The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 26, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1918
Page 6
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MGK SEC. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNKTXSVIIXE, PA WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 181» RAILROAD CAR STOOD ON END FOOD ADMINISTRATION'S "FAIR" PRICES FOR WEEK Tbe county food administration today anaounced its third weekly list of "fair" food prices tor the county, Tbe follow: Article .UMU9OAL POSITION OF THE BAGGAGE CAR FOLLOWING A T R A I N WRECK IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Flour, "wheat . Flour v. heat (pastry) Flour, wheat (ioose) Flour, nee Flour, barley .,,. Flour, corn ,, __ Com meal (bolted) Corn meal (kiln dried) _ Rolled oats Rice (loose) Rice (pkg.) - ' "Potatoes ( n e w ) Beans (California) Beans (navy-- Mich.) Beans (Roman) Beans (lima) Onions Evaporated milt (unsweetened) Evaporated tuilk (baby can) ,--, Evaporated milk (tail can) Butter (creamery, tab) _. Butter (creamery, print) _ Oleomargarine Eiggs (fresh) __.. _ Kssr 1 ; (fresh, rarton) _ Cheese (cream), N. Y, Cheese (cream). "Wis Lard (steam rend.) Lard (steam rend.) 1 Ib, carton ~ ~ . Lard (open kettle) IB a train wreck .near Claremont, N. H., in. which several passenger cars wv» thrown dowu the embankment Into a Oocded-ewoBen fiT«r, the bag- ·*Se-c*r TT»S left standing; almost at right anjtfoB to the roadbed vith one end high In _th« air. Tbe car had started to slide into the river, bat bad stopped when about halfway down the embankment, with the result that it remained in this uaual position The wreck was caused by a washout. Incident TMLS so unusual that a photograph was taken.--Popular Mechanics ·VICTIM OF "CUT-OFF" ! TURN T0 ELECTRIC TRACTION \ «AILftOAD'S UTTLE JOKE VISITOR TO LOANVILLE. I ON! (Although Mr. Cloop Could Not See it at the Time* His Good Angel Really Engineered Happsn- Irtg for Hia Gooct. Leading Eastern Rail road · Are Well Satisfied Wtth the Operation of Trains by That S stern. Tha Srst main line steam railroad in this country to make nae of electric traction waa the Baltimore Ohio railroad, wh.ich as far back as 1895 Of many pranks of railroad trains,! bulk some powerful 100-ton electric locomotives for hauling Its trains through the Belt Line tunnel at Baltimore. Following this carae the electrifies are more pteasant to contemplate ! tion of the Valtelllna line In Italy. By than what la called the "cutoff." This j far tho nrost ambitious attempt at the Jok* it played by suburban trains, time it was inaugurated, to apply elec- suddenly uncouple a. section of ( trie traction on a large scale to a great two or thr*« cars at some'obsrure way , railroad 'iystem was th* electrification ·Ution, and then proceed to their den- 0 C the terminal and suburban lines on snorting back jeers at the j two of the most important railroads in bnarooned pmtegers. j Amenca, namely, the New York Cen\ Tbe best example of this practical , tral and the New York. New Kaven Jfoke known to historians and critics , Hartford railroads. Each of these Is j*f transportation humor is the case of ! a four-track road and each hind lee an John R. Cloop ot LoaovJlle-by-tbe- extremely heavy son-ice. Both Ins t all a ti oas were forced upon Article Bacon (strip) Bacon (sliced) --, Hams (14 to 16 Ibs.) Hams (small) Hams (sliced) Prunes 10-30 Sugar (granulated) _ Who! 3S to ^ ·n to ; 3" to .31 to .ir to 7.30 ~ ____ Ib Ib. c wt.J HAVE TO KNOW MULE NATURE Mr. Qoop inTltcd to attend a the companies by legislative action by the Mortons, I the result of a serious collision In the ·who bad Just built in loanville. Mr. j tunnel leading tnto the Grand Central Cloop took the 5:24 trom Jersey City, t Terminal station, New York. The New suit ca»« containing his j York Central road Js operated on the j cktb*fl and a, box of candy, a direct-current system, and tbac of tbe · box of candy for all the female | New Haveu railroad by the alternating He went through the sates system. JDt the train shed before the alert at- The