The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1918
Page 5
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\ THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVUJLE, PA PAGE FIVE. WAR SAVINGS STAMP Parovrax Means "Safety first" · SALE ON WITH RUSH For Preserves,-Jams and Jellies TODAY AT SCOTTDALL EtonMlcal teUtt Against Detertonrtlu Work Divided Into Districts for House to House Canvass. WOMEN ARE DOING THE WOKl. Aim Is to Hate tile Drirp as Successful as Oth«rs In Which the Mill Town. Taken Port; Snpper To- ·Jgtt for Hen Entering tlic Serrico. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, June 27.--Miss Carne Jiae Prye, who has charge of the sale of War Savings Stamp* by the house to house canvass method, has everything mapped out so 'hat the work will go through, with a rush from today on. Canvasses have been made before today, but an extra effort will be made to make this the bi-gjresc success of any war movem nt that Scottdale has undertaken, and with each flew movement ScottdUile has gone over the top. In th« First ward Mri. H. B. Hart- tnaa is the chairman, with the follow. tn£ workers on her committee: Miss- , *es Marion Bell, Annabel! Patton, Irene Loucks, Mabel Perry and Paul- lae Miller. j In the Second ward Miss Helen Sisley has charge, and has appointed on Her coormlttees Misses Helen Strict- , ler. Rena Etcher, Mae Gibson, Nelle Woolley, Olive Rhodes and Margaret' Biiler. , Third ward. Miss Charlotte Kelly, chairman, with the following work- Now that the time is here when you start putting up preserves, be sure you lay in your supply of Faro- wax. Nerf to being certain that your glasses and jars are spotlessly clean, Parowax is your most important essential. Whether you use the "cold pack" (which is so rapidly gaining in favor everywhere) or the more popular method of preserving with the fruit syrups, you can insure protection by the use of Parowax. When Parowax is used to seal preserve jars and to pour on the top of jellies, you know that air, dust and germs simply can't get in to affect the good things you have made. They are safe when you use Parowax. Look for the familiar blue package. Parowax is sold and recommended by all grocers. In case |" your grocer is sold ' out, he will gladly get it for 'you. This season especially it is important to put up plenty of preserves, in order to release other foods to our Allies. Let Parowax help you show your patriotism. ers: Esther Trimble, Anna Dici. Ruth Mumaw, Edna Rhodes, Ethel Smithfield. SMITHFIBLD, June -Nineteen members of Lady G-allatm lodge, D. of R., I. 0. O. F., motored to Browns- Collins, Estelle Miller anil Dorothy' ville Monday night and installed the Stauffer. ' j officers of the Rebecca lodge there. Miss Florence Finnery has charge ' The following named members com- j Of the Fourth ward, but has not made , posed the party: .Mr. and Mrs. 0. S.' jmblic the names of her committee. Vance. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Low, Mr. This evening at the ricottdale the- Jt nd .MR,. R. G. