The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1930
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. THB3 DAELY COURJUJR, CORNELL , FA. THTTISDAY, MARCH 6, 193»T. *N Let These Classified Opportunities Be Your Introduction To Prosperity iaiig ffimtrtrr CLASSTFIKn ADVKRTISINQ INFORMATION All ads are r e s t r i c t e d to their proper clasBlllcatlon and to the regular style of type. Tho p u b l i s h e r s reserve the r i g h t to edit or reject any clz-aalfled aclvertlslns copy. Errors In advt rtlsements should oe reported i m m e d l itely. The Courier \ \ l l l not be responsible for more than one i n c o r r e c t I n s e r t i o n . Charged ads. for responsible w i l l bo received by telephone, and, if paid w i t h i n six ilajs. cash rates will toe allowed. A d v e r t i s i n g ordered for irregrular Insertions takes the one time rate. wo ud is taken for leas than a basis of. t h r p o lines. C o u n t the average words to the lino. An aveiage word contains aix letters. Ads. ordered tor three or six times and stopped b e f o r e e x p i r a t i o n will be (.barged for only the n u m b e r of times the ad appeared, and adjustment made "'special* role* \~r y p a r l y advertising u p o n request. CLASSIFIRD ADVERTISING . Dally rate per Una for consecuil^o insertion,,. ^^ Ca(|h Jf? ' OT One Time Three Tiroes Six TImea WHEN AND WHKUE TO YOUR A-DS. The Classlfteci A d v e r t i s i n g Depart- m e n t Is .ituale.1 at p u r l e r Place This office Is open to receive ^ adver t i » e m e n t » f r o m S BO A M. xo o CO P M. d a i l y AU ads teceived up u n t i l 11 «0 1 M' will appear la edition, th. «w« d " y ' Phone Yoor Cln»»in«» A1 ' Ko. 13, 13 or 4JW. The Ad Taker will gladly "·»·»; /««· If desired, so that tlie copy for your ad la preparuS In «uch a manner as to b r i n g the sreatoat results tor you. Classification Index The i n d i v i d u a l a d v e r t i s e m e n t s under uie f o l l o w i n g clttsalticatlon are ar- ·anged In AUPllABlflriCAJ- o r d e r for reference. 1 -- DeatUB i. -- Cards of Thanka iJ -- In Meraoilam 4 _ Flowais una M o u r n i n g GooJ» a -- F u n e t a l lJlrector» B _ jiouumonta and Caraotory -- 8 _ Kelistous aad Social fiventa U -- bocletiea and 10 __ Btrayed, i-uat, A -- A u i o m u u u a Agoacleg 11 _ Autumobilua lur isale 1^ _ A u t o VIUI.KJJ, Tracturu, Trailer* Id _ Auto Accessories, Tirea, Part* l,,_U'.iaKes -- A u t o a fan Wire. .yn»a and Blfcycie* i.n»,-- hervlco btatlons 17 -- W a n t t d -- A u t o m o t i v e i , . Uubiness b u i v i c e Ottered i3 . a -- vVi.ere to Ume 1-j.b -- i$ai u a r i n s f , liuauty Parlors IS-t, -- MlsceU'iuuoua IU -- liuildiuB and Contracting Cleaning, U y t i a K , Heuovating ^iiUiB ana Milliuury s, i'lumblus, liootliig and touicty WonJJ ·j.i -- . i u n o i u ..^ _ M O V I I I B , l i u c k i n s . Morago M-- Painting Papering, Uacuratlng ._,-, _ y t i u t i u f c , . litiKi"ViiiK, Binding ·.ib-- Prolesaii-nat Seivicea Zl) -- i t e i a u m * "«tl lislinishing ^U-a-- A w u l i - i s and Upnolstury M _ Tailorlnj, afld Pressing 3 1 _ wanted -- Business aervlce KMl'L.0 k aiiliJM'i 1 - j^ _ Help W tin tod -- Femala Ud -- Help Wanted -- Male ai _ Solicitors, Canvasaera, Agents jjli _ situations W a n t e d -- 1-emalo 37 _ Situatiuns Wanted -- Mala -- . . Oppoi t u n i t i e s 3U-- Invesim.inta, Stocks, Bonds 4 y __ Money to L.uan, Moitsa^sea 40-i -- Family 1-uaua 41 -- W a u l e d -- 'lo Borrow IN ST U U l/T»« -4^ __ couu»i)"ailence Courses 4 ^. iv -- Miscellaneous 4,j-- I n a t r u c t i o o Classes 44 __ Musical, .UaiiciJig, Dramatic 4i -- P n v a t e I n s t r u c t i o n 4^-u. -- P r i v a t e Instruction -- ilusio 40 -- W a n t e d Instruction 1,1 i IflSTOClv -47 -- J-ioga. Cats, Other Pei» 45 -- lloisea. Cattle, U l h t r stock 4U-- P u u i l t y . l^tilsa and M -- W u u t u U -- uiv taiocit 1 -- A i u i i i u a loi Sate ol-u -- b a t t e r u n d o^ -- lioata and Accoaurlea M -- UuuUuii,:., L-uuuiut; Material. ii--Uuanit;3j uiiu ouicj 00 -- I'iHiu u u d i w i a n y t'luduc'ta i 1.1 t s to jt -- l*'ucl, u -- iijnitf tinde r,y -- I t u u a u a J t a Uuoua Uu -- J o » e l r , VVaiuaes, Dlamouda Ul -- AltiLiuiiury and Tuola U.' -- AluaJ.aJ Mei-cJmiidiaa ti^-a -- i;a.UU KuuiiJincnt UJ -- doutla, Pianta, Flow era U4 -- bpuctal.'i at ttie Slot eg oO -- W e a r i n g Apparef OO -- W a n t e d -- 'lo iluy HOUMS AA1I UOAUO -07 -- '.tooinj W i t n Board U6 -- Uouma, W i t h o u t Hoard DU -- Huutna, for Housekeeping Tu -- V a c a t i o n Places 71 -- Wnere tu lint "i2 -- W t i u i e tu atop in Towa lit -- VV aiuuii -- Uuuiua or U u a r d HKAI. b l M A l f . I U. lll.Vl -7-i- -- A p a i t u c u l a and I 1 la la Announcements Deatbn R O H E R T T" BALL, R o b p r t K d n a u l Hal f l \ n v ? a t s old, - o n o f Mrs M a u d e B i l l ' l i e d W e d n e s - d.i \ .it h i s h o m e at K k - n b o r n of p n e u - m o n i a Besides h i b n n h P i . h« is h t u \ l \ e i l b y t h e f o l l u w l ' i K b r o t h e r s ami s l . t c i s -Mrs J a n i r s l i r v a n , K d e n l i o m ; M i s S h o r r n tn C r f » s ^ , I ^ O l o d n , O h i o A r ( l i u r B a l l W l i ^ e l i n ,', Mrs. l^ Haas, r . d e n b o r n , D e w t i n e , H a r r , Wilb u r , Jesse, Charles f i n d r j e t t i , Udcn- born. A short f u n e r a l s e r v i c e w i l l be held at the h o m o F r i d a y at I 30 o'clock, f o l l o w e d l\' a s e r v l c * a t C h u r c h H i l l , In chargo of R e v Tli m a s M i e H . B U T T lal w i l l be In tho Pltuwoods Cemetery. A A RON F P E R K L . R Y Tho f u n e r a l s o r v l t » for Aaron V. B e r k l e , \v ho died s u d d e n l . v M o n d a y af- tomoon at his home ,U F'*aiihopp, was held t h i s ( i f t e r n o o n a M e y e r s d a l r Besides hi* w i f e , he is s u r v i v e d by the f o l l o w i n g c h i l d r e n - B C' B e r k l e y ?omerset II, M Herkley, Me ersd,T.le: F i H e r k l e y , B a l t i m o r e Mrs H d w a r d M e i e r s . Mrs A l l e n I'Mke, M« v c r s d a l e , Mrs It f! Heall ant! VIrs A R Bar- ha.m, C u m b e r l a n d . MRS. H A N N A H KHBPPS MOT/NT ri,KASAN'l' M.irch 0 --Mrs H a n n a h M a r g a r e t Krcpps 71 years, one. m o n t h and one day n d, filed yesterday at the h o m e of h e i s n, M a r t i n Kreppn at Alice Postofflce Tho f u n e r a l b c r v l c r w i l l le held Satu r d a y m o r n l i i K at 10-30 o'clock at M o u n t Jo\ C h u r c h if t h e B r e t h r e n B u r i a l w i l l be at V lie Y e r n o n Tho f a m i l y f o r m e r l i l i \ e c l t i o t r M o u n t D A V I D FA1TF.RSON The f i i n e r . i l s e r v i c e f o i David Pntier- son, w h o w a a k i l l e d it Don l i n g ( J r e e n , Ohio w h e n h i s n u t o n oblle t u r n e d over will be held at H o't ock F r l d a v a f t e i noon at the resUlen -e oi his i n o t h o i , Mrs. B a t h e r P a t t e i ^ o n , 1148 Racn street Rev O e o i f t e R K r u p p . pastor o f t h e U n i t e d Presbv e r l a n C h u r c h , w i l t officiate I n t