, asd Mr. Crichton of Johnstown, | en engineer for the company, were Four prisoners were given hoar- C niertair.od at dinner eluded in Uie Pittsburg group. Four Given Hearing. Breaks His Arm. In, attempting to jump over a fence at Ferryopolis Tuesday, Vail Martin fell. and sustained a fracture o£ the left arm. ings before Mayor John Duggan tbis,_ M ,. Mrs ycsicrdav bv ~ ' D _ Fought at _ . _ morning. William Thompson of Mecot)age at .jj c I n d i a n Crcek roservojr Keesport was given five days in a cell , near M111 R u n They mo . ored for train riding and Andy Ogosky got : trojn Greensburg. five days for being drunli and dis- ; _ . __ _ orderly. Two other men got two days j each on tbe streets. Prohibition Law Upheld. INDIANAPOLIS, June 28.--The In- ; Savings diana state-wide prohibition law was upheld by the state supreme court j here today. Miss Robinson Promote!. Hiss Sara Robinson, a former well | known young woman of Connellsville, i has been elected teller ot the Dollar -Trust company bank at Youngstown.""0. Sh* was formerly stenographer at the bank. She is toe second woman teller in, the city.

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