The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1918
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JU\E 27 ISIS iBUS DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. AlbeffADep EX-GUNNER AND "CHIEF MEMBER OF THE FORBGN LEGION OF FRANCE CAPTAIN GUN TURRET FRENCH BATTLBSHIP W/NNER OF THE CROOC DE GUERRE CHAPTER III. In the Foreign Logioi Uh!a time I was determined to en- H*t So, wj*on we landed at St Na saire. I drew my pnv from the T!r- Cinian and after spending a week with my grandmother I went out and' 1 the first gendarme I rnet where Went Out and Asked the First Qendarm* Where to EnlitL" the enlistment station was I had to argue with him tome time before he ·wooid even direct me to It Of course ! I had no passport and this nuide him ·OpICioQS of me Tfce officer In charge of the station IVM no warmer in his welcome than tbe gendarme and this surprised me, because Murray and Brown had no troabte at all in joining The French, of course, often speak of the Foreign as the convicts because so ciTliizeo world Is now fighting the Enns and Americans do Dot havfe to enlist with the French or the Limeys anj longer Bnt one thing abonc the legion that I find many people do not know Is that tbe legionnaires are used for either land or sen service. They are sent wher- j ever they can be use*} I do not know j whether this was tbe case before the present war--I think not--but In my time many of the men were put on ships Most people, however, have"the W«r that they are only used In the Infantry With my commission as gunner, I received ord^r^ to go to Brest and Join the dreadiiaught Cassard Tills assignment tickled me for my pal Marray was aboard and I bad expected trouble In transferring to Ms ship In case I was a^s'gned elsewhere We had framed It up to stick together as long as we could We did, too Murray was as glad as I was when I came aboard, and he told me he had nenrd Brown, our oJier pal, had been made a sergeant in another regiment of the legion ^ e were both surprised at ^ome of the differences between the French na\y and ours but after we got used to It we thought many of ibeir cos toros Improvements over onrs But we could not get used to it, at first For Instance on nn American ship, when vou are pounding your ear in a nlcp* warm hammock and it is time to relieve the watch on deck like as not you wni be awakened gently bv a burly garbv armed with a fairy wand about tee size of a bed slat, whereas In French ships, when they call the ·ftatch you would think you. were in a swell hotel and had left word at the desk. It was hard to turn out at first without the aid of a club and harder still to break ourselves of the habit ot calling our relief in the gay and festive American manner, but, as I *ay we got to like It after a whUe. Then too they do not do anv hazing In the French navy and this surprised We had expected to go through the mill Just 03 we did when we Joined the \mcrican service, but nobody slung On the contrary every aboard was kind and decent and ertremely courteous tnd the fact that we were from the States counted a lot legionaries are wanted by the police of their respective ctantrtes, bat a criminal record ne\tr had been a bar to servire with the legion and I a h . aod _ at u ' did not K« why It should be now--if they suspected me of ha\mg one I bed heard there were not a few Ger-. anus In the legion--later on I becitae' wlt!l tbem Tne y TM ed ^ bra * abont ·CQoalated with some--and bcUeve !t to ^* crews of other ships that were me. no Alsatian ever foLght harder aot « honored. ·gainst the Huns than the^e formt$* But this kindness we might have ex De^tschJaflders did. It occurred to pected. It Is just like Frenchmen In me then that If thpy thought I was aa "^alk of life With hardly an ex « German, because I had no passport,' ceptlon, I have never met one of this Also, I taught them the ~vay WQ make mats out of rope to ose while i sleeping on the steel gratings near the entrance to stoke holes In cold weath er this part of the bhip is more co*n ' fortable than the ordinary sleeping quarters hut without a mat it gets too hot American soldiers and sailors