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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1918
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ConneDsville's Biggest and Best Ne'ivspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,761 VOL 16, NO 195 CONNBLLSVILLF PA,, THURSDAY EVENING JUNE 27 1918 EIGHT PAGES BRITISH OUST GERMANS FROM FORTIFIED POSITIONS AND TAKE NUMEROUS PRISONERS ONE HUNDRED TWO MORE YOUNG MEN OFF FOR CAMP LEE I-MPEROR NICHOLAS SHOT BY ORDER OF EOLSHEVIKI COURT Enemy Artillery Report- MILLION DOLLAR WAR ed Active on Lys CHEST FOR FAYFTTE Salient c -ited I re Gl-M-1 \, ) u n o 21 -- t Uk- Thousands Join in Bidding Farewell to Men ot Districts 2 and ». Large Audience Stays Tiitil 11 O'clock to Private Hermart. COUNTY DISCUSSEDnNE PARADE AS ESCORT At a meeting held m Uniontown. nnuc D A A D »TA»TP tievir - u a meeun E ncia ^ umuw*u.: UUIW KuAlY ALUINb AlOlrt TestcrcUu afternoon 40 representative ' Bttn(ls un{1 vircmui lead raino bnrcau ui I-insmini nn nounced lodaj it bus received confirmation ot tlic report thitt the ItoiihPiiLI authorities at "\ ( ka[M nnljunr (ondemncd Nicholas Uomaimn, the formor Hus- ·-In rl trial nnd then slml him. HE TELLS OF YIMY RIDGE Oetails ot the reported exeontjon arc Inrltinir CARROLL FLANIGAN FIRST IN citizens from all parts of Fayette | coutn discussed the advisabilitj of Duels There SBTS the conducting a "\\ar Chest campaign for flffi v i. t a milllon dollar fund in this counn UttlCial laris Stall- instead of indiudual campaigns b merit, e\e~v war cbantv organization The 1mm Irraory to thi linlliniurc t Ohio Matiun, Bert Ihimms Captains Jiti 2 Ddc-iibon, liis. Bivrtlctt Vi Ont hundred and t w o more draftees, PMtIS, I n n e 27- ', illspntrh ironi JUp\ under date 01 ^ednt^- da^ J u n e 2(! T d( clart s that the rt port ol ihe assignation of tnrni r l'irvp ror " N i t h M n s of Uusstji luis In in cnnfirnit 1 H is deelnr* d lip i\iis killed hi Bol sheiiki Irnons rturini: (heir rt- trcal un Tekapennlinn* "· success of thc W ar Chest plan in eight | fr0[n couuel svill and Mcinitj w e t e -- o-her conimunniei where it was plit| K u e r j a royal SC ndoff on thur depar FRENCH CAPTDKE HlS on was reported b a committee of ] t o r o to Camp , Oc ljit m g h t u^t L %\ Fogg of bmonlown J Tied | Board N o 2 S0 ni iw mt i Lo cam ) aud Kurtz of this citj and H \. Cotton of Boar(1 N o a hf , nl 3J \rrny Casualty List For Toda Issued Brown 3 ulle who had been appointed The j, aradc w a s or ,_ of lhe i a r g r t t CrfXTTn A l T WAIUTCM m Washington Shows 29 Hen Kill. lo '° ok ' n t o thc , ld 't ,,, U c t E» l " to the drafuo- H.ided by JtUi 11/ALti W UlHEll ed ,n Vction and 14 Died ,r Other da f e '' Jhich a inenm-'woaTd ^e the Conn ' 1SU " C , }' " Ur , ' nnd ^ , date on w m c n i ineeun a wouia u l - , p roc£ , is)011 mmed f oin :1 e armorv Cau^s, Inclndlng \.Toplane Mishap j held at thf court house n bmontwn horll , b t f o r i j 0 c , ock MC T, bcrs O r to be attended bj persons from all I lhe ^ Qma ,, aad 0|d 6Ollh , r b w o r c Rovno of tht Nations' bv tht thtui- tauqna Children and Concert l» the I ovut Conci rt tompaan Other ^, timbers on Ilest f nUrtainment let. par s of thc counts o express thoi 1 " I By Associated Proas. GREVT F \LL1M. OIF IS SIBUARnt Sl\hIM,S LOM0. iia Ottawa, lime 2k --Merchant ton riant losses i ir the month 01 Ma^, due to enenij ac tlon and marine risk, the I ritish admiralt) monthly statement shows