The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 26, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1918
Page 3
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JUNE 2G, 1018. fHE D.ATLY COURIER, CONNELLSVTJJ^E. PA. NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Call Comes for TAVO Volunteers for Auto Ulcflian- Jcs Branch. MEN ARE .QUICKLY SECURED Mount Pleasant District Does 'ot S«ii .Hen, In Draft 'lrA:ij, .No Re- q»isition Marine Been Hade: War S'tarap-. Sales ToUd ?123,l)00 FROCK OF BLUR KOIXARI) VIXH IVFIJK BLACK BA2TDS. ^cjjl to The Courier. - P1J5ASA.VT, June 26.--Notice has / como to the local board. where special calls are made and there ^ f' a re no compulsory .'inductions into to. s pan of the s *ryce must be maae. A call has confte for two men for three ironths' twining at Cambridge Springs, where j'n crc is a school lowed to teach " .uto mechanics, sunsniiUis. "carpenters, machinists aad pattern makers. A few hours after tie word had been received fsvo volunteer., \vere at the armory. The two. who irill Irave on Monday morning, July 1. are Han, Holmes, Jr., and Ray Gelsthorpe. Gelsthorpe has a wife and family and was a fourth class man. but his wfe waived all claim to exe-npiion and he came forward to first class, making i; so that he could go in 'his call, Bon Stillwagon has been brought froir. Class i to Class 1 a2d s no*v an A-J man. The board will send no men with this call. No reason was given. but the local board feels that the quota has been overdra^ · Charming i., hanUy the word tor _, Stamp Sales » « q ui*itr frock m blue foulard T h e TVar Savmgs S ; amp sales m q ., de Mount Pleasaathave reached J 23.000 = f down A SAFE, EASY WAY TOCURE ULCERS No matter how had a sore or ulcer o.Tlicts jou. It is believed teat Hokara, :he pure skin healer, will cure it, but if. n doesn't cure, the purchase price will be refunded. A. A. Clarke, the local agent for Hokara. who has soW hundreds o f , packages, says he has yet to find any ' form o' vi-ound or disease affecting the ckin that Hokara does no L heal, and | it- i fUef comes so quickly i i-at those ; who try it are simply d'elihted \vith it. Pimples, eczema, blackheads, acne, barbe'-'s itch, and ail skin troubles i are quickly relieved by applying this [ simple skin healer and '.issue builder. [ It C9ntams no grease or acids, and is j cleanly to use. | A A Clarke s Drug Store is solhng a large package of. Hokara for 35c.-- .Vdv. Smithfiehi. James S. Braddock, Howard C. Brad- skirt is most becomingly tucked up dock. L. B. Shupc. i. E Goldsmith, C. j " l lhe left Slde ' F. Goldsmith, Clyde S. Yoc-hers, Anna B. Yothers, Terry Oonrel'y, Mrs. Anna Fox. Mrs. Jessie M. Fricdlane, Mrs. Mary Cajlhamel, Mrs. Buena V. Fox. Conrad Schaub, Valeni Hric, Joseph Frydrycli, John Kucma. Dan Pnduni. A CHJECKIM; ACCOVXT. Francis Zaptecki, Ka.ser Zapiecki, The Hank OflVn. .Modern Comrcnieui'i; for Fenplp Earning .Honey. A checking account may be mado very useful, if the rtepositer regards Stanlslaw Niezgoda. John -Wojtas. V,'a- as a means 'or making h.s flnanna! Jcnty Pitszeak, Mrs. Mary Wojlas. affairs more sslcmatic. Open a TVojcieech Ryoa, Tom Kosek, Joe Ha- i checkms account with the Citizens' hula. Charles Yurkov.c. John Yurko-, Nauona! Bank and Ucfrosit your m- vc C K. Zimmerman -Vnton H.1- c °ir.e. paying expenses by cherk. BO macher, Frank Dullmgrr. Albert Gortb: « - vo « W1 '-l havc a complete record 6k.i, Martha Gorsii, John G. Sauers, (lf To " r Snanrial transactions. We Richard Gerccter. Mrs. Aleta F. ° n r prompt, accurate nankins serv- SDears. O. P. Shupe. naia V. Miller. :r f Thls bank is located at 238 North Ezra X. Harmon, Mrs. Ellen Donnel- P'ttsburg street. Bu another sav- ly. August Spelter. R Leatherman, jn S s cenificate.--Adv. Michael Janickoric. I. L. George. trustee; M R. Georgi', trustee, and liyr Posner. PARTY AT VANDERBILT DLTNBAR. June 25.--F Po]:nko ot Conncllsulle was a business caller here Monday. William McCune of Da-w-son was a businp-sa rallrr hero yesterday. j. TJ . Robinson of Brownsville was Affair Glten IB Honor of liirthdny of Mrs, TVObnr Shullenber^er. A very enjoyable party was heid transacting busnesi bore Monda. Saturday at the home or Mr. and Mrs. · Mrs. K .1. Showers of M" r.go, Ohio, Wilbur Sballenberger o' VanderbiH, was looking after business interests 'it being the birt^£ay of the hostess, bore recently. Games, dancing and mu.