The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. fHE DAILY GOTOIER, CONNELLS VILLE, THURSDAY, MARCH 6, L'J.'jO. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Miss Blanche* A H N o n of SouSh Pitth- bura; street \vas 1ho guest of f i lends in Uniontovin yemonlay. Dr. Stuart Scott announces removal ot offics to 302 Second National Bank HuiMing.--Advertisement.--6mar-6t MTV. Roso Show alter of Porter ave- n u e fpenl the day in PHtsburg. Mrs John Wrote of Vine street was i 1'itts'burp; vifcitor today. t)r and Mrs. If C. Hoffman of Vine Ureet attended the funeral service tor tho lutter'b brother-in-law, Park K. R r e n n e m a n of W i l k m s b u r g heki ye«- ·prday afternoon m tlie First Presbyterian Church n that place. Mr. Brenueman died last Friday In St. Petersburg, Fla. Dr. Hoffman returned homo last night. Mis. Hoff- ·nnn remained for a visit. Mr. and Mrs, J. G. Lundy of Pittsburg were guests of the former's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Lundy of Sycamore street, over night. Mr. and Mr!. Walter Lunnen of Dayton, Ohio, are gueete of the former's mother, Mrs. Anna Lunnen ot Beach street, Gioenwood. Mr. Lunnen is a member of the reportorlal etaff of the' Dayton Telegraph. Harvey Searson, former ConnoHe- vllle resident ami father of Mrs. L. W, Carpenter, who was injured last Sunday when struck by an automobile, him been removod trom,tlio hospital to the homo of his daughter, Mrs. I;. Kuight of Tampa, with whom ho resides. He is in a semi-conscious condition and it is hoped that ho has a chance for recovery. Samuel K. Jones, who vas injured two weeks ago by falling from a truck, was removed this week from the Connells\ille State Hospital to the home of his brother and sister-vn-la.v, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis P. Jone« of Johnston avenue. Georgo S. Rowan of Mill Run was a caller today at tho offle-o ot The Courier while on his way home from a business trip to tlniontown Mrs. "VV. W. "VVarne of "Washington, Pa., is the guest of her brother-in-latv and sister, Mr. and Mrs. F, W. Bvmo of South Pittsburg street. Mrs. 1 formerly resided at Dunbar. Aunt Ret D Y ROBERT Ol'IM.EN "Ezra didn't get much education to speak of. Ho just went to school one day an' just Iwned one letter an' that was 'o'." SOME WOMEN ALWAYS ATTRACT Tou w a n t to be b e a u t l t u l You wait tho t l r e l e f s enerjjy, fresh complexion and pep of y o u t h . TJien let Or. Edwards O l i v e Tablets help froo your system of t h e poisuns cnused by ulogffed bowels .ind torpid liver. For -0 years, men and women suf- f e r i n g from stomach troubles, pimples, HattesHness and headaches, have taken Dr. Edwards O l i v o Tablets, a successful substitute for calomei, a compound of vegetanle I n t f r o d l e n t s , k n o w n by their olive color. They act easily upon the bowels w i t h o u t griping They help cleanse tho system and tone up the liver. 1 f you v a l u e y o u t h and Its m a n y gifts, take lf. C d w a r d a Olive Tablets n i g h t l y . How much b e t t e r }ou will feel--and look. I5c, 3Oc, COc --Adver- ti«ement. SCOUTS FIND MANY SIGNS OF SPRING AMONG WILD LIFE Kec! birds, robins equirrel and chipmunks were dieportiiiR themselves in the woods yesterday when Scoutmaster ~L, M. R t s ) and members of Boy Scout Troop No. 7 were out putting food in open places for wikl life. TTie mime-rous ilrUs seen are u euro indication of pring, it wa« said. The grain and r,i w meat w e r e placed in new specially-built containers, eo constructed t tat they also retain water. The troughs were placed in the open. Troop No 7 is a new organization with healriuarter« ai Trinity Lutheran Church. Itfc men beiB have lis- tilbuted 2S pounds of grain and 19 pounds of raw meat, ail of which has been donated for tin purpose L. M. Hist organ!