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. atre there will be a patriotic tableau, P. C. Britt, Mrs. W. O. Campbell, Mrs given in the interest of the sale of | S. A. Jackson, Mrs. Albert Hill, Mrs. f War Savings Stamps at the Scottdale S. H. Miller, Mis. H. H. Sackett, Mrs. ' theatre. In the tableau win be Joe , J. A. Matliews. Mrs. 0. S. Brown, Miss Cafferty, home from Brooklyn navy' Pauline Frankenberry. Mr. I. F. yard, who will represent the Navy- Moore, Mr. Walter Ramsey, Miss Re- · Jack Bates of the aerial mail sen ice. 1'ecca Bro-vnfield. stationed at Washington, D. C., will Lieutenant Muriord Guiber of Camp represent the Army. Mrs. Rowena' Meade, is visiting friends and trans- Slaughter Myers, who has enlisted ' ?ctmg business while h e i e on a brief for cantonment work, will represent' furlough. He spent Tuesday night as the Red Cross. Betty Keaddy and | the guest of G. A. Feather and fam- Junior Campbell will also take part j lly, returning to Un:ontown Wednes- in the tableau. I day with Floyd Brovrnfipld, h'.s uncle, For Sale. ' w n » came out after hi :n his car. Six room house and six extra lots: · Lieutenant Gulher's father and moth- 10 minutes' wait from Hcottdale borough, for $2.500. Six room house, slate roof, in A-l er, Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Guiber. and sisters Rebecca and Mary, are at Camp Dlx, X. J. The doctor aas charge of all the mess at Camp Dix. The Republic Iron Steel company is building several new tenements at Nicholson condition; 1-2 acre lot, lor $1.800. Adv.-25-2T-2D. E. F. DETVITT. Supper for Drastees. This evening at 6 o'clock a supper; the Bowwood works in will be served at the T. M- C. A. for · township. the draftees who leave tomorrow. Commissioner of Pensions G. M. They will be entertained after the sup- I Sultzgaber has made public, through per. The supper is in charge of the the press, in formation as to how the Ladles' auvlliary of the Y. M. C. A. , nev pension law. under the act oi Stop, loot and Loosen. ' J u n e in. 'nig, will be ext-cuted The Tomorrow is War Savings Stamp increase to all pensioners under the Day. Loosen your purs« strings and act of May 11, 1912, will be granted buy'your limit; for a quarter a day under the new law automatically, and will soon put Mr. Kateor away, and the claimants will not have to tile ap- if you attend the greatest of all July plications. The commissioner cau- Clearance Sales, at the Ilroadway La- , tlon s tliem not to do so or to writ? dies' Store, Scottdale, you will learn the department about it, as all such your "Dollars are worth more cents." inquiries would have to be answered a , every dollar you spind you save'and this would retard the work of ad- another. Invest your savings in War justing the claims. He says that it Savings Stamps, it payv more ways than one. Broadway Ladles' Store, as you get off tie car Adv. Personal. Scottdale, Pa.- be wholly impracticable to make payments at the rncrea=ed rate on July 4, 2928, but it is hoped that payments due August 4. 191S, may be made at the rate provided by the new Mrs. Elizabeth Newton of Everson ' law. so comrades will hale patience is "in the Memorial hospr-al at Mount and their allowances will be granted Pleasant, where she underwent an on-1 in due time anrl without any addition- eration ' l a l ex l ensc '0 them, as no attorneys' G-asoiine, 2Cc. Wells-Mills Motor Car Co.. Connellsville.--Adv-2T-4L fees are allowed under the new law. WALK ERECT AT EIGHTY The act provides the rate of $30 per Miss Susan Colborn. .employed by j month for soldiers and sailors of any the Operators' Coal company, has ac- j a-se who served 00 days or more dur- cepted a position at tl e pipe mill I ing the Civil war, who are now rc- h · cciving a lo%ver rate. Those who are Mr= G A Sibert of Iron Bridge, i "2 years or o.'er and who served six has been called to Warren. O., by the | months are entitled to ?32 per month; serious illness of