^;c were :he Mr. and U r ? J. I McDmNell motor- ·musemenis of ine (venmg. At a ed to ConniMlsvillp Monday. late hour a dainty hvrh was served. O. G Ru i - py. w h o wns looking after Mrs. ShaHeobersPr was ihe recipient businrss interests here Monday, re- of many useful giftp. The follov, IDR turnorl to PS-.tsburg gnests were present: Margaret Ko- Guy forrado and Chjff of Police minsky. Brownsri.ip; Mr. and Mrs. RO^F May won* business callers in "Wallace Moser. Warrsn Moser. Me- Grrensb'irg Monday Olga *ari£on, HiUIa ---- SMITKFIELD, Juno 25.--James Brarly and Jerry Jones of Whue Kouse w e r e borough business visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs Pred \Vannan of Un- , ion town cpent Sund.iy with Mrs. Barman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. [ Ma inr3* I Turn- was a light frost in tins seo | lion Monday morning t t did no j damage to vegetation other than to retard its growth. The church was Riled to c.ipacitv Sunday evening to witness the Children s Day exercises A pleasing program under the direction of Mis? Jessie Ryan, was earner! out. 7he dog catehcr was operating -n thiF section last week He made a goed hag getting a truck lead of wor*h!rss carp SMITHFIBI..D J u n e 20 -- W a l t e r Brownfield went to Pitts-burg Tuesday to enlist in the cavy. A. L. Protzman ot Gans. *vas a borough bus nesb visitor Tuesday. John Bare has John .Nicholson of Connellsvillp townsiip. skinned a mi'e on home grown early potatoes. .John has he-en using from a patch o f ' Stray Beauties grown on hi. 1 - little t truck farm out the Geneva road since the fir?t of June. This patch is near ready to dig He has a patch of corn coming in tassel. His Hale truck farm consists of one and one-half acres, every foot of whioh, with the exception of where his house stands. Is under ctiitrration. He will raise more truck on this small piece of ground' this season than some will raise on a good sized farm. Ii -would well repay anyone interested in ( n- j tensive farming to visit his £lace John conld give them valuable ,nfor-, maiion on agr'.culmre. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Charges Grimm o f , Votings town. O^ motored here and a i e 1 the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grimm. | J. H. Moser of Anderson's Cross' Roads, was a bnsiness visitor Tues- j day. Mr. Mos*^ has a son. Si G. Mower, in Prance ^nth thp Amt-Tiran army, w^om he hap not heard from since his arrival there. Frank Ramsey has mover! inln tlir J. \V. showaller homestead on G-fen^va street. C O K C H E T E M X X E K W . OM aod GMolme F^jin^, Irco mad W^ Workiaa Tool*. COMMERCIAL THDCKS. Oary XracitS, i to 3!^ totui. ITltan ** 5 to 7 ** Collcr ttpccicd, K ton, tvith SUrt** G«ncva ** S ton 'Rnnnbom Troclai of »H Ttlndii for »ny Jcind of wirncB. EAJED ItACniNKET CO- n, Karl Bishop, vl. Leibold. Du- , You should take a 'horo, purifying, qusne; Elizabeth N'.ckl'i 11 . Clara Uor- cleansing larativo once mocUi. ner, Henneita Kopf. \larcarct Lash- De^ay m a t t r r m thi» stomach and inky, Martha La»iun»J \, .Mary Quinn. hnwrfs gen r rat AS po.pons :hat go to Raxmood Mo^-er. toward Horner, »v*ry part of your Sody unless re"William Griudle, S1e%,» Danker, Con- ' moved -- Holhster's Rockv Mountain nells'v'llle; Nellie Colbert, Mrs. B?"t 70.1 clean?, purifier tlie stomach and Colbert. Mrs. Roy Colbert, Mrs. Da^id , bowels -- Copnollsville Drug Co.-- Adv. i oHz, Biliio Folt?. M:s. Guj Martin, i , _ Mr. and Mrs Pearl McLau^hlin, j " _ - " Susan Hawk. EHUs Colben, \Villiam | r Gbnsi, Vai derbili. , B A I . D H K A D 3 . \Vty be baJtll Snvr the fa«lr. C*r Vtir*t'm Bald Hr-nd II Air Gre-ir«T, the only rrm***r f° r ·** · 11 ltd. rrlc*- 91.fXl, pCHiBicr paid, nil ly Form, S«~ottl»l#-'» Drnc- jcl»t,' Scottdalv, Px. t*V~ ·! Iji.