The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1918
Page 6
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FAtrK THE DAILY COURIER CONNEI,LSVILLE, PA. MONDA1 J UNE -4 MEMBERS OF BRAVES WILL RUN OUT HITS No Loafing Between Home Platter and Initial Bag. Incident in Exhibition Game Demonstrates That There It Always Chance for Unexpected--It- bell's Reputation -Saved _The members of the Boston Braves ar* running em out this seaon ' There s no Icnftng bct\veen the home Flatter nnd flrst base It isn t becauSL even member of tie braves doe^at know that h° sbouM hotfoot Jt to first on every ^ ~b4ll he hits either The Bravea know ..* tere s alwnvs a chcnce 01 a ground _"" b*H that looks 1 ke a. made-to-ordpr , poioutt or a fly tail that Is about to J "Slop into a "well { i -- B u t an Incident that haj pened this , ·spr-Jng during an exhibition game be-! tween the Bnvcs nntl lankeca at Charlotte Iv C made a lasting la 1 presslon on the Braves and what George Stalllngs Slid--deli ted by the t censor--will last ev en longer j -- Big Ed TConetchj slnppe* a hot sin gle to right field in fie ei^htt- tming ,, of the game In question It vis a Z. Clcan^hlt i( there ever mis one but i '-_ as Konev didn t figure hi could get j ^* laxther tbau Gist base he took his { ^Itime j rnnnln^: It out Result was t h a t ] ^T Koney went to sleep for nboat two sec i^tinfls, and In those two se-onds Prank -- Gllhooler scooped up tin ball and threw the bis fellow out it first base ~3J* about t TO feet ^ -- Konej was not onlv robl ed o* a hit fcut nl^ professional rnde wns prettv THREE GENERATIONS OF WALTER CASflPS SHOWN IN MOST UNUSUAL PHOTOGRAPH rni Walter Camp HI In his inns '^dly WranTwhat' he "heard Into* ************************** the bench ^sill not be forpot en All I the other members of tin. Proves sn\\ the plaj- and heard what Stalling had * The Chlrapn Cuba h i \ e been . to snj so they are not 1 able to for * no ted for years as ti tram that :^t!^ e t t° run pm °ut -The 1 * \e run o u t . J pe s goof 1 catcher^ l o r "vears LJL? number of long foul drives alreadj * Johnnv KJing w is th ran! Ing L"^l The incident of Konev leing thrown I * bickstop of the "Natlnml " ers at Sin Vntonlo Tex *-everil ~ «So during the meetlnjr there of the ~~ National association Old Bfild THE U0\ OP THL HILLS -In which "Will am ^ Ha t is seen in one of the best roles of his cireei is ocmg shown lodi}, Mr Han s blip poited b\ Louise Glaum .Cmd, "Mar kev Rea Mitchell Clara W i l l i a m s and otLoi screen sta~s of prominence Tl e picture is in five acts and the c orv is onx of unusual interest A. %o-)t\ Kejstono comedy is ^included The p* oduclJoa i* ill ilso be shown tomorrow ^ednc«daj Ca nifM M^ eis suported b in til sUi ci'-r will bo seen m \. Bioacwij fccaudi i five pirt Bluebiif 1 featuie Fh irs d-u KiU\ Goide." w i l l be featu cd in Fho InteilopdV a F v e pirt "Vvoild utracuon in \\ me i Miss Gordon ib scon in the role of Jane Cameron a j d i u g i l e r of the South It is a role t h i ca Ib fni effectncly intense ac tner iiid MJS*J Cordon jn\ests U P charactcruat on \ v i t h a foicc ind I humannesb which mikes it a ncmoi able o lort Otbci member i of the c iM ire li \ ing Cu minings, fianit \ l u and George MioQuainp "Yi rtij md saturdiv Miriso K r n n n d v . w i l l ippcai in P'u DL,II"CI Oatnc ' M i r j Cardcn in X ^pie-dirt Sin [ n e t inci Tb^di D ira m Ju Ba n i ° V ^_ ^° n I uicini I H I vrn This unusual photo