The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1918
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JliiVK z'l, THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVIIiE. PA. PAGE THREE. NEWS OF THE DAY \ AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED; Coroner's Jury Finds Death; of * inch Child Purely Accidental. FLAG POLE RAISING FRIDAY! A Message to Mothers Y OU taiow the re»l human doctors right aronnd in yonr neighborhood : tt« docUn mad* of fl«»h »nd blood just like you : the doctors with uouls Mid h«rts : those men -who are responding to your call in the dead at night u readily as in the broad daylight; they are ready to tell you the good that Fletcher's Castoria has done, is doing and will do, from then- experience and their love lor children. Fleteher'a Castoria is nothing new. We are not askhig yon to try an experiment. We jnst want to impress upon yon the importance of baying Fletcher's. THE PARAJIOUXT. Solicits Burgess on Street, ng'l.T, and is Compelled to Give np $5 of Ihe Funds He Has Tims Supplied Himself With; 'otes. physician will tell yon thia, as h« knows there are 'A number of imitations on the market, and he ia particularly interested in the welfare of your baby. CMtorla always Imn the lignature of Special to Thf* Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, June 27.-Unavoidable accident was the verdict of the jury in the inquest held last night into the death of John Harold Finch, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Finch who tiled in the Memorial hospital here on Friday, shortly after having been brought in from his Buckeye home whore he had received injuries from beins caught under the wheels of SCOTTDALE WOMEN MAKE 82,000 RED CROSS ARTICLES Continued from Page One. The report of the May" inga-Jicring , shows the following: auto truck. The inquest -was held zi. t'nit No. 1--Mrs. G. K. Huttlemaier, the undertaking rooms of M. A. Kin?, chairman: 35 surgical Ehfrts, 20 John -" ' 18 surgical shirts, 28 pajamas, 12 odd "THE EXT.ERLOPBR"--A five-part I World attraction m which Kitty Gor- j don, Lb.e celebrated actress, IB seen in · a charming role, is being shown today; as is Oe Universal Weekly and a ! selPC'.ed comedy. "The Interloper" 1 tells a story in which Miss Gordon is 1 given every opportunity for the dis- | play of her histrionic talrnts, and needless to say shei takes advantage of it-very opportunity. The play start!; in t!ie south' amid scene* of remarkable n a t u r a l i bea/uty. Araong these is a scene with a little colored boy which will make everyone In the audience laugh Miss Gordon is seen in the role of Jane Cameron, a daughter of :he south. J-ane marries Paul articles. 8 sweaters. 1 scarf. 20 socks, Whitney, a widower, played by Irring 16 wristlets, 3 helmets. 2 trigger mi;- \ Cunrmhigs. and Rods her surround- tens. ings agreeable until Paul's family and Unit No. 18--Mrs. E. M. S. Pyle, even Paul himself begins to hold up to chairman: 240 towe'.s. 150 bandages, ; h e r as a model of everything that was 35 undershirus, 25 drawers, 15 sur-| g OW j ( Ui e memory of Paul's firs', wife. On the jury were Getnmcll, drawers, 20 undershirts. 100 towels. gical shirts. 10 short length towels, sweaters, 26 socks. 