The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 26, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. \VEDNESDAT, JUNE 26, 191S. tertnr. ETENEY P. SN*YDBB, Pounder and Editor, 1879-1516. THE COCnlER COMPAJfV. K. M. SXTDEB, President. JAMES J. DRISCOLL. Scc'y and Treas. Business Manager, JOHN i~ CANS. Manai;ln(r Editor.. TTALTER S. STJMMEL, City Editor. MISS LYNXE B. KJ.VCELJj, Society Editor. MEMBERS OF : Associated Press, Audi*. Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies Two c«nt» per cw. sOc per month; j fi*noro«s!y t^n have J5 per year by mall If paid in advanc.-. t read;- answered. [ -- . While then? tSntcred as second class matter th£ post office, Connellsvirje. Fa. loyalty and patriotism of our people. Tho good attendance during very unseasonable weather proves that a want in the lives of the people has been wholesomely' supplied while the the patriotic note that has been dominant in the program has inspired the people to a 'better understanding of the problems or the war and their relations to its successful issvse, and gained for them a .broader "view of their responsibilities and obligations. Prom the manner In which the Chautauqua has been patronized thij season and the spirit u-hich has been manifested, there is every indication that, future calls upon our people for ; 'rrice and sacrifice, either as a community or as individuals, will be answered evon rnoro willingly and the calls al- ITALIAN TROOPS WHO ARE FIGHTING ON THE PIAVE f£ TCSTCfESOAY ETE'O. P." SHERMAN. Bospluil Unit L. American Ex. peditionary Forces,. Franc*. " RALPH F. SLIOER. Company H, 31»th lafantry. O. S. N- A.. American Expeditionary Forces, France. '" iQCHXEL, GRENAUX),: HAROLD RICHET. Battery B, UOTth Field Artll- '.. lery, 21th Division, U. S. N. ;; OS.," American Expedition" ary Forces, Prance. L.LOTD E. COX. "Cttzapany F, ,37th Engineers, V. ;, S. A., Fort Myer. Va. -- JULIUS CROUSE, Company E. 15th. Entlneers :; (Railway). American Expeditionary Forces, France. T: JA3CES J. McPAETLAN'D, Eompejiy B, S3rd Engineers. " (Rill-way). Fort Benjamin '-". Harrison. Ind.iana.po- Us. Indiana. RUSSELL LENHAUT, U. S. S- President Grant. D. S. Navy. is reasonable objection to br: made to the system under which the coming of the Chautaurnia \ to a community is assured, and there \ prevails the sentimeni that it should j invite patronage en its own merits "7; and not ask to be guaranteed a minimum ticket sale before booking a return date, we are confronted by the fact that it ia also conducted'as a business enterprise. Tf the people of ono communi'ty a.i not sufficiently interested in this character of entertainment to arrange for its appear- anca. the management has but the al- ternattre of accepting the offer of another and more wide awake community, The arrangement made for the return of the Chautauqua next season Is much to be preferred to that in effect during the past three years. Having the people generally pledge themselves to take the required number of tickets is better thaji asking a limited number of individuals to act aa puar- antors. This change in method is an indication that interest in the Chautauqua has become more widespread, its purposes more generally understood and it.s usefulness as an up, lifting agency more fully recognized. Taken all in all, Coonellsville has benefited more by the Chautauqua this season than over before. It has r~ BUY TTAB- SATO'CS 8TAOTS THIS VEEK. A country* worth fighting for is a country saving for. A million young Americans are in arms and other millions arc getting ready, which shows that this country is worth the biggest kind of a fight, Xcnv. let UF at homo invest our savings in War Savings Stamps. War Saving Stamps are for sale at every one of our stores. These Italian troops have driven back the Austrians on the Plave and are busy constructing a pontoon bridge to cross liiat river. The figfatiatj oa that, treat .has been intense. ; By W u l t Mftaon. iLOST--OPKX P A C K SIL.VKR W A I . T - hnm watch. ( l . ' V i i r d if r e t u r n e d to The Courier otiicc. lMjun-:u CHA5GED HABITS. The tasks I used to like, alas, to me no longer tnnKe appeal; t do not ; care to mow Liu- grans, w i t h seven ' f e e t of flashing stocl. The weeds nrc , irrov.