The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COUBIBS, iJB, PJC. THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1930. Flavoring With Herbs Flavoring with sweet herbs depends for Its success to a largo extent on the freshn»K3 of thr herbs. They shouUl be grown and dried annually for tho driMl herbs honrht in boxes at stores arc of uncerUiiu vintage. Thia la particularly true erf sage, tho universal flavoring tor poultry stuffing. Fresh aage Is niuch. more spicy and aromatic than, sage that has stood for several seasons. It carries its flavor well dsled for ono freasoaa. A few bushes of sage from -which the loaves may be picked, and dried In the fall will glvo an ample supply. They may be grown In the flower garden as the foliage la a lumdeome corrugated gray green and the blue flowers arc ornamental. It i s a hardy perennial. One sometimes encounters a stuffing for roast goose that has a "different" flavor, especially in the Hands of a German cook. Inquiry usually brings the answer that the seasoning Is "meJron." This doea not give much information as a rulo unless it is explained that meiron ia the German word for swaet marjoram. This ia an excellent and neglected seasoning. Thjme is sometimes used but it is too pungent for Borne tastes. Marjoram Is not so strong and Is much liked. It ia often hard to find It in stores but a packet of seeds will give an anvple supply. The leaves and dried ends of Use branches are the parts o£ the plant to use. They ire as easily harvested and dried ac sags. The main care is to .fee that these herbs are thorougn- Old Sore Ten Years Old! Healed For over 30 yrs. the healing and soothing power of Peterson's Ointment has quickly banished old sores of long standing--has brought instant comfort to folks suffering with piles, itching fakia, burn.*---has eradicated worst pimples, blackheads and eczema in Just a few days. And one 35 cent box of Peterson's Ointment at any drag store proves It --oven ona application convinces you've at last discovered a wonderworking clntment which won't fall to glvo you results you want. Mrs. Fay Korenchuk. of Chicago, 111., writes: "I am 24 yrs. old and had a running sore ovei my ankle for over 10 yrs. I tried treatments and salves but failed to heal it. Then I got a box c£ Potersou'a /Ointment ard in 5 days' time it was healing and very shortly the sore disappeared."--Advertisement. 139,819 PUPILS GET "PERFECT" IN 1929 ATTENDANCE , HARRISBtTRG, March 6.--Reports submitted to tho Department of Public Insti uction show that during the school year 1923-29, 189,8t9 pupils were perfect in attendance in the public icntols ot Pennsylvania. Ot these pupils 114,988 had been perfect in at- undanco during some preceding year or years. This represents a slight decrease in the number perfect In at- tondance during tlio pre«eding year. 1 , is considered a good achievement, however, because i ecords isi tho State Liepartment ot HeftUlx show that there w e r e considerably more caser o£ the common communicable diseases such fti measles and ch ckenpox during the 'past school year taan during the pie- ceding year. The number oi deaths from influenza alone during- the past ear wore 2.35 or approximately 2 1-3 times the number tttat occurred dur- iag the preced'nr year, while the number of death. 1 from this disease during Januaiy, 1920, wore 9.68 or almost ten timef the number that occurred as a result of this disease durjug January, 1928. On au average 100 of every 1,000 pupils enrolled ir tho public schools were neither absent nor tardy during (lie entire term. The records of these pupils and other attendance, reco-'ls made It possible for those who attended scliool to maintain a perceut- UKO ol attendanci of 92.8 or approximately 93 during tho past school year. THYME A urru me« or new* M A VALUfcbLS GARSftN AND KITCMtM ADJUNCT. ly dried 'ar.d stored in thoroughly dry contalne ror they aro lively to moid and spoil. Sweet basil is another excellent herb for flavoring, appi caching the marjoram and thyme in pungency but with a different flavor. It, too, can be raied with little trouble from seed. A corner of the cupboard with a few cans of fresh dried herbs will work wonders in tho production of savory MeW8, soups and other dishes. Tho tops at celery should be dried and used as sweet herb*' as they Impart a much, stronger fla ror of celery to a ctKh than does fresh celery. They may be used 1 as a substitute for celery seed which is much used in cooking. EVANGELISTIC SERVICES OPEN SUNDAY, DAWSON 'Will Continue Each Ifight Bnt Saturday Until End of Tho Month. COTTAGE PRAYER SERVICES, TOO Special to Tho Courter. DAWSON, March 6 --Evangelistic services will be held In the- Cochran Memorial Ohurcli starting on Sunday oveuing, March 8, and c mtinuing each night except Saturday until March 30. The services will be in charge of the Bonny Workers. In connection with theeo services, cottage prayer meetings will be held tour mornings a week. The following committees are j in charge: East Libei ty, Mrs. J. F. 