10 wristlets, 1 helmet, 36 pieces layette and 1 bag sundries donated by Mrs. Ishey and Mrs. Keister. · U n i t No. 19- Mrs. tV. F. Stauffer. chairman: 216 5-yard rolls, 600 corn- Richard Doncastcr, West Swartz. [ t k n e e bandages, S eye bandages, 20 . pr jf fc . es Otto Stillwagon. Robert Goodman i soc ks. 4 wristlets, 2 .sweaters. i if\-\ ^ · « 1 ' 1 «'P« ' 20- P line Parker. and M. A. King. The thre« mm who 2--Miss Lillian Perry. rede on the truck. Messrs. Smith, 1 chairman: 6 sweaters. S socks. S Jordan and Miner, gave in the evi- wrisllels _ 2 helmets, ' dence which they had and Mr. Finch, Unll No 3_M rs . Marsh, chairman: told what he knew about the acci- 89 LO wels, 43 pillow cases, 3 dish , rfnt. The jury reached [he decision c]o ths. 1 sweater, 2 sock^. 5 helmets. ' floc * ~* that the child had come to itr- death U n i t No 4--Mrs. Daniel Trouts, from injuries received by an avoid- ' chairman: 100 towels. 15 surgical able accident. ' shirts, 15 bedspreads. 15 drawers. -iQ To llnisi' Pole. undershirts, 30 bod socks, 30 abdom- On Friday evening at 5.30 o'clock iaal bandages, 8 sweaters, 30 sock5. chairman: 30 pillow cases, 70 towels. 6 socks, 2 wristlets. This goes on for some time until the situation becomes unbearable to Jane. She determines to break Paul and the family of this habit, no matter whai the cost is '.o herself. Strange cir- rumfitanees give to Jane rfce means bv whic.i she can accomp'ish her purpose. Jauc discovers tha-t Paiil'i, first wife was u n f a i t h f u l to him. The climax IRC thrilling and exciting. Misa Gordon does really superb acting" in A i l m all "TUc In- L'nit No. 21--Miss Gerda. Canson. | the production. chairman: 3 wasJi clotbs, 78 rye | torlnppr" is Just about die boat licre bandages. 14 knee bandages. 23 hod | f s m l n p way of ccroen entertainment. bandages, 5 wristlets, 4 No 2::--Mrs. sweaters, helmets. 10 Moonoy. chair- chairman: 75 bandages, pole committee win rais* the flag ioo"WeVTx2. 35o"comp"rVssi"'8i4,"66 ' Ca * e3t 4S l o w f t l s - 3 ^^ pole in Frick Pnrk and would like to 5_y ar{ j ro iu;. Unit .No. 5--Mrs. F. U Brown, chair- have any volunteei vorfeors t h a t will com^ out and help. man: 10 drawers. 10 uuderahirts, 13 socks. U n i t man: 3 sweaters, 36 sovhs, 1C w r i s t lets, 2 belmetp. U n i t No. 23--Miss Lucy Clark^on. 55 pillow P, 4 -sock? t U n i t No. 2-1--Mww Fit'/gerald. chair- J m a n : J5 wash cloths. M rye baad- j ages, 14 knee bondages. M towels. 56 Tomorrow, .Madpr Kennedy seen m "Thf 1 Danger G;une," part Gold-wyn atti action. ril he ; five- · substitute handkerchiefs. ] B w r a L p r , 2 a ruling that any persons annoying Unit No. 6--Miss Daisy Parry, c h a i r - J ^ the public by begging on the streets man: 50 p nt O w casos. 20 row-els, 5 ' " or at th« home they shall be locked SU rgica: shins. 3 swea;ers, So socks, op. On Tuesday evening a m in giv- j ft nutlets. ins his name as Elmer Christner ap- t'mt No.T--Mrs. J. I* Haygor. chair- proached the burgess and asfced for m a n : 24 pa jair.a5, 40 towels-. o» baud-' a quarter after making a canvass of ageSp 110 piuw ^3^. J 0 B U rgicaI the c:en standing in front of the ^iris, c convalescent gown:,,. S sweat-; hotels. The burgess turned h-m over erSi I5u 5O ck5, 52 wrisilna. a hehr.ets.' to the police and he paid $5 of the i; n ; money he had begged to be released m a r : from the lockup. Personal. Mrs. Missouri Overly returned yesterday from Indiana, Pa., wh°re her daughter Miss Si:s?.n O *rl natccl at the Indiana normal. Mr and Mrs William M u l ' m arr the pro«d parents of a sop h i m it the .Memorial hospital here. : 4x4, 100 wip's 2x2. 