Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 30, 1974 · Page 38
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 38

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 38
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Lure of Fishing Costly And Irresistable, Too Fishing may be fun and games, but fishing lures are big business. It would be interesting to know how much money is spent in the United States each year on lures alone, not to mention rods, reels and other equipment. In fact, the cost of lures may drive people back to hook and worm, although there is no sign yet of buyer resistance because of prices. What fishermen want, fishermen buy. You begin to wonder, however, when the price of a two-inch- long fishing lure rises past the $2 mark, and when a tiny spinner carries a price tag in the $1.50 neighborhood. Last week I bought three lures at a Charleston store for $7.41. The best-known brands cost more, naturally, and if you question whether they're worth it. the answer is yes. Some off-brand lures would not catch fish at a hatchery. Some fishermen buy the ingredients wholesale and make their own spinners, but this is recommended only if you plan to do a lot of fishing. If you're careful, a half dozen store-bought brand- name spinners will last through a season. The price of lures being what they are, fishing carefully is more important than catching fish. Don't count a fishing trip successful if you catch a four-pound smallmouth bass; count it a success if you don't lose any lures. * * * Be Selective in Buying Lures In addition to the matter of price, fishermen are faced with a bewildering assortment of colors, sizes and types of lures. Just as it's impossible to go to the bakery shop and not buy something, so is it equally impossible to visit a sporting goods counter without buying at least one lure. The result is that most fishermen wind up with a tackle box full of lures, when in reality they could get by with a mere handful. To successfully resist the temptation to stock up on too many lures, throw away your conventional tackle box and keep lures in one of those cloth bags with a shoulder strap. They're much handier anyway. There is no one best lure, because in fishing there are too many variables, such as weather, type of water, condition of water, and the kind of fish you're after, but every fisherman has two or three favorites. These personal choices are developed after years of fishing. As a general rule in bass fishing, you want at least one each of three types of lures, including a surface lure, a shallow or medium-running lure, and a deep-running lure. Buy a popular brand of each, and anything else is frosting on the cake. * it * · _ Spinners, Imitation Minnows Good There are too many lures to cover the field, but at the risk of sounding commercial, I'll mention a handful of them. If a bass fisherman was restricted to one lure and one lure only, he would pick either some kind of spinner or some kind of an imitation minnow. One of the popular spinners is the Mepps, which comes in different sizes and colors, of course. For West Virginia water, the zero to No. 3 sizes with squirrel tails are recommended. Rapalas, the hand-made Finnish lures that burst onto the market a few years ago with dazzling success, are versatile performers in the imitation minnow field. The floaters can be fished on the surface and then as a shallow runner on the retrieve. The sinkers will burrow down to the bottom on the retrieve. A good way to start with a Rapala is to let it lay quietly on the water surface for a few seconds after the cast, and then give it a few very light twitches with the rod. Nothing looks more like a wounded minnow than the real thing. Rapalas come in two colors -- silver and gold -- and in about By Skip Johnson five different sizes. The 3 J and 4 5/8-inch sizes are good compromises for bass. it * * A Worm Should Look Like a Worm Among other bass lures, Pflueger Tandem Spinners. Bombers, Creek Chubs, rubber worms. Shysters. Lazy Ikes and Rebels would have to be listed with the underwater favorites. Tandem Spinners, with their familiar red, white and black tails, have been around almost as long as fish. Shysters, which are also spinners, seem to be particularly attractive to walleyes. For an added incentive, put a white pork rind on one of the hooks. Bombers have that funny looking bomb-shaped tail, and they are retrieved backward. They're popular with lake fishermen during hot weather because they run deep. Rubber worms come in an embarrassing assortment of colors, including purple, blue, red, green, black and natural. I prefer the latter, on the theory that a worm should look like a worm. If you fish for crappies and bluegills -- in the lakes, you may as well include some jigs in your tackle box. Jigs - also called Doll Flies -- are good for bass and walleyes on occasion, as well as being liked by panfish. Surface lures of note include Hula Poppers (they look like nothing I've ever seen in the water but fish seem to like them), Jitterbugs (fish them at night in hot weather). Lucky 13 (it makes a strange chugging noise). Tiny and Babe Torpedos, and Crazy Crawlers. Fly fishing for bass is almost a vanishing art. but it's an interesting kind of fishing that should be tried occasionally. Any of the streamer flies in red-yellow, white-gray or solid black colors are