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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, June 25, 1918
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I I Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,761 VOL. 16, NO. 193. CONNBLLSVILLB, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 25, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. Report Places Casualties to Emperor Charles' Demoralized Forces at 200,000; 40,000 Prisoners and Immense Stores -of Munitions and Supplies Fall Into Hands of Italians. REVOLT IN HAPSBURG EMPIRE NOT IMPROBABLE FOH inurr ORDEIl OF THESTV- 0KliS OR FK1UAT. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON. June 25.-Friday of tins week was, fixed by the War Department to- d-ay as the date for the drawing io establish the t'.raft ordei o£ nearly 800,000 young men of 21 who registered for mi iiary service June 5. YEAR'S CHAUTAUQUA Gives Assurance of Return Popular Entertainment Course. of KRYL'S 'BAND PLEASES With TJme of Departure For] Approaching Command is Penniless. MUST BUY EQUIPMENT, Week CJoses Toinorrotv With Lfetnre on H'ar by Irtlmr K. Herman, Ylio Lost LCR in Service: Horn, Jlogician, and Loiat Company on P.rogram. Connellsville will be { j path chj.ntauqua circuit By Associated Press. AtfSTRIAXS HAD HIGH HOPES TVASHIXGTOX, June 25^-An official dispntcli iro n Koine today says the Austrians are in full retreat and that papers taken from prisoners show that Austria bad not contemplated the possibility of defeat and was promising her soldiers this offensive would be the last stroke to put Italv oat of the war. ! EIGHTY-EIGHT YOUNG MEN LEAVE TOMORROW NIGHT FOR CAMP LEE Q ^thc Red- next year, ! 830 tickets having been pledged during the intermission of the Eohumir ; Kryl baud concert list .night. The : crowd out for the concert was the ', largest that ever attended any chau- i tauqua number hire, it being estimated that over 1,000 persons were in the big tent. E. C. Higbee announced that to insure the return of the chautauqua next season, it was necessary to pledge 800 tickets. Pledges from 25 down, to one and one-half were rnade. E. T. Norton was the "auctioneer," and Bell Telephone Cundai' Ordinance Again Cities Over, But Probability in It Will lie Voted D u n n Sext 3Ion- day Sight; Several Others Adopted. Train Is Scheduled to 1'ull Out of 1!. while be talked from the platform as- 0. Station ut 9.1,") O'clock; j sistants went through the audience . . . . . , . ,,. , ., , licpiirt in .Uorninsc. ! takmg the pledges. Austrian armies again are beyond the Piave and the river | p . f ^ d! . a(le es in District No. I The pledges slowed down after 700 line once more bars, the enemy from the Venetian plains. The}, and ,,- ]n Dts[ric[ Xo 5 vltl r e portlhad been reached, and when the total defeated Austrian forces not only were pushed'to the river, b u t j a t ttlc arn , ory tomorrow morning at |wont to 751 1-2 the !3oy Scouts prom- the Italians at points have occupied strong bridgeheads on t h e j j o o'clock for the roll call. The C on-|i»«i to sell the remainder. eastern bank. " ' tmgent of men will go to Camp Leo I The concert by Kryl's band is con- HOW thorough the Italian victory- has been is not yet Clear,! tomorrow night al U.lo o'clock over s.derad the biggc-s, number on the en- ·as every-hour brings reports ofincreasing Austrian losses. Many L*«J?