/ ! the troop and te responsible for the work done by the boys. There are several openings for members 12 yearn ot ago or over. Moetingfl are held at 7.30 o'clock eacli Friday evening In (he church ment. STANDING BANNED DURING THE TRIAL OF MRS. SCHROEDER NEW CAST1.E, March 6--When Mra. Irene Schroerter or W. Glenn IJague goes on t r i a l here Monday on a murder charge in connection with falaying of Highway Corporal Brady Paul space in No 1 courtroom will bo at a premium. Duo to the interest that is being shown in the trial of the two and the largo crowd expected each Juror who has been called for the March term of court has received an identification card which will admit him to the courtroom. Two paneln of 60 jurors have been called ami with about 50 witnesses expected little room will be available £or bpectatora No standing will be per- mltt-od in the courtroom during the trial. TARIFF INCREASE BOOSTS STOCK OF SUGAR COMPANY By Unite* Press. WASHINGTON, March 6.--The Senate voted $4,500,000 into the pockets oE Great Western Sugar Company stockholders wh-en it raised tho sugar tariff to two cents a pound, Senator Harrison, Democrat, Mississippi, who led opposition to the increase announced today as the tarlfl debate was resumed. Great Western stock closed last night at 31 and this morning was quoted as 33 3-2, Harrison said. On the basis oE stock outstanding, he declared, this amounts to an increase ot $-1,500,000 to the total value ot the stock. ILEANA'S ENGAGEMENT OFFKMLY CALLED OFF By U n i t e d Press. BUCHAREST, Rumania, March G -The engager.i'ent of tho sprightly 1'riucess Iteana and Coi.nt Alexand«r von Hochberg, son of tho Princess of Pteas is off--officially, definitely and ilnally. "Tho c o u n t , it w is officially made known today, "has ' onsoiited to permit the breaking of his engagement-" A wc«ek ago, ho Httid he "knew nothing about any such trouble." Now Uiat it's a'l over, Europe's nobility, and some f f Europe's statesmen are wondering whose blunder It was that wrecked a romance and sent the and lit r mamma, Queen Marie, off ou a trip to Egypt--to forget. DANDRUFF GOES --ITCHING ENDS when Zemo touches the scalp Douse cooliniy, healing;, cleansing- Zemo on tlio sett!fj and i ib Vigorously. 1C you're like thousan Is of others tho way dancliyift v a n l « i«a and I t c h i n g : stops w i l l be a i u r p r i s a and dBlluht. Vao UUs r e m a r k a b e, clean, f a m i l y antiseptic liquid Iri ely It's tho sensible way to get r! ! of D a n d r u f f and I t c h i n g Scalp. Keej Z e m o h a n d y . Safe and dependable {or i l ] .forms of itching 1 I r r i t a t i o n s of the s k i n and scalp. 35c, BOc and Jl.OO--Adv r t l s e m a n t . Mrs. Saruh Shaffer Bead. The body of Mrs.. Sarah Ann Hixson Shaffer, 76 years old, of WiUdnsburg, who died Wednesday morning in the Magee Hospital, nttsburg, will be brought to Alverton Friday for interment. Mrs. Sbaffei formerly resided In Gree-nsburg. We Preservers Use Classified Cos-t is tmail. Results are big., A flashlight kept In the sewing machine drawer la helpful to UM In threading the needle. Fresh--Pure--Delicious TEA "Fresh from the Gardens" In Packets and Individual Tea-Baft Fora SORE throat A sore throat may be eased by garg ling )ust once, with quarter of a g1an of water m which you have dissolved two tablets of Bayer Aipirin, You may hav» to repeat the treatment for a deep seated inflammation like tonallitis, but Bayer Aspirin in the one thing that reduces tho infection. Don't forget this most sensible of all treatments for soro throat. · Thu one the nursf-B all know; tho ono which all doctors concede to be effective. And remember its quick relief of neuralgia, neuritU, rheumntisrn, lumbago and tho like. Use it to hreak-up any cold, or to dispel a headache It docs nob depress the heart. Aspirin i« the trade mark of Bayer manu- f art urn of mcmoaccticacideiter of sail- cylicacid. Custom of Challenge by Gauntlet Kept Up Tossing gauntlets to the ground in challenge was not nearly »o common In the old days as some novelist* would have ns think. In the flr«t days of chnln armor, there were no gaunt- Iota at all. The hnml was protected by a mitten attached to the ·leer**. When gauntlets did begin to appear, In the days ot the Fourth and Fifth rru- sndes, they were cumbersome thlnp;s which were »trapp*d to the wrist so firmly that Issuing a challenge by means of them would be more of « job than a hot-headed knlglu would core to undertake. It whs not nntll plnte armor had reached its full Rlory that tlip gnnnt- let became symbolic of challenge. And it bus rarely been anything «ls« but a symbol. Even today, there la * personage In England--the king chnni- plon--"hose duty it Is to cast a glov« In Westminster abbey during the ceremonies attendant Upon the coronation of a king, and to cry loudly his willingness to fight any man who denies the ne-"r king's title.--1'opular Biography. I Full Pint Russian OH 59c Box Face Pow with Lnx Cold C Soap Both 45c f I 00 Warn jole's Prepe ration 7!)c 75c tlfflin Kn» bing Ale hol 2 f c r $ l 1 G iflon' Mineral OH (American) $3.00 801 Korth Pittsburg Street, CUT BATE DRUG CO. Friday and Saturday Specials Cut Prices 7 Days of Week Box Coty'B [BOX 3 Flowers Face JPowdor Face Powder with (joinpact 95c Tube Williams Mhar. llrowjii with trie! hot- tie Aqua Yelva 32c , 50c Pepsodont Tooth Paste 39c witli 1'erf ume 75c 99.00 8. 8. $1.63 41 Ib. Eleetrte Iron wftli 8 ft. cord, rery ftpeetal ai $1.98 Baby Foods f l.OO Recolac 89c $1.20 S. M. A. Milk .J-1.00 $1.00 Horliek's JKaitei Milk ,,_ 8»c $8.75 Horliek's Malted Milk M3.2J 75c Dextri Mallos* (5; $3.oO Dextri Maltose ;S.1» $1.00 Ovaltine 86c $4.00 Oyaltlne $84lt» 1 Ib. Merck's Milk Sugar ..._ _ . . ' , . _ £»c COc California Hyrup of Figs .._ 52c IOc Castoria .._ 82c (Fletcher's) 25c Johnson's Baby Powder 20c 25c Johnson's Baby Soap . 20! 25c Mennen's Borate-l Talc 19c 15c Stork Brand Cat) He Soap . lie Toilet Items SPECIAL 5c A. P. W. Toilet 'aper (in colors) 15c Cannon Wash liloth Both for 23c Patent Medicines $1.50 Petrolagar ,, - $1.29 $1.20 Scott's Emulsion ~ .$1.00 $1.20 Father John's Medicine $1.00 $1.50 Agarol - ~ $1.29 $1.20 Creomulsion ,, $1.00 $1.35 Pierce's Favorite Prescription .$1.00 $1.35 Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery $1 $1.20 Caldwell's Syrup of Pepsin ....$1.00 $1.00 Nujol 8?c $1.00 Squibb's Mineral Oil ,, 85c $1.00 World's Tonic 85c $1.00 Mile's Nervine ...... 85c $1.20 Sal Hepatica $1.00 $1.20 Bromo Seltzer $1.00 $1.20 Vinol $1.00 $1.20 S. S. S $1.00 $1.00 N. R. Tablets 87c 75c Doane's Kidney Pills , ,, 63c $1.20 Budwell's Emulsion, No. 1 $1.00 60c OlmmbWlalti'S Hanfl Lotion .-- ftOc f 1.00 Paqnln*B Hand (Jraam . 80ti 60s Pntiuln'ri Hand tifeant (Tube) , Me 0c ipniia Tooth Paste 4A« 60« lodont Tooth Paste lie 26c Liflterlue Tooth Piiste , 10e 91.00 Llnterine -- the antiseptic of a hundred 91.60 Mary T. Goldman's! Hair Keatorar u---..$!·*» 9I.0 Kolor link ,fl.9l) 91.00 Lucky Tiller .. ..._H9o 91.00 Wild Boot H»lr Tonic . . ,,_, S9o Malt Syrup Blue Ribbon Budwehier Red Top Puritan All 53c Can Double Datch 60c; Prescriptions Open SUNDAY Norris Candies Letter Show* EdUon'a Keen Sense of Humor Thomas A. Edison oncn wrote his Intimate friend, Albert n. Chandler, rcqueutlng facetiously that "A. B. C." pay certain of his bills. The letter, the fini Hnoa of which Edison bad crossed ont lightly, with the obvious Intention of Ihplr being read by Chandler, was written Novorabcr 31, 1375, It follows: "A, U. C.: Have you nny idea? Of course you hav». Do you think? Of course you think. What I w a n t to My grammatically Is: Can you pay one of (he smallest of my hllla to- morrowT If you can't It won't work extraordinary hardship to me, but if you could, I think under U« benign Influence of the comely greenbacks this beautiful world of ours would enhance In beauty. New vron^rs in the, never-ending evolution, revolution and cycloldlcal trnurformntion of things Inorganic Into things organic would become conspicuously apparent to my optical nerves."