were as follows * Jintish, 24,7 !. tons, \ l l t i d a n i l neutral 1W,93'J tons. This aesrecate lor M IT 01 to, 671 tons, eomp ired ^ 1th an i-cirre gate tor -Vpnl ol £11.1% tons, and a total ot b30,4J(j tons in Jtay ol last yeiir. LONDON June!: -British troops DOCTORS MUST REPORT last night took a Geman strong point weat of \ m \ Berqmn east f f Haze Cases 01 Tuberculosis Corn t UT in brouck and captured pnsom rs and flieir Districts. machine suns ss the offictil *tate- In a , e ler recelv( , d b% ^ o Brder next u lint, mcl tbe fc-outh Conntlls a on the ^ a r Chest pU i This j u l l e ^ ^ fist c de Vo!untLCr fi remen idea will be explained through the f o l l o w e d Ht ^ ded b , lhe m o n i U r s o£ MAKE 82,000 RED CROSS ARTICLES trict No 2 w e r o n xt m line and a column of I3( j Scouts rrirc ted next j The Loiioni ns band Jc«J the del* gation oC \o 5 draTiccb inl inUr rain\ I morrow In antic pation of the plan meeting ^ i t h the approval o he people of tht coun a nom nat on committee to select persons to handle the d i \ e vas appom ed The committei, concisL 1 ; of T \\ Fogs Johu i nch and Joseph Rosenlilum of bmontov-n " I ^ ar Kc 1 !! ind E T Norton Conmllsulle Samuel E TaUor I r o m s v i l e R D j Henr- Daw^n E E Beardslev i u dlons ut ; ^ t r i l P o . n t V l a . i D O and * lham Graham *^^*_»? 1 **TM Mason town mtng (,d w i t L the IULH v irtr'"rVerr 116 ri ^Y HGURES NEAR 21,000 It ilian band matched n e \ t in me ind' the reir was b-ought up h\ the paro cnial schoo adels thi. dr if eJ men The ilatform at thc Baltimore L Ohio sta i JL was c owded w th thousands of persons Tht special trim pulled r on tme t-Qd tho A thrilling pi ure of the batt e fron b\ on w ho has been in the thick at tho H u n t i n g a i d come out cr pplwl for Ii£ w ifa Jiat painted last evening in the clos ng number o f the cbaujuiqiiL h Private Arthur K Pier man irember ot h 13Lh Canadian Rl icfc \\ atct on the subject Over There U b i o i f , h t to a fit-ing close th b(«.t vjritb of these entertainments oiinellsvjUc his yet enjoyed acd fol I O V \ L I ih° R o \ u c of tbe fsatlons b^ m nberb of the Junior Rcdpa h club composed of children of the city ind 110 mi! concert lo the I ovit ( omen A Upica last night audioni_e sat spo'Lbound undc- the Tvords of 11 \ite II -nan unul aTto'- 1 o clock His dtacripLion of the battle of % my HifU e m v.htch he tectived his blightv" was Jie most mttrest ng rii of tae leT.uro It was Uio Iirst d(,b.npaoc of jj,(tle given here by t nit J2 Ile[xtr1 ProeiMds 01 SVil one wht h L.- actually partic"paiec ind Irom (.amniil l e w Accks Vpo, , l l -o%tr d L numbei of phases J h ained to look tiler 1 Onc ° r f h mos "wresting »aa t at PAYS $2,500 TO RED CROSS FOR VIOUTING FUE REGULATIONS F\-Shonff James If Hoorer rharped With raiLuif, to Complj IV ItJi Orders, \dmit* the ( harce rx-bhenff liraes H Hoover owner of Jie Hoowr coke plait nea Me ClelUadlown lias been lhe first op- erato- of tbe Connellsvil e region to buffer the imposition of a pcnalti r O r iiolalmn of the rules rcgjla ions and oid«ia f he Fuel Mmijistr-uion Chapbca were brou^bt igainst Mr Homer 'or failing M make sh pmerts of coke ah directed b the Lnlted Stale-, Fuel \dm nistiator by order februarj -i 1118 It ,vas al«3 ciiari,ed Uiat he neglected to make repor s to baited States ;\iei Admm Ismuon a» directed hi sucL order ^ppcjinit ny counsel before the United States Fuol A.oVninist ation, Mr Hoover .idmitted the justice of the Historic Event of Yea* Ago at Washington Repeated 246 IN FIRST CAPSULE Is Master nmbcr For Ul In Countrj Rnmung That HIGH OFFICIALS PRESE5PE Secretary Baker Has Honor of B»« moTinp First Ferr A umbers Shortly YItcr 9^0 Today: Drawing Requires, ThxuL Hours to Complete* \ n j V u x i l m r j By Associated Press. 