The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY CObRlLn COFOJUULSX ILLE PA TUESDAY JUNE 25, 191S. Essdbal nun Bras.? U.IL. TesteriUy's Results. Plttsburg 7 Cincinnati 2 Plul-u! Iphaa 7 Broo^ljn 1 Neiv 'ioik 3 Boston 0 Chicago 8 St. Louis 3 standing or the Chibi. Chicago New York Boston 36 29 Detroit Brooklyn CmcKuiati St. Louts 23 Today's Schedule. Plttaburg at Cincinr-ati St Louis at Chicago 'iork at Boston Brooklyn at Philadelphia. OOBBICA l E i f i L I . Test«r«laj\ I2cs,uit-. New York 3 Boston 2 Tflashington 2 Philadelphia 1 3etroit 6 Chicago 2 Clpvelanrl-St Loius--ram Standing of the Clnbs. TV L Ml 36 25 York 33 Cleveland j-Chicagc ___ -St. Loais _ 'Detroit Philadelphia . -32 . 27 -.23 _21 7 A DAY FOR 7 DAYS Today's Sclmlnle. Chicagi at Detroit Cleveland at St Louis Boston at New York Philadelphia at 'Washington AMERICAN BASE BALL DRAWS BIG CROWDS IN ENGLAND'S CAPITAL \ I American and Canadian Players Stii Ihe B*ih»her. to n V» Inthnvi- asm for tbt danie. "As the latest wonder o£ tile world \ London has taken to baseball says | a Committee on Publication reprc-' scntat-ve m Londoa Tne English never before Ijad muUi use for oar great a ame j A ejular league of eight team* has started a summer schedule and the English public is learning what it has missed Ejg crowds witness the game ithich is played e\er Satur da tittd the sport bids fair to be ' come videly popular Here is ne way rhoma» Burke the shot-story writer reports a game in the London Star of Ma, 27 ' "'Last vtek I discovered bascba'l ' The ciatch between tile Armj ind \av teamj, was m fi-st glimpse o' i pas ime tha. has capiivated a con aneru and f can well understand its tppea 1.0 a modern temperament. 3ellete me t s _e good goods ' 'The game go- hokl of me before he fi-U pitched ball The players 11 hr hjbnd co^ imes and hugt, ;lo\et the catcher u his gas mask md the mo%ements of the teams a.3 hey practicfd runs shook me \ULI ccciteinent lh(?n the game began jid the rooting began In past year^ have attended various football aatches m mining districts where tha THE MOST AMAZING STORY OF THE WAR By ffi« Fighting, Laugkaig American Senior Boy ALBERT N. DEPEW UNNER DEPEW, a sailor of the Legion, tells a thrilling story of what he did--what he saw--what he endured--in two years packed solid with righting and adventure on land and sea. His description of the Yarrowdale with its cargo of human ·wretchedness is the first complete account written by an American who lived through the indescribable horrors of that now famous voyage. Gunner Depew writes of the German Prison Camps as only a man can who has lived and suffered in them--who has been face to face with the misery of the half starved men--who has himself been the victim of the inhuman cruelties which the Huns heap on their prisoners of war. Don't Fail to Read This Vivid and Gripping Narrative O U R N E W S E R I A L ! Keeps Teeth Clean and Gums Healthy Specially indicated for treatment of Soft, Spongy and Bleeding Gums. An Dnmfiiiti; and Tuil»t Counter*. Commences Tomorrow WOODEN BOXES FOR SHIPMENTS TO MEN OVERSEAS BARRED Vro Not Suitable lor Parposp, Corru gated lioard or Strong jPaptr Lrgthi Instead. In TIOW of the receipt a* the dis patching offices in a damagfd condi tion of many packages for the tr^op abroad which are packed m thin wooden boxes and of the habi]itj of damage to maj] saclts by boxes made of heavy *ood postmasters a-o di rected to req iat their patrons to djs TONIC - UPBUILDER Stubona Cougtu Weak Laogi uid Cold* TJT Eckman's Alterative For mail/ cnr^ this Calciu - reputation few accomplishiog oltca remarkablo roaults $2 Stz* now $1 50 Price Incl tdcs War Taj: Eckrnan Laboratory !ny j.ood dayers came ia for a cwtam arwunt i contlnue ibe u«c of wooden boxes for .nclosmg articles fo- members oi Ae Araencai tvpediuonary Porcts and according to the nature of be ar.