The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 2.4, 1918. 'THE D4ILY COURIER. CONNELJLSV1U J2. FA. PAGE AMERICA CALLS BIG BUSINESS CHIEFS Fired with, Patriotism- TO FIGHT BEHIND FRONT TRENCHES Great Increase in Post Service of Y. M. C. A. for Soldiers in France Requires Genius of Nation's Best Executives. He Feels Jhe Call for Brains. H*n la a rait, almost unlimited .«M Jta ooaUoiic* the metUe of the tj hqalacM emcatrta. It 1» fla- ,-ortd witi a dash of adventure. It A WSTMBtrnNG organisation followed promptly by the formatto* "K- ** » b! 6 business ttat Is done their establishments In winter and wit* a $78,000,000 annual of a tremendous business organiia- through the Post Exchanges, al- to fix a low rate. taiDOTdr taBbts the »erv- tlon to buy, transport, distribute though they are comparable only to This business branch o( the T. 'cea of high class executives from and Bell to American boys tbe five and ten cent stores. The bust- M. C. A. which was organized to the rank* ot Me bmataws concerns, things they wanted. Bess done since this work was taken Introduce American business et- ?I»o ol baela*aa examtrre ability A tremendous business organita- up will reach J20.000.000, and care- ficoncy into the war zone, tba »r» wanted, man of constraeUre ttan, yes. but one In which the ex- *ul estimates show that the annual General Supply Division, consints nullity, m«n wto can »olve traruv ecutives eerre without pay. an or- turnover will be between $50,000,- ot the purchasing department, am- portatloa prohloms men who can ganization which' takes no profits, *** *nd $75,000,000, probably more, Btractlon department, building ;=*B cat and · fiirect the work in but which, In its swift, competent based .on the number ol American, equipment department, pout ex- Krl* sMrieta. men who cam tackle mastering of the situation, has troops announced tor Franc* by changa department, motor traoa- ··»w uabcariof problems, men sbown the European peoples how midsummer. portntion department and lie ho- vao will gire themsetves unre- American knxmees ability fane- "The American soldier craves the tels and cafes department «rv»*fr to the task, und abore all tlons supremely wltboot the Jncen- edibles and smokes which were his COCT OF THP H\rra .-ajaa ot character. live of money profits. favorites at home. This need is _. ~T ,, , ' " n " u r a - j .- ^ particularly strong because an the J" 16 purchasing department buys WORK FOR BUSINESS MEN. confectionery and pastry stores of the supplies in France, Spain and This explains whj. following the France are cloaca, and because no Switzerland. Toe construction 4*Has American Big Business went American tobacco fs sold in France, Pa-rtmenl erecta the "Y" huts whero to France with tbe Bod Triangle as and there is a shortage of French T '° Permanent building can bo ob*"" *"~ Its trade mark and sign, with sterr- tobacco" tnfncd. These huts are oC two -,.,,(« ,« t«.n .»»ht *, "SS^ ice as its object. Because it has possibly a few figures wHl sue- H 5 ?"· tia """S 18 hc " b *i* 1" fer " wS^J^Si l^Sttve rStoJ *"* *°°* overwhelmingly, that gat strlWly th? stee of the W ««*, costing 60.000 francs, whlta r %^*? £v^ iSff ILr^SS K^ Mangle is tbe magnet which nxmthly business done by this or- a *«ble tot K erect costs 90.00C ·r the buatoess world, and more 4rmwB Tery ^j^^ sojofc, ga,^^ lt ^VL^ B thousand anra . ^tog vx by 90 lest baa* .e responojna. overseas, tons of bar chocolate, 1,600 tons of J^f 8 ""^ cannot bo erected The salaries erf theae hi**, re- one has to concede it is a big crackers, similar quantities of can- durable canvas-walled tents are put .vjRsJcle executive poaKjacs to- business organixation which oper- dy, and fruit, and 500,000 cans o£ "P- Aside ream these the "T" hat oirics die outlay.ot mHBou are mtes ,,,,} keeps supplied sir hm jam, while the demand for tobacco ma7 be a «ng-oat m a trench or a ·-notatng. dred Post Exchange* wtth the Is estimated at 4,500,000 cigars and section of a chateau,--anywhere Tils «onn*8 stranvo, hot is n« American Expeditionary Forces 10,000,000 cigarettes a month, with *° ** a^ong the soldiers, -.ore paradoxical than th» date- now, and who ftve thousand pro- 3,000,000 boxes of matches retrairod Tn * baildhig equipment depart -·.»nt tt=t this great dUrtrttmtlnc Jected when tbe American Army for lights. Oceans of hot cocoa, men t attends to the iighang, heat this widespread telling reaches high tide--an organization coffee and tea cross the hut coon- ***£ and decoration ot bat; and Uu . with Its certainty of a which conducts a donen. hotels and lera, together with, ssndwichee, ""PPlJtag of idlchun uteonOs. The . 