Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 3, 1972 · Page 66
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 66

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1972
Page 66
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Attracted to a shiny object, the oiler samples a ring- When he is free, he is friendly, entertaining. In a cage he is a ruriosilv. Lure of the Waning Moon By Bob Simpson INTERSTATE 80 IN IOWA--There comes a time of year when the heat of summer. sun, baking the warm sands, stirs into life the protoplasm contained within the tough, leathery cell of the sea turtle egg. Then, about the full moon of August, according to the old- time turtle watchers, the young fumble their way from these prisons of shell and sand, seeking the surface and -escape to the freedom and perils of the warm and restless sea. Surely every man should at some time in his life be a turtle watcher, should like on his belly on the warm sands, listen to the winds murmuring in the rustling sea oats, watch the gulls searching out the flotsam and the rolls of sargassum weed lining the beach. As the moon rises across the e t e r n a l sea, the contemplator of nature must remember to be both patient and cautious, for one of the perils of humanity is the desire to dominate. This course does not always lead to the ends man most values. It may be that the rhythm of a surging surf can teach an old tune to new ears. · But as the last moon of this year's summer begins to wane, there is an urge within "07 North Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 Telephone 803/449-5444 THE FAMILY MOTEL THE MOTEL TO BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY -Large kiddie pool wi,h l with water slid. ond diving board · Snak »hok- Boo d food open daily r r .. r . T ?,"" leillil " IO P«TM««ky ^·^rr-mR^ f, rmtrly , t ch, f | ttt Welcome, West Virginians! fn-. The most beautiful and unusual hotel in Myrtle Beach 101 DELUXE ROOMS APARTMENTS "Directly on the Atlantic Ocean 1105 SOUTH OCEAN BLVD.-MrRTlE BEACH S.C. 29577 fun unlhnltodl Your choice of eight 18-hol. championship golf coun- 'rf 7 ·"· P ?°' (h *°" ld - **""""" and Korio Tiki Gift i Oourm.t p adiolmnfl. All roomi with Private Balconies. Color TV. Meeting and banquet roorm-up to 300 people. Lounge on 3th floor. Within walking diitonce of ihopping area ond amusement cork. l.jervalloni Suggested-Phone 803-448-8421 Inquir. About Our Special GOLF PACKAGE Sept. 13 fo Jun« STATE MAGAZINE, Sept, 3, 1972 man, as irresistible as that inside the turtle egg, for that final vacation. Across the nation the rumble of cars and trucks and cycles and motor coaches fills the smog-clouded bands called interstates. Vehicles large and small, of every age and color, rip and snort up and down mountains, through valleys and across the plains and prairies, always in the super-heated blue haze of the internal combustion engine. There are dropouts: the mashed and mangled ones, with final rites being performed by flashing red lights from wreckers and the electric blue of patrol cars; the pileup of traffic creeps by, the scene immediately forgotten as the mob races on. Tired, overheated cars along the roadside, with hoods up, pant columns of steam; limping ones are flayed with shreds of rubber where a tire once rolled in singing competence. our planet, where imitation coffee in plastic cups is flavored with non-dairy products, sweetened with ar- tiflcial sweetener and stirred with plastic spoons, where unreality has been substituted for quality. The old restless bug got us, too; it happens every year, although migration patterns vary. But the symptoms never vary: the itching foot, the greener grass on yonder mountain. As in homesickness, there is but one cure. So we packed the escape capsule, snagged the blue canoe on top. Boots and packs and guns went aboard, and long Johns under the bunk--how do you pack for zero degrees when it's 90 in the shade? Making sure all valuables, real and imagined, were given safe homes, we secured the homestead and Joined the ·xodus into the "now" world of gasoline pumps «nd a s p h a l t , of r o a d s i d e billboards, of hot, dull cities teeming with the refuse of Saying goodbye is not my idea of fun, and i