The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1930
Page 5
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'RTDAY, MAKCH 7, ,/HlS DAIt/T CTJUKIKTR, TELK, Scottdale Files Protest With Commerce Commssion Against Freight Rate Boost Increase of 10 to !U) Tor Cent , Held Detrimental to r u t t e d , Caruso's Widcm Named pitafrs fast Iron ripe A. In Late Envoy's Will Foundry Company. CONGRESSMEN'S | AID IS SOUGHT j M i m i al to The Courier SCOTTDALK, Jlardi 7 -- t'i a resolution parsed tn tovui o u n - cil Moivdav u i g h l i p o t i U o n was foi- ' torlay to the Intersta**. Com Commission asking tho freight rate i n c r p i s e effective March 20, which will aJftct the plant ot tho Vnited St.itrs Cast Iron Pipe Foundry Cotnpaij, be buspended ' pending a h e a r i n g Tho petition was signed by Borough Manager T B Gibson, President of Council "Walter J 1 '. Stoncr, Burgees C V Lew IB and Solicitor John L, Molllsou Betters were a l o sent to Congressman Adam M V\ \.\nt of Oreenshuri; u n d Samuel A Kendall of Moyprbdale, netting forth c o n t r i t i o n t h a t tho pipe t ompanv w i l l be ;reatl hampeied In its oporatioiih by in increase iu rat«H of 10 to 30 per i f n t w h i c h tiie to bu- onio effet' -e M jrch -0, in vu w o£ tho fact t h a t Sou hern m n n n f a c uirers ·with lower rates willl bo abto to undersell tho local ( omp in Tue iti- i reuse atferts oul tho lodil plant and pipe mills ".'i Ohlr, it via*, .s.iid All pre-ssuie t h a t can be b t o i i R h t 10 bear \ \ i l l bo iw cd to a a ^ e the plant 10 Sottdile, loi it is foared t h a t it )! can no longti comppto \ s i t h the South the c o m p a n y \ \ i l l posbibly tea c operations iiere The boaid of t ad* and tl-e Kpt i r j Club have joined v i t h t o u n r i l in a*Aang for suspension of the rate 1 The borough's p r o t P M v,as t o i warded t h i s momlng bj jivery so as to i t a c h t h e uimnussion oefora March 10 the final di foi filing. Mrs. Wilson's Statement. .Mrs. Dorothy Benjamin Caruso, widow of the world-famed tenor, Enrico Caruso, recajves $25,000 under the terms of f h e will of th* lata Alexander Moo? o, former Ambassador to Spain And appointed to a similar post in Poland shortly before his death. 1 he betrothal of Mrs. Caruso and ti'f Ambassadot , watt announced in 1926, but th«U i marriage hud not t *icen pjace. Relative to i charge £ fraudulent conversion brought by A Fink af?ait\«t 1rh Earl AVlUion ot this plate, Age Necewary to Give Proverbn Full Flavor An ong the best known old sayings nre those dealing w i t h sour grapes, ! looking the gift hors In the mouth, !-._,.-,," ' t h l prophet honored elsovhero than at home, hastp nnd wnste, honesty and policy. One mlKht snj, indeed, that there nre no such Hurgs as new prov- i erbs since, HKe Mine, they are in need of age to make them worth while. The Tory definition o' a proverb. "A short, sententiovis pt ra^e. long eur- Mrs, Wilson made the f o l l o w i n g state- rent In common spe cJi," Bhows that mout in her defense 'I wi«h to mak« reply to tho of fraudulent conversion ni.ulo against njre Is necessary to j reduce th« last- Injj flavor. In Sterne's "Spntlrnental Journey" mo ly A Fink I brought out t w o j occurs one of the most beautiful boys' coat« for approval and on do-1 phrases in the I?nt;ilh language, "Cod ruling to keep them paid Mr Fink $330 with the oral understanding \ ^ u t another payment waa to made on tl.f following p a j d a v I signed my name to tho felip giving the amount of tlvo balance duo Mr Pink said that w.i'i just to fehow I got the coate 1 feigned no Pipe Mill order th«n or any oihoi time but an o r d e r was written whci-o t h f i o war a blank space alxivo mv name b somi'' ono at the Fink fitoio »ome time after I left the btore us the order was not written on the pap*r when I signed my name I have the -wind to t h e shorn lamb." was not origin il with Sterne-nor does the Bible ha\e it. The jihnisp w is picked up hv a writer, llprburt, dbout 1010 nnd wo* by him from n Sixteenth century proserb of the Freuch, who, in turn sot it still farther hack from s.onif Latin writer. 