ber daughter. Mrs. those who served one year, 535, onr H. N Wall, who underwent an opera- ' year and a half, $38 per month, and tioa a short time ago. i wo years and over, 540 per month. Miss Edna Kennell. wlio graduated j the maximum amount allowed by the from Indiana state normal yesterday , law. morning, arrived home last evening. Mrs. Thomas BrownfUW and son, Thomas, Jr.. and Mrs. Kiefer. with her daughter Edna, who graduatid at Indiana normal, arrived home yesterday. Miss Pearl Long has accepted a position as assistant bookkeeper at the William Penn hotel, Pittsburg. Miss Eli7.abeth Maloy of Everson. was taken to the Memorial hospital at Mt. Pleasant yesterday, where she will und«rgo an operation for appendicitis. Patronize those who advertise. Vanderbilt. VA-VDEEBII.T, June 26--Mr. and! Mrs. Harry Snyder weie business callers in Pittsburg yest«'iday. Gasoline. 26c. Wells-Mills Motor Car Co.. Connellsville.--Adv-27-4t. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Porier and Mrs backache. kidmj Porter's mother. Mrs G-imes. have i p l a i n t s Because a man or woman is olrt dues not mean that they must waik alonsr bent over and supported w ll*i a cane. A man can be as vigorous and healths' at eighty at at twenty if he aids the organs of the bodj m performing their functions. Atl diseases, whether oC a malignant or weak character tend to tear away your vitality. Vou must counteract disease In its incipient stuge i- ycu would l i \ e a nappy and useful I lonff life. OOLD M1JDAI, Haarlem Oil Cap! sule.s, lL Reparation that used all o v e r the world, contains j soothing oils combined w i t h strenffth- and sttern-cleanin[r herbs Thest capsules arc a prei-crlpttor. anl have been and are still bclnp: used by phvslcmns in daijy practice They j h a \ e proven thr-ir merit in relieving | and bl \ilder coin- and all ailment arisnn^ from returned home_from a motor trip to - ·££· s ^»£ ^^ o^Sp- Brewster, W. \a. ' sules are sold at all reliable druggists. Mrs. J. R McCleary, who has been ' They are guaranteed to dn everything A . " " ' " ' " ' visitmg her daughter, Mrs Cosgrove ana family, returned to ner tor G otD hooie in Eldcrsville yesterday. Mrs A. M. Conn of Uniontown and Mrs. ^(·. J Reed were cirertained at on ovory box. -- Adv. M. R. CXYSOT a dinner at the home of J'r. and Mrs., K.-dension Up Scotl's Rnn Becanse I t ' C. B. Arisen recently. IVonld Parallel the 31. £ W. R. E. -Mrs. J. L. Love, who underwent Thp Ra ii roa d Adtmnislration has, an operation at the Mercy hospital re f used permission to the Mononga- this'week, is getting alon^ nicely. heia railway to extend its Ime up · j Scott's Run from the Monongaela I river to Cassnlle to reach certain j nines in the vicinity of the latter place, because of the fact that the : NAPOLEOH ONCE SAID "AFbowortj Army la AD Army n slf Defeated." 3len in Trjumni: C»mps, in Cacwamcnt*, In tbit Army and Nu*y ouilrr from blMtera and sorp ·t»uoa iheirteet. S^cry"0omf( rlKifihonld contain one or more boxes of AUeii'u Foot-Eas*, tbe anusepnc powder to Bbabo nto tbe shoes U fnttxaa the tired, aching, ana-tine feet and keals bitten and son tpata, 1 he Plat^brrg Camp Manual adrftes inen in traiouitr to make £01)7 u*9 of Koos--£aae. Sold erjrynracre, uc. proposed ctiension would parallel the line of tne Morgan town . Wheelms K, R. 2»c Apron Gingham, a yard Best quality Gingham--going up in price each day. With this Coupon 20c a yard. Men's $1.25 Overalls at 79c, 2 pairs to a customer. Sold only with Coupon, 69c. Extra Special! House Dresses .. good assortment ot light and dark patterns. With this Copon, 8Bc. Chilrfrpn's Ginerharn Dresses. $2 -value In Flails, Sir.pes and Checks. Limit. 