The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUH. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE. PA. TUESDAY, 0 llj* lathj terror. HENRY P. SNTDER, Founder and Kdltor, 1873-1316- THE COCR1ER COMPANY. K. M. President." JAMBS J. DR1SCOLU Sec'y and Treas. Business. Manager. JOHN" L,. GANS. M a n a p i n K Editor. WALTER S STIMMEI* City Editor. MISS LYXXE B. KINCELL,. Society Editor. MEMBERS OF : Associated Press. A.udit Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Tw'o cents per copy, 5.0c per month: *5 p. r year by mail if paid in advance. Ertered as second class matter ut the post office, ConnensviJJe. Pa. be in the direction of and not away from Berlin. TEESDAY EVKNTXG, JKfE 25, 1915. Tike' Courier** Service WTT.T.TAM p. SHERMAN. ·Boapjtal Unit L. American Expeditionary Forces, France* ' RALPH P. 3L1GEB, Company H. Slith Infantry. U. S. N. A., American Expeditionary Forces, Franco. MICHAEL G REN AL-DO, HAROLD RICH BY, liattery B, With Field Artillery, 28th Division, U. S. -N. G., American Expeditionary Forces. France. LLOYD B. COX Company_F. 37th .Engineers, n. '--S. -.tor Fort Myer, Va. JU1.IUS GROUSE. · Company E. .15th Engineers " "TSailWAY'n -American. Expe- ." ^nlitionary Forces, France. Company B, 63rd Fnpinaers, (Railway). Fort Benjamin T Harrison, Indianapolis. Indiana, RUSSELL LENHART. U. S. S. President Grant. U. S. Navy. r **'" r "^'7 j ciebperai e Flag. 3 j struggle ^ n r n n n J LOTALTT L\ AVAR TLHE. Loyalty in peace times and loyalty in war times are two distinct tilings. Xot much is required to p'4s the loj- alty test when'one's countfy is not at war; a single, compliancy with the law is all tfrat is required, says the \V"ar Savings Stamp committee. But loyalty in war times is not a passive quality. At such a time one 1 may be without loyalty and still not be disloyal. A person of this type j will do nothing eather to assist or to harm his country. He will not give , himself to his country's serr:ce and j he will not contribute financial support. 'Neither will he discourage others from doing this. He will do or say nothing treasonable, and net- \ thor will he do or say anything to put j heart in the fighting forces or lo uphold the nation in Us struggle. He j will be simply a passive onlooker.; And that is not being loyai. Our country is fighting in the most e struggle of history. It is a j so vast and momentous as to | demand the most complete support of every one of its citizens. Passive loy- alty--thp loyalty of peace times--is | not sufficient. The brand of loyalty | now demanded is the kind that impels one to offer himself and ais all, i f , · necessary, that his country may be j victorious in the great conflict. 1 Most oE us can not 50 into the fighting forces; most of us can not enter into those industries directly connected with the war, but all of us can show our neighbors that we have the right brand of patriotism. Our government is urging upon us the necessity of saving as an essential to victory. We are told that there is not enough man power and not sufficient materials in the country to wm ' a quick victory if ^e continue to use , this man power and these materials ' as we did before the war. It is point- , ed out *Jrat there are now more than ! 2,000,000 men in the Army and Navy, j and that by August 1 this n u m b e r ' will be increased to 3,000,000. with a steady addition to that "umber from then on. These men not only cease to be producers, but they become consumers on a vast scale. i Thus it is that we are urged to buy only those things which we nt?ed in order that we shall not use up labor and wane materials and transpona-· tion, so viially necessary to the gov- ' ornment in us war work and = H O ranch l -~- - - ---------,,_ ---.