The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1918
Page 2
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-I"AGE TWO. THE DAILY COtTRIER, CONNELLSVHJUB, PA. TUESDAY, JTTNE 25, 1918. Children Cry for Fletcher's ',. 'Plans are being made by the con- gresation erf. -the;. Christian church to cejebrate;.th.e .20ih aniversary · of the . chnrch ^Friday Bight with.; appropriate exerciser A" program of music and reminiscent talks will be given; after which refreshments will be served. ~Mr«-" A.: D." Soissbn' is general chair- .man of^.the celebration. .Other, "committees are. as, ..follows: ..Reception, Mrs. tj'. "W. BucKner'and Mrs. Eugene T. Norton at the head, assisted ly the following: Group No. 1, Mrs. W. 0. Foley, Hev,~G. W. Buckner, Benton ' e ? , Henry Kurtz, . "";Henry Kurtz; group-Ng.-2^Mrs. S. S.'-Stahl and Mrs. Mary Brwhear; group No. J, Miss Ell% Hyatt, -JIrs. Mary J. Brown and Mra: Blair; "group No. 4, Mrs. J. L., Gans,.Mrs. H."C- Frisbee, Mrs. Robert Norris and Mrs. Dorcas Norton. Baying committee, Mrs. J. Melvih Greyi -Mis. H. C. Frisbee and Sirs. A.- ·· jRefreshinents, Mrs. Charles Scheli, 'Mrs." George Porter, Mrs. P. Ti. 'Wcun- er/. Mrs.' J.: A. Renner, Mrs. Ellis P. .. Jonesi and Mrs..J. L. Kurtz; aides, . ".Mrs. "John Enoi.Mrs. -Ross F. Lytle, rMrs: .H.. E, .ScfcencX, Mrs. Charles n;Bailey, Mrs. B. SL. Swartrweider, "3Xfs. -Walter Schenck.. Mrs. Benton "BoydV'Mrs. S. F. Hood, Mrs.' Smith _ -- -Buttermore, -Mrs~- Charlotte Butter- Z : -more,-Mrs. Harry- Norton, Mrs. Cover, ·^ ^jtfrs. f'Y. Bonier. Mrs. Agnas Miller, Mrs- -H. Berger, Mrs. Jesse Barnes, Mrs. Grant Doli. lira. P. H. "iteighiey,. .Mrs. Edward Marsh, Mrs. KeeswrMiss -Letta .Dull- and Mrs. Sho-rman. ' . " . - ' . - . . . , ^Decptattog, Philatbea class of. the .'school. . _ '-., Tie resular social ^meeting of the Daughters 'of IsabeQa;wiU bo" held this evening in tire parochial school hall. ·:" .The regular meeting of the Ladies' 0* - United Brethren - [_· ^church will be- held" Thursday after~ Jnoptt it 2.30 o'clock -at-. Hie- home of 5 ;jim-'T'ii* ln .«s. laddjeiJwji;- Race "street. " ^Offie Xtowaravclaae of -the Methodist Protestant Sunday 'school will meet the home of Miss in Eighth . street. Friday night at " .'Mar»a' Babbage --Greenwood. - GBOTEB CLEVELAND'S SON I ESIJST8 ET THE «··»""·! Richard Folsom Cleveland, son ot former President Cleveland, has ea^ listed in the' United States marine corps. He has been eager to eutor the service lor a year, bnt was prevailed trpoa by members ot his family to irait uatil Ke. hod completed his junior year at Princeton University. The regular meeting of the Pris, cilia Seiwiag circle will be held on ' Thursday evening .of this week at the home of -Mrs.- M- E-.Trazet at Poplar Grove. All women of to'e Poplar Grov« Red Cross unit are asked to ; bring their finished work. A-reunaon of the family of Mr. and MKC L. -H. Long, formerly of' 'Con- jiellsyiUe, ir«s held Sunday at the -. Long' home. in - Peter street. Uniontown, li was the first time in many years that the. entire-family, .gathered at th« home. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. -- '-ConneUsYille; Mr. aid Mrs. Lysinger and. two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. George V. Fleck, Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard-L. Long "^5""and. daughter, Andorer,;·£).: iff. and'_ .'