Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 11, 1976 · Page 76
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 76

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1976
Page 76
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I I !· J u l y 12 HUNTINGTON WSAZ .TV . CHARLESTON W?HSTV HUNTINCTON WOWK-TV ® BLUEFIELD WHIS-TV NBC WSLS-TV CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC WTAP-TV NBC HUNTINGTON l WMUL-TV PBS-EEN WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:00 ® 700 Club 6:30 O Sunrise Semester ® Arthur Smith © On the Farm CD Artie Levin (B Good News 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O ® ® © © Today O CD Network News CD ©Good Morning. America 8:00 O CD Capt. Kangaroo © Sesame Street 8:30® Sesame Street 9:00® Coffee Break OA.M. ® Films of Today (3) Romper Room © © Phil Donahue O Lucy CD Dinah CDD.J. © School Programming 9:30 © Romper Room O Cross Wits © Cartoons ® Films O Tattletales (B Mike Douglas ® Yoga 10:00 O © © © © Sanford Son O CD Price Is Right (D Barbara Walters · © Bit With Knit ® Making Things Grow 10:30 O ® © © © C e l e b y t y Sweepstakes ® Rev. Adkins ©Yoga ® Cooking 11:00 ® Friends, Neighbors (B Farmer's Daughter ·OCD Gambit O ® © © © Wheel of Fortune © School Programming ® Bit With Knit 11:30 O ® ® © © Hollywood Squares O CD Love of Life CD ® Happy Days ® Antiques Afternoon 12:00 O ® © © Fun Factory Q © News CD Young Restless CB ® Hot Seat © Sesame Street (B Tennis 12:30 O ® © © Gong Show © News O CD Search for Tomorrow (B ® All My Children ® Electric Co. 1:OOO© Local News © Somerset 3D Fun Factory © Not For Women Only O Phil Donahue CD Panorama (B ® Ryan's Hope Wm CHARLESfON.'W.VA. ® Electric Company · ® World Press 1:30 eI ® © © © Days of Our Lives O (D As World Turns CD ® Family Feud © Earthkeeping ® Percussion In Concert 2:00 (D ® $20.000 Pyramid - © It's About Time 2:30 O CD Guiding Light OD ® Break the Bank O ® © © © Doctors ©.Black Perspective * ® West Virginia Journal 3:00 O CD All In the Family Q ® © © © Another World CD ® General Hospital © Washington Week ® Food Preserving 3:30O 2) Match Game (B ® One Life to Live * © World Press ® Yoga 4:00 © © © Somerset O Mickey Mouse CD Lucy © Andy Griffith (B Dinah ® Edge of Night © ® Mister Rogers O Mr. Cartoon 4:30O Bewitched © Batman O Andy Griffith ® Family Affair (3) Macaroni (© Flintstones CD Brady Bunch ® Lassie © ® Sesame Str.eet 5:00 O Bonanza ® © Gunsmoke O Ironside S) Mission Impossible ® Big Valley O Partridge Family CD'FBI 5:30O Family Affair CD Adam 12 Electric Co. Capitol Cable CAaitne/ 10 ·MONDAY Morning 9:00 "Shocking Miss Pilgrim" (Betty Grable, Dick Haymes-1947) 11:00 Home Digest Noon 1:00 "The Cobra Strikes" (Shelia Ryan, Leslie Brooks--1943) 3:00 "Come On Leathernecks" (Leon Ames, Marsha Hunt--1938 5:30 The Spruce Variety Show Evening 6:00 Home Digest 7:00 Fun Facts 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Testimony Time 10:00 "Common Touch" (Greta Gynt, Joyce Howard--1947) Kanawha Cable MONDAY Noon 1:00 Sports Travel 2:00 "The Enchanted Forest" 3:15 "Drums Along the Mohawk' 5:00 Daytime Evening 6:00 Good News For Today 6:30 "Do You Love Me" 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Testimony Time Today Evening 6:00 O © ® © © O CD (B ® Local news, weather, sports © Zoom ® Hodgepodge Lodge 6:30© Truth or Consequences O ® O ) © O C D ( D ® Network News '© Carrascolendas ® Car Care 7:00 O © GD © © Democratic Convention O Buck Owens CD Klassroom Kwiz (D Candid Camera ® Music City © Resourceful West Virginia ® Robert MacNeil 7:30(B-To Tell the Truth OCD Democratic Convention ® Phyllis © MacNeil Report ® Tourists Are Coming 8:00 OD ® "Future Cop" © ® Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic 9:00 © CB Piccadilly Circus 9:30 (B ® Convention Coverage 10:00© Bi-Ways 10:30© Catch 33 l l : O O O © ® O ) © ( B ® L o cal news, weather, sports © Captioned News 11:30 O © © © © Tonight O CD News QD Ironside © Janaki 12:OOO "Grand Prix" 1:00 O CE® © Tomorrow Show Biz rock music puts'Biz' up front Phil Lashinsky first broached the subject backstage during intermission at the Blue Oyster Cult/Z Z Top concert. "What's happened to rock?" he asked. "It used to be so simple: The band came in, set up, did a sound check and waited for the show to start. Now, look at. They t r a v e l * w i t h . t r u c k l o a d s o f animals...." "I