- j needed jn. the manufacture of things OF THE J£N'D. i essential to the health and efficiency' To the Italians, cheered, heartened G ? our citizens. j and aided by small contingent* of ( By following the government's re-' French, and British soldiers, and i quest to produce to our maximum ca- ke.yed not a little by the skill and j pacity and :o consume as little as da-mg of American aviators, belongs j possible, we bhali give practical ex- fchi- credit and honor of winning the | pression to our loyalty--a militant first great victory of the I31S com-! loyalty, the brand which stamps us pa:gn, and what will very probably las being willing to do our part at prove co be one of the decisive battles! home by sacrificing, by getting- do mi of the war. j to a war basis, by backing up our Afier :he nearly crushing defeat in- ; government with ail our strength. fiVied ia*t year by the Germans and j With our money savings we can then Member of The Aiutoeiatrd Trcatu The Associated Press is exclusively e n t i t l e d to the use for republication of all the new.- dispatcher credited to it or not otherwise crediled tn t h i » paper and also the local news published herein. Austrians combined, Italy has found herself, a , new spirit has seized buy War Savings Stamps and perform a double sen-ice by giving the go\orn-. people, factional differences have l i e e n ' m e n t current funds with which to b u y . forgotten and a unity of purpose has \ the labor and materials so much need-' been given -expression in the brilliant' ed for war purposes which we have rputee of the Austrians, an erent r refrained from using. Thai is loyalty.- which presages even greater victor-' *^ L ' 1 * The A u s t r i a r w develored some rival? KlatPd as Italy and all the A lies ' t( "Denny" Htckey In the records w:ll be over the signal success i n ! t n c y maie ln t h a t r i a ^ e »«---epst ikes forcing the enemy back from access \ to the Mediterranean and OCCUPJ.DC-V ! ,, , , .. . , , , . , .-, -r . ^ · Help the t e r r i f i e d c i v i l i a n p o r t u l a of the most ferule part of Itaiy. the · t l n n now u n d r r the heel of. the H u n . nrstake must not be made of be itv- Buy War Savings Stamps for a quick in^ that the reverses to Austrian arms i v '«*ry- el minates them as a factor in the The efiecc of it has of course to weaken the morale of the BILLS i The Packer'I Bill for Live Stock For the first six months of our operations under the Food Administration, ending April 30, 1918, Swift Company DRESSED WeiGtTT LBS. paid for live stock - - - 1,558,600,000 $323,800,000 For the same period in 1917 1,338,300,000 $210,400,000 Increase in Weight 16%% - 220,300,000 Increase in cost 54% - - - $113,400,000 Thd Consumer's Bill for Meat must necessarily have increased correspondingly, as Live Stock prices and meat prices fluctuate together. When the producer gets high prices for his live stock, the consumer's meat bill must necessarily be larger. , Year Book of interesting and instructive facts sent on request. Address Swift Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois Swift Company, U. S. A. Tfte heaviest frost ia h,ive fallen In BIT I in. reported war. he eh Austrian army, which taken in coa- f · . . j ,. , . , , The silVicn chords of s y m p a t h y that junction with the internal unrest and KO o u t t r o m C onneii»viile to t h e boy? d^crder among the civilian poI'lJJa- Ovor There have the record of t h e silk tl.jn o: AUStria-HURgarv w i l l hasten m ' n Se*tcn ty several m i l l i o n miles, tie day when there will be a c o m - j i n !cnsth '""* m a n y tiroia '" s l r e n ? t ; - p'cte disintegration not on'.y of that' . . ,, . ' G e r m a n y is reported to have placed cnuntry bu: laier