«»'» * Ohio raHroad on a , tire^ P~^- ^f ^appiau se i tent for e ^ o r y number. Many novelties were introduced. One of ;h« best t»m thousands of the invaders were killed in their attempts to regain ;the eastern bank of the river, and the latest announcement from · af[er ro|1 cal , tomorrow unlll m tue [ General- Diaz places the number of prisoners at 40,000. One re-} af . ternoon _ It w l l ( be nec essary to i features was the descriptive playing iport places the Austrian casualties at 200,000 men. In addition i ful . nlsll two mc ais to the men while, of "The Death of Custer, · or "The ;the enemy lost large stores of munitions, supplies and many here. Shortly before ;gans. Apparently the sudden current in the Piave, which played many here. Shortly before 9 o'clock the draftees, accompanied by the Con- ne!lsv:lle Military Band and the Wet,t Battle of tae Ijitlo Big Horn." Kryl, widely knosvn as one of the worlds greatest cornetists. gave a "Fr.ntasla on National Airs,' which was beautiful, responding to an encore with "Aloha" (Farewell). Miss Lyrfia Lynrtgren, of th* Chi- ihavoc with Austin communication fell' as quickly as it rose f££^* £^TM£ ^auou. ;and the nver bed was Qiy when the Austrian retreat began. The draftees w.n be aboard the ; It has been reported that Baron Burian, the Austro-Hun-! j.,,,,,, lraln ls Allegheny ami Butler garian foreign minister, toid the German command that grave county men. After the coniinge.:t to-|cago Opera company, sang a soprano events, possiblv revolution, would follow in the dual monarchy| morrow night leaves Class 1 in both,solo, "Gavotte from '.Manon'." She if an Austrian "attack, which Germany insisted upon, was repul-, districts will be low. in District No j responded to several encores. The ed. There have been no reports that disorders and unrest within 3 «.«. win be 50 men left in that; lost selection of the evening was "The the Hapsburg empire have ceased. CAPTURE OF Al'STElA.VH rO-VFIKKIIKH. WASHINGTON. J u n j 25 --A dis- ; patch to the Italian embassy from i Rome today confirmed the announcement yesterday that p -Uonc-rs taker Raker and Daniels told callers today, pro\ iding that the Americans in mila- tary seivice, both abroad and at home, Trom states winch, have enacted laws for absentee voters of those in the service, may cist thcii ballots in the ·by the Italians in the ightirg at the cc .. JCTt . iS , tl .," r .i election next fall. Piave numbered 45.000. Tnis includes [ " - Pia' some 12,000 or 15.000 c a p t u r e d durin the past week, before the Austrian offensive was turned into a rout. EIGHT 3UKLSr.S XILI.KK ! ACTIOX. 'itti.IUCA.NS CAJTl'liK i-'ivi: juniLVK Grxs. V.-.'tSIUNGTOX, Juno 2o.-Further American advances and the capluie of in G machine .guns and other material class and just about 100 in District [ Village Blacksmith," descriptive. Pour No. 2, The entire lists will be e\- ' musicians in "smithy apparel were liaustod by another big call. ' se^n hammering at their an\-ils. Although the quotas have not y e t ; This aftrrnoon the Great Lakes En- been given orders are already on hand ;tprtamers will give a musical prelude, to prepare for another increment of i to be followed by a lecture. The same men to go on or about July 15 and'company will give a musical prelude Pennsylvania will furnish 11.700 m e n ! in the evening, and Sidney Landon to go in the five day period beginning t w i l l appear in "Irving Likenesses of July 22. These callr, will probablj i Great Military Men," take all Class 1 men unless the re-1 Tomorrow, the last day of the (Continued on P.IETC Two.) . XVASHIN'rTOX. June :: -- The Ma- -.a the , eg'ion of Chateau Thierry were ' f ^R, yQfl KUEHLMANN f r . i m o t nrl ( r t . T i T - Vn- r * o n n f a ! Porch in f " r ,.,, onc(1 to j a} . " General Pershing. rim. Corps casualty list isrucd todav m " n l s communique for yesterday. A contained 19 names. ch.actl as fol- G c imany counter attack at Torcy was lows: Killed in actio'i, 8; dit-cl of rop ,ii se( i , V ith heavy lessor Several wounds,. 1; wounded severely, 10 The list includes. ' Killed in action. Private James C. Tltterson. Cool Spring. Pa, James C. TKte. Brilliant, Ohio. Wounded severely, Sjrgeant Henrv C. Perrine, Belles lie. Ohio: Pri-. ato American soldiers are misting after a laid in Loiraine. Aloysius Donahue. Pat ^burg, Pa. niii: o" THANSPOKT 1*0 Kb 311 CH DAJIAOK. AX ATLANTIC PORT, Juuc 25.