The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

SIX. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEIiSVILLJS. TUESDAY, JUXE 25, 191S- REOR Only 4 days left, in which you may procure the biggest BARGAINS ever offered YOU- anywheres, at any time or place. URPRISE DEPARTMENT STORE Extra Special Icn's Suits, 5.00, all sizi $7.95 Men s Dress Pants, 53.50. ?4. and $4.50 v a i n . .'!! sues, special while they last One lot of Men's Suits, all new styles. epO.i/O values up to $15.00, all sizes, special at Men's Dress Pants, $3.50, ?4 and $5 \alucs, 'all sires, special a'. Special lot of Men's Suits !n very desir- -,_ _ Q able shades, sold at 513 and $20, all slzer, tpZ.l/O special at $9.90 j 52 fn and $250 Men's Working Pants, Men's highest grade of Suits, made of « tra heav ' *"*%*· a " = 1Z "' 5 ""'"" fine OsTvego serge, also mixtures, all colors «5J_.Ot7 and s : zes, sold up to ?25, special at $16.50 $1.19 $1,69 Laches' Fine- Percale House Dresses, in j Men's Silk Front Shirts in pink, blue and light and dark, values Lip to $2, special hufi, regular $3 value, a!l sizes, special while while they last at the* last at $1.19 69c One special lot of Musim Night Gowns in buflntn fronts and Blip-over styles, worth today SI. 25 and $1 50, special at 69c $1.69 lie One special lot of Men's Dress Hose in tan, blue and bUck, value up to 25c, special Lad-es' Suits and UiaLs, aU new styles and. One specia, lot of Ladies' Silk Waists, in colors, value up to $18 and $20, special pink, v\hi'e and mai^o, value f-1.00 and $4.50, while the}' last at (special while they 3asi at $9.95 I $1.95 i One special lot of Ladies' Serge Suits and Co.tts, value up to $15, mostly all sizes. 1 special at j i One ]nt of Indies' blue and black Serge Skins, v a l u e $3.50 and $4.00 specia] while they last at $1.95 lie SHOES 1 Suit Cases, full size, regular $1.50 and' $2.00 values, special at i Boys' blue serge and mixture Suits, values lo $8.50, finest of the fine, all wool suits, up to SIA 17. No mother who values' her money should miss this sale. Special / at 1 One special lot of Men's Dregs Shirts, Q/l OS I with or without collars, $1.00 value, special 79c For Every Member of the Family OIPORTAT -- Avoid f u t u r e hicli prices. Prepare yourself. Take advantage of our low prices. Men's Working Shoes 55.00 and $6.00 Boys' dependable School Salts, made of fine quality durable mixf/re' I material, mostly all sizes up v 17 yars,' Ladies" Silk Boot Hose, assorted, 'he special at jnewes; shades o! the season, sold up to J l . CO OC h m ' t c r i t qantlty, special while t h r \ last at 50c Men's Summer Underwear, shirts and drawers, all sizes, spe-ml v.-)i,i" r h r y last Corsets regular ?1.00 and SI 2S values,' at mostly all sizes, special at i 39c 69c One special lot of Men's Heavy Working Shoes, all sizes, specia! at -- _.,. ... Men's Black and Tan Elk Shoes, extra heavy, value .$4.00 and $4.50, special at _ - Men's Dress Shoes One special lot of Men's Dress Shoes in buttotn or lace, value up to $·!. special at -- .. _. _. -- One special lot of Boys' and Girls' Drrss Shoes, value ^3 and $4, all sixes, ssepial at _ Ladies' and Children's Shoes One lot of Ladies' White Canvas- Shoes and Pumps. vaJues $3.00 and S3.50, all sizes, special at _ Ladies' Patent Leather and Gun .Metal Pumps, in low and high heels, regular $4 and $4.50 values, special. _ . One lot of Children's White Canvas Pumps, all sizes, special at -- fl»-j AD tP-L.t/O $6.95 Ladies' Silk Pophn Dresses in all the new est styles and coiors, value ?S.AO and $10 00, special at $4.98 Large assortment of newly arrived Silk Skirts, in stripes, also solid colors, black and blue 1 ?, sold up to $5.50, special while i h c \ last at $4.39 Ladies and Misses Plaid G.ngham Dress- Onp special lot of Ladies* Wash in tan and white linen value $4.00 and specia) while thev last, at $1.98 One special lot of Sheets, size extra heaw, value $1 00. special at 69c Ladies' Union Suits, regular 75c special while Jiev last at 39c Skirts 5 -(.50, 7DSOO, value. , QO «t7O $1.98 $2.48 . 