of Germany also. lts worsl ',. rimm £ s m the ghock \ rnajta iMien the d.saffection prevalent on the western front, but ev.tiulv among ihe people at home reache,-. the n °- a11 of them The p.iusdam soldiers · the houi -.vill have ar-ived ·Khea no power ei'her of Austria or tlio German war lords can staj the soldiery from joining with their families and kindred in r;sJDg to eir might to put in end to the war. For Suit-. FOR SALE -- 30,000 D A N I S H BALL head *bori stem c-ibbune pl.m.b, v e r y ftne. 40c per h u n d r e d Call lirl! p h o n u 137 r i n p 1. : M j u n M t Found. F O U N D -- H B l H K I F 5 C R . ABOl'T 1 year old at Jcl-.n B ' L n ^ r F a r m , below Gret'k church. LHf nrmK Xo J OH n*M on.n h n \ e s ,i ni e by ca 11 in p ;i n d p i v i n ij f o r da m .1 pe $ don**. " S j 11 m.- j t · WANTED -- TOUH bustnean. R-ENDINB'S. ·~ -^~*~r~^~~nf, paysen BAHBEHIN01 cheap. FOR SALK--ON,-: M G H T F I V E - | - ~ automolillc. W i l l * " I n q u i r e ot CDIKR M O H R O W , 1 Scoltd.vle. Pa. WA.VTKl'--B HOfSt;. BOS' AT SMITH no.\r-! t OIUJl.N A..NCIC, tniBiTixTT^FAHT on - i v m c of hor,si-K or v e h l f k UK or p . i r k i n ^ wa^c; HKCK- *! .aul oC . .i/e dialance behind the lir- fJ--TOOK AA'lJ CHAMBCR- TRAXS-AL.L.KGIIKNY HO- I n q u i r e SCI1M1TX, Wcat Sit 1 *' O u r a g e . ' f i j u n c t f d h i c l c j y o t h t r Help flp;ht the war. Pay y o u r way w i t h Tv"a.r SavinKS Stamps If o u c;in not go io the f r o n t . But l preceding such a condition .here n.ust be not one but a series of dis- a.itrous defeats administered to both Austrian and German armies and the iast"ThurJdk'y. demoralized fo-ce^ driven back upon t i e i r native soil. Then will the peo- rio ;reali7.e the hopelessness of the struggle, the truth will dawn upon them, ihcn the deciding blow of the ! dcr t5 ? 3o Tlacf Snicldc in This 'ftmily. Detroit Republican. Mr. ,ind Mrs. Paul Fremont are the proud pnrpnts of a f o u r l h son, since WA.VTKD -- ELK VA TOR. BOY. Ply S. S. CTjAKK, First N a t i o n a l B u n k b u l l d i n f c . 25june3t W A N T E D -- LABORICKS. LONG JOB. pay w e e k l y . A p p l y Of {AS. MATZ. A t l a n t i c R e f i n l n K Company. or "West Side Hotel. " S 4 j u n c 3 L * FOR SALf--.DETROIT AKTOMATTC t "~ ' c o m p u t i - b T scales and nr n counter. [ A 1 7 I Chna.p to q u i c k b u y e r . I n q i n r e 60S , Ktti tJihson. 2 5 j u n e 2 t war will be delivered, To defer fateful hour as long as possible Germany aiay be depended upon to Itmd .such aid to Austria out the po But Flattens the Purse. Detroit Free Press. ( ; eJ broadens the m i n d ; am! un- j now rates it is pomp: to f l a t t e n l i WANTED -- F I V E TEACHERS x i Stewart township. Roord meeis J u l y I 1st. W r i t e JOHK H A R B A L ' G t l . Sc , ret.iry, Victoria, Pa, 2 1 j c n e 9 t t considerably, too. When used in Th« Dnily Courier ways bring: results. Try them. Or a Germon General. Waynepburg Democrat-Messenpcr.. . To be A ;rood German diplomat one asst may be thought possible to spare i has to be a most proficient liar. from the western front. That Ger- i many 'permitted, or rather forced,! An Vnanbwered Question. Austria to make the last o f f e n s i v e ' Johnstown Democrat, against Italy upon her own account ev ^r ^ha^-e'bcen c^ateTM urnl? 'tatT- cfemoustrates very forcibly the c-x-1 tor . n At»t« hncr** tremltj* Germany is herself in on the western front. Realizing that the defeat "of the Au^lrians still f u r t h t r ira- ]eril her o-ivn chazcos, Germany will ao doubt send relief to the hard- pressed Austrians. But even if sent :t ca« do no inore than delay tin final - T H E 'OS.VELT-SVIL.J,B NEW \XD orusbins o£ that now badly deciora!