The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1918. THE D4JT_y COURIER, CONNELISVIU E. PA. PAGB FTVB. NEWS OF THE DAY AT Ml PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Miss Bertha Shupe is Hostess in Honor of Uouse Guest. HOREWOOD WORKER INJURED! Joseph Cope in Hospital as Result of i Accident Yesterday; Acme Youth ] Wounded by Explosion of Dynamite Cap is Able tu Go to His Jlonif.' Special to Thn Courier j MOUNT PLEASANT, June 25.-- ] Miss Bertha Shupe cnterUmcd a. j number of oev little friends last eve- ' nmg for her house guest, Miss Edith | L"ude; ol f'indlay, 0. Tbi eve- 1 aing was spent playing games and refreshments were served. . Child tbristfoed. I Kabbi Alpern of Pittsburg hrist- 1 oned the son of Mr. and Mrs. 3. Galpin at the local hospital. A number ' of out-of-town guests were present j Joe I'opc Hnrt. j Joseph Cope, aged IS years, son of , Jack Cope of Cemetery avenuo, was j injured on the r.ght hip at the Moore- ! wood mine and taken to the Memorial . hospital for treatment. [ Injured Xan Taken Itomi: i John Msndziara, ascd IS years, who ! was playing with a dynamite t ap on Friday evening, when it exploded and tore one finger off and mangled the ! others, was taken to his Acme home . yesterday. Personal. Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Ebersole are preparing to leave on an extended trip to Iowa friends. Mr. and Mrs James Taylor of Spring street are the proud parents of a daughter born on Saturday. Mrs. Edward Bossart spent yesterday in Pittsburg with her husband. Edward Eossart, who is in th-3 Allegheny Gineral hospital. Ohiopyle. OHIOPTLE, June 24.-- V.'ord vas re- j ceived last week from William TVable , and George Mornson that they nave arrived safely overseas. 3lrs. E. E. Hamilton and children spsnt Saturday the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tfiorpe at South Co::- j nellsville. Mrs. Mildred Palmer, who tus been visiting relatives near Uniontown, returned to here home here Friday evening. Lawrence and Darlrag Stark have returned to their home at Mauer- ' town, Va., afier a several da\s' visit! with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stark here. ; Miss Helen Robinson of Ur. inia. is I spending a se\eral days' visit bere. Her c-ioce. Miss Jean Holt, at companied her home after spending a sev- j eral days visit at Ursina. | T. M. -Mitchi 11 was greeting friends j in Connellsvllle and Uniomown yes- i terday. i Huffman Listen of Dunbar was recent business caller in Oinopyle. The Misses Coi spent Saturlay and I Sunday with Mill Run friends. Mr. King of Pittsburg. is spending i few days here. Mr. and Mrs. Logan Hush of Con- 1 nellsville, were visitors here Saturday and Sunday. Howard Riley of Connellsville, was greeting Ohiopyle friends Saturday and Sunday. Gunner Depew The Moat Amazing- Story of the War After two years of battling with the Huns, Gunner Depew has written his story of the war--a big, thrilling, blood-stirring story in which there is "something doing" every minute from the tap of the gong to the final round. Gunner Depew is an American sailor-fighter, as handy with his fists as with a 14-inch gun. His narrative is packed solid with fighting and adventure in many corners of the world. Read Gunner Depew You Will Enjoy Every Installment of This Great Story to Appear Serially IN THIS NEWSPAPER WHEN CHILDREN CRY OUT , con«tl- mothers will q , c tor Children, tho .tard.rd remedy for 30 y Ttejare .uj- to tfvo and c Tlie eli ue . , A.k Tonr drr.ffii.t »nd l» mrc to Bet Gr»r'» Sweet powd«t» Tor Children, 25C , Ttejare .uj- to tfvo and c'"' 4 'TM^';?'^ Tlier cleJiruc the ntonnch, a«B'ntlr m «·« no": eliaiiil brra* ..p cold!. Tttlteve budwlies and uelhinli dljorrter.. We D.