The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 3.31S. DAILT COOKIES, CONNELJLSVILiiE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. QUITE PROMINENT PLAYERS ARE IN CHARLESTON NAVY YARD BALLTEAIW i RUBE GLOBING ONLY VET WITH ATHLETICS Among the sailors ben Ing Uncle Sara and now stationed at the Charleston navy yard are found snme of the most prominent baseball players of the major and minor league**. Top row, left to right: Corkery, Harvard; Gainer, Red Soi; Gntv, Bnf- falo; Gill, Buflalo; Shorten, Bed Sox; Bader, Red Sox. Middle row: Pennock, Red Soi; Car, Buffalo; McNally, Red Soi; Elco Braves; Splaine, Holy Cross. Bottom row: Walsh, Red Soi; Shay, Chicago; KUlileu, Buffalo; Barry, Bed SOT; Carroll, Holy Cross; Norton, Holy Cross; Callahan, Brooklyn; Gleason, Pittsburgh. * In front: Witt, Athletics; Shore, Red Sor. Connie Mack's Line-Up Has Been Completely Changed. Masec is continuing his swatting activities. OA3L D/M.L STORIES Manager Rowland still thinks, his team will repeat. Pitcher Robert Mcfirnw. of the Yan- _ . ,, ,, . kens, has beea wiled for n^Utury serv-' f\, M °' T, lce . ered his batting eye. Detroit fans are panning Hughey Jennings for the poor shouing of the Tigers. » » « The Yankees arc urnwlnj; constantly Increru-lni; throngs to see their buttles at home. * * * 3Jlke MenoPky, outfielder Tnth the "WashinfTton. Senators two years ago, has arrived "over there." * * » In the 20 years Lnrrj Lf,jnie played In the major leagues he never attend- edi a world's series game. * * * The attendance In Pitt=?hnrsh nnd Cincinnati this year Is £r«rucr so far than U has been in five years. * * * Steve Yerkes, who couM not make good at second base for The Cubs, is to be brought back to the National league as a member of the Cardinals. a * * With ten baseball paine* n tlay, Scheduled in Paris, that lively capital! Is In a fair Tvay to more lively sport! of tbe wholesome sort than ever be-1 fore. i * * * I Some of the major loagrrre clubs arc I pmng to be shy of capable pitchers HIS year. In both circuits there w i l l ; be not more than twenty good south-, pa-ws. ; * * * I Outfieldei; Cbarley Jacfcs-on, the out-1 Helder secure-I b Fitt^bu'sh last fall , frmi Spofcnne and s!atetJ fnr rp(arn to) Spokane, has been sent to llinnenpoh-s J instead. * * * If somebody don't stop Cincinnati soon, Itedhmd fans w i l l IIP chummy the pennant, if they have not ulreud.v dono so. ' * * * i George Shillings of the Boston | Braves has not piven up his flTMht f o r ' Hubert Scott Perry, pitcl'er who is with the Athletirs. i * * « f Ccoro* Si«ler is the Americnc t lea^io''?lracniiCT base thief He N al=o j a much improved performer around' that first corpr*\ ' * * * I ntt^burch funs ore dcMrhtPd irtth' the showing made by the I'Ira res and Manncrr TIuso Tlezdek is being loudly- praised in the pnioky city. There never was a ttno when the Detroit Tippr^ looked n^ *ial as ^orne of the carumnist drawinsis of "Tige." Xor hns anybody ever seen a real tiper that looked like some of those draw- Tlion^h he 1^ in the draft. Do lie Bn^h of the Tigers doesn't erpect to be called for some time, us his nnn ber is far down in tlie ll^ Furthermore, he i*; the pole support nf a widowed mother and several sisters. » * * Outfielder Ted Gather, who has been Kljjned by the Ito heater Internationals, frfl! piny with Xcu-irJc Instead, Pre^UT?nt Farrell of t!ie leeirue havInj: ruled that Newark had flrbt claim io bis sen-ices. Catcher John Henry Is making an excellent substitute for Hank Go\\dy belund the plate for the Boston Braves. » » * It begins to look as If not enough' men have been, drafted from the Boston Red Sox for the good of tlie league. * * · Jack Graney has taken his place in the rptrular lineup of the Indians, and Joe Wood Is having a vacation from the outfield. * » » Even though this is the season when they don't m«in anytLJcp iu particular, the baseball percentages have a nice, summery look, » * » Mayor Smith nf Philadelphia, has refused to allow service baseball teams to p]»y on Sunday In SlUbe park, the home of the Athletics. * * * Manager Moron of the Phils declares that his clah has lost more tough clo^e ball games this sruson thnn any otiar team In the National league. * * * Pitcher Hugh Bedlent. of the Toledo | American association club, former Eos-. ton American, has been purchased b y , the New York American dub. i " * * i Mnnager Fielder Jones of the Browns Is greatly disappointed ia hb pitching staff. Gallia, Lowdermilk and I Davenport aro all being hit bard. ! 