-iUe'i either to pack them, m strong corru gated cardboard bo_t,s or wap them . , , , ., ' m heary paper Backing bagging or 4dppted Bo*ebiUI.! c j oth As ^ n e j g h t of parce]s [cr the troops oversea* is limited to seven poundb it is evident that there is no apparent nei.ctsitv fo _ne use of wooden boxes to transmit inclosures In this connect on atcition is in vited to the circumstance that mar} of the wooden oxes rece vcd for di : patch abroad a t such is *ere m the firt instance u dressed to a oldi* at a camp in the L n i ed Sta-tes Send ers sliouJd be rpqjt sled here'oro . ,, ^ i to gi\e consi leratioa to the forego ng otbalte and the Attribution of pnz £ t when prcsen-mg at a post off ce pic^ nong the soldiers to stimulate com- ages ntH CK eedln ^ fawcn pounds m * t * tfon j weight fo T nailing to a scldier u the Getieral Permella commander tt baitcd s ale , 3 Thej shoulcl bear in e Second Italian amn in a letter m nc , lha tl c patKage IE I t [ails to the GaXetta dello Sport says that reach tne 0 d Pr , n thls c o u n a } aTld t ra-ggmg, but they were church serv :es compared with, the furious abu c e nd iazmg banded to anj unfortuoate ho 'iiled to play ball *"Yes, Jve ^ot it. Prom DOW oo m a f a n ' " taUan Vrmy Has One of the curious effects of the war i the inxernaiioBa! interest which, as l«en aroused m American, sports ;aly aparently is the most recent \ K me of the basebai' germ IXiotball 5 played in America, as well as the itional game of this country also h£S Jcen hoUl of the popular interest in aly The Gazetta dello Sport ore tire most iiidueatial spor* j^cmais that conntrr, Is raising a "und '^r purchase of baseballs bats ard SEE THE Gr^ATFST \lESTER.\ UT'OR OF T H E DA^- WILLIAM S HAItT P HIS BtST V \ D MOST L,\C1TI\G P I C 3 L K E i ouisc GIJVLM LMD IARI\EY RTVMITCHILL CI AP V WILLI4-MS A HAI^T I'lCtLRl 1WTF SO\!'. llbVL IL\RT PUNCH IN IT ALSO 1 GOOD KtySTONK COMEDi - T 0 Iff 0 R R 0 W - SNATCH! D FROM THi: \TTAR -BI I L B I R D I RFSFNTS C I I \ R M ING C \ V L I MINERS IN III R ELS1 V N D ^All T Discoverer instructs druggists everywhere not to take a cent of anyone's money unless Bio-feren doubles energy, vigor and nerve force in two weeks. Any man or woman who flndn that the$ arc fcoing: backward arc not is Btronp is t h e y used to he ha'v e lot.t confidence in their ab IH tn iccom- p! y i things «ire n e r v o u s and run down should take two Bio f f r t - n tablets aftor each meal -md one at bedtime Seven a dav Cor se\ en Then take one a f t e r eacl iroal iintll thp P U p p K Is exhausted men li o j r nervousness H not pone 1C you do not fetl tw CP a.s 3tr^t\K T-nd en* rfce Jc aa before it your alu^^iali dispos tion his no been changed to a. isorous ticti* one tak* back the empt package and your money will b« returned w i t h o u t comment. No matter -whfi excesses worn -- o\erworK--too ranch tobacco or alcohol --have w e a k e n e d o u r bod anri wreckd your nervtia any d r j ^ g l a t anywhere in B.uthonz»d to r e f u n d your money on request 1C Bio fe-en the might} upbullder of blood muscl* and brain doea not do Just -n-hut la cla. med lor it IVote to FJayaictanitt There In no secret about tbe formula ot Bto feren, It ia printed on every pack tg-e Her* it la L e c i t h i n Calcium Glycsro phos- phnte Iron Peptonate Manpaneso Pep- tonate Ext Nux Vomica Powd Gentian Phenolphthaleln Olaaresia Capal- ctim, Kola- now COc All Druggists, Philad Jpbla. "A BROADWAY SCANDAL" DILiMWlC THRU I TMJUILTA' V DOCTOR ON THC FR r FRONT 11 AIINS I AITli IN \\OMLN ALSO \N L KG COMI DI JN J ACTS ^?Xtt^J\KM\?aW\lW»^^ lam oresses , For They Tub Well, Wear Well, Are Ccol and Serviceable--Cos! But Little l o r ntllo m s o* o ^ o tn fomleen \ f i a r ^ i hho al suppl} of ic it Oinrhan ^rc^s js j t s ps^onftal i p i r t of tho ^umi or v irdro n as ai tl met o ^ ai ch i ' Va J. i on flTv s i r M131 f l i p supreme tost of i ^ ounTMster s, clothes and £ ntjham drosses r u p t t bplondidh issities Ai 63c to $6,50 On Trer- Sect on hab on cVp n\ numerous new ird U t r a c l n e ni( 1 s ill -i npts birs ml ell ok^ of perfr U\ hirmc u / m p rolor \ hi c o i L c i s i i i" ^olul I -ha( 1 c i uit'i coplrus ing run n n^ J! * i ]i i c. ire to stkc i sea sons biipplj from buch T M o c k New Summer Cottons at Old Prices Tlu contncL that placed thcso he niUful ^uivncr Ccn,ons on our shches is old bu tin goods t h c n i s p l \ ( s i r e c n p fipsh and ne\\ Our ret. il puces and tocla\ s "wholesale irices arc in main c«i c^ almost fwi^s --Plaid Mcrteiued I oph B at r 5c a \ ml --?S i ch N ·v. \ o Ic "6t to " r ic a *irj - lb nch S j l i r stnpnd and Silk chcckct \ c » i l c ^ chiton Gu sh it 90c to f 1 "5 a yard --C-i inch plain co 01 /ephvrctus at 50c L ird --Be*lit f i T nidic 1 IT 1 /enhvrPTtc*; ^onr'cr f u l copi fa 01 finp -^co L) Ginghaij 11 GOc a yirt! -- Da ut\ 1 laic* G i n g mms n ai ?* pliids at 3oc a yird And About n dozen otiur groups lit pri( PS as goad. Lighten the Labor of the Beats--Sweeps--Suction Cleans Combines broom, carpet-bearer duster and dust-pan into one easj and pleasant operation Eaiscs no dost. Takes no muscle and only one-fourth the tune Remember Onh THE HOOVER replaces 4LL those housecleaning unplemerts because onh The Hooier has a patented motor-driven Beating Sweeping Brush Come in and trj the Hoover Or if ou prefer we vii'I be glad to demonstrate it in your own home Muslin Cambric, Etc. Fire b'oached colton ma.- ff 1 -] ils so desirable for making women s and chi 1 drfji s und^rg^nicnt* All 36 inches wide Jfaslin", at 2 K and 3(lc yd. Caroline^, it I'-c to iOc fd Lonifeldihs at !(te to SOc jd ainsKiUs at SOc to 50c jd '^Collar Sets" of Filet Pattern Lace at $2.25 to $4,50 "^« omen are birring them f^ (l ·c!^ to beautify their af- icrnoon dresses. There are desigBs that closetv im tale the real fikt \ special varictv o* shapes lEcSuding one sarai foU and one snuaro- back. Oth'cr collars and sets are here in the abucd anco that you associate on v with hp Bright Moizler Necs: vear Sociion ^ M=it to this interesting dep-rtment is ahva^ s n- stmc* ve and pleasurable. Those Good White Dress Linens It is good to have such an ample assortment 01 the=e fine 'nhite pure flax dress bnors despite an unprecedented scarcm in the rrarKets Ihe^ are here because we placed oui orders in good time and ·we can assure our friends of aa large aid fine a selection as can be had in Ta'veite connti Some oi UK parhculailj good (rronps include a f i n , linen in t!it proper irnelit for shirt umats *xnd plnlilrcn's ('reuses. U in- (hes mile, and sc and ^j 00 » jnl. --3fi inch fllutc Linen, of a en id, dependable unalitr »- here to retail at $1.00 and £1.35 a jartj. -- % inch Iinon, 01 which there are adequate supplit- iur ,ire-.tat EC^". ire S^fo and Si*J a j ird. Remarkable Development of A few jears igo the v,oma" \\bo -^rantrd a nio«ni ng handbag .haa little 10 choose from there are a 1 most as maj\ stvlcs IP hcse bag«, as t lore r in fanc-v hindhac^ lou cm get aa all blick hindbag now t h u -las s i \ l o as \ oil «- (ii^un\ H m n b 0 o^ Todav dull moc i ir i in =ea or bcad'i and j n t, or beaded b ack g^c^ c r nuple silk I lai leather p uiscs \Mth f i n c j 1 nint;= are $100 to (_iUi nicia' or (.o^^.^l.d rallies and Unin^s of s - r oO t i c a Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. ott*all and "baseball gam«s are of in tiraable value tn ir. the tral ung for VERY MEAL A POISONOUS INJECTION is forwarded abroad w i l l require considerable additional h mdJing besides being subject to a long sea trausi 1 They should consciucu ]y prepare all such, p u:kajMrs (not exceed] ic; t seven pounds in weight) as uhougfa. desuned for delivery overseas in Jie ! first instance UE ilV P«*r folks suffering- Tron kidney and idder troubles ever tblnlc that th-3 jals which, they are ua-me are h» s linp their death Every morsel o f ' xl taken Klves up its (iuantit o