Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 2
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 2

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 2
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% August 24,1975. SUM*Y fturtto-Jfoil OwfehB. **St Vtfgi** ABCs OF HEALTH Wry «* .searekort oppert«Mies f or "sdf - 'Antidotes forAnxie ty' Big Business, But Real Comfort May Not Come From Pill l! By MviM Wells Research. Director, America* PJ»yi*c«J FiU«» ''. Retearck Jutiluie ". In the hurry and flurry of today's fast;paced society, "antidotes for anxiety" ·have become big business. The ads assure us we can banish bad moods and sleepless; ness simply by popping a pill or potion... ^often with no prescription necessary. ! Less widely advertised are the possible ; perils of chronic, unsupervised self-medi- · cation. In susceptible persons, ingredients · in various over-the-counter tension reliev- '. ers and sleep inducers may produce such ; side effects as dry mouth, stomach irritation, dizziness, blurred vision, skin rash. ;and under some circumstances, perhaps · even hallucinations or trouble with motor ·coordination. ;- What's more, self-medicators run the ;risk' of undesirable drug interactions. ·Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D. of the University of Alabama, warns that "drugs that de- · press the central nervous system some- · times intensify each other's effect, so that idepression is actually increased rather ;'than relieved. Such drugs include the bar- · triturates, other sedatives, tranquailizers. ! muscle relaxants, antihistamines. narcot- ; [c analgesics, pain relievers, and alcohol." ; Additionally, there is even evidence to ·suggest that your children may pick up ', your pill popping patterns. If you are preg- ' nant or when pregnancy is planned, it's a ; wise precaution to avoid taking any pres- -;cription or nonprescription remedy with;but your physician's approval. ·· Authorities are now questioning how '.many nonprescription preparations ac' lually produce the benefits for which you . buy them. When it comes to relaxing or ? getting to sleep, it's been suggested that J a significant percentage of the time, a ;;-"sugar pill" might do you as much or · hiore good and be safer. 1 - Where, then, can we find help in coping ; with our anxieties? A marked change in · mood and behavior or severe or chronic · tension or depression should be reported ', lo a physician. Low thyroid, nutritional de; ficiency, diabetes, low blood sugar or even · the aftermath of a bad case of flu may '; have .much to do with feeling "up tight" · or "let down." As Peter Steincrohn. M.D., ·· points out, "Whatever lowers physical vi'. tality may lower emotional vitality." If ;.your physician suspects emotional problems are involved, he may suggest coun- ',seling. Ask hmrabout the advisability of ·'.counseling. v, * * * 1' ON A DAY-TO-DAY basis, a few simple I strategies may help many of us cope with · bad moods more effectively. One potent '· "tonic for tension and "the blues'' is unbur- - I deriing yourself to a caring listener. Where ', families are concerned, Dr. Steinsrohn · writes, "Broken-down communications lare'the major reason why adolescents ', "drop out and use crutches such as mari- ·juana, LSD, and heroin to support them '·through the battleground of adolescence." '. Taking turns really listening can be a very ; therapeutic give-and-take in marriage. ·" Pinpointing-- your problem can help you I'deal with it. Try to identify your feelings :New Books ;At Library .