-infir on my lawn, which once was handsome na a park: tor J befiin i» talk a.t dn.wn of war, and keep it u p ' tili dark. The oocklebura are groiv-; in.K dense where once the scarlet r a m - ' bier grew; decay has marked my picket fence, and all the other YVnMteO. -- TOUR BAREBR1NO j LOST-- K H A K T C-'H-ORKD O V K R oat from ; i u t o r n o b i l f t . Iluwnrcl 1C re- n r n e d LO The C u » r i t ; r oiiicf.-. W.A.VTKD- KOL'SE. BOY v'.T SMITH in view. For I muat talk w i t h Xefph- bor Jonos--that*» what my leather lunffs are for--explaining, in heroic WAN'TED--COOK! AND rHAAIBBH- maJd itt TRAJVS-ALbKGUJSN'V Bi- KEIj. Cajunetfd AVAXTEU--EIl-;VAT(.R HOY. Apply H. S. C1,AKK, First National Bank building. 2,=ijLineat LOST -- OOOnt'.ir nnri rim, berwc^n 1'Urasant. F i n d e r Rc-K'ftrrt if raturni FORji T I R E i t i h i J p ;mrt M»ui]i ' Ci;uri»T r.tiicn. i I LDST--RLACK". from a u t o m o b i l e i H o t o l . A p p J c niitl I ward If re'-Urned C A T A L O G O 3 U P c t w e e n A r ' l n K l o n ', n'Ji street,-;. Re- Jfenabrr ot The AJWWmlated Prr«(«. The Associated Press is exclusively entttld to the use Cor republication of ail the nrws dispatches credited to it or no; otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. WANTBJ -- \VOMAX FOR H O l - S K - | work to work by day. Call Tri-State ; T H K ^ON'.N'Kt tones, what we should do to w i n the , 33S or at 109 North E'rOMpc-ct. Keoond H a n d r' 2 G J t i t : c 2 t I propared i^ do - irik' frood« Noih- . iftt splendidly into the situation which has developed from our country's participation in the war, hence ihe people will remember it as more than 1 do not care to *wai the flies.! ouffh that ?port once hit thft spot. | early Jn the day I'd rlae. w i i h ' le seal, and swat, and -swat. F-nch ' p ny in safety now may soar, and m n l t i ' - - · A.VTED-- r^XEOltbRS. !X}.\O JOB, w e e k l y . Apply CHAS. MATZ, Ati Ic Kofluhiff Corn-puny. ply to b«at the h.ind; I'm busy Blue Front store, where n l l i r d s t r n l - cpy ia p l a n n e d . Th*rc I'm ctr;sic]«rf^ sane and wise, and people b a r k e n to t t h o · Side Hotel. .,4june3t AX OPPORTUNITY FOR COXNELLS- VLLLE COKJS ePEBAXOKJ. The announcement that the \V". J. Rainey interests have joined with a producer ot Iron and steel to construct and operate a by-product coke plant is significant. It marks a new departure oa part of the producers of beehive coke as well as a new phass ot the development of the by-product coke industry. ^Tith the exception of a few merchant operations -the by-product , season of pleasing und profitable i my rede; I hav L no time to entertainment and instruction flies., which on the nation's s fe-d. I dn not on. re to boil th may be n rlnpine f-a- Never fnrgrct the investment ture. of "U'ar Savings Staraps. you buy them you bccoiru? a stock- h o l d e r in the U n i t e d State-! 5 , the best corporation in the world. Foreign Minister von K e u h l m a n n who prates* about the necessity for a "certain degree of mutual confidence j in each other's honesty and chivalry" \ in a discussion of Germany's peace j "aims" needs to come to an u n d e r - j fftiuttHnf? ot the fact that Germany's iilms cut no upure in the situation. Berlin and tbc scalp of Bin Kaiser are the alms- of the Allies and th*y will j be attained before there is a discus- ' slon of a. peace settlement. perm*, a l t h n u f r h our lives for I must t*«Il. in r i n f r t n c term*. where K r o n p r i n z TV illy urn mnde hi" break. T used to read tho hull*-tins t h r h e a l t h hoard issued cnro a. vo*k. and 1 would stir my a n c i e n t s h i n P. and m.