-; Second Hand F u r n i t u r e Store is now ired^ally o f - Germany, while at the | prepared tu du upholstering n.nd re- -amer;ume Gennony's strength e n the western front-will be impaired -o the degree *Jiat aid is given the Austrians. Meantime the American forces will Continue to be augmented, assistance oan c seat to Italy by General Foch , f needed, and gradually but certainly | ESTATE OF I. E. G. MILLER. DE^,,.-1. t ,,;. . . . ; ! ceased. Letters testamentary in tbc wlJlJhat condition arise when -m o f - j aataee 0/ r . E . o Miller, late ot South % Tensive against the Germans in the j Connellsrvilie. Fayette county. Penn- west-can be started that will en-i in a rout'.even more complete and over- vrh^Ipaing than that marking the Austrian^ retirement from the Piave, Th^ defeat definitely marks fc be- 5inniTig of the en-d, but we mu*t not console ourselves with the tt-ought ^iat ft wiH come iim-.iediatelr or progress, without interruption. ·^· t » will coods in all tt-fc latt-^L Ue- siffns. We are also prepared Lo repair lot Ks, make keys and all work alonp that line, 123 South Ptttsburg street. Tn-State 762, 25june5t bave^-first to d-vi, the sam-? k:nd of blo«r."at the Huns on the western trout.,that the Italians have on th-e Piavc ¥ and be in position, in for«-e and to follow it up. While we ire making ready for it we must be ready to parry otiier thrusts by Germany. Those will doubtless come, and come shortly, but they wiU only stimulate us to more complettj prep- \araUon for the final drive wfaich will Notice. sylvania. deceased, h a v i n g been ^rant- od the undersiencd, notice is hereby Kiven to all persona indebted to said estate to make i m m e d i a t e payment, and to those h a v i n K claims against tho ^amo to present them p r o p u r l y authenticated for HCttlement. J. K. RENNER, A d m i n i s t r a t o r Ijuno6i-:ues WANTBD--SALESMAN OR SAI.PJS- lady. Outdoor ^ o r k and a ffood o p p o r - t u n i t y for the ri^rht porson. Addrp.-s XX. carfe Courier. I S j u n f t f W A X T E I -- S E V E U A L FIUK B R I C K ! l a y ^ r K Steady w o r k , Rood wnfr*? 1 -. A M E I U O A N M A N G A N E S E M A N U - I'"ACTL*RINr; CO., Dunbar. Fn. i S B j u n e S t ' WANTED--Ol.D FALSK TEETH i Don't m a t t e r it b r o k e n . J pay J2.00 to ?15 00 per seu Senil by parcel post and r^cpive ehecJt by re t a r n mail. L. M A Z E R . 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia. Pa. I3unft22t MR SALE--ON'R 1318 SAXON SIX rtemnnstralor. cheap ! o q u i c k b u y e r Bell p h o n e S3. n i ' . V H A R AL'TO CO., Pa. 2-")june2t FX3K SALF--0 HCXJL HOUSK. NICK location: paved a t r e a t and s i d e w a l k Pantry, bath and two porcbos Hot air heat- Address "D. J." caro Courier. | KOR SALK--$1.100.01 C O R N E R i Itiicp and P.itti*-5un. m o d e r n ^ e v e n i rnnm a r d rcccpLioii h a l l f r a m e bouse, h o t a i r f u r n r u i\ c e m e n t e d c e l l a r , c:as f and e ' t c t r i f lichts. larprc 1 e a r n e r Vt. O w n e r m o v i n g Jiw ^y fiml m s t r u r t s UB .it "ncc IJOP.3EY UK ALT Y COM- PAN'T. 2 5 j u n c l t For FOR RENT--APARTMENTS. NCi; SMUTZ. 2 4 j u n e t t LOTS FOR SALE--THIS J O H N T. Hopp p r o p e r l y . Pnr't A d d i t i o n and South Side, has [x-e-: divlrit-d . amonfr the h f l r s . Mrs. J o h n s t o n "will e r t y ; Prom t h e i n t e n s e sell her h o l d i n g s on liberal t - r m s and '-*"~* -'·'· " very res.nWfiab(e price Some choice lots "m both paved and u n p n v e d streets. W i l l h e l p f l n a n c o b u y e r s i f they want to b u t Id Li'm^ t i m e caay p a y m e n t s f o r thmo \ v i * h i - p r t o b u i l d later. Lois i o r a r e d or W a s h i n g t o n avonuo. Soulh Siflc, W i l l s Itoad p^vud j v f o l a t i n c r a n y of the provi FOR RENT--ROOM WITH BOARD. 