'WASHINGTON June 27 --Ameri- a .d promised Uiat he \vouW I ca a class of I91S stood at attention m Uie fu uiv Lbide br and carrv out toria'v as tlie numbers assigned to to ie le tor all the order* of th« ' oach young maji attaining his major* Lni cd fatates Fuel Administration now in force or Jia m gb.t faereattex in tiie vear ending 3ast Jun« o we drawn in the I\atKmaI draft lottery be made whom -nijlin a few months wall be en~ I He cspec^Ii) requested he ruel j a Tear ago were rewsa »d as 'rom I Wmraistrauon to and ix | la^ge gliss boi\l in the comm-ttea I wba IE !,, jad-graent was a fair and room or tie Senate office building reibonabk pi ally for jis \iolauon of were dra«n the numbers represent- the rule-s aod ir was -hereupon or mo 744500 /ouths tbe majontv ot Idered to donate the sum of 52,500 to I whom withr, a fey, months will be en- Relit! 01 i ot ilin in S«rnce Special to T'le Courier June 27 -- Since he u e r e put on board imuiMiateh The Apiil 1 J91~ the meirbersi of tram left just a few minutes behind s ottdale aux U iry of the Red Crobh schedule h ^ \ t made ^ i,rana u tal of SI J04 Bert Thorn LS was captain of the hospital a-rticlefi for u^e of the Red District No 2 men tie jad six assist tro^s orsaniiauoi- in caring for wctc ment from Field Marshal Haig toda\ c^nrotan. nf ttm Rnarn ~t w r a i t h 1,^1 " ~ ~ ~ 7 "~° erj has been actne creta " of lhe Bo ^ r °- ° f Health he' a i l t s w h o v c r c j O seih l o ^ e Bjrou and wounded on the Lys salient The^erman artillery has been actue s asked to g u e p u b lcu lo thc , Ml j ~ w r J a m L £ |Jenle Franclq Btn D u r m g tbo moM o£ May ^^^ that p*isiciar 3 of the city must re m a n u Jolm BrmdUnge port, cases of tuberculoa s w l e n thoy I Houston examine or treat such cases The let Frank ir to t v ie report of the mgaiher 2) irut !es w e r e completed and The ciptani of the No i men wis to ned o^er to Uie general corrmi tee dea ing w t i l i ovu" t ie op Some curae some pray some arc silent, al! are deter irmed bo a aie Herman s ha talion eiped from tJL trencbei, 'or the chi-£i toward \ imj nd 0 e sinking \vk thc Sa\ior to Help lou be said Thp horrors of thit ba t e w t r e \ j v i d j pictured Hi* French had foot "0000 k i l l t in i \ a m pfort o drive o t the Oermrf^s Ttio British uad ^i\cn up [h job and it f e l l to th Can adi ns to trcomplish w b a t their al ieb h id faile,d "^"ithout inton ling I lhe I-aj-ettt count chapter Imericau Red Crose of the COMMIHEES START OUT TO RAISE CITY'S WAR SAVINGS QUOTA BRISK AKTILIFRT 111 I - I C C A I T I I ill \ I C \ t , - - , - - - - iiit; u~t liuiiii ui wju -xi l u u u t - LJ nt;u u * t;i L*J ui« h 1 ^"^' **» **v/ii AIH ".·-- , y-,^ . t r ^ P^EIS J,,n -f I w L ar ,H » " ' S ""^ ^ Dr * ^^^ ^ Jttme5 B ^ tle » *"« M V " s ^'«^» ="n-- "me "So the claim »is made l ° "c egotistic Privaa Hcrmar de- H,,.i ,h f · ^ ? H R ° V C r aCU " 5 med ' Cal comm!ssl TM er he had Clarence Ma-tm Ro, C Mmu tl u the bcottda e urn! ir probably r l a r c ^ " ccul1 bc Ba d U3aL ^D th° duels sou'h of 'ie Aisne are reported of the sme ttho says that atler a u , h ^ , ,, , ,, , _ ,,,,, 7 n h n ./,,,,,,,,, l h . , H ,,,,, ,, r ,,.,,,,,,,, ,,/,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Canadians appear on Uie scene ·'··· in the officia s ateiient from the wir N offlce todaj took prison^ Y«»^« ~d -- :^\r^^"s?