Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 17, 1975 · Page 122
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 122

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 17, 1975
Page 122
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Page 122 article text (OCR)

Grass Seed Is For The Birds! avesTime,Work,Money Am»»y U the T.JC. E«. U.S. Fat. Oflee for our Meyer Z-fil Zoyria G GRASS SEED WILL NEVER GROW A LAWN LIKE THIS! SAVE WITH OUR SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER UP TO 200 AMAZOY ZOYSIA GRASS PLUGS FREE! sx MI. MB. Every year I see people pour more and more money into their lawns. They dig, fertilize and lime. They rake it all in. They scatter their seed and roll and water it Birds love it! Seeds which aren't washed away by rain give them a soon it's time to weed, water and mow, mow . . . until summer comes to burn the lawn into hay, or crabgrass and diseases infest it Thaf s what happens to ordinary grass, but not to Zoysia. "MOWED IT 2 TIMES," WRITES WOMAN For example, Mrs. M. R.-Hitter writes me how her lawn ". . . is the envy of all who see it. When everybody's lawns around here are brown from drought ours just stays as green as ever. I've never watered it, only when I put the plugs in ... Last summer we had it mowed (2) times. Another thing, we never.have to puU any weeds -- ifs just wonderful!" And from Iowa came word that the state's largest Men's Garden Club picked a Zoysia lawn as the "top lawn -- nearly perfect" in its area. Yet this lawn had been watered only once all summer up to August! Cuts Your Work, Saves You Money Your deep-rooted, established Amazoy lawn saves you time and money in many ways. It never needs replacement . .. ends re-seeding forever..Fertilizing and watering (water costs money, too) are rarely, if ever needed. It ends the need for crabgrass killers permanently. It cuts pushing a noisy mower in the blistering sun by 2/3. CHOKES OUT CRABGRASS Thick rich, luxurious Amazoy grows into a carpet of grass that chokes out crabgrass and weeds all summe winter kill. Goes off killing frost, regains fresh new beauty every Spring--a true perennial! NOW BETTER THAN EVER If you have thought and thought about Zoysia plugs before trying them, wait no longer. Amazoy plugs have 'been improved! Now automatically sealed in our clusive "Thermoplastic TP" Pro breathe as they ride, retain moisture arrive fresher and ready to "take off' into that permanent lawn you deserve. Try 5 em. You cannot lose! NO SEED, NO SOD! There's no seed that produces winter-hardy Meyer Zoysia, Sod of ordinary grass brings with it the problems of seed, like weeds, diseases, burning out, other ills. Onlrr nnc /«- ***** flmft «4 *ifeM nf limr. in y»»r «r«*. Qrtm «re jfr Imtat /rvm *~H, tktfpimf ekmrge ffllfct RESISTS WEAR TEAR Amazoy lawns take cook-outs, parties, lawn furniture. You could play football on it and not get your feet muddy. Children playing on it won't hurt it--or themselves! NO NEED TO RIP OUT PRESENT GRASS PLUG AMAZOY INTO OLD LAWN, NEW GROUND OR NURSERY AREA Just set Amazoy plugs into holes in ground like a cork in a bottle. Plant 1 foot apart, checkerboard style. Every ping 3 sq. inches. · . When planted in existing lawn areas plugs will spread to drive oat old, Tin- feast. But some wanted growth, including weeds. Easy seed grows, and planting instructions with order.. ______i«" I** «" "·* . Amazoy exclusive! No one else can offer you this patented 2-way plugger. Saves bending, time, work. Light, rugged, invaluable for transplanting. Cuts away competing growth as it digs plugholes. For Slopes, Play Areas, Bare Spots End erosion of slopes with Amazoy. Perfect answer for hard-to-cover spots. Your Own Supply of Plug Transplants Established Amazoy gives you Zoysia plugs to plant in other areas as desired! ss killers j y mower i S ows into rabgrass rill .NOT or after ity every R at about wait no nproved ! 1975 ex- ;ss. they nre . . . off' into Try 5 em. ter-hardy ss brings ;e weeds, itliifry ft kifprl llu, rye c«Uecf SZfl«1975: ttyer Z-6Z Zorsi* Grass Was Perfected by U.S. Sovt; BdaiMd In Cooperation With U.S. Golf Awoc. i» a superior grus. Deptm ZOYSIA FARMS Our 20th "I Smtt* eftfces M ttmt 1 ear - ·414 RtittmtMM RC, MiUMR, KM. 21219 0«r Mr. SMkiw: n«*t* stM M *a«tily «( FUU SIZE PLUG6ER- D200 PLUGS Plus Bonus of 20 FREE TOTAL -,..220 'IIP 5 PLUGS P 100 PLUGS Plus Bonus of ' 10 FREE TOTAL t -_ no *6 1S PLUGS D 200 PLUGS P1UGGER Plus Bonus of 25 FREE TOTAL .,,225 *|3 PLUGS Q 100 PLUGS 1 PLUGGER Plus Bonus of 20 FREE TOTAL j_jj PLUGS ^^ Q 300 PLUGS PLUGGER Plus Bonus of 50 FREE TOTAL Mm 350 'I/ 75 PLUGS D 600 PLUGS *PLUGGER D 1100 PLUGS Plus Bonus of 100 FREE PLUGGER. Plus M7» TCT^ « 700 PLUGS *' . 