. Mrs-i-H. Long and daughter. Miss ' "" Edna. The-Business ·Women's-.Christian as~ sociitJon iriU "meet tomorrow-night " " in "Odd" Fellows; temple, South Pitts- burs street, " to - complete" arra'nge- meints for the strawberry-'- and ice cream festival to bo held Thursday ' -' Bight in Odd Fellows' tem-ple. ' " ' The N. C. D. class will meet Thurs" day Evening at the.home of Mrs. Rob. . ert Alien, Morrell avenue. . . ".ir.:Tnef W. W; 'Kckett class of'the Methodist Protestant church will. be tnteVtaaied Thursday night, by' Mrs. J. J. Robson at her home in Eighth street, "Greenwood. .PERSONAL. ; Mrm. J. C. McClure of Tuscon. ". Ariz, is visiting her sister-in-law, ' ifrs. N. B. Kell ol Poplar Grove. : Mrs. T. J. Brennan of Johnston : avenue is spending the day in Pitts. OUTS. . . . ' . . . . Tno best place to. shop after »U. Brownell Shoe Co.--A6. . :. " '".Mas Grace. Beeder, formerly .of '-, ' Monesaen, who has been visiting her · " mother. Mrs. W. W. Kern of Madison T avenue, has gone to Washington, D. · C., to accept a position with, the gov- Mrs. J. J.' Robson of Greenwood, has^ returned 'home from a visit.with her" daughter, Mrs. 'William' Hanlon o f Pittsburg. . . . . . ';· Have you bought yonr low shoes yet? : You are now approaching three ol the hottest months of the year, July, i August and September. Why not boy them now before the Fourth of July? Downs' Shoe Store has everything. Glance in their windows when passing by.--Adv.-22. Mrs. Thomas Brennen and. little daughter'ot Chicago,- are visiUng-'the former's --parents, · Mr. and Mrs. T.7J. Brennan. ot Johnston avenue. \ '.Tars." Charles...McMillan o f , Liston^. burg'has returned home alter a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mason of South Arch, street. Lost--Open face silver Waltham watch. Reward if returned to 'The Courier office.--Adv.-24-SL Miss Tess Hopper of Pittsburg is the gnest of Misses Hose and Alice Donegan. . ' Miss Mario Stilrwagon of Broad Ford has returned home after spend- two months with relatives at Smithton. JCrs. T. B. Miller 1 and' daughter, Miss Grace, of- Race street, went to Cumberland yesterday afternoon to attend the funeral of the former's cousin. John G. Deffibaugh. Patronize those who advertise. BET. CABtttE RESIGXS. Retirement of pniontown Pastor fective on September 1. "Tlev..C. L. Carlile, pastor of the .First Methodist Protestant church in UnionLorrn, tendered his resignation to. take- effect -September L -His'reE.ig- nation has been accepted by the board c* stewards.. Rev. Carlile is Just completing -,his second year as pastor of the Uniontown church. . The matter, of securing -his successor 'has been placed by the church board in the hands of M. L. Conaway, the delegate to the 'Methodist Protestant conference which meets with the Duniar church tie first week in September. ernment.' Mr. and Mrs. J. -S»-an -and little daughter.were called to Odiz,-O., »y the death of a friend. Downs' Shoe" Store is now ready to gtve._thefr trade anything- tfteywant --in low shoes.for.the Fourth. Espe" 'eially well stocked in ladies' oxfords In patent, gray and Havana brown; ~ atao pomps In all styles.--Adv.-22. Mrs. Harry S. Kell aitd children of PaducrJx, %-y., have returned home . after a visit with' Mr. -aiid ; Mrs.'-N. B. Kell of Poplar Grove. Mrs. Sarah B. Cochran and niece. Miss Marie Moore of Linden · Hall, Saint James Park, are sojourning at AOantic City- ''. .' ... .'.' . . Frank Port how has. charge of. our . cleaning, pressing and .repairing de' " jiartment. Dave. Cohen, Tailor:--Ad. '",- ~'CHa'rles Utts, son 6Mr.-ahQ Mrs. C. his /Tie Storey SUllhiery. Announces bx/.special-£.xnibit C. O. Peacock ift... Company^. 366-Fifth avenue, . New: -York,' .the ^ summer fashions in* voile,' linen,, organdy, gingham.:.and.the.-season's smartest novelties' in. Telvet :coats,, capes and sports "apparel; also . featuring advance fan models in the much wanted satin, serge,"..taffeta.-and., georgette dresses, suits' and coats. Prices decidedly moderate 'at .117% West Apple street,-CohneUsville, on Tuesday and Wednesday, .June. 25 : and 26.