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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 7, 1930
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I F JLiast J-«i dition rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region, W O T * C 1 Ml % 1 l\f\ The \t v O$t|y f O t t r f e r t KOlinded J u l y 17, 1S7. I .lie rent. /-i . - \ A T M - I - I T T «-. r T T v i t-\ -«-* t i IT-» r t \ 4 -tr i - i - r - r - i K T - r f w r ^ * T A T"» /-- * T rr i r v r t r t \ OU JS, NO. 100. The ,,.,,,. £ OMr ,, r , K ..«Bdrd November jo, 1903. | .mi,- js, juz., CONNELLrS VILLE, PA... F R I D A Y hTVENIN }, M A R C H 7, J930. TWENTY PAGES. Parsonage Also Wrecked by Blaze Fanned by Gale Mountain Storm Whips Region; Not Much Loss on Buildings and Furnishings Estimated At $30,000 to $35,000 --Nothing Saved but Library, Few Chairs. WIRE NEAR ROOF BELIEVED CAUSE S p e c i a l t» Thf. Courier. RTOTTOAMS. March 7 - - K a n t i e d bv a m o u n t a i n storm which blow screams from fireman'-! lu.-o i n t o spray, tire ( h i * inornins destroyed the First h r i s t i a w Church and the upper port i o n of tho p.irsonatje, adjoining, causing loan c st.mated at 530,000 to S35.000. The churuh, located at Walnut avenue and High street. Nothing was s ived from the church l»ut t h o Sunday st-hool record hooka And the communion sot ana nolhiiiK ' f r o m tho parsonage* hut the library of .,ih« pastor. Rev. John C'. CroWl, and a few chairs. Only tht walls ot the church re- m a i n . Uatnace to tho parsonage below the upper story wan by water, with which tho building was flooded in an effort to I revent its co-mpleto destruction. The firo started n e x t to the roof, trom what caut-e w»s not determined. Kin-men blamed electric wires. Rev. Crowo said tlu-ro had boon no heat in tho b u i l d i n g since Wednesday. Students on t h e i r way to school, soon a f t e r S o'clock, discovered smoke Excavators Find Ancient Mortuary In Pyramid Region By U n i t - d Press. CA1HO, Ksypt, March 7.- Excavations ot the U n t v e r - l t y ol Pennsylvania expedition near the pyramid o f ! Mpydun have dlfidof-ed some of the I A m o u n t a i n storm, which was I swceptn ^ over t h e region today, had I not up to noon caused much damage, I as far a s could ho ascertained. The gale was Rcnoral but it did not attain sufficient velocity to cause any material loss although the heavy breeze fanned tho fii'O nt Scotldal a n d made the of volunteer lire- men very d i f f i c u l t . At U n i o n t o w n , it was report* 1 that the wind hail as.sumed a ti'f-n tie un hour velocl.'y. The pale camc on the heels t t w o vor b e a u t i f u l day.", it h r g i n n ng to swoon tho region it un etirb hour this morning. DR. FRED A. COOK ORDERED FREED UNDER PAROLE mo«t important finds of the year, an announced to- ofticial communique day. Among other discoveries were "mahtaba." -- an ancient mortuary chamber--350 feet long and By U n i t e d Press WASHINGTON-. Mhrt-h 7 - Dr. Frederick A. Cook, former A r c t i c ex- Road Bodies Will Boost Any Rou e Favored by S:ate I n order to asMire n o i l hern 1 ,iyettp c o u n t y -fucrpHs in a L least one of its wide, which was o n . j built in three tiers, stepped likn t he nearby pyramid. Twolve rock chamber tombs containing 101 mummie , were also un- oovered. The mummies are piled in layers, and a number of coffins indicate that prominent · itizene, probably living about 1500 B C., were buried there. FRENCH ROODS " DECLARED WORSE THAN MISSISSIPPI , plorer. physician ami oil promoter, i two major road projects, repr aenta- a I was ordered paroled at LoavonworUi I tlverf of the rouU- between Bro knock prison today by Attorney General and MelcroU and ihr Mannins-I vyton- Cook had been serving a