-Arn*y authorities are making an m- (Hi'fy -uio the cause of a fire which starlet! early tocluy m the hold of d transport lying at her pier anil caused several thousand dollars damage ivas extinguished. Krcncc itml Knirlaml Ne^t, Hays mim Forcicrii Si-cretary; Kaise 11'itr Aims Out-lined. Uy .·^F'mcUi'ed Pre . . AMSTERDAM. June 25 -- Chief. ' city thib chautauqua, the Lovat Concert com- pajiy will give a musical prelude, after which .Mora, the magician, will entertain with tricks and wit. la the evening the "Revue of th* Nations" will be given by the Junior Redpalh chlh - Tbere w!li be a mu " Slcal Prelude by the Lo\-at Concert company and then the lecture "Over There," by Arthur K. Herman of the 13th Canadian Black Watch. Private Herman lost a leg in the service, Ke has beon a familiar figure about the Following an earnest plea in behalf of the newlj organized Company G o£ the Third Kegiment, Pennsylvania Resei\e Ifilitm, by Alex D. Hood, jcity council last evenins voted an appropriation, of $150 toward outfitting the command for tie first annual encampment in July. Tha company, just getting on its Eeet, bas no fund.s and there is not time to secure the money through the ordinary channels--benefits and the company canteen--hente the appeal to the city, Mr, Hood explained. Tfie state supplies certain equipment but there is left to the command to provide ration*, for the trip to camp and a part of the day there, j mess and kitchen tables, benches, 1 beds and other articles. " What can- ( not be purchased out o£ the appropriation by the city \\ ill be paid for out of an amount to be raised by subscription What the expense will be had not been Cully estimated. Instead of cots the militiamen will sleep on straw. They must buy thh. The state does not furnish it. Almost, tht- Bell telephone conduit ordinance went down to defeat. A i vote had been called on the ir.easure l a n d it was pvident that the members |would vote against it. but at the last J moment, because of the absence of i Mayor Duggan and Councilman C. j W. Ut's, it was decided to defer action until the next meeting, iionclay, J u l y l. Consensus of opinion, as expresses ' d u r i n g the discussion, was that the telephone company is looking after its own interests without considera- ' tion o£ those of the city; that the re- mo.'al of iu wires m the business section will not greatly alleviate the ' conditions that now exist .so far as public-" safety is concerned and that , they will not affect West Side condition's, which are as bad as the East 1 Side. Reference was made also to I the fact that the ordinance provides I for only one repaying of the Lorn up ' portion of the street. There was op(Continued on Papc Two.) H03IK COJILMJ rVFSES 3CUCU EXCITE.U1OT. Sleep and comfortable beds were forgotten at the home of D. T. Hirleman this mornir.g on the arrival o:' James Hirleman, who has been in training at Camp Mcigs, Washington, D. C., for several months. The young soldier got into the city early this morning, and uoabLe to awaken anyone at his home by pounding on the door he crawled through a window. His father found him asleep on a couch this morning, and when he went upstairs with the news that "Jim" was home, to put it as one member of the family said this morning, "You should ba\e seen the nightgowns coming out." Hirleman will return to camp on Friday. He Js with the Quartermaster's depart raeut. A New Phase Given to Development of Coke Industry.- WORK NOW UNDER WAY On First, Unit of Plant to Supply Furna«es in Eastern Pennsylvania. COAL FKOM: THIS | To Be I'sed as Haw Material; By.Pro. ] ducts to be Utilized by the Government; First Time ConaellsTillf Operators Venture- Into Industry. LIBERTY LOAN TEAMS TO MAKE W. S. S. DRIVE A new phase in the development and expansion o£ tlie by-product coke industry is given by the joining of a large independent coke and coal producing interest of the Connellsvillc region with a steel and iron interest m the construction of a by-product plant at the point of consumption of its principal product. Not only 33 this union of interest