The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 11, 1939
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LAST E AST EDITION PRICE 2 The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL !7, NO 102 Ihc Weekly Courier ioindcU !uly 17 8"1 llic Daily Coulter rounded November 10 1J02 f Merced I 3 jly 18 1J3J LONNLLL^VIDLU, VA , b V I L K L m LA L.MM., MAilCIi 11 10SO SIXTEEN PAGES P A T R I O T I S M 'WIRE GLASS PLAINT RESUMES Getb Sian--Again S T R E S S E D AT ELK PROGRAM AT DUNBAH GIVING 175 JOBS Speakers See Need for Greater Development Of Americanism STUDENTS GET ESSAY AWARDS Bolh t m k s I Ihe Dunbar pi ml ol P e n r s y l w n i t Vvuc GUjsi Comp my \vcre filed this- iioinmg and oper i- tions will be lesumcd Mondaj mOLii ing AI. ich 27, giving employment to 175 olc employes of the film it uas ai nouticec 1 todiy bv M-migu Willi irn Stevenson While, one link \aA been idle only about a mortli the second w a s bhut c n\ n i ) p t o m iteh i j e j l MU I h c u o i k i n g foi c u n t i l c month igo M L i r r b i i c d lound 100 w h i c h means t h it ibout "T nil who h i d rct_n idle nc i l y i c ii v ould be iccal ed fiom then fjilouL.1^ No r V. employe-, v ill br t iken on aa e \ c ^ \ icdiicy w i l l be hllcd lion t Ui tmplojcb w h o h a v e been fuilou^hcd t i e min gu slid Announcement o£ winncis ol S^o5 in prizes to semois of throe Jntli schoolb \\ho competed in nn Cbsa} contest and iddressess on Ameucan- ism Teatuicci the progiam of Con- nellaviJle Lodge Benevolent , Pio' e c t i e Older ol Elks it the High bchool Fi iday night as the observ ance of Amc ica nsm Week ca*rc to a (.lose Theie \\cic hice speakers w lose discussions dealt with Amcncanism and patnotism Tliev wete Licutcmnt Colonel W E R Covell in chaige of Pittsburgh dist let of Un ted Sta*es Arnu Engmeeis CongicSain in J Buell Suydei Pe tyopol b c lanman of the House "Vliulaiy Appiopuations sub-comrmt- ee Dr Han C Dietei director ol f edci il soil conbe vat on of the Dep n t m e n t of Agncultjic Picsicient Judge Hoss S Matthews of rajctle County Orphans Couit w h o w i t h Judge PI S Dumbauld of common plens couit judged the es- sivs submitted by \pp oximatelv 1^0 s udents of Corncllsvnle, Immaculate Conception ami Dunbai Township High schools, arnounced the winnei b The essays w-ue on the theme 'What AmeiiCcimsm Means to Me ' Pnzes of S50 $25 ind $10 weie awarded to sUiclenls jn each of the tluec schools There was 1 small attendincc at f ic In it wnb interspersed by music by the Clks Qu n tet composed of C Herbcit Ellisg, II D Sheaier, Ti , David H Chaiieswoit i and Wjl- bui J C irnhn with Di J HaioldDullI is accomp mist Kifeiles Orchestra also pi lyed The invocation was tivcn by Rev Elmer A SchulU pas- loi of the. United Biethicn Church, nd the benediction bj Rev M r Bonfiekl, assistant pastoi of Immaeu- hte Conception Chinch Presiding over the program was At- toiney Wilii im H Soisson Ji chairman of the socia and community uelfaie ccmmittee of Conrellsville Lodge other membeis of which aie Ben H Campbell, G C Davidson Milton V Munk, John J Brady, S D Oppanheim Ch-irles A Crovvley CJeoigc W Genti, Claicnce A Port C C Gnll-ighel, Philip Galiardi Will am E DeBolt G H HorewiU Hairy G Blown, James IV! Richey EIm»i A MilJe , David H Charles' .voith and William D Gladden Colonel CoveH discussed ' D u t j , llonoi and Cotmtiy " v\hich he said is the motto of the Lnu'cd Stales Vhhtaiy Academy at West Point The thice, the spealcei cleelaied em- ooriy Ameiiciiisin ana p itnotism The fhurch home and school represent the filst line of defense and -n the high 'tandnid the thiec aie kept will bo deteunned the sup- piesiion of the 'isms' in this coun- Uy, Congiessman Snydei said The i epresonl it vc s a d thi to pi event nothei enormous experditure as was cqui cd n the Woild War it is imperative the United States have an adequate national defense The congiessman declaied that before the last World War veteran is buued the World War will have cos* the United