The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, pONNELLSVIL LB, PA. SEVEN. CRY for It may lie the little stomach; it way be the-bowels are sluggish. No matter what coats a child's tongue, its a safe and sensible precaution to give! a few drops of Castorla. Thy gentle regulation of tjie little system soofi sets things to rights. A pure vegetable preparation that can't harm a wee intent, but brings quick comfort --even when it is colic, diarrhea, or similar disturbance. And don't forsake Caatona as the child grows older. If yon want to raise boys and girls with strong systems that will ward off constipation, stick to good old C a s t o r i a ; and give nothing stronger when there's any irregularity except on the advice of a doctor. Castoria is sold in every drugstore, and the genuine always bears £has. H. Fletcher' i signature on the wrapper. Present King Will Be Last For England, Countess Says NBW YORK, March 7.--Propaesy- ing that George V. will be tfio last ot England's mouarciis, that hie reign ·wrfl] be followed by ih« eettlng' up of a full-'fledged republic, the Countess of Warwick, long lookxl upon aa an important figure in British political lite, writing in the current issuo of Cosmopolitan magazine, sxfresaee th« belief that the Prince ol Wales "would make an admirable first president" tor the ntfw republic. I«ady Warwick, who wae a favorite of "both Queen Victoria and Edward VII, and who now if, allied with th« Brltteb. lA*bor party, believes that the English monarchy haa teeoine completely outmoded. The king nO longer ta Ji king, ahe holds but is eimply a ftgnnehead. "tt the present king is the last of his line," ime writes, "It -will be be- cauee he and his few immediate ancestors have been such admirable monarch* that they have made their kingship entirely superfluous. They have ruled so lemo ratically that the people* have learned the art of governing themselves; the guiding hand TAILORS REAP RICH HARVEST FROM PARLEY American Delegates and Correspondents in London Buy Clothes There. LONDON, March 7 --Friends, wives and immediate families of the majority of the American, French and Italian delegtaes to the London Naval Conference, aa well as friends, wives 1 and famtUee of the host of accompany experte, clerical staffs and newspapermen will hav a hard time recognizing their countrymen when they ' return home. For practically to the laat mail the conference attenoers are _/ being Sartae By that U meant they are sporting spata "bowlers," which ia Bngltab tor derbies---and auits mad* by famous tailoring firms in- Savlu«-f(ow and who originate the latest and mot faahlonable atytoa In men's ckrtho* in .England, U not in the. world. It all started innocently enough by the QtTWe-Row tailor* routineVr oir- cttlarirfn* the contepaoee* expecting that here and there an order would bo glaaned. To tlieir imnen** surprise however the attractive illustrations in the circularising matter coupled with lower prices than the MxJpienta had ever been accustomed t« pay for hlghclass clothes, brought *mall swarms of conference membera to the tailoring altop*. WonrUd awittngs in grey and brown ah*d«B were in nw»t demand followed by red-brown*. A few ordered WTO shade* particularly in blue-gray shaije*, with an occasional order for a now aolton brown where the wearers were men ot e«twas?e. Fairly good order* according to the tallore, were also placed for Irtah chariot -and Saxony-doth overcoat*, .the latter being mostly in blue and grey shades. In general the material* ehoaeti · hav« been farrly (juiet and tie distinction in tb* ciettMfl has reated on tile «xc«HeBCO* of. Hie »tyle and high i i quality of the at A monarch no longer ; eoms aeoae- "It is a« i« » medical offloer arranged the sanitation and hoaKh of a town «b perfectly that no one Was ill and tb^ere was tto lonrer any need for doctors," A Icing odt England) Lady Warwick 'points" out, today never venture* to go beyond a gentle »ugj;Mrtion to tlie of5oers ot hia kingdom. "The Idng, in abort," abb "hae become Just a fUranfc«ad; a symbol of a power that has' ' b'eert ealKc'd tif mope grasping hands. This te ' one of the commonest event? in history." Lady Warwick beltev^e that the popular movement towar! abolition of war serves to increase i he inevitably of the end of the British monarchy. While the kint, ahe hoid.s has been deprived of any Import am part in tie actual government of bin land h« haa been maintained as heaci of ths; army and navy When Aieee t UFO branches havo 'been shoved aside she believes, there will then be no apparent need at all for a monarch. Why Few Are Fat ExeaM fist has been disappearing fast fca late yean. So fwt that excess ut is OM wusspdonnow. You see that in every That change is 1 irgely due to the dis- is largely the result of * gland weakness. A gland whose ·icntjoa heipa turn food to fuel. So modem phys'ciam, ia treating obtsity, atck to combat thLi ouae. Their method is embodied in Marmola |»escription Ubleti. People have used thare for 22 years--millions of boxes of them. How almost everyone has slender frienda to show tham the results. ^·o do what they did--try Msrmola. All druggists supply it at f I a box.'and a book m each w* t«lU you bow and why it acts. Tells Dyspeptics What to Eat Avoid Strict diet* av« «ft«n tittneeeiiaarr in Momaoh trouble. 'Wliilc nome food* do prodnep exceetdvft acMity rvtid mji stomachs do generate "t o much acid" causing fran, »oarn«sn, bloating and after-eating pftlna, ttaa t^ovbl* nwy' safely and quickly oorrvc-ted by the Me of a good alkaline BisurA-ted M«.