consider the business of leavetaking as something to be done quickly, like snatching off a band-aid. So it was that I shook h a n d s w i t h - my brother, patted my dog on the head and started the engine. Then I looked across the yard at a small, shining b l a c k f o r m , i t s neck stretched full length, its beady eyes studying me near-sightedly. It'was the otter that had endeared itself to us from the time we first found it in our bathtub last spring. I drove off hastily, wondering if I really wanted to leave home. Only that morning he had banged at the door, pulled it open and nosed his way inside. He had peered around before loping to the fur rug, where he rolled happily, then bounded onto the sofa where I was writing. He had looked up at me, his white whiskers twitching, then munched tentatively on the end of my pencil. Next he had flopped his loose-skinned, warm body across rny writing pad, nibbled at the hair on my arm, tested a watchband, chewed on a ring. Dozing only briefly, he was up ' again, eeling across my knee to put front paws on the coffee table. Studying a rose in a glass bowl, he then stuck his nose in to sniff. Satisfied that there was to be no ac- tion in this department, he had made a flying leap at Fang, sleeping peacefully on the floor. The wrestling commenced, soon cut short by my wife's booting both of them outdoors, It Is the old story of man and "critters": we want to own, to possess, to make animals both wild and domestic dependent upon us. It seems to increase our own sense of worth. Yet. we cry for our own freedom while d e n y i n g i t t o t h e m . Friendship with animals must be a mutual respect. It cannot be b o u g h t , nor demanded by collar and chain--this does not mean opposition to leash laws. TRAVEL . On the Ocean Front Ocean Drive Section SEA-VISTA MOTEL ·28 I, 2, and 3 R.T. Api,. · F u l! x Elec. Kilihtni · Dirttt Dial Phom · TV in Apli. · H.oitd Swlmmln, Pool 1 Kiridie Pool · Coil Pn ,. * f, e , fiihino on Pl.r ""''" * AT C °" d ' ""' * ^' OFF SEASON RATES MARINER MOTEL "At the Heart ol the Beach" Catering to Families Atlantic (oath, NX. 21311 Phone 919/726-4120 Box36 · fioomi · Cottag.i · Efllc · 1J · Pool · · Carptting · Air Cord. · Golf P.iv.» Soft wo!,, MR. MRS. BERT BROOKS ' * * * * · " " * " · · « · » a · · · i ············ OCEAN FRONT. NEW IN 72 SEASHORE 105I.Ocni.llrJ. .HmU»UCH.S.C.2!S77 40 N.W Unili. Pocmi. Elfic. Apti. Hietid Pool. Room TV. Pcivot* Batconi.i. Air Cond. D«nnit Smith, Ownvr Fhon« 103/441-401* -OCX. Ocean Blvd. MYKTLK BKACH, S C ~~ · NOVEITIES APART.V.ENIS JOHNNIE MERCER'S FISHING PIER SRECREATION CENTER '· WRIGHT SVIUE BEACH, N, C. 28*SO ROOMS-EKnciEXCY APTS Private balconies--Sun fieck Cable Color TV-Large Heated Pool Located Between Pavilions- Air Cind. Heat-Near Restaurant L. B. HAWLEY , . Owner Marnier For Color Brochure Rotes Wrilei SEA GYPSY MOTOR INN 306 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 Nome Address City Sto!e ... Zip .... WAVE RIDER MOTEL .fff. Overlooking the Ocean 6flfl' 16OO SOUTH OCUN1LVD. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. ' For The "RKST" Of Your Life New and Modern Throughout · 79 IOOMS · UHC. APTS. · 11IOOM APTS. Each Unit hat Private Balcony · 75' MFATFD SWIW2,»l*jr;orvv **JP k-"r;'r noo, · GOIF PRIVILEGES ·AIRCOND. »~CmD°E~N S PIA^GSCUND · UfEGtMRD -PIAYGROUND · CABIE COlO« TV · OUTDOOR GRIU5 · SElf SERVICE E1EVAIOR · FISHING--OCEAN AND PRIVATE 1AKE · DIRECT DIALING PHONES IN All UNITS · DAiU v*,o SERVICt MR. AND MRS. WOODROW SMITH Phone 803/448-8338 South Wind Motel Apartments 5301 NORTH OCEAN BOULEVARD MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 * OCEAN FRONT * · Apartments, Efficiencies Bed Rooms · Restaurant · Golf Privileges · Championship courses, including Dunes Club · Sauna Bath · Gymnasium · Lounge · Putting Green · Covered Heated Pool · Kiddie Pool · Beach Cabanas · Children's Playground · Life Guard Jjjfritefoi_Golfer^Package Brochure for Fall, Winter and Spring South Wind Motel and Apartments 53P1 H. Ocean loulcnrd, M r rtk leath, S. C. C-4 29577 PU»«p fnrwurrl c'jrrrnl r«rp irhtdule «nd color hn,, hurt. N'smt .....;........ Addrts* City g i t t ( . CHARLESTON, tyVA. 19m

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