New York Central sone covers tondaat cotild close them against him, ; 52.5 miles of road, 255 miles of track, ted swung on to the last c;ir as the and employs 63 locomotives The New train vtaamed out Ot the melancholy ! York. New Haven Hartford company Voaog migratory merchant who of- i has over 100 miles of road electrified, ffered him mental and physical refresh- ' 606 miles of track, inclusive of yards bent he purchased one of those cigars and sidings, the system being operated Which the train crew manufactures in by 100 electric locomotives. The Ita leisure hours, and abandoned him- I latest direct-current locomotive nsed pelf to reverie. ! on the New York Central in express After three-quarters of an hour he ' passenger sen-ice has a speed of 60 ·Urted from his reverie with an miles an hour, drawing a 1,200-ton ·mazement whicn was justiSable, for train. The Complete weight of locomo- fte had an idea. The smoking car, in i ^ v e is 132 tons, the drawbar pull is 6C,- Driver* of Patient Animals Re*ll» They Have Peculiarities and Must Be Humored. An old flcM-Mtren, hammer hpo'led. ewo-nccKefl bolt marp, slowly picking ti.T war ncross the corral at tho rf*- moant station at Cnmp Znchury Taylor, foHowod by n Ions string nf mules walking In sloslf flip, hr*oia down and ears waffplni;, sprvriJ E? illu^trntlnn for an ofilctrr attachctt to the big cantonment ·who had Ju^t finished rcroart- JDK that "hnrst* nnturc iind rmilc nn- tiir? and human nnturc wern mlphty contrary tilings nny -way you tnfcp i hem." "Now, U k p those ranleV ho sa/d. "The educatJoa of a pack mulp is a rhlap that na^t h^pin fflrly HP has just two purpos^^fl In life. "Ono Is to carry 2£T ixnnd.s day after dny pitl"nt! and uncomplainingly, nnd thi» oth^r Is to follow the bell mare of the tir.ln, r«*Rorri 1 l**?'* of vrhrrc tiint »nlmol IHHT pn. W**I1, there Is In thr-t ct'trni BJI Illastratloo of the efrnrtlvciH-s*. of oTir trnlning. Th«* old rncrc tins =tnrtM after a drlnt of water nnd thfiro KOPS cvpry dftd-Wn"=tcd one of tbo»- fool males n?ter a drink of vnitpr. 1 " Investigation re\eflled tho pack male is noi the only member of his family tlmt has peculiarities that cnn be played upon or mc^t he lmmor«h Tt ^nis learned thnt thp Inrser mules, once teamed Dp or paired, nin^i thereafter be worked topotbcr If each Is not to suffer a loss In efficiency. Two Mrnnpe moles will not work together anything ii^c so well in (ho be^innlnp ns they will n few greets later, after they hnTe become well acquainted, and then. If they are purled t h e whole process mast be gone over with again. THE "BROADWAY SCANDAL"--A fl\f part Bluebira altrartion, btarrinc; Cariuel Mvora, -.upporttjd by Kdwm Augubt, l^ou Chiincy and other scrcon sUrb. is being 'sbo^n tcxla. Ttie I story has to do with .Nenettc Bisbon. a young French girl, * ho IB brnugi"t to a private s n m t a n u m operated bv David Kendall, his f a t h e r She baa bullet wound in (h* shoulder, and young 1 Kendall, inloxiraf^d falls to notify tho police Nennotio bcoiues enjimored of D t \ ; d , but he. bclieung that all French women are not to b* i taken seriously doe^ not reciprocate her affection. When she has f u l l ; -ecovered, Nen-ntu re-:urns to continue her dancing ?t her fnther ^ cafe. Young Kendall f o l l o w s some time later and rea^he-t the (si/e just a* Nanette facus oocuscLtrd to bcconu th" wife of the man sh* does not lo» The police trajl her and -she is arrested. Tin? sbarne thus heaped upon her father caches him 10 drive her ; from hK home. .Nem'Ue becomes .1 sta^re f.i%'ori!e and David who ha.