15^ com Sx4, 2 sweater?, 20 wrUtlets, . mets. THK ORI'HET.M. "A SQL*ARK DBA.L" is ibf attraction today. It is u t e l l i n g witirp on the imitation liohemsanism of certain faddists foun/1 in the art slums of large cine-5 is Margarita. Kih^r's new American-M u t ua phoKxirama, "A S*iiiat Deal," wherr-in the '-.rue character of the Ions-hair**} "iiwimd«al- ist" Is revealed to i h c b*Trv;ne of the piece, Alice Gilson, aftf-r sh» had bft- ronn; con vine* 1 n of his dtsinif^rstftd- nrss and devotion to high idoals. Alpo ' Tlif Screen Telegram" and a gtxxi romiKiv. _ So . 5--Mrs. H. Hepl-r. chair- OJQ towels. 12u abdominal bandage^. 2o triangular Damages. 45 Dickerson Run. D1CKEKSOX KUX. June 26--Mr. 50 aocks, 10 wristlets, 1 helmet, Uni; No. 5--Mrs. L A. Zimmenua.n, grad- chairman: 15 pajamas, 20 pillow cases, 50 towels. 30 bandages, 4 sweaters, 20 sock?. '2 wristlets, 5 helmets. I'm: No. HI--Mra. P J. 0 Connor, chairman: -" surgical shirts. 50 Miss Marjorie Bowen onrrtam*1 shoots, SG pillow casto, 10 under- the Entre XWPS clr.b of Scntidrle with ^hirts. 10 drawers. 3 helmets, 2 swaal- **r5 r I ?c27f. J4- 1 sorks, S wns-ile*^. J pair pillows donated fay Mrs. C. a ^ir.ner at *he Poole f a r m . Perryopolis. PERRVOPOLIS. O'Bnen. U n i t No. H--Mrs. Wadswonh. chairman: su towels. Unit No. 2C--Miss rarhcnnp Mr- , Bu rncy, rh ai rman: 1 s weal er. 1 scarf. 4 socks. l : nk No 2? Mits C a t h e r i n e "\Ved- dell, chairman: C wru»;let«, 3 teivt- \ bandages, H »-ye bandagos. ] I'nli No. 2^«--Mrs. Connors, rhairmn.n: 1 Fvrca-pr, 2 socks. 2 wristlets, a n d M r s Samuel Artdls of Vandorb'.ll 2 hehuets. have rerr-ivwi word from their son, Cnit No. ."0 Mr*, tt*. A. Sudd, chair- ' n c ben, who hn? just arrived .-afe m , Franco. Gaj*oln»o. ^Gc WcIls-MtHs Motor rar Co., f'onncl! =irille «\dv-27-4t. .Mr and Mrb. I'. H. RIMC! of Daw- fion rocfived a card Trorn their son, Jamrp. announcing his safe arrival in Franre. Samuel Lynn, master r a t builder of th- 1 Pittsburg I*ak*» I^ne railroad. \Vi!ry. · faas r e L T i r n e d lo his homo in Pin^burg: a f t e r a btisinrss t r i p hrre. Ca'-l Bnyd returned in h i = work a' man: 2 sweaitT;*, '2 U n i t No. u l - M r s . L'lfrj-. e h a i r m a n : 3 wash clothe, SO'i com presses Si4, .150 wipes U l . 2i triacsuJar bandages. 50 phot bags. 61 vins!!o;.s. iiO baiui- age foot sockh. 31^ bAadag^s, 135 eye bar.da.gfes. f-G btrapi* with buckles, 551 refugee artirip? including 11 layettes. Unit No. 32 M.FT Cam rhairman: 5 biirpcal s h i r t - . 1000 wipe*: Ux2 Hf" 1 wsp'-s 4.\-}. 10" roui- fpending sevr-ral tia.^ wj;h tovn rf-ta- U n i t No. 13--Mrs. Wray, chairman: , tives. "**" 1$ oheeu. 2 sweaters, Margaret Strain of Conne-n?vilJe, U n i t No 14--M:s.s Dcss Millen. chair-, i5 visiting relatives and fri, r.ds of m a n : 3SO pilloft ca«ps. *0 towels, 10 j town. socks. 2 wristlets. J. E. We-stfall is visiting re'anves at Moigantown. W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. C h a l f a n t and daushter. Paulme. anrl Mr. Phillip;: motored from H : ckorj to spe:-.ri Sunday with E. K. · .-"·itronizi* tUo^V « f i « . artrertlse. Unit No. 15--Mrs. Benjamin Wil- gockc lard, chairman: J l u towels, 25 band-,,,,,. ages, 10 bed socks, socks. ^ wristlets. 4 sweaters, ages. 1C triangular bandage.-*, 31'i 'ye 'bandages. 66 knc- bandages. 647 p H - i f e a t e d f h c ip rm j. r; rnvc teani on . h . S5 bedspreads, 95 si ' '5 berf socks, 67 p;iiatn»i:-., 1C | convalescent sow us, 3d bandage foot substitute handkerchiefs, wip^s 4x4, 31'0 wipes 2*2. 