e r m e n t \ v l l l bo in Hill G r o v o Cemetery. In JHeniorlani 3 SCHACHTE--In sa rnemrt-\ of our dea Mrs aiiiutle Schnc y«sir ago t o d i t , M P!ei"uu)t, Pa. I n our he.ii is \oiir S w e e t l y , i t e n d e r fo There is not a tla That we do not t h Katll irilsged by a n d s i s t e r l e d a n d loving\v If e and mother, i t p . who dle) one rch 'I, 1029, at Mt m e m o r i l l n s e r s , id a n d true, . (le ir m o t h e r , nk of v o t i h u s b a n d , c h i l d r e n Personals CHAS. R O W S K K Y - - t i e a t t n j ? e n g i n e e r , r e p r e s e n t i n g t i e - Jiollanii F u r n a c o C o , i s n o w l o c a t ' d i t t JTi7 North T e n t h St C o n n e l l vi!l/ I n f o r m a t i o n w i l l bo p l a d l v frl\ n upon I n q u i r y i n reg-iii cl to H o l l a n d s m e t h o d of h c n t - IriR Also r e p a i r ) is and cleaning w o t v i c e f o r u n in. k e t u i n a c e I'honc 1J24-W-R-U. Flowers and inonrning Goods 4 F U N E R A L DESIGNS -- A n d w e d d i n g b o u q x i c t s a s p e c i a l t y . Oclevce'a Flower Shop, lOo K. Cawfi rd Ave. Phone 424. Strayed, Found 10 I^OST, POCKKTllOt'K -- In new Me- Crory 5 lOc 1 - tore. Nice reward If r e t u r n e d lo C u r l o i Ofnce. Black p a t e T t leathet purse, W e d n e s d a y c \ e , b e t w e e n First N a - t i o n a l B,ink a n d B r i m s t o n e Corner Ile^urn to F. W V o o l w o : t h Co J{«- w a r d Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 \ V C CAN OFFKK VUU~.Several real liar8tliiB i" Used Curs I f o u -will stop in today 1 \ a n a M o t o r Service, "vVcst C r a v v f u r d u v e n u e . f h o n o VOU'LI, Bte SURPKIPBJL--If you stop In ltxia u n d set w h a t leal v a l u e s n e aro offerine: in go id Used Cars fiasy Tei ms. Weat Si le M o t o r Company, Wciat C r a w f o r d avenue. Phone 4u7 and -10S. ! 7U -- F u r n t a u u d iLKiiida fur 77 -- liouaca lur t t u t i t 7b -- Olhce uud Ueak Uooia 7U -- Shore, M o u n t a i n , l^uks for Rent 50 -- s u b u r b a n , C o u n t r y fur Kent 51 -- Wauled -- To K e n t Hi'JAl. KST.Vl't: KOK SALK -It -- B r u k e u i In Kuitl Uaiate SJ -- U u s l n o j a Prop* rty for Sals Ski-- K a r m a and l.Jind foi Hale B4 -- iluuset for feiiJs h,". -- l-,ou Iir bale MU-- -- Sftjre, M o u n t u l n , I-ako lor Sale 67 -- a u b u r t u n for Sale VS -- lo Ki i i u n s e -- Koal EsuitB 8U -- W i i U c J-- lieai JLIstute i L UT1 OA -- I KU A L. -- b 00 -- Auctioneers. Auction Sale.* Ul -- Legal Notices ARK YOU O.VK of t h a satisHctl taunay a a v e i s w h u use t h a classified t h r i f t cervlte? A couRrnot s AU-TAKI:U w i n gladly h e l p vmi to v v o i d a r e s u l t - p r o J u c u i i t ud If ou cull 1J-13-IUO uud a u k V*4 Uil* f r e e aurvlco TALK ABOUT \OUR BARGAINS! , YOU SH( 'ULD SEB WHAT Hi:AL E U Y S WE 11AV1. ON SALE A Rltle W i l l C o n i l n o e You CAR6 1929 C h e v r o l e t Coupes (2j. 11)28 C h e v i o l e t Cauilolet. IUi!U C i i o v r o t e t Coach, 1UJS Clic-uolei Coupe 1UJ7 Ford Tudor .Sedan 11)^8 C h o v r o l c t Coaches (.2) 1DJ7 Star Coup JH 12;. J'J'-'3 O a k l a n d (. JUpe. TU JCKfe 1027 Dodge, 2 ton Tost T r u c k , w i t h - new l i r s ort roar. Cheap. lU-ib C h e v r o l e t 1 1-J-ton Truck. lU-S Two, C h e v r o l e t 1-2-ton Trucks. TRADKS' TERMS! TRADES! MASON MOM OH COMPANY Trades--Open Sundays--Terms, WEST Al'i'LE SrilEBT. PHONE ll)D ItKAL B U Y ' ! BARGAINS! IN U U A H A N T K i i U USED CARS W K H A V K C A R ' -- W i t h many un- usetl miles of t i a n a p o r t a t i t / n in t h e m i n k til f i oni $25 to $1,000. K v o r y car haa 11 30 duy guarantee. A FEW OF ' UK I,ISTIJNlk}S $300 M7J ijuo $.!Uj 5,40 1!27 Maunon bed m 1»^S C h e v r o l e t Ci ach .......... ~ 10-7 Pontiac Cab l o l u t ......... 