0110 to a customer. "With this Coupon, 9Se. An event that will mean one of the biggest days in the history of this store. It will mean a day when all profits will be flung to the winds. It will mean merchandise must be sold cheaper than at any previous sale in order to usher in the final windup of our (DOUBLE THE SALES IN JUNE). Our managers are using every effort to reach the high goal for which purpose this Sale was running during the month of June. Besides FRIDAY IS COUPON DAY and all who have attended one'of these ONE DAY A MONTH SALES, know exactly what to expect. Now if you will just read every item on this page and clip the Coupons and come Friday you will say it was the best day you ever spent in a Department Store. Each item was selected with the greatest care, and if you miss coming, you will bs closing your eyes to the BIGGEST BARGAIN EVENT OF THE YEAR. You must Clip the Coupons to get the items at advertised prices. S5c Boys' Palm Beach Knee Pants .. Also striped linen material. t-,?es 2% to S years. With this Coupon, 6Gc. Art Tt I V^ 69c Pink Silk Camisoles Of washable p.nk silk lace and ribbon trimmed. With this Coupon and 47c. ES.IJ.3Ci.Z5I.21 Up 1o*2.50 P-| 1Q' Slippers «3 -L · J. «7 Baby and 2-strap style, in patent and gun metal leather. While they last -- with Coupon |1.19. Missos $2.50 Patent arid Gnu "^oial Shoos .... -Button style, sizes ll 1 ^. to 2. With this Coupon, 11.08. Regu'ar 81.00 Corsets Made of white coutil w i t h hose supporters--this Coupon and t9c. 59c Boys' JOc Stockings -Fine black ribbed, all 51701, to 9. With Coupon 29c a pair. 2,)p Meniicn's Boraf- ed Talcum .......... Sold only with this Coupon, 15c. J y$2.00 Front Lace Corsets Low buM, of fine pick coufil, with hose supporters attached. With Coupon, ?1.29. $1.25 Ladies' Waists .. .. Stripw! Voiloi-s in pikn, green and lavender. With tbib Coupon and 7!k?. A Sensational Coupon Offer! STen's -5c Seamless ..."J Cis* Black Dress Hose .... JLOL All ci70s, 9 ] ,A to HVi. With this Copon, 16c. $2.95 Tapestry In n sood selpctton of pan cms, size 27x34. With Coupon. ?1 29. Children's Fine Ril)lcd Stocking's, a pair . Value up '.o 20c. Si/es 5 and "With Coupon 9c pair. Women's $2.00 Julietfes _ .... Rubber hi-el-*, all sizes. "With Coupon ?1 49. 50c Children's Emliroitlered Caps . Friday with this Coupon 3Sc. 82.50 White IVasli Skirls ...._ M:ule w i t h wide bull. pock"s, b t l f - toti trimmed. Wit hthia Coupon. JJ.95. Children's 7.1c A O - M'a*h Hat* ..,, ....... _ ... ^OL Wnite Pique, Lrnmvd in pink or blue ribbon anu black velvet. "With thi.s Coupou, JSc Women's $1.00 Cnion Suits Lace t r i m m e d knee, silli taped iH'ck. All size- 6 -, Wnh Lh;s Coupon tit Children'* O Q ^ Lullaby Swings ... . «/OL Nationally at'\ertisod at §1 2o. With this Coupon 08e 7 l Spool Clarks 0. N. T. Thread ....... In h l a t k \Uir» and rolors. all numbers. W i t h Coupon. ."»c. SUP 36x72. w j i l i b r o w n or green borders. "\Yith Coupou, 5 l ,c. « tM vur-y ^gg SIS Boys' $3.50 Shoes Of Gun pictai, lace s i y r , good solid solos. "With Coupon ?J G!). .$2.95 Silk Skirts _ ?5.00, S7 50 and some higher values Just "3 111 the lot. With this Coupon. $2 r )5. $1.25 and 81.50 Muslin Wear .._. Of Combinations, Gowns and Pkirls, m ivliite or flesh. \Vith Coupon S9c 2 Cards Pearl Buttons Two dozen fine while Pear] buttons--a lOc value. With this Coupon, Tc Up to 87.50 New Summer Trimmed Hats this Coupon only, ?2.85. $».50 Grass Porch () QA Kui;.