Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 30, 1974 · Page 41
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 41

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 41
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14C _ Faculty Can Make Big Classes Fun Sewage Hearing* lo Begin ^r f ...... /\vttr*UlttC£t MOKGANTOWN-Wbea fid Caldweil teaches 20 to 30 students in an advanced psychology class at West Virginia I'niversity. it's fan. That's because he knows the students and he's confident they're learning. But when he lectures to an introductory class, he faces 80 to 100 fidgety students, he may know only four or five of them, and he's sure (tests prove i t » that they aren't learning enough. That's what prompted Dr. Caldweil, associate professor of psychology, and 34 other WVU faculty to enroll voluntarily in a two-week innova- tive teaching course offered recenlty at WVL' by the Georgetown University Center for Personalized instruction. Dr. Caldweil and James Shafer. professor of psychology, arranged for the course to be taught at WVU. By taking he course, faculty in the WVU College of Arts and Sciences hope to improve their teaching and thus make their classes more interesting. "It's a cat-and-mouse game when you lecture 109 students,'" Dr. Caldweil observed. "When you have a class that size, the interaction between students and instruc- tors is almost zer«. Worse, tests show they are»'t leaning what they should be--tkat maybe tfcey are absorbing W per ee*t of the material presented to tkem when they should be mastering 90 per cent of it." Under the method studied by WVU faculty, courses are broken down into smaller, more manageable units. Student tutors assist the instructor, and lectures largely are avoided in favor of informal discussion groups. Another important feature of the method is that study guides are prepared for each unit of the course. Instead of just walking iato a classroom and lecturing, a professor defines the work to be covered, tells the students what is expected of them and offers suggestions on how to approach the material. During the two-week course for WVU faculty. Dr. Caldweil and the other participating professors used the new method to learn how it works. In essence, they were in program similar to what their students will encounter in their classes this fall. * * * EACH of the instructors produced his own material, took part in informal discus- sions and seminars, and was tested on what he had learned. For his part, Dr Caldweil developed a 16-unit plan for his fall psychology 1 course. With minor variations, the class will be patterned along the lines of what he studied recently. For instance, he will spell out at the opening class session what students must do to pass the course. Dr. Caldweil will use five student tutors in the calss in "an attempt to individualize instruction." John Stasny. associate professor of English who also took the two-week course, said he has drawn up a modi- fied version of it for use in some of his classes. But he thinks the lecture is still valuable. "It's probably better sailed for precise coiteat cwurses-- suck as ngueerug or efcem- istry wfcere it's bet* nsw* «*·* eessfully," he added. Stasny said he will apply nis version of the method in the first half of his poetry and drama class this summer. He will use a traditional lecture and discussion approach in the drama portion of the class, then make a comparison of the two methods at the end of the term. A seres of paW* feeamgs «»ssaaJI;s*w^s\sStt»regtt- latioas afri regwiatwas gov- ereiag public water supply aad waste water treatioeat wonts operators will be fceJd next week, the Slate Depart- raeat of Health aaoauaeed. MY 10-U, Betteiey Cnw»y Publie Library, Martiasbwrg: aad WfaeeUsg Canada Cteasa- ber, Wbeelifig. J u l v i 1-12. City J^**fe,**ie* ^S^^begbat July 8-9; Harrison County P TM NELSON TRANSFER CO. HEAVY HAULING P.O. Boi 708 Chariest M,W.Va. 25323 Phone 342-3101 Stole Wide Service «-- CT oROADLOOM " RPRIS " Plush PRIOR SALE. 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ALBANS STORE 12x11 Condy stripe nylon shag $ 79.00 12x15 Multi color stripe plush $ 99.00 12x15 Orange nylon heavy plush $119.00 12x13 Orange nylon heavy plush $ 99.00 15xl8'6" light Beige nylon scroll $155.00 15xl3'9" Med. Blue nylon scroll $129.00 15x21 Oronge nylon scroll $175.00 15xl6'6" Cortez Gold nylon plush $169.00 15xl3'4" Green Gold nylon scroll $110.00 15x16 Orange Rust rubberback shag $129.10 15x17 Victorian Blue polyester hi-loop $169.00 15xl4'6" Green tweed nylon comm. rubberbock J1Z5.W 15xl8'6" Orange heavy nylon plush. 5189.90 15x14 Orange Gold nylon plush .'..., $119.00 15xl6'6" It. Beige polyester hi-loop $169.00 It's good to hear from you! Just pick up the phone end shop at home. Give us a call and we'll let you "window shop" at home. Our professional salesmen will bring samples of these luxury carpets to your home for easy selection. Out of towners, call collect: 100 mile radius. REMEMBER, this is a one time only sale. 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