States $100,000 000 000 exclusive, however, of the In es of 50,000 who died on the battlefields md the hundieds of thousands who died latci fiom the c/Tects of wo inds Congiessman Snyder sa d that Congrcssrmn Joseph Stunes of Alabama, a membei of the Dies comiril- tce mvcs igating un-A nencan ac- trv itie« h id been taken ill Tuesdiy nd hoped until the last minute to be able to come to Connellsville but that his phys cian i tiled against such i long *rip ci he by airpline or *iair The congiessrr in vvho flew to Connellsville Airport was accompanied j bv Dl Dietei dlicctor of Fedei-xl oil corseivition p ognm Dr Dieter declared a pitnotic citizen should h a \ e a feeling of secuiitj md protection evivtime he looks at the Amencin Flng Patnotism, he ^aid isn't passive It isn t standing f Dn the curb and waving at some one Mse marchmg ' but getting into the m - i i t h youiselt Pitnoasm is i foice tin* m ikes things move, he idctcd The Depaitrnent of Agriculture ^lTlclal said that 'edmg combined M h the true spirit of biothcrly love -i embodied in patuotism Dr Dietei slid eveiy citizen should uiow his government and should al- wos e\eicise h s dutj adding thit 00 miny look upon voting as some- bmg foi the othei peison o do 'ailing to see they aie an integral T u t of the United St ites Govein- ·nent L v c i j citizen is lesponsible foi 1 e t\pc of government w e hive be- tuse it is his Iranchisc or 1 ick of \e ci^e (hit t,ac it to u^, D Dic- ei decla t.d Ik si\\ Ihi ucid of in mien Hue ol f o u l mm cl en Page I n e NINE STUDENTS GET $225 FOR PRIZE ESSAYS CIO Scans AFL "\\ inners of the essa^ co itest of Connellsville Lodge Bencvolcnl S. Protective Older of "Ik on tli theme What Amei icn ns-in Me lib to Me am ounced Fridaj night ot the High School follow ConnellswJlc IliBli Fust--Jean Sullivan SoO Second--Veia Sheiboncv ^^ ) Th id--Celia Sapo aky S10 Immacul ite Concept'on first--Cdtbenne Denv i $5U Second--Martha L iposkj $2j Tin a--Chd les K-ijloi MO Dunbar Township High Fust--Virgimn Cupp S j O Second--Ulsie Whitmoer, $2o ihird--Betty Boyd S.10 It Denounced Man, Woman Held For Grand Jury in Motor Death UNIONTOWN Mai 11--A toion- e s 3uiy Fi day afteinoon oideied Miss Mabclle Haishman. of Conncliij- \illc and John Fulto i of Wcbl Leis- enrmg held lor icLion of the June grand ]iiry on ch nge of m n- slaughter because oC d =crep meic^ 11 origin^] stories toJd officeis investigating the lulomobilt accident 01 Decembcz 13 \vhich ""esulted m t i e death of a prominent Connellsville woman The inquiry v,as continued from T ptcvious hearing \\hich had biou£,ht out the f i c t that 1 ulton uho pud the reckless duvmg fine and costs before a Normalvillo justice of the peace hid ^sumtd icspoiiMbihti -.o save embaiKttbmcnl r oj Iiss Haishrnan whoin he later said had been operating his automobile at the time of the ciash Mtb Joseph A Le -Uv v.ife of the ConncLlsville High Schctol track and field coach was seriously injuied in the accident her de ith occLUTin,.. Fcbi uary 2 at he home nfter ^he had been disehatged f^oni Connells- viJle State Hospital On the ni^ht of the. miship aiong the Spjingficld ^ike, nea Ncumal- \illp Fulton told liooper K i 1 Del biook th it he had been duving the cai \\hjch crashed jnto the machine of Afis Leiew m which Mis C C Reynolds 410 Eist Washington ivc- nue ConnelJs\ille was a i d i n g as a passenger He subsequently piid the leckless d i u i r g fine and costs giow- ing out of the nccidrnt Houevej, at the *irst jnquc^ Fu 1 ton admitted Miss Farshman had been opejnting the machine In the absence of the g n l it \\as necessaiy to eidiouin the hearing Ycsterdaj, M ts Harshman appeared and told the coronc s jury she -ft as opeiating the cai because Tulton had been drinking Mzs Fern Btant JLeiseniing and Wallace Fuchrej \Vost Le scnrirg pnssengers in the Fulton mnchine coi i oboro ted the statement and placed icsponsibihty of tl G cirs operation upon Miss Faishman Mis Reynolds testi^ed that from her position m the