The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COtTRTfiR, COOTTO XSVTEEB, FRIDAY, MARCH 7, P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mr*. C l a r a Tiunter of Green street has gono to A l i q u i p p a to visit her daughter, Mrs. Frank Porch. I Dr. Stuart Scott announces removal | of office to 302 Second National Bank P.mlling --Advertisement.--6mar-6t. Mih« Sunvh \Vardley ot Sycamore street, Mr-*. J o h n I. Zimmerman of /!Micro."t jinri Mrs. S. C. Whlpkey of K.isl Crawford avenue left in Mrs, Whipkey'H un- for a t r i p to Florida. Their first Mop will be Miami. From t h o r o thoy ^s til go to Barlow to visit M«. Zimmorman'ti steter, Mrs. G. Tl. Johnbton. They will remain for five or s-ix v, eoks. Pegsy'., Beauty Shoppe-, 157 Weet Crawford avenue, has secured a new operator in the person of Miss Hazel Snyder. Phone 1819.--Advertisement, --7mur-lt. Mrs. A. I?. Kurtz of East Falrview avenue is confined to her bed with an i n j u r y to the left leg suffered in an accident wltU which she met at her homo. Mrs. Frank Paeealaqua of Carnegie u v e n u p visited her parente, Mr. and Mrri J o h n C!u3rrierl of Uniontown Wednesday. Mrs. Francis Wright and son, Bobby of L'niont.jwn, fornverly of Councils- Mlt, loft yesterday for Miami, Fla, where they will sojourn for several weeks. The t r i p fe being made for the benefit ot Bobby's health, he having nevei fully recovered from the effects of complications following u serious illnesa of pneumonia. Rev. and Airs. J. H. Lambertson of iOaht Apple street and Mr. and Mm. George Newcotne of Latrobe, nephew and niece of Mrs. Lamberteon, are visitmp: the latter'n brothet-ln-law and sister, Dr. and Mrs. George Barton of Lakel.ind, Fla Rev. Lamoort- son, who is pastor of the First Meth- xlifct protest ant f.'hurch, hae been j?iv»n a Month's vacation by the congregation. Mrs. K. I,. Krye of South Eighth direct. Greenwood, went to Pittsburg t h i s m o r n i n g to spend the day with Mrs Una Morris of South Xinth street. Greenwood, who underwent n hand operation in a. hospital in that city. Aunt Het I1Y It OB IS! (T "Ella Mae meant to keep her first husband's ashef all her life, but they was in a \ ase an' her second husband got, to droppln' cigarette butts in 'em an' now she don't know which ia which." Action Without Harm Whenever Constipated Here's a way to be rid of constipation and its Ills--a way that works quickly, effectively, but gently. A r a n d y Caacaret at night--the next m o r n i n g you're feeling fine. Breath is sweetened; tongue cleared; biliousness, headaches, dizziness, gas vanish. Repeat the treatment two or three n i g h t s to get (.he souring waste out ot your system: See how appetite and jenerpy return; how digestion 1m- provfa. i The action of Cascarejts is sure, coknplete, helpful to everyone. They a r u made from ckscara, which doctors agreo actually strengthens bowel muscles. All drug stores have the lOc boxes.--Advertisement, M. £. MISSION WOMEN WILL HOLD DISTRICT RALLY AT SCOTFDALE INDIAN WOMAN IS HELD IN SLAYING OF ARTIST'S WIFE TJ U n i t e d Press. 1U'FFAI,O, N. Y., March 7.--Buffalo police announced today they are holding an Indian woman who they said hao made a ntatt-ment ilmltting participation in the slaying of Mrs. Clotilda M a r y l a n d , 50, «lt'e of Henri Marchawl. artist at the Buffalo imi«eiun of i atural t»cienc\ , They are holding another pereon whom the In Han woman implicated in the slaying, ivollce said Names of the two persons who are being held were not divulged Deputy Police Oommkcioner William R. Connelly Is on his way 1o Springvillo, i.'3 miles, from here, where police bj,Kl they had been told a hammer used to heat tho artist's wife to death was found. Police Commissioner Austin J. Roche wan quoted us saying t h a t the two arrests had "cleared it till up." LOCAL MAN ENTERS PLEA OF GUILTY TO POSSETING LIQUOR UN1ONTOWN, March 7--A plea of guilty was entered by James McDonald of North Pi'tsburg street, Connellsville, to p«: session ot liquor. County officers sa.d they found a quart and .