00 tcmoTer this eoin- restaurants, theatres, and used two among which the Coney Island P 03 ' exchange department consUiUi year aas «o profits--tn money, hundred motor trucks for trans- "red hot" is a favorite. "* tila Dut secretaries, atany of : l«ut porting supplies which demand a These wares are sold at wbote- v:hom serve without pay whflo th* The erganlMit«»n m queetleii Is monthly transatlantic tonnage of sale prices, plus tranaportattun, others zro paid their liring ox- ia General Supply DrvBJon of tbe M* *a* Ihr «aeh «nry drrtsJon. and Insurance. No store rental or Damcs - Th* motor trangponatioo f M a A. War Work Council Buyfcm selling, buiMtae, eqtripptog, eterk hire is, charged agxhist the department, witt its more than 28« ·*Hh the \raer!ra Bipeatttetoair U»»«porttnE and eoudTxtlng are Poet Exchange. Any margin to de- ;2IK loiis transports »nppBe», Bund- JFoice*. *^° SfB ainalem Into which thi* roted to free difllrilinUoc ot iot ^^ material and entcrtatoerB from .,.,,....,,.--,«.,, w»«* tiO*, and the coonHnattng of drills in front Ime trenches. point to point. The hctelc and THE GaEAT OHGAN'ZATIOW ajj jnto go^ perfect operating mm- b»neiT crvn v x cafes department conducts the rast A trier explanation of wkat tall chine was an acoomplbhment Ho ^suriT FDrf T. m. c. A. hotel and restaurant work. -SUilxatka: i and of tfe* xnltltu- worthy of the best American bust- 1 want to emphasize the fact Tbe department beads form a r.033 BtUrities of ttt Y. it. a A. ness tnwlitinyy that no profit ts taken from these board ot maoasemEnt iihien moots ^ Ii* -oar HOC ts neceoawr ken. IB-. E. C. Carter. Genera] Bee- sales." said Mr. Sheets. "We team dafly tor cmzraaing on the wnrk 'iny aeapje in this coontly be- retary of T. M. C. A. mr Work that stories hare filtered bacfe here and eoortinmthig ft. The chairman »v» fko Assodation'3 work In orcneaa. Js Use director, of an the *° l ° e effect tbat the Y. M. C.. A. is of this body sits on the executive raiee «»»teti of doing reBgioni ore«nizat!aa* acttrttlag In France, profiteertng in. this Hae. Thst is comnrtttae of th» War Work Coon- r semi-relistotu work, holding To organize tne actlTibes haTtng abeolntety untrue. The reports cH in France, wblch deddes the pcl- -tyer raeeMags, handicg tmt teata- to do with, the Poat Ewhange tea- probably bare their origin in the icies, expenaitauos, budgets, etc and proridlng lectures. As tmrea, from top to bottom, be culled **ct that the prices of certate ar- The financial end 5s oandled by two . catter of fact, these feattres hj Amartean baatoeiM execatrtes. tWee sold to the birta are higher dapartmeots, the treasurer's and uprise only a fraction of the Tast one of tbeee inen Tjtatty respons- **an «ney are In tbe cheaper Bbopa the comptroner'a. f ctjrittes of tho organhatlon. And ible for tbe rocces* of the organ- nwe. Tne eiptenatlon of this is The eo3nptrolIers-aihohs,Tecluave h!s article fci to a»a] with only one jiatloo. BaTold t. Sneeta, jreat- T ««7 «torple. of the accoanliag, are Pttes Watsr- .·aass Ki the serrtee to tie Ameri- dent of (he Vacuum Oil eomp«»le« "Lack of transportation, is the house and Company. The budget tan (Kltliers In France nesnmed byi O f France, Spall ud Switzerland, aaiwer. For tne transportation o* of eaca. department ·"""i biro toe :U» Y. M. C. A.--suddenly, unex- ^oj IB New To* lait i«ek, Askea n »* euppBes to Francs we esthnat- approval of the heads c* other oe- · 3ct«!!y, -jcacaaiit, bot not shirked. -What can a big business man do ·«! »« required monthly 20S ocean partmeats, \rhlle «hs ftml compiste Wien' the T-. M, C. A. aeeom- t o be trf serrtce to tbo soMiera?* tons for each, atrteion. We baTe budget mast be approrod by "the ^=z^»d tho first Anterlean Kxpedl- he told of the organization and been able to get only hah* of chat execntrre eammiUce. ·iocsry Forces to France, locating scope of the General 9*nply I* * roni *°* government, owing to the Tata compact. eompreoeariTB or- i« eactera er "huts" Sn every eamp, yjalon. Deeesslty of allotting piacUcany all fanlzxMoo. modeOe-J along Hues of ;!i» Amertean milttary command Mr. Sheets formerly Bred to cargo space to positive necessftiee. a great eorpoiatftin, eiplaiUs the «:^«1 tae crfnnizatton to establish Chicago. For several years bo has *" o«der to raae wp tbe estimated BtrcceEstul atKaaSaa ft tba store -^.i to coaStKt Post Kxehanges tn jhred to Parts. Jt the call of the 1M testa (KrlsJon amonth w« had featen suddenly added t» the T 1 '.b» huti, aiores Trtere the soWler y; jr. c. A. he became a member to buy on the ConttDeDt or seek M. C. A, acUvittea. ft Jg fke force] lOuM Vuy sna,H comforts he en- o f tbe. Biecutive Commtttee o* the tonnage tn the open market, at behind tta conttounos soaplyiirg to JojinJ at ktaao, candy, gum, to- ·,, Work Coancll, taking charge prohibitive rates," tne American tegtooe, far Eroni bacoo, act eoSee. tea or cocoa, of purchasing and supply. To obviate toe, necessity of ocean hornet the Ettle creature cantforli swest. aracto.