1300 PLUGS **^ 1 enclose check money order cash NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE _· . -- ZIP CONTINUED clinical pharmacist spends most of his time taking care of patients. The dinical pharmacists at the City of Hope accompany the physicians on their rounds, advising on proper drugs and dosages to prescribe. They consult with nurses, dietitians and occupational therapists on drug questions. They confer dairy with patients, showing them how to take their medicines and watching them for adverse drug reactions. Shortly after a patient is admitted to the hospital, a dinical pharmacist goes to his bedside. He obtains a thorough drug history from him, induding a list of every new medication he's been taking and any drug allergies he may have. In the nick of time This drug history saved an 8-year-old boy from disaster recently. The child had received a spinal injection, and he reacted with violent nausea and vomiting. His physician prescribed a powerful tranquilizer. A dinical pharmacist stopped the nurse just in time from giving him the tranquilizer. He'd discovered from the boy's mother that he was very sensitive to that tranquilizer. It would have given him convulsions. The dinical pharmacists help to keep drug costs down. One Gty of Hope patient developed an infection following open-heart surgery,, and his physician ordered a 14-day course of treatment with a very expensive antibiotic called Keflin. After he'd checked the patient's allergy history, a clinical pharmacist recommended to the physician that he use intravenous penicillin rather than the high-priced Keflin. It cured the infection just as rapidly, and it saved $1100 in drug bills. Talks to patients A clinical pharmacist sees all patients prior to their discharge from the Gty of Hope to instruct them about the drugs they have to take when they go home. I listened in when Thomas Saito, a clinical pharmacist in the cardiology wing, talked with a 46-year-old man recovering from a heart attack. "I have a list of the medicines that your doctor will prescribe for you when you're discharged tomorrow," Saito told him. He named six drugs and showed him samples of each. ."This is digitalis," Saito started. "You're to take two tablets each day--in the mldmoming after breakfast This particular drug is extremely important for you. It slows and strengthens the heart. You're probably going to have to take it for a long while. You must be careful never to miss a dose." He went into detail about the six drugs, patiently answering questions. "I ain't so scared about going home anymore," said the patient Some Gty of Hope physicians doggedly resisted the introduction of the Allen Swartz (left; and Steven Abrams fill a prescription at the Gty of Hope. clinical pharmacists as an invasion of their dignity. "I know my business," a physician snapped to a dinical pharmacist "I don't need any help from you." Most doctors at the Gty of Hope are solid supporters, of the program, though. Dr. Rachmiel Levine, the executive medical director and an internationally renowned diabetes expert, said: "These clinical pharmacists have become invaluable members of the health team. Any doctor who resents their advice is taking a damned silly attitude. Heck, I can't pretend that I can remember all of the drug dosages. I'm very glad to have their assistance." The records show that the Gty of Hope program has been remarkably effective in cutting down on drug errors. . Before it went into operation, Dr. Swartz said, the City of Hope had a medication mistake rate of 4 to 5 per cent Today, its error rate is less than one half of one per cent--among .the lowest in the United States. Moves elsewhere The American Hospital Association reports that more than 300 top hospitals have all-out drives underway to reduce the threat of medication mistakes. They include such prominent institutions as Yale-New Haven Hospital, University of Wisconsin Hospitals in Madison, Ohio State University Hospitals in Columbus, University of California Hospitals in San Francisco, and Lenox Hill Hospital in New York Gty. Alexander McMahon, president of the AHA, pointed out that the extra personnel and special equipment required for all these systems can increase pharmacy costs by 25 to 40 per cent It doesn't worry him" "They are a bargain if they mean additional protection for every hospital patient," he said.

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