l a w « t o n h i g h w a y mnf w i t h the roads c o m m i t t e e of tho Conn llfrirlllo Board ISO t e e t j Mitchell. sentence of 14 years and nin^ mouths I following hi8 conviction at Fort ! of Tr«ulr last n l j r h t and doternv led to Worth, Texas, on a charge of using the mails to cefraud. Dr. (Nwk won febort-lived world fame in 1909, when he claimed to bo (lie Slate Hithway Depa tin on t for a decision on which pi rposal would receive the- most suppor from j that source. tho first man ever to reach the North! W h c n information c.mrernli ? the By U n i t e d Presi. TOULOUS3, France, March 7.--Inhabitants of the C/ir»nde department, facing the disaster that has fallen su tragically upon their neighbors of the Tarn River region, today fled before p o u r i n g from l h ; top of the c h u r c h b u i l d i n g - Hev. and Mrs. Crowe had I flood waters said to be advancing at just .sat down breakfast, after "tempestuous speed" toward tho : ea. Government warnings t h a t another inundation might ov -rtake southern Frt-nch provinces--Already devastated in a calamity described as worso t h a n the Mississippi floods--sent furmers Leaveuworth for four yearh and 11 months, thus having served one-third of his [sentence. Ho entered tho prison April C, 192f, after fighting his case through tho Superior Court. The penalty given the phyHicmn-ex- plorer w ne the moBt. severe over me tod out for a similar offense. Yhe u s u a l Hentoucf for use ol the mails to defraud 1s from one to three years and others sentenced w i i h Cook were parole* i three years ago. Attorney General Mitchell ordered tho parole papers mailed to Warden route tho State \ v o n l d prefer t · have completed first is- i Plumed, th u the t h r e e organizations will g'-t be hid U u n d demand action. Tho Hoard of Trade af,8ure both c o m m i t i p p s it is a n x i o u s and pr pared to go a l n n j r ^ ilh them in t h f r endeavors to get "out n£ tlir m u d ' but it was apparent to all groups tb it un- there was u n i f i e d effor in a .single direction, HI l i e would e accomplished. It -.vm then th. t the boosters detr-nnini'rt to ask thi high- w a y department lor its prcterc ice in There were larsje jrrrups of boost- n e t t i n g their ctn Idren off to school, when Josso Hartman, a student, knocked at the door and shouted that i ho c h u r c h -was afire. The minister ,.nd tho boy rushed into the church. _ H a r t m a n h u r r i e o upstairs and found ! and factory workers irom their homes prison sentence the oxplorer-phybi- T. O. W h i l o immediaiely ant! U w f x - j , . r i i r n , m hoth mad rn ivonuMi -i and poctflfl f i a t the not «3 prtenner will b e j t h e t r a d e body w a s we I rcpu en ted relfea«pd Sunday afternoon. | by Un coinnnf (". M i t c h t l l rel^eive! the papers in t h o ] Cook ca« yesterday and studied tho-in u n t i l nearly midnight. There waa no opposition to t h e rok-ane. Cook'f, MHroll ", term would ]9:!.", w i t h have expirM allowanre for good bo lavior. In addition the the u t t i c k nllud w i t h smoke. In the meantime the flre alarm had licc-ti sounded and soon ail four companies of tho v o l u n t e e r lire depart- wore on tho scene. At tho outsf-t the firemen were hampered by low w a t e r pressure. Then when they attached the pumper ii ml had the pressure up to JSO pounds tho force oi the galo was sjc-h t h a t t h e y wert uuublo to keep Htre:uns of water on the fire. Tho wind blew it i n t i . spray. Six streams were played on the buildings. KfforLs to have tho church wore f u t i l e and the Bremen bent t h e i r efforts toward the parsonage. Gradually, despito then- efforts, (Ire ato i t s way into the upper section oC the pastoral residence and 'before it was finally brought