Leiew cai she obsen ed the othei rraclune crme around, the curve some distince ahead and weave fcom eft to right and back to crash into the Leieiy machine which had pulled o*t tie high v ay betucen the ioid and the guild '''a 1 in in unsuccessial effort to -\\oid the cnsh Veidict 01 accic'enUdl di owning \\as retained m the deith of Joseph Butchei, 60 oL Oliver Xo 3 \\hosc oody \sas found Tcbiiaiy 11 m Redstone Creek The victim "\\as discoveied at 8 05 A M on that date and investigation ·was naac by Citj Patiolmar William Mapstore Tostirrony uas givea before tne coiooe s jury b Chie* Altred Davis B-v W I L L I A M H L ^ U H J N C E Uni U n Pi cb Si i ft Coi respondent ISFU \ O R K M i l li --Congiess of Inclustn il Oignn ? tion^ r e ' i ct, nego- n 01 s igiecd od j to con^icci ag in the A.mciJLin Ftdcia ion of Labo unit 1 - piop il \\hieh they once dei oui ce^ n- i bcti i~val of industual f unionism Fn L t u r n - , uf di'^ing the CIOs p in to end the thii?" ·' bt ugglc b n 11 gu p, ill 01^, in /ed u o t k e i s into in \mu IL in Congi c r ol Labor ended a t 1 A M todi \\iih i deusior to icsume the t ilk_ heie at 10 A M Monda A joint stuternen s^jd the comimt- j tees uou d considci then on AFL tountci proposal tha ncgotuiois for TII adjustaiej t of tixe pending chfTi- cultit-s piocced from tlie pom b \ h e i c negotiations rE Dccunbei 19 i7 left oft nu m olhei propos ils tl~ it i-nay be submitted The a c t o n of t r e negotiator thus far ppcai cd to be in accoi d v. ith Piesjdcnt J?oosc\cltb appeal to both sides to m il e conee^-ions a id hii decldi Uon ih it he fnc.. th it theie f i a x c been disagreements on pirticu- lai points IP the past c hov Id mcicb me ui tl at all points must be studied and exploied J he last pc ice efoi t ended Deeen bei 2J 193" IJE cause of nn, jnabihty to agitc on a method of ironing out unsdiuion i conflict and of bunging both the old and new CIO unions mto tne fcdti i ion Bo h sides hid ag eed upo i -t substantial recognition ol Uic indusirnl uniom^m theoiy w hich caused the ^phl They had agreed to specify industries v, here the ndust j 1 foim of o g mi/ation uould ippj Smihngr Miriam Cheskes telephone's i A ncnd 1 er la'e^t ndvencme Xnc New 1 oik girl wlio recently cauprht i holdup rran in building uheic she v\oikcd a^ nn rose to ,lorv bi liclpjng- subdue j o u t h f m bandit i cmpting to lob bhon she tap pcncd to be passing County Errors Possible In Tax Sale Ad; Will Be Righted Tocnys Counei carries a "Ust of piopeitics ir Fajet e county tint ire seieduled foi sale for non-piyment of 1134 1935 and 1936 taxes County Treasoiei II Daniel Minerd said theio proLably will be sone cleiieal eriors m the list be cause of the laige volume of data that hid to be vsoiked through He jsited that piopeity owneis wiosc holdings m ly be included in tne li«t, al hojgh thcj have pa d the U xes m question should call his of- fire at once so thai. 11 ey miy be deleted fiom sjbsequen insertions o£ the advertisement Communist Rebels in Madrid Reported Ready to Surrender Numerous Articles Donated for Relief Of Kmefz Family Political Meetings Same As Amusements In Dealing With Dips fapcclal to The Courier UNTCmOWN, M it ll --Judge W Russell C i r m suppoi ting a 90-d iy sentence for piofessionu! pickpockets decreed that politic il argu-incrts mi} be elisscd as amusement and recrca- i tion I v uas contended in ^n ippcal b ' pickpocl e^s they c n be held respon- I Elble only for opei ation in plac"s of imusenents The court said that a site of political meeting m \y be c illed a plict of amusemert and recreation The 1 dips were operating it a polit c 1 meeting uhen a-restec" Mcmbc s of r ocp f Boy Scouts w i t h T liuck started collection this morni ig of a lot of articles for lie home donated for the relief of the fam Iv of P i u l Kmeli V BroOrVjlc whose th ec-room cotl ige was buined list wccl Seoutti'islT I M Southird said jppiovjrmtelv JO calls h i d been received oFciin^, far nture, bedding stoves and other ap icles