[ These books were among tne titles received last week , at the Kanawha County Public Library: Adull Fiction - Berger, Protocol of a Damnation, ("Eioy-'Casares, A Plan for Escape; Buchanan, The Dark (.Backward; Capon, Exit 36; Cato, Brown Sugar; Colette, /Duo Le Toutounier, Dolson, Please Omit Funeral; i Dwyer--Joye. The Strolling Players; Egleton, Skirmish; ''Exley, Pages Prom a Cold Island; Faust, Tombs of Blue .· "Ice; Hone. The Sixth Directorate; Lockridge, Or Was He .·"Pushed?; Lortz. Children of the Night, McEwan, First :Xove. Sites; Organ, The House on Cheyhe Walk; i'"Salter, Light Years; Scott, A Division of the Spoils; i "Smith, Country Music; Stevenson, Green Money; Uniier- · "wood. The Forge and the Forest; Yerby, Tobias and the 'AngeJ. · Adull Nonfiction -- Baiisy, Thomas Merton on Mysti- · -dsm; Bedford, NicoleNobody: The Autobiography of the · -Duchess of Bedford; Brena, Personal Record, 1920-1J72; · -Cohen, Grosiet's Complete Guide to Collectible Plates; · -DUVIand, No King But Caesar?; Edey, Lost World of the ' -Aegean; Finkplstein. ForstefsWomen: EnternalDiffer- 1 -ences; Foxhall. Techniques of Successful Practice for ' -Arthitedsand Engineers; Fraser-Brunner, How to Have 1 -a Successful Aquarium; Frey-Rohn, From Freud to ' -Jung; Friedberg, HandcrBfted Playgrounds; Gable, Op- 1 poctunities In Pharmacy Careers; Gibbs, Backpacking; ' Grow, Creating Historic Samplers; Grow, Black Chil' dren, White Parents; HutcWnson, Evolution Explained; ' Lanham, The Encnsr.ted Mesa; MacHovec A Marriage ' ^Primer; McFarland, Mugwums, Morals, Politics, " J8B4-i?20; McSweeney, Creative Children's Theater for ' 'Home, School, Church and Playground; Middleton. ' 'Troubleshooting W.i; the Oscilloscope; .Miller, Sand De' 'signing for Terrariums Aquariums, Nelder, Computers in Biology; Osgood, How to Earn a Living in the ' 'Country without Farming; Riichie, Shell Carving; Ry' 'we'll. Confederate Guns and Their Current Prices; Stall- 'worthy, Wilfred Owen; Thompson, The Budget Gourmet; " Wheelwright, Medicinal Plants and Their History; Worn- en.'on Campus. ' Reference - Arctiuleta, The Hyperactive Child; Fel- oef. The American's Tourisr Manual for the People's Re- 'oul.c at China; Jollifffe, Commonsense Statistcs for . 'Economists and Others; Persons. The Investor's Ency" 'cldpedU of Gold, Silver anOthcr Precious Metals; ' TrdniK, Israeli Periodicals i Serials in English Other ' -European Languages; Waters. Women in the Fine Arts, " From the Seventh Century B. C to the Twentieth Century " A 0 Records - American crisis. The Last Days Of The Nix- and understand WHY you feel the way you do. List descriptive words which tell how you feel Would a mood such a anxiety or anger sum them up? Can you trace that mood to a particular person or