bhows three generations of the family of WaHor Camn | Starting od'Tj- Arthur H a u k s Bon noted for his pre-eminent position k in the -fliletu wo-hl Seated on tht cdg«. j Bon R u u e Lorapanv opens a week, of tbe chair is VTalter Cnmp Sr, in his uniform a* coinmissic ner of athlptirc, of uisa £ement at the Aicade theatre the United States n a ^ j In the. c h u r is Capt \ \ u l t e r Camp Jr with H«t e f t a t U m g lex Murcotlc a.nd Int. Ken ned\ Fb b coinpanj presents dunns, t- week tbret, complete changes o p o^ram fed Muidock who has noticed that Ludcrus Ind a timlt nc\ n i tcon T.V th se\era3 Ligc musical com stop f o r u a r l ind throw his hot*., in cd es and pioduuions will be lie front of tlio -)Iate a" he propirw t i c h e f f i n maker tins, week Damt^ swing a( *h lta.ll o« to n Kol f : Ins Konnedj w i l l bo -cmembeieil that %\ w n f itnl ueil n»^s rii pMtl from lJ bcabon at the Arcade w i t h golfer i] \ ns tlirons T js brt \ i n t r ihe H i u k * uuu^hinc G rls SPCL al i^rt swing Jt is corf h th t l f the bo lj cd ittriction \sill he tbe Ole )a/ 7 Kors formrd first the onlv po^er T( I oui four clover fiiagers ind c^jn mamiiR in the ^"Vin^ is th t of the c c r s that \ \ i l l p r e s e n t someth n^ new arms alon* | to Loiinell^Mllc in the w a j of ^mg olf pert was in the recalls a gtuue pH\ed by old tim * inague nnd after he i\ent back J the Ctibs had inother slur lu tJie ix.rson of Jin trr Arrher . e A f or J.rmm pnssod from t h e * , , oted hat w h e n T uderu*? ^ n ddanung; Liul dancing 0^ tlie screen On the scresu _~ game He singled cleanlv to right field "T^i. a?id stumbled as ho started toward ^Tfirst base The right fielders throw £T b*nt Izzy to first bv abont a step and !^ "vhen Izzj saw "he was OUT he ^e'led to "ZZ Ole first baseman to drop the throw T^JT'MnfC it TOU bis stiff, mnfiT ft r ~ Shouted Izzy "or my reputation s ; rained Remember I m the onlr sny thit ever got four two-bugger 1 ; in a Z. worlds series game" And the first baseman mnffed it "DUKE" FARRELL IS NOW r - UNITED STATES MARSHAL tlub got Bill Killefor The Yankees in recent voirs have been specialising the same ^ay The capture of B 11 \V liters was a master sfoko as IIL is rited toda% QS one of the best mask men in the game ?ow the "X anks come up with another stir bad stop Ham Hannih Meanwhile Miller Hurcfiis Ia- sists that Muddj Kutl is one of the be«t 301111^ catchers he ever sa\i Tom Clarke a fetcadj veteran Also is with the team Hug gins surely is veil Used in catch Ins til en t his hit stince n thf* nnfp tlu H coit.htd LmUrus n hi* : J called it find 0^1 U in d *iu of Kottltij; t if* fan P bp Mow Tudenis t i i d t u n l 1BFATUI. . _ -In the por after i tin f bepnn tn belt tho 1 nil w i t h traiil of wesieni characleis of a dis te-nfic f irtf And anj big lo-igu pi \ u n c t anc i Mnle lypo ^jjuam S Hart er will tell 3011 now tliat Lu lerus ee- 1S pe *-hips the best known m thL cinema w o r l d picture The tainly has i xvallrp Mr Hart ha* a new Tigct \fin directe ] GOOD PLACE FOR YOUNGSTER) Kid Pitcher Who VS orl cd Out So Weil in TV jrning Pract ce Saved for Decoration Day Confluence, VETERAN PITCHER !S AN OFFICER IN ARMY CO \_FLOUSCL Many vesrs npo w U n Cm nie Mack M r s J o n n was the Milwaukee cntclipr t i e cluh opened the -vcaann w i t h ^ t \ f r n i sol ^rm vet nn p i t t l a r s T h e n w n s OOP iojns s t r w i t h t b r ul \ I I d n i t o n i p f n i f i of tluti irr lj]p -o ill v