Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 3, 1972 · Page 58
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 58

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1972
Page 58
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SATURDAY 'I · WOAY-TV AIC-CU WSLS-TV NIC fTJj tlUEFlEiO [ fW WHIS-TV !·· uif* Cl»»KS«U«0 W8OV-TV CftS-NBC H'JN^INGfON WS*Z-rv N8C o ROANO-ce WDJIHY CBS WTAP-TV CM I H 1 IWINGTojN I WHTN-rV \ W5WP-IV M S E C N I HUWrlNGTON I WMUL-TV PIEEN September 9 MORNING 6:30 (0 Now 7:00 |0 Insight 0 Death Valley (0 Neighbors 7:15 (0 Point of View 7:30 O Farmbrook Q Uncle Hank i|0 Profile (0 RFD Q Monkees Q Cartoons |0 Blast Off 8:30 9:00 Underdog O O Bugs Bunny ©Q Puff'n Stuff J Q QD (D 03 Jetsons OO Sabrina ©'O Jackson Five Panther Q Chan Q Cartoons ©O Osmonds 9:30 BO (OfD© Houndcats O Q Scooby Do ©Q Movie 10:00 Q Q O D f D f D Roman Holiday 10:30 Q Q © © © Barkleys O O Josie Olympics O Virginian O Chan (0 ML* Football gj Films 2:30 Q Petticoat Junction O "When Worlds Collide" |0 O Wide World of Sports 3:00 Q Bill Anderson (0 TEA 3:30 O Sports Challenge (0 Roller Derby Q TBA 4:00 Q Reds vs. Giants QO Tennis 10 O Olympics 4:30 (0 News 5:00 Qf0(Q(0 Golf (0Q Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech EVENING Flintstones Sealab 11:30 Runaround 6:00 QO 6:30 Q (0(0(0 News 7:00 O Your Life Q |0 Welk (0 Kwiz O O (0 Hee Haw 7:30 Q Nashville Music (0 Tell the Truth AFTERNOON 12:00 Q Q :© © © Around the World O Batman O Archie ©O Phantom 12:30 OQ.©©© Talking to Giant QO Fat Albert ©O Lddsville 1:00 Q Wagon Train Q Roller Derby 'QD Wrestling © Good News © Theater QJ3 Festival ©d Monkees 8:00 O © © © Cheers for Redskins 0 Oral Roberts O O All in Family ©Q Olympics 8:30 QO Mary Moore 9:00 ft) Q (Q j0 (0 Ballads O O Van Dyke 9:30 QO Arnie 10:00 QQOJ) SB © Miss America QQ Mission Impossible © Rollin on River 10:30 © Survival 11:00 H 1:30 ©*|(D Bandstand 2:OOQ0(0 Baseball 10 Saint News Wrestling 11:30°Q "A Child Is Waiting" O "Pony Express" © "Creature from Black Lagoon" "It Cam« from Outer Space" "Jungle Woman" 12.00 OQ (J)(0 News © "Virgin Queen" 12:13 © Movie 12:30 Q "The Killers" Qj) "Guns of Darkness" Q News bWUWIS 21 [lour Star-Stm ded Spectacular Live from New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Nashville. SUNDAY 11.-30PM TVMovies Saturday "When Worlds Collide" (1951) **, 2:30 p.m., Q with Barbara Rush and Richard D«T. Woman," (1944) Evelyn Ankers. with "A Child Is Waiting" (1963) ***, 11:30 p.m., Q with Burt Lancaster and Judy Garland. 'Pony Express," (1953) **'/ 2 , 11:30 p.m., f) with Charlton Heston and Rhonda Fleming. "Creature of the Black Lagoon," (1954) ··;,. 11:30 p m © with Richard Carlson; * · * "It Came From Outer Space," (J953) "',,, win, Richai-d Carlson; Jungle 8s "The Virgin Queen," (1955) ***, 12:mid., © with Bette * · « Davis and Richard Todd. "The Killers,' (1964) **i/ 2 12:30 a.m., Q with Lee Marvin and Angle Dickerson. » · "Guns of Darkness," (1962) *, 12:30 a.m., (0 with Leslie Caron and David Niven. LIVE IN COLOR COAST to COAST PHONE IN YOUR PLEDGE TO ANY OF THESE TOLL-FREE NUMBERS W. Vq. A.C. 304 Huntington 529-2361--525-0381 Beckley 252-0621 Charleston 348-6950 Logan 752-6021 Parkersburg 485-1861 Pt. Pleasant 675-5290 OhioA.C.feU Athens 592-6691 fronton 533-0543 Portsmouth 354-7533 For the Benefit of Muscular Dystrophy Associations of America 1790 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019 CHARLESTON, W. VA. Olympic shoivs add spice to dreary summer season The quadrennial telecast of the O l y m p i a d has brought a certain freshness to the stale, dreary, summer television season of repeats and underfinanced variety