Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 30, 1974 · Page 31
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 31

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 31
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4 Picket Lines Expected Around NFL Camps By He Associate* Press Instead of footballs, picket lines are expected to be most prominent when National Fsjotball League training camps start opening this With the contract negotia- ti^ns between players and owners having broken down, the Players" Association has set Monday as its deadline for a strike. Should the strike be- cojne a reality, the \ layers' Association plans to set up picket lines around all of the team's training camps, beginning w i t h the San Diego Chargers, the first club scheduled to open practice. The Chargers' rookies are due to report to U.S. International University in San Diego Wednesday. One other team, the Houston Oilers, begins workouts this week, at Sam Houston State University in Hiititsville. Tex., on Saturday. The last of the 26 teams to start workouts for rookies will be'the Minnesota Vikings, at Mankato. Minn.. State College on'July 29. * 3 Firsts By Smith And Gandy HUNTINGTON - Margaret Smith and Raymond Gandy won individual high point trophies S a t u r d a y , l e a d i n g Greater Charleston to second place in a five-team swim meet here Saturday. Gandy set two pool records and won three events to sweep Boys 11-12 honors and Miss Smith claimed one pool record in dominating the Girls 11-12 competition with three firsts. Each scored 21 points. Rusty Lockhart and J.C. Pettit of Greater Charleston shared the Boys 15-17 high point award w'ith 18 points apiece. Parkersburg YMCA won the meet with 441 points, followed by Greater Charleston with 383"2 and Himtington with 379 Vi. Individuals Girls 10: Julie Netzel, 3rd in 50 free- 3rd in 50 breaststroke; Annette Polcari 1st in 50 free (32.1); 2nd in 50 backstroke; 2nd in 50 butterfly; Stephanie Burroughs, 3rd in 50 tree; 3rd in 50 backstroke; 1st in 50 breaslstroke 141.7); Amy Polcari, 6th in 50 backstroke; Connie Pfister, 5th in Soil/stroke. Boys 10: John Critchfield, 3rd in 50 tree, 1st in 50 backstroke (37.7); 4lh in 100 IM; Tom Dawson, 5th in 50 tree; 4th in 50 breaslstroke; 1st in 50 flystroke (35.2); Joe Fesenmeier, 3rd in 50 backstroke. 4th in 50 flystroke; Steve Richardson, 6th in 50 tlystroke. Girls 11-12: Margaret'Smith, 1st 100 freestyle (1:01.1, pool record); 1st 100 b r e a s t s t r o k e ( 1 : 1 8 . 3 ) ; , 1 s t 200 I Art (2:25.7); Sarah'Shumate, 3rd in 100 freestyle; 1st in 100 backstroke 1-16 1 pool record), 2nd in 100 butterfly; Beth Murrin, 4th in 100 freestyle; 1st in 100 butterfly (1:12.3, pool record); 2nd In 200 IM, Leslie Solomon, 5th in 100 free; 3rd in. 100 breaslstroke; 3rd in 100 butterfly· Susan Andrews, 6th in 100 free; 2nd in 10o backstroke; 6th in 200 IM. Boys 11-12: Raymond Gandy, Istin 100 freestyle 157.2); 1st in 100 backstroke' (1:10.5, pool record); 1st in 100 breaststroke, (1:18.1, pool record).- Jim Critchfield, 3rd in 100 free; 3rd in 100 backstroke; 4lh in 100 b u t t e r f l y ; Kevin Jarrell, 6th in 100 breaststroke; Jim Fes- - enmeier, 4th in 100 breaststroke Girls 13-14: Patty Berger, 6th in 100 breaststroke; 6th in 100 butterfly. Boys 13-14: Tom Thursack, 2nd in 100 freestyle; 1st in 100 backstroke.! 