1°00 ! wipes 2x2 1-4.-4900 compresses Sx4, C4 \! C A. basehali t e a m rir- feated the .^-priTi] T. .^t. P. A. grounds Monday evening. OiarJr-fs R a n r f n T p h of TVtroi), Mich., I H spending his vacation here v i s i t m s h i s pnients. Mr ant) Mrs Charles Randolph. Mrs. B. P Rnydp.r n' Perrropolis Mnst Kuill! u Station. " sweaters. 14 socks, 16 wristlets, ^ The Pennsylvania Tublic Service ' helmets. Commission has ordered the Penn- Unit No. 17--Mrs. Ron«nsuel. cbair- Rylvania ra : lrcad to huild a freight man: 25 undershirts, 25 drawers, 140 and piisrenjrer station at Frederick- towels. 21 pillow casea. 12 bed socks, town. 40 bandage foot socks, 91 bandages. sweaters, 3 scarfs. 786 socks, 3B5 ·wristlets, 52 helmets, 2 trigger mit- terni; grand total, 19.790 pieces. FCFL COTfSfWJTIOS. Tranced FiY£ Years Witfl Nervous Indigestion "I W3.: foubleil wj;h nervous in- digeslior. fr: five qr six y»a,rs. I tnd almost ^ e r x t h i n ' an' I made two fr th-f' triiJ 1 * t'" 1 t h e city nt Ns.ihvilU- a.m! had spociali.-'S trcar me; but I f n u m t t h i n r.oth np d-d mft anv Rood u n t i l I tr.'etl B'.lsrn Xa- tlvp HerbF. 1 \vas ·'.I I co ilfl not or sleep. li'Ji sint'i' u.-tinc your mttiicin- I have ha;! nr Ciinhtr trouble and ^nji»y P°xl henHh. "Alexandria.. Tenn." There J-" n o t h i n c mon- tl^tre^c- Ins: th^n ir.clicri**! ion. Th* food yon crave fr"- most causes ;. ou the ercatest a crony Your dls«ro9itton becomes so di»acrcea.ble that your frier, dp .ihun you. You can avoid n![ t h i s pain and anxiety by the resnilar use t*f BHsF Native H«rb' Tablet H. Thej aid digestion. sweeten the stomach, aot jrently on the hnwels. and promote a pcn- eral condition of g-ood health. On* 1 tablet at ntfirhi -will make the neit day hripht, A box contains 200 the ^e-nuinr. Look for the *~°\ ye! low hnx bearing phnto- uR] Kraph of Alonzo O. Bllntf. *Gx tablets. Price 51. Be nure lo j?et and trarle mark nr. f ach tablet. Sold by A A . - C l a r k e and local aKonta evcrv^rhere. AH! HOW "TIZ" HELPS TIRED JUMG FEET In«tAnt Koli«t' for Sore. Swollen, Tender, CaJlonso*! Feet lint! Corns. Your feel feel )tfosfr IM. Reportod hy Stenm Vscrs in All Partjt of the Stele. Ei-erj* prospective purchaser of steam-generating equipment will bo required 10 flle with W i l l i a m Potter, fuel administrator for Pennsylvania, a complete description of the machinery, together w i t h the estimated d a i l v fuel consumption, specifying whether anthracite, bituminous or oil w i l l he used. This announcement was made d u r i n g the week and is ef- AT M O T O R OILS LIGHT - MEDIUM - MEAVY and ^pigling Q Keep Upkeep Down AS the Army truck-trains roll across the Key- f\ stone State, they are met by representatives of TTK; Atlantic Refining Company who see that th« trains are supplied with reliable old Atlantic Motor Oils and Atlantic Gasoline. Sometimes the A'Jamic tank-wagons meet the Army-trains on the high-roads and sometimes the trains stop at filling stations along the wayside. Either way, they are sure of Retting the motor oiis that Keep Upkeep Down. It is highly important that YOU, too, use these same oils in your trucks and business-cars. It is in keeping with the thrift policy of the times. Ask for Atlantic Motor Oils by name. rONSEI.I.STILLK: Connellsv'Ue Hanwr Cochrnn Sorter McCrory's Garage . Hvatt .Holflr Co. ADDIR05: Old Trail Garape BKLLF. VERSOS: Bell* Vi-rnon G»r»BF Kyle f4ra£e CH4.WTION: S. E. Solomon rOXFl,l'E*CF.i Confluence Ganure Kej-stonp Garaer Fronts A Tissue IIAVISTOlfSi s. r. raip Indian l!