SPIJ t Im ro tlu slib 3Ulu uikc» \\ LS bent t n S M Q U i ^ Ul e Ib f 1 Th* pit her waa d ^ \ n c i "ho umpire didn t g i \ e n o n^ ('i b*»sL i)f t he sflid j \ n \ nf nn "1 b N replied Joe C m u l l m ( n o r h r a r t l£ie -emnrlc n e a h opp n 5 butters pi\e jou i . of it The U 1 \\nlt-erl n f f i n a 1 nff f nme "Mrrk luniMl [ i C a n t i U o n i H -u t i n foi iho 1 ij 1 o «ai I x e v, r t 1 ir \ s n h ! in r\ r^ mormru f r tin. tu w eU^ and he look ti l u l c h t v i did th t i best Cant Hon pulled his pf'·k t rt n f~l n *xi o\ : The i \t tttti n ,. i, (rj K tlon d i\ o inlt 1 e rr-tmrl (he Hitl pile 1 r for !_ia infielder Volfe I n f i e l d r rt f^ f r! ·-nl i lo th ntje \i K nciu as-auiiLloi Sold -^ Charles A Parrel 1 o ·· Marlboro ^~ VfTss., noted major league '*· 3lnyer and known on nnd oil the dla- ^ 3iond is Duke I"i u 1 h" 4 - o^-en np- £* iQlc'ed a d e p a t \ L n t d t»t lies JTF ·*" ·'hil b Lnltecl Siiufes il ir n r l Mit whcll of, Tosfon I H. For he last thice j e r 5 - Farrell h s Zl reached the ^ov lorl tTin of the *- -Since he w ir °tnrted ho 1 °s Tantetl , -- to**da aomerhm for I K go\ eminent Tjd ho f t e w thit I iow «-rl_ \ \ n h ha ' 3~a, ^. picked up In his nn u joins of ti ellng w i t h h --eboll te uns and nyetiiiEC countless i^opk w i l l be a ral aaL e aih to him 11 la-* new w o i L | G R ! F F I ~ r i A ^ I C GOWDY * A R E G I V C N P R A I S E It tprnp bi B b* 1 !! owes more _ ir! f r t r t t r i t t in it tner pflj him V h rh( rtn n nr s] t i n t T* ijepn e]uu c n« i nf i is tpim mm nr UK ho or^ni/ r °-t e s n 1 s bit n I I il! f n 1 frr mr soldiers in I i ^ n c Tt 1 n- be* 11 a tr^men dou° success ina s i n-n c'tr-v me: nn under its n \ \ n momen LEARNED FROfs/l GOLF EXPERT J rrilra t°4 eC ins?" 1 ^T^cl * '"" '" Cflpt 1 1\\ird I L i n t i D K C u i l l n rt aieml ercd h\ f u ^ ib a mom b r of the iJcToit 11^,1 r^ pitching stufl u d ' u r \ \ i t h t n c Lionl feds After q u i t t i n ^ IiM-tmil ho vns i ii-of«_bsor in i dental col! sc He entoi 1 the irniv i "5 a lieutenant nd wis lat^ l\Tnc^d oz oimle j j a course of studj Ho is no \ in I ranee Jirnp 2i --^^r and o r near Mouat Zion ere visiting and *aopp tig m t o w n ! ^itutia \Ir«- H P Mevors and son Paul) axe let rued from a \isit with f r u n d s -a I iarlcsb rg \\ \ a N\ s Bo\v rs w h o is a patient at C \\ l^TTJitr hospital is impro\ s OM^IJ a tis willing C Show anr 1 A.dam Parnell of Jlonrv CIa t o w n s h f p were among ho h* 1 i l e business MSitor hei e b a t u d a ^ M r s \\ Ji am hi i n worth o-nd cnugh i r I o n i s e were recent visitoi to Lonnollsvj Jo \irs ^ i l lam h o w e l l has returned o 1 er home in Rochestu Pa ifler Mining her raoth'i ^ is \l K r n ch min 1 ere '-eseial d a \ s Mrs lo* pph D ekson of Connelly ^i le \vab a leceat \ bito-- with Mr and Mrs John Divis of the \Vest Side Mi 1 "- Mine Younkm w e n t to Greens b u r g batuidaj to visit friendb M i s H \ Prince and little daugb, ei hd\e rettti ned o then home 10 l o t tlill ifter \isiting friends at I H » iod City i ev, davs ^ ill Mil! a well known voung mac nr Ul hson Pa vas greeting friends in own ^aturdax Mr*- John \ \ L ' « \ e r Mstted ^ aud I Mrs A\ B Coa vi\ at Rockwood d feu ria^s last week George Mil! d w ell t n o w n voung m in of Addisor \vas here Saturday 0" his \\i to Beliiiro 0 fiorr w h i c h ' r o i n t he w i l l go to a training camp ind p"epirc to do his bit to help lick t h e kaiser ^ lule out of r IT r i