1-04 7)1st in 100 butterfly, (1:03.5); Terry Richardson, 5th in 100 freestyle; 3rd in 100 butterfly; 4th in 200 IM; Dennis Pettit, lied tor 6th in 100 freestyle; 4th in 100 backstroke. Girls 15-17: Clare Schafer; 3rd in 100 free, ?nd in 100 butterfly; 4th in 200 IM Boys 15-17: Rusty Lockhart, 3rd in 100 f r e e s t y l e ; 1st in 100 b r e a s t s t r o k e '1:08.8); Isl in 200 IM (2-16 4); j C Pettit. 1st in 100 Iree (52.8;; 3rd in 100 breaststroke. 1st in 100 butterfly (57I9). Poca League Opens Play PCCA-Basketball action in the Poca Parks and Recreation Summer League begins Monday. There will be three division in the league. They are junior, intermediate and "senior. The junior division is being sponsored by the Rock Branch car wash and is' for boys in grades seven-eight. All boys that signed up for this division are to report at 5:30 p.m. Monday to the High school. Boys in grades nine-10 will play in the intermediate division being sponsored by the Sport M a r t . A n y o n e ' w h o signed up for this division must report to the school at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Poca Summer League Senior Division Roster j Spor) Mar! Ailer (.-''--,-r. =·-*»-·· Hill. Rusty Licyd." =· J^E v^Cte-a*. han, Steve Smith 3:ev= ·fn--r--r- ·*'. Willard ' * *' ' Insurance SrcSar.c- :· ye r; a , y . ny Hajer. Jeff HUM. Oj'-"/:;-'*-^ V-^-, 3»rger,!. · -»· . ·· Harris 76 Sfafic'V Ji- C-'c/'cr. = u : 3ailes. Douj ?Kc--y-e ~y.r.*'- '--. ohries, J.S. warsftafi' J:T \.--~ Conrad's OJ.KJ, j.^... ;.,.,,. **·*. ner, Mike Kelly. 3r.jc» -.»: j~-V Lewis. Roger Ntit. Js*v- i_r/';·«'-r; Wlthrow. Thij W««fc's SctwScrf* Monday Sport Mar) vs. Harris 74, 7 T= ; .- 'nsurance Sxcnnge ·.-; Ccr.-atfj. i :· Letters to Rvalues Tbe NFUPA has sent letters to ail rookies asking them to slay away from training camps. The letters urged the rookies to support the NFLPA in "our effort for your own benefits, protection and freedom." The owners have planned to use rookies and free agents in the exhibition and regular- season games if the veterans are on strike. San Diego and Green Bay Packers' veteraas are the first scheduled to report, both on July 12. But should the strike last that long, very few among the 1.200-member Players' Association are likely to try and cross the picket lines. The strike could possibly Milce Curtis is one AFL plover irJeo plans to defyttrike. wipe out the entire exhibition season and the College All- Star* Game against Super Bowl champion Miami on July 26 at Chicago. Bil! Curry of the Houston Oilers and president of the NFLPA also has indicated that a picket line might be established around league headquarters in New York to prevent Commissioner Pete RozeUe and his staff from entering the building. "Anyone who crosses our picket lines is not neutral." said Curry. Cartis Opposed One player who has stated flatly that he will not support · strike is veteran linebacker Mike Curtis of the Baltimore Colts. Curtis, the only top star to defy the players' union walkout in 1979. has voiced strong opposition to the association's demands and the leadership of Executive Director Ed Garvey. "Hell, yes, I plan to report." said Curtis. "I'm not a member of the union. 