12-t West Apple street 2 0 j u n e t f TOR RENT--ROOM FOR GENTX-E- MAX. J n t i u i r c £011 South Prospect street. 2 4 j u n e 2 t TOR RENT -- STOREfft-OOMS. IN' q u i r e FLORENCE SMUTZ. l l j u n e t t a iivunui;. I.~MJUIII oui'-, » i n s iwiii and b f y o n d u n p a v f t ! i i o r t i o n . Road. Snyder and i t h e r t t r o o t s . Snme of lot^ nuich los^ th i n h e r e t o f o r e named. Consult any --pal i*stJitc uf;»nt or write 'lirfct injr w h n i lot or o t P a r e w . i n t e d , S T E W A R D J O H N S TON. 1209 Ilnuse B u i l d i n c P i t t s b u r g r . r . ehicU 1 ^ u p o n certain of th*of t h u B o r o u y : h of I ' u n b a r . I'ay- e U n C o u n t y . 1'enn;,.,-! vanid. U.IK) i n g iH-miiUe 1 - fur v i o l a t i o n of Ui« samy. a n d pro^ i r i t n g £»r t h e c u l h c t i o n i h t i re o f : Be it o r d n i n - d and o n n c t - il by th. i Town C o u n c i l of Uie B o r o u R h of P - m ' bar. F a v e t t e C o u n t y . P e n n s y v . m m . a m i I It is h i ' r e h y or chimed a n d t«n.irt,eil t j ' t h p a u t h o r i t y *-t the sam-c, 1 Secnon 1. Th.U it s h a l l be u n l a i v f u 1 I f f » r any person or persons t o r , ' i o: } d r i v e any h o r s r or horKt-Si, or .1:0 -I'Uo- ' m o b i l e the v e h i c l e in any i-c ihe s t r o e t b , roads, b-idpes. alleys or t n o r - j oughffire.s nt «iid Borough In :i f:i-t or j "tckli'^s i n a n n i ", or so .is to e n U . l i i K c r | the s a f e t y 'i r 3ersotih un tir* f , n , ' Section 2 Th,it 't n h a J J IK- u n l i i w f u l for a n y person or person^ !r i s t j i n - l any w a p o n or wagons, c.irt or c - i ^ t w , I bu^firy or b u E r g i e t , a u t n m o b i l p or aulo- i mobiles or ar-y o t h e r v e h i c l e or in hitch any iKjrs.i or horses, u p u n my of the f o l i o w i n y describoct t. t r o l l s or h i p - h w Q j s in K i n d ' B o r o u K l i ov r J i f t c o i 1 U 5 ) m i n u t C K : On ConnelK-ville .-,ire«t f r o m iiw i n t e r section w i t h th" s o u t h - ern l i m i t s of said b n r o u t f h to the top if ihr hid near tbe David li.vfi.rc p r o p on of C h u r c h w i t h C o n n e l l s v i i t e -«t-eot at t h . Contra! H n t p ] t o t h e V i c t o r B H i l r j j n j y ; a n d o n "Woodvilc ptreci f r o m i t - I i u e r - Be-ction w i t h C o n n c l l s v i l ' i i Ftre^t t r i ih top of the h i l l near the m i w [rrick school house; Section 3. A n y person or person-* f t h i s FOR RENT-- Fl'RNISHED ROOMS w i t h all c o n v f n ' e n c o a , b e l o w West Pcnn. 139 Crawford avenue. FOR RENT--TWO UXFURNISHEH rooms for light housekeeping"- No children. 509 East Green at. ITjuneeodtt Executor** ,\otic*. ESTATE OF Flt^V.N'K YOUXKIX, deceased. JLotters testamentary in the estate of Frank Y o u n k i n . late of B u l l skin township, F a y e t t e county, Pennsylvania, deceased, h a v i n g been granted the undersl;me-d .notice Is hereby given to all persons Indebted to said estate to make i m m e d i a t e payment, and to those having claims against the same to present them properly authtjr:- tlcatcd for settlement. CH.UlLns DKT"Wn,ER. R. D., Connellsvill*. Pa. DICK SHERRICK.- ConnellBTllle. Pa. Executors. F. E. TOL'XKIX, Attorney. 28mar6t-tnes For Sato. FOR S A L E - U I C K R O A D S T E R AT ARMSTRONG'S QARAGIS. 2 4 j u n e 2 l " I FOR SAJL.E-- USED HUDSON AUTO. ' model 33, in good r u n n i n g c o n d i t i o n ' I n q u i r e 104 W. CraTrlord or Wei la Mill* J '--SATURDAY, EQN'CH OF kcyfa. R c t u r r t to C o u r i c i oHice. S E j u n e l t * -- K H A K 7 COLOR1SD OVEK- coat f r o m a u t o m o b i l e . Reward if ret u r n e d to The Courier office. LOST--GOODUICtI FORD TIRE and rim, b e t w e e n H c o t t d a f e and t o u n t Ploaaant. Finder call Courier office. R e w a r d If r e t u r n e d . 