98c PS. all thc newest styles regular M.50 and gp cna i ] ct of Ladles' Waists, reguiar ,J5.T) \aliies. special at 53.50 a -, d ?; v a l u c s , al] S1ZCS( . special while $2.98 they last at One special lot of LadiF-V "Wash Skirts, Value $1.00 and J3 50 special while they last Men's Union Soils, regular 51 5^ valu 98c special at 79c One special lot of Boys' Knee Pants in striped and plain materials, special at 59c Surprise Dep't. Store J. GRODZIN and SON Extra! Extra! Ladies' Hats at . $1.95 Next to West Penn Waiting Room CONNELLvSVfLJLE, PA. WHEN YOU ENTERTAIN THE FOLKS-T Be Sure to Serve them with the Best-- The same good beer with the same good reputation it had years and years ago, when the grown-ups of today were kids, It is all Quality. No expense is spared--in materials, labor or process--to make it the best you can buy. Ask for the Pittsburgh Brewing Co.'s CONNELLSVILLE SPECIAL BEER AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS- ORDER A CASE SENT HOME PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE Aft fiEa8 THK FAKA.MOlJ.Vr. GERMANY PLANS FOR ECONOMIC CONTROL OF ! RUSSIA AFTER WAR' "A LION OF THL HILLS**-- Ono of the best and mos»t. i-iciting pictures- in which Wi-Uam S. Hart, ibo cel«*- braut stir, ixtis t*\cr appeared, is b*-- Ing ihov.n Loday Mr. Han is -up- porTM by a ra.^1 o* jnnt-iril i n ) ' rrbi .nci.iciing R f a M i t r l i e l l Louisr G'a.uin dP'I L)r,Id Markey. Th-o story is f u l l Oi pxritenu'tit and K I ^ B R Mr. Han an excellent opportunity lo display hib firama.tu' a l u h ' j A hflocied conieriy i A i n r l u d o f l . Tomorrow C ar.ael M ' erh. Mtpportcft b Kciwin August., \V. 1 II. Balrbndge Lon Chancy and others, , w-tll be feautrftd m " B r o a f l w a y Suan- fiv-pai i I3!uet rn atirat ^ion. Thc plot is tt.oroug)il erooyablo ajid hat, a p easing concl IMJII It has to do wi'Ji N'ane-tc Lho d a u g b i e r of Ar- iiiandc Bisson Trhc! conducts a. freuch cafo in Nt w York. rih-- is a prett , t ihc i ightlps.s croaiuio. cud is '.o-duced f to ^o on a joy ride \\iUi a c h a i f f o u r 1 named Colb Tlw Tide precipilatos a series of .idvcntm o 1 -. Toinoi r o w , i k i t i y G u i d o n , thr scrooi' fuvontti, w i l l | bo been in ' f l i c IiUerlopei, ' a u\t.- [ part W-«rlri irauirt- of cxi L-j;jtJOiial! m- I teresi. Manj of thc scciits tor this ' production wore rilmed in ihe s u n n v Isojtli. and are of great natural j beauty. The story told it a modern | one and is. jam-packed with stirring aud interesting incidents. Drama of ; Lbe most ling sort fills every scene of the picture. Miss Gordon :s 'supported by Irving Curamingh .Frank Mayo. George MacQu.ime and otber 1 - Fnday and Saturdav, Madge Kennedy - w i l l appear in "The Danger Game, ' a great Goldwyn production. been made by the Germans to pet hold shares of the railway lines to th- 1 iouth coas-. toward Turkestan and a controlling interest in tne system of the Troitsty railway. This line reache 1 - from Zlatoust, by way of Orsk. to Troitsk, touching eirtreirely b , r irh mineral and agricultural dis- *. i nets. i Another important ob.-ioct desired | b the Germans is control of the Russian Steam Navigation and Trading companj, which has its headquarters in OdeKta Germany now ha^ physf- cal control over /e-tsels of this country and is energetically working her way .-.o as to n a v e established economic control over this company when the war eventually comes lo an end. uoadquarters for t h i s w o i k Control , The Russian Steam Navigation and has already been obtained m Copen- Trading company has a fleet of 60 hagen o v e r a b r a n c h of a Chnnama, modern steamers, and I2 sailing h by P m v Counselor ' boats, and owr.^ coal nines, largo Mcndclfion, (he famou-. German bank- . shipyards and docks C"\ w h o is said to be ih* 1 motive l^ven at this date Germany has her power in thc transactions which are e ^" eR on l n e Pacific ocean triide Plans '.o be u n d e r a n e u t r a l flag German ' n a v c bppn set fo- buying 4 he Russian ofliLial-, believe, according to m f o r - ' I5 a ltic Mercantile marine to sail nn- mation -eceived in Stockholm, that ' dpr ihp Russian or a neutral flacr ir ny this arrangement German) s risk ' t h c Panfic in competition Japa- \ull lie reduced and at the ?rme time ' nose anci American ships safe-guard against any oont-equeoce | ~~ of the war w h a t e v e r may he the o u t - i (ome. I Germany's effort^ to control the' 1 H n s fiecn Srlcct'd crs nir U uric; JS way STCXIKHOt-M, J u n o 25.