-!!. toDet accessories p-rrrimva-« ncMAMnrn tren «portatlon of a principal sah» wWch. suggest hnwe to them,-wahft «6fk«iaE8. The reason the mift- BIG _ EXECUTtVCS DEMANDED, eommodtry, the "Y- practically contcnmto to keepjng them ca Ciry aiithcrJUei requested a clTil- "The demand lor eaeentlres in maintains three chocolate bar lac- tented awt a^ay from rhsrc«ton-- 3a orsaEi^aaon to take orer this this work to serre tbe American tortes io France, but the- sagar baa powerful ufife to Jt» nwrafc at era cask x*» that at only a few points soldters overseas was nerar great- to be sent from America. Tbe or- army. Without profit, md conduct- ·s-ere tb«re An»y Quartermaster's er," said he. "There is a great gaatntloa leased ftve large hotels ed on the- Bnes of highest efBctencT ''ores, wafle £ae "Y" had nats demand for executtres to go o»t In Paris for tbe accommodation of this laataEkaDle organteatiOE to srerjTfkere. Into tbe big camp*, sort ot kraoch American soldiers there, two hotels samjugronr soldters as never tetMra This was an mJ«i««iar ipaere managers, yoa might say. Tbe aad a cafe m the city where Is an army was served !-.? O« Y. M. C. A. Kueh work various hots radiate from these located the American, headquarters BJg business men answered tbe 1 » far renrored frda its eusto- biff caup centres, wWch in tun Ine at communication, and a big can to oirgaateo ttds vork tceetr iry actjTWes, But tt ^»a» an of- radiate Irom Paris headqaattera, restaurant -Kith rest and readtee Jromfte weaitltotetab- experience' · -nunlty to he of greatest serdce In each eentral hut then b needed rooms at Bordeaux. ft nerves f» preeant orory act aa( ihe American soldieri. «o mtnta- a buatoess man, constroctlon ex-. When Abt lea Bams vae satocted fence must grow coitstonthr enenn- · -r to their aonaal BhysUjal neeio. pert, aa automobfllst, a motlom as the rest place for Amertcan soW- onsly nnta i*e HUE ft orercoma. · "he answer to toe Anay was a picture expert and a* expert to 1 ere on leave, the "T* persuaded the Tire Y, M. C A. Sospce must tttnr in _.ny accept-^ce. And this waa eltctrJcal oroileaiak, hotel owaeai ot that ptoco to open pcoportloa TO ALL WOMEN WHO ABE ILL This Woman Recommends Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound--Her Personal Experience. McLenn, Neb.--"I want to recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound' to a l l women who suffer from any functional disturbance, as it has done mo more good than all the doctor's medicine. Since taking it I havs a fine healthy baby girl and have gained in health and strength. .My husband and I both praise your medicine to all suffering women."--Mrs. JOHN KOPPELMANN, E. No. 1, McLean, Nebraska. This famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, has been restoring women of America to health for more than forty years and it will well pay any woman who suffers from displacements, inflammation, ulceration, irregularities, backache, headaches, nervousness or "the bines" to give this. successful remedy a trial. For Bpecial suggestions in regard to yonr ailment write Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result cf its long experience is at your service. 10 DOUBLE THE SALES IN JUNE DID YOU EVER BUY After Baby's Bath 20,000 nurMi will tell you that nothing keeps the akin BO free from soreness aa Sykes Comfort Powder i ltd extraordinary healing and «oothing power ii noticeable oo ftra* application. 25c at the Vlnol and ether drug stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Maai. Yough House Under Xcir Xanagemeni. A Clean Quiet Place lor Your Family to Eat. Let Us Know What You "Want and How You Want It. GOOD SERVICE. Mrs. C. J. Armstrong, Prop, This is what our Shoe Manager promised at a short meeting with the Department Managers of the Jlig Store. So they agreed to turn over this entire ad. exclusively to tile SKOK DEPARTMENT, and Tre, ourselves, are conrinced tliat he meant exactly what lie said, as these arn (he greatest bargains in tint history of our Shoe Department The other departments have no advertisement -today, 'bnt they promise some ·wonflerfnl surprises thronghont the store. 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STRAUS CO« ESTABLISHED 1882 INCORPORATED 760"JSKOAD"WAY, SEW IOKK. MmoMpoU, Su IY»nt)»co Phil»dclphia Kino. Citr D.rton Thirty-six Years Without Loss to Any Investor Chtomge Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. QCXXXXaCXXK9OOOOOOCXOOCXXMOOCXXKXXXX»CiOOOOOOOOpOOOOOOOo2 ··PSTF. TT''K-- c ' "" i'- n ".-- o~i»-- '- ^-o.«~^ t^ Dpatli By C. A. VOISHT

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