\^^srr^^,^ 1 ^" u ,i;,s s: sr^s ^rrr "^r^«-. ^",^ r i"r, i sx t s^j^-?« - r i !i"i^"S ^ ---- « - - * - «.^,, r .-^ - ^ rr u : i: .^ -------^_- isoners ,n raids citr bc h w reason lo belle , e case , , commits ^ K no i",on o7 , ,aT ln " .m" ^ " s »' lF " ^Si^BST at ^ TM' r ^ » » m r ~ ' ,of the disease are not being -eported . _ . . . _ _ _ - · _ b an surpas.od by ,,, 0 U er ?J^^!?\ . l !±. ( ^ !?. 1 TM ITM'. "!' lOHrr N A M f S I ' t o the Board of Health I Jacob Gardaer Connellsillle, AKM5T C4SI VI11 LIST The lett°r sa\-s t'lat many times a Ha-rj S Hcrrington B--oad Ford. 'WiSHINGTON June 2"--Tile Army j physician reports death from tuber | Thomas S Pierce Ashland 0 casuals, list today contained SO eulosis as di-e to pneumonia and In I Prank Krause R D No 2 Coa names divided as follows Killed in sists that in such cases the disease be nellsville 1 -epor of J,o rtceat ureet car ovf:r P r v a t 5 HermaQ s ni ral given b^ L n i t 3. showe, that Ue o£ " r e " ot b! ° od , b . , , HermaQ sald t action 29 died of wounds 6 a*ed of placed on the death certiflca c accidents and other causes 4 died of ,-- aeroplane accidents 2 died of dis A _, e*Je 2 wounded seierelj 3 wound fej \)\j [ \)f l\)\) Mtfj degree undetermined 4 missing i la action 2 tLIST J Si Charles F Nemosek of Mouct Pleas ant enlisted in the \rrnj vest rday in Pittoburg Josph A. Luppo f E\ er son Da^is L Wilharas of Scottdalf aai D Bellegris of Mouessen in the On p-»t Dralt fall Prom laj-ette Connty to Go From ConnellsvMlc. Connellsvilie and vicmi y will send 63 out of 100 draftees «hjch arc call cd from Favctte county for assign M chad J Castillo Monongah "Va, Paul Fiore Coc-nellsviae Bryan \S Uter Connellsvilie Ralph II I eisht Dawson Elmer Nickelson Connells\iUe Mather J CoLlms Emerson I GH)rge Dui um Connells^ille i Llo! Huffme Dawoon Acurn Cheyenne UVQ bad read civcn b^ L n i t 3- shows, that Ue v - ' ""* "' " " " ' TM thcy - E a rdcn pirlj ah it wa* officiailr ] yere_to b* fo^nd only m poetry That stj led ind tbe "tny dv" beW in I ec'inecfcu n therewith brought I da of blood he \tent Camassmg teai« afiei meeting at j tho Misouic ten pl at h oclock this nioumc started on tbe u l n l w n d cj.nva.s-, 01 i e eit for Uie sa e of \\a ^a\mgs Stamps i%hiUi is o be com I c-ted M toiDorrow iii^ht j The same tnib tdt canvassed for 1 lhe 1 ifoenj 1 oan and Fed Crobs drues icpc'-tna and bracked b tbo old tarn capLam'- got down to steady work i i T h i 3 ifte-noon ^ome of h? imn H DL . into I^L outbid* 1 hstricic; ri ri pTipTeu and another i\ is sub^ti ute'l. l u euke )IaD_b " I T h s operation wis repeated during C o n n e l l Mile has a quo a of $321 000 T 0 m ° re than lhrec bours required to fill i D d e v e r , offori 15 being st ajned f ° r t l e drawin S to put LhL ci \ o\er t^e top w i t h i oiled m the forces fighting for demcc'ac'v Secreiary Baker and other high govern'rient officials wnziedsed the drafnng bi blindfolded men o r the lilt e capsules from, the bovrl Lach of t^ie capsules corta ltd i master n nober to be applied n the 4 500 registration districts of the country, iccordmg to the total registration In the conntn at larse there was 1 ttle of the excitement that attended. tbe first drawin a \. \ea