2 5 j u n e 2 t * O r d i n a n c e s h a l l pay--n fine of t h a n one ( J l d o l l a r n o r morn t h a n t h r e e ( 5 3 ) d o l l a r s f n r each ofTonj-o. t h e simc to be c o l l e c t e d as othe- finos arc coUectcd by j a w O r d a i n e d and n n a r t ^ d mtc- l a w t h i F 7th day oC May, 1319, by t h e Town C o u n c i l of t'it E o r o a f f h of Dunbar. ATTKST: M. J. S T R W A K T . President of Council. GEORGE E. M A R T I N " . Serretary of Council. Approved t h i s 5 t h day of .Tuno. !9t8. ALEX R. n r N C A N Garage. ISjunetf. FOR S.VLE -- OAKLAND ROAD- ster, w i t h truck bed Too lipht for present purpose. Cheap to quick cash b u y e r Addres 1 - X, care Courier. I S j u n e t t FOR SALE--SORREL about eleven hund-^cl pounds. \Vorlts stnple or double. Apply J. B. MILLARD Pop Factory, Trevor street, 25june2t* HSTATE OF W A R Y ShafCer, late of the city ville. c o u n t y of F . i y u t t e P r n n s y l v a o i a , decc.ised MARGARET of Connells- Eind ^ L a t f t of Lettrrs of a d m i n i s t r a t i o n on t h e a b o v e named estate h a v i n g been granted to the un- s dersisnod, notice is hereby River, to j al! p*raans indebted to said estate to j m a k e i m m e d i a t e p a y m e n t , and to tho?e j ha vine claims against the same to I present t h e m properly , t u t h o n t i c a t e c l j for settlement. M A U R I C E H. SHAP- | PER. A d m i n i s t r a t o r . OonnellsvUle. Pennay!va,nia. H. G. MAT, Attorney. 25jun«6t-tues By Parcel Post to y o u r door. Send your money now. We w i ' l sh'p at once, Parcel P n s ; charjrcH paid, Bar-ed I ' l \ m o u t h Hocks and Rhode ]«.;inl Reds a t ·2T-, £or $ -1.50 50 for $ 9.00 100 for m.5U Also While and Brown Lcsr- horns, at 2S for S 4.0ft · SO f i r ? S On 100 f o r J I 3 . 5 0 BM.K RIDCiP. POULTRY F l t l M Bell Phon.; 1779, Cr.iontown. P.u JUT M'AK- W iTEf«S STAMPS THIS TTEKK. A country worth fighting for is a country worth saving for. A million young Americans are in arms and other millions are getting ready, which shows that this country is worth the biggest kind of a fight. Now, let us at home invest our savings in War Savings Stamps. War Saving Stamps are for sale at every one of our stores. Inventory bargains continue all this week. Inventory closes Saturday, June 29th. The bargains- are not confined to any department, but are general aJl over the store--it is a money saving opportunity. Perhaps you want to buy shoes, perhaps it is clothing, or it may he dry goods. Whatever line you are seeking, we are offering you at the same bargain opportunity. 63 Larffo Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. BUT M'AIS- I SATKGS STAMPS THIS »-EEK. L J STAMPS THIS IVEr.K 1 ' j Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. All the newest and best styles are here. Men, women and children with real Shoes. That Cannot Be ftuplicutrd Anywhere--That S Tfk Jg A O* ¥ 1" -M-A-S-H All Precedent* in Vjil as low as On Your Own £nsi Terms Located at Poplar Grovo --A bo.iui.iful spot indeed--the coming residence diblrirt of Connellsville--only a 15- minute walk or a 5-uiinuto tar ride from "Brimstone Corner. When you consider that farm lands in Fayette county are being sold at greater priros r h a n you are offered this land right at your door in a developed and constantly improving neighborhood--then you'll start to realize how big these values really are. Extensive Improvements-Water in front of every lot. street improvements and fine shade trees. Church and Public School nearby. Every convenience right at your command. It cost* you nothing to ir'( all the facts'--simply write 1'. 0. Box 111. COXXELLSVILLE, PA.

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