^^,,' -^^^^-l^ik^ !PV, - - tyl+\ "' *; * J *^£^3£i ^^i^a^iMr .'" '*iKm?b$gjr fff$* «»»!' % Only 3 ill the Hoosiers Last That Long? Sale onds tomorrow If the balance is tnken. Poorb open at 8 A. 31. tomorrnn--L"ln-c at Ii P. M. XD Roosior orders accoplod b j t-?Irnhonp. T a j (mly %n nlirn TOII pick out ronr Hoosier. I'ay t h f balance SI ire^hly--only fk 1 n meal. Vour money back if you are not The Hoosicr Company has sent us word that we may taKC u n t i l Saturday to conclude our clearance, but it seems impossible for our stock to last that long. At the present rate, all will be gone tomorrow night: The women who'll get those bargains arc those who don't take chances, but come without fail on Thursday. VII you ladies who don't have a kitchen cabinet will freely admit that you'd like to have a Hoosier. Isn't that so? And isn t it true that you'd like to get Til' Otcrsi/e BJISP Has 21% Horc Spaoe for J'ots and l';ms. it before the price go^s u p ? Tho raise takes effect the instant the few remaining Hoosiers are sold. Isn't it a fact that you can easily manage to pay $1 a week--only 5 cents a meil? Then w h a t can possibly prevent you from sizing this golden oppor- t u n i t y ? Resoive right now as you read this warning, to get one of these last Koosiors while you can. All your days yo;i II be glad you had courage to act- J Vital Features Combined in Hoosier Cabinets Only The Roosier Cabinet is a Labor- Saving Machine, a Kitchen System and Germ-proof Pood Container combined. All features have been certified by the Hoosier Council of Kitchen Scientists, composed of the leading household authorities. The home of reliable, exclusive lines of Quality Furniture and Hornelurnlshings It saves about 1 miles of walking a day, according to one great expert. The Hoosier Company has held out the last against a war-time price raise. \ow the time has come when Hoosiers, too, must be Connellsville's Reliable increased. Before that haprcns you have this chanie to buy at the ojd time price. Have a beautiful Hoosier--an orderly k i t c h e n -- w i t h half the steps, and half the wnrk All your life, you ii enjoy :t every day. Get it tomorrow without fail. Aaron's four-store buying power makes passible "larger values ior Jess money" Housefurnishers Since 1891 TTnnt Help! Then use our class.fled column, suits will follow. He-1 Hontinc Bnn,-fllni 5 You will find them in mr ad. columns, j There is one safe, dependable treatment i that relieves itching torture and shin irritation almost instantly ;ir.d f.iat cleanses , zr.d soothes tba skin. Ask any druggist for a35c or SI bottle ; of zemo md apply it a; directed. Soon you will find that in-italions, pimples, blackheads, eczema, blotches, ringworm and similar skin troubles will disappear. A little zemo, the penetrating, satisfy-. ing liquid, is all that is needed, for i t , banishes most sfcia era,,tions and T.3ke a the skin soft, fir.ooth and healthy. The E. W. ROM Co.. Cleveland. O. j FOR WHITE SHOES Gives a Lily white finish to shoes and leaves no yellow tinge. Does not change the natural grain of leather or testure of fabric. You caa clean your shoes many times with one bos. Ask Any Store. StltXOiA IS MADE IN BLACK--TAN--WHITE--RED PATKONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEE. The, COASTLINE to The de!i£hrt of your v a ad ion beiin the rnomcot 700 boa D AC Oo*»r Line Steamer ior beautiful Mackinac ItUod- luilf ofihcdchitil* arc in the UAcvoyiie Rtstmttl nckeii ire honored oa ill D, C. Line Mesmen i« oul catra cb»rie. The D C. Iniiznia tciune* tbe be*t in »ppo:ntmcnt» ctri« · od pairutikin* icrvice. Smfety «nd b««Jth prov H iooi nrt Ihnt coulO be de*Wct All ttoia*r« arr expiip^^ with )*ieirt wireltrw «er»ice wiuer i» McriJiie-d by ultra viotet ray ptaccu. Two ipJend'id vc.celi--City oJ Mackmac II · ud Oty of Alpena U-opcrate four nrr« a week to Mmckioac Ulaod From Toledo ind Tbunday.'fi'oo"]? M. rom "oecrou Motul*v« nnd Saiurdayf 5:00 P. M , Wednesday* «nd Friday* SJOA. M Send 3-ctnt stamp for Uf tut rated pamphlet and Grc« Uke. map. Addre« L. C. LEWIS. G. P. A,, 9 Third A»enuo, Detroit, Mich. TO MACHNAC ISLAND From Bufdb} 111.00 Round trip 19.00 From Qrveliixl S 9.0ft Round irv 14.W Prow To!«i» 5 7.25 Round trip 13.00 Frrxa Detroil WJO Round trip 11100 Friday Is Coupon Day And Final Windup of Our DOUBLE THE SALES IK JURE 41 of the biggest Bargains we ever advertised. Be here early Friday and enjoy a day of our Bargain Carnival. Watch our ad. in Thursday's newspapers. Classified- Advertisements Ic a Word, PT1TFT TTVV -- TJIair.p 'Pole- He Coaidu't TaTcc a CJinnco c. A. TOTHHT MOW STOP "PLEASE-- I Know PERFECTLY v/gtc ~PJAT MARRIED _

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