i - of war has B rvod to calm t h e Vmor can people. The first few numbers to be drawn WP-O taken from Jie bowl shortly a'ter 0 no bv Socreu-v Baker As the number 1 , -trer? d m w n thev were innounred and written on a large 1 lackboard When the board was filled n was removed to be photo- nent to Camp I ee dur ng the five day * * , ^nopsntder Scottdale period beginning Julj 22 Datliel McCaBom ConneLlsvUI StOTTDVXt TOCXG Mr and Mrs H H Holby c f N o r f Side Teceived a letter from tl eir son Prvate M D Holby of the 3-JOth In fantrv stating that he arrived safe and had a pleasant \oyage On this call onl) four disrrtc s participate districts Nos 4 6 and 7 having exhausted us Class 1 list The remaining districts will fn-nish quotas is follows No 1 seven No 2 .U Vo 3 30 No o 32 No 6 district V, estmoreland county »ill sinr 1 11 and No 7 32 No 1 dis trict Somerset coun y will send 69 and No 2 28 men \PLLilDE NV* XA GOES | Festival at HnlUawn. TO C \JDJRIDG1- SI KTGS A Iaw " n EeLe Wl11 be neld Saturday John Paul Ardes^j oC Vdel de v.ill ni ^ hE at HulJtown near Daw son /or I be stit to the Po'ish National Al tho Benefit o' tbe Red Cross The liance College at Cambridge Springs Principal speakers are Re\ H A j on JUy 1 He will tram as a me-( B a u r a Rev K A- Glernon Rev AV I chanic B p urncll and Dr H. J Bell all of Daw son BROOKTVLF TOCTHS | SA*t I FRACf j 4ssistunt KneJ Bi^tnbntor. Mr and Mrs P Resheaberg of I Walter Marsh general manager of Brookvale ha\e recened cards from sales of the Pittsbu-g Coal company Guiseppe Da^voii Scottdale Gcortc V' BreaMion II D No 2 Connellsville. John Martinosky Owensdale Joseph \L Bechman Pittsburg Carl ^ clsh Ohiopyle I eo Kwiatkowski Da\idso^ Joseph L Ixve Counellsville Ste^e Bord isk Grays Landing John "\\ McGraw ConnellsviLle Terrence OToole Dvcraon F Beoamaati Connellsvilie MiUon E. Wilson, Conneaisv He George S aud-iak South Councils John G Brmdlmger Broac Ford ·Andrew Lenindowsku Scottdale M Uliam Pred Thomas Pittsbarg August Baird Dver^on Frank T Geisler Broad Ford, Frank Houston Pennsville S Gibson Dawon. Jertmiah Riley Broad Ford C Pe uao UcClellandtowTi into the treasurj T he unJ L as to da e contributed §1 Obo to the Red Ci oss The members of the unit are thankful to the public for the interest th y manifested n the movement \ civil -ui relief committee has be^n appointed to look after the fan ill 5s of boys at thc front vho are n IK ed On Jio committee are Mrs Prrvate He-man appeared on the stage cru chts, hid artificial leg and v\i The first pan of bos ad comfortable inarg n "No i cpor^ of he progress f Uie toaois w i l be m^de nifeht ^ben the men u n u l 11 r nort it ) dress dealt witii his entry into h e f o c l o c k The mer v, 11 be sor\ed w i t h service covered the e t na.cula.'- of the camps and trt,nch«s ind inte-esung incidents of 1 fe in, bick of the Imea ol the transportation of ice cream 'Mrnisjed b^ a mem! nr ol tho Vt ar Savings ^^inip ca ipugn -reuches and comnuttee provided "^onie one ofjEc-b to ser\e i Co-unty Cba-irman Johi M ry A Byrne Mrs A. S Uvengood tTM* ° ver Private Herman told of ' " " ' -rmtrly the VaterUnd anJ Mrs "W H Clirgerman I n statistics m detail on the supplies car-y^ag 13 OOfl men on one voyage, funushwl b the Scoctdale auxiliary TnmBport^tion from lirgiamd to sic ce th/* bginning of found in the foTlo-wmg, ^trgical dressiagH Towels _ . ____ \bdominal baradagee , _ ,, Surgical shirts _ ShouJd«r wraps - , -- Scries ___ "Wristlets _ Sw eite^s _ __ Scarfs _ Helmets __ PI low rases _ , -- -42,398 I j B d socks I !e bandages ....