-. 36x72 tp;£lo«J iJ Si7t.-s .'JG\72. green and b!ue border With this Coupon $2 39. Quirk Suds Laundry Soap, C Cakes ...... _ ..... Famous for us washing qualities Wnh Coupon G cakes 25c, 64c All fixtures, complete, ready to bari£ W i t b this Coupon, 6-ic ._..... 49c Boys' 75c Wash Suit* Striped and plain colors, 2Vj to 5 years. With this Coupon and 49c. Children's Jersey Bathing Suits __________ One piece style, black jersey trimmed m white. Si?.es S to 14. With Coupon 64c. · Clarks' Crochet Thread, 3 Spools _.. In white and ecru, in all numbers T to 100. With this Coupon, 3 {or 25c. $2.00 Children's White Canvas Pumps . ........... ._.... Baby Doll ptyles, sizes 8^. to 11. With Coupon S1.49. 3 Pairs Women's 50e Hose for ....... Gauze lisle in black or white, all sizeb. With Coupon, 3 pair for $1. 20r Stair Linoleum .. -| S\ per Yard __________________ JLu C/ In green and brown. Coupon Day, 12c a yard. 40 in. Brown Mnslin, 25o Value at .............. Sold with Coupon only. $8.95 Women's $12.75 and S15.00 Silk Dresses ---------- ...... _ Crepe de Chine and Stripe Messaline, Geor gette Collars and Sleeves. With this Coupon $8.95. Up tc $12.50 ££ Qr Women's Coats ePS3.t/D Military-, French models of Whip Cords, with inverted pleats and other features. With Coupon §6.95. itcamerj with- The dclittm o! your vacatioo bctfo the ruoreat £ u board a D. A C. Coant Line Steamer for beautiful Madkinac hland-- for half of the dellf hu are In th* Lake voyafc. fUUroad lickeu arc honored on all D. A C. Li out extra, cnarfie. The D C. Iniiinia in«L.-c« tbebeitio appotntmenti, *nd painitakmfi lervice. Safety and bcahh proviiioni that could be deiircd' Alt «:eitn«s are equipped -wirb Uteit wireJcaa eervice. All water la itcnlijcd by ultra violet rcy proceu. Two ipleodW ves«e!«-City of Msckiaac II ·ad City of Alpena II -- operate four umci a w-cck to Mackioac Uland From Toledo Monday, and Saturday 8.30 A. M . Tuesdays and Thursday* 6.00 P M. From Detroit Mondayt and Saturdays 5:00 P. M , Wednesday* and Fridayu 8:30 A. M Send 3-ceoE itarap for illuitrated pamphlet and Great Lalte» raap. Address L. O. LEWIS. G. JP. A. , 9 Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich. TO MACKINAC ISLAND Prom Bu»!o $1100 Room! (rip 19.M From Oer«l«nd t 9.00 Round trip 14.00 From Toledo 5 7.25 Round mp 13.00 fek. Prom ^ Drlroit Round trip il2M CHARMIKG IMtO.UKXADi; strr or Vou will find them !n our ad, coiumn?. Rieck's Ice Cream Fresh Prom Pittsburgh Every Day. TAKE: A HOME Served With Many Delicious Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PfTTSBCRG STKEET. To Merchants, Manufacturers, Garages and any one whom ic may interest in Conuellsville, Scottdale, Mount Pleasant, Dawson, Vanderbilt and Dunbar. Beginning Monday, June 24th, Wells-Mills Motor Car Company will make daily round trips to Pittsburg for parcels and express up to 250 pounds in any one shipment. Phone us your instructions. An unusallj charming suit : s th'.s model of hel.otrope velvet combined K ! with heliotrope and -whivc f necked galatea The open front is a new a'ui ' stnkiDg feature of the season. An '. ideal sviit lor promenade ocvasiOBS Uoll Phone 1022. COXSELLSVILLE, PA. Tri-Statc 502 ! Want Help? 1 Then use our classified column. Results will follow. Classified Advertisements Ic a Word.

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