'Black, Mrs. L. F. M i l k r and Mrs. A. W. Nicholson; Dawson, Mrs. Margaret Stauffer, Mrs. Carrie Haas and Mrs. C. K. Shallenberger. Mrs. S. Wi I-nka and Mrs. J. C. McGill were Pittsburg vi. 1 itors on. Wed- ueeday. ' English starlnga have, made their (appearance here tho jiast i'ew days. On Wednesday the birds were he-re by the hundreds. Mrs. Tereissa Grasinper of Leaktone Is visiting at tho home of her daughter, Mrs, Charles J. Gaal, North Dawson. A number of town Colics will take in the excursion fonlg'H to Pitfsburg on the P. L. E., being run ia connection with the basketball ellmina- i tion game in which Dmvbar township ! participates. The boy.- will p-tUl hard i for the home team to win. 1 Francis and Ester Gallagher will be Hostesses to- the Stanxistd Bearere of Uio Methodist Church on Friday evening at the home of Mrs. M. K Strawn. Clarence Build of East Liberty is a Pittsburg caller today Mr. and Mrs, Wilson TS". Beera and daughter, Olive, weie CopnellsviUo visitors ou Tuesday evening. Miss Bessie ICathryn' Collins was a recent Pittsburg visitor. ' Confluence CON^LUIS.VCE, March 6-- Mrs. G. M. Butlor who undorwent au operation recently at the Frautz Hospital is getting along nicely. C. O. B u r n w o r i h of Johnson Chapel in town y-«terday transacting Mrs. G. T. Ileneol of Conuellsville vibitfd her mother, Mrs. John Alexander, here yesti rdny. Josej7h K«anb left yesterday for a bueineee trip to Somerset. Jain«s KoonU luw retumed to his work at Homostuad after a visit with bis family at L'n Ina. Stop Coughs! Don't let cough* develop Into ·erioua ill new. Check it with B-V'Ta'» Cough Balaam, fttop the tickle, ·oothe the throat. A ·tundaid couch remedy for 49 yur*. Safe. ifftKtiva At your Two VANDERBILT CHURCH SCeiE OF DISTRICT SUNDAY SCHOOL RALLY The Kast Libert,' Presbyterian Church of Vanderbilt on Friday afternoon and evening will bo tue scene of the annual convention ot Dawson District No. 15, Fayute- County Sunday School Associati'in. A largt attendance la expected dt both sessions. A banner is to be awarded to the Sunday school having tho largest delegation at tho eve-ning program. During the afternoon , meeting, which convenes at 3 30 o'clock, the-re will be election of officer* as well as receipt of reports of the work during the pest year. At 6 o'clock, a fellowship supper will be served' by tbo Smile Oiabs of the host church. A program of entertainment has been prepared and there will also be a "sing." The evening session begins at 7:30 o'cock with Rev. Crawford M. Coulter, president of the dlst' let, in charge. It will include the in vtallation ot tho new officers by Jud( e John W. Dawson of Uniontown, Bounty president, and two talks by Dr George W. Wellburn of PhUadelph! i, superintendent of Christian education of the State Sabbath School As*oclatlon. _ _ COUGIIBALSAM Two Chicago Onngsters Slain. CHICAGO, March G--Two gangsters, ono of; them ,d«ntified as John (Dingbat) Oberta. ^ ore found shot to death in the latte 's automobile la Willow Springs, a -uburb, early thla morning. 'My coughing and sneezing stopped (tist like THAT" "Going home from · dance Ininy thin evening cirrus and ·Uppers, I caught n frightful conabv I knew I haul to go to work Ue next morning and I dreaded a elecplesa night. When I got home, my mother gave me some Smith Brothers' Congh Syrup. In no time ·t all my coughing and toy Bntiezing Mopped. 1 slrpt like · Hog. In the morning I w»« quite well enough to go to business," DOROTHY ADLEH SMITH BROTHERS Triple Action C O U C H S Y R U P Fashions Oosttnn* Jew«lry Tltes Its Dark Hide*. By FTEtNCBS PAO'ETT Oop.irlghi, 1930, by Style Source* NEW YORK, March 6.