-Kree bandages Convalescent gowns P i jam is Sc e foot socks W ish cloths France across the channel is m small boats ·= lapt-d like- jack-kn-wos, he Men axe crowded mto tiiefae Ie for tbe seven-hour trip cJoeer sardines in. a box, he said. 2 success oC the United. States m tiia transportation of, nearly :hca troops throag2i Uie subma :oncs wittioro. -tie loss of a single man has heartened, die Allies lie said, 201 as nothing e^se 345 Przroto Herman nrged fathers, 1 951 mothers sisters brothers and swcei g(y- hearts of thc men to frod cormfort 9 371 2,186 1 641 2556 | a 1 443 " , 1026 257 1CT . 245 , 423 H t water bag covers Sheets __ ______ their »ons Herbert and Fred Re^hen | has been appointed assistant manager} James D M^LUr Norfolk \ berg, h a v e arrived safely over seas He-be-t Reshenberg is a mem t6r of Company E 305th Rjgiment Eagmears and Fred R»shenberg ol Company A, SOoth Regiment En of fuel distribution o' the United States Fuel Administration More Open-Heartlis The Republic Iron i. Stee company gineers Thev sa thej are m good ! is rushing tw o new 80-ton open-tfiarth Iwalth and like it very much furnaces at 'ioungbtown James Stamas McKeebpon. 0 'O'-ge Vndarick OweasdaJe Joseph FUier Connellsville Lawrence J icher Scottdale Nicholas Buch ConnelU\-ille Daniel T McKnight R D No 1 Dawson E-nest H Heal Soutn Ccnnel svll e, Benimini Marino Connell6\J.lle Arthu" A Marnsor South Connells vllle \Valter Oitro^e3ke Dverson Joseph Baird Eversoi G-rovoni Pachioli Conilel sville Robert Raynond Dull Connells\11 o Ti langulir ban lages Pneumonia jackets h andkerchipfs UPHEAVAL IN GERMANY SURE TO COME WHEN PEOPLE LEARN 1 TRUTH, SAYS CAPTIVE AVIATOR rhat a great upteaial m (.crmany which has the exact appearance of Gutseppe PaKo Scottdale will result when the Germa i people the terrain between Uniontown and I Vatoaio St. Scottdale become aware of the number ot im Smithfield with such mountains and George F Herbert Dan son ericans in France and their See equip such farms He writes that he en Edwird ilornei P D No 1 men,, and -norale w-s a stauuie-H of joys seeing the air filled w i t h ma nellsville a German *.. atoi following his cap ch nes and to hear the cannon roar I W E C ho pp-nmg ConnclbAil e ture bj Ameiicans ns chronicled in a He -writes that he has been m the 1 L mer D ebt-t Connelliville letter writteT home b A.-ia M Rhodes front line trenches three times and IbTth L S Infanti »ho resi les near cami» bark without a scratch Smithfleld This particular aviator u h le pass nn p^. |«j ijrf \r Ing along a road 1 ned ftith American jZ UU Iri JULY troops exclaimed in rather broken · . Engl sh I t s all up w i t h Grnian\ Orders (.nine Qunt i tor District No When drawn into con\er*atio he de "» Vn Jlicdiul clared When the German people find Orders h a v e bten received by Local out the real facts of ^me-i a « en Board for District No o o prepare trance mto nt »ar and hoK .he I nit to send 32 men to Camp Le ( during ed States is so well fixed the kaiser the tne da\ period beg cnmg J u l j 22 _ cant hold them The quota is p^rt of the cor Urgent Martin An Irew \oshnoc7~~Leism Rhodes wroti that the auitor had of H 700 men who u 11 go o Camp ring been brought down while lowering Lee during that period Josopr Scandale \Va\resburg Local Board for Distr ct No 2 has Robert Hainson Celling -Vande- Baby laye tea ---- Bfigian outfit ^traps and buckles . , Di h cloths Be 3 jackets Ajjibulancc robct | VT celHneoas .