«ul Store To. DC.MIVR: Pnnbar Atrto Co, EI.K. LICK: SoJisbnrr Aoto Co. HcClnrc into Co. Folrbope Garage BARRETT: '. B. Sbober 15DUX H E A D : H. S. Shomnnn Sparks Snpplr Co. KF.rSTKH: ('Mnpbell i Ciunphfll LEISF.XRJJNG: W. H. Anderson TCwd Vano* METF.RSDALE: Xeyrrhdfiio Aatu Co. I'nion Motor Co. MT. PLEASAXT: W. G. OitenrJse KoontT: Garapc SOrUIU.VILLE: T. T. Kemp J. W. Minard OOTOP7LE: linrdelte i Sailor Fails .Motor Co. PER.RYOPOMS: C. T. DaTiihnn rrsr, MTU.: .1. G. Smith POCAHOXTAS: {. G. Tiitzey JiODSERS JTELLS: H. Fnllem Co. ROXBFRT: I.. H. Mnsscr SF. ARIGHT: Paul Angelo Paul Ararelo SOHERFtF.LD: Tonsh Anto Co. IV m. Frey ,1. C. Spurceon SPKIXGS: F. W. iU-nder STAR JOfCTIOX: Star .Innciion Auto C«. THSEfA: .1. B. Daris Wills Garaee ,1. B. Levr Frank 15. Galler ^TELLF IV. K. Kennoll G A S O L I N E Puts Pep in. "Yo ur Mo t or You're fooisiGk! tired, puffed up, chafed, acliing. f e c f v e nl once. sweaty, and they need "Tiz." i The fuel administration w i l l taktf "Tiz" makes feet remarkably fresh under coosiderat.on the probable ef- and sore-proof. "Tiz" takes the pain ' feet of the proposed installation on and burn right out of corns, callouses j tne prosecution of the war and its re- and bunions, "Tiz" is the grandest' 1 at ion to the available fuel supply, foot-gladdener the worUl has ever! At Hie same time the estimated pffl- known. i ciency of such plants will be judged Get a 25-cent box of "Tiz'; at any . by the state advsory engineer before drug store and end foot torture for a ! permission is given for Installation whole year. Never have tired, ach-; to proceed. Jng. sweaty, amelly f e e t ; your shoes, ·-- ·ill fit fine and*you'll oniy wish you If Ton Wntit Somfthlns ad tried "Tlz* sooner. Accent no Real Money Can Be Saved by Haying y o n r Hat Cleaned and Reblocked into the LntPfU Shape In our Experienced anrl K x p e r L Hal Cleaner, who makes a special prudy of all Panama work. We use no acids and friiaraniee all our work to bp the basu Etttabllsked 190C. Tk Amerian Up-to-Date Hat Cleaning Parlor J. L. PKBEUS', Proprietor. 311 W. Crawford Avo.. CONNBI.LSVILLE, PBNNA. When your nerves are all on edge and sleep seems out of the question take -at bedtime-- one or two Can Also Haul Live Stock P. B. KESSLER. 613 HcCormick Avenue. Tri-State »42-Z. Bell 234. ttorzwe AKD notswxo K'lASO* A SfBClALTT, F. T. EVANS PJrrATK BOTH PHONKS EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HO^rE, Strjctly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PE.N'N WAITING ROOM. . . Wh^ be bnlclt -nxc the h«lr. CMC KorhfM !tall Head Hair *,ro\\fr. the only rr-mrd^ Tor r»- Hnllr.. Prirc S1.4H). pOHTaffe p«td. H i l l y ForHt, .sr-ottdAlo'* Drnff- ^jxl, Srnttjnlp, rn. ftHICHESTER S PILLS had tried substitute,- -Adv. Accent no Advprtiso for it in our classified eol- umr. One cent . word. ' L*r*t»t StJ« of Any Medicine in the World, Sold ·T*fTwh*re. In boxe», lOc., 25c. i Ke-d *id tiolA rar--..-. ^. iealnj tnth Blue Ribbon. Tube nt other. BUT ofro^r V^^^, _ TUB.UIAJONn^BlZJLNU. TRY OUE · uTMui.-AS^6flifara.T TO s · CLASSIFIED ADLETS. DIAftiOND KRA.ND PILLS, for 25 1 « A TXTrVDTX _ ycanL-noTrnu3«t,Gifcjt,Al»-»fiRd!*b)« J.C A W \J£\iU, ·SOlDBVDRUQGISISEVERWiMHff PETEC T)T"H--Go On. Peter- Lanph. Ton'ye fiot Her Fooled BT C. A. VOIGHT NOU To S»T SPtASM OS POOE-

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