--Line with the "toucti of black" which ia mentioned as tho contrast note In a number of accessories this spring, jewelry is showing a decided disposition to Introduce black with color or black with white. While tho daytime styles are usually mentioned as designed to accompany printed frocks introducing a bit of black, they also arc susceptible of exploitation, to complete the delicate pastel monotone costumos for spectator sportswear later on. The black for daytime usually unites with color, and appears as gaialllh, prystal, or other of the spring coiwnoeitions, while the genuine serai-precious or the simulated semi-precious skrneq such, as chalcedony, chryeopjase, or rose'.z contribute the color, It ia noted that the Wuea, the greens and the blue greens aro especially liked in combination with black. Kor the town afternoon costitino ot formal feeling, genuine semi-precious combinations, such as black amber with clouded amber, or onyx with turquoise are smart. Sometimes a tracery of pearl* accents the contrast. Black vlth white combination aro promoted for evening wear: ox- tremol/ rich effects in onyx set Jn gold flllgree with genuine crystal, or with pearle, are especially well thought or, and carry a double appeal, for they ave favored by the older woman as a type familiar to hed earlier in life, and strike the fancy of the younger set as a dashing movelty. OrystaJ pmques and, pendants, etched by hand, are seen on nraitiple strands of tiny je-t beads, or necklace of larger Jfet beads. SOUTH HUNTINGDON MII1AGE IS RAISED TO HELP BUILD ROAD , March 6.--An order 'Monday 'was handod down In a today by Judgo Oopoland eet- tlug Un millage- la South Huntingdon township at 12 mills for tho y*ar. This lncr«aso was also asked by the road sttpenrisorB of that community recently, the mtonoy to ,be used In construction of the Jacobe Creek-Hoffman's Church road which will form a connecting link between the Smlfch- lon-JlaeantO'wn road and tho West Newtou-Kiiffsclale road, Tho annual mlllago rate in Unity township has boon increased from 10 to 15 mills In a decree hand-ed down ia fluarler sessions court today by Judge C D. Cope-land The money is to bo us ad for road purposes. According to the petition fllod by the roarl supervisors of Unity township, the money dorived from the increased mllla^o will bo used to bear the township's chare in a road construction, project which, will shortly get undorway in that district. Ther-o is a new road some 24,462 feet In length which is to be built beginning at th-e ]/utrobe~Pleasant Unity road and extending to the junctiou of another highway in that section.' Tho new road will traverse Lycippus, Whitney and connect with the road coming from Kocksburg. According to thei petition presented by Judge f/opeland, tho county will pay $«.,000 as its share while the State award will be $30,000 additional. The increased niiliage will give Unity townblrp approximately $105,000 funds towards hearing its shape of th-p cost of the road. The township, incidentally, has no indebtedness, Harvnrd Against Dry Law. CAMBRIDGE, Mass , March 6.--· Harvard students voted 500 to 10 against prohibition, at a mass meeting at the Harvard Union last night. The meeting was (he start of a drive on the part of the Harvard debating council to determine student sentiment in the country on the dry law. Results ! Sure ! When you us« Classified Ads. in The Daily Courier, The cost is small results are hi?. At the Theatres The Paramount A "big city's underworld--sinister aiul treacherous rival fcwnfc leadei i with tlwlr ruthlase followers ready 1 k i l l ' a t a mom-en t'e notice--darken* V streets with death hiding lit evor i shadow--painted molls nt nging on tl- 3 arm«j of their favored gUEtnen--waicl - f u l d^te-rlives silently ,«: oolong: cig:- rettos and watching--ttte -whole sir t (enfio and socme cluirgAd --anything a HaWo to happen at any time. Such i« highly dramatic eettnig- ··/ "Skin Doop," Warner Bros, ali-talkii g Vitaphone production utarring: Mon o Blno and on the screen at tlio Par .mount Tlieatro. Juakl in a great meropolis, "SU n Deep" presents the hutnai) side of tl e underworld. It deplete th« lives »t soceral people thrown into thf ma! s- etrom of lawlossnces. One Is a scarred a,.d repulsive ga g loader whoso lild-eons fw* lias coi i- pilled him to ho a crook. Another, a w-oman whoeo beautiful face foil«« a flksmlisl) doeire tor gold. TBe other a rival gang power whose dapper n p- iwuaraiice never once Ijcapealte 1 la c-alloufi inner self. Kog-onoration con ^a ti tho gangster through the mod a- tion of a child and Uvo love for a gc xl ·woman. Mont* Bine and John Davidson p- r- tray the rival gnnetere In "SI IB Deep," while Betty Oompeon plays he woman. The supporting case also Inclu- ec Oawy Lee, Alice Bay, John Bowi rs, Georglo Stone, Tully Marshall, Rib- «rt Perry and others. Ray I3nright II- rected "Skin E^p," from Gor on Rigby'8 adptation of Mark Ednn nd Jones' magazine etory "Lucky a o»- ag»." The program aloo Includes a V ta- phone act, Amos and Andy and talk nc ncw« peel featuring Qrubam fc- Namog. End Eczema Tortures Forevnr Jfo Jfeed to Suffer Another I)a -. Tli»r« is