new in both the by-product and the iron and steel m- , dustrics, but it is the first step taken by the producers of beehi^ coke in the Connellsville region to become financially interested in the opera- .DRIVE LASTS TWO DAYS I Canvassers Will lleet at 7Jas- j nor. of a by-product plant. Hereto- Teninie Thursday forc B - v -P rofluct plants have been ' built and operated by the producers oC Jit s:30. lroa an( j s t ee ] as a subsidiarj- enterprise. Connellsville operators having interest in them only as producers of coal, the raw material used in the manufacture of by-product coke. ' The enterprise which will be the Committees Will IVorli From Thnrs-1 means of introducing this innovation . *n - i- !_·¥ T * i ·» · i i ^ the coke industrv htis a,lreadv been URJ jiornini? Lnni rndav ^Sipiiij' , ., , - ., * f ConnellMilli- iius Quota of $321.000 ' slages of Its Development. A corp'or- to Top; .Liberal Fledges Necessary, ation known as the Rainey-Wood Coke company has been organized by the At a meeting of the cam: ' the , w : J - Rain ^ interests, operating coal .Liberty Loan and Red Crob , mines and coke works i ° ellsvllle res1011 ' and m the Con- AIan Wood he KKS.SAS THKl'STS A I' I'HKSCIl ?ll.r.T F.ULIM1E. PARIS, June 23 --The Germans last' before it night attacked the nev Frencii posi- i lions in :hf region of \js Pori, north \ E X C H A N G E OF l'KISOM:HS of the Aisae, but v.-etc able to make no gains, sayy the official statement · from the war office todiy. In surprise attacks in the \Vocvre and in Lorraine tae French captured 20 prisoners. ' blgme for instigating the war was laid at Russia's door by Dr. von'| Canadian soldier. Kuehlmann, the German foreign sec- j retary in an address to the reichstag F|J]WBAl? THWW^IHIP yesteiday in which he also dealt with UUlwArt lUVIlliHUr Germany's war aims. France and ' Kngland wore named as the next I powers in order of culpability. During his lecture in uniform of the WEST PENN CRANEMAN DECAPITATED WHILE AT WORK AT PLANT i i n g teams held yesterday alternoon,, ' plans for the whirlwind canvass to be i I r m Steel company, with blast fur! conducted in this citv on Thursday I ° aoes aEd stec! works al Swcdelaod. and Friday were made. The men will ! Pa " /or ' - c P"nose ot constructing go to work early Thursday morning 1 1 by-product coke plant of 330 ovens and a final report will be made on , a ' Sweoeland, Pa. The coal for this , Pridav evening. Plant will be furndshed by W. J. As it is not possible for everv team j Hame " £rom ^'r mmes TM HM Con- capuin to see the members "of his ^l.sville region. Work has been team personally, every member of! starled °°- ae first nnlt o£ 11 0 ° f the teams :s asked to repon at the ' tlwse ovens and il is «^Pected to have Masonic temple Thursday morning at tie P lattt la operation witMn fourteen 8.30 o'clock. Brief instructions as to tile conducting of the canvass will be given and the men will work steadily until 9 o'clock Friday night. The city has been given a Quota of ASKKI) OF OKRjrAXT. LONDON. Juno 25.--Dr. Richard Ht'XS GKOW ACTIVi: LV LONDON, June 25. --Activity was displayed during last night by the German artilleiy in LQ region to the cast Of Amiens, bet-.vcrn Villers-Bre- j Xmerican prisoners may be classed tonneux and .Morlanc.urt._ says to- as i n valids and released for intern- day's V.-ASHINGTOX. June - - - -- - ; SMrcUrTf ma^y has been asked through Span- | (n jj^jj, ish diplomatic channels to send cou](] b , nd representatives tn Berne, Swif/cr- | , m M ^',j ,,, ^ land, to meet American reprc, there on August 5 to d maintenance, treatment a:ld exchange of prisoners. The United States also has asked Germany to permit a Swiss commission to visit German prison camps to determine what Q r !i v o n K l 'chlmanr, the German foreign declared to the reichstag yesterday that Germany irself to any pledgee THROWS GERMAN OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL Action TVas Takon in March But the n f » ! l n rc £ ard to Belgium, says a Central! O f ^e Durbar tow cii8s l?cws lUspateh from Amsterdam to- nounced this morn war office report. There was ^oice-artillery activity also in other sectors. Kaidins opei ations in the Arras region resulted n the capture of prisoners by the British. HE ATI TOLL FOR DAY l.