1 he Latins, again, iwij have brought It lown from Turk- Mi or oriental sourt s, as these are rich in ancient p » o \ i r b s Every old nation 'ias a wealth ot prove-i l !al sayings one Spanish author n'onc collecting 24,000. Spnin, It no wwh to deny gpttiriK the coats b u t , j, bp n l , %ct i t possesses the largest store, I do object to an unlust a u u s a t l o n . j though the Arabs, t h e t'ersians, the On account of Mr Wilson not work-| Indians, tbp Chinese ind the Japanese ing f u l l linn* I dwln't have the money, also h a v e unlimited quantities.-- Cleve- to Bond to i\Ir Fink. H« vvrpto me a I p t l e r demanding payment in lull I did not have tho amount due and eent h i m a money o-xlcr for |2 Ho r--, Malay Quick to Resent land Plain Dealer. fused to accept it, wiyuiK it woe not satisfactory, and thon made lu'oima- tlon before- Squire Kennol. Mi Fink Hurt to Personal Pride Persona! pride an t the 'emotion of love nre the most frequent causes of accepted tho money order--the same j minders In the Philippines, lending one--Monday owning at the IKAI Ing j strangers to conclude that life Is light- Mr. Wilson told him no hod no inten-j ]y held here and innider is committed tion of evading p a y m e n t but IIP Dimply over mere trivialities. The current po- did not have tho money IIo tetused lico calendar would (onflrm that opln- to pay the cost 5 and eonip ono had ton. Over love, an in i ermedlate school- to pay them and Mr. Fink faltl h e 1 K'rl stabbed her classmate, another ·would I fe-pl it Is only fair that hoth s'ri, to death with 46 wounds--verl- sirtes of the storj bhould be pnntcxl ", tft W? cutting the body to pieces, and Hunt MII mi Denies Report. Reports ye«t«'i-f]ay, following damage to the IjaFayettc Junior High School at Uniontown, of t.imil.u- destruction at tho Kast Huntingdon High Sehool wer« deniel by Principal J. the Juvenile murderess soerood ncarco- ly perturbed when arrested, confessing all. Over personal pride, a peasant slew a household, four persons, man, wife and their two children, with hi.s bolo. Given to drinking, he was making a drunkarcl'i boisterous head- Owon Hunteman. who said that t l m e j way past tne house. The man, think had been no damage since two weeks j n g to shnma him, ^olod him from ago last Sunday night when vandale broke- into the- buihliiij? The damage at that time was not extensile, he ea id. V. H. Ojwsrettu March 26. 1 annual s^rlriR opcre-tt.i of tho Huntingdon Township High School will be held at the school on March 20 Book Club News. Tho Book Club met at the library on \Vedneeduy evening. Mrs K C Auld reviewed the book, "Elizabeth and Essex," by li, Strachey. A special hour followed, with Mrs Alicen uiid Mrs. Daweon as the hostesses Infection From Scratch. Hay Poorbaiifh, employed on She Daweon farm near Wooldale, ie at the- the window overlooking the street, and called him "im borrnchln," H common drunkard. I/ess than flvp niimites later he had wiped out the family, A Malay is never to be safely Insulted In the presence or hearing of third parties. Jlemortal Hospital at Mount suffering with an Infection of tho hand and arm Mr. Poorhaugh suffered a scratch about a weok ago and paid little attention to it. The hand« ^ inf-ected and latpr the arm An operi- Magn» Chart* King John affixed his seal to the document called the Magna Charta on June If}, 1215, having been compelled to do so by the barons and their followers. In Jnn4 of that year both parties encamped on the plain called Runnyraede, on the banks of the I'hatnen near Windsor, nnd conference were opened between the king and the barons. The barons presented their grievances and the means of redress, In the nature of bl Is offered for tho rojil rssent. The lilnR directed that the-ie articles should bo reduced to the form of a charter, and in this form it was drawn up by the detks, In Lattion wna performed on th** hand and !n - Man y of lts P«-is!on«» were based al*vo on the arm. Tho Infection has on u previous chart, r granted by King spread to bin ?uie (inlid Enk'rtAiiu'd. i Mis Leo Kelly and \li, Emersou' I'ber e n t o i i a i n e i tiie G u i l d of T i i u i t y i R«foimel C h u r c h at tht» honif of Mis ' rber in College aviMiuo, M o u n t l*U»us-1 ant last 'v«'tmif at a v^ial an-j liusi- n«"V iiieotiug i Herry I In the jeai 1100. Oil Works U|j,7f. TKArNUH la M a t c h 7 Firi i 1 fioyed »»v«'n largo tank 4 01 ga,* ut th v Slnclun refiniti!; u l a n t i,,ar latt last n l x h t