1UJU Huosevelt be I a n , 5-passengfcr, 1020 Kssiex Coacl ........... lO-'B Hudson Coac i . . . . 1027 Oakland Landau Sudan .. , J(U( S t u c t u b a k p r Ouach ..... . 1026 Oakland C o u p e ....... 10J4 Studobakei' fotirlnj.; . . . 1H-J7 llodgf Pun i T t u c k , Vi-lon, Clirysl^j bedun . . ...... MAX n til Coupe, i ,ate Model . . M A N Y Ol'HBR GOOD l i U Y b OT J.1STKO OCR EASY PA1 \ I K N T PLAN -- Makes It possibly foi j o t i to own an car we have on ou llooi MEANS USE ) C A R MARKET Trades' Open F.veiilngh' T e r m s ' 131 SOUTH EIG1 Til ST PHONE 442. A FEW M I N U T E S sp«yu w i t h the ClaaallleJ b e c t l o i w i l l show o u more w o r t h - w h i l e burt, t i n s t h a n a tireaoma w a l k a r y u n a t h e s h o p p i n g district. PEOPJJ3 W1U R E A D t h e classified ads k.i o w how, »vhen and \vhcre to money mi Jl profitably. Automotive Automobiles for Sule 11 Kve-ry One 1 In A - l C o m l l l t o n T R \ n C D CAR BAR". MN.S Lowi-r P r l c o s T h a n J j | i e w h ( r o WHY C!O K O P P I X U ' -- T ' I B T P are no cotripai Isons--come I n a n d l o o k t h e m over. 1020 Mo'lel "A" Ford T u d o r , has been dri' e n o n l y 2,oOO m i l e s 1!20 Moilol "A" fTord lloadster I l i J i ) Moilel "A" Koitl T u u r l n u Car. 1020 M o d e l "A" Poid M U t i d i i r d C o u p e 10J7 Pontlnc Scdin Easy P a y m e n t s , Trades, forms' i r K T K F L - Y O U X O MOTOR COMPANY A U T U O R I Z K U FOilD A C J P N C Y SCOTTDALH, PA PiluNTi! |Tf NOW ON DISPLAY THE NEW NASH STRAIGHT EIGHT EVANS MOTOR COMPANY EAST CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE 77. Antu Accessories, Tires, Parts 13 NoTFCli.--We Pay C,i?h for j o u r old worn out car or t s u r k Hr nj,' It to us, oi p h o n e ' Sh' inci "we'll t a l l for It F \ j e t t e A u t o W r e c k i n g Co, M C o r m i c k a v e n u e TIRES--;i2xG50 G o o d r i c h SUvertown C'ord Tires, $110,1 eucii 3 1 x 5 1 f uCords, JO O.-J e a c h . R l x S U o Tubes. $1 DO each, Rex H u m b l e Seats for all cara, $1000 each C*all 107J -- S«rrJc« SUflon* 18 DUCO AND BODY SHOP- Bocly and Fonder Repairs-Pur o and top work. Wo sav» o u money. Phone 10711. , RADIATORS R E P A I R E D -- A n d clanftd, a spec-ialty. A u t o r e p a i r i n g Fu«hror'« R e p a i r Shop l i d N 1st Su P h o n o 2011L W E G U A R A N T E E -- E v e r y job w o p u t out Flat rates, it desire,! F,a.rl Kesa'ar'a Shop R h o d e s M o t o r lildg., Wost Side Phone 20J8 DON'T FORGET "ONE-STOP" SERVICR FIRBSTONK SERVICE STORKS. TNC \V APPLE ST COR M H A D W L.ANK PUXDNE -21.' Service Boslness Service O0nre« 18 DO TOU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE EVERY SPRING? DON'T TOU T H I N K -- Y o u r FURNACB d e s e r v e s tho s.ime consideration'.' Our K u j c r Service Vacuum C e a n e r dues t h e w o r k and for less money. A. R. BOTER W A R M AIR HEATING KNGIIs'EER P H O N K SOU CONNELIjSV'H^tJfi. PA. Heating, Plumbing, Rooting HEATERS! FURNACES! HEATERS! Repaired and cleaned. All m i k e a . ' Frora W h i t e lt'» R grht." 130 S o u t h Plttsburjr St. For servicej pni*n« 018-J. QUALITY PLUMBING-- And neatlng. William S«ll»r» Company, South P l t t a b u r g St. Phone 840. Prompt tiervlc*. Jouraace und Snretj Itotidi 8S INSURANCE ALL KINDS EXCEPT LIB'E FAY.fiTTE REALTY CO PH.ONB 1373 T. U. G A R D N E R , WGR. INSURANCE--"We write it right." All kinda. Cook and L a u g h l l n , I n c , I n a u i u n c e , 300 Fit at National Bank B u i l d i n g Phone 520. INSURANCE--All kindfl, excepting life. Bertha Cunningham, I n a , Notary 7uolic. 