^ ' .joined the Coned State* corps, rcti!i7e* while in the thick of the battle the valor ?.nd devotion o: the FVench women Cdwin Anfrnsf MS splendid in the role of David Kcn- , rfali, a sis Miifl Myers, who appenrv ( an Nenette A selected comedy \* j.n- cloded Tomorrow Kitty fkrdor., supported by Ir^'ir.K Cummin £s, Ppnnk Mayo and orlirrs will bo f*\i- ittired in "The Ir erlope*-," a ftvr par i "World attractior. of much interest FURNITURE RUGS STOVES "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-15S YVest Crawford Avcnue.Sticccssors Leonard Furniture Co. Uncle Sam is providing a grsnd opportunity for you to store away some of your war-time prosperity for the preverbial rainy day. Are you buying War Savings Stamps? Did you buy Liberty Bonds? .Now is the time to practice thrift in all things. This is the "Thrift Store" in Connellsville for furniture buyers-our one-low-price-to-all spells savings of the real sort on everything for the home. It is because we have become established as the city's economy store that our business is increasing in leaps and bounds. Have you seen our windows lately? Thrifty People Buy Nationally Advertised Goods Exclusive Apc-nts For Globe "Wcrnickc Bookcases Scaly L i m h o r t ' s F i n e J ' u r n f l n r e Simmons' Beds a n d Springs Sellers' K i t c h e n Cabinets HSSSSBSHiSS 'the Snow-white. SANITARY CORLED HAIR MATTRESS TT TILSON'S "Rcstfcooa" Sanitary Curled Hair Ma'trws beneath tho W thefts of yffur bed insnrrsyouof greater comfort cna SE'iifactjontiian any other tnattrest. It jn a more Inrunoas mattres*. and fcr better raado than any other mattress, reartUeis of the matenelansed-n tr, mHnafocturc. It IB not tt hiH-pnced mattress, but it is the mattress that will satisfy yoa every dny throoh the rest of yoar life. Forty pounds of ell netp, tnnilttry curjed hair are nsed n £l]in^ the tide which 13 of the best cmtcnal, in either a number of stripes or in art ticking. Call today and let os sho^c yoa the "Restfeood." Let us ororr voa why it is bttter than ordinny mattresses, and why it is the mattress that you thonld hnvp m yoar home. The "Rettood ' .8 ctanuCttctured and feuaran- teeC by Wilson Co., Chicago. Z I M M E R M A N * W I L D C05tPA\T ilxclusire Agents Kxdusive Agent 1 ; For Belbcr Luggage Vital A'acuum Clcaacrs Coolmnr 1'orch Shades Bo/.nrt Bags I/sarel Combination Ganges Quaker Curtains Stradivara Phonographs All Styles--Play Any Records--AH Prices At the Zimmerman-Wild Store Exclusively onrintrjt THEATRE. !*hich he was seated, was empty, save ; 1 000 pounds. The working conductor Jor himsett; neither, he sa*, were ! is a special type of under running third there any passengers in the car ahead, | rail.--Scientific American. 5"he conductor had t ome moments be- · fere whispered "^saengenniesauk- ! PAINTED CARS D R I E D QUICKLY ford cars," but he had not heard, or keariag, had not heeded. Why should , Ea3tern Railroad Use* Oven for the Ike not take advantage ot his privacy to change into his evening clothes *rhileen the train? He had heard that commuters did euch.things. Mr. Cloop waa a man of action. He Purpose and Resufta Have Been Extremely Satisfactory. GOOD COOK TO BE E N V I E D ' -THE HONOR OF HIS HOUSE"- j Clever Sessue Hayafcan-a, Japane*' 1 Always Sure of Popularity Is the Per- j star of "The Honor of His House. son Who Can Concoct Dlsho {the Paramount picture, is one of t h e That Are Appetizing. I most capable emotional actors of the screen. In this picture he bas a role To proTp tbat there is nothing intrinsically humble or sbnmcful in cook- that tests his powers to the utmos*. that of a Japanese nobleman wbo A passenger car out of sen-ice is a liability, not an asset. It eaTis monev t»versed thfc back of a seat to make his only when it Is working. Every day ·belter more secure, opened his suit i a car spends in the shops means a «aae, and soon was proudly clad Jn his i ] 0 g a To cut down the time required »ew muahroom-plaited tango shirt, ira- . f o r drying a car after painting, the test Haculat3 collar with funny little taos, d n pnrtment o' an eastern road began ^Kxd sensitive white neckUe Aiso no some cxpe-imenta several jears ago p »ad assumed silk socks and shiny The prospect of success was not E ack pumps. He was admiring bus re- 1 bright, for quick-drying paints are KCtion in the darkened v.irdow when j mucb less durable than those requir- 0 young and still- kind-hearted con-' i n j- two days or more to dry jtfuctor fltns 1 open th'o car door and · But _a way was discovered of cut- Ing it is only neces«ury to mention a | loves a beautiful half-caste girl. She hunting or foiling party. The nmn who nan mother suitor in Hoben. Barlow, can turn out a palatable dish is, envied an American chemist Tomorrow, and lauded. The college girl wbo can j Maryanta Fischer is starred m "The concort midnight suppers over n can Sqllare Deal" The story is a keen of frozen ulcoho' or a gas jet Is sure analysis of that psetido-BohcmiamsTi of popularity. Mnny of the great of i wnlc j, paro d[es art atmosphere and the earth liave practiced cooking ns nn , flnds man} votaries m tbe Tour.Rcr accompHshnK-nt. Louis XT, one of the ] 5ea ,,, AroeT .. canE Coming Yonday extrcmest cunnof-scurs In the art ot ting down the time of dvving by 95 per cent, and thua tbe time the car Is out of service Is reduced by 50 per Wbouted "Awk'^ Aw'sJ For'rd cars! """'MTTcse"cars is~cut off, young man!" - i Mr. Cloop seized a light overcoat he ____Jfcad.brought with him, and, donning It cen". A mammoth oven, was built, 7 ·* he ran, reached the third car ahead ' Into which the largest cars could be fa time to go on toward Loaaville "with ' run A r.e^ly painted car is put in 1, the,engine. But back in the village j it, the doors are closed and the tern?, known to him only as "Auk," in thf 1 pcrature is raised to above tlie boiling £ abandoned cur reposed Ins suit case, i point of water. In three hours the ~ ~Wa *day clothes, and all his evening ! car is quite dry and is sent back into « Clothes, except those he had on, that is, i active service -- »hirt, collar and necktie. j The first testa ot this oven-drying TM · He reached Loanvine, was strangely j ^ere made about two years ago, and "·*---·Btnt as herrode in the Mortons' car 1 fte present condition of the paint BO to tbcir bungalow, and refused to re- ' aried indicates strongly that oven- »or» his oTcrcoat when he entered dried P aiDt is ^ ore durable than that -' -th«b:"hospitable doors. j dried in the open air. 1 There was conference with Mr. j %lorioa. and Mr. Cloop -was clothed! Good Work of British RoadJ. a, faahioc- ! "When tbe British government took hving, pridrd himself on his coffee, j ^ One of tlie most famous of table sauces i was invoatct! by a gentleman of "\Vor- i cestershiro. Many great ladles of the I olden timc-s used to exchange reclpca. i Sir Ken^em DJgby, an advecrurous ' nnd scholarly soul, left a fnt volume \ ' full of thpm, ranging from simple ap j , and Charlie Chaplin A Mlscug - Blr F - E - Smith " Th " re nr « «° luncheon « uelle " ln But IW« practical joke of the roil- j charge of the railroads for mobilizing tead htd, as was intended, its bene- ; its army, it gave them 60 hours in tovlal effect. It called Mr. Cloop's at- which to transport troops in 350 trains Itontfcm to the fact that Loar.vllle was to given points, and they did it in 4S ·at a place to approach friTolously, oc- hours. ^wJonmlly, that it was a place to which j tne mo»t go habitually if he would go j Rusifan Railroads, WvfVBleatlr. j Rnwiiar. railroads represent a.rntle- Bo b* married a female ilorton and i g 0 { 46,000, just twice that of tbe i a dally traveler. railroads in the United K.ngdom. , pie sauce to the most refined elabo- ! '" nd now ' ' he s * i! ' ""»' on « '« ration of pime. It Is not even necessary that cook- j to get mixed up. "A soldier passed ery should aspire to the phase called | fOTr honrs la * Ter 7 long queoe tho "fancy" to be artistic. Above all. the i ^ er J W m * °P wt » wer « superb. sacce, that idol of the professional He amnsed everybody with bis quips chef, should be dethroned from its bad | Qnrt 9aI1Ies - But h * "ttered a low cry eminence. The sauce Is the mother of ! of dlsma T whc o bis turn at last came, nightmares. The dish itself nnd not j nnd a l rjir " nf a SMliU STeasy packet its accompaniments, is the thinp. Cook- \ In hla band ' Bay j ns: ing Is real, cooking is earnest, and the ' " rM " "" "^" gravy is not Its goal.