The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOtTR. THE C )TJRIETX COKWELLS'V ILLC PA. TIILRSDW JLNE 27, 191S laihj (Entcrtst. HEVKT P SNTDEK Founder and Kdi or 18*3 m* C O U P V W . President JAMES J DKt^COL and Tnat Bu»ine- joirv L G\NS j Mara E er S ST1M1TEU ttv bduor r/rwF n KI-JCFI^. SoviclN t l i t o r MrjCBt/RS OF Audit B i eau of Clrculatioi Pennsy vanii ^s-soclated Dai) f«. Two cents Per copy = c per r "nth TM per yeir by mall if raid in ad an-e Entered tb« po«° socon.l cl .« roatter at Connell^ .lie Pa vesLniDat mediums bj tbe aano 1 money so obtained "We measurx ui rather by the universal nature of the | appeal which the stamps make an ap peal that brings the message an i die ] moaning of the war to every individ i uaJ of thinking age m e United i Sta ts oC \merica Thoop who regard thp ^ale of War | ^avines ^ta-nps as a sifte enterprise or a^ som-ething that appeals mainly to children totally mi-*s the puipo^e beh nd a plan which js one of tbe ics tb as far evolved for \\ ar pa-pises In thv last analjsis the selling of these =tamp= is the fitting of the \\jole Nation to sustain the burden of the wa It is the appUcition to w ir firance of the pr ncipie ot unfrer^ai seruce It aims to enlist all of the American people in d r^ct support of i ^t gilfant minor ti among them who have answered hp call to arms 656 in j VIEW OF TABRIZ.- PERSIA, WHERE TURKISH TROOPS RAIDED THE AMERICAN CONSULATE Sta-rtee Fl»i, WILLIAM P Hospital "Unit L. SEIEEMAN^ American Si ^es* ' "RALPH F SL.IGEK Company H Jl*t Infantry I S It A, American p " uonary Forces Franca MICHAEL GRENALOO HAROLD BICHE-i Battery B, Umlx ^eM J^T" 1 ' lery 3Sth DtrMrton L S. N G- American EUpcdittou ary Force 1 * France. LLOYD B. COX Company F 5~th Engine*?** ^ S. A. Fort Myw Va. JLLICS CROtJSE Company E. 15th Enetocera Otail-W37 American ExpB dlcionary Forces. France TAMES J McPARTLAXD Company B 63rd Enclose" ^Railway) Fort Bonjamin Harrison Indlanapo 113. IniHaim. L S. S 87. IMS '^ ^ feo ^ fc ^ I persistent eadeavor laiher tban by spuns and spasmodic e^e t in T\e have had groat and admirabjp out bu-sts ot effon m Libert Loan cam paigns and later we shaul \i tness stiddci and remendou 1 ; efforts m battle But we n.h upon something else as the mainspring of our \ai en terpriso That something else is the steadv and sustained °xpenditnre of national euo-gy at all umus and under all conditions That aloac makes de- cjsive vjctory possibJe m batOe Tiie buyng of War Savings Stamps sys- ~ President Grant, U S. Navy C^KL STEHT.E. 3rd Corouioy l»t Battalion In fantry Re3' acemeat ^ r Camp Lee Va. ol The Ajt»orfaw! 1T*»» The Associated Press i ex- clasIveU entitled to the u. e for republicatlon ot all the news dispatches c-edrt«d to it or not otherwise credited in tnia paper and also the local news pub lished herein tetnatically and coimiuimisl corresponds to the work done in the trench es and behind the lines wli«n there is nothing of importance to report. It is lke the work of the sailors on I vigil in the danger zone during the long days when they onh watch and I wait Co- submarine attack It is like | the qnist stead beat of the heart as | it stores up the reserve of force and energy that responds when die ca I lor (Xt-a eier ion comee Again the bujing of stamps at frequent and regular interval* makes for tha national thrift, without n-hicli TVD could not hope to win There a-e not enough rich men in America to huv { WA^T iietory e«tn if we conflsca e ill their) maid at wealth The wa- can no be won merely b imposing heavr taxes A view of Tabriz Persia whcree Turkish troops made an alack uiwn the American consulate and looted an American missionary hospital \ last reports Consul Pjdtiock and other Americans were making their WIT to Tehraa, 400 miles awav ^g»®®®®sx3i®i*e©®s0s3-^^ segseegx-gxseissxsassx.