40U Flrat National Bank Building-, Phone 435. Res. 1O03-R. Trucking, GLOTFEL,TY'S TRANSFER--^Local »nd lone distance. Opp. A r l l n e t o n Hotel, Phone 642. Residence 410^-Rine 2U. Iftlloring- and rresslng 80 RICHMAN CLOTHES--All *22.GO. Sold only by Siinoua Cash and Carry. Phons 1965. Employment Help Wauted--i'eiuaJe WANTED--Sales glris. Steady position for those qualifying. Apply McCrory Co., Wsst Crawford avenue, Help Wanted--Male WANTED-- Vlan !o sell Genera.} Electrlt U e f r i f f e i a t o r a in t h e Cormells- vllle J J i s t i l c t Special t r a i n i n g is our i n s t i t u t e f o i the man s e i e tel Y o u g h I j l e c t r i c C o m p a n y , 105 South PlUsburgr street Financial FamJIy Loans 40-A NiiED MONEi' QUICKLY? 24 Hour Courteous Service On CASH LOANS Up To $300. SMALL MONTHLY PAFMENTS--Coma ID for l u l l I n f o r m a t i o n -- J u s t Phone, ".J4" or write PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY 112 WEST C H A W F O R U AVENUE, CITY PLAIN SPEAKING Thezfe is no flo very language or persuasive eloquence about the classified ads on this page. Each one states its offer plainly and clearly. The values are so good that they speak for themselves. Always Different---In Opportunity The A-B-C- Classified Ads Always the Same--In Service Instruction Private Instruction--Mn»l 4*-l INSTRUCTION -- Private, m ndolln",, banjo, guitar, u k u l e l e QUison School, above Kurt* Jewelry Store. Merchandise Article* for Sale ·M COMBINATION ELECTRIC TO VST1NG OUTKIT--Capac-lty, 12 sam wlches Original price $5',J5, Uood . s new. W i l l soil lor $50 cash W r l t i Box 6, care Courier. POK SALE--Wicker Invalid chj Ir with ballbearing wliirt'la. Good » s new. Kcar 411 Prospect street. Oil ·· WHITE BARBER CH'AJ R--And electric clipper, Ch:»i. .133 South F ttaburg street. Feed, fertiliser CONNSLLSVILLIS COKING CO 4JL-- lie d e l i v e r e d , Oc at the mine. W --«t Side Coat Company, N i n t h street corner a v e n u e . 1'hotie II 79, HouseboU G»o4s U KLHX~rHlC V VAKHBR- Ga s r» sge, ext c n s i o n Cahlc, beds, drtatt a, vlc- trol.-i, o t h e r hou«ehol; r u r n l i lings in B-ooU condition. 201 No. j ir»t St. 1'hone 150 FOH SALE--OH s t o v e ; gas ran ;e; comb l n ^ H o i i range, k i t c h e n cab net; ei- t e n a l o n lible, h e w t n t r maclU \e, birds and (Iresai-rs Dull's btor^gre, IU2 Bast Peach Street, Phone 60. Musical MerekMdiM FOR SALE--Good 1'ackard Player Piano. Clieutp. I n q u i r e Florence Qrlmm, A l v e r t o n , Pa. ,01 phone 4113-R-1C, Sccttdale. JU4K Equipage*,! ATWATKR KENT RAX (O~ SALES AND SEftVlCl PUONK IWfl. «8A BOSCH RADIO -- Scre«n-Grii. Fr»e d o m o n s t r a U o n Jtatllo Servlo, Co., 135 South F i l W b u r g »tr««t. Pho e 17(18 EDISON AN't) I'UlLiCO -- Radi' », Free demonstrations. Ttioraaa 1. Lleb, 112 West Apple street. Ph me STEWART WAKNBR RADIO- -H«ar It b e f o r e b u y i n g . A. A. Clar) « Iru« Store, North PUtsburc itree . Phone 1U4. THE NEW MAJBSTIC RADIO -- Com* in and hear it. Golds Tire a ad Radio Co., ICast C r a w f o r d avenue, 'hone 10, Special* Ml U* Store : IT WON'T BE LONG N W! BEFORE--Tou aro plantl g jonr garden. Stop in today and ook over our garden