The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 26, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

'AGE BIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1918. MILLION MEN OVERSEAS BY FIRST OF JULY £eTeaty Per Gent Are Com- butant Troops, »ar Secretary Says. MILLION READY TO GO .knottier Bullion "m Training for Final SnuwU at Uie Prussian Militarj- Or. ganizaikHi; United States Occupies Sfa Sectors of the Western 1'ronl. I WASHINGTON June 26.--Tie first division of the American army landed iin France one year ago today. IS ' days alter General Persiirag reachedj soil. In the 12 months that, since elapsed tins division ha-i. jrowu to an army in size, and by July a million m«n, all told., will have been »ent forward. .. Behind the million, another 1,000,-! oOQ men. are in camps and canton- j mani£, equipped and eager to move,' and behind these a third million wilt xipidly fill up the gaps left at home as ta divisions sail for the front in in endless stream. Secretary Baker estimated today between 65 and 70 per cen-i of th; j .en already shipped are combatant i itroops .in the strictest sense of the taord. The first division is now i Sighting force of 650,000 men, backed | [by_au organization of the supply and j kransport that it takes 250,0001 3nen to make effective, i On this basis, it is clear that General i 'Perslung now has under command Hie substance of the first auiJiary (troops. So far as known, theie h a s ' jbeen no opportunity yet for the actual j [formation of this army as a military f inmt. The whole force has been ia Itralnimg, officers and men, but the jday probably is not far distant when Jit will be possible for General Perishing to assemble his entire army, Vhicli will he a veteran fighting force American troops are now holding .sectors, of varying length in at leait !»li places on the battle line. MADE DRILL SERGEANT IJoe t;aliar.1i Training Xen of IGBth Aero Squadron in France. , Sergeant Joseph Galiardi, of the ; 166th 4ero Sauadron, in training in | BngLind. writes Co The Courier to j ask if his subscription has run o u t , ·at iv U," he says. "1 would like to i have it continued as it is the only papei that has anything in about "Western Pennsylvania. There ara , man Pennsylvania fellows in this squadron. "I xas, made sergeant on February 19, and I am now acting drill sergeant of the 166th Aero Squadron, j T.'e are ir training with the British | squadrons and getting along fine. "We ' have taken over one flight entirely i and seem to be doing \ cry well. "We have 10 machines in C. flight. It is i composed of 10 fitters and 10 rig-', gers I am in charge of the riggers.. | We- have had very few accident an 11 none serious, so I think we are dom? ! good for a bimch of men that never ' worked about aeroplanes" , Th- full address of Sergeant Gal- | lardi is. 166th Aero Sqdn.. care U. S. | Air Service. 35 Eaton Place, London, i S. "W 1, England. Make Your Dollar nr 1 · I ^$1 Ti · ¥· TX* Twice What It Di Buys Only Half As T HE purchasing power of a. dollar has decreased. Yon know that, f because day after day for the lastyearyou have been getting less sugar, less meat, less flour, less of everything for the dollar you spend. To offset the fact that your dollar buys so little today, you should place your money where it wiil earn 6% cai ^ be jast as safe as if it were in a vault. 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Our retail prices and today's wholesale prices aie. in many cases almost twins. | --TMaid Mcrccrl/od Poplins at 5-"ic a yard. --38 inch New Voilp, ^Gc to 75c a ard ! --38 inch SaUn-EU-iped and Si k-checked Voiles, ch.ffoD-liriish. at 1,-Oc i n $1 75 a y a i d j --32 inch plain-color /phrcttcs n t oOc a drd. j j*. nd Alioiii a do/on other groups at - n-iniifiii sc-inohc n^ifl " fi.l copies of fine Scotch mgl.ains, at GOc^a -- Dnnitr. Plaid GiLghatrs binaries! plaids, at 'ifc a \ ir'I iust :ss 2:001!. SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY Friends of St«r Junction AYoman Ob- · serre the Occasion. On Thursday evening. June 20, a party -was held at the home of llrr,. Fannie O'Neal at Star Junction la honor or her 60th anrversary. Mjn*. O'Neal was the recipient of many tokens of remembrances. The following named guests were present: Misses Goldte Stimmel, Annie Hash, Irene Summel, Rose Wingrove, Liz- tie Kash, Cecelia Gearing, Marie Stimmel, Mrs. Ada Gearing, John (Cash. Prof. L. Keffer, Mr. and Mr*. Phil Keffer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shu- nar and Joseph Shumar of Star Inaction: Jesse Burgess, J. TV. and lesse Murphy and -Miss Mabel Eddie f Perryopolls. Lunch -was served. 