get the best food In the won 1 but while the French Davy chow was not fancy It was clean and hearty as they say down "East For brea 1 last ue had bread and coffee and sirdlnes at noon a boiled dinnei mostly beans which were old friends of mine and of the well named n m y -\arietv at four In the afternoon a pmt of vino^and at sir a supper of soup cofe^ bread and beans Altliou^n tno French seventy five Is the best f^o In the world thoir na val guns ore not as good at, ours and their gunners ire mostly older men But tfccy ^ill give a joungsrer a gun rating if he shows the stuff Shortly after I went nboaid the Gassard we receh ed instructions to pro ceed to Speria Itily the large Italian naval biue T*ie ^03age wab without Incident, bet when tve dropped anchor in Spe2in th^ in port ofllei Us qunrintined u^ for fourteen dajs on account ofsrooUpo^ During hispenod our food was pretty bad in fact, tho meat became rotten. This could hard ly hftVf huppeced on an American ship because they are provisioned with canned stuT aud preserved -nents but the French *=hips like th" Italian depend on live stoc c fresh vegetables etc which this f*nny on board and «*P had expected to get a large supplv of such stuCC u r Spezla Long before the fourteen days v ere up we w er- 1 * out of these thlnirf and h!id to lire on anythliis' we could get hold of--mostly hardtack cofftc and cocoa We tended i cargo of njrplnnes for the Italian aviators at *hc French fly ing schoolQ and started back to Brest On the w c j back HG bad target prac tlce In fact at most times on the open sea It was a regular pirt of tht, routine It was during one of these i mctices that the 1 rench ofliccrs wanted to find out what Che Yankee gunner knf*^ about gunnerj At a range of eigh* miles while the ship was making eight knots an ho-ar with a fourteen Inch gun I scored three d s--thnt Is three direct hits out of fhe t-ials After you will take it from me the way I mean it. When you say good by to your son or your husband or jour sweetheart work up a smile for him What you ·want to do is to gl e him something he can thlnt about over thero and some Issued rifles shrapnel helmets and belts and then started doun the com mun'cation trench These trenches are entrances to the fighting trenches and run at \ nrylng angles and vary lug distances apart Ihey are seldom wide enough to hold more than thing he will like to think about There one man so jou have to march single ~- - Is BO much dirt and blood and hunger, and cold and all that around you that you h r * » just got to quit thinking about It, or you will go crazy Aud so when yc a can think about something nice yot3 can pretty rcirly forget all the rest 3 or a whUe The nicest things you can ilnk about are the things yon liked bn le home Now Kn can tiV e it from me that what yc ir bov will like to remember the bes of all IP your face with a emtle on it Ho has got enough hell on his hnnch without a lot of weeps to remember If you will excuse the word Bnt don t forget that the chances are on his Tide that he gets back to you, the GITLU es prove it That will help 5 on socae. At that It will be hard work j o u ^ill feel more like crying and so ulll he maybe Bnt smile for him Tl at stnlle Is your bit I wil 1 back a smile against the wneps Jn a rac to Berlin nrjv thnr So I am telling j 5U and I cannofc mnke It strong enough- -send him away with a smile CHAPTER IV. On the Firing Line When I reported on tho Cassard after m? fourteen dajs leive I was detnllpt 41 with a detachment of the legion i 3 RO to the- I landerb 'ront I . chinged Into the regular uni'orra of j the legion which is about 111 e that of the infantry with the reglmi ntal badjre-- a seven filmed grenade i Vtc travel PC! from Brest bv rail in j lery third cl RS cars passing through Li Havre nnd St. Pol and flnully arriving at Ber( nes Prom Bergues we made the trip to Dlrmude by track--a dis taocc c ' about twenty miles We car rled no rations with us but tit certain places along the line the train stopped and we got out to eat our meats At every railroad station thov have booths or counters and I"Vench gir s work day and night feeding