good. Bass seem to mistake black streamer flies for hellgrammites. which proves again that nobody's perfect. Vacations for 6 AMONG WIDE ASSORTMENT OF LURES THAT TICKLE FISHERMAN'S FANCY Every Angler Has Two or Three Favorites That He Uses Most of Time · --Photo by Leo Chobot Capitol Leads Eastern L.L. RAND McNALLY OUTDOOR RECREATION GUIDE, by Richard Dunlop, Rand McNally Co., $4.95 paperback, $8.95 hardbound. A change in the travel patterns of many Americans was detected by Dunlop even before the gasoline price-supply situation had its dramatic impact. "More and more people are interested in vacations that involve 'doing' something rather than passive sight-seeing," he declares in this comprehensive guide to hiking, trail riding, canoeing, rafting, backpacking and camping. His new guide is aimed at those for whom 'doing' something might include any or all of the above things, as well as bike hiking, rockhounding, spelunking, sport diving and underwater photography. Dunlop thinks current public concerns with saving money or saving gasoline (which mean the same thing) are leading a greater interest in doing something outdoors. He believes Americans will discover greater pleasure and deeper meaning in depending upon themselves and their own skills, instead of on unnecessary gadgets, and that's what his book is all about. Capitol Transfer is seeking its third straight Charleston 'Eastern Little League title. This season Capitol is 14-1. Capitol has won 37 of its last 40 games under the leadership of Fred Haddad Jr. and Al Davis. Capitl won the first half crown with a comt-from-be- hind 12-10 win over Royal Ods- mobile. Royal was leading 9-2 in the fourth inning before Stephen Davis smacked a three- run triple, Craig Woolcock a three-run homer and Steve Hopkins' solo shot. Davis is Capitl's second leading batter with a .660 mark and a 6-0 pitching record. Hopkins, an All-Star at the age of 11, is hitting .624. Joey Minardi leads the club in hitting with a .711 average. Tommy Elgin fanned 14 batters in one game this season to go with his .551 average. Othr leading hitters include Woolcock, .473; J. C. Lowery, .485; and Carlis Bardy, .439 and 4-0 pitching. Haddad feels that the success behind Capitol is a combination of pride, spirit and a desire to win. He also credits Capitol's sponsor, Mrs. Jordan, with helping Capitol to win because "she really loves the players and the players in turn love her and want to win for her," he said. Haddad believes that 60 per cent of Capitol's victories will be because of personnel, 20 per cent good coaching and 20 per cent luck. Before 1972 and 1973. the last championship for Capitol was in 1963. 1964 and 1965 when Haddad played. Fishburne Military School Fall Session Begins Sept. 8th Gr. 7-12 PG. A small school in the Southern tradition, preparing boys for a future of success. Limited size yet broad program guarantees a thorough education full participation for each boy. How-to-Study. Honors courses. Reading dvpt. Sports. Jr. ROTC. Clubs. Band. Driver Training and Karate offered. Since 1879. In the Shenandoah Valley. For details and a catalog, call (703: 943-4336) or write Admissions Director Post Office Box 988Y Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 SAAB N / Oft A =r \ j UiV mpg I · · ·* * ·k-.t-.t-^^ 44t JL "** A The government just proved that our luxury car is an economy car. / MAZDA \ Highway Driving 30.6 mpg Highway Driving 19.0 mpg COMPARE Below are the results of the long awaited Environmental Protection Agency retest of Mazda. These official results prove SAABS economy and reaffirms its original findings on in-city driving (which is average driving) and then added that highway driving with the Mazda requires about 40% more fuel to travel a given distance than required by conventionally-powered vehicles of similar weight. They compared Mazdas fuel consumption to the "larger Ford Torino." HIGHWAY VEHICLE Cin FUEL VEHICLE WEIGHT FUEL ECONOMY ECONOMY Saab 99 2750 Ibs. 20.6 mpg 30.6 mpg Automatic 3000lbs. 18.7mpg 27.7mpg AMC Gremlin 3000lbs. 17.7 mpg 27.2 mpg Veaa Manual 3000lb$. 17.5 mpg 30.7 mpg ISpRTM 2750lbf. 13.4mpg 21.2mpg MaxdaRX-3 2750lbs. 13.3 mpg 19.0 mpg Mazda RX-4 · 300 ° **· l2.Smpg 20.5 mpg FordTorino .' 4500lb$. 12.5mpg 20.0mpg The Swedish-built Saab 99 recorded 20.6 miles per gallon during average driving and 30.6 miles per gallon during highway driving. A Mazda RX3, a car of the same, weight as Saab, recorded 13.3 miles per gallon during average driving and 19.0 miles per gallon during highway driving. A Saab costs a few dollars a month more than a Mazda, but Saab offers the safety of ROLL CAGE CONSTRUCTION, the stopping power of four WHEEL DISC BRAKES, the traction of FRONT WHEEL DRIVE and a reliable fuel injected OVERHEAD CAM ENGINE. SAAB backs their automobile with a 12 month UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty. As a matter of fact we ore so sure you will be satisfied with your SAAB or DATSUN that we give you this promise. If you are not satisfied with your new SAAB or DATSUN just return it undamaged within 72 hours or one thousand miles and we will cheerfully refund your money. Satisfaction Guarantied or Your Monoy Back cMountaineerDatsun-Swb Tho Doctors hip yog can boliovo in; Salos and Sorvico with paoplo you can trust SMVHKMASTIifT CNARLISTON, W. VA. 343-4143

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