T!it tuo started whon a 40,000 b«ir«vl t « u k r x p l o c l . d A»b*»to» Peril Ailhough asbestos- has been used In Industry at least sltice 4SO li, C, onlv ivitiiiu recent ears has it been recog- ni/ed tiiut asbestos dus,t can produce dlense of the lunf.;). Asbestos is a uilnerai of u curk us fibrous strucr tuie. It l« used In nuLIn^ gns mantles, furnace linings, he it resisting mats, and so on, and In I irgely handled by women. The Inhalation of dust gives rise to fjmptuins in gone of tho workers The h*a' sot off tho oth^i tauki- V u e - j after about five y ar«. They begin men were for« d bv the heat ot Ulaie «o conftiv their efforts to save adjoining propcrti«»t In Xced c! Something; Then ns« our Claasifled to get short of breath on exertion, lose weight, and de elop a dry coojh. If thp cases are si en early and prevented fjora beinj; Irritated by the dust, much relief c in be obtained by treatment, Everybody's Store TOILET GOODS 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste . .38c 50c Pompeian Face Powder ...38c 25c Johnson's Baby Talc 16c 40c Fletcher's Castoria 28c 20c Bayer's Aspirins ,13c 25c Listerine Tooth Paste 19c 25c Cuticure Soap 19c 121 N. Pittsburg St. COMBINATION SALE Three Flower "T C j Face I'owder --,, I wC FREE Ono Bottle Three Flower Perfume (Nelson's) Smart New HATS and $4-95 Chic straws and now Toyo hats with high lustre; off the face or brim btyles' Nejwest tpring colors,. M A Straw t1 in Trimmed ·Pi-* 3 Here's A Great Sale! Mew Silk Dresses $1074 $13.74 .See Window Display Values To $13.75 V-* / Da.^hing Print Ircsses Sheer Georgette Dresses Adorable Lace for Eveninir LoTely Printwl Gevrgettea Serviceable Printed Silks The New Silhouettes Engeinlile Effects Hiffhtr Waistlines Smart Bow Trbnmlnps Now Sleeve Treatment* Women who attend this special dress nale Saturds y wH not forget it in a hurry, for never have we been able to offer such beautiful dresses of (hese high-grade silks and fine workmanship for only $13,76. Stylos for every iype 01 woman, sizes 14 to f0. Up to $35 Fur Trimmed Winter Coats $10 S P R I N G COATS All new, smart and worth more' A wonderful variety ' of styles -- for street and dressy wear--black and colors, richly fur trimmed. Misses', women's and stout sizes. RAYON PAJAMAS $1.95 Heavy quality, delustawri rayon. Clever new styles and combination colors. (Nelsoii's--2nd Floor) 79c and 98' Regular and up-Hft, fancy brocaded --law and jersey materials. All sizes. (Nelson's---2nd Floor) Hew Sport Sweaters ALL-WOOL SPRING SWEATERS and Skirts \ Women's and misses' smart now sllpovijr sweaters -- plain colors and novelty patterns All sizea. : ti?Jiii f fiiiii ^ \ I Orphan Annie Girls' Sport Sweaters $2.49 Girls' all wool Orphan Annie sport sweaters--new spring patterns. All sizes. (Nelson's--Main Floor) SKIRTS For Sportwear \ $3.95 and $4.95 Designed with yokes that fit hips trimly. New spring sbodea. Children's Fancy Press Shoes 97c Pl.iin untl fancy patterns, with little heel, lare or button btyles. AH sUes to 8 Women's Low ISiiup Clatters $1.OO Mi (Hum and low heels. Pl.ilu or fancy patterns -- ill wises to S. Men's T ew Dress Shoes $2.95 Tan and black leathers; n*w styles. Sensational Pur ;hase and Sale Brand New Gorgeous NOVELTY FOOTWEAR For Womei i and Growing Girls $1.98 to The Leather s Black Suedi'B, 11 own Suejlpf,, Blu» Sn tlefi, Suede (UUl Kid Com' ma- tloiiH, Satiijs, JCid If ath- eis, iu black and br wu. Heal values, that clef all competition. All heel heights. $2.95 The Styles .Fancy Ties, Plain Pumps, Buckle Pumps,. Plain Straps, Buckle Straps, T Straps, in fac't a style for t-veiy occasion You w i l l find your siee and width in these groups Misses' Straps' and Oxfords rait ni ,. 4 a nci bleick leathers, In s laps, ox- torcls and hi ;ii shoea. AH size? to 2. New S(yleh Boys' Slurtly Shot's $1.97 NB\V styles it tan and bla lr Ipatliff a, guar- ·untpfd to ;ive Kood wear All si/ i to ,0. Tots' Cinderella presses Sizes 2 to a, N e w spring panty dresses, fast c o l o r prints, smart dainty, and attractive. (Nelsori's) Men's Leather Houso Slippers $1.OO Boys' Shoes Women's House Slippers $1.0O 49c Men's Cottonade Work Pants .$1.95 Men's Rib Fleece Union Suits C3c Men's Blue Chambray Work Shirts ..... 69c

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