~-Ger- pii.nj R aim louant i_oiurol of ilie ·Honnuiii l i f e of L\usbia after the w a i '· Rotns r a j u d h ahead Tlr plan is IJ_:UK; w c r k n f out ilT-oimh au organ'- '.dLion u h i r h has a i r c a d j --pread to c 1 iff e TIU par us ol the country. Copfnhagen has been hCleci.-jd ( o i m t r y are to be rf*retted at firbt hand atr.nnPt the Hus^ian me*al jn- ' dustry and many prLv.ite enterprises ' as railways, banks and steam- j ', s h i p companies Pos.,pt-^;on by G e r - j nan i n t e r e s t s has be^n secured of a I , «uch content Russian ^harehold- ers, laborms under Bolshevik threat^ THEATRE. "THE TIGER MAN.'--An absorbing narrative of the desert m the days of the gold rush, features thc popular actor, William S. Hart Tomorrow Sessiie Uayakawa, the popular Japanese actor, appears in the Paramount production, "The Honor of His House," Starting with bccm,5 taken on boa:d a Pac.flc ocean liner, it rea c hes with, steady strides a climax that is both thrilling and unexpected. Briefly, the situation deals wiih the love of two men, a Japanese and an American, for a half-caste girl with the victory to the 'at'er by reason of the Jap's great sacrifice A touch of IX D D to OTT7 Be«ma sore or ilchinc c-uption and yonll be abte !P real and deep once mere, 'think--just touch! Is tt worth tryinc? Get a trial bottle todar. Me, fflte rad $1 «. Yovr^owy back it thc first bottle does not relieve TOO. | D. D. B. J C. Moore. Druggieu J Water St., Connellerillo. Pa. Gunner Depew A story in which the humanity, humor, pathos, horror, brutality and wretchedness of war are described in the simple, straightforward language of a sailor. DGN'TMISSIT! VA.NLERBILT, June 1M.--Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Porter and Mrs.. Porter's mother. Mrs*. Gnmes, motoreil to J3reusLer, M". V a . and are visiting among their kmfolk. 3ra D. Bailey and wn Charles of n u m b e r of shires of slock of , Ahrfc ' s h m0tT ? r ^ d bere Sunda ^ *** Vtt ~ I ited Mr. Baileys parents, .Mr. and j Mrs. "William Bailoy and family. connscote (heir prope-tv ha v! Harry Stnchlcr " o£ Union town. only too w i l i n g ,,, manv insunces' ff 6 " 1 ^ d * y /" h M r , and Mrs " G " ·o sell to the G e i n a n s at a ^arnficn J M S l n r k J e r of Hopewell fann. A1 tempts have been mado also t o ' ^^ LovCl SOn of M n aud Mrs " J secu.-e control of Iar ? c banks I n {;· ^ v «- ' fc TMtm s Mr. and Mrs. J^ad- Petrograd. Special endeavors have \^ r °.f Ga TM' Mrs. Campbell and daughter Gladys are visiting the former's unc)e, W. J. Reed and family. Mr. and Mrs. Russell S toner and daughter Catherine of Scottdak motored here Sunday acd \ iitod with Mrs. Stoner's parents, Mr. and Mrs j William Bailey and family. Ex-Governor Hanly ted a large audience at the Presbyterian church or. Sunday morning at 10.30 by delivering one of tie most eloquent addresses '.hat has ever been mode in Vande-bilt, on the bab.iect of "Patriotism and Temperance.' Mi. Jacob Harshman visited wirh ! her son. .lospph Harshman and fam- il of J'iniau, on Sunday. V i n r i n c Milliou 1'ons. \VASHIKllTOX. J u n e 25.- The first million toils of uett ships b u s U on contract for the snipping boards probably will be delivered before the end i of the month. Last week's deliveries i totaled Sve steel vessels, with a dead ' I weight tonn-^e of .iT.SSO. mating the , grand total of ISIS production 921,200 t dead weight tons. i I I Want HcipJ Then use our classified column. Results Trill BECOME AX EXPERT SAVER An account with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania -will prove Talnablc to yon. The safety afforded and liberal interest allowed are good incentives for regular deposits, thus helping you to become an expert saver. This is the only bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts. --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE J AT HOME, 5 Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure, ; ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB 5 BREAFAST 5 AND SUNDAY DINNER, » "Our Pastries Are Delicious Be- ; cause They Are Homemade." } NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN I WAITING ROOM. | N. Trump FHITE LI TRANSFER O^lR TRt/CK »d W/ t l O V I H G AAD UDISTUTO i ' l t V O S A HPXt IALTV, Has Your ( -°" e '" an6 C i_ · ,· renew it net; Subscription , fme yoa an Expired? «town.

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