The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1930
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

"TIURSDA'Y, MARCH 6,1330. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNE1 /L6VILLE. PA. NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Siwclal t,i Tho Courlar SOOTTE»ALK. March fi --The following is a list o.f tho H t u d e n t s of the -«on!or class f»f the Scottdale High School who, i f they make tho gratl-M "will graduate In the l a t t e r part of Maj and if they do not will be- dropped from tho senior roll the latter part of this month. Helen Antl-erson. lona Bo.k«r. teh/,t- beth B'ckloy, A l b e r t a Bodenheimoi IOTOthy CaniLiu, V i \ w n (Chambers, Oarnct E l r h M , Imoftene Poirst, Ruth Fuller, Paulino Griffith, (Jonevlevo Melinskl, Stul!«- Iliio Hudson, Marjoik- Johnson, Laura Mae .lotioa, M«tdedltu Kelly, Mary Jane KM1, Jiillanna King, lively n Kiidle, M.irgaret Krom- «r, Mildred Lnucl(.. M a r i a n Me Clam Annabolle Randoph Velv.i H.der, lEdna Sinunoi s, Lucy Skinner, Anna Snittil. Kathloen Waller, Ola White. T.0,-1 Oayha, Byron Blglpy, Kenneth Cairoll, Woo drew Coffnian, William Co*, Harr Cramer, Dominic LV»- Santls, Hoim r D i l l s ' John F'arinh JJobert Fife, H. B. (Hlinon*, Jnmej. Ooff, Stoddard G i a j . Justice iliinkei, John Lelglit. Carl Llpps Ralph Livensood, Waller Livengooil. Howard Matthews, Robeitp MiDmv»ll, Robert Miller, Tom Milter, M k h a c l Morroceo Robeit H l t s r h a i d Robert Sherrlck Leo Ske-nip, (leorge Smoker, M i c l m e l Tarella, Jack Walde, Eugene Wall CharieK Wilej and Ivan Yoho. Chlorlnn Victims Improve. The condition of Mrs Clayton Tor- ·reuce of Market street, who was overcome with chlorine gas on Tuesday was improved, Although she was or dered by the a t t e n d i n g physician to renratit in bed to wat^h t-arefullj what the outcome would be Mrs Torronce ·was moved back to h-er own home from the Myers home Tuesday night Yesterday traces of t h e iumos of chlorine could still be detected In the louse. Tho condition of the two boy ·who were ill. Ckjorge Philips and Sam «el lA3w$a, was much Improved, and tho physician stated yesterday that far aa Sam IK I Lewis was concerned fee could set* no reason why there "won!d bo any after effects. H wu- learned yesterday that the chlorine £88 had filled the M. Miller Brother store and that Ben Miller had bean quite ill from the fumes but was much ln»provod. The gas also got In the vault at the First National Bank It was said that the tank had been laying outsid-o thfe Torrence window lor at least eight years and little did any person t h i n k that It contained anything dangerous. Discharged From Hospital. Nellie Young ot Kiefertown, who ·was a patient in the Memorial IIospl- t;^l since Ust Friday evening, was discharged and returned to her home yesterday Tho young woman had suf- tfered lacerations on her face as the result of an argument with Wiggins Jackson, when he slashed her with a jven knife Sot'IHjr Elects Officers. The Woman's Mlsslonuiy Society of the U n i t e d Hi ethre-n Church held its a n n u a l eleitioii o£ officers yesterday, ·which re»iiltel as follows: President, ZVIra. Albert Keister; llrst \lce-preai- ·dont, Mr« H F. Grantham 1 ; second v e-prenidont Mr.-, W. F Stoner; sec- relao. Mr-, .1 T Brad-ley, treasurer, !Mi3» Ella, K I U K , secretary of literature, MTM Maria Detwilor; thank ottering secretary, Miss Minnie Pyle, eei-r-etary ot stewardship, Miss Sumh "Walte; miss-ion study, teaoher, Mrs Elmer Morrow; memorial committee, Mis. C. H. Sioner and Mrs. Thomas Hayes; planu.t, Mrs. B. M, S. Pyle, chorister. Mn. Lewis Richer There ·were 69 prosont at the meeting At tho close of the business j-eston a memorial semee was held, in charge of Mrs? C. H SAonor. A carnation ·was placed La a basket for each of the Jivo members who died during the year and the basket taken to a sick ·woman. Game Killed Illegally. Ray Mc.Kissiok, game warden of this district, was in Scottdale yesterday checking up on a report that ring- Dock pheasants had been shot closu T»f. Operation on Ha be. