The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONIS ELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1930. i FRENCH PROFIT BY U. S.-GERMAN DIRIGIBLE DATA Afr aiJnistry Opposed to Spending Huge Sums in Experiments. By RALPH HEINZEN, United Press Staff Correspondent. PARIS, March 7.--The world tour of the Graf-Zeppelin, the successful maneuvers of the British-built R-100 and the plans of American firms for tfhe construction of super-dirigibles haTo not convinced the French Air Ministry of the practicability at utility oJ dirigibles. M. Laurent Bynac, minister of air, told the United Press that France was not going to waste money on their construction until other na- tiond had gone through costly experiments. The French Air Ministry sees only commercial utility for dirigibles today and no laud military value whatsoever, in viaw of the superior speed and climbing power of fighting airplanes and only a very slight naval military value as eyes of t'he fleet far at sea. At any rate, the budget of the French Air Ministry for 1930 does not contain a cent for dirigible experiments. Tha government. In fact, has no dirigible policy, and has had none since the Dixmude, turned over to Franco by Oormany after the war, exploded and was lost over the Mediterranean with her crew. Drigiblef cost 4ft.OiOO.OW to 50,000,000 francs each, and can be destroyed for a dollar, with a handful of incendiary bullets that, can be pumped Into her by hven a clumsy commercial plane upon which a. machine gun could be mounted," an official of the air ministry said. "The "World "War proved conclusively that dirigibles were no match for airplanes or for anti-aircraft artillery on th ground. The German records show a very high proportion of losses for the few dirigibles that were sant out to bomli Paris or London. Seven Zeppelins in one night-bombing x- p3dition on I/ondon were brought down by siorms iu France and Belgium." Small dirigibles, not Zeppelins of tho gize of the Graf, are -still told indispensable for use with naval floots. They are more easily maneuvered than airplanes far at sea, and can operate much slower than planes, so as not to rnn ahead of the cruisers. The French navy has several small dirigibles, but no more are to be built for the present. France IK watching with interest, however, the experiments in Germany, England, Italy and the United Status. Sho spends nothing but make* notes of all the faults which those other powers discover after having spent millions of dollars. She puts all her lessons together and when the ULIO is ripe, she will build dirigibles. LITTLE FLOWER NOVENAS MAR. 9 FOR RELIGION IN RUSSIA NEW YORK, March 7--Tie Rev. Albert H. Dolan, 0. Cam., national !!recUr of the Society ol the Little Flower united with the Confraternity of tho Scapular, tho lart»«jt religious society In honor of the Llttlo Flower in the world, returned from Llsfiteux, France, this w«ek. Upon his arrival at New York Father tiolnn announced that the annual Solemn Public Novena in honor ot St. Joseph and of the Little Flower ·beginning next Sunday, March 9, at the national ehrlne and th« affiliated shrines in tho principal cities of the United States would be offered for the special intention t h a t the religious persecution in Hueski may cease. Pope Pitts XI recently announced (.hat the praycra of the entire Catholic world would IMS offered tor thie in tentlon on Uie Catholic feaet of Saint Joseph, March 19. The Little Flower noveiins all over the country precede (his Feast Day, one ot the on the Catholic calendar. The fact that the novona will be offered for tha intention of the Fopa and the fact that the prayers of all making the novena will be offered for this earne Intention ^is expecftnl to attract hun- dnxis of thonsanda of Catholics to the services in Chicago, New York, Pittsburg, Detroit and other large cities. Father Dolan brought with him from Llsieux, France, as a gift for the national shrine of St. Therese in Chicago from ihe living Sisters of the Little Flower, themselves Carmelite nuns in the «atne convent In -which the Little Flo?,'er lived and died, a numher of important relics. ' But He Loved Birds. LONDON, March 7--When Sydney Collard, 68, liawker, wae remanded on charges of kicking his wife and causing her grievous hodly harm, he asked the court to ftond eomeone to his home to look after hus canaries. You wouWn't wait 30 seconds for WAT EH ^v Why wait for RECEPTION fij Get program,!* 7 SECONDS 1928 Oi'ds Landau Sedan 'I'lilm fljn; cur box Uie *n«u« pn«InP and · the Mime eb«jMM« SIM lie new m'SO Oldiimablle*.. Flubcr lx)d.r. Gaud p«Unt and u|hol/rterj'. In perfect condition. ALL MAKES... ALL MODELS ... ALL AMAZING VALUES! Tomorrow at S a.m.... a used makes ... all desirable models" OLDSMOBILES car buying opi ortunity without . . . all price ranges. 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And an ajnju- IUK value at ..._.-,,,, ,-. $400 1028 dtEVROIJCT SEDA3J --Thl« car If In fine condition throughout, lotii of extra equipment, four Koad tlrm, HfitUicht. ly«\r mlle- aft-. Uoinc iu Ibe flmt buyer for (be low pnlee of ,. .-,^_ -- Reliable (urmfurtable rlillDK. U* of uonaed mile- nifK cheap. Special mile price m ^.^^ ( . $350 open every evening during sale to 10 P. ML \ Oldsmobile-Connellsville Co. East Apple Street Phone 574 Connellsville, Pa OLDSMOBILE - V I K I N G P R O D U C t S G E N E R A L M O T O R S ARCTURUS -ii4"- k Acting RADIO TUBES Court Appoints Board to Examine John Scott's Mind Special t The Courier. UNIONTOWN, March 7.