-ikc my slats .ind hinges creak: non* better know to swat the flips, or bolt the prermfi. or bat th« rats: bir now I meet with craybeard fruys. a n ^ TVO all coseip through our hats. · .USVrOLR NEW . j r n i t u r u JHory is - . i p l i i ' I s t c r i n i ^ and i:: a l l l l i c i'ali^t locks, rnak..- keys* and all \ · ; h i i i !Sue. 1 2". SmiLh Pit is J wire el. Tri-St.ue t u n . 2f.ji.-tu \VA.-;Ti-:n -- nvis T K A C H K R S J N Stp-.vari lownshiii. Bu.ird rn.eets J u l y Isi. W r i t o JOHN" I l A l i B A C O H . Svc- rela.ry. V i c t o r i a . Pa. _ I i u n t i 9 L W A N T K P -- SMiERMAIC OR SAUKS- lady. O u t d o o r w o r k and a good oppor- t u n i t y for ihe r i n h t pt;rscn. A d t i r f t s a XX. cure Courier. lS;um;tC \VANTi;n-- Kxn-'.niKNCi^n SAI^ES · man ovor ."!!. m u s t be w i n d o w t r l m m c - r rind card \vrlter. D I l l ' M B K J L G B K R f i M A N . On-; Price O u h i i i K Houpi*. L : n f o n t o w n . Pa. 2 a j u n o J t plants, now ia operation havo been built by iron and steel manufacturers j the way. as a pan of rheir plant equipment, Connellsville coke operators have been without interest ia these enter- The Austrian? don't seem to kno'H' w h e r e they'arc going, but they are on prises other than as producers of coal which they sold as raw material to be .used in the manufacture of byproduct coke. The new joint undertaking, in which a large indenendent manufacturer of beehive coke and owner of Conneilsvelle coal becomes the associate of a steel manufacture' In the production of by-product ccke. Is the first step in. the direction of a closer union of the Connellsville region with the by-product industry. This is merely an adaptation to the conditions which are developing through the expansion and growth of the by-product industry and th'j transformation that is gradually taking place in the Connellsville region. While there is certain to lonp remain a demand and market for beehive coke, and the Connellsville region, ·will still retain its pre-eminence as producer of the standard metallurgical fuel, from year to year the region; ·will continue . to undergo a change from a coke manufacturing center (o a coal producing center. This is a process involving nothing more than suspending the operation of the beehive ovens and centering plant activities on the mining and shipping of coal. This can be affected without cost other than loss of Investment in oveji plants, many of which have already served their usefulness. Tho evolution has been in progress for some time and has added to rather than detracted from the importance o£ j the Connellsville region as a fuel pro- } ductng center. In fact. 7-ii.hout the' extensive mine development of the j Connellsville region the rapid growth! In the by-product industry would not have been possible, such development having provided an immedlatety available source and ample quantity- of raw materral for new by-product! With ConnellsviUe and vicinity sending S3 addiiionn! draftees on the way and the shipyards preparing 1 to launch SS ships- on Brutal BUI Uncle Pam I the Glorious Fourth, not likely to forget that In this job to a finish. Tf neighbor offers bis u r e l y *ru can lo?in your money. ith the snme * t acrftrn*5? that your eighbor Sgrhts, and buy W. S. S. our savings. Hie v l t h The lUbaJjat of HooYerism. Springfield Union. A c h u n k of war bread underneath the