tools Order yo ir garden seeds and fertilizer from as n o w ! Frisbee Hardware Co., 134 V. Craw- lord avenue. Phone 1O4. SALK OF CURTAIN RCD8 ONB-HALF PRICE AND LESS KANT FAIJL, CURTAIN F ODfl--We have any n u m b e r of these on hand that are made to fit any nla i window. Priced from 5c to 25c. Iriglnally Hold for SOc. LOUCKS HARDWARE CC MCPANY 110 W. CKAWFOItD jkVK. PHONE 135. Wanted--To CLEAN WHITHJ RAGS--Wanted. Will pay Do per pound. Courier Company. COPIES OB" THK DAIkY O URIBR-- Three. Dated October 81, t«29, Will pay 25o f o r each "Opy, 1 h« Daily Courier Company. WANTED TO BUTT--Klat op typewriter desk with typewr ter compartment at aide. Call B«i*4n*M Office, Courier, those wbo Rooms and Board lloontH lor HoveekeeplBK 6tt CRAWFORD A V E , EA.ST, 307--Three room f u r n i s h e d U n t i l h o u s e k e e p i n g Apt., batli, p u r c U , private entrance. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats FOUR ROOM FJL.AT--Bath, heat, light, gaa. blx room IIOUS.B w i t h bath. Inquire -1O9 J o h n a t o n a v e n u e . FOR RENT--Three room furnished apartment, private bath. Inquire ,1210 Chactaut atrwst. 1'laces for Beat 75 STOREROOM -- At 111 Weat Apple St, suitable fur any purpose, Itix40. ln- g u i r a 5 lUc Wall Paper Company. tor EAST CRAWFORD A V E N U E -- E i g h t room house, all convenlencea. Call 1-HJ or i n q u i r e 23T li. Crawford, FA1RV1KW AVKNUK, KAST, 230-- fcie'veh room house I n c i u i r e A C. O l l m u r c , o71tf W a l n u t street, PlttH- b u r g r , or Mrs. Gilrnorc, 241 hJ Fair- v i e w avenue. \ APARTMENTS, HOUSES, STOREROOMS A N D QARAGEb--Inqulie 1^« West Peach atrset. Phone -475. Real Estate For Sale FRANKLIN AVENUE, 815--Six room f r a m e house, a.11 conveniences. Robert Norrla, Phone Ji50-R. POPLAR GROVE--Six room frame house, with bath, gaa, electric. Haa hot water heating ayatem, cemented cellar, sLattontiry tubs. House is in beat of repairs H o m e la located near car atop. Grounds consist of three lots with nice garden spot. Will aeil a.t bargain price of $4,500, Terms, p a r t mortgage i i i u u l r e A, K Wagoner and ton, ]OOU AV«*t Crawford avenue. Phono 1-48, Wanted--Keal Estate WANTED TO BUY~-Farm with outbuildings, not far f r o m state road. Call 1410-M. Auction--Legala L«guJ JMotlces 81 PllOPOSA LS. PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF Higliways, Harrlaburg, Pennsylvania. Sealed proposals will be received at the SLute Capitol u n t i l 10:00 A M , March 27, 1SMO. w h e n bids -will be publicly opened and scheduled and contract awarded oa soon thereafter as possible for the reconstruction of approximately 17,020 linear feet of one course reinforced cejncnt concrete pavement, 18 f e e t wide, being situated In Bullskin Township, Fayetto County, Application No. 4898. Bidding- blanks and specifications may be obtained free, a chargo of a set is made for construction drawing's and a charge for cross-sections w i l l be according to length of project a-3 f o l l o w s ' Three miles or less, $7 SO, three to five milch, S10 OO, five to eight miles, $13.00, all over elg-ht miles $20.00. Both can be obtained upon application to the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, Uarrisburjjf. No r e f u n d for drawing's or cross-sections returned. They can b« seen at offices of Pennsylvania. Department of H.lirh.ways, Harrlsburg-; McClatchey Bu'Hdingr, 60th and Market streets, Upper Darby, and G5-DO Water street, Plttsburg, P e n n s y l v a n i a Jams L. Stuart, Secretary of H i g h w a y s . Cmur-3t-thurs. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE OF JOHN W. GWBEN, late o£ the Boroug-h of Vanderbllt, County of Fayette and State of Penn- Hylvania, deceased. Letters of Admln- latratlon on the above named Estate having been granted t o t h e u n a e r . signed, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said Estate, to make immediate payment, and to those h a v i n g claims against the same, to pre. sent them, properly authenticated, for settlement. W. A Coagrove, Administrator, Vanderbilt, Pa. H, S. Xumbauld, Attorney, Uniontown, Pa. 20feb«t-thurs. Patronize those -who advertise. As good water goes by the mill, as drives it. And you'll miss more bargains than you find unless you follow the Classified Ads. Watch the stream of bargains which flows tirough their columns! Is Youn Listed Among Them? If Not, Phone 12, 1 3 o: 490 for An Ad-Taker. Auctions--Legals L«f?al Notices K X K O L T H I X ' NOTICK. ESTAfl'K OF M A R I E (3 CLASPER. late- of t l i u C i t y of C o n n e l l s v l U c , C o u n - t y oC K a y e t t e ami State o P e n n s y l - vania, deceased Letters T' s t a m e n l a r y on the above n a m e d K s t . lo h a v i n g been g r a n t e d t o t h e i i n d c r M ?ned, n o t i c e I s h e r e b y x i \ e n t o , i l l p e r s o n s i n - debted to said E s t J t e , to m. ke i m m e d i ate p a y m e n t , a n d to t h e s e Jiavlripr c l a i m s ag-alnst t h o name to p i « " e n t thorn, p r o p e r l y atithe.nt catcd lor s e t t l e m e n t . Fern O Cowan Dxecutrix, C o n n e l l s v i l l e , 'a , R D. No. 1, Box ITM. H CJeoruo M a y , A t t o r n e y Cmar-Ct-thurs. I/ast Becomes First. WAKBRING, Eng., Ma-cli 6--Mrs. Elizabeth Laet was flret \vhen prizes were distributed for the lowest score at a local whlit drive. Ruts Most Audacious. GEJRBER, Calif., March (5 -- After rats killed two of the £a\orlte bouse cate of Charl« Rickets, they built a ne«st under the hood of his automobile. When the engine refusal to start, Rick«ta lifted the hood. In the nest he found a lithographed picture of a cat, holding a large red heart bearing the Inscription "To My Valentine." Hew Orgran llackct LONDON, March 6--A man who makes a living playing a barrel organ in the winter and selling ice cream in tho summer stated in court that his organ receipts depended »omewhat on liow much people would give him to move on. Use Chuslitod Ads. Remits quickly folloxr. Flowered Co*tunie» Tell Summer fc Nigh Tbit flvwtrfd bifftu frock of (looucft tmd MCMrves in rose ** Wut W«arf» with ttt oncoming Summer M«»oa. PTi'toinent in the movit colony pmtrooitid tb« emtiirn. Many Uses of Electricity Are Being Developed for Use in Farm Operations Electricity ha« made America ma- chineiend. There are no Jess thara 3,000 iifies for electricity. Most of them are in industry, but the ueo of electricity for power, as well as for lighting and heating in the home, is growing steadily. A committee known ae the committee on the relation of electricity to agriculture has been organised. It is composed of representatives of the American Farm Bureau Fed«ration, National Grange, Individual Plant Manulacturere, American. Society of Agricultural Engineers, American Homo Economics Association, General Federation of Women's Clubs, National Association of Farm Equipment Manufacturers, National Electric Light Association and United States Dopart- mentB of Agriculture, Commerce and Interior. Under its