event? "Feeling bad" may stem from suppress- ing emotions which demand expression. For example, "The child who is not permitted to grieve for a pet may find it difficult to channel his energies in a construe- tive way because so much energy will be used in keeping his true feelings hidden." If you're angry with someone, can you find a constructive means to communicate or otherwise get things "out of your sys- tern?" Are you suffering frustration or boredom from staying "in the same old rut?" GwJd food have aayiMng to do with your mud? After kN* periods without food. blood f¥f r may drop, while tension and irritability rise! If arguments are more frequent BEFORE breakfast or dinner, try poMponing discussion till shortly after you've eaten something. Caffeine makes some people nervous and jittery. Cases of "coffee nerves" have been ""^teh" 1 for psychological troubles. Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tea and cola beverages all may contain caffeine. A final tensioo relieving hint. A series of studies have indicated that appropriate exercise can "... improve the ability to relax both immediately and over a sustained period." Authorities also know that prolonged periods of sitting in one position eaa tease JOM up. So the next tune you watt swMttof t* cairn y«u dowa without skwuc you down, try what may be one of the fiaest "rdasereises" money can't buy. Get up aid take a brisk walk. l331iaLST.I_ttML£STH ^^^^^^^^M* CA^^F A ft^AMVtt* VWMWT 9iw n^v*»» ·M. An Srt. 1fc» A JL to 7 9 JL St*^CjU^ £f|ff of DUE TO THE LIMITED QUANTITY OF SOMI ITSMS V* CANNOT KCEPT MAll OR PHONE. OKXIS MEN-BOY'S SAVE MONDAY 10 A.M. TO 9 P.M. ORIG. 32 Men's Dress Shirts 7.50-10.00 86 Men's walk Shorts 6.99 48 Sport Shirts 10.00-11.00 36 Men's Swim Wear 5.00-10.00 25 Print Sport Shirts 12.00 4 Royai Calculators 129.95 MEN'S WEAR-- Street Floor SAlf 3.90 4.90 4.90 ViOHf 5.99 49.95 irg Co.. i M\**V1 o C'ay Gw.muni- talions, inc., in Cnar!«:cn. A. Va. Z533C SUTKMV Gazeile-Ma-l ·* 8 rr*.T.b?r t* Tn* Ajw.ia'rf Press Tn« Prnt n nem ' Oe=«r!rr«r,! MEN'S FAMOUS BRAND LEISURE SUITS I 4» I U« Jackets, Reg. 22.50 Pants, Reg. 16.00 Assorted colors to select from. Handsomely tailored but broken sizes so shop early for best selection. MEN'S WEAR -- Street Floor OVER 1200 PAIRS FAMOUS BRAND FALL SHOES REDUCED TO CLEAR ORIG: SALE 40 pr. Boy's Flare Jeans 8.75 3.99 60 Boy's Knit Shirts 5.50 2.99 40 Boy's Swimwear 5.50-7.00 3.99-4.99 30 Boy's Husky Shirts 5.00-6.00 2.00 BOY'S WEAR -- Third Floor 16 Young Men's Printed Nylon Shirts... 8.00 4.00 13 Young Men's Swimwear 9.00 2.99 TREND SHOP -- Third Floor ong. 16.00-18.00 orig. 17.00-18.00 orig. 20.00-23.00 orig. 28.00-30.00 orig. 30.00-32.00 12.90 15.90 18.90 24.90 25.90 INFANTS-TODDLERS ·30 Jr. Boy's Knit Shirts V 3.00 2.25 .40 Boy's Summer Pajamas 4.99 3.99 INFANT'S WEAR--Third Floor ' GIRLS-PRETEENS 20 Canvas and Corduroy ... Shoulder totes 4.00-6.00 1.50 15 Musical Jewel Boxes 6.00 3.90 85 pcs. Preteen Sportswear 899 1.00-2.00 56 pcs. Girl's Sportswear 6.99 2.00 GIRL'S-PRETEENS INTIMATE APPAREL ORIG. SALE 42 Bras 5.506.50 3.99 12 Girdles 9.00-18.00 6.75-1349 FOUNDATIONS--Second Floor 55 pcs. Sleepwear 