the E'oil is I was u. ·ftonderi'Ll sight to see those Kirk and It made you feel good *o think you were g a f n g to flgat for t*iem It WHS not onlv what the} did but the way they d'd it and it is at file In them They w'nd In and out, according to the lay of the land some parts of them being more dangerous than otb ers When you com e to a dangerocs spot you have to crawl sometimes There are so many crosa trenches nnd blind allejs that you have to have a guide for a long time because with out one you arc apt to walk through an embrasure In a fire trenc i and right out into the open between the Ger nan front line nnd your own Wmch 13 hardly worth while 1 If any part of tbe line Is under Sre the guide nt the head of the line is on the lookout for shells and when ha hears one coin! ig he gives the signal and you drop to the ground and ^alt until It bursts You nc\or i,et all thn time you want but at that you hav« plenty ot UTJC to think about thlngR while you are lying there with your face tn the mud waiting to hear the sound of the explosion \\ hen you hecr it you know vou have got at least one more to dodge If you do not hear it--vrcll most likely you are worrying more ubout tuning vour thousand- string harp than au thing eLse T n the communication trenoh \ou have to J rep jour distance fiom thp n tn nheid of you Thh is done so tint you w il h i\o plenn o 41 room to fa ] down i i und because If a she!! should find the trench there would be fewer casualties in an. open format on than Ja a closed The Gc"in«n art!' Is ket n on communication tranches and whenever they spot on? thej stay w i t h It a Jong time Most of thnm are camouflaged along the top find sjdes BO that enemy aviators can nut SPG anjthtnjr but tSt, eftiih or bnshe^ ?-Iien tnev th-ow an eye down on our lines We took o\ t r our section of the front line tr rches from a trench Imp regiment th it iiad been on the job for 24 orns That WHS the onge«t tine I nine lizard of aay troops remaining on the firing line Conditions at the front and ways of flphtinf, are chinking all the time ci* pach side mvonts new methods of Nerves Need Phosphorus Like Muscles Need Food Sajs Doctor Who Prescribes Phosphorated Malt io Steadv the erveSj Clear the Brant and Build Lp ^Serxms, Jtiiinclo'MUt People. Boston MT. -- ^ our I L I - % cs net. 1 pi osphorn I kc \ o _ i r imi 1 c i L 0 suj s Lr He d and tl c tr ut 1 v. ith most men iwl ^ en i t ti irt s l c\ n i \ L c x ^ a u t 1 t n a t u r a l suppU o£ j 1 o l orus n i l 1 I einj-eKe^ nn low n ve ] n 1 i t, ous O f t e * L\ look -*trons f i h e v couJ do a f u l l i)a\ i wu k b u t \ h le t h o v ITVVP eTUii i k i n d f M rent, til t h e j lack end mee T c il^o la 1 d cis or i n d (Ind t liftnu (o fo e tra.tt_ on or h if- and f it-l intl ih i irt ncr\ us irr t iblc a.n 1 as 1 ^ u x r t l M it t n % ud lc noi e o" L.I u^u il rr tire B u t k e n e r - U l j a licit of ^,ho- horns o\v« iisel in lack of per al imere md i co 1 ire o f t e n 1)1 if,hi 10 1 e Iiz\ -v 1 orois hfi, are 0 1 n o r \ p Rt r\ ? 1 F r ont s or OITT i h e \ KO on usm a. hul rnc r 1 h irphorus than tS «%·* m p r n d u r s t 11 the r tore s pxln J* ed ai ·! a ror j I let n f i " \ o u H b r c p k d o \ s it JIR B o t h m i n d nd 1 o 1 "Vrc affect 1 t h L j sec. ] r d f tl ] s ( i t h r of p!f n «ro or iiin ind r h m c m 1 re 1 "IPS hrnn or i t e r r stTM i h c m is i onrc did It 1^ d a n g e r o u s in ni d le^ t r in I n t o urn n c o n d i nn for if ikcii in t m i h o fauj pl\ f ] h p h o r cin b* r e p l e n i s h u T vu j rra i La.1 le ·? r pi osph n r 1 i n - \ l t *ier eicb neal foi on Oi 1) us j i l U be ill Unit is nofe^'rar'v 1 1 \ e « n p ioq 1 ra oil mil i i o lur-o aM 31 I'hner rcsu ti n T. % j iiori l i m e Recent M i pi tcnl TM m o t n t pi % Mcallj t l n w n ind on tl ° \ p r i , t f i n on al c o l l a p i III 1 - -k hid I eeome I r u d f f r v in l v - f?f t TIP the" rest nor rec n a t i o n f r o m his ^ orts * hoi di^b He coul ii In et, i conr rural hi c mind. rk ] i 1 f 1 hm to t-aJce i « R T J i 1 U is of pho-Tpho i nod ni L mt,r c* cli n L 1 Jn Ic^s h tc li lit v, Like nto nrv office il f i i 11 c. \ t-or--Uis c\ PS bright cp I r in 1 is m a n n e r t lat of i tv. n t j f u e l i t h o u p h he was 1 J i t fifLi Tlio \ i l u yt i i t ^ "" c 1 k n o w n to ill p h j i 11 It is a remarkable tr c i ! t i s uc 1 alder C nibined -. i t j i ru u» in Ph tphorited rml i t or i x° m^nt il u,t \ it bal nc i t t. bl 1 n3 uds f -=j stem to , coi ^ rt o d i n l ) l j \ m e tissues The 4 . 