Cash donations me comil g n slowly howevci To dite theic h iv e been three gifts of SI tieh t i e t h n d coming f i o m E d \ \ n d Shin x of Last Fanv c\v avenue The h ce col tubutors jie Vincent Cuneo, Jennie Cuneo and Kdward Shank With geneious Silts of funuluie gatheied today the need nou, is lo secure ippro-^maleb S4DO Lash vv th vshich it will be pos ible to pure 11 ise a fine live-room cv/clllng valued at SI 400 but offered r or neirly ?1 COO le s By United P-ess, B JRGOS Mai 11 --The union i idio of Madrid stated at 1 30 P M that the Communists and the othci revolting arrry elenen's had announced they would diseonhnue their resi c inee T i view of II e Ihreal of a formidable offensive by the Nationalists KOME M i 1 --Gencril Tian- cisco Fiunco Spanish Nationalist leidei, is making final prepaiatiors for a gieat offensive within 10 days to conquer Madnd and wn the civil v r the authonlative Gioinile d I t i l l a n said toddy in an editorial bj Vnf, mo Gayda (It is recalled that Die fall of Barcelona and the approximate lime il would fall was iccurately predicted in Rome three weeks in advance ) June 22, 23 Dales Of Wesfmoreland S. S. Convention Special to The Courier JEAKNETTE * r a r 31 --Jure 22 and 23 have becu **,finite]y decided upon as the dates for the annual comcntion of the Westmore and | County Sunthy School Association Rev G A Teskc of La mer, cour- ty president, uho made the announcement said his executive boiid ib planning a program that will in uucie d numbei of piomment bpe^k- eis and cducatois \\u\s U i v o u t Decree UNION rOWN Mar 11 -- Luo\ ·mi th o( ConnellsN Ule todaj w -is anted i divoice from Sii iH E MID h u u n g a term m the Mui e\ -rdus'u f 1111 The* w e i c mai icd h nr 1 j n i f J at Morg int"\ n \V \ a Deputy Collector Goes to Uniontown Due lo tie fact th it there ia a. \ery light response in Connellsxille for as- Mstmce m filirg income tax returns ard an iuusuU] heavy \olurre at Unionto\vn R D \Voimir deputy collectoi b "s been trar s r cned to Union ov.n cffcctue IVondo-v moin- ing Mi \\ aim i w i l l be T Lmontown "vlondij Tut-sdiv ind \Vcdnesd \ ot m \ t u c c K iid locil PCIM is \\ j 1 ht, i qu lid r» g t l u i L to lilt i L u t n I l i t i t \ \ t l l b no d i p u K u l l i i t i i uf iln. I n t u i 1 ' i t \ t i n i t r Ut p i i t n i t i i f 11.10 ne\i \M.L! Mi \\ n n t n 3 Hi CUBBING GETS UNDER WAY, WITH PACK ORGANIZED In Hiownsville Mosiiital Mcphcn J 7elcchec ot Leiscn- ung Nc - was tal en to B i o w n s \ i l l c C t K I d U )-pi il 01 tu itm n rici uTiciing in i i j u l ^ 1o In i ich r. mr u nil l 1 " !e.icf-nt Prehmmaiy oigamzation of a Cub PJC c was effected Fiiday evening at the Christian Church following i geieral meeting of tepiesentat ves o£ se\ eral churches t which C ibbing vvas exp,med by Rev L S Elurut chairman of that branch oC Scouting in the Connclls-ulle dislnct and As- ··istant Scout L\ecuti\e Milton R Wyatt Other packs are to be loi med in seve'-a 1 of the chuiches it was in- dica ed Hubeit Ciaig wis na tied cub- mastei of tie Chiishan pacU with Mrs C \V Geenen snd Mis Don D B"ool s as motieis ot two dens that are in the miking They will be in chaige o£ the dens plin the r pro- grims- etc J 3 Athe VMS chpsen ch Lf. o f Mrs G*_e ten i, den ind Jesse J inson ni t'i t t ncli- he c c n t t o i ot M i b i' vi s Bt th l t \ s l i e ircm bi ·, cl I i p a fiov SLO its. \ h i l i v\ill p i u \ i d u UIL ucK to two u liti eitn-, o b«. t r i n t - d w h e n flit- o n inuthcis j i e i c n u i t e d 1 uie are I I prospective mtmbeis ot the pack in il Other lUendn g the meeting in iltlded Ijou n la^ K ML! l i n e cl n - j m i n o the Conncl il'« b i U I f oum 1 Citj Scou Commib i ici f u l i v "1 i l l i p M E R C E R H A S $75,000 F I R E IN CITY SQUARE By Lmltd Pit-ss MERCCR Mai 11-- B U G of unknown souice bioke out in the heait oC the eemrthoubti squue today, dt,s- tioying i theitie and d im-iged a banfe. and sevenl othei buildings at an estimated loss of $75 000 Iluiry WT