-e l«,0«l 'wTMTM"^ her USE OFMINE GAS For Pncl Pnrpi'Ses is Bcini; Consld- j i-ri'il in tiio Anthracite Jieg-ion. William S Tompkins, appearing before the Vilkos Barre city council, declared that within the next six months waste mine gas will be used as a substitute for coal, fjxperiments have reached the sti'.ge u b e r e the success of the venture Is assured lie pointed oui that more than 75,000,000 cubic feet of mine gas, which it is possible to harness and utilise for coal, is escaping in the mines between Wttkps Barre and Nanticoke daily. He went before council to show that millions of cubic feet of gas are being wasted daily. He did not advocate the use of mine gns for illun-mation, but he did point or.t that when public Awfully. Scratched and They Ran Together, Came in Blotches J"id Itched, Used Two Cakes Cuticura Soap and One and a Half Boxes Cuticura Ointment. *'I first broke out with tiny pimnles and when I scratched them they mxiM together, and my face - solid cake of acre ^ n s . I The p i m p l e s in blotches and itched, and after scratching they burn ednnd^marted awfully "i was told to me Cud.! curi. After usine one bo* and a half of Cuttea Oim?nenT and two cakes of Cuticura Soap I ,,,,, be.led." (S, g n=d) M, 83 Edith M Uilcman, 447 Townaend St., Wil-' - . , ., If your akin is already dear keep.t 8O by u s ,n for tmta ^r .nnlmei take up tbf use of mine gas . , ....^ as a substitute for coal there will be a °' Cuticura Ointment to soothe nnrf vast money saving in fuel bills. h TM'"" J " ' It was called to thp attennon of the city fathers ' there are two lakes of mine gas in the anthracite field-one in [he Sclrjylkil] i egion and the other in the territory starting two miles above Wilkei Barre and extending south to Nanticoke--a distance of eleven miles. ighness of the skin OT^cSp?"" . F -°5^^'« by M.ll. Ad,lrei S |o«. ENGLISH MOTHER WRITES! WORK HARD AND DON'T WORRY If There May Be Said to Be a Recipe for a Long and Happy Lift, Why, There It Is. America is anxiously scanning the casually lists these dnys poignantly sensitive to the dread possibilities of ·war. Yet, If we paused to think, we should find, us the Kqnitabln Life Assurance society has deducted from its vast experience In mortality dcta, thnt ·Hvorry kills raoro men thnn war and disease pat together." We read of tho^p killed In action, dead of "wound.s, accidents or disease nt the front, and our hearts arc wrung for the loss of these brave boys, hut day by day a larger company fans oat of oar own ranks here nfc home to answer the lost call, the Pittsburgh Dispatch observes. Some are spoken of as victims of hard work, of overoxprtlon, but if | J/ofctprs Rcceh td by I/oraJ » oman Slums Intirest in Auu-ricuns, That the mothers in England arc in- · terested Ic, the Am on can soldiers Is shown by a letter written by ,\Jrs. Er- nept Deal of Cheshire, England, :o , Mrs. Aaron t'ouBhcnour of Suyder i street. Mrs. Bca«, according to letter, met. Mrs. Coughonour's son I he was traveling through Godiey 5 i Junction. Cheshire. T)re soldiers hart i * ' a 2fl-mlnute wait there and it was , v ! then that Coaphcnour handed Mrs. j * i Bra! iho address of hJg moUier, ! i j ing h^r to write her of their arrival ? ,n. England. | J Mrs Ural wrl'.os that the E n ^ l i ^ h 1 * Ieopie cheered the brave FOldlprs and chatifd with ihem during their hrief ' i stop-over. M i s Baal's husband and { her 39-ynr-oid son are soidiors and J she w-ritei that she Is one of the i antfous mothers. Sh* asks Mrs ? Coughenour to write to her a-tid k*^op · ? her mfonjied as to how her son IB | % geturg along. The letter was wrii- tez .May 30, Indian Creek. Real Money Can Be Sated b) Having Toor Hat Cleaned and Reblocked into tbc Latest Sbupe by our Experienced and Expci t Oat Cleaner, wtio makeb a special study or nil Panama woric. We use no acids and guarantee all our \vork to be thr tcs- Kitabi it bt*d 1906, The Amerian Up-to-Date Hat Qeaning Parlor p[-:unis, proprietor. the tnitb were known, It would be IND/A.V CltECK, Juno 22.--.Vrs ) Jehu Prlnkey was calling on Con- noll^viUe f r i e n d s and thopping. J. U". Barger from Indian Head was a basin-ess callt-r la ConncUtivfUt and Uniontown. J. H. Eastnn, .supermtenOcnt for Onruia Coai c m p a n y ai Indian Head, wil\ spend o\'T Sunda with his fam- · Iy ai Oonr.elfsvillc. Mis. Charles Herman Crom Cor.- neIlE\ilIc, sp*ml a few da« among j .Mill Run friendn. 