\ pint of m lonshlne in the McDonald home whon they raided it. A similar plon vvas entered by Julia Brooks of I/eith. She had a quart of home brew. A jury this moi nlng returned a verdict of qullty against Vincent Kitl- of Brown .ri'le. A five-gallon can of moonshine was found in a car In Banks street, South Brownsville The man claims be was home in txjd at the time of tlie discovery. Pleas of guilty were entered on four counts this mor ilng by James F. Caulley ot Brownsville before Judgo Duvls W. Henderson. The charges grew out of an automobile wreck lo-st month ou the National Pike In which tho car of A r t h u r Fee was damaged considerably. Tsvo charges of assault and battery wci i preferred against Caulley by Slat» Highway Patrolman Bricker. V . G. McKee also of tho State Uighwa ·· Patrol charged h i m with violation of the uuto laws and H fourth count was, prosecuted by Fee. Judgo S. John Morrow this morning and costs on Hill, charged imposed a ftno of A. W. N u l l o' Tower with \iolalion of the automobile laws. N u l l was commi'ted to jail until the sentence could b compiled with, ERLANGER, THEATRICAL PRODUCER DEAD; MADE 75 MILLIONS IN SHOWS r.y Un tffl l j ress. NEW YORK, r larch 7.--A. L. Kr- langer, veteran heatrlcal producer, died at his home here today. Abraham *Un oln ErlanRt-r was born at Buffalo May I, I860. During his long career . s producer and the| atre operator Iu hpoume one c.f (he t h i e o or four 1 adorx In the .iiiow business, it one · vun estimated t!ia' . . for over A 30-yea period ho hud made f o u s t l p a t i o n , j e l l o w eyes, bad breath, ?75i000i000 f r o m h l a theatrical ven- DANGER SIGNALS OF GALL BLADDER TROUBLE The semi-annual meeting ot tho Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the McKeesport district of "ho MetuodJist Episcopal Church will bo held Thursday, March 13, at Scottdale, The morning session will convene at 10:30 o'clock. Dinner will be served at noon by tho hostess society. An award will be given to the society sending the largest delegation to the meeting, for which an interesting program is being arranged. A number ol societies ar« included in the district and a large attendance is expected. VARE IS EXPECTED FROM SOUTH TODAY By U n i t e d Press. PHILADELPHIA, March 7.--William S. Vare wae believed to bo on his way to this oily today to attend a conference of Republican leaders preliminary to the formal launching o£ the offensive aguinst the slate of the state organization to be headed by Joseph R. Grundy for Senator and Samuel S. Lewis for governor. Leaders of the local organization aclm tied Vare's departure from his winter home at St. Lucie, Fla., and said he would sit in today's meeting with Francis Shunk Brown and James J. I'avis who will hoad the a n t i - Gruntiy-Mollon ticket in the impending primary fight. A declaration of Vnro'H withdrawal as a candidate for tho senatorial nomination was expected by the leaders shoitly after his arrival In the city, scheduled for bout i.'M 1'. M. WINDOW BOARDED TO PREVENT WIND BLOWING IT IN W i t h HIP gala pounding against the windows and threatening to break thc-m in, tho ConneIl'5\Hlo T)rus C'om- p a n j took precaution^! ugaicst any such damage by boarding up the pUtc glas^ window In the front of the building ( in West Crawford avenue It doesn't pay to board up the w i n - dow after tho glass haw been unaltered apparently is the belief of the management TMHonsnesf, headaches, coatetl tongno, diarrhea, nausea, pains in right side and intestinal indige.s- t i o n , signs of gall bladder inflammation, d.sappear as if by magic. Klax-Ko (lears out the poisons irom a v,uni;ested sluggish liver. Clears up rlc gged bile ducts, and salt formations aid thick bile In the gall bladder, whl( h cause gall atones. By b r i n g i n g about a normal flow of h e a l t h f u l bile Klax-Ko drives away these dangerous disagreeable sym- toinb. Many get iclief in 3 to 5 days and o f t e n c o m p u t e success iu 30 days. G u a r a n t e e d to help or money re- tundoif. Ash for Drug Co , o" any store.