under control tho roof had fallen in. Uev. and Mrs. Crowo lost all ttieir clothing but what they wore. The minister and others saved his library of scores o£ books, which were curried to a nearby residence. Firo Chief Boi-glo called the Con- nellsvillo Firo Department and asked Chief W. E. DeHolt to have his men stand ready in caso of emergency. The chief finally determined that it would be useless for the ConnellsviHo firemen to make the run inasmuch as all available water outlets were In use and he had sufficient men of his own. In the past year tho congregation had expended about $2,000 on improvements, including a new entrance to the church and a flre exit in tho rear. A meeting of the church board has i^ecu called for tonight to determine ' what action shall be taken toward rebuilding and whore tho congregation t,hall worship in the meantime. Tho regular services will be held Sunday, Muncwhore. the pastor said. The loss was partu.Uy covered by in tho Glronde Vallo. While these citizt ns were hastily evacuated from tho region, tho gov- e r n m e n t today officially announced the restoration of telephone faclitMis in tho distressed region. Meanwhile more bodies are |IO!PR uncovered as the t u r b u l e n c e ol the Tarn recedes. Ofllcia! reports sh w the recovevy already of 205 bodk -; in the department of Tarn et Gaionne, with nearly 1,500 lion«os completely wrecked. A u t h o r i t i e s arc awa ting f u r t h e r r f ports from two oth r inundated departments, Tarn und Hatite-Garonno, where it is believed the lotal w i l l mount to far more i h a r i the present estimate of 400 dead in all sections. fian wae fined $12,000, which, if he fai!« to pay when released, means his parole period wili be extended addition il days from March 'i, Ifl.'f make up for this penalty. to insurance. It was was u n d e r $25.000. said the amount NAVAL CONFERENCE MAY END IN APRIL, MACDONALD SAYS By Un tcJ l*rc*». I.UNUON, jMan h 7.-Prime M i n - ister J. Ramsay MacDonald indicated to the pivss todav that the live-power naval conf^renct' might be expecced to end In tlu*,middle uf April. MacDonuld. discussing the t o n f e i - '·uce \ v i t h the pr rfs at St. .J.inicM Palace, said it originally h.ul bot-n in- -.eudfd to flnlhh ;lu- conferv.i.'u work ht't'ort- tin? FJriti.^h budget !iscu 5siou bofjlnH in the IIou-'o of Commons oil \pril 11. At pre-jtnit. tu- itud. it wa.i nck-a'pd t h a t w o u l d bf x accomplished. Ic sale! thi 1 conf 'ronn 1 was n n w KO- nt at P i l l M c a i i ahead after t h r r e ·v-ek.s res' It ( '- - .iimoii'ictvl (''.it h;* commltte- 1 n 'hi « h o i u \vouiil this a CHIEF JOHN WALL, TWO PATROLMEN SUEITFOR DAMAGES UNIONTOWN. March 7. -- Kiv« thousand dollars damages'are asked by Lynn Sllger of 50fi North Plttburjr street, Corinellnville, from Chief of Polico John C. Wai: and Patrolmen Charles Xez and Jacob All 11 or, also of Connollsville, in a suit filed just before noon today. It is alleged that Lynn Sliger and his brother, Paul, \sere seated in a parlor of their honv-, listening to a radio on the evening of March 3 when Noz and Miller came into tho house and without any authority and took L,ynn to the police- station and delivered him to Chief Wall, Their ho waa held for tbre*- hours and then finally released. Capiases were issued against each of tho three, men for their arrest and providing ?300 bail each. It. IK Mated thai Hirer's wife had made a complaint to the police anrl they had gone lo the homo to investigate il. BUILDINGS WRECKED BY ARKANSAS STORM, FIVEJPERSONS HURT By U n i t e d Press. (WliGOIlV, Ark., March 7.