3TATIOXAL TjEAGCE. resterdny's JJcsull^. New York ·!; Boston 1. Chicago 14; St. Louis 0. Philadelphia 3: Browklyn 2. Pittsburg-Cmcmnati--wet grounds Standing of tne Clubs. Chicago ---New York -Boston Philadelphia Plttsburg _ Cincinnati -Brooklyn -St. Ixrais _ TV -39 -37 -29 Pet. .606 .661 .462 .473 .446 421 .418 .389 Have You Anything FOR SALE or RENT Do You WANT Anything HI Try our Classified Ads You Get Results Today's Schedule. St. Louis at Chicago. Xew York at Boston. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. Ohiopyle. OHIOPTLE, june 26--Jfiss Mae Snejr of Unaontown, has returned to ler home here to spend a visit. frank Bumworth was a business ·isltor at Rockurood Tuesday. "Mrs. Brjraon, who has spent the .as* several weeks with Dr. and Mr.-,. ale Joiiuson. has returned to her ome near Unioutown, Mr. Humbert of Confluence, is here Mastering the new house of "W. S. latterly on Garrett street. "William Jackson of Coanellsvill, /as a caller in town yesterday. Ted Roblfe of Fannington. was in wn Tuesday with his auto truck. OHIOPTUS, June 25--Miss Cochan aod Miss Lytle are working ths econd and third trick turns at thj Western Maryland railroad here. Tho Misses Brady spent Sunday ai 'ictoria. Miss Delia Cornstan has returnel ·om a visit spent at Confluence. LEAGUE. Yesterday's Results. Boston 7; New York 3. Detroit 4; Chicago 2. SL Louis 3; Cleveland 2. Cleveland 3; St. Louis 2. "Washington-Philadelphia, rain. Standing of the Clnbs. W. L. 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You c\ n ppi an a l l - b l a i k ha' ihag i.o\\ tli u liiis M ! r as \\ett a 3 d : ^ a i t \ It nav b p ni sil^ or (hill moch.i, or p i n senl or beadb and jci, or beaded r - l k Oun raotal or ccneied fiames and linings of b l i c k , K I « % r.r p u r p l e *- Ik r IL.I Leather l ' u r ; c s v/itl 1 fancy l i n i n g ? nro ?1 ^ to *G 5 f i rdoh Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Todij's Schedule. Chicaro at D-'troit. Cleveland at St. Louis. Boston at Xew York. Philadelphia at "Washington. AJ1 ORDINARY WASH-BOILER. OSEO AS ft HOME CflhrlER MV.IM4TOM. O.C. Cmnpfet* nutructaon* for om« I gsja^y tmd drying TO]] be cent ta ' x« re«icr of this p»P«sr upon »ppli- I ilioa lo tho Nxtional War Garden ' ,0000, W«»hi=«ton, D. CL, en- a two-cent atanp for iH7«ta];«. Perryopolis. PBERYOPOLIS, June 25.--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reynolds and son cf Scottdale, spent the week-end wrh Mr. aad Mrs. Albert Reynolds. Mr. I Reynolds will move his family to j Connellsville in the near future. i C. T. Hodgkins of Greensburg i spent Sunday with town relatives. ! Miss Ruth Luce of Plttsburg spent the week-end with her mother, .Mrs. [ Elizabeth Luce. Misses Annu and Alice Larson were Sunday callers at Jackson. ! "W. S. Stickel of Uniontown spent Sunday at'his home here. Norman Pier^ol and family of Star , Junction -spent Sunday -with town relatives. IOc --TODAY- Me "SNATCHED FROM THE ALTAR"--BLUE BIRD PRESENTS CHARMING CARTEL MEYL'HS IN HER BEST 4ND LOWEST SUCCESS "A BROADWAY SCANDAL" A DRAMATIC THRILL WHEREBY A DOCTOR ON THE FRENCH FRONT LEARNS FAJTH IK WOMEN ALSO AX L KO COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. A Clean. Qmet Place for Your Family lo Eat. --o-Let Us Know What You Want and How You Want It. --o-GOOD SERVICE. --o-Mrs. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. T 0 M 0 » R O If WORLD PRESENTS KITTY GORDON IN' "THE INTERLOPER" SUPPORTED BY IRWIN" CUMMINS. 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