--Aclvei tiseinent. lures. COMPLAINT OF BUS COMPANY DISMISSED I'errj Firemen Vln. The Perry Firemen batketecrs · won ovci the Amos and Andy team ' of Belle Vcrnon at the latter's floor laat night, 'II to 26. The clubs play at 1'erryopolis Saturday night at 8:15 o'clock. The Belles appear on the courts iu ccstumo and black faces and each player wears a jersey with the name ot one of the characters of the rad'o f e a t u r e adorning the fraut. F3y Un ted Press. UARRISBURO. March 7 --The Public Service Commission today dismissed the compl ilnt of the Wcht Side Motor Transit C impany against tho Monesseii-Greensiiurg bus line, alleging the bus l i n e engaged in party -Ko at Union I ^rvice In violation of its permit. , I The alleged vi nation was between other good drug B , l8worth atu , KaBt Monongahela, while the respondent's point of origin is Charlerot. Ii vestigation by the commission sho\\ ed only a tr-chnical violation, had been committed. Found Douil iu Wrecked Car. MEMPHIS, Tenn , March 7.--The bodies of a man and a woman, believed to be James \V. Gardner, 30, and .Vina Kc-atraer, 32, of Chicago, were fouud lato last n l ^ h t in the wreckage of .in auto. The woman was wearing an apparently new wedding ring. EMULSIFICATION I LIST as emulsification oi the butter-fat in milk makes milk one oi our most easily digested foods, so emulsification improves the taste and digestibility of the pure cod-liver oil in SCOTT'S EMULSION It's the reason that millions of children and grownups prefer it to all other forms of cod-liver oiL fie sure the aid-liver oil you use t'» emulsified-that it's Stott's Emulsion. ScoltftBowne Blootr field. N.J. 3O-3 SINCLAIR COMPANY HAS $500,000 FIRE By Un.ted CHESTER, Morch 7. -- Firemen today were still 11 ;hting the blaze at the Sinclair Running Company's plant at Trainer, near here, wh^ch lias raged all night causluK an estimated damage of $500,000 and touting 20 families from their liomofi. The fire was started by an explosion and was followed by less serious blasts as other tanks blow up. Fire Company Loses. GRKE.N'SBURG March 7.--Frank Cavalier ot Greensburg was awarded a verdict of $50t damages yesterday by a jury which lieard his suit against the Mount Plea.- ant Volunteer Fire Department. Tie stlleged that his truck i was struck and damaged by the j Mount Pleasant fire truck at North j Main street, Gi isensburg, when the firemen wero ret urniug from Export September 14, liS. 11. M. Clinvson Injured. Kire Chief H a r r y M. Ciawson of South Connellsville sustained a very badly mashed yesterday afternoon whilo at w ork at the Capstan Glass Company plant. He was taken to a physician v, here the wound \S-E.S dressed and then to the Cinnolljville Stale Hospital ! »fore baing removed home. Two sti dies wero required to close the wound in his hand. A heavy piece ot iiou fell ou Ills hand. Byrd's Ships Run Close Together March 7 -Hear Admiral Richard K. Byrd's expedition ship, the City of Nc-w York, and hih supply ship. IJje Elauor Boiling, reported today CSO m i k s south of Otaj;o Head They will arrive at Dunediti to-, it is expected. Nye Resolution Vote Deferred. WASHINGTON, March 7.--The Federal Farm Board's efforts to settle the wheat surplus problem were discussed today for an hour in a eecrei seeelon of the Senate Agricultural committee but no action was taken. The committee decided to defer until tomorrow a vote upon tho Nye resolution cabling for an inquiry inlo the board. Boxer Dies During Bont. GREAT LAKES NAVAL TRAININQ STATION, March 7.--John P. Leeui- aeki. 17, a Bailor, dropped dead from a hoart attack after 30 seconds of fighting in the first round of a boxing conteet with Joseph Sudan, also a eailor, here. Mnn Hurled to Desiih. GOjOUOEOTE-R, N, J,, March 7.---A motorist, believed to be L. II. Kemper, 40, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa, was killed late last night when he was thrown from his automobile against a warning- signal after a collision with another car here. Homes? Everyday you will fliiri homes and borne sltea advertised in our claMi- fled columns--read them oTer. 6 6 6 Tablets Relieves a Headache or Neuralgia In 30 minutes, checks n Cold the first day, and checks Malaria in three days. 66G also In Liquid. Real Lemon PIES ea. Fresh Cakes, Ho Us and Bread Daily Rose's Bakery Phone Orders Will Be Filled. Phone 315-J. ) I I I D SHOP HERE SATURDAY AND YOU WILL SAVE! Showing New Spring HATS *ed Taffetas, Crlnols, lered Straw ins, Belting n Berets Turbans, Hats of Baku and y ViBca. . . . y every-, that's neV! $1.95 $2-95 SATURDAY SPECIALS! Sugar -- 5 Ibs. fi te Granulated Sugar ........... _ ........ ____ "Waldorf" Toll.-t Paper, G rolls ........ 3 Ladles' Washa ble K i d Slip-ori Gloves, all new spring colors --~_ $1.95 Ladies' Now Taj estry Bags colors lpi-«UU Girls' plain col sr Pleated Skirts, come with bodice top. Sizes 6 to 14 New Spring Orel onnes that make tho home heerful -Floral designs, yard 39c Card Tables, sti rdily built with green (J*-| tops tP A « Ladies' New Pr nt Dresses --sizes 16 to 50. All colors $1.95 Boys' Long Pan ;s, sizes 10 ] to 1G., Light and tf»"| /W\ dark colors tJ)JL»UU a Flat Crepes Canton Crepes Dots Georgettes Printed Silks Clever New Combinations The Smart Stylenotes! Two-piece effects, frocks with the new ei en hemlines, with pleats, flares,. jabots, boleros, shirring, embroidery, lace inserts, and' other new details, New Colors j! Bluebell, Morocco, Serpent Green, Soa J Green, Pirate, Rose, Beige, New Tans, Reds, ; Browns, Black, Prints. See Window Display Boys' New Spring "Sonny-Boy" Suits Beautiful tweec'3 in four- piece BUits, with 2 golfs. Sizes 7 to 13. $9.95 t\ A ^ P H O N E 1269 J^t* BA^RDEPT STORE 206 N PITTSBURG ST 21O. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WE GIVE Xt GREEN STAMPS k 1 A Men's New Spring Suits and Topcoats Just arrived. See window display of these all wool, hand tailored garments. n r HEROIC SEA EPISOD: BRINGING ANSWEI TO BURNED GIRL'S IRAYER By RATMOND CLAP V BR United Press Staff Corres ond4nt. ABROAD S. S. AMERICA AT SEtA, March 7.--Chief Otflcw H rry Manning and Captain G«orge f Fried of the liner America accomi listed, in darkn-esa and hoavy was aat night, another 'o£ the humanitarian acts Bwhich already has made tb »m known to the world ue marinor-he o«». They took aboard, at the i iak of life, Chief Engineer Fraivk Batt im of the Eastbound steamer Grantor I, to bring him back to America where its daughter, critically burned ia a f a l p fire at New Orleans, is calling for ) im. Responding to wireless requests frotn the Crzinfwd, Capt: in Pried maneuvered his great ship to within 500 Jrards of the other ve *el. Then Manning "went overboard" with 11 seamen, in a lifeboat, pull' d through threatening waves, and reti rnert with his passenger, wtoo was hai led to the deck by breeches buoy. The two ships wore app -oxlinately 300 ' miles south of Cape J .ace when their dramatic meeting cam, Battam, abroad the Cranford has -eceived a message telling of the Ne.v Orleans tragedy, in which hla wite had died, hia son was lost, and his da .ghter was critically burned a^ the r ssuit of a dockside nre abroad the S. S. Scantic last Sunday. NEW ORUDANS, La., M irch 7.--A tragedy of tho sea v/as unfi ided today as a pretty young girl wa ted to tell her father--whose hoinec mlng was made possible by heroics n the sea he sailed--how the other members of their family died. Renee Battam lay in a hospital ward suffering burns and grief but thankful that prayers for her father's homecoming were answered. She was the only one of the little group of three waiting for Frank Battam of the S. S. Cranford. PERRY TRADE BOARD TALKS STREET LIGHTS A dlacussion of proposed street lights for Perryopolts took place Thursday night at the meeting of the Perryopolls Board of Trade. The matter Is to bo again brought to the attention of the board at its next session. Wreck of Missing Plane Located; Had Crashed Into Bridge LOS ANGElUES, March 7.--Two automobile parties today were trying to find the bodies of three men who took off from Ktngman, Ariz., a week ago last Sunday on a flight to Los Angeles, The charred wreckage of the miss- Ing craft was sighted by two planes yesterday. Both pilots said the plane had struck a high ridge. It had been virtually destroyed by lire except for the tailpiece. Those who went down with the plane were Pilot James Doles, Co-pilot Albert Beiber and John Slaton, steward. Use our classified, advertisement. save time unexpected guesite arrive, take a short cut to the stores . . . tele- phozicyourorders. T E L E P H O N E »»*»*« * IF you have something to »ell and are in a big hurry to sell it, let the cirjsified advertising department of The Courier prove ifci ability as a speedy and efficient ·ales medium.

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