- AdT.--25-ii: . · - . - . · · ·'..·· Plan Snag* FicnJe, A meeting of all tihe committees of the Grangers in the county will tie held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at the courthouse, Uniontown,. to arrange, for the annual ,Grange picnic to "be. held on the Dawson fair grounds Joly 23. M. E. Townsend, county chairman, asks 'that all committee members attend the meeting. Bubop Leaves With KryL "W. C. Bishop, well known restaurant, man, and member, of the Con- nellsvitle "Military band, who Joined the band o£ Bohumir Kryl, left today with the band., . · · Dunbu IBoy in France. Mrs. Rebecca Preece of Dunbar, has received word of the safe arrival of her son, William Preece, of tha 52nd Engineering Corps, somewhere in pVance. n~Br3hrif 'of-Unltin-" | PBICE UA-: on. kxxnia* coatin««niJirtlijno :«ii%vjiiN*i;i aic--ouc--suva Corrado Elected Chief. At a recent meeting of the Dunbaf firemen Guy Corrado was chief and ; Chief of Police Ross May, assistant fire chief. " , .-Services at Junlata. BbgJnalng. with last night, 1 continuing .'for 10 days,- Rev; "W. J. Everhart of .-the United -Presbyterian church, will conduct open air evangelistic services at Junlato. Frost at Ohiopyle. I A light frost in the vicinity of Ohio- '· pyle Sunday night damaged beans and j other garden plants. . ·...-.. j Patronise those who advertise. Tlie Kind Ton Have Always Bought has borne the signature o! H. Fleteher, and has been made under Ms personal supervision for over 3O years. Allow BO one to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and · : "tjust-as-gro'od" are but experiments, and endanger tlio health oJ Children--Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Castoria is a harmless substitute lor Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. For more than thirty years it has been in. constant use Jor the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Fcverishncss arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the »s- simUution of Food; giving healthy aud natural sleep. The.Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend, The Kind You Have Always Bought 1 Bears the Signature of. In Use For Over 30 Years EIGHTY-EIGHT YOUNG MEN LEAVE TOMORROW NIGHT FOR CAMP LEE · Continued from Piure QUA. classification of married men swells the totals. Questionnaires to the twenty-oners went out today from both boards. Local Board No. 5 had all the questionnaires prepared yesterday and mailed the entire. 187. The questionnaires must be ulled- in and returned to the Local Boards by next Tuesday. Local Board No. 2 sent out 60 questionnaires today, 25 per cent of .£10 entire number. The board will send" out 25 per cent on tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. must .all be answered Goldie Mills, and relatives. JOHJf IV. rOS'KY ' SAPELY Df FRANCE. Joseph Astleford received a card, from Job-n "W. Poney announcmg hi." safe arrival overseas. Poney is attached to the modical department. Second Trench Mortar BattaMon, Eat- tcry A. He received his training a'. Camp Mills, N. Y. JEST cons. AND SEE. Ike HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133.N PlTTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. VIH-E'S GREATEST SXOBE. The blanks . seven days from the time they arc mailed. There are-21$ registranls :c the .21 class in District No. 2. year CflBTORAL JTDfTYRE . : . . · · RETL'ES'S TO Corporal Thomas A. Mclhtyre has returned to Camp Holabird, Baltimore, after spending a furlough at his home at Dawson. CUV- CODT.ITF.KOmi nr PEEUCVG PISE, WETTOS TALI, C. TTAGONKB .Mrs. E. A. "Wagoner of the "West Side, this morning received a letter and post