bough. A dish of vegetable hash--and th-ou Besides me grumbling in the wtW- nesa-- Oh, wilderness were Hooverlsh enow! We mufft abjure. Herb Hoover saya, the wheat. Likewise the tender, appetizing meat, And this and that and all thini^s pood, u n t i l Good Lord, there's nothing left that's fit to eat! sometimes thfnk luck So fierce as chuck; That when when I'm thai never is my r go (n search of hungry I can only The sort of Ptuff that makes me want to duck. But even as my little grouch I nurse In this here now parodic sort of verse, J roallrs ,but that don't make me glad. It mfgrht k oh, yes indeed, It mig-ht be worse. JiE HAS -NOT G05K TO IMF- He huff not gone to die, Though he nay tall, And far in Flanders lie; He heard l i f e csui. And k n o w i n g what U m e a n t -- Hi« strength to give For Freedom. n " 1 "-' went That lie m i g h t live. Death! There is no such th!n£ For hon;r'p sons. "Who brave t h e t h u n d e r i n g And crash of g u n u And in one mighty hour Dare all for truth; They snatch f r o m Death's grim p o w e r Eternal Y o u t h . Not by some secret plan, Nor space of time Does l i f e p r o d u u n a man Superb, sublime. Not in thrt*e-score ot years Does manhood glow: More than our ^ray-beard Beers Brave youth may know. Only the coward dies; Clinging to breath, Poarintr to strike or riFC, His is a living 1 death. Ix*t is his 5nil to truth. Dnad Is thf heart w i t h i n , "Wasted his strength and youth, Shame's errnvc ha.= s h u t him In. He w e n t to live DTIP h o u r For truth find rlprht; To rlsn to manhood's power And test hi« might. And if beneath sky He falls fnr trutlr His narrw shall never die: Life guards his y o u t h . WAXTKD--SKVEFIAI., F / R B J3R1CF- layers. Steady work. p n ? \ wnrre^ AMEFUCA.V MAXC;ANT-[-: MA.VL- K A C T U R I N G CO., Duntmr, P ;I . * 5 j u n o 8 t Let *em starve rather than feed em on your dried vegetables and fruits. Get tbo drying bock from the National War Garden Commission, for 2 cent* for postage. FOR R K N T -- A P A R T M K N T S KLOR- i KXCE SMUTZ. 2 t j u n o l f : FOR ItlSNT--ROOil 121 West A p p l e strevf.. "H BOARD. 2 (J j n n e t f SALE--30.000 D A N I S H stem cabbage 1 '.\n; 4f!c per hundred. 127 ring 1. C a l l li-'l! phone FOR S A L E -- t ' A C K A U H Pier, makeii TTi nitU':s pf-s l I n q u i r e SOHMITZ, \Vo«l Slil s. .1OK T e n i h UOAD- ir. 5225. K, TWO I'lSl'1-O. FOR SALE--ONK 131S SAXON SIX clrmoustriitor. c i t f / i p t o q u i r k : b u y e r . Bel; p h o n o S3. D L ' N K A K .' AUTO CO., Dun bar. Pa. ^ 5 j u n e * t ALE By I'nrc.-l I'oiTt to y n u r door. Si-nd y o u r momw now. We w i l l shi [i at nuc^, Parcel P'l.^t r h i i r K o s paid. B.irred P l y m o u t h R t i c k H and T.horte I s l n n d Red? at L5 fnr * 4.50 f,n i / r S I'.O 1 ' 100 for 517.50 Aiso Whirc nud Brown Leghorns -it «5. for f 4.Pf) SO for t S . O Q I .ii) Tor {15.5/1 HM:K HIIK;I-: POVI.TKY F A R M R c l E Phono 1773. L T n j o n t o w n , Pit. FOK SAL.K -- USK model 33, In frrjn] J m i n i r e 104 \S". Cra Garage. I. »lilSO*V ATTO, r u n n m p r c o n d i t i o n : ford or We!ln M i l l s j J a j u n e t f . I FOR SAT^E-- DETROIT AUTOMATIC · compuMnpr Mcalet. o n e u n u n t c r n n d onft j show c:ise. C'honp :o t j u i c k buyer. I n - ! riulrn, GOP East Gibson. 2 5 j u n e 2 t When used in Th* ways bring results. Dally Courier Try them. Why a Mother Thanked God Her Daughter Was Dead FOR SALK -- O A K l x A N D ROAD- i ster, w i t h rrunh b-d. Ton l i K h t f o r . present purpose. Cheap to quick cash buyer. Address X. Courier, I S j u n c t f I FOR SAL!-: -- S O t t R K T j HOHS1C. I about e l e v e n hundrotl I'f.Mnrl?, Works sin trie nr n o u l i l f . A ; . p l y .!. B. M I L - ; Pop Factory, Trevor strcL't. , FOR SALI3-- SKVKN" r»b.