^^ -- 1OUR RETDlNlrS. BAHBERINQ a FO1X SALE.--ADVERTISING SPACH In Ills puper Ask for rates. WAVTED--LS I1OLSC BUT M S M I T H . 1 uOOK 41XD CIIAMUbP TRAJib ALAiku-trJ-M HO unetfd It -».AXT£.D _. PORT1-P can be won onh bj- lie united effort. draft, at HILL HUJSb of all tho people helping wixh every resource a heir command Tie War I Sanngs Stamps supply the final and conchlsrve answer to the question 'How can we all help 9 I OR ^MjP--30000 I j U s I 11 E \ -L h e l l sh rt Hlcm c-ihii4 nl nil \ e r y fine lOc p hur rel C-U J ".11 plione 137 lot 1 3J" « FOR SVLF- rinc,\rn ro* jter nwk -4 T n l l G p i h u I n q u i r e bTUMIT/ \V ;·(. Si 1 OnraK ~ Juno fd I- (imont P e LB of Tn the rvinrt Pi o t t e couii 1 Mirod Term, 1 IS rcT'iondt nt ^ ou a e ot Common Pa Mbtrt J f - i t m e n t hpreby l o t f l p l t! it th nij po«na. tr fl In ubpoeni " tb caue h%-,Q bet.n rrH-rnc-d N n n p^t In v c n t u s o u ir hcri-fire r q ilred I ipp»*i.r 11 tl e t u of com-- I DP of 1 i j e t l o c n u n ^ f*i on t h "r Mondu of JnU C -o d Tourt 1J1S 13 ans-wp-r the J i l "] ind com pla nt led t h e r e i n u -, ow c i ]·, if h i J v or c Jrc~ b i r l^ £ nkatr moi^ hh uld i ot i~r it i t f * it I K n t i b o \ t nimo I n r « I ShcnlT «h riff IK. 6 1« 0 " You can placp 5 onr Btanxp of ap proval on the cou ;c our nR.Mon ii pursu n£ bj buj ier "War Savings JiKEI) OM.T 1X3 Kaon TH1 FFD. TIuj appeal of Fue Administralo- Uarfield to the pao-iotism of the operators and workmen of the Con- bump after mother itnct th nelterflle coke region to celeprate Ir- oTM^ w *", t e'^ : ' f jon tbuillthlg dependence Day bv continuing the production, ot coal and coke without abatement is so umplv staled anJ the reasons for it so impel 1 ing that there no surprise is occasioned b* the ex- , 7 ^ Jt ^ . ,, , w ^i- The ChaJtaiKtua nafl ma6 b»»t er pressionu. of a willingness to comply c tllens a! , d Am( . r i ca . lre ot n M who a( Life for the Germans ii The Ics0 the American people save he 1*"*3 money labor -«!3 jruiteriaH t S u p e r i n u n f i n 1 IT ix, for ^^j. purp)sra | VSTFn over 1 ·H S S ISSUPU br tbe Lnit4?d States Covemment Pay t% Interest, lin^ llinit Stamps! Sv^tenuitK llnving j Is the Onlr Viay 1o Htlp tlic Go\crniucn(. j Remarkable ·valiies arp oTpred ou this week in even department Spcci 1 attention is called to the remarkable values in the dn goods department for tv omen nisses and c h i d r e n s ·wear You know or ought to kno\\ that domestic dry goods 01 cotton fabrics are increasing in \alue more than an\ other c ass of goo Is There is a great lot of odds and ends v n ile«irahle goods suitable for in use a. woman would like to make of them being offered at cut prices in this inventor; sale You mav be able to get them after reading this announcement and voti maj not, the) go rather quickh -when put out o nsale We call your attention further to the remarkable values in our shoe departments for women misses and children There is a Ten desirable line of fancj colored high top shoes onh a fen sizes of each line assortment broken These odds and ends are being closed out--it is a bargain opportunity Look through the different department's and \ou will find in cverv one of them attractive bargains Onh three more da\s of the Inventory Sale lowed them-iei^"os infiuenoe. GerTian oflicors boost that not conmenced flerhttnff the \ mftr oan" TVhich is merely anot 1 -?