laee 74, was injuied shg it!y as he fled h s home The thcatie was loca f ed across the street Jram the courthouse Suaion sent its new $13,000 pump- er to the score "While speeding to Mercer the dme shaft of the fire truck bioke f h e miles out of town Ihe uemen hitch-h ked to the fne Guard Units To Be Inspected Monday Night Annual Fed«ral and State jnspac- toii ot CointJlsv ille s two units of the Pen isylvama National Guaid w i l l take place Monday night at the State Armory The Medical Detachment commanded by Captain Orland F J-,eight, vu!) go lluough its paces at 7 o clock and an hour later the Howitzei Companv under Captain Norman A Brow ell will drill Major Louis W Eggeis will make (he Fedenl examination and Major W May tli° State check The public is invited to the inspections Greensburg Store Manager Captures Man Who Robbed Him GKLENSBUEG Mar 11 --A man who a legedly robbed a cnam store manager at the point ol T pistol ind bubbcquently was c^ptuled by mm as he gave chnsp, told police he vi.ab WiThair Huding 20 o£ 122 Alvvine avenue GieeniLuig foi neily of Scottdale Claude Ncvvcomei stole manag i opened his cash di.ivvor and Inn 1-^d $2261 to the armed lobber, he in- foimed o0iccis Then is the gunman fled ne gave chase captuicd hm and recovetcd tne cash Jt wa^ the second time in a 1 ttle o\ er a vear that he l^ad been lobbed Raiding accoidmg to Isewcomfi, forced hiin to le down or the foor oehmd a counter aftei he ^d obtained the noney The manager said he complied vv th the request and as soon as the man left the store save cha^c He was joined m the pursuit by two men Sex e ai blocks av\av Neweomei. caught his alleged robbe", reported y still m possession ol a gun The Weather Ham luiiiiJit md Sin cljj \\airiei tdright and in eabt portion faurda ccldei Su id iv l i g h t uu Klond iv ii the noon vsei hei ftrci_ist (o VS cst- en Pernsyhar n Tempei atui c Kecord Insurance Company Files Exception In Corrado Decree Special to The Courier Mar 11 -- The Metrcpohtai Life Insurarce Com- pinv today fi ed exceptions to the court decree in the case of G Cor- lado of ConrellsviHe It is contended the couit e^red in dccieeing that the fees incurred by uhe insurance comp inv should not be Deluded m. the costs Pinchof Man Gets Agriculture Job y United Press. IIARRISBURG Ma 11 --WUlard S Hagai Camp Hill, has been appointed deputy Secietary of Agticul- ture a $7 000 yearly position he held undet the Pinchot Administration Agricultuie Secretary John S Light announced KENNEDY TO MEET POPE NEXT WEEK By United Press VATICAN CITY, Mar 11--It was understood today that Pope Pius would receive Joseph P Kennedy, Amer can ambassador to Great Britain in audience Monday or Tuesday Kennedy vvas due here toaay to represent the United States at the Pope s coronation tomorrow Hospital P-iticnts Kit iltc-n PoLk^tdllei ot 1126 Vine stieel and Ch nles Sindci-, ot Kei-,- t e i v i l c I n ^ e been admitted to Con- nelbv Ik SI ite TIos|jitil for tre^t- nunt i M i n u n j nmui l H Me i Home From Hospital Geoigp Bowman of Connellsville as di chJigcd Tueoddy fiom ioi'Tisville General Ilo-spiti! whcie c h t d icccucd ticatrnent "Excuse" of Economy Exploded by Disclosing C o m p r o m i s e Plan Which Would Have Cost Taxpayers More. Ir an effoil to cieate an impies- sion among u\payei: that tliey are being buidened wi h extia expense m conncc ion with the ticasurers b lie oC seated lands £01 delinquent t ixes a stoiy was pin ted in the Moimng Hei ild ol Uniontown today isscr ing County Treasurer H D Minerd Wc.s not following the most economical course and playing up a icportcd controveisy between the tieisurei -ind county conmisbioners The delinquent properties, aie being idveitiscd today for the first time in four vears Since 1935 special acts of the legislature have postpones Sim Jar action but no movf wis tiken this yeai and m line of duty ab prescribed by law, the t*-e isuiei is advertising the properties To give general publication to the sale a papei in each