\TK GLAS^ ' top floor ca^es, hat ca.«e, r^fr'tKertitor, ' meat rack, block, marble top c o u n t e r and combination eJe^trio prind«r. OI£O. C. McOILU Dvtion. Pa. 2 C j u n t : ( I * By Bcv. Newell Dwigrht Hillla. The bloodiest battle of 1917 was ) saw to it that the official photographer Foand. FOL'.N'D--RED H E l F K R . ABOUT a year old ,:tt J o h n Bitcior Vtrm, be low- Oracle church, I-,«iae f i r i n g No. 1. O w n e r caii have sumc by citUiuK and p a y i n g for damages done. ^5}tineXt' FOCND -- CiENTLKMLAN'S GOLD watch Saturday, opposite Youirh House. OT-mT cn.n havo samo by c n i l - \r\ff at 22T L''lrst street, Wtst Side, an.I paying: £01 this ad. 2 6 j u n p H ,,. . . . ... ESTATE OF W I L I . r A M MICHBALK. ! Plainly fleatn . acceasod. I.PU..TS t f n t x n i c n t i i r j - In tho i estate of W i i l l a m if i c i i e j i t y , :,ite of ! . , . i rough t on the slopes of Viray Ridge. 1 got the letord. of the faces of the dead Plants as they were made ready f o r | T h a t ridg6 was 7 j.j miles , ongi and ; girls . Onco lhey mufit have bcen OI ^5 "' i is shaped like a dog's bind leg. To : divinely beautiful, for all were lovely The steel producers who have be- j hoM Ae rjdgfe tte Germans con-! beyond their fellows. come by-product coke producers ear- i slructed a vast s y atem of trenches. kad been longed for. Jr -realized tint ConnellsnUe coal . witjl barbe d-ft-ire barriers underneath i Weeks passed by when one day a ! 5 orth Unlontown. P:I.. Kayctie county, sii»Ums.the_samo important relation, ^ rige At a deplh of 60 teot they i Canadian officer. maSing slow recov-i g^'^^lhc' Snd'c^^'ncd^noMcJ 1 "!" to uie manuiacture ot a nifh gradtf! madc lheir prisoners d i g a gallery l e r y In a hospital near the coast, was hereby given tn ,-ui por«.ns'lr.iiciit!d ti oy-proauct coKe. and nch by-pro^ - ^, mi , ( with roQms for tbc | asked by his nurse for tho photo- * M c s m t e w n ' a k c immediate pny- dncts. that it does to the manufacture m jn on eitber sido o f israpbs. There was a Belgium woman T^ ""hi ,'° ,'.".° s "r ^"'^ d: " m " ot!^»^^^^.J^S^e lo»» P-sageway, . i working in the hospiul. Her ^^^SX^? '^Tnt a producer of by-product coa}-the region has merely changed' la the Ca re a .ion o e iron .and j d · he n a d M b ^^f^'r^e^'!-----,----,!' dustry. ued .pros 1 ^ , 1 . 1 i troops started up ;he lo^g s!oj- WlldSe under sk^es that rained mb s. Ly- radled up : the lillside, cutting the wires as they Then they plunged to become interested, as t ^ ic RTM; ; down iato the treuches. while .he . ' ' ' is done. - ^- ^...-~=_- y ; mans rushed down had been entirely destroyed. Her home j TLAJWIOX was gone, aJid all she lo^'ed had dis- i ^''^GHLBY, appeared. By some accident the Red Cross nurse decided 10 show this photograph to the Belgium woman who had passed so swiftly from abundance i and happiness to the utmost of pov-! erty and hnartbreak. i Almost unwillingly at fir^t the worn- \ C H A K L R S ; l^juncfit* VTod j miles f r o m City. l U7 Acrt-s Pasture L" I 1-4 irt'.le from c i t y , Ifif) Acre Farm at Confluence, l*n. jjfir tiore 3 5(J 25 Acnt Frit ft F i i n n near Si-oitdalc. Pa SZ.ZW 5 C Acre V a r: n u C ur N o r n i t l v i l l c . J'a 5;t,r,fHj 1 0 Acraa IjtinO on Brick in ACI'" Kstriv. near IjOia- 10 Acr.; F r u i t ;iml P o u l try Kiirm. iJi'St in uomi- Iry. r;i:u- c i i y *,^O» 1* A c r e F a r m , 3 niilp? from cily. 7 room Jioiise rind pood ( l U l h n i l d i i i F r s . Coal not Fold. 200 fine Pencil trt-wr. S7 P l u m t r c f s , -10 Applt- (.rocs:, 1-1 P f n r trees, Quinces nmi C'hor?-y t rees. R ( Coot d r i l l r r] \voll. Price 52,iuo 57 1-2 AcriB w e l l iniprov- ett Furni n e a r J m i i a t a . J G acres uf f o u r foot con.1, niw op^n on f a r m . 