- ^ i n r a tnt, that thev fear he Vr-frican h a ^ e not reallT com*nenc»(l WANTJ D £.1 EVATOH pi fa Bank b u i l d i n . Tr ·\tKL1te Boird Li. H K B A L I j H Sec Stewart t o w r h i p lit. Write J O H N ret-irj \ oto la P Larce Department Stores, Located in ITayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. W \YTFD--SALrfcMAN OP lady Outdocr wo l^ and a £O d oppir t u n l t ^ f o r t i t rijcb p e s c n \dd-twe X\ ca e Co rier 1 s u itf -- ) A K I *!th t- V b Too St,ht 'or nt i urposp t heap to quick cash Address X eari Courttr one the Vm«ri busme *s OAI M I N I ES \ ork At nev. irlno 1 rnn-jpin nfar Washi hour ahi' ^pp y ^) V M nd i i b i s t LI sx p!"int ilRt! th in o u h i^ f C \s.l BFRCM \ - One House E nfomovn WANTFD--SFVERAZ, lav T* Stcxdy w rk A M I FUr \ \ V^NOANT SF FVCTt RTVC C O Dunbar P i. Sp \-=l MJ V s r \ H i '! n -HPrnllT to ifoll *.pr 1 qu-irter ir th I f t [ let u nt B U I M M Er Iff p rt Conn how it, color, rmokc npcncHhrlft SLA*. to the w a r s W A N T L D -- (-n.ilr f r t h f Inrff* 1 crrp rai t ona and 11 n d l J opp id i inc^n ^r ! lo the Orfords Pumps Saoes--all the shades and colors that are good pr-i pi offensii. e I ke I want to ^U7lch n. P** n. nol e e i to a u l r I \c hid All the ne\vest and best stvles are here. FOR RI NT--^PAKT\fKNTS FNCE SMLTZ 3-ijunetf \T-ROOU WITH FOR PFNT---T for £M ho i « t k e t - p drcn o09 EaB G e*.n at Men women and children with real Shoes chtftin? until -vn are p e r e n l * a 9 d r i f t i n g one thin if to the LATL I m K i e \ p r Sundaj IH / s n o w e d bj a da-v th-it 1 ha.ppj one HT.V Vday so-elj \ c x t So lei UP i ! to ltf-o-3 our smllPH on Rtri war wo t ist forever and th sarr aw f tc s imc mornlniz- bee th d iv light ii-inn « ^ r tl (or«?a'kpn h c lord ter u t t £ respond tl t th " itl d i ^ u b p " I n i 1,1 Non cbt in hor ft re r j ilrc-t! to in ' Cc nmt Picas I . 1 i (,n tho firs* of sild C irt \ I i c 1 b(l At ! com ui«e )f \vl i diva f t from t h r r J j \ 'jhf uJ n( t I t 1 h !l t n L i H J 19 8 Ju TJ»ai Cannot Be All Precedents ra torn r Lt-im, A t t o r n o in both letter and pint- The people of the Cormellsville region have not failed to measure up to high standards of loyalty and patriotism on every occasion requiring con tnhunon service or sacrifice in behalf of the cause which our country s championing- If there has been slowness or indifference in responding to f on t . appeals it has been due moro to a lack of full information «;s to the needs than it has been to a desire to evade doty or respons^biiuj the calls came for me-n to t-nfr the military service there was ea~er response as soon as it w as nnderstood muc that the purpose of that s price ^ as to halt the Hun m his brmal sa\ag , , , . . . . .rt- ,. .,. . i? Nriie are more pleased h»n the ery when it was known that tie ku , dle , u^ connelisv lie la to hivo Bed Cross is engaged in tie greatest the Uiautauqua r»it vear work (or the rehef of suffering and distress ever imdertafcen among soldiers and tie civiltana o£ w ir su-iciea countries the people of 1h Councils ville coke region, unl Josed their purse e OIt . n da when strings to the degree that their hearts c omt. aaj when had been touched by the appeals tn a ° nd 7 th "P 1 "'" droopin E fitr . , _. . j, . 1 , . , peace wil] come ker whoopfns and behaH of this wonderful organiza e , a nf rc Kn ot wo! The v re shoot- Hon of mercy When acqu Jnted with, nc ard thc re blasting- an thej hav« th« extent and character ot the work done tor ycarj but n o t h i n g s over b«ng done by the T 1L C A. and tho t ^ n '» on etrth Tre^deV S th.