--Kansas City Star. Concerning Trade Mark* The courts have said that a person entering n field of endeavor al- rendy occupied by another should, in the selection of a trade name or trade mark, keep far enough away to avoid all possible confusion. Whether there Is an Infringement of a trade mark does not depend upon tho use of Identical words, nor on the question as to whether they are so similar thnt a person looking at one would be deceived Jnto the belief that It was the other. The courts incline to hold that Infringement occurs if one adopts a trade name or a trade mark so like another in form, spelling or sound thnt a person with a not very definite or clear recollection as to the real trade mark, is likely to become confused or misled. How One Woman LOJ t 20 Pounds of Fat Lost Her Double Chin Lost Her Prominent Hips Lost Her Slugr!?i«hness Gained Physical Vigor Gained In (itthied in Shapelj If y o u ' r e tat -- flrst remo' e the Ciiuiie' . KruKchi-n SnH^ cont»'.nii th« c x m i n - eral «aH8 y o u r body irtrans, Kl»nd» and narve* m u s t li»vu to I motion properly. . ,. AVhen your -vlte.1 orK«na f*U o p«r. f o r m their work o o r r e c l l y -- y o i r bow- c!» and k K ' i e y n caji't t h r o w o ' th*t vutxtr m a t e r i a l -- b e f o r e you re 4i« it - - o u ' r c g-rowinR hideously fat Try ono half teiuipoontul of K u»ch«tl Halls in a glass ot hot water every m o m l n g -- i n three we«ka get on th« scales and note iiow m a n y po nds or f a t h a v e vanl«hei. Nutlet- also t h a t you have re med in p n e r g y -- y o u r » k l n Is :l?ar» .---your (··«* u p a r k i o with K l « r i c u » h«al h--you feel youngrer In liody-- k«'«r»er i i mind. K r i i B c h o n will gtYii a n y fat p *»on a Joyous surprise Get n n 85c bottle of Kruschi n Salt* f r o m U n i o n Drug Co Scolldale Agents Hoffman Drug Store. Broadw» / Drug (.'/., or a n y leading d r u f f f f l u t ai y w n e r e In A-mcrlca. (lasta four Week ). If UilN nr«t b o t t l e do«»nt oonvin' e you t h i s la tlie, «afe«t *nc surest way to lose f a t -- I f you don't feel a s u p e r b I m p r o v e m e n t In h e a l t h -- s o K-lnriously energetic--»lgorou» y alive --your money gladly returned - -Adver tlaemcnt. Bid New Puzzle! ^^ x^x T ~^ /J*^!*k.\ y^ \r /-* . . i o r\ Trout Efg induatry The raising of goldfish is nn Important Industry, and goldfish farina exist in Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana and California. Trout farming Is still another phase, of aquaculture. The demand for the egg* for stocking public and private waters, ·ays Mature Magazine, Is sufficient to attract considerable Investment In the venture, annual sates of trout eggs being: estimated at about $200.000. In addition, surplus flsh are sold for food at fancy prices. Perfect Foot Meaturement* In a new bock on "Beautiful Feet," written by an American professor, the perfect foot Is described. The author says that the perfect foot should be three times as long ns its greatest brendth, and In length exactly one- seventh of Us owner's height. A person 5 feet 10 Inches tall should have a foot exactly 10 Inches long. Many beauty-contest winners In fiurope are Inclined to dispute the professor, but he stands by his statements.--I-os Angeles Times. Attending Mardi Or as. Darlel 0. Evans, son of Mr. antl Mrs. A. O. Evans of Scottdale, is spending this week at New Orleanae, attending tho Mardi Gras festival. Undergoes Operation. Wilma Hiles of Ohiopylo, 10 years old, underwent an operation for acute appendicitis at the Connelisville State Hospital this laornluit, OHIO COURT REVERSE JAIL SENTENCES IMP )SED ON CLEVELAND EDITORS By United Press, CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 6.