shows. ABC has stinted neither time, manpower nor expense to make the Olympics THE ABC sports special of the year. With a five hour time difference between Munich, the slt« of the Olympics, and the east coast of the United States not much of the proceedings are brought to television viewers live except on the weekends. However I, for one, think the three or three and a half hour recap- ituatlons In the evenings are preferable to what live coverage we've had so far. Last Sunday afternoon, for instance, there seemed to be a paucity of events happening while the ABC live telecast was going on and, as a result, the programmers were stuck for something to show. They gave us more than a half hour of the volleyball competition--a sport which doesn't exactly make the old adrenalin flow. It was almost as boring as the Republican National Convention. In the night shows, on the other hand, the television producers are able to choose from tapes shot of all events that went on during the day and thus provide a good deal of variety and action. ABC spent several million dollars for ite coverage and In spite of th* fact that all commercial periods were sold for an impressive price, tb« network says they'll probably low money. The reason, mainly, is that ABC hoped the FCC would ease its time ruling and allow them to program an extra hour of Olympic coverage each night. (You'll remember that under an FCC regulation that went into effect this year, the networks were cut back on the amount of time they can use on local stations.) But the FCC said SUNDAY SOLO no and so ABC didn't get the commerical m o n e y they'd hoped to get with that extra 60 minutes. I think the FCC was very shortsighted in this. It should be obvious by this time that the time regulation, which was supposed to stimulate more original programming by local stations, hasn't worked. All that's happened is that we've been getting a steady diet of old shows ("I Dream of Jeannie") or cheap jack syndicated features ("What's My Line?"). At least, with the networks, we were getting new shows. But the FCC refuses to concede error and the time- restriction goes on. · * * A word about another summer special: The telecast of the Italian made "Life of Leonardo da Vinci" deserves high marks for effort but a slightly lower grade for execution. In the ABC show on Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, a little bit of tinkering with history was done from time to time. Nobody really minded. But on the show about Leonardo, every time the slightest deviation from the known facts--which are scarce--occurs the narrator feels called upon to tell us, "Of course, we don't know if it happend thin way..." So they don't know. So go ahead and do it anyway without making excuses. So long as they don't stretch the truth completely out of line. And a pox, too, on whoever had th« idea of having the narrator, in modern clothing, keep wandering through the 15th century action--and even, sometimes, take a hand. Narration should, I think, simply have been voice over--audio but no video. Its' still a good series, though. Capital City Horse Show Charleston Civic Center Sunday, Sept. 24,1972 (two sessions) Sponsored by the Charleston Lions Club in conjunction with the Governor's Food and Agriculture Show (Sept. 20-24) Advance Tickets: Good for both sessions Adults $1.00 Student $.50 Pre-school children admitted FREE with parents. Tickets availabl« from Lions Club Members or order from th» Charleston Civic Center Box Office. Also at th» Saddle Shop, Broad St., Charleston Proceeds Go To Lions ^Welfare Fund MMMMMi GA7.Jf.TTP.-MAIL

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