on* simple yet inoocpon ivo ·way to stop the Itching and. tor uro of Eczonrn ttmtan-tly, and (hat ia to n.jply Moona's Eniesrald OU nig-ht ind m o r n i n g and people who wiffer t -am any emlmrrasJilnK of disftirurlni? kin trouble would be wise to banish li before It reaches a mow or lee» chr mlc staso, " Ask Union Drug- Co., or n:iy i r»t- claes dru^KlBt tor an orl)* nal wo- ounco bottlo of MO'ine'a i:memld OU (full-stirenRtb) and reluse to uf lept ( a n y t h i n g In Us I'larf. It Ife »u;l a j hlsrhly ooncontrated prepti ration i h a t j two ounces last- a long: time, and f u r - ' tlicrmore, If this wonderful dlsoo 'cry Uo6» nut ijlvo you complete «uitli faction ou can have your money refunded Special note. Poopl* -who -wan. to reduce 'swollen or varicose veins should Ket n. bottle of Emerald Oil al one* By (tppljingr night ^nd ciornlnir as din clod they frill qulolrty notice .in imp; JVG- inent w l i l r h will continue un-tll tha \ e i n s and Uunohea arc reduccxl to nor- mal.--AdvertlBemont The Orpheum --, j Sherlock Holmee is perhaps the foremost exponent af disguises that fiction has ever known. As tho uncanny sleuth who could always gueefi at least on« step ahoad ot the other follow, hl« ability to wear a wig In snch a fashion that even the trusty "Watson was unablo to identify him Mood him in good etoad whenever danger threatened CUvc Brook, who playfl the- title role in Paramount'*; all-talking screen play "Th* Return of Sherlock. Holmoa" at the Orphoum Theatre made a study of wiga and In the picture designed the two difiguis-ee that ho affects. In one of the aequoncefi, Holmes rlisguinfs himself as a "boots" or steward on hoard a trans-Atlantic liner. "With his full make-up on, bib dd-entity is undotectable CKve Brookfl i« cast in the rote ot tho famous man-hunter. Tho story centers around lh« murder of Captain Longmore, an old frkmd of Sherlock Ilolm««. As tho inastcrsleuth goen into the caso be flnde that Captalp Ix)iigmoro wae Implicated in a vaat radio-tapping ring of international'op- e-ratloue. In finding tho murderer, HoIiAoe also uncovers this organisa- tion and sncoeeda in wiping it out. Betty Tvawtord, as Mary "Wateon, will TK' remember'Piit for her excellent rote in "Gentle-men of the Preee." She ·i* th« incentive for the romantic Interest-- a--r-nd a real incentive. Charles Bay, or rather Charles Brook, hla name being changed for tliis picture so that it would not be confused with that of the star la ni) old eoreen and stag* veteran. A movietone act, all talking 1 comedy and «ound no we reel aro also being shown. Marital Trouble*. READING, England, March . -The Reading magistrates const nted to tho marriage ot lie Ider, 90, and Margaret Dix, "0, a.Uh mgu tbe mother of tho bride retust 1 to consent to the marriage bei ause when her husband died six T ~tn nths ago ho requested that the girl si ould not marry until she became 21 -ears of age. Use our claeslned adrertiaemei t. WINDSTORM I N S U R A N C E protects against any loss or damage t o your h o u s e caused by wind. Every home owned i n this w i n d y mountain section should have this protection. It costs but little. We will .gladly furnish rates by telephone or personal call. Fayctte Realty Company T. D. Gardner, Manager. (SO Years' Insurance Experience) Sellers Arcade, Connellsrille. A NEW PEAK IN. RADIO RFORMANCE HEAR Apex Snper-Screen-Grid Radio -- Apex Multi. Phase Circuit. Apex Full Tone-Color Electro -dynamic Speaker. Only $115 (leas tubes). Other Apex Radios from $45 to $160 (leas tubes). Convenient terms. DEALER'S NAME A. R I x WERTHEIMER MOTOR CO. I'hone 1«0. West Crawford ConuellSTille, Pa. Paramount Theatre Today, Tomorrow and) Saturday VITAPHONE ALL TALKING Yitaphone Act and Talking Serial Special, 7 O'clock --Amos and Andy Graham Mclfrunee Explains the Hews Beel Admission--Matinee lOc and 25cj Night 15c and S5c Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Leatrice Joy in "A Most Immoral Lady" "--*·--··--i--·· -*· 11--n=ji m.^ii.^-11--·.--I,--,i--·!--ii--tj--n--.ji--ii--n»»|i»ii ORPHEUM THEATRE Today, Tc morrow and Saturday Lovely GhTs Plight Calls Pa- movs Sleuth Again Into Limelight. All-Talking! P Also All-Talking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound New. THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLNES' Olive Brook (2 a Who to Patron fee. Those who advertise n The Daily Courier. OANS $ 25 to *300 ! If You 'Need Money for Any Emergency BEE US Fayette LoanjCompany Title Trust Bldr-i 5th Floor. Connellavilla, PB. telephone 214 · 800 Bonded to the State, ·»TI8E OUB

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