--The Cuyahoga county court ot api eels today reversed contempt ot cot rt sentences imposed by Commo i Pleas Judge Frederick P. Walthei upon Louis B. Seltzer and Oarlton K. Matson, editor and chief editorial writer of the Cleveland Prefla. Judge Walther sentenced i he men to jail for 30 day* «ach an I flnei them $500 each last summe · after the defendants had written sad published an editorial in the Press criticizing the judge's action towa d horse racing. Makes You Look Years Younger The skin of youth lies in e of new" w o n d e r f u l M13LIX-G Powder. The purest powder its color is passed by the U. S m e n t No pafitiness, flakiness t i o n , A new French process spread more smoothly and large pores No more alJiny stays on longer. Use ^IEI ConneHsville Drugr Co,--Adver ery box iO Face made-Govern- ·r irrita- nakes It- prevents O8J'S It DO-GLO. iseraent UNITED STATES STEEL PAST 180, OTHERS SHOV GAIN By United Press. NKW YORK, March 6. - - "United States Steel spurted one a id one- eighth to 180% on'1,600 shares at the opening of tho Stock Excb inge today and most other industri Us were up in smaller amounts Erom he previous closing levels. First Babe Born. -A son was born Thursday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Glass I Uniontown. The babe, the first in the family, has been named Paul, fr. Mr*. Glass was Miss Edith Shov man before her rnarriauz*' Can You Count the Beans «* GBCAT OPPORTUNITY Here you are, folks. A regular old- fMhloned "Count the Beans" Contest. A real opportunity for young and old. Look* easy, doesn't it? But say--Just try it yourself. It takes real cleverness to count the beans correctly. Can yon do IIT Can TOU count all the bean* In the bean pot pictured here? Stan rfcht now. B* curvfuJ--6« occttrte---be rure you count cor- netly. Hen'i Uie ebanc* ot K lifetime to win fonwie In prizes. RUSH YOUR AHBWT5R IN. Thtrc will be twenty-five prizea In a!l. In UM event ot U««, duplicate prize* will to* ·wanted. Z5 CASH FRIZES WICK I Count the beam--Ju»t write th* number on a [xutcard or letter, lgn roar n«me mat addrcu and mall It In. That's »ll. If Tour anxirer li correct you will be mighty cloM to wtnutaf Ute big flrat pri«. B. M. SLATER .55 E. 4th St, DC*. 12 ST. PADL, MINN., S1.OOO /// Cash Awards f Envoy to Poland John North Willys, above, Ohio auto magnate, has been selected by President Hoover as U. B. ambassador to Poland, succeeding tht late Alexander P. Moore, Pittsburgh publisher. No Giant* 200 Year* Ago They were little men In the Eighteenth century. They were not dream- en. They called themselves practical, and considered themselves enlightened; they sneered at visions. Such things as they did were done In bits; their schemes were carried out, Irf at all, an Inch at a time. Pettiness was habitual to them, originality almost unknown. Dean Swift, who knew his generation, once wrote of the kings of the Lilliputians that he was "taller by almost the breadth of my nail than any of his court, which alone Is enough to strike an awe to the beholders." Whales had there been earlier, and later were to he, but in the beginning of the Eighteenth century the pool -was niied with pretty Roldflsh.--Donald Barr Chidsey In "Marlborough." Use Classified Ads, Results aukkly/ follow. Choughs Jouknowth* feeling. Poll of pep. Can't be beaten. Sitting on top of the world! Doing something every jraiaBte and wondering what you'll be doing next... Then suddenly · cough develop*! Ambition is just a j memory 1 You're ] run-down--dead tiled--all in--worn out 1 No wonder! I For coughing use* up your energy Bore quickly than an/ other bodily exertion. Don't It* t (tugb "tnutf M." 1 ' Medical science hu proven that I) minute* of congi ing it more ex» hau sting than a mile »wim of a Senile waft. Pectwtin brings fjnflMF remits by a t*ftr method. It relieve* the covgh WHAT NEXT? immediate crate. MadebytbeSpect.1 Teeadiaet Ptoceta, it help* to tooaen thepblegcMootha the irritation and quiets the cough. Remrmbtr: Don't cough anocCT«- satily. Conserve year energy. Take « spoonful of Perrassin the moment »o» feel a tickling in you* throat. ''DON'T COUGH YOUR ENERGY AWAY* Peirtussin Open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Nights 109 JNorth Pittslmrg Street' Patronize Those Who Advertise Hosark, SchleUnger * Company Federal and Steto Tuei Accountants and Auditor* 1116 20 Pnrk Building Pittsburgh, Fa,

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