--Attorney E. J. McDaniel and Drs. S. E. HibbB and Robert H. Jo.ffrey were yesterday appointed menihfre of a lunacy commission to examine John Scott In his cull and determine whether or not the man who strangled hl« aunt, Mrs, Emma Hertzog, to aeath is still earie. The lunacy hoard is instructed by the court to make a minute test of th« man's mental condition and preseiyt a complete report of tho flndinge to the court at the earliest opportunity. Recently Warden William Wilson 'presented a petition to the court stating that since hi i incarceration Scott has shown signs of grave mental deterioration. Both District Attorney J., B. Adams and Attorney W. C. McKean for the defense acquiesced to the pell- tiono. · · » Seven Waynes-burg men, fonn-er owners of the Myers Paving Company, lost an act! n to recover ?16,000 y«eterday when u ji«ry returned a verdict for the 'hree defendants in tho case, T. B. Uibson and A. W, Shlrer of Scottriale anil C. S. WudH. worth ot Bullskii! townehlp. Originally the plaintiffs Mi«l for 124,000 but cut this amount l» $16,000 at the trial. The three men claimed they were not personally liable lor the amounts on the grounds t iat the paving company business lui I been purchased aa a corporation an.I at the time tho question of pers mal liability had been thoroughly vnderstoocl, j At the conclusion ot the case Judge Morrow immediately called the dam- ag« suit of Clayton and Irene Shelkey of Dniontown againet tho Monongahela Railroad. Shelkey, -while driving a truck for the Pox Grocery Company, was severely injured at a grade croisaing -crash at Poland. Bhelkey WAB in the hospital many weeke 'aa a result of the accident · * * The grand jury at its session last week ignored tbe bill against Mrs. Margaret Vauderver of Unlontown and put the co«t« of the prosecution on the prosecutor, J«ese Gardner. Mre. Vanderver was charged with harlxjring a child for immoral purposes. BIG GAME HUNTING FILMS TO BE SHOWN NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT SC!OTTDALB, March 7.--Local and nearby sportsmen -will have an opportunity to see how big game hunting is done when they go to the Arcade Theatre next Friday night, March 13, at 7:30 o'clock. .Frank H. Friedlioff, wellknown sportsman of Johnstown, who has made four'trips to Alaska will show six reels of moving pictures Lhat will- give an inside light on the method® used while hunting big game in the far north. A13 sportsmen are urged to take :hds opportunity to see how this class of hunting is done by experienced lunters. .Closeups villl give them an Insight on wild IKe in that country. This show Is being presented by Mr. Frledhoff for the benefit of the Scottdale Baseball Club. Queerest of Journeys Classified AdrertlHemenU Brin«j re«ults when placed in tbe ool- amaii ot Tbo Daily Oourlor. Bntrauta in tne six-day bicycle rmee going ktxmd a torn en the big pino bowl aa they itart the second day of the six-day grind «t MadUon Square G«ri en, N. Y. Occasional sprinto »re all that eecur to relieve the mon tony of the race. Belloni and hie partner Debaets. tof ethei- with t ie team of Guimbretiere and Lemoine, are ·ne Jap ahead of the fie Id at this writing. USE OUR CLASSIFIED ADS. FOR SALE JGU C. tJllCK COKJi COMPAJfT PBOFEBTX Home Sites factory Site* Farm Lands Used Machinery, Shop Tools, Building and Mine Happliete Much ot tbe property tor oato la advautageoualy locai.ed with re- *pect to water and oiectrlo power auppUea, railroad aid las* and pared road*. For £uli information In regard w pncea and ternui, apply to 3uper- lutendent ot neareol .^(Oae or Scott- jale Office. U. C. Frick .Coke Company, ScotUiaie, Fenna. Building Supplies CEMENT SAWD ··' ' f QBAVEL FLASTEB ULME, ETC. We carry a complete line of high, grade building material at all times and best market prices. Consolidated Coal Supply Co. MeCennlek AVCBM, ; Conaellsrille, Fa. Fhone 1700k Dealer Murdcrci. PIirLAJBLPHIA, Murch 7.--A man identified as C. H. Munn, 42, Bilk dealer of Haddonfleld, N. J., was shot and killed late last nl^ht as he stood talking to two men in ^ranklin street. One of the othorg was Bounded by the shots, fired from a moving auto. Bodies in Gas-Filled CHICAG-0, .March 7.--Call©d by neighbors who reporto'l a light bum- ing in th* hoinse 48 hours, police late last night found Edvfard Nelson and his wife imd two men, not yet identified, dead, apparently from carbon monoxide gas from a coal stove. Whut's In u Jiamcl WARBHAM, Eng., March 7---Granting u license to a public house called The Silent Woman that had formerly been named The Angel, the chairman of the licensing commtiaion remarked that the new name meant "the eam« thing." BALTIMORE OHIO IS GIVEN PERMISSION TO SELL STOCK, BONDS WASHINGTON, March. 7.--Tb» ·· timore Ohio Railroad'obtained p«^ .mission Thursday £rom the Intentat* 'Commerce Commission to iesue $63,031,000 in 4 1-2 per cent conrOTttbto gold bonds; to be eold at 95 per cent of par and also obtained authority to les-ue $52,525,804) in common, stock to hold in its treasury subject to call for' conversion from tho bonrihold*r». The largest part ol! the funds t», come to the railroad from the tame are to bo expended in connection with its acquisition of tho Buffalo, Rochester Pittsburg system and it« hopet for acquisition ot the Buffalo A Susquchanna line. our classified

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