7.00-45.00 5.00-30.90 35 pcs. Long Dresses, Floats, Shifts 10.00-25.00 6.67-16.90 LINGERIE -- Second Floor Famous names like Johansen, Foot Savers, Red Cross, Life Stride, D'Antonio and many many more in our group to select from. Pretty fall styles in colors of Blacks, Browns, Navys and multi color footwear. SHOE SALON -- Street Floor 2 and 3 PC. PANTSUITS orig. 36.00-44.00 19.90 Easy care washable polyester fashions in 2 and 3 pc. styles. Be here early for the best selection. Misses sizes 8 to 16. DRESS CIRCLE -- Second Floor GROUP OF LINGERIE orig. 5.00 to 19.00 Gowns, Scuffs, Baoy Dolls and more in easy care fabrics. Pretty pastels to select from. Broken sizes. LINGERIE -- Street Floor BETTER SPORTSWEAR-BUYS Orig. 10.00-82.00 . m m~ fmtft Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Culottes, Blouses, T-Tops, Jackets, Tennis and Swimwear. Variety of styles and colors. Not all sizes. SPORTSWEAR -- Second Floor JUNIOR SPORTSWEAR orig. 6.00 to 36.00 2.40.. 9.40 Tops, Pants, Skirts, Blouses, and more in this special group of Junior Sportswear. Shop early for best size and color selection. JUNIOR COLONY -- Second Floor "Appassionata.", Bernstein, Trouble in Tahiti; Carter, The Happiest Days of All; Chavez, Piramide III, The Elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire; Chopin, Piano Concerto No I F. Minor; Crumb, Makrokosmos, Vol. i; The -Eleventh House witn Larry Coryell; Feel Good! Look Great!; Folk Songs And Instrumental Music of the Soulh- ern-Atountains; Go lor Baroque!; Great Moments in Ra- '^j'o v 1; History of Came Flamenco; Hocker, John Lee .Hooker; Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachi- .ans^'A Jaz; Piano Anthology; Joplin. E. Power Biggs Play; Scot Joplinon the Pedal Harpsichord; JopHn, His Comalete Works; Mahler, Symphony No. 6, Symphony No. 10; Wasters of Early English Keyboard Music; MOJ- art. Clarient Quintet; Moiarl, Piano Concerto No. V, C Minor k «l; MuJic And DatKes of Occidental Africa; Music of North Africa; ffoah GrsenDerj Conducting the New York Pro Musica; The Original and Great Carter Farr.ily; The Painter Srlfers Live at the Opera House; Pussy Cats; Rameau, Works lor Harpsichord; Smalls. The Wir; So-js and Dancei of Lithuania; StiH A)ro- American Symphony; Sjnrise Serenade; That's Enter- taihment. Voodoo Czrsmcny in HaKi; Walker, Concerto for Trorr.bone and Orchestra; Watergate, Vol. 3; I Hope the President Is Forgiven. Sunday Gazelle-Mail Entered »* second clais matter »» the Pssi Wice a: Charleston, w. v» . -jixier tr.e ad o March 3. :P7. Indeoentfer'.t newsoap«r pgDi'Jhed each Suivjay morning by tne Daily FASHION ACCESSORIES ORIG. 22 Ladies Straw Handbags 6.00-25.00 2.90-12.50 40 Ladies' Vinyl or Leather Handbags 10.00-20.00 1.90-12.90 HANDBAGS -- Street Floor 40 PCS. COSTUME JEWELRY orig. 2.00 to 4.00 Vl NICE Select from necklaces, broclets, pendants, earrings and more. Assorted styles and finishes. JEWELRY -- Street Floor SUMMER PANTSUITS Compare at 20.00 11.90 Two and three pc. pantsuits in a host of summer colors. Handsome styling/ in sizes 8 to 18. Easy care and permanent press. BUDGET CORNER -- Second Floor GROUP OF STOCKINGS AND PANTYHOSE Orig. 1.65 to 3.00 50* Broken sizes and color range so be here earfy for the best selection. Hurry 100 pairs only! HOSIERY--Street Floor MISSES BUDGET SPORTSWEAR ORIG. SALf 48 pcs. Sportswear 3.99-15.99 3.25-9.90 17 pcs. Polyester Slacks 13.00 SPORT BAR -- Street Floor DAYTIME DRESSES ORIG. 40 Sleeveless Popover Shifts 3.99 20 Dresses and Pontsuits - - - 16.00-24.00 DAYTIME DRESSES - Street Fkw SUE 2.99 SJM2J9 HOME FURNISHINGS ORIG. 97 pcs. Stemware ........ · ..... 3.00-4.50 187 DCS. Ironstone Dinnerwafe. . . 130-12.00 223 pcs. Stainless Flatware ...... 1.00-6.00 HOSTESS SHOP -- Mezzanine SALE i/iPHCt VaMKE vi ma 1 2 Hand Painted China Lamps. . 60.00-75.00 39.00-49.00 LAMPS -- Fourth Floor TUBULAR PLASTIC FURNITURE ORIG. SALE 2 Etogere Shelves 79.95 59.H 1 Console Table 54.95 41.24 3 Bars. 59.95 44.99 3 Bar Stools 36.95 27.74 1 Coffee Table 29.95 22.49 1 Dining or Game Table 59.95 44.99 1 Dining Chair 44.95 33.71 2Trunks 34.95 24.21 1 Picture Graphic 25.95 19.49 2 Armless Chairs 84.95 63.74 DRAPERIES/FURNITURE -- Fourth Floor 6 54" Breezeway Glider ...... 56.00 3 sets Glider Arm Cushions .......... 12.00 13 Aluminum Chaise Cushions ....... 10.00. 1 10 Pillows ................... 6.00-8.00 18 Patchword Bedspreads ..... 50.00-55.00 DRAPERIES -- Fourth Floor 92 Woven Planter Baskets . . ......... 1 .25 12 Wall Clocks. ......... : ... . 8.95-29.95 18 Cutting Boards . . . ...... '. ....... 7.99 6 Cake and Dessert Molds .......... 1.69 40 Mirro Teflon Saucepans ...... 4:49-5.4$ 6 Stainless Steel Cookie Sheets . . . ..: ; . V4.49 · ' · ; ; . . . HOUSEW ARES -- Third Floor 37.33 7.99 6.99 2.29 11.99 6.00-20.00 5.QQ 1.50-2.50 : MAKE-IT-YOURSELFiJEWELRY Orig. 4.00-6.00 3.20,4.50 Select from rings, earrings, pins, pendants and hair clasps. ODD DYE LOTS OF YARN orig. | /· .79 to 1.90 '/2 PtlCE ART NEEDLEWORK--Third Floor _ NOTIONS-STATIONERY . · orig. 200 pcs. Zippers and Thread ..... . . T9'-90 t Group of Pictures .......... 75-1.25 NOTIONS -- Street Floor '/I KKE 49* -79* DOWNSTAIRS STORE FOtLADK' ORIG 83 Shifts/Culottes :... 7.99 2.90 50 Shifts/Pantsuits/Sassys 9.99-15.99 4.90 12 Smocks and Cobblers 3.99-6.99 2.00 32 Jamaics/Surfers ....; 3.99-4.99 2.00 5 Blouses 7.99-5.99 2.00 12 Culottes/Pant Skirts 6.99-11.00 2.90-3.90 29 Bathing Suits :... .7.88-15.99 , 4.90 ALL SUMMER SLACKS orig 8.99-15.99 Fashions and basic slacks to select from .Variety of colors. Broken sizes. 5 Polyester Jackets 13.99-15.99 1.90 11 Pantsuits 13.99 5.90 30 Summer Hats 1.99 99 1 20 Scarf Hats 2.29 1.29 70 Plastic Raincoats 1.00 49* 20 Petti Pants 1.99 99 1 30 Full Slips 2.27 1.59 25 Ladies Bras 1.29-1.49 49* 70 Ladies Girdles 2.00 1.49 100 pr. Pantyhose 59 1 19* 50 pr. Knee Hi Socks 79M.99 39*-99 c KM DEI AM NTS 95 pr. Boy's Frayed Shorts 3.99 1.50 64 Boy's Tank Tops 2.49 1.79 111 Boy's Sport/Dress Shirts 2.99-3.49 1.90 117 Boy's Poplin Jackets 3.99-5.99 2.90-3.90 Group Men's Dress Shirts 4.99-5.99 1.90-2.90 Group Men's Knit Pants 10.99-12.99 4.f J 16 Men's Swits 79.99 7.00 25TonkTops 3.99 1.H ·^Hl INK i^^^RV 20 Pr. Fiberglas lined Drapes 11.89 11 Quilts 11.99 40 pr. White Pillow Coses 2.67 f-',

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