1 X. N. Hcnsfl from MJ11 Run, Ls a , business ,rs. caller in Councilsvilic; loxlaj. Irs Dull from Mill Run. end Hard work nrver killed anyone. ' conneltevlhe fnen^a and Dunbar. It is worry that kills, shopping A 7nnn ff man. for In.sfence, rises to£ Jamcs O f a l r B transacting bugmasa the head of a good business or to somo - m C o n n e n s v i n e Mrs. H. B. Brown is spending today among Connellsville friends and shopping. DUNBAR, June 24.--Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Cooper were visiting Mr. Cooper** sister and brother-ia-law, Mr. and Mrs. ·William Hazcu m Connellsville Thursday evening. Among those that attended the Chautauqua in Conaellsviljf were Mrs. William Eowden and Miss Ella Byers, Mrs. Jack Stevens and Miss Ruth McQuiggan. Jobn Beglcy was a Connellsvllle business visitor Friday. Mrs Thomas Hicks, who 1 as spent the past two weeks in Donora wsth j his daughter Mrs. John St«-el. re-1 turned home Thursday. Miss Reinp Carroll was vIMting lu Connellsv:l!e Thursday Jfi?s Evcivn Yoimc acrrpied a position with the 1 cCrorcy r and 10 cent s*ore in Conntllsv:Ue. Mrs. Jamos Barrett ann children and Mrs. O G. Fischer motored to Uniontown Thusrday night. "Emil Grochen has accepted a position with the firm of Wilson WH- Fon. Dickerson Run. other responsible position. Perhaps he begins to slacken, to ease up a little, and leaves the details to his subordinates. Things do not move as smoothly, and, when he \vakes up, he finds he has lost his grip of affairs ami begins to worry. His friends think hard wort killed fclm, bat It was worry that shortened bis years. While he was fighting his wny upward his work engrossed him, as it will any man capable of a career. "Work left him no tlroe for 'worry. Keep pegging away. Worry Is the grain of dust that up- seits the fine balance of the human mechanism, brings loss of power, slow- ln# doirn the engine and ultimately racking it to pieces. .Bear In mind thnt "worry kills more men than war and disease pnt together," and so shape your life imd habituate your mind that you cannot be a victim. Hunting Bargains 1 If so, read our columns. DICKERSON RUM. June ?4.---"Rev. and Mrs. H. A. Baum havp returned to their Dawson home after pending a week visiting friends at Dayton. O. W. A. Smitb Is spending a few rlavs visiting his fsmilr at Beaver Falls Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Beatt;. motored to Scottdale last evening. W. H. BurkeU spent ypstcnJay \vith his family at Cumberland. · M. J. O*!c:hlin. foremai' of the j Pittsburs Lafeo Erie car shops at Dickerson Run. is spending a few days in Wellington. D. C. He was accompanied by Mrs. O'Laughlin. Mrs. James IJeatty and childrei j have returned home after spending a ' week visiting the former's mother, | Mrs. Anna Moran of Scottdale. Mrs. Albert Hagemnan ha^. returned to her home at Beaver F;Uls after · a visit here with her sister Mrs. J. F .Black. Material for Matches. The body contains nearly two pounds of phosphorus--enough really. If extracted, to make about 5,000 packages of friction matches. This phosphorus is claimed by scientists to be essential to our health and vigor. Our bones are much stronger and break less easily for its existence, and our minds are much, keoner and able to wort more rapidly and cleTer- ly than thay could without It Besides phosphorus our body holds a number of ounces of sodium. TM\ nearly three fourths of an ounce of patassium-- quite enough of the latter to conduct a good many classes in experimental chemistry at a good-sized university. We arc also carying about Trtth us quite a few grains of magnesium. If wo turned It all Into u«e we could make a splendid "silver r-ln" for our family on the fourth of July evening, or we could create a briUiaat light so strong that It could be seen and admired for a considerable dietance. Our First Thought Wta to make a Buildinff Up Tonic to good that people would continue toxi«« Itwhitne'rn.-iitKded »rd now aa ye«r« so by tbo children at oar first cuitomcrs aro awnff DR. CHASE'S BloodlslNerve Tablets Which Contain Iron, Nux Vomica, Gentian We think no imich of them onroelvca that wo keep them on our tablo jo»t *« regnlnrly ai tbc nalt»nd popper «o that any jnembftrof thefamilr can take them. They mart hava merit when » doctor takei hia own medicine. Weigh Yourself Before Taking- Uni!