1 don't plan on paying attention to the strike and I don't think they can stop me. "Garvev is a left-wing opportunist who is trying to make a name for himself at the players" expense. 1 roomed with Bil! Curry fot' five years aad 1 stiil say the demands are absurd. They're talking about freedom issues. · mainly because it's a catchy · phrase. You can't beany freer than we are. You've got football or..." Conrads v; Harris 76. 7 · = ; Spor? Marr vs. !rsura-.:» -.tzr. Z: 15 p.m. Thursday Conrads vs. Spd« Mart. 7: i5 3 r-. Harris 76 vs. Insurance ircrrar 815p.m. Wins 3-Mile Race HUNTINGTON - John Welch won a Hanlnigton YMCA sponsored 3-mile run here Saturday in 14:33. Finishers from the Charleston area included Scott McMillen. Tti in 15:15. and Roger Backus, mh in 15:35. MOMTGOMER PAIIMMII CAt Till ·UAIANTII rf t~r*MM M* W Hi »····.« j HM ~-t~ · -I. «k«iw* m j . nt*m l«h. H 1 ) t«r Km I* · STEEL-BELTED PRICES SLASHED! SAVE 5 49 TO S 72 ON A SET OF 4 STEEL- TRACK BELTED GRAPPLERII TIRES... REG. 5 37 TO S 55 EACH 34,000 MILE GUARANTEE! l h Mtvtel v MriumMp, ! r*4 huird Mk», M kM4 MM (2/J2 1. Out* *. IM 10% el ra*fc» Ik* Ik* IIM. 3. Durt^ » tar · U r*amm r.»4rW ft« Airhf Id* · Word Wax* wW. KM Cw«N* j iMttae IwW · ttw NM tt »!·. ·i ultof plu to «H«t *t Itw HIM cf rifam * ( Wwich lo wtOth r*viM. Uthdlnf f*4««l .KM (.«. ( ' f MM»*W H« uwd oil ttikoW, ami MMr HMd« } 2 STEEL BEITS HELP FIGHT TREAD SQUIRM AND ROAD HAZARDS. OUR FINEST PASSENGER TIRE! 42,000 MILE GUARANTEE! STEEL-TRACK BELTED GRAPPLER RADIAL i: 2 POLYESTER CORD PUES FOR STRENGTH, SMOOTH RIDE. A 7 8 - 1 3 . A 7 8 - 1 5 T U B E LESS W H I T E W A L L P L U S 1 97 TO 2 0 4 F E D E R AL E X C I S E TAX EACH A N D T R A D E - I N T I R E S E 7 8 - 1 4 . F 7 8 - 1 4 T U B E L E S 5 W H I T E WALL PLUS 2 47 TO 2 61 F E D E R A L EXCISE TAX EACH AND T R A D E INS G 7 8 - 1 4 G 7 8 - 1 5 , H78-14. H78 Ipb TBLS W H I T E W A L L P L U S 2 79 TO 3 . 0 6 F . E . T EACH A N D T R A D E - I N S iic.iowmcE PAIRS COMPARABLY P R I C E D FAST FREE MOUNTING AT WARDS! BR78-13 TUBE- LESSWHITEWALL PLUS 2.11 FED- ERALEXCISETAX EACH, TRADE-IN TUMWI WWIWAII DO IHUUI tow ma IACH* nut f.l.T. IACH ! 510 20,000 MILE GUARANTEE! 4-PLY POLYESTER CORD POLY- TRACK HIGHWAY HANDLER SflVEIOTO'H WIDE TRACK OVAL RADIAL 38,000 MILE GUARANTEE! 1UHUSI KACMfAU tat *W!lh nodl-in tin oH ynt cot. teoiiu ol lUir yniqm d yw Mil tuv* r«dt«l tir«i MMnt«J on all 4 h««li. IVIACIS nil 7.35-14 *Wilh lrad»in J34_ J2Z_ (A) 4 rayon btltt kitp th» wide tread groovei optn. for road- hugging traction. (?) 2 radial body plies of sturdy rayon cord for an all-around performance ride. IUHUSS WWTfWAll ~HZi HK7Q.14 t5l _142_ 4Q.tO 41.40 80.40 WUIJUSPOtTSCAt SIZES (U1UST . Wh!»-alli $3 mut «nch. (T) Koikwoll iml r . 139 I7.M 1.60 3 ViA t»d«-iA lirt. (1) Singli plgr of ragron cord. Iccauw of tli»ir uniqu* d you mm he** radial Itm mcwnttd en oil 4 lM*fl. IOW-COJT INSTALLATION AVAILABLE SAVE '22 ON A 40-WAH 8-TRACK TAPE DECK FOR BIG MUSIC POWER Auto./manual channel select /stop, burglar alarm, fast fwd, earphone jack, night light. AJO *·»· 91.