«- n«sla--poyder or!et --is u id«al fOr tUis puriuao Jturt a little afd»r ma neutrallxt.s ail the exe«#6 *oid, prh)«o muring, breaks up gna xnd ends }nAt- ffe»tim favorite food^ no longer upset stomach and s)g-»tiui ta ea*yi ana painless, It will «Jo all tills tor you or money back. It«liabl« tirugfi everywh»r» sell Btaaiwtcd M«.rn«sta with thlfl gtiaruntee--AVy«r«»i!men't GERMAN SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA TO ( EE INCORPORATED Application tor a charter of the fVnmiylvania German Society has been filed with tb* Lanca*t«r oounty court. The application states that the director* lor th« flwt year ar« to t»; Governor John 8. Fiahnr of Indiana; Ralph. Beaver Straw burger, president, Norrietown; Henry 3. Borneman, Philadflliphia; Vrederiok A. Qod- charles. Milton; Captaia H. M. M. Richard*, Lebanon; Alfred Percfval Smith, Philadelphia; Fted«rick S. Fox, Noprtotown; H. Wiualow Pcgley, Reading, and Charles fl. Roberts, Allen town. The application states that the purpose of the proposed corporation ia to collect and study the charaotarlBtlca, languages, arts, folklore, ctMtonu, biography, genealogy and the rellgioo* and general htatory of the early e tl«r» in Penneylvania of Qermanlc origin and of their dewendanta. The society WM Trganir/ed at Lancaster in 1891. t/ndor the patronage of the president, Mr. Sti aattbnrger, the society ie engaged at preaent in the compilation of the namoa of about 50,000 colonial immigrant* to Amertci, the work to include their facsimile signatures to the oaths of allegiance and to be Issued In several volume*. Tho society al«o publiahra a volume of it« proceedings annually, the latest listing about 2,000 Pennsylvania German pj-overbft. Rutb*r li Not KU.tic Rubber Is one of tli.t most iuelastic of Bubetances, points ont "Time, the Nawsmngnztne." Tha eitcnslbnity of rubber is usually confined with Us elasticity. An absolutely elastic Rubstanca tt onj which returns to its original sice and *btr» after stretching. Rubber dc*s not do that Pull a piece of rubber, release It, measure It. It U deformed, Old -nbbere are bigger than new ones, f tee! is far more ·liuUle than rubber, but of course much less ·tnitchabl* Glass is probably mor* elastic thao steel. Quart* Is an almost perfect; elastic. Hence Its use in nfcij measuring iastramente ·ueh M to!s»:o|ics Would You Wear A Gown i As Out of Date As Your H Dining Table? You Are Judge By Four FURNITLfRE As Well As Your Frocks . . . Styles have changed In home furnishings. Let us show you the newest trends, not only in dining suites, but in living ro. im'pieces, rugs and either floor cover!ags, in bedroom and gunroom furnishings. Our displays are authoritative, £3aeh item in our stoci; ia sm urtly correct. _ -? SPRING DECORATING G4JV BE AN EASY TASK... ^: · · · · + Beauty And Comfort Is The Essential In PARLOR SUITES When finer and smarter Parlor Suites will be displayed this store will show them! There are none to compare with this model in style, value or construction. Choice of coverings and patterns. See it ... own it! A Dining Suite That Combines Beauty and Value Nin. · handsome pieces cont- prisJig the 6 foot exteastetai tabl i, chairs with upholstered jeate, buffet and china cab act. Smart enough for any home BO graceful is it in line BO masterfully oon- stri cted, so elaborate In detail i! A Boudoir Suite That Ranks First i t In Modernity-- · · + + 4 * + · · + New IN SUN PARLOR .SUITES f v ' Otir floors are briaruning over with them . . . soar om ideas. Stieh anarray of crisp, fresh funttohlngB you never paw. Modernteti 3 sticjk nwjd that look* Bophisticated and worldly wi»e. Woven reed in airy c esignB. Fibre furniture, sturdy and economical. Gay notes supplied by an ocasional flash of painted wood. Cane and sea grass things imported from the Orient. And rug* that can be washed. And linoleums in cool tile patterns. Well, which will you have for your sunroom? It's easy to poefeese them! · Deep ingrain, select woods, a ricfo lustre finish, trimmings that make it the most unusual of its kind. One never need worry of the beauty of the boudoir with this handsome suite In k. Four pieces comprise the ensemble. - Complete ffome , Runisfar* World's Largest Bridge .If the strands of wir» used in waaviag t,h« four cables of the new Hudson Bridge, connecting ths States of New York and N«w Jarsey were stretched in a single strand, that strand would be long enougt to circle the earth four time* at th« equator. Above is picturec Johii 8. Berger, Jr., engineer, perilonslj perched on the catwalk, »: ke exminas some of the completed Btran'ds at the New York tower Uu Our Ctauified Ad»--They Bring Remit Just Arrived S U I T S 7 $16 NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE MONEY Sbulinun just received one lot of Suits from Chicago that vt ill mean a great saving: to working men who purchase at this time. T 10 best makes of clothing manufactured in America are to be had at Shulmun's. Such brands as Hickey Freeman, Hart, Schaffner 4' Marx, and Knpp*nheimcr are on display at Hhulmau'g Store in North Pitts* burgr Street, Tailor made salts priced from 950.00 to $75.00 are to !e sold at from $8.00 to $16,00. Sfaeg 35 to 48. It will pay you to come from any distance to slfare lit these great bargains. In addition to suits we have a new line of 'I opcoutc at from $8.00 to $15.00. Also trousers as low as $1.75, and we give yon a new pair if they rip. Wto also sell Phillips- Jones and Arrow brand Shirts in all · ",:PJ--none hotter cun be purchased anywhere. A. SHULMAN 233 North Pittsburg Street, , Fa. P1.XJ1ONIZE HOME MEKCHJJSTS VTHO ADVERTLSE IK THB COURIER--W)IFLL

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