=rf Medicine Co., 12A N. Wla St^ PhiWdpfMn. Pa, OPPMAH'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. F. T. EVANS KSTATE. BOTH PHONES EEAB THE COURIER Experientia Docet. First Bach--Lefs ask Peck. He's married nrd will be able to speak from expeiicucc. Second Each--On tbc coatrary, he'll keep bis month shut from experience. Wirn 3Ton TTaaT Anyth^np Advertise iu our Classified Column. Same Home. i Father--T want my daughter to luive as good c home after marriage i as si e bad Before. Sulior--I want her to have the same. Bumstead's Worm Synsp t. «af «ac «n=TM 3B«m«dr fcr Wprna. | ·tooa tt« Hurt tor so yo«r«- IT msTEB i To cuiltlrcn it i» »= Koff«l of PiEASiOT TO 1AXZ. BO, 1 ss. wo BHTTSIO irEinaED. oa« bottl. b« Wiled 133 worms. All druff-1 ffirt* a»d dealora, or by mall-25c a not. j ErtTC- A. TOOBHSE3. M. J.. PMIiU, Pa. | C O N C R E T E GUI Oad Gaoolme M l t r t E S l f * . 'Iron and Wood CO1IMEQCIAL THifJCKS. Gary TTmctes, i to 3^4 tona, ITltan » « to 7 « C oiler Special* 3-Tlon, with SUrter Geneva ** H ton Rnnabont Trocktof all kir.da fornnr kind of DAmce. HA.CHJWEET CO- Pittsbureh. Pa. 100 S. Pittsburgh St. $3.50 Grass Rugs, size 36x72, green and blue border, special $2.48 Room size 9^12 Matting Hugs--a good selection of patterns to choose from. 7 values, while tney last $5.95 52.50 Misses' Canvas Baby Doll Pumps, bizcs 11 to 2. special $1.39 79c Women's. Misses and Children' 5 Tennis Oxfords in black and w h i t e , all si^cs, spec nit 69c Entering upon the last few days of the most successful Annual Event of the year-TO DOUBLE THE PALES IN JUNE--we take this occasion to thank the great, buying community of Fayette aucl Westmoreland counties for their splendid co-operation whereby we will DOUBLE OUR SALES IN JUNE. With this object in view we have planned to feature seasonable merchandise for the balance of the week, at prices still lower than those that have attracted record crowds this month. T ODOUBLE THE SALES IN JUNE is the supreme test of our superior value giv-iug--a practical demonstration, of our ability to materially reduce the cost of living. Wednesday and Tliurwla.v You']? find Featured a Ut'iauri» able Sale Up to $27.50 Ladies' Suits $11.75 Of timely interest .especially to woman or miss p l a n n i n g her vacation wardrobe. These stunning suits in all the most popular styles, i-olors ai:d materials are featured. Just for Wednesday^ and d?~| "J Thursday at only tpJLJL. Wednesday and Thursday a Sensational Offering of About 100 Coats _ $12.75 Selected from our regular value to $20.00. to be featured for two days at _ ThriCty women seeking a fine Coat for town or vacation wear, will find their opportunity HERE IN THIS SALE. SILK DRESSES L'p to $-2.00 Ta!ne* OfferM Tut-sdaj on Our Second Floor at If yon want to know why those one day Sales have become so famous and attract, sncu big crowds, come tomorrow and sne the wonderful Pilk Drespos that you can buy for $12.75. About the actual value of tbe material aloue. About 12 dozen Men's Dress Shirts In all the new Summer colorings and styles. A wonderful assortment to select from--while they _ 94c Men 1 '. $1.00 Union Stilts Short or long sleeves, balhnggan, aJl faizes to 44, special, 89c Bojs 1 $1.50 Pajamas Of striped madras, pink or blue Crimrai3?s with silk frogs, 4 to 10 years. $1.19 KoTh* ,")0c and 69c Blonses _ Of neat stripes and p'ain colors, 6 to 14 years, special 4Sc. Boys' S1.00 Knee rants _ Of dark mixed materials, 7 to 16 years, atf 75c a pair. 43c 76c MILLINERY The Hats of the Hour Here in all the stunning white, pink, sand, navy and colors, values to $6.50 Up to $5.00 Hats Up to $10.00 Hats new other shapes, wanted _ $3.95 $2.95 WASH SKIRTS Womea's Wash Skirts Of Gabardines, Linenes, Cords and P. K.'s with pretty pockets, belts dud button trimmed Women's Wash Skirts, new summer materials ., L $L95 Advertise in our Want column, one cent a word.

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