--Exchange. Do You Make A Good Deal Of Money But Save Little? Do you Bonder what hccomos of it. and do you w i s h lo find oui" 1 Ea your bills iMth checks That v.ih show j o u wht -c 1 thp motie gees and TV hat 'icr/s iriglu be cat out. Your checking actoir i large or smail, it, ·welcome at uhib bank. MSI I 129 IT. Crawford Avis, Conni-Ilsvillc. ·^fhe Bank that I)oh Things for You" Liberal Inter^t en Time To Merchants, Manufacturers, Garages and any one whom it may interest in Connellsville. Scottdale, Mount Pleasant. Dawson, Vauderbilt and Beginning Monday. June 2-lth, \Vclls-JIills Motor Car Company will make daily round trips to Piusburg for parcels and express up to 2oO pounds ill any one shipment. Phone us \ o u r instructions. Car Co. CONMCJLLSMU,!:, 1'A. Bell Phone M'2'2. Tri-Sfaic 502 The Knitting Reserve*. "What mre you knitrlnt: there?" "A sock. We women cnn lielp vrln be war br ^ittlo?." That's right. Sock It to 'em," Jtwmyfi, Di»e*very. Jtmtny WM peculiar. a pin 1 sister JuUa: 7«Ito pHt mother's r* h* wJ4. "bofmr«B't firt Hash Ones Upon a Time. "Where's tfiat old Joke about ho^n?" Inquired the mnn who had just retnrr- ed from the north pole. "Hash?" repeated the landlord. "Oh, yps I There was once a Hme when people could afford to cat meat nod potatoes nnd onions all at once."--London Answer*. Mr. Kewfilt--Yes, sir. 1 started in Hto * b*r»foet boy. Mr. OldfwiM--L too, wttfr born with/ ' I Whit He Is Thankful FOP. "Uncle! You seem to have trouble getting over the ground." "I ain't complalnin', boss, so long i I kin keep from gittln* under it.* ! Judge. Spruce Used in Airplanes. Because the government needs all tbe apruce for airplanes, the piano manufacturers of the country are har- lag 1 a harrl timo to get sounding boards for their instruments. Spruce Is the best wood the piano manufacturers can get for this purpose and thoj have used it in immense quantities for many years. But sounding boards and airplane beams call for the same quality of stock--d«ar, straight-grained, tough- fibcrcd and free from blpmlshes. In their desire to assist the government in alrpliine construction the piano manufacturers have agreed tn cmnaH their outpnt 30 pnr cent during the war. Ther cnn get along with the spruce siock now on hand for some time, they say. Meanwhile they wilt try to find a substitute for spruce. Sev- ornl ot the big apmce producing mills in the Grays Harbor district of Washington tmd nlong the Colombia rl\cr in Oregon that always hare made a specialty ot piano stock now are glr- Ing their attention to airplane material. *Nn tea twJny, but he*" -'a t nice half-ounce of maigarlne.' '"Well. I'll b? jiggered!' said th« American. 7s thJs or flin'r it the gallery «otrmnce to the PrivoHty theater?' " TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS. Ic A WORD. Their Prinefpa) Use. ' "Pop, "What are ayes and noes fo* In legislative bodlefs?" "With some of them, raj- child, they are first to scent jobs and then wink at them." Hia Job. This a«w nnrso 'vho was p pnglllst wants to know what s duty In the hospital yon hai him." "Let him attend to the inionin tients. HP Is just the man t them to sh'ep." el- ·clnl for pa- put i Cardinals Sell Pitcher. Pitcher Howard of the St. Loots N has bacn sotd to Milwonkeo, Ho Knew H«r. WtEe--You remember tlm; second last cook we had; she got dntnk, and tbe Judge h»a glren her thirty days. Hub--Thirty days, eh? She won't «t«y half tho timn. Htont Mtt Him. '*Heftrd fram yoor hoy lately?" "Yes. He's getting along very well tn the aray r but he complains that he hasn't been InQodaced to Geaczal Pcr- «h5oj{ jet," BECOME \y EXPERT SAVER An account with the Title Trnst Company of Westorn Pennsylvania will prove valuable to \ on. ' The safety aBorded and liberal interest al- : lowed are good incentives for regular de- ' posits, thus helping i you to become au expert saver. This is the only ] bank in this community paying 47c interest on Savings Accounts. And Final Windup of Our DOUBLE TIE SALES IN JUNE A REAL BARC; MX SVKXT. Watch Thursday's papers. We are goina to tiirr: our profits over to you. C CXJOOCX3OCX3COOCOCOOOCOOCX5QOO Try Our Classified Ads. · Si's horsey Weii invested

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