card from her son, Paul "Wagoner, who is with Company H, 320lh infantry, stationed somewhere in France. The card was written on the highscaa and the tetter following the arrival of the soldier overseas. He writes that he did not get seasick and was la good health. WATER SCAHCT, Ef FKA5CF, "BUi" RISliL 1T1UTES. Mrs. J. Bisel of Syciunore street, has received two letter from her son, William Bisel, First Sergeant of the 110th Rcgimeni Medical Corps, says he likes Franca eicept He that water is so hard to get. He writes __ that his clothes arc dirty and so is he. Mrs. Georgie He'rn'o'f Whee'ler"th!s Onc lelt!!r was receive* on Saturday morning received a letter from her and the otiier on Sunday. Bill says brother, Guy Coughenour of Company lbat " P h i l ' Swartzweldcr is with B, 320th Infantry, who has arrive 1 h i m - Mrs ' Bisel also "= cf;l TM d f ""' safely The young solder froro another BOH, Jnmes Bisel, who .eij ovt'rstfus, ±nu young sota*tir i -- . ·lies that he'is In splendid health. | ts wlt . h the railroad cnglnacrs. an- I nouncing his safe arival overseas. C.UH KEETEB TO FRU5XD E. IV. GIT/BERT IS Jffss Enrma Brewer of Layton has received a letter from her friend, Carl Kriner, who Is a member of Company D, 110th Infantry. He is well and i n i ^ [ r the best ol.spirits. HCfflLK 05 FCiaOUGTL E. "W. Gilbcn, stationed at Camp Holabird. BaJUmore, is spending a furlough, with his parents, LATfTON YOra'G 3LVJT E2U0IS LITE Iff 5ATI. A letter from Earl Emme-tt Carson, who is in the navy, to his mother, Mrs". O. E. Brewer of Layton, says he is in the best of health and enjoying the life ho follows. "I am with a nice bunch o£ boys," he says. "We havo church services' every Sunday aud a very largo Bible class." EDTTAKD KEH5ER JIOXE OK SHOUT FUBXOTJGH. . Edward Kenner, stationed at CamD Lee, Petersburg, Va., is spending a furlough at his home at South Con- and Mrs. "William Gilbert of Johnston avenue. 31005 ISSTA1UXG ICE XACHUrKKr OTEKSEJ.S. O. C. Moon, eon of Isaac Moon of Connellsrille, has arrived in France as a representatives of the Wilder Ice Machine company. Before going across he overhauled the Yongh ice plant on the "Wvst Side. He is a brother of Fred Moon, BETTKK FOOD CT FRAXCK THAX AT CAKT IEF,. In a letter to his mother, Mrs. W. L. Dana of'the South Side, Corporal Hobert Dunn oE Company I, 319th Infantry, writes that the -'cats" in nellsvflle, Kenner was'placed in a | France, arc better than they were in medical unit and eipects soon for duty overseas. J. K. YOHE IEATES FOR OYEBSEAS. ' J. K.' Yohe, Jr., of Albany, N. Y.i arid" a son of Mrs. J. K. Yohe ot this city, left recently for duty overseas as captain of the construction engineers. · to leave I Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. This was the first letter Mrs. Dunn has received from her son g^nce his arrival in France. .Cards announcing his safe JOE ZDQtERKAIf AT CA3H DKCATCR. Joseph Zimmerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Zlmmenna/n of East Fairview avenue, a member of Company 284, Eighth Regiment, is stationed at Camp Decatur, Great Lakes, III. CAMP LEE EXHIBIT Ef StfRTEISE STOBE TOfDOTV. Morris Grodrin, who is home on leave from Catnp. Lee, has on display in the window of the Surprise- Department store a cainp mess kit and photographs of Camp Lee and other interesting articles that are attracting much, attootion. The kit, made of aluminum, consists oJ soup and meat plates and cover, the · latter used for asserts, kaite, fork and spoon and arrival also just reached here this morning. Corporal Dunn's fetter states that they are located about three miles from a harbor and on the morning that the letter was written the major took them all down for