« SAVI«200NCARDKKWITH TWti STEREO SOUNDS-8 TRACK AND FM with three slide controls, auto/ manual track change, channel lights, local/distance switch. Ref.S4.95 FAMOUS J«u«n 2-5" sp«ak*r ttt mounts anywhere. Now only 19.98 SLOPPY STEERING? CORRECT IT WITH WARDS FRONT-END SPECIAL A.C. Torsion ftars *2 Extra Wards expert wheel alignment and the installation of 2 heavy-duty Town Country shocks, with 41 % more bounce-control than most originals, puts front-ends in shape. INSTALLED FREE trf SIDE TERMINALS EXTRA WAIOS lATttlt NOTKTK*rU» Montgomery Ward wW replace Hm battery ot no cost . to tlw ortgina) owner if it fab to accept and hold a chorg* in non-commercial passenger ear use dwting rht Frte Reptacemenr Period showit TOTAL GUARANTEE PERIOO: 60 48 2 36 24 18 Mot. FREE REPLACEMENT PHBOD:241612 9 6 3M«. After thii period, to Ihe end of th« gworonlee period, Montgomery Ward wW replace the battery, charging only a pro-rated amount for the lime since purchase, boicd ctn the current regular idling price I«» trade-in. Batteries in commercial use are guaranteed on a similar basis for half of (he specified periods. Commercial use n defined as use in any vehicle for other than family or personal us*. 1 for service under this guarantee, return battery with evidence of dote of purchase to any-'Montgomery Word branch. SHOCK SALE BUDGET-PRICED DELUXE SHOCKS 1 BATTERY DYING? BUY OUR 42-MO. GUARANTEED GET AWAY TODAY EXCHANGE Polypropylene case has more room than rubber cases for more plates, power. Up to 410 cranking amps. 1-yr. free replacement-3 times longer than most 42-mo. batteries. Most cars. NEED LOW-COST STARTS? BUY OUR 24-MO. GUARANTEED GET AWAY Up to 280 cranking amps. Rubber case. 22F,24,24F. WARDS TOWN I COUNTRY SHOCK AISORIER RlrLACtMENT GUARANTEE For os long at you OTI the car oo which instolltd, Montgomery Wo*d will furnish free replacement! for ony Words Town Country Shock Ab.otber *hicri foils for any reason., if Mont- gomen' Word originally installed the shock absorbers, it *»!1| initall replacement* fr«e. fieturn shock absorbers to ony Montgomery Ward branch (any branch hering installation facilities, if free installation included) with evidence of purchase. Thii guarantee docs not apply to shocV absorbers in- stcOed on commercial vehicles cr to shocV absorbers damaged in on auto Occident. EACH iWUURLY 4.99 EACH* MIR* MPAftS The same type and quality shock found on new cars. They even your ride with simplified valve action without jolting your pocketbook. Fits most cars. 7.99 EACH WARDS HEAVY-DUTY, TC SHOCKS FOR MORE CONTROL Larger, 1-3/16" pistons on Town Country shocks give you 41 % more bounce-con-' trol than most original shocks ever had. And this extra control gives you extra riding comfort, driving safety and odded tire mileage. Come into Wards today. Now only LOW-COST INSTALLATION AVAILABLE WARDS 69' EACH SUPER PLUGS FIRE HOT FOR BETTER MILEAGE New spark plugs help improve performance and gasoline mileage. With nickel-alloy tip. *«M 10 MIN RED FURE LIGHT 10 MIN RED FLARE LIGHT 10 MIN RED PURE LIGHT 10 MIN RED FLARE LIGHT RCG. 4 FOR 1.00 EMERGENCY 10-MIN. RED WARNING FLARES Don't take chances on the hi- 4 FOR. way. Use red warning flares to "W Tf ( mark your disabled automobile. § f 42' OFFI1-GALLON WARDS ALL-SEASON OIL, REG. 2.19 A multi-grade oil that meets all 74 U.S. car warranty specs. SAE grade 10W-30, UMT2 CHARG-ALL IS A PART OF WARDS VALUE FOR YOU-ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS "CHARGE IT!" WARDS WARDS OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 5 P.M. » \ \

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