f , Ic add This poison s taken ir t o ' 5 system, throujrh a diseased con li n of the kidneys and bladder IT * health man nature provides an tlet Tor this poi^or Tho^e in ill ilth must tako a medicinal help to ·ve this deAth-dealinp poison fr m j system For over 200 jears GOljD jO'^i* Haarlem Oil Caiisule-" hve * i doinjr this "work They elf L* »ittpt relief In all disease arising Z. n kldnej and bladder trouble*? ' B t put off thi'? \tts,l matter of U- ttlng' to your health until It is ti ne t 5USUUSWESS MEN Capsules todiy Look for t h e mine. Tour drupgiit ^ell«i the m ?y are ptiiranteed c r money e ided. Insiat on GOI D ind.--Adv Stk-nce lleli»« On t After Kctk lc«3ly VbiiHln n tho -MoiHJcli The mo'st reel I t b ? n - n in t£,.ircl to health is tl t b u b j i i n v b min U noon ht, rushes o u t f . -i b i t ^ to c i He bolts h t, fof d i\ ub u i oi cr ma tl cit on and heap-^ or h i s st jm-xcii in t x. t-a b u r d e n grtJit-r :)· TT j 1,3 abl, ft c irry ~v- ithout brc ikn f, do\\ n His o v e n ^ o r k e d "Jiomj-ch is cr\ !HK Cor help ic appeals to him for rchcf in T a w t t5 L.\pulb on of sour t,a^ brash sour tasle In mouth ieb*b after eating" s h o r nebs o' "Ml 0 na t a b U t liken with or s u f f e r e r THF I VtfliA I H I IPUI- 01 1 0 " H N I - L L S \ I I I 1 --"Vt I DM S J ) \ ^ VM) 1HI TISP V \ -- FOJtia UROTT'S COH1 1)1 VNS In i Farce Tbat n» Diffc'-tn Stc the Fonnr ^esro Set tlit J u i k i s l i Snhu Vc tltf romuir Stock Comnam. JSfiss Chaopie OMlonncU, u th( jiisli SOUR bird * and tile ^rtnt Iraiik Pojlini; ind Jlii l*ian- Iccoidi in ^ itli n Ltuuh ot 1 on i S t i c t n tometlus. Come VII and i augh lor 1 lUtnr and JO ^llnutcs. KA3.F 101S UJIOST (*0». anni? the ve Too Sared Pa*t Sbc Jlonths. emcnjber its the saved dollar lull 13 you out when the pmch corres eorer, sa^iDg just now 13 a pain duty If you haven t mad* a t, better do so now, at tne oll '·fi- le Hrst National of ConnellMi le TO saving accounts may be star cd i $1 or more Liberal interest j \--Adv I after i ieal w i l l h e l p a n j f r o m di spep** ° w o n d e r l i j l l \ It j the stomatii in th \ v o i k of di|,LStion | whicb. it m u b t porfo-m ill o no. t iblet? are so d by A V. Clirke « i t l i B. "ifeid g-ua-inLet o o% t,r come dyspor sia. and a I sion-acn tr u blcs or moni-j bac Th i -ral c eat in^r a pleasure "Ml o rta cleanses and ptiriflei) tin 1 stomach and bo\ els and puts vi,or vnd ^-tren^th in o the o v e r w o r k e d tissues It IK tht surest stomach tonic in th w o r l d Sold b\ leidmg druggriL. s every- --10DAT-- II You Arc Hunttnc; Read the advernseing eolumna of The Daily Conner \ou will find tuem. Try our classified advertisements Thomas H Inoe Presents WII LIA\t S HART m '"JHJ' f l G I R lli" An -\rtciaft Picture Neighbors Kcjhole a Mack Sennett Cou.edi 1'so TOMOEKO n SESSTJE HATrAKAWA IN ·THI HOiSOK Ot KIS HOCSE" The eten-i tnangie--tuo men ind a -woman--has been sk Ifjlly \en into the plot Tvhich is brought to a stiinng climax in \\liicii real hero sacrifices his 1 Ce Com ng, Julv 1 and ^--Charlie CUaphn in A Dogs Life You know the neavy head, sick stomach, bad taste m the mouth, latent dyspepsia Pay stnct attention to these symptoms and get piompf relief by using Beecham's Palls A few doses will stimulate ''he liver, help the stomach, regulate the bowels and make a great difference in your general feeling^ Nothing will put you on yur feet so quickly as a dose or two of 1HI l'Li\S O M \ I H E BEST Come Tiiieti \oii riease. S(,, is Long Is You Like. JiMIKK ^ LFK Or JS E 21TH 1 CLASS! IIISICIL 1'0^-J Ti 1E LUXE Took Iudock - iris Kennedy --Featuring-The OJ(i Jdss rOiir Baibour Sifters iiisj Niaifing iinil Diinciiia: Chorus. On t?ic Scrota--IIe'en Jloimes m "Ihe Lost Express.." Want Ads--1 Cent a Wora. Horaer's Gotiiiag J. B. KURTZ, rtOTARlr PUBLiC AND RCAL ESTAT£. Ma. a South Meadow LAI*. ConmHmlUf f».

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