\ THE AK3T1' RISKS. WASHINGTON, June 25.--The army casualty list today contained !i7 names, divided as folio.vs: Killed in action, 54; died of wou:ik--, 7, died of accidents and other causes, 2; died of aeroplane accidents,, 1; died of disease. 5; v/ounded severely, 26; wounded, degree undetermined. 2. The list included: Killed in action--Prhate Charles R. ment in Switzerland. KILLS FOUR CHILDREN Then Ohio .Mother Slsi]iCK Her Oivn Throat in Effort to Dip. Hy Assorlp.ted Press. SALEM, 0., June 25.--Mrs. Paul j Simon, 29 years old, lulled her four Announcement Was IVitlilielil VnlJl This Time. Supervising Principal R. K. Smith ·wnship schools, an- ning chat by uaoni- oy - ! mous ote of the board at tlie regular Referring to Germany's war aims ] racetmg In .March, the study of Ger- Dr. van Kueblman said: j man was eliminated from the curri- "We wish for the German people I C ulum am! French substituted as an and our allies a free, strong inrlc- j elective study, as was German in the pendent existence within the bound-, nas t. arles drawn for us by history. Wo Mr . smith stated that at the time of desire overseas possessions corres- . th e action by the board it was thought pondmpr to our greatness and wealth ] that the interests of the schools would with freedom of the s"a carrying our i be served best by withholding the de- trade to all parts of ,the world " MADE DIVISION CHAPLAIN Bev. Charles, Schall, With llOilli Keg- Jmeut, JJecciies Promotion. Rev. Charles Schall, chaplain of the 130th Infantry, now stationed in France has been promoted by Major Muir to the chaplainship of the cision until the close of the term. Juniors and seniors may elect I Trench. Practically all those who I have Laken German have already des| ignated French as one of their studies next year. Falls From Top of DInkpy and of the Car TiLsscd Orer JIIs JVcck Last i'ijrht While assisting in sbilting cars last ttlght at the "West Perm power planet Paul Jaslowoski, 24 ears - old, better known as "Paul Joteibon," was instantly killed about S o'clock when he j Tell from a car, the dinkey and one car pass mg over him. His head was severed. JasJyH'oskj H-as Slavish and resided at South Connellsville. He was an electric cran-eni-jn at the power house, but it had botm ois custom to help in shifting cars when it \\ras necessary. The body \vas removed to Funeral Di- recttw J, L. Slader's parlors and prepared for burial. Puaeral ber\nces wil! be held tomorrow morning from St. Jo-hn's Slavish ch/urch m the "West Side, with. iiUermeat in St. John's' ceiTLelei'y. The deceased was born at Mount Pleasant, a son of .Mr. aitd Mrs. Anthony Jasiowoski. He entered the employ of the West Pena Power company in 1915 aad later left the service. March of this year he again secured employment with the company. Jas- lowoski us survived by liis widow, on* child and his mother, who resides at Leisenring. He is well known. . . Smith. Cnarleston, W. v'a.; Gerald M. was brought to a hospital here today. Austin, Mainesburg, Pa.; Frank L. t IJeI . c o n rlition is declared critical. Buck, Fairhope, Pa.; Charles children by slashing their throats with a razor and seriously injured herself at her home in Leetonia, near he Th'e'dead nl are: Mar}-, eight years Twenty-eighth Division. The promo- old, Veronica, eight years old, Paul, j f'°. n wils made some weeks a S°. and Jr., four years old, and Margaret j l l ' Simon IS: months #ld. Mrs. Simon MEDIO ASKS NEW TRIAL ! She told the police she had become Dijelman, Cosbocton,_u.: Mike Dum- · despondent because her husband mit. Wheeling, W. Va ; Thomas A. | Lewis, Warren, 0.; tllnier Dunkle, -Wrightsville. Pa.; Edw.urd P. Meyers, Berwm, Pa.; Samuel Tunno, Pittsburg, Pa. Died of wounds--Private KPIIS Ore- tors. St. Paris, 0.; Har-y il. Slawkin, Pittsburg. Pa. Died, of disease--Private "vViIliam Woods, Pitteburg, pa. I Wounded severely--1'nvate Harley D. Saydcc, Cadwell. 