o' the county's three c ties--Connellsvilje, Union- own and Brownsville--v\ as selected The Counei Neus Standard and Telegraph respectively 1h Morning Henld, at Uniontown, was not included Although tieasurers selections of papeis fo~ publication had never before been questioned, a move suddenly dev eloped to becure *bids" f r om newspapers The bids called for a rite per unit" rcgiidless of the number oC lines required lor each listing "When bir"= vveic opened the Morning Herald Ir dependent and Fayette Derrocut all Uniontovvn nevvs- papei? had bid The first two bid per line with the Herald bid at 20 certs and the Independent at 30 cents The Democrat bid 25 cents per unit Ihe three papers designated by Treisurer Mint-id to carry the ad- vci uscrnents did not enter bids, hold- in? thit tlitv already had contracts vv th the treasurer and weie already engaged in preparations for printing the big job No change m the plan of advertising l u is made bv lieasurer Mmerd \ \ i t h the csult that the Uniontown mom ng p«pei todav asserted he was add'ng to costs assessed the taxpay- eis and that the county commissioners were uate There is ancthe- side of the story howevei, that the pubbc is entitled to Knou At the conference between county oFRcieils and nev\spaper rep- i Dsent iti\.es there was a suggestion fo 1 - i compiomisc undei vshich the three n med pajeis would be awarded the advertising despite the fact the h^d entered no bids, provided the isls were also published in the Hei aid Independent and Democrat Theie vvas a further offer to include the Fayette Legal Journal in the list of publications making a total of seven in all if the three ongmally selected agiecd to go along Had such a plan been adopted, even with a 20-cent late, the cost would have been advanced considerably beyond even the figure now created by using the three papers at t! e 50 cent per unit rate Inquiry discloses that in "Washirg- tor coun*T the publication rate is also 50 cents vv hile elsewhere it is even a litfe h gher The figure has been Jie same m Faye'te county ior 30 years Treasurer Mmeid said he felt there was no grourd for the move to upset his plans to advert se the piooerties along usual lines "Its just a mattei of doing my legal duty as county tieasuifr, be said The last minute attempt to play politics regal dless of expense is outside my office a'together I Em simply going nhead and doing what is requued of me by law ' ;HITLER KEEPS CLOSE WATCH ON CZECHS F u e h r e r Said to Be Awaiting Developments In Slovak Crisis Robbers Get Pistol, $15 at Loucks Store Robbeis who bioke into Loucks h a t d u a i e btoie in West Crawford avenue Inday night made off witn ^ j 5 in cash and a 2J target pistol, accordiig to Chief of Police Andrew W Thomas Entrance was gained thiough a back door Paholman Kenneth Louden has obtained some good fingerprints, he said Actiess Wins ^170,000 LONDON, Mar 11--The King's Bench Couit awarded Elizabeth Allan, tall nrghsh motion pici-uie actress once rated as having the nlcen leg-? in Holivvvood ' a $170000 judgment against Metio-Goldwyn-Mayer Brtish Studios Ltd foi alleged bieach of oonlnct Miss -All-in ic- tu-ned to rngl ind f i o m 1 lolly u cod two y c U s ixu LATTER LOOK FOR AID FROM BERLIN Bv JOSEPH W GRIGG JR United Piess Staff Correspondent BERLIN Mai 11--Adolf Hitler has consulted Joachim von Ribben- trop foreign minister, and other high foieign offce officials regaiding he situation in Czechoslovakia re- su'tmg from the dismissal of Slovak officials by the central government, it was undeistood today Hitler called Ribbcntrop and other adviseis into consultation last night, it was said n a reliable quartei, and it was decided to await further de- velopirents before taking any definite steps Theie was no indication that tne government was planning at piesent to intervene militarily Informants said that befoie deciding on any steps tne gov ornment wanted furtrei clarification of the altitude of Josef Tisco, premier of the semi-aulonomous