a swim. The women in the village where the soldiers are located all wear wooden shoes, according to the letter. MtliJBB SEJiS IVAB'S END "EAR. Dewey Miller of tite 110th Regimrat Hospital Corps, stationed 'in Franoe, in. a letter to his parents, Mr. and ilrs. T. E. Miller -of Race street, writes that he thinks the war will soon come to a close. JfBEJfCH GEB1S JlOBJfT- HANBED, SAXS ".JOE" HOOD. l[r. and Mrs. Charles F. Hood today received the first letter from their son Joseph since the latter's arrival ia France. He writes interestingly and at length of has new surround- Women's and Misses' Suits Si^its Reduced to $19.75 worth up to $32.50 Suits Reduced to $2'4.75 worth, up to $37.50 Suits Reduced to $3250 worth up to $50.00 Man Tailored Suits of NaTy Blue, Black, Tan, Taupe or Grey, Poplin and Ser-- ges and carefully tailored Black and White Checks. Only a limited number ol Suits to sell at these prices,, making early selection advisable. Wonder Hats at $1.95, $3.95 and $5.95 Recently we conceived the idea of creating a distinctive line of millinery in full accord with the fashion prestige of this store, at a small price in keeping with the growing sentiment among women of good dress for simple and less expensive Hats and new Hats oftener. ' Our Wonder Hats at $1.95, $3.95 and $5.95 were the result- The inovation has been a tremendous success from'the start. Hundreds of new''Hats at this price will be demonstrated tomorrow--the (Dunn's) Wonder Hats achievement in this direction. Sample Sale of Children's Coats Here an example of this store giving the right garments at the right time and at the right price. Wonderful values from our own stock go in the great Sample Sale at One-Third the real value . Every mother should take advantage of this big event. Wonderful values. Wonderful Savings. Materials alone would cost more than the price of Coats. See the Coats $15.00 Coats now $10.00 $12.00 Coats now $ 9.00 $ 9.00 Coats now . ; $ 6-Ot) $ 7.50 Coats now _ $ 6.00 $ 5.00 Coats now $...3.33 $ 3.95 Coats now ... $ 2.64 Inexpensive Blouses--New Models About five hundred fresh new Blouses m good materials and styles are here at 79c and 1.50--tailored and lingerie models. Blouses at $2.00 and $2.50. The alrgest variety of ail--over forty styles of serviceable linens, dimities, organdies and batistes in distinctive new models, good sizes, provision' including blouses for large women. CODNC1L VOTES $150 TOWARD A COMPANY G FUND Continued from P**e On*. position also^to givinff the preferred locatioa to any one company, to Uic detriment of the otbera afld perhaps the city itself. The ordinance tor the grading and S paving of Francis avenue was Sniro-! E duced. Ordinances for lie grading \ H and paving of Chestnut street and : H Davidson avenue were adopted, aa were those £or the vacation oC an alley in the rear of St. John's Slavish CaUiollc church on the West Side for the use of the church and opening of one farther to the nrth to replace it were adopted. The measure giving E the Pennsylvania railroad company H right to construct a siding over Fay- I s ette street was also adopted. ' 1 ^ City Engineer- Foust -was instruct-, ·= ed to prepare an estimate of the cost j E at the proposed arch under the East J E Park viaduct and submit it at the tiext meeting 1 . On complaint of Jacob Kinshursky and others who want an outlet from the rear of their homes in Cottage avenue council directed Clerk BLilcr to serve notice on layman S. Pope to remoTe a gate and other obstructions from old Balsley a!3ey, extending from East Crawford avenue, opposite E Haas avenue, toward Appie street City Engineer S. M. Foust told council the alley had been open for more than 100 