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J Alex Yahner, who underwent an op- oration in PiltabuTg, is getting along nlcoly. Mrs. Yahner is staying with lier baby. Tor Jfmmy Kelly. Jimmy Kelly, the live year old son ot Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Kelly of North Chestnut street, observed his fifth birthday at tho kindergarten yesterday afternoon. The kindergarten members, numbering 20 In all, with Mrs. Wendell Momver and Mrs. Orton Gal- lentlue in charge, were the guests. There, was a cake with five candles. The- decoration* were In keeping with St. Patrick's Tay. A most enjoyable afternoon was had by the children. . · Other News. Tho Junior Music Club will meet at the home of Walter Glasgow this evening. Jack Walde, David Walthouri and Walter Olasgow will be the hosts A T,*nten service was held lwst eve- Tiing at 7:3d o'clock at Trinity Reformed Churuh, In charge of the pastor, Rev A. S. Lenhart Use Cfatolfied Ads. They bring result*. Oldest Woman Slaps Methods of Today Mm. Hester Ann Harmon, who is celebrating her 108th birthday in the Milwaukee Hospital, is believed to be America's oldest woman. Mrs. Harmon, whose mind is aljrt, is of the opinion that the world i.i living too fast nowadays to break many record* for longevity. '. By ROY GROVE ' Central Fro** Sport* WKt«r W HEN Wlllin McFarlann, former National Open champion, is well on his game, and that means practice, there ii no flnar golfer on any eourjM with tha iron*. Seven points rrlM tn making a good Iron shot That may aonnd t'^- heartenlng, but TOTOB ar« acquired through naturalness. In analy*tia« \Villl* McFarlano th«*e pelnta cr« aa follows: No. 1, Th« Iron polnta to the «ltr nnd tho wrists ar« broken only enough to allow n anappy start for thi' shot. No 2 shows the position of tha left ahoulder. Noie tho head la look- in t; over that shoulder. No 8. The rlgitt knee Is slightly bending In. No 4. Th« right l«K la perfectly straight and stiff No 5. The heel and the boll of the foot of the left leg are flat on the ground. The average golfer will rise hlfrh on his too, throwing himself off balance. No U shows the line of the club In relation to the right leg and the ·whole body. No 7, Tho llnr of the eye Is directly over the bull, which Is played oft, the- center. The arms ar« kept in close to th« »·*·'- Precautions General To Prevent Disorder In Demonstrations Wtfe Preservers By United Pr«M. FORT WORTH, Tex., March 6. Special guards eurround-ed the Ridgeport dam today to prevent a recurrence of the fighting between workers and unemployed. About 200 shots wore flred in a clash yesterday u which one Mexican laborer was injured. Officials at the dam said Communistic nvemhere of the unemployed group etarted the trouble. CHATTANOOGA Tenn.. March 6 -Sevea agitators ware arreoted in advance of "Red Thursday" after they had refused to stop street oratory. Qominunlst leadern rev-aaled plans for deuionstrationa in Atlanta, felnning- IKIIII, Wlnaton-Sali m and other south- er u uitlej* with particular appeals to iho Btal* or dty cak» may be ground In lh« food chopper and added to custards and puddings It w i l l add a n'.tty Qa»«if. NEW ORLEANS L a , March C -William Larue ,a seaman, was ar- riiteU by Federal ottlcers charged with distributing Communistic literature to sailors on the German training rihip, ICmdeu. DETROIT, Mlcli , March 6---Lead- era of Independent labor uniona ad- vleed Mayor Cha~lee Bowles that 50,000 "workers" rould gather today to demand relief fxm unemployment j They threatened a general strike among automobile workers. The WASHING CLOTHES THIS WAY IS SO EASY! YES, RINSO IS A GREAT WORK AND DID YOU EVER SEE SUCH WHITENESS! TRY RINSO FOR DISHES, T( O. IT LOOSENS GREASE IN A JIFFY washes , , afe jtLAlMS NAPOLEONTS NECKIAS Although Mr*. Ernert Graham, of Chicago, above, has a dian .neekboe which she beitarm is that given by Napoleon to hit ,Maria Loniaa, at the birth of their son, 1'Aiglcn, a New York jev «l«r \ ..a»w declares th* ^'origin»r gtmc are in his posscswon., PAGE FIVE. mayor promised tho- meeting would not tie motarted so long as it was orderly. LOS ANGE3LES, Calif., March C.-- llcfs patrolled th« Olty Hall area to prevent dteorder at tho "Red Thursday" protest meeting againat unemployment. The meeting was called by a red banner hnng In the factory center upon which was inscribed "Workers, Don't Starve. Fight." Polh» removed the banner. CLHJVBLAND, Ohio, March 6.