1 1 1 u o f rr ·* of malt arc not plcat- in t o i c i n d bi.'j dcs mo-;! of t lem ^ o n t t i n nl*oho! J hoTihor ted m a l t ha i Jd ni- P pert of n i t v . h h ) i n t c L\11 P of alcoholic si i ml ti i \ f t r a f** 1 * da\ of it j \ e i 3 t h _ i n o r n i n ^ \ iRoroiia r frf-'ie ) r^id^ t o ntr ind b e f f i n I t i i^ s \ r i t O r u b l c corflde ice l i m nd r n d u ^ i n c e --Th f i 1 np: f erhiharalion rft n n tic Me n rer i ft w ·week^ j f 1 i c 5-i v innLcd ma t it not duo to b d j n cds be r d Th*" cheerfulness U r s o r pert ct hfilth---when 1 n urish n t the l u j needs an 1 I l l n s t h e 0-^10-5 of c mi -U;on to t r ut he ^ons of w h ch t} e b l i »f tls to b rid, Th^ t heerfulncsi i rf h e 1th ti rt Cult!e=s nour- uli nt s o r re t nr st pe *lc ^s to ly /· ;i trJ ib c aad stranr* 1 Phos j h t t c 1 mi t i ^nirt b i 1 dru^pists i i i cf,] c i lv i r rnT KHs\ H l o b j th« u l i i B r u u Con43aaj ind J C. Mo re I might nave to prove I bad been in trouble with the kaisers crew before nationality who was not anxious to _ _ _ _ help you in every way he could, ex they would accept me. I do not know tremely generous, though not reckless j what the real trouble was but I solved) with small change and almost always j "With a Fourteen Inch Gun 1 Scored the p-oblem by showing thein my di" , cheery and there with a smile In any j Three D'*." charge papers from the American nary Bven then they were siisplc'ous weather A fellow asked me once why It was that almost the whole world I These bars which are strips of red because they thought I was t»o young ( loves the French and I told him it was [ braid, are vorn on the left sleeve and to have been a C P O When they i because the French love almost the . signify extra marksmanship I also whole world and show It. And I think received two hundred and fifty Cranes, cballeagetl zne on this point I said I would. pro\e it to th°in by taJonfj an examination. Th?5 eiamincd me very In Enciish although J tha 1 " is the reason too Abont the only way you can ec*critM mone y and fourteen days shore leave the PoIInfl, on laDd or sea is rhnt they Ml tWs mtdc mc vorv ^^ oh . are graitle That Is you always think enough French to get by on a subject like that word when you Bee one and talk gunnery But foreign oflleers are very to ^ itn --unless yon happen to see him proud of their knowledge of Kngilsh-- within bayonet distance of Frit? and most of them can speak t--and I j The French Bailors sleep between think ttus one wanted to show off, as decka in tnnksr Instead of baromocrfs jon might soy An»*v*ay I P isscd my I and as I Fad not slept In a bunk since that there was no question about it As j like tMa that the P n nch bent tho ijutchnrin? so when I t^y to descril e a result I was awarded tbrce bars ' world Taey could t * I l just what kind thp Dixniode ticnchp^ you must real of treatment each Pcilu ne*dod tind thev KIIW *o K that he Rot It They tool si tciit pains with the mea of the lesion, because as they saj we are 'strnn^e 1 ^ and that moans 'the best! we have is yours to the Preach These French women yojnp nud o d could be a mother nnd n swp*»thoart and a slater Fill it the sume tirue to 005 hulr\ old ex convict In the legion and do it Jn a WHY thnt ruadt, him r eel liJ.e a lit tie boy at the time and a rich church. l member niler^arob The orlv thiifj we did not like alirmf th s trip wa9 that there wore not pnouth. stations alon^ tlmt line Thero I*? a Up that the French engineers -will not take I am nXrald There Is pnnthf"- tbing: about tho Frtocb -women thnt 1 lime not red anc* that is this There are protty girls In every country uidt r the SUD but tho pl.Jn j Iris In Franco nr prr tiler than ihf 1 plain OIPS in other ountrlp^ Thiy might not show it Jn phoro2TLphs