years, having been laid out by John W. Phillips,- eon*in-!aw of Zachariah Conuell, founder of the town. It was recently closed. The status oC an nlley between the Stopped the Rghting Career of ARTHUi Kc HERMAN 1 at He paid the price with liis left leg and minor wounds. He brings good word from the boys In his thrilling, optimistic war talk, on the LAST NIGHT OF THE Music by 1 LOVAT SCOTTISH CONCERT COMPANY jf | Featuring Harry Lauder's Pipe Major j| properties of A. B. Kurtz and Mrs. j | Admission 5O Cents--Season Tickets $2.0O = nmiuimimmmimnmimimimumimmmmiiiimimmmiimiiiiimmmiiiniifB Hear Herman Wednesday Night at Chautauqua Stoiifter In Fairvievr bronght into question avenue was but UlQ engineer was not sure about whether H is public or private. Tfill Wed This The marriage ot Miss Rosaline Kobacker, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. H. Kobacker of Mount Pleasant, and ' Harry Aro'nson, a. prominent FLttsburg attorney, will be solemnized this evening at the Rittenhouse, Pittsburg. The guest list will include | 3'^^'" Vu'ndav ,,._,,,,«, ,,. only the immediate members of the Methol j ist E pi acopa i Murch a£ OfflGPYUHMMATION Girls! Girls! Prevent Rag Unfurled Snndnjr For Men of Community in the pyii A flag for young men of the Ohio- T This Dcli ,,,,,,, y m vanishing 'le community m the service -was. .._,,_ , lt n ,, r -,-,,.,,..evening at the t'rcam at Our Expense. two families. Rev. BarnUioiJSft Heslpns. Atter occupying the pulpit of tie Church of tii-e Brethren in Uniontown Eor the past 14 years. Rev. Jasper Bamthonse has tendered his resignation, effective January 1, 1919. Rev. Brnouse stated that./ailing health caused Mm to ask to he relieved from the church pastorate. Infant Dies. Helen Bartlett Beckwith, ten-month- old daughter ol Roy and Helen Beckwith, died Sunday at tlte family residence, Tweit-Ui street, West Side. Funeral services were held Ibis afternoon Jrom the family residence, with interment in Hill Grove cemetery. Baby Boy Born. ' A baby boy, the eighth child in the family was born yesterday to Mr. and j Mrs. Harry Mousholder of Hill street. There are now sevea boys and one girl in the family. Mrs. Moushold- er is a daughter of Health Officer George Eetzel. Daughter Born. collapsible drinking cup, all of which i in ss, expressing himsolf as very daughter was born at the Magee - · · - · · much impressed with the work the ,, ita] pi ttgbnr g, to Mr. and Mrs. U.-nmtm nf Jlh-nnnr. n-~r. Anl-*~ t ~ (111 +li. w.«uf*i*"f -· ···- £37 place, with Rev. Trimmer, the pastor in charge of the exercises. An interesting program was presp.nted. R.ev. Wissinger spoke on reasons for the entry of the United States into tae war. "The Flag" was th; subject of a short talk by Dr. Mountain of Confluence. The men represented on the flag are: Forrest Mitchell. James Jackson, Mark Lambie, Calvin Stewart, Louis Mason, Frederick Masoa, Marion Hyatt, William Hyatt, Clarence Saylor, Edward Corrisian, Earl Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, William Wable, Isaiah Wable, Milton Holiday, Nelson Collias, Singer Show, George Morrison, Fred Cunningham, Reuben Morrison, Clyde Burnwortli, James Stull, Charles Stull, Charles Lee, Hunier Newell, Arthur Wallace, Walter Chuck, Earl Skinner, Ross Tissue, James Leonard, William Gould, Jesse Hall, Norman Hall, Walter Williams, John Hiles, n-.assago with A short Buttctrmilk Cream at etiring is all that Is , , , Ralph Tissue, Herbert Stuck, Georga' obtai " u £ mali q»antHy at th ! nellsvillc D r u ^ Co - on lhe *»»». nighi before necessary.' To Jirove Ihis to your satisfaction, the Con- Stuc and two Ohlor boys. c.