Slovak government whose dismissal, along wil'i that o£ two other Slovak cabinet ministers, precipitated what was called heie a crisis The official Na^i news agency announced yesteiday that Tisco had =ent a note to the Geiman government protesting J he action of the Czechoslovak government Contenls of the note were withheld Well infoimed quarters said the German government was mos 1 " an- royed at the swift action of the Czechoslovak central government in dismissing Tisco and his associates, sending troops to occupy principal Slovak cities and imposing martial law on the Bratislava area The feeling among ^Ja?is was said to be that the Czechoslovak government had ' double crossed" Geimany and in reliable quarters it v as said that Hitler would not tolerate anv action which he regarded as violating the Munich and Vienna agreements which dismembered Czechoslovakia and set up semi-autonomous provincial governments Beilms sympathy with the Slovaks v as shown by headlines in the morning rewspapers "Prague Teiroiizes Slovakia* A Return to Old Czech Methods," was the headline of the Voelkischer Beobach- ler, Ihe official Nazi party newspaper 'Plague Has Learned Nothing Martial Law in Bratislava,' said the Morgenpost headline A source close to the goveinmcnt said, that the disposition heie was to tieat the Czechoslovak matter as a domestic one and that Germany probably would not .intervene unless German m'eiesls in Czechoslovakia were direct!v menaced ' However, a wide interpretation might be made of Ge Tnan interests Also tie general understanding was that Tisco in his note to Germany, asked the German government for aid Singer Gets Blvorce CHICAGO Mar 11--Ethel Shut La blond singing star, obtained a divorce m superior couit from George Olson tie oiches'ia leadei to whom she « is m a i i i i f i 13 VP i a a, 0 She told the eouit hal OI«on left he June 10 1137 when the-. \ \ r c both vvoik- mt, in Chicago BRATISLAVA, Czechoslovakia, Mar 11 --Czechoslovak soldiers and police guarded Slov ak cities in heavy force today as anti-Czech feeling reached tne highest peak in years Soldieis and police vere domment here where a state o£ martial law had been pioclaimed, and in ether Slovak cities But the entire countryside vvas regarded a danger area and there was fear lest peasants march on cities to protest against the action of the central Czechoslovak government in dismissing three ministers of the semi-autonomous Slovak cabmet as a means of stopping separatist agitation A blanket curfew vvas imposed in the Bratislava area at 9 o'clock last night after t day of demonstrations and disorder Coffee houses and restaurants were closed by authorities under martial law, and all streets were cleared Slovaks and Czechs alwe looked to Germany to see whether Adolf Hitler would take action to aid the Slovaks in answer to an appeal fiom Joseph Tiso, premier jn the Slovak cabinet, who vvas one of the ministers d s- rnissed Before the curfew was imposed, Slovak crowds had suigei through the main square of the city, smgirg the German Nazi Hor=t Wessel anthem and the Slovak nat onal anthem alternately, and shouting ' We want Slovac independence' We want to 3oir. with Germans rather than with Czechs 1 ' Hundreds of demonstrators went from the square to the Danube bridge which leads 10 German Engurau, shouting Heil Hitlci' until sold-ers dispersed them It was evident that the Czechoslovak government hoped for a quick solution of the difficulty There were reports that its drastic action in d s- missing Slovak ministers and occuoy- mg Slovak cities was due to reports that sepai at sts intended to proclaim an independent state The eentfxl government, piomiscd a s-olution by tonight uith a new Slovak cabinet and coincident guarantees £01 concessions to Slovakia But the situation retrained dangerous Liguiucr Levy Fixed Ligon ei council continued its lix lesy foi m9 at ^er and s half mills, he MTIC as ui 1113

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