but i la nc on there is soraotblng about them that vou cannot p\ntain I l a \ e never SPPD an ugly French girl who was not ensy to look at We flna ly got to Dixmnde after havinjr spent abont elshtopn hours on tlie \4ay On our t rrhal one company ·was sent to the rpservc trenches and ' my cjnjpany went to the front line i Izo tJiat It Is probably ftst history by trench Wo were not placed In train now If thev are still using tranches ing tamps because most of na had i there they probably look kjtirely dlf been under fire before I never had I ferent but thnt was cot supposed to make But when I was at Dlxmude tney any difference Tbey say if you can *ert. something like this sr ind the legion jon can stand any j P*hlnd UIL serSes of frontline tiling trenches a^e the resenc trenches tn Before wo entered the communtca this case fi\e to ^eren miles uwny and tion trench we were d-avro up along still inrthe" back tire the billets Ihcse e'de of a crossroad 'or a rest and to may be houses or tarns or ruined receive ce-tnln accoutrtments. Pretty cliurclios--any plt.ce that can possibly Got Wan From Each of Th!m Fcl- iae." The Robinson Folding Bath Tub on: lorn 611 lork i^enoe, P. 0 Hot l M ( 0»£-I LS^ JILE, PA, Ipent m ravette, Mc^lniortlaiid and Greuio Counties. The R031NSON I Ol DING B VTH T u B has soh cd the bathing problem for tnobe horn s v»nere mocern bath ug facilfties ire lack Ing T h i b TuL foltls 11 a r c l l when no in use and cin he laid away back o£ ihe door unde- ire opd in ihe jrar^ct invwhere Set up and read^ inr use in a jiffy i*\ery Tub is guirauteed for 10 vears aga'nst in; f'rfoct in manafacture This meins thit he lab ^ou buy wil 1 gne vou icn rears of saUsfacton service It w i 1 enable ^ou to hate al ihe eonvenience of a modern bath room in vour borne \ ref'esh- j n g en.ntlira inj, m\iterating bath )n an\ room in the house whenever aocired "ft ill stand TV ate as hot as can he nun an bod} This Tub w i l l be on dispHv m \ndcr=on d Loucks Hardware Coman\ s -window on J u n e ^Sih 2 j f h in 1 30 h Vnr one desiring to pur ia^p car lea\e orders at tm^ ore Prices- Black T u b $11 00 VThilo l u b « 1 R O O Homer's Clothing J. B. KURTZ, ftO7AR PUBUC AND REAL ESTATE, fie. A South Meadow ConnollwJJJ. J«. oooeooooooooeoooeoQC'SCQcoa or about fifty dollftrs In American emnlnation w ithout a^v trouble was accepted for se-*l**e In the For ei^n Legion and received mv commis slon as gunner, datcti Friday January X 1935 There is no use In my describing the Foreign Legion. It I* one of the most famous figiiiing organi/Jitloca In the tror*/ 1 and has made a wond rful rec- ori^ Uiricg the war Whtn I ioia a d La it nvmbered about OT 000 men my Sontherndown days, it was pretty Lard oc me So I got bold o* some heavtnjrHoe" -which is one-qnarter Inch rope, and rigged tip a hamraoclc In my spare time I tanght the others how to make them and pretty soon every body was doing it. When I taught the sailors to mar-e hammocks I figured of course, that they would use them ae we did--that very much wrought up indeed--not I siw a merry life for rm^elf on tbe French rolling wave If they felt that way about gunnery I spent most of my leave with my grandmother in St. Ivaraire excnpt for a short trlr I m ide to a star si ell fac tory ThlB f ictory iva« just about like one I saw Inter somewhere in America, only in the French works all the handa -were wumcn Only the guards were men. and they were "blesses (wounded) When my leave was up and I said good by to m/ grandmother she man aged a smile for me though I could see thnt it was pretty stiff work And bo u^d f ;r qu rteriaj troops when off tlntj Troops were usuallv in tho front line trenches six to eight davs ant' fourteen to sixteen davb in the reserve trend es Then back to the billots for sli or eight dnjs We were not allowed to change our is sleep in them T'ley were greatly ' withont getting soft, or anything Mt e T ^ 5 It has less thin SOuJ They] pleased at first, but after they had stf- that *mte August, l^li the egion l tried the stunt of getting in and stay ha? been \Mp**d out three times ana ( iag in, it was another story A ham that there are