auspicee experiments are now being conducted in. 20 States under the direction of the particular State ergricultural college to determine bow and at what expense the fanner may be served with electricity in. the various operations on tho farm to which power can be *p- plted to his advantage. The work IB carried out under the supervision of the State agricultural college, and the apparatus for the experiment and the mjney to pay tha neee«s«ary expenses has been subscribed by members of the National Electric Light Association, the manufacturing 1 members of this association loaning the apparatus for nee during the term of the experiments. Accurate records of the amount and cost of electricity need are kept in order that the farmer may know definitely what each piece of apparatus will cost to buy and operate, and that the power companies may know approximately how much income may be expected from each type of apparatus, which, will enable them to determine the necessary amount of financing to eerve a given group of farms. Among the uses which hare been found for electricity on farmer are: Grain elevating, ensilage tutting, feed grinding, grain clearing, grain threshing, hoisting hay, milking, mixing concrete, pumping water, refrigeration, sewing, sawing wood, cream separating-, auxiliary heating brooding chicks, incubating chicks, cooking, Ironing, water heating, barn ventilation, corn shredding, corn ehelling, timber utilization, dishwashing and lighting of houees, Tiaras, poultry bousce and oat-buildings. Already many farms have electricity delivered to them by the electrio power plants and it is to be expected that within a ehort time tho rural districts will have the same efficient and. modern service as Is poeeible in the thickly- populated cities. As farmers develop more uses for electricity, the extension of service will be more» rapid. Sleeps In Coffin. WEST STANLEY, Eng., March 6--. For fifteen years Thomas Thompson, 73, a reduce living in a hut near here, ha« slept at interval* in a coffin which he bought after an accident from which ne did not expect to re- covr, and finds the coffin warm. though a trifle cramped. Today's Cross Word Puzzle M -41 »0 n to BC ^ ,, ACROSS ^ 1 Part of a «hl)i 1 4 Oriental welgJit 5 A sport I 9 Of great height, U South latitude r (abbr.) 12 Certain *hade of red is Bon* 15 Small boy It Unit of energy ' 17 Old French coin '18 Alway* i 2 0 A grain . 121 Climax V 22 To Bhout ,24 Steamship (abbr.) 20 A kind of bread 28 To epot ; 12 Spalllnff (abb/.) 83 Official in M )harn- ) rr^edan mo»ju- 86 To wither '37 Consumed 88 Mythical maiden 89 Beast of burden ^ 41 Hosiery T 42 Not well 48 Not left (abbi.) 4* Forward .47 A college degree V (abbr.) 48 To revere* BO To make homo- «-«neoua 52 Canvaa dwelling 58 An indication DOWN Exclamation Ancient S Behold / 4 Sailor ' r ^ ' G Expression of sorrow Addition to a house 7 French masculine 10 11 IS 14 IT 1* 2* SS 27 '* articl* An FUmaa Inclorarf . Animal (at ^ Cotton material Sum total Titled p«r*on* \ 4 Near « Part of New York abbr.) , i Antwar to Previous PuzxU QECH OHnH EIH sr u an RO a QnnnsiiHca -t QD ananssn EC anss can ucr aac naa nnri H3ia B n D ana an nB3?nan na a nora oaco 84 3« 40 44 4( 4« 4* 60 61 To be troubled Fastened Distant To provid* for; ·cantliy , Bkln Meratali ' , A town of Italy Part of a stove Public highway (abbr.) Skill Writing Implement Part of a day abbr.) A group of island* (abbr.) A§

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