9 * * 1 Orover Cleveland Alexander win pitch for the baseball team of soldier?' at Camp Funstoti nnd has been de-1 tailed to take charge of camp athletic*.' * * * ! HIT hy day tlio^e Maokrjvn are making the fans realize- that Connie was right when "he predicted that his team vnuld make n 'ot of trouble this season. · * * * If George Burns couirl play at Shibj P.'srk for the w h o l e season he would i probably finish with a batting aver-, age of .450. He is a deoion m that bailiwick. * * * Jiii Scotr, former member of tho piv-Mng staff of the TVIifte Sox, now a captuin In the army, IH umpiring jjames between Pacific coast cantonment teams. * * * Dave Bancroft still piny* his sprightly game at shortstop for the Phillies. Time has not impaired bis speed or his batting eye. Bancroft Is the real star of Moran's ctuh these days, * * * Claude Davidson, former Brown university star, has ousted "Red" Shannon from Connie Mack's Infield. In addition to fielding well, Davidson is displaying uncanny ability to hit major league hurling. * » * Dick Rudolph, tbe Braves' star pitcher, who has been holding out for a certain salary. sas that he intends to accept a position at a big shipbuilding yard In the Enst. Rudolph is above The draft age limit so that he cannot be charged with avoiding military duty. Stars of Old White Elephant Machine Which Won Four Pennants In Stretch of Five Years Are Replaced by Youngsters. Unbe OJdring, persuaded to come ont of retJrrmPiit by Connie Mi-ck this season, is tlie only player on the Mnckian roster who was actively engaged In the pennant-winning campaign of 3014 when the Athletics won their last American League streamer. Gone are tho star*; of tlie old White Elephant machine which rolled through the American ]?«£ue, -winning four pennants In a stretch of five years, nnd in their places are phiycrs npon whom Mark is depending to rcpaln the laurels of hit once fnmous cluh. Tlie onco famous Infield of the old Mackmen coraposetl of Baker, Barry, Collins and McTnnia, has been replaced by Bnrns, Gardner, Shannon and Dug-aji. Enter iJ \\lth the Ynnks, Collins witli the Wl.ite Sox, Mclnnig Trv*ilh Boston and Barry In the navy- The old Athletic outfield has faded rnvay completely. Strnnk has been sent to the Bed Sox and Oldnns has be« j n u?ed us a pinch hitter for the most part since comlag back to the club. Bender, Bnsh, Coombs, Plnnk, Fen- noctc, Slmwkey, Wyckoff and Bressler were the mainstays of Muck's pitch- In^ stuff only four years ago, yet not one of them is wearing a Philadelphia uniform. Bender is hplplns Uncle Sara build ships at Hoy Island. Bnsh is with the Tied Sor, Coombs with Brooklyn, Bressler with the Reds, Plank retired nnd Pennorb. Slmwkey nnd WyckofE in the service. Lapp, Sclmner and Thomas, catchers, have also passed along Schnng being the only one still classed as a star. McA\oy, «ho was w i t h the club In 1014, was a fourth string catcher at the time and is now dolni; half the backstopping for the rejuvenated cluh Gardner, Walker and Cady. from BoPtoo ; .Taimeson, from Wa*-hinptoG ; Burns, from Detroit, and Gregg and Kopp, from the International league, have stepped into the shoes left vacant by Mack's many deals within two years. In short the Athletics are perfectly camouflaged. *****»*******»*#*********# t TY COBB, IN 32D YEAR $ J IS BEST DRAWING CARD J * · * J Tj Cot/! Is In I)is thlrty-socond ^ J year. He has boen playing with * :{ the Detrotts cine*- 1005. the only { * year in which hi^ hrtTin^ aver- * * apt* wus less than .300. Tho J J Oeorpi i Peach has been the * *· cliiuiipion hatsman of the Amcri- * J can Ic'icrne at the rnd of ench * *· rfimpaijrn bincc "1007, excepting * f 1010, \\hon Tris Sjvwker hud a * * better averape. CnlihS jrrerit- * J pst bntttnt; record was. .420. be- J *· Ing liun^ up In 1011. Ln^t year * ^ he batted .^83, and never p h n t d ^ * more hnlliantiy. In. wplte »f al- * J varcin? year^, Cobb siill I*- in j * his prime. Be is easily ttie * if g r f a r o - t ball ployor »f n i l time. J * and h»- Is worth t! f 1 $1'0000 sni- * I ary \\hirh Ibe Parnlt club has $ i been paying him since 1014. As * ·jir n drnwinjr curd T J I L S Kayraond ·£ J stands at tlie hnad of the rlass. * CADORE STILL FOLLOWING HIS OLD FAVORITE GAME Leon Cadore, former star pitcher of the Brooklyns, row nt Camn Gordon. On., is si ill follo\vin£ Lhe old game. Thlfe photo was snjipped at a Southern Jengue gam*: in Atlanta. Cudore haw passed throusli the ofliccrs' training camp and is now awutung his commission. 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