r i d h S nn D torn his What Ho Wan*s to Lc^-n Pi i "T\ ell mv son * "Cnn t %ou t tl c me out of m* neb- I *· school I ra ,-uin^ to ant send me o of thc^e ofTcer* nnlns scliools | I so much about" I Fred Luderus Who Had Habit af Step ping Forward at Plote le Shown Error of his Ways. he ^avo OT s of qo pt earnest ( f f i r t to nnklng it succeed orhmr] llnnk Go^tl s glorl ous c roer i nd *i iffith s bnt and fill f i n d will strike nost fan? Mtko Good Munition J With Wluch to F.gbt the Kw»er Cooi- It is «.iirt th it I re the most il in 0 erous b ttcrs in the N i tmnal It if,ue r t t l l v t ocime in effcc ti* e 1 at er throuj,h the, 'nstmctlons oi a golf evnert. Luderus one oi * as basebnll h foremost tfft to the * -- I p l u r m s in New -- L m U Tribune imtracUoQs for w«r ,, m DO swat U tbe rc*Aera of tKu upon applicatcon to « N*- txtcoj War Garden CotvmtMion, Wati-' injgton, D C,, endo*xnf * twx-cct for STOVES "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 15-t-lSS M est Crawford Avenue.isucccssors JLeonJird 1 urnihire Co. Every day we receive notices from manufacturers of advances in prices--these advances are bis and will naturally make a decided difference in dealers prices. While our present stocks last we will maintain the same big values that has jumped the Big Store Near the Bridge into such immediate popularity. Therefore it is to your interest to buy now while these stocks last. 'eriod Furniture For the Bed Room, Dining Room and Connellsville's most up-to-date showing of matched Period Suites for every room will be found at the Zimmerman-Wild store. These Suites are authentic reproductions, refined by a touch here and there of the modern craftsman. All finishes are represented. June Brides Will Save a Third Here on New Period Furniture Vre Jxchtsne ConneJJsi file incuts I or STRADIVARA PHONOGRAPHS A FARMER carrying an ^^ express package from a big mailorder house was accosted by a local dealer Why Jttfn't you baj that bdi of goods from me? I could nctc ssced you the crp/cis and betides you UKHxld ham been pafrontsnj f Acme store which help* pay tliz taxes and builds up tfi s /c^a/Ty The farmer loafed al the m i c^ant a moment and Men sad ffTty dan t you patronize your home paper and advertise? I read il anddtdn tkrQwfhatycafaatl'ricatQjf I AaCc lier.' MORAL--ADVERTISE EEAD THE COUSIER Do Yon Make A Good Deal 01 Money But Save Uttle? Do j o u w coder what become:, of it and do you wish to find ouf I a \ o u r bills \\ th checks Tliat ivill show you where the mop»-i goes and what iiems m i g u be eu out "Vour checking account large 01 sirall its we conic at tins bank. 129 TV Crtmford ATC,, ConnellsTllle. "The Bank that Does Things for Ion" liberal Interest on Time Deposit* BECOME EXPtBT SAViB An account ·mth the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania will pro\e valuable to you The safeu afforded and liberal interest al- lov,ed are good incentives for regular deposits thus helping you to become an expert saver This 1= the only bank in this community paving 4 cr interest on. Savings Accounts --atromze Those Who Advertise 1) HO SAID VACAlIOtf Bj EDWBfA f ' ICEC FELLETJS' MO S-SCHOOU THIS L -tAi f-^- \flC VJOrv T H/VJC NDTH1N TO2JO 3l/r GO £ w (/*% *vi rw" AW PrSKiv', "BALL, AN .SC^SR, ftiV CIRCUS.ftK YOU "TO r^OViJT.. _. .__ ,. ftN HaBTH- GAFiagN, ANB "ROW A OP EPRfi.NIXS'FO'H f~ | YOU'RE "RESTW6- y VOO CAW

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