7 room houHO., barn. . This f*tr}. f r o m 1'riCQ lam! is L'O 171 jn u slreo'l x - A. E. WAGONER CO. WEST SI OK, ISotli I'lnin.-n. CoiHicIlsville, Ta. nf of , . ; iLicuuf. i uaucu uwnii the long stairs into ,- ». ^ , ' ^ . g . av " the underground chamber and plunged : an looked at the print. A moment *-product coke products. througil thfi loww openingg ^ toelr j later she Hold the picture out at arm's : . · "; t long gaJIerj' toward safety. Not until j length, rose to her feel, then drew i t . 310RK T H A N ^^ E*TKRTADT- those Canadian officers led us into] to her lips and hugged it to her breast : MKST. : one o£ these German chambers did w e j With streaming eyes she almost · The. promrnaess with which the understand taa black tragedy. In that j sho»;ed: "Thank God, Julia is dead! Coiicclisville patrons of the Chau: chamber the German officers bad kept i Thank God, Julia is dead! Now l ] tauqua took steps to insure the re: the captive French and Belgium girls, j know there is a God in Israel,, f o r ! turn of this form of summer enter-. There was just time during the ex-J^ u '' a is dead, is dead, is dead! Thank taiumeat and instruction next year, .cireiaent of the flight to unlock the i G 01 * 1 Thank God!" . :show5 that this institution has be-: door, rush in and send a bullet! For a long time these doves h a d ' ;comc to be so much appreciated that through each j-oung woman. A few ' been, in the clutches of the German jit has woo a permanent place in the minutes later the Canadian boys hawks. For a long lime the lambs ;life of the community. At the same started through the long connecting'had been in tbe jaws of the German'' jtlxne it has been demonstrated t h a t ; chambers and siderooms. I wolves. When all else failed, deatii! jits appearance during war time has; In one of these rooms they found \ claimed and released the lovely girls,, not been out of place, but that it has . seven young women now dead or dy-ifrom the German assassins. ) : ·had a stimulating effect upon the j ing. Help came too late. An. officer' 1 1 And Final Wiudup of Our DOUBLE THE SALES IN JUNE Hvery Department in THE BIG STORE is offering ceptional Bargains. Watch Thursday's papers and sure to clip the Coupons. ex- be Inventory bargains continue all this \veek. Inventory closes Saturday, June 29th. The bargains are not confined to any department, but are general all over the store--it is a money saving opportunity. Perhaps you ·want to buy shoes, perhaps it is clothing, or it may be dry goods. Whatever line you are seeking, v.-e are offering you at the same bargain opportunity. 63 Large Department Stores, Located tn Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. WAR- ") tVGS BVY SATtSGS STAMPS THIS WEEK. BIT 1TAB- SAVIXCS STAJU-S THIS WKKK. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. All the newest and best styles are here. Men, women and children ·with real Shoes. That Cannot Bo Duplicated Anywhere--That All Precedents in Value-giving! as low as On Your (hvn Easy Terms Located ut Poplar GTOTC--A beautiful spot indeed--the coming residence district of Connellsville--only a 15- minute walk or a 5-miaute car ride from ··Brimstone Corner. When you consider that farm lands in Fayette county are being sold at greater prices than you are offered this land right at your door in a developed and constantly improving neighborhood--(hen you'll start to realize how big these values really arc. Extensive Improvements-Water in front of every lot, street improvements and fine shade trees. Church and Public School nearby. Every convenience right at your command. It costs you n o t h i n g fo get all the facts--simply writ* C. B. P. 0. Box U4 CO:X'EM,SVII,LE, PA.

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