only a few nun still in mock Is like some othe things--it Berrice who belonged to the ongiaal I works while you slecp-^nd if yon are wa3 legion. I believe it to be true In ( not on to it, yon spend most of youi sleeping time hitting the floor Our gun captain thought I had put over a trick hammock on him, but I did not neeO to every hammock 13 a trick hammock. Jannary of this year tht Ir net gov e-maent decided uo let tht "gion die I v, s sorrj to hear it. Tl-e legion nalres were a fine bod^ of men and fighters. But *he whole that, I can tell you tliat smile stayed wtth mo and It did mo more good than vou. woula believe because it gave mo something good to think about when I against the real thing I hope a lot of yon people who read this boot are ·ftomen bocanss I have had It In mind for some time to tell all the wompn I could a little thing- they can do that will help a lot I am not trying to be ^incy about it and I hope soon we f u r a bunrh yt Baches com ing along the road without their gans a few of them bclnj, slightly wounded Sone of them looked '-cared a n l o^h ers 'mppy but they all seemed t'rod Ihen %e heard ROJIO singing and pret ti soon we could «ee an Irish corporal stepping along bphlnd the Huns with his rifle slung over hia back and clothing in the front line trenches -- everr once in a while he would sau f ; not even to remote socks unless for fie a bit ana then sing some mora He Inspection Ivor would they let you had a grin on him that pushed his as much as unbutton your shirt unless ears back there was an Inspection of ideniJSca Th" British noncom who was de- j tlon disks We wore a disk at the Bailed as our guide pang ont "What wrist and another around the neck. kind of time are you having Pat? -tTcn know the gag abont tho disks of Th » Irishmin saluted with one course U your arm is blown ofl they hand dug the other into his pocket can tell who you ure bv U e neck disk , Emphatically Asserts Worn Out, Lagging Men Can Quickly Become Vigorous and Full of Ambition 7 A DAY FOR 7 DAYS ant* pulled out enough watches to make jou think you were in n pawn Bliop Oh a foln tolm Tro haviii' he says I got won from each of thlm f ellas " We Counted fourteen, prison ers in the butKn Pat BOTO thought he was rolling in wealth After wo were rented tip we were If yonr head Is blown off thej do not care wh^ you are | TO 3D CONTINUED If You Arc Huntlnc; Bargains Read tho advertisetng columns of The Daily Courier You will find them. Don t blame the uatn ·who I* pprpet uUx tired bia blood needa more r«d cocpUHcl4« and hla brain naI nerro» «j» crariDff for *ood. Given thft rigbt km** of medicine any tired out, loactlve la^Kin^ 'el low can quickly be made into i ro«.l jive «ners«t!c and even ambitious man Bo sars a Btuiont of tt ne-Tous system *ho advises all men am' women ~wbo Jee] worn out and v. ho find it hard to pet up ambition enough to take a regular job to ^ct a package of Bio foren at am dr iKirist This J 8 the new dSflcu\ on that ph«Ttn*n-lste are recommending- be cause It Is not expensive and spoedlb pute vlg-or and ambition nto people who despaired ot ever amounting to an3tlniic in life, JPacple Vi 1 oec nerves ha\ e been ·wrecked by too rapid living too much tobacco or aJcohoi h n t e rer lined their old time confidence nnfl energy In l*«* lixan two weeka No mat*er from what cau*c yo«r i orv«fi went bac^: on FDD no matter 1 ov, run. down nervous or rircfi oat ^ ou are got an original package ot Bio feren at onco Ta co two tablet* ··rtc eac'i neal and one bofor* bed- time--se\cn a daj for seven da,y»--- then one after each meal till all ur* ffona Then if o u still lack ambition If ·vour nerves are not steady and yen the energy that red blooded, keen minded rren possess your pur- c^QHa moncv viilJ be gladly returaedL Note to PhT»l"'*n» There iB no aocret about tlie *"ormuJa ot Bio-fareo. it La pr n ed on every package. Her* it i« L*cit % iin Calcium fflyeero- phoaphate Iron Ft-ptonate ifaneA* nest: Pepton-Ate Ext. VUx Vomica, I w tiered Cr^ntlan PhenolphthoJoln, Olearean Capii mini KoJa, CAP^STITBBS HE CAUGHT SOStE FISH.

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