-m be packed to n't ipto the pocket. SEV'S OF.AKBTrAl OF SERGEAJfT TATTEBSOJf Sergeant David Patterson has arrived sately overseas according to word received by his parents, Mr. and airs. D. P.. Patterson of Porter avenue. Sergeant Patterson is with the 305th Ammunition train. MBS. BELIE I/AXCASTEB HEAHS TB03I SOS. Corporal Lewis L. Lancaster, 315th Field Artillery, Headquarters Company,, who was stationed at Camp Lee, for eight months, has arrived safely in Prance. A card came Saturday to his mother, Mrs.. Belle Lan- women ot France are doing to fill the places made vacant by the absence of the men at the front. That "Joe" is -a. close observer of conditions in the vicinity of the war zone is to he- gathered from his statement that "the hands of the girls are as hard and calloused as the coke workers at home. The part they are doing in helping to save France ought to convey a hint to girls at home to get busy and help raise food to feed the hungry of Europe." caster, Pittsburg street, South' nellsville. COE- CHABLES REXUBXS TO ICTT. Charles "W. Newcomer left Saturday night- for the. naval station in Philadelphia, after spending a furlough with his wife, who was formerly Miss re- Two were sentenced for fighting and one for drunkenness. Selects Camp Site. Fire Chief W. B. DeBolt has turned from Meyersdale where he selected a camp site for the Connellsville firemen who will attend the convention of the "Western Pennsylvania Firemen's Association which opens August 13. It is expected that between 35 and 40 will go from here. I a j e asked to be present ITreclt at Fairchancc. | A freight wreck on the Baltimore j . Ohio railroad near Fairchance yes-' terday tied up traffic to such an ex-. tent that passenger trains were com-; ey back | if dissatisfied plan. The directions are simple and it costs so little that any £ir! or woman can afford it. Edward Yocnm. Mrs. Yocum was j pelle d to go into Uaiontown over the formerly Miss Mildred Hicks, daugh- | p enna yiy an j a tracks. Four of the five ter o£ Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hicks of East Fairview avenue Undergo Throat Operations. Mabel Witherite of Aetna street, M. J. and Robert Stickel of Sycamore street,, underwent throat operations this morning at the Cottage State hospital. Three Given Hcarinp. Three prisoners were given hearings at police court this morning, j H cars were derailed. Granted George Balant, licenses. Marguerite, and Examining Your Eyes . Would impose no inconvenience upon you at all, nor dis- - j J.T. . , and the results, if To Elect Officers. The Duniar Red Cross will elect officers at its meeting tomorrow at the Presbyterian church. All members Want Help? Then use our classified column. suits will follow. Re- , , Celia A. Baum of Pleasant' Dolly; ; trusted to US, would be in bar- Leonard S. Brown, "Wialtersburg, and ' mony with the methods prac- Bertha P. Conway, .Uniontown, were ' Used by the leading optompt granted licenses to wed in Cumber- i rists of today _ y ou sh ^ d ^~ IaatL satisfied with no less a service than this, and you cannot get a better. Always at your com / 1 rnand for the good of your eyes Measles Case Beporfed. A case of measles was reported to the Board of Health this morning. j back to three months ago. JOSEPH C. HAB.TEN. Jbsaoh C. Harten, 26 years old, I manager of the compensation depart- myit for thfi.'W. J. Eainey company] in Uniontown, died Saturday at the j home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harten in Pittsburg. He had been connected with the W. J. Rainey interests In Uniontown for the past two years. His illness dated j I. W. Myers, Opt. D. Optometrist and Optician. ·Wool-worth Bldg., Upstairs. Our Specialty--Comfortable Vision.

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