-~Partially wrecked b u i l d i n g s and debris from blown down windmills, trees and telephone' poles, clotted thn landscape in and a r o u n d Gregory today 10 mark I lie path of tho tornado which i n j u r e d live per'-ons UUP yesterday. Mrs. .Vlarvin Nelson, believed to have been struck by a portion of her farm home as It collapsed in tho jrale, way not expected to recover. Her husband was slightly injured. Two negroes), believed to be women, and an unidoiitified girl, were tho others injured. All live on farms- ou Ine outskirtii of Gregory. Many homes In the village were vfrecked sr badly that occupan's w«ro forced to seelc shelter for the night. Only a few buildings in the business district were damaged. Loss of livestock on farms was heavy. Game Sections Of State Are , Redistricted -- - j HAIUUSBl'RG, M ircli 7.--Redlu-j t r i p l i n g ot same supt rvisora terrltor- ' its reducing the n u n i b e r from eight j to Hevt-ii was nniioum eft T h u r s d a y In fixing the new bouii'larie-s the coni- niission broke up om of Ihe districts and ald«l the rotiti les therein to othor.s Charles B. B.iiiin in charKc Jf t h t ubiimloiuHl distri i, was relieveil of his d u t y there and placed in char?* ot special game K w enforcenuvat w o r k . Among the n- w districts .in t supervisors arc: Division (.!--Wulli r I.. W r i i j l i i ; A'Ttthtrono;, Allcjrlien.i fiuliuitu, tt'esl- m o r c l d t u l , Canibriii. Souid'sct, l°ay- oua. Washington, Cirti.-ne and OLD ACME BOILER HOUSE, BALED PAPER GOJJP IN FLAMES o p u c i d l lo Tho C o u r i e i . M O U N T PLEASANT, March 7.--Tho boiler houso at tho abandonefl Acme plant of W. J. Hainoy, Inc., along the Mount Pleasanl-Tarr road, was dewlroyoJ by Are rilartin'g thi« morn- Ing at 6: 45 o'clock. William Giles, Jr., had the p l a n t leased for a garbage disposal. Baled paper was stored In the oll boiler houee. The cause of the lire was i unknown. It was thought u sleeper may have «et it ablaze. Fayette Tomato Growers Expectod To Plant 450 Acres The K. J. Heiiu Company of Pitls- h u r g expects t secure- approxi nalely 'IfjO UCTOS of land to bc~ used or tomato raining in Kayette coun y and it is understood t h a t moiv lha i two- thirds of the a m o u n t has bee cen- tra e to i. In northern Fayette, more th ji iOO acres will bn planted \vlih toiiatoes for thn HcinK concern while about 125 are to bo utilixcd in the 'iiion- lown .section, ii Ja said [hat ' 10 remainder of |ho acreagu may o se- curcil in thn v l c i n l t v of ilrowi svllle. UicUorson Hun will bf the shipping jiolnt tor the local omato growers while I n f o n t o w n ia to te the s h i p p i n g point for t h a t ,-ef Ion. FIRE DESTROYS RAINEY COMPANY STORE AT STEWART Estimated Loss of $25,000 on Building; and [Is Contents. INTERRUPTS BANQUET Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, March 7.--Fire last evening destroyed tho W. J. Kainey Supply Company stcro at Rainey works at Stewart and all its contents. The loss will total more t h a n $25,000, covered by Insurance. The fire it is thought started from an overheated furnace and as Boon as it was discovered the Mount Pleasant Volunteer Kiro Department was called and workod for several hours. The fire had considerable headway when tho firemen reached the scene and they were unable to save any part ot the building. Just a shell of what was once Lhe store and office is left standing. Greenttburg Company No.