%1mH If [ K of C among om soldiers in train and the splenaid urhen Father Timo Jng and later when on a tive duty has -wended Over There, with a -view to making ^rfr^omfo 5 ^ than fit 10 fight, there w"«» sull tut ^tomm-ov. an "wool" and thr." ther evidences offered of the inter \vide it n worth our w h i i o repei eoted concern in the welfare and com- th " t mundane thnim arc flent'-iK tort of tire boys who are risking heir all In the cau^e of freedom and right eousn^ss among nations Onco it was made plain that m order to assist in providm c means to conduct the war citizens liad the op porttmitv of loaning monev to th^ government on secuneis f tbe most stable character the Connellsville re gion demonstrated on three" sticces sive ocacsions that thev were as rials % e are n H i l l have dice 1 I m ^or-o fine glid the -» Is Germany Broke? From THc ^ aeazne of \\ ai The German and \ustrlan people sane than German} "W th him prudent investors as the-} were loyal l a f ( ac . cep j ng tie paper of their gov the end must jus ifj everything or all subjects of a free govern--eit crnmento en the assumption that it is Is los G u n a n v s whole mad scheme Later when the importance of picked by wealth either m hand or from first o last has, made no provi maintaining- the country essential to be acquired and It is here that tie sion agamst defeat \ictory onh Is industries m full operati n as abso ,,ho e EUI11 aa i substance of German cor bidered loot Is counted on to o C tutely necessiry to equip our nation w a r finance flnds Its source Having su the blood and iron cobt of the \vai for^war and to insure it* successful plied U p i n i^^s than four years a mdaiumi s are relied on to make up I prosecution an apeal came to thp (. om bmed indebtedness tha reaches the monej cost mes thus ergapcd to give just as ^ appalling total of $50 000 006 000 Ge*-iranj s orh salvation froti . freely and w-llipgly of tbi ir time a-irt having flooded the length and breadth bai k r u p u v and economic destruction I w efforts as thev had e-irlur jpven ot of Coatml Europe with $1=000000 U complete victor} Missing t h e ' ' their Tmpatnr and means "Wlile QQ ( I O f iiredeemable papei morcv and mark shr faces a futLre in which she thete are here and tber* men who having saddled obligation-, dpou Uici hersc'f m ist Hear a back break ng wtll be unmoved bv anv ippei! that citizens, hat w i l l -"wiulro heni.cfor Impo^sili e burden Her Cnanc erb calls for any effort or s-unfice which Tird mou , tnan J-, 000 0"0 000 vearly aid busman men see this and were does not coitnbi te to their benefit lo maintain--in other « jrtis having thev permitted to speak thej wo ild and profit it can he siid taat the committed then cltl/ens in a mmner tell to the peopk what thev see u p workers of the Co-nell vilU reirion j, it ]n [ne ordinary vvav ot thinking to now tneir piotcsts havt been as a clnss are roadv. to join m an-=- nmjj be r u i n o i b -- h e German, luid gagged in their throats b the m i l l moremen- or ict vtti- ha ing he na o r b hale con i nce[1 , n ose c ti^eus hat tan partj and their conco n ovc- t e tions we fare is llS obje t once they ntvcrtneiest, all is well H o w ' Bj ! fearful price of all thai is going on are made to -eihyo that o do so is n promising thai wealth u'll sooa be has been laughed to scorn b, those ciutr resting iron them a wo! is up- ^ k t n from tn(!lr SIlemles ^ wlpo the who coun t no cos,, too great for the on all othe- cituens T tbe extent s i a[c clean accompliihmenta of an arinv in the that thov are m-rtf to understand place TOUrsel » to r a momen m the field * L ,"are £, , and co ' Position ot ne German peop e and , Seoner or later al! tiling end and re^ponsiwe for the success ,,,,,,,,, [hat portion f- OIE t ij e]r p o i n t ' f o r Germanj s mla financial fling paj c J h j ot t isc havo b n r tL v emu's you a e t f I pear In t n p ou t T FjLvette rn nti Pa i o n d a j nf u] of aid 1918 o i e tl t ! 