^--^____^_ Lnderrlriwers _^____ Lndershir s , . Bc 1 spreads _ .. Pilloiv? Tint bags 1 bag sundries .. 24S 12 190 107 584 92 sr 4 1 the facts provxn statistics that £7 out of every foe mired boys who cross the Atlantic are prett\ certalB ^o r e turn They raav not come back whole he said, but tbev will come back, witii a quiet something that wll com penaate for the oss of flesb and blood All the men m UH* trnches long for peace said the speaker They dreain of home But be continued Thank God there is no a Bolsbe- viki among them Kiey'ro going to sta/ i. 11 it 1 ? over over there ard thon come home to onjoy a peace founded on Mgh eousness Carroll L. Flamgan of Conncllsville, is listed as 246 on he roll of twenn- onerb of Di-strict No 2 '·^rank Ourtls Hall o f ConnellsiTlle holds Uie second numer orawn for men of the lota] la disnc District No men lis le d ,s 18? the number oC The first number afTecJng ihis dis-tnci was Dwight Kooser of \anderbi held The numbers a order drawn are g \ e n msur below the first ni-ne being that oC Da-vis an nounted that *ill su scnptionb lurned m thiougli tl L Metropolitan ance, for he Perching Limit a man in District 2 thc second the. cli.b will be credited i the teams of man holding t h e corresponding jmm- t t Liatrn ts where n thcy w e r e ob tairwd. On^ hundred limit subscrip had been, repor^d at noon COUNTY CONVENTION Cnnstian Churches 31oct lomorroir, ill J)iy in Uniontovrn. A couni meeting oi the Chnst-an churches, o£ Fay-etto count will be he d tomorrow in the Central Chris- ttau churuh of Unionto^n Morning afternoon and evening sesions wilt j 74--Cuarics ! Te'a! n imbor of piece* Cont n u e d ,, 81364 Con John James Henlev Conuellswlle Joseph fa Lork \lih\autee ;\is Nicholas Sulavuuob Lli'abeth Cit John \ssas Lansing Mich llmahog 11 Ickian Det o t Mich Distnct T F-auk B Spa\v Chalk Hill Jesse R Bungarc NormaUil e Dime TJonkel o Mount Pleasant, pu chi=eti i lot in Mount Pleasant from Mrs I ucinrta Mil er of Greens b u i g Tin. considerat on w^s ?4 500 L. E a i r tonight except showtrs ieir La] e Erie I 1 1 iday bhowprs is t. e : = Ilenr} \ a n Si-kle Cloiertop noc n weather fo ecast fo Western George C shatter Indian Head Pennsylvania John IIenr\ I/wrv Dunbar John Albert Bowea Siuithdale 3er the American ranks m tl e ·vicm- it o£ Chateau Thic--j Rho les savs not jot recened am orders of what bilt te located in a pirt of Prance he q i o a f t o n hat district \\ould he 1 (Co i t i n net! on Page l u D ) Tcmpcrittnre lie M n v i m n m Minirnun __- "\1 P!IT1 jo \ o u g j i n c r OH eon] Wik 1117 71 8J -61 66 GO "S d u r i n g tho In eresUng side ights on conditions In thc trenches \vero related You 15D people think j o u ba\e mud o^er jere 350 ! saia the speaJ or BUie\e me i t s 65 all over Litre He told also of the 4 ! vermin--n s and the itlle insects 50 ' that inM mblv make their appear 11 ance un^ei Jie enforced unsanitary I condition of tbe trenches Bu these 1 conditions i-e accepted as a natier oC course In his c osing remarks Pmitc Herman declared there is a siht-i 1 n ing appear ng m the cloud hat Ua. hovered fo voarfa He reftired to the entry of America He c\liil ted i pan of t b e sbel w h i c h C I U S P ! the oss of his kg U led bis c_um and five others as jos anotl er of the things bti-ring the Ir^de niaik M ide m Ger iTidD