*' 3 also answered a call and reached the scene but did not put its pumper on. it relieved Mount Pleasant. Assistant. Chief Harry "VVhetsel received severe lacerations of one hand, several lingers being cut to the Ixme. Three tlrenvoii narrowly escaped being' caught as the ceiling in one of the rooms gave way, just as they stepped out, but not. lefore they were covered with sparks. The firemen were unable to save any part of the contentH of the store. They had worked hard and feeling that they had done their duty were packing up to leave whan the fire brolic out anew in another corner of tho building and they had to go back. The hook and. ladder company of tho M o u n t Pleasant department was having its annual chicken and waffle dinner just whan tho flre whistle sounded. The boy* left the dinner and after fighting flre for several hours returned and, completed it. On account of the lato hour, (here was no program. Tho Green sburg volunteers also were seated at a festal board whou they were Called. TAFT HELD NOT IN IMMEDIATE DAf GER ISy U n i t e d WASHiNUTON, March 7.--V Illlam Howard Tuft is, in no imn edlate danger, it wan indicated here today, although tho former chiei' Jus ica is H t i l l c r i t i c a l l y 111 and no ho 10 ib field by pl?y.siciatiM for UJa rci jvery. Ills Improvement in the past four duyB has onablcd l)rs. Francis Hagner and Thomas Claytor to educe tho number of their visits bu they are IceopliiK in touch wi h his home. The former Chief Justice wa ro tt- I I I K comfortably when tho . jcU'i-s last c o m m u n i c a t e d w l t l i his i ttend* ants, .shortly before m i d n i g h t . Ul r B'EI» STKW F I K K STIMSON'S SECRETARY DEATH IS ACCIDENTAL \Vli^n a slew which" watt crx king on tho stove at. the St. ll\la cou- veut was a p p a r e n t l y nogleetet this mornhig, it ivan burned up and considerable smoko was the n suit, The Firo Department wa.s ' ium- nioned but its services were nt t required us Ihe "bltt'/.e" readily ,vere ·extiuguished when the. pot was tiiken off the .stove. By U n i t e d Press LONDON, March 7. -- A coroner's court, s.ttlng at Westminster, today declared the death of Mrs. Pearl De- marot. secretary to Henry L. Stluison, due lo accident. Mr*. i J u m a r c l , a t t a c h e d to the Amer- iean d o l i ' K a t i o n died in a !0-foit f a l l trom l i e - w i n d o w in (lie Ma.vfair Ilo- te!. on i n t 1 f\'e ot'lier lutendocl r e t u r n In Amor-c'.R. The Weather Hain and colder tonij;ht; Sa urday c l o u d y and colder, probably snow flurries iw the- noon wo.ilher- t'( recast lor Western rpiinsylvania. Temprniturt) Jtccortl, IsCJO J 29 M n . \ i n i u m H J 14 .Vlmimuii: .....U ;t) MOUNT PLEASANT FIREMAN DIES SOON AFTER FIGHTING BLAZE Special to Tho Courier. MOUNT PUEASANT, March 7.-Edward Witt, 50 years old, died suddenly this morning at his home on ijniithfield atreot. Heart trouble was given as the cause of death. Mr. Witt, who is a member of the Third Ward Hose Company ot tho Mount Pleasant Volunteer Firo Department assisted ia fighting- the flro which destroyed tho Rainey Supply Company store at Stewart last night. Tie aroso this morning and wont to tho basement to stoke the furnace. Ho returned and complained of not feeling well. He lay down on a couch whore he passed away. Dr. M. W. Homer, deputy coroner, viewed the body. It is believed exertion while fighting tho lire may have hastened his death. 3\3r a number of years · Mr. Witt was a butcher here. He had been operating a coal mine on Ills farm, but for about a year had not been active owing to his heart condition. He is survived by hie wife, one daughter, Mrs. William Silliman ot Pontiuc, Mleb.; and two brothers, Albert ol Indiana and Uharles of Mount Pleasant, The remains were taken to the funeral parlors ot C, ,W. Lemmon. RIOTING, BLOODSHED HUNDREDS OF ARRESTS MARK RED THURSDAY -® Local Debaters Will Compete With Point Marion High Connellsvillo and Dunbar Township debaters will swing- into action tonight, opening up the 1930 competition in the Fajette c o u n t / section of the Pennsylvania Forensic League. Local persons will journey to tho. High School to hear the Coker spsak- ers uphold the affirmative Bide ot the question against the negative learn of the Point Marion