-Communists txxiay will march unmolested to present a petition to the mayor against unemployment. Police issued a "liantis off" order. SEATTLE, Wash., March 6. -- Maciune-guna were placed in position and TXJlioe were equipped with tear gas bombs to carry out Mayor Frank Edwarde' order against ComniuniBtic demonstration today, OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla , Maruli fi. --American Legionnaires aided police today In an attempt to prevent any digordero in the Coiunrunitslc demonstration. BOSTON, March 6 --Police wore stationed at a(Jvantag-eou« points in Boston today--.particularly around the State House and the City Hall--^to assure that any Communistic gatherings will be "peaceful." Viscount Gladstone Bnct ombs. LONDON, March 0.--Visco int Glad- atone, son of the great LJber U statesman, died early this moral! g at its Hertfordshii e borne after a long illness. No EipUiMtion Need »d Really one things don't ht^e to be .--American M«gazli«. Classified Advertisements Brio; results wfa4»n placed in the ooJ- uma» ot Tto Dally West Side Market 1000-02 W. Crawford j\ve. We Deliver. Phone 620 Strictly Fresh EGGS 3 doz. $ 1.00 Fruits and Vegetables 25c 21c Cooking 25c 25c 15c 25c 25c 25c Bananas, doaen . _ Strawberries, Pint Boxes ... B a l d w i n Apples, 4 Ibs Fancy Celery, 2 Ige stalks... Celery Hearts, large bunch Head Lettuce, 3 large heeds Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds Cal. New Carrots 3 bunches Grap'e Fruits, Ige size, 3 for Cauliflower, head 25c Sand\vich and Potato BREAD 3 loaves 25c DELICIOUS MEALS! What delicious meals can be prepared from these wonderful foodstuffs. Meats are tender and juicy, vegetables are fresh and "-wholesome and our groceries are unexcelled for quality or price. Phone 620 for prompt, courteous service. Pillsbury or Sweet Cream FLOUR 24V 2 l Sack $1.09 Light Textured Brown Sugar, 3 Ibs. Michigan Hand Picked NAVY BEANS, lb. California Hand Picked LIMA BEANS, lb. Spanish Type OLIVES, qt. jar California Yellow Cling PEACHES, 2 can* 1,000 Sheet Bolls; Fine Tissue Toilet Paper, 3 rolls Wisconsin Early Jane PEAS, 2 cans Baker*! Whole Grain CORN, 2 cans Brookfleld and CloTerbloom BUTTER, lb. Van Camp's HOMINY, 2 cans- "Leader", Fresh Ground Coffee, 2 lb. pkg. 10c 17 C 35c 49c 25c -25c 27c / 45c 19c 49c Franklin Pure Cane SUGAR 25 Ibs. $139 Brickstein / and Long Horn CHEESE 29c lb. Gem Nut MARGARINE 2 Ibs. 45c lb. roll B. C. Margarine Snowflake Powdered Sugar--2 pkgs. 23c White House or Maxwell Home Coffee, lb 45c Cream of Wbeal, package 25c Sunbright Cleanser, 6 cans ... Tomatoes, small cans, 2 for ,,, Tomatoes, large cans, each Daisy Sugar Corn. 2 cans 25c _25c 15c Lily of Valley Kidney Beans, 2 cans ____ 25c Neighbor Pancake Flour, 2 pkgs. __________ 19c Scotch Barley, 2 boxes ____ ........ _____________ ........ «....25c Heinz Rice Hakes, 2 packages ___________________ ........ 25c c . i i \ n \ D l S M - . K I 3 boxes 25c Finest Quality M P" A "T" O IH TM I 7 inspected Fresh Spare Ribs, per pound ,,.,,, ^.... Breakfast Bacon, 4 to 5 pound, pieces, per pound Armour's Star Sliced Ham, pound »-~ Pork Loin Roaat, pound TMTM~,^..~...TM,.M. Stewing Lamb, per lb , j.~TM,«TM-.... Veal Breast, per pound ... Old Faahiomed Sliced Bacon, per lb . Leg o! Lamb, per lb 20c 5 pound, 25c 45c 25c 20c 25c 35c 35c Tender, Delicious; Full Dressed Chickens 42 Old, Fashion Bacon, whole or half strip, lb. Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Feet, 3 Ibs Pork Butts, per pound Skinned Fr^sh Hams, 8 to 10 lb. average, whole or 'half, per pound Lamb Chops, per pound Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound ,,_. Pork Shoulders, whole, f rj 6 to 8 Ibs, per lb ,,_ A I C Veal Roast, home dressed, per lb ,,...,, Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round STEAKS 40 lb. AH Beef Cut From Yearling Steers Jieef Liver, 2 pounds l?resh Hamburg, ground, per lb. .-- .. Chuck Roast, per pound .,. Rump Roast, per pound _ Rib Roast, per pound », Veal, Pork and Beef, for meat loaf, 3 pounds _^TM. ,,_ 35c 25c 30c 35c 35c ground 85c Armour's Star SKINNED HAMS Whole or Half 25c

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