0., and Walter Waslohm, Oil City. Pa. gambled and wished to end it. all. TOMORROW LAST DAY Sarah Irnln. Wiom He Accuses ot Diivrson Stnrdcr, Still Missing. A motion was made tbis morains :s quite a distinction that comes to ' for a new trial in the case of Patsy the pastor of the First Presbyterian , Medio, who on last Friday was con- church of Greensburg. ' victed of murder in the first degree in He 'does not, however, give up his connection with the kil-ling of Ray| work with the 110th Infantry, with mond Bartelli. s j which he was associated through the An effort is beitng made to locate training period at Camp Hancock, Sarah Irwm, the ma-ini witness in the but will still act as chaplain of the ,case, who following the trial, with regiment. 'her husband loft Umontown with the intention of going west. $321,000 and :o raise pledges will have to this amount be liberally signed. After they are signed, bow- ever, they must not be forgotten, and months. Tills first installation will supply coke, gas and tar to the Alan Wood Iron Steel company, and will have sufficient additional capacity to furnish foundry coke for the eastern market A complete by-product recovery plant will also be constructed for the purpose of furnishing sulphate o f ; payments should be made on them I £ ammooiia and toluol to the Umted regularly. A pledge signed and then States government, not made good is worse than no pledge at all. The Liberty Loan, and War Savings imestmems are not only to carry on rhe war but to get the people to invest m their own game. The pledge cards which will be distributed are addressed 10 James Francis Burke m Pittsburg, hut the signer is not to mail the card. It will be turned in-to the canvassers for tabulation here. Ai the chaatauqaa last night pledge cards were given out and all canvassers will be supplied with. them. | Pledges ijm be paid m full when the t committee calls at a house, but it is not necessary. i On Friday night, when the final re' ports axe made the canvassers will be served ice cream. One man has I offered to buy the cream it someone ! offers to serve it. Hurley Opposes Vroliibition. XEX l.\ SKKV1CK WASHINGTON", Jun. 23.--Regula- tiqns soon to be issued by the War and. Navy departinenu. Secretaries Rpeistrntion of Female Aliens IVill I WASHINGTON, June 25.--Declaring Tlir.n he Completed. j tn ° nation cannot afford to conduct Tomorrow is the last day for regis-' experiments at this time, Chairman tration of alien females. Only seven! Hurley of the Shipping Board today ! women have appeared at"the city hall ,°PPOsed absolute prohibition, before ' thus far and it is known that more i t h e Senate Agricultural committee. j than that number should have en- i -rolled. I President nf Jtonnt Ternon. All the women that have registered j WASHINGTON, June 25.--President are middle aged. There have been no j Wilson will deliver a Fourth of July m ^- ,_,, ,_,, address at Mount Vei-non, Va., in connection with a celebration in which representatives ot all Allied nations VOTE LV FAL:, FXKCTTOXS. j young women. The law requires girls from 14 years of age up to register. Failure to comply with the registration law will mean a penalty. will participate. Probably sliowers tonight and Wednesday, is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature BecoriL 191S 1M7 Maximum 80 83 Minimum -- 61 59 .Mean 71 72 The Yough river fell during the night from 2.00 feet to 1.75 feet. COST OFHIGH LIVING That ii Trouble, Says EmnReHst, and Sot High Cost of liirini,'. Last night's service at tbe Church of the Brethier. showed a marked increase in interest. Evangelist M. J. Brougher made a special appeal on the subject "Opportunity." Speaking of the