High School. At the same time tho local n Jgattve club will be at Point Marion competing with the affirmative repre: entauves of that institution. Dunbar .encounters Perry Townshin in the other debate this e\enin{?. The Leisenrinj; auditorium will be the scene ot ono etent while the Perry- opoliB institution will find four more speakers in action. Dun! ar has won tlie county championship for faevcn years ami each season has found keen competition from the Coiarnodores. Brownsville and North Union, the other schools entered In the debates, will not compete until M.irch 11. There will ho additional debates on Monday night. JUDGE MARTIN'S FUNERAL TOMORROW By United Troas. f PITTSBURG, March 7.--Hundreds of persons prominent in civic ami political circles of the county and state w'lll attend the late- rites tomorrow afternoon for Judge Richard W. Martin of tho Common Pleas Court, Allegheny county, who died Wednesday night in jtiia home at 5807 Stanton avenue. The service will be held at 3 o'clock in Uie Kmery Methodist Episcopal Church with Dr. W. W. T. Duncan, pastor, officiating. Interment will be made in the family lot In Home-wood Cemetery- /, Scottdale Window Blown in by Storm HCOTTDAfjK, March 7.--The plate w i n d o w of the Dodge garage hero wan blowing in this morning by the mountian storm. A dm ill oil lo Mr.s. A n n a J l c A n l l u of lavld.von H i l l wa.s f i d m i t t c d to Connollsvlllo Slalo HoiiuilJiI la-( tiiirllt for JACOBS CREEK BRIDGE WOULD NOT INTERFERE WITHRIYER TRAFFIC Special to Tho Courier. FITTSBURG, March 7.--Lieutenant .Colonel Jarvis .1. Bain, chief of engineers ot tho United fc-tales Army, has under advisement to issues of vital importance to the irdustrial future of the Youghlogheny Valley. Arguments favoring one ot the proposals, tho construction of a railroad bridge across the Youghighe.ny River at Jacobs Creek by tl e Plttsburg West Virginia Railroad, was presented at a public hearlrg at West Newton yesterday. Congressman Adam M. Wyant an-d officials ot the Youghlogheny River I-nprovemeut Association who visited he Jacobs Creek site after the hearinB 1 expressed their approval of blue irints and specifications ot the proposed structure. "I am satisfied the bridge will In no way impede f u t u r e navigation on the river," Wyant said. The other proposition i:, tho canalization of tho Youghiog) eny River from MeKeesport to WCK Newton. New York Experiences One of The Worst Outbreaks in Its History. PHILADELPHIA WORKER SLAIN By United Press. "he great international demonstration against unemployment-- rti Communistic "red. Thursday' 1 -- on dec! hi bloodshed and rioting w i t h hundreds arrested and other h u n d r e d s Injured. AH far as can bo learned four persons were killed in the visions rioting which broke out in many of UK* industrial and populated capitals of the In New York tho peaceful demonstration was t u r n e d into a bedlam when an unauthorized parade .started toward city hall. Communists, sympathizers and bystanders were knocked down. One buiid red persons were treated for injuries. Police Commissioner Orover Whalen termed tho outbreak the "worst since the \Varld War.'" Germany was the scene of many conflicts. Two rioters were killed at Halle. Three hundred were arrested in Berlin, one killed and more than a score wounded, through that entire nation there wore demon strationb riots and consequent injuries and arrests. Ijondon had a great demonstration which for a time became acute. Paris, however, was quiet as police patrolled roads in the suburbs and cautioned against illegal asembly in tho metropolitan district. A survey today indicated the following results of tho groat mass stration against unemployment: Dead Injured Arrested -.268 -.511 INDIANA DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S HOME IS DAMAGED BY BLAST By United Prest. INDIANA, Pa., March '/.