can remember." Lashinsky went on. "when this band--Z Z Top--didn't use this kind of stuff. All they needed was their amps and their instruments. What's happened?" The answer, of course, is that audiences have asked for more t h a n music f r o m t h e i r rock groups--they want a show. And once groups started giving the kids a show, they didn't know when to quit. Take Z Z Top for example. Once they were among the simplest of rock bands. They were known for t h e i r o v e r p o w e r i n g a m p s , of course, but performing in front of that wall of sound; it was just the band. No frills. Just music. Now Z Z Top is presenting the "-Worldwide Texas Tour," and on this tour, the band brings along: a buffalo, a longhorn steer, a Western diamond back rattle snake, and a buzzard. (They started the tour with a pair of tarantulas, too, but they packed them off to Texas again because they were too much trouble. According to the animal trainer, the tarantulas had to be fed live insects, so the band traveled with live crickets as food for the tarantulas. The crickets had to be kept alive, so the band traveled with Irish potatoes to feed the crickets. And it was too much trouble preparing the potatoes for the bugs that scrubbed the big spider act.) 1 was told by the animal trainer that the band spent an estimated $4.000 per week just on the animals-and all for about 30 seconds in the spotlight at the encore for "atmosphere." Blue Oyster Cult gave its own demonstration of the excesses cf rock with its bombs and smoke and Freaks how lighting effects that night, top. Most of their show was not worth the extra effort, but their closing number. Horn to He WlM was superfine. It deserved the attention it got, and sparkled. But why not reserve such extra touches for special tunes like that? Why make every song a showpiece? Lashinsky expressed wonder at what Kiss--which will be appearing here soon--will be doing in its current "Destroyer" tour. "They'll probably blow up the auditorium." he lamented. Taken with the idea of the excesses of rock shows, we speculated as to what might happen if some big rock group (and it would have to be somebody m a j o r ) s a i d . "Look, rock's gone too far off base. It time to get back to basics. We're just going to stand up here and make good music." Well, what might happen? Lashinsky said, "It might just be so freaky that the kids would like it. It could catch on." It could, but I don't think the day when a band will be that daring is going to come very soon. We're in for lots more special effects and weird acts, I'm afraid. And too often when that happens, the music suffers. That's the bad part. ERRATA: Last week in a record review. I credited Ten Years After with Happening* Ten Yenrs Time. Ago. It was logical--Ten Years After, Ten Years Time... Actually, Happening^ was by the Yardbirds. Ten Years After did have a tie-in with last week's column, however. They had an album called Rock and Roll Music to the World, which is why The Beatles' album which I referred to by that name was-actually released as Rock and Roll Music. Capitol made the change in plans w,hen ttiey learned about the Ten Years A f t e r l.p. And they couldn't call it just WocfcV/foM because John Lennon already had an album by that name. Understand? or These SANFORD SON - (RepeatI. "The Puerto Ricans Are Coming!" Upset because a competing junk yard is being opened next door. Fred is even more angry when he learns it is run by a Puerto Rican. 10a.m. NBCO®®©© HOT SEAT - Jim Peck is the host of this new game show prc- inieririg at 12 noon. Monday July 12. "Hot Seat" is played by married couples with one partner connected to an electronic meter that measures emotional responses. 12 noon. ABCJBffi . FAMILY FEUD - Richard.Daw-', son is host of a new game show debuting at 1:30 p.m. Monday. July 12. The "feud" is between two families in competition to match answers on a broad scope of information. 1:30 p.m. ABC03® Question Box Q. I heard Bob Hope won't have anything more to do with the Academy Award shows. Why? -- D.M., Bowling Green, Ohio. A. Bob Hope has made no official statement regarding the annual Oscar telecast. However, it's no secret in Hollywood that he has felt left out of the proceedings for the past few years. ·Jtilv Il.-M'fi. Sunday Cmrttr-Mnil

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