Thi-lc God Ui r is «Ji an i ! dote Mide in Ame i c i be s^i d Tho R e v u e of tb*. Nation b\ ti ehildro was presenter inder t i t di i -ction of Miss Lira a^ M o r t o n ue -ion gi 1 issisted b^ Miss 1 dm Co i w a r i Iccai teachor and \i si Jane Cans Uu p gean w is one of che b(st minibus of the t o n st be he d, Vginning at 10 30 2 and " 45 oclock Following is the prog-arc Morning--ICTO oons in change of ROP J A. Wbarton Perryopolis id~ d ess, F D Butchart, CleveJand ad- drebs Ah I See Our Field, Rev A. r Haues Brownsville Afternoon--Rev G W Bu ckn er ConnellsMlle presiding Address, The C' ild of the Immigrant as an Asset, \. F \\righi Union own ad dross F D Buichart conferences address Conclusions Re% R G Man 1 lepublic J vemng--DPTOUOHS Rei R l Bo- Ion N C A balem id dress r D Butch an ber m District 5 T.he names of colored men are preceded bj a star (*. 246--Carroll L Flan^an Connells- vule. 15-t--(pvank Curds Hal3 ConneUs- villo Dwight Koo^er VanderbtU 10--'"Walter A. exandcr Councils- vilfe James I Ho-Tscn, Obtoprle 2---Frank Salpietro CooncIlSTjllc. Marshal L. MorrjBoti Ornoiy-le 210--Edward 1 George Person. 17--Pietro Dsiedzic ^rer-MDn Bill Bakratsas Champion flabrot Dvcrson, Coa Atranaae Charapion 136 -- ·Ravraond Coonel s\ Ringer B-asko South. l-lo -- George L. Lucxey Daw son; Wilham H Seders Dunba- 207 -- ClyK, Mil cr Connelly ille 226 -- Homer R Kearns Conndls-fc o7 -- Jacob S Lllenberger Oran M Wale'"? Ohiopyl 76 -- AJbert 1 Whalev Everson, Joiin brostk Dunbar R, D "S -- David Ricaey Connellsvilie, W i l l i a m J Oswald. AdeJaife 122 -- Paul \\ Wandel Connellsvilie, (CDnlinued on Pagrc TTVO "I'M INNOCENT AND GOD WILL HELP ME TO PROVE IT" IS THE DECLARATION OF MRS. IRWIN No Polict f u i i r t \\ ib 11) po ice coi rt h a no ai rests being made over I June 2 -- I am in noctnt and God v i l l help i e prove it declned i s Sa^ah Ir vm alm= Saiah VN right as *;he sit if a local rt-btauran p r c \ i o i s lo her incarccra ion in il f I a \ t t t c counts jail ytster c if crncon Pctfteen s gh^ s i c borroaued her fit dec! u iij, \li dlr IOA sJie had suTtred n ore t lan t t n o d nan- w o men md Hit end of er i n i s nd tr h u h t ons was vu n the f i t u e \nd j n m u h i 1 wa^ heginnmt, to njo rea happine b blip imarK ed u a li \v tonr Thi n an mo \ s I am nn jcont and just wirts o ht-jj.) ndiTinier ipon t 'ihe n-ShC"-te p o abh meaning Mpdio \o can tell 1 j 1 (.kng a him w h a t Je is \id ^0l =· ould sep him n sone of his capei^ He is ji s like a -\vild nan He was tried a the Fay- ettp court) cotir b for ju t one of his manv cnTies During the con\eration. with tlia ' m w^piper man, Mrs Irwin seldom spoko e\cop in response o in er-oga- i out. bbe seemed extremely dejected with one bright ra% of happiness-- t h u hor husband be! e\p-i m her and % ould btf hei ou of tne presrnt diffl ^ hen Tbked relative to her i?rher' i i l u L C t , M i b Irwnn said That she never cton ed to mn a^a but she did dread to return hc^p aiding If he ^«.itt-d to start something wh% didn t 9 he do it -whi c I was \et m jail U i t b fal erins step she iccompan- icd uonstable Springer to the courty jail wh ch jhc had left onlj a few d i j o ago Imripdiately after alighting from ibe tram that brought his wife to Lmontown, Mr Irwm secured tl»- semces of an attorney and a petttioa j for a habeas cocpas hearing wfll b* Sled with Judge J Q. Van Sweazingen. today.

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