cost of living ie said it is "not the high cost of living so much as the cost of tKgh living." The subject tonight will be "What is the Matter Witii Conenllsville?" There will be a song service at 7.30 and the preaching service at 8. Dedicate Service Fliig. A service flag with 26 stars, representing the number of employes military service, was dedicated yesterday at noon at the plant o£ the Connellsville Foundry Machine Steel Castings company. The speakers were Attorneys Wooda N. Carr and John Duggan. RREWORKSBARRED Jlayor Orders Arrests for Premature Shooting of Exploshrcs. Complaints are being received "or the police about the premature shooting of fireworks. Mayor Duggan said this morning that no promiscuous shooting of explosives of any kind would be tolerated before the Fourth I of July, and the o'fficeis will make ar- I rests of any persons who violate the | ruling. I The nayor also added that no large fireworks would be allowed in the It is proposed to install the re- mainin^ units at the earliest possible date, in order to insure a continued ooke supply for the independent blast furnaces in the Schuylkill and Lehagh \alleys. WAR ENDS THIS YEAR That Is Firm Belief of ConMHsiille Boys at the Front A letter written by Samuol Inks to Kooser says that he and ten others are located at Neuf Chateau. He says Albert Rose is 30 miles from the front and has heard that Ross Wright's regiment was disorganized. According to the way it is figured out over there. Inks saye tie present German drive is the last one, and everyone thinks tie war will end this year. The letter was written on Decoration Day. "This is bbe first holiday I ever worked and 1 hope it « the last one," Inks writes. He says he talked to an American grri for the first time in four months. He saw her at a Y. M, C. A. He describes "the hole that we live in" as the "lonesomest spot in the world." Inks is with Company B, 20th Engineers. M.K. TO SUSPEND West Tlrginia Line tnable to Slake Ends .Icef, Says Statement. By Associated Tress. WASHINGTON, June 25.--Word city this yeai No shooting of fire-1 reached the railroad administration, works will be allowed in the city I today that the Morgantown King- streets. "We will not stand for hav- ' wood railroad, running 48 miles being these firecrackers going off under tweeu Morgantown and Rowlesburg, people's feet." said the mayor. "If W. Va., connecting with a number of they want to shoct them, they must be taken out the city" No big explosives will be on sale this year. The smaller bundles are coal mines would suspend operation July 1, because o£ a deficiency m earnings. Railroad administration officials Granted Divorce. Mrs Maria DeAngelis of Connellsville, was granted a divorce this morning in the Uniontowu courts, from her husband, Dominic DeAngelis. They were married January 28 and Mrs. DeAngelis alleged that her husband deserted her four years ago. ! already on display in some stores., said they would take no action to as' The annoying racket is the cause of · sure continuance of operation until j much complaint. ' the line had actually suspended I ~ '-- They intimated, however, that the Coal JlJncr Injured. , government would not tolerate actual ·While at work in the mines of the , shutting down of the line because it Washington Coal Coke company at serves coal mines, considered a war Star Junction yesterday, Emery Tre- j necessity, batski, suffered an injury to his back. I He was admitted to the Cottage State hospital for treatment. Baltimore Ohio Payday. The West Dnd division of the Baltimore Ohio railroad is being paid today. Connellsville division employes will be paid tomorrow. Barher Shop fitsi- Closed. Injunction proceedings instituted by Pasquale Grimaldi against John and Antonio Martin of Connellsville to restrain them from selling their barber shop in Connellsvjlle, -were dismissed this morning by Judge J. Q. Van Sv/earingen.

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