---A dynamite explosion today pa -lly demolished the house of District Attorn*}' L. E. Mlll'er and endangered the lives of the district attorney, his wife and three daughters. They \\ero not injured. County ofllcers said the.- vtera at a IOSH -for a possible motlv'e but felt that the dynamite hud bee a purposely set off under tho house. THREE-FOURTHS OF PEOPLE DRY, SAYS BROOKHART McKEJSHPOHT, March f.--Sevcnfy- iivo per cent, of tho Amej lean people favor prohibition and will voto to retain it if a national r e f e r e n d u m is c.alled, United Slates Senator himUh W. Brookhart ot Iowa uaid IKTO loduy. Senator flrookhart addroBHcd the mombuiF of the MellujdlK KpUcopal Church of JMcKepsport. No major changes--no« or Inter -will be made ^ in the jirohibition amentlmonl, he told h s uudiencu. Continuing lu admitted uuoinploy- ment was a Serious n u t l o r a l p'-oblpni. Rioting and demonstratfone wore w13ijspread in the United States, with every major city reporting dilB-cultie«j Continued on Pag'e Ono, Second Part. High Tariff Editor Has Desk in Office Of Senator Grundy By tlnited Press. WASHINGTON, March 7.--Warren S. Doane, editor of tho high, tariff publication "Manufacturer," admitted betoro tho Senate Lobby Committee 'today that lie was more than a "visitor" at Room 322, Senate office building, an office assigned to Senator Grtmdy, Republican, Pennsylvania. His testimony appeared to contradict Grundy'a statement of yesterday in which the senator also denied reports that the Senate Tariff League had been using the office for Its ac- UvlUeu. Arthur F. Pautoel, secretary of the league, of which Grundy was tornwr- ly vice-president, also testified today. Fauhel denied using the office In. the Senate office building but told of preparing data for a speech ia which Senator Goff, Republican, West Virginia, attacked the Democratic-Wosf- ern Republican coalition. Faubcl said he prepared a good portion o£ tho data for Goff's rtpnech ami also releases on it, but said the work was done in the downtown f- Jlccs of the Tariff League. Ho alHo revealed how a conference ltal rwn held to decide who should deliver tl,« speech. Doane told tho committee he is paid $500 u month by Grundy and has established his oHico iu Grundy's room in the Senate ofliro building, althougn ho is still pair) »5,oofl a y«r as editor of I h n magazine issued bj the Mauu- fnctuuprs f l u b of Sunday School Koi-onl. MONUOE, Wia., March ",-- In recognition of 12 years of c-oui^t cutlve Sunday hchool attendance at St. John's Evangelical C h u r c h here, Minn Edna Germami IIIIH been presented with a ld pin ly the church. Mi«s fj-er- inann had tho best of man.- fm« att«n- danco recordo of 470 pupils of the school. Haho Born (o Sciubowers. A d a u g h t e r was born Thursday about noon to .Mr. and Mn . Shirley S. S'uihowcr at llicir homo ;ii N'uwmycr a vQtinii MAGIC COUNCIL WILL INITIATE CLASS TONIGHT JJ* t w e e n 1.10 and 200 members of iiglc Council. Junior Order, United iH-rlea,!) Mfclmnicf, and guests are id lo a t t e n d an i n i t i a t i o n at Odd Fellows Temple this evening. Tlio Lawson degrt'e Scan! will be In oharg.. and 20 candidates are lo be initiated. Delegations from Si-ottd.ile, Murjhy Council, Dunbar, UnlontoVn, Vander- bllt and Daw sou art expect ed. There is a surprise in store, the- committee announcer,. A l u n c h will be fc) - vnl by a comm l i l e p in lOiarge of C. A. ' o u g h e n o u r . T w e n t y - s i \ munhci.s of Magic t u n n e l ! .Klcndcd ;in i i u t l a t i o u of 17 candldaU's at St-ottdaln. Then- »Ko 1;: from. Daa'.san,

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