1 i l n Hied in-v you ha hf ndv of n I ce Ziraj nd nht w o uibf if e w v L [lh orce from lYf r m i\ s! u! 1 hot be it! f U; t it rve n i l e 1 \\ \ -tl) Sher « S rr ft s I t 1318 J u n e C U 20 II C ItT.V A t t o r n * BI I J P THOili 1 \ S J O H N Th rf t In tne C urt of rn n I 1 as f ^ LJ ette *ounu I 10" c r e m t o i Term ISIfi To j W iUm,f PJ orp r pc nd i t rc herein t otifltd th it t h I «;ul pocna and a Sas sul pot na m thi*- cis liivo I e n r t u r n e d Non est tu I \(.ntu you we tl f fore rcqu rod H.PP ir ir t h e f ourt o C mm n Plea.** of r-tyt Ue c c u r t y Pi on t c firt-n M i 1-v- of l u l o' said C urt, V P i n s v c r the libel md com ] im nh d Uicrt n tnd s! w ra.u°c t e w h j t tl v r from the dn f m i r monj shni Id not be r r m l c l £hc Iibc! tnt j(j ve THOS I I I O W A R SI nT Sher ff Offlcc Mi J l ISI^ June C " ?9 - t u r n - II ebe f FUl attlie\ ·VLtoi cf the war proi^mn he\ lend co- Germany is ladei v,tth debt "neat w i ' . ...-- u*..u»*»uj 1^ iwuw i 11 ^u. uLb.* ..w--. ..... sooner 01 later be demand operator, to erenr form of effort rv hcr public obllgailonb tqual a f u n ed "WiOi her finances weakened her qnirort even to mafcmp i full -nn at ii:A 0 , her wealth her mon c l e d , L f]est royed her in eznationa] tbe coke tnens oa tic Fcnrth of Jul ^ ^^ mflaled her apparent legac trade gone ,he w -ill be a bloodless .'-- German tho dead ember of a nidon PI Tit I M v A, i rot 1 Poi cf Common 1 lc is Pi. N u 4 0 M i i5a.rjta.ri-t I T on 1 ou tre t c r t b v uV poena a id a e l n \ e b»- - ivnrc or n in ' o£ the war is ovenv helming f but offd^tung all is the great Hinden- promise of victory to come an.3 inticipation are we not thrn en | to count upon the fear of such i al n rcturnt. 1 t.niaa \ i e ht,rtf ( £ Pa ette coun \ PL o ·rond-\% of J 1% f ti 1 IIS to i i \ i _ r the ] t U 1 Jla nt filed therein -u 1 «J in \ o u ha\ e v.]^^ i 11 iaten-ded onlr t » raise a fev Germans J h plang ng over the brink Tictor likcl to so weaken the Germin granted 'th^^l^n"' i- ^ i ' Ol fh« farrKTmcraule Tuilli ms needed to Ot ruin and bankruptcy ^etf hyp-no peop e s purpose o co on that the^ nils i jltaipn** tbe ^rcat tra lertaktng to mod b her crv Annexations and In themseheo ftiJi hasten tiie Inevitable, ~*^ c aia - y [vbicb we are committed eays Arthur d mn*ties' The pager gambler who OL Ho«r« In. th* BrooWij^i Eagle "WeiDla^s for big stakes 13 no -nors in- UONALDSON ^ Hoi In tht. C o u r t j C i T j L t t e cou ty h li-r j 1 1S Tu dsyi reSpc n loi r notiljt.t! (1) it t e subio ia tn tl la N o n itfl. In l e q u i e l t o mn on Plena n the rsL it is a mistake o lock upon "War h e pledge of ast an-neranlons and a catastiophe m conjunc ion with a p Stamps a 5 " 5-na4! ch-ingp trcrrendoua tnderrnlUes prehension orer ml!icar\ results as a nt 4 L ind com HOM A U I biu riff med nff ·* r 'NS JF VNSL. Rush n \\ \ t t o r n e j \T ^s Bj Parcel Pout to yaar door S nd your moi e^ no v "Wo - w i l l ship .u onca Parcel 1 ost charg-es paid Barre ^ I j m o u t h Rockj and Rhode Islan 1 Red » at 25 for 50 for 1QU "or \ 30 "WTilt h o r r s a iO for 100 f( r * * 0 SI U Leg . 4 00 8 Of Bell Phone RIIK.P* rotrriiii l l n i o n t o v n Pa low as OB Your d-vn Easy Terms Located at Poplsr Grore--4 beantifnl spot indeed--the corning residence district of Cona»I'svine--onh a 15- mmKte iralL or a 5-miaute car nde from Brimstone Corner When yon consider that farm lands m rayr-tte county are being sold at greater prices than -sou are offered this land right at TOOT door in a developed and constant!} improving nei^iiborjiood --chen onll start to realize how- big these -ialues real)., are Extensive Improvements-Water in front of everv lot, street imprOToments and fine shade trees Church and Public School neartn Every convenience right at your commajKL It costs yon nothing to get tlie facts--simp]} C. B. P. 0. Box 114. CimEr LfeVttLE, PA.

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