The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, June 24, 1918
Page 3
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MONDAY, TONE 24, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELL3VILLE. PA. PAGE THREES. NEWSY NOTES TELL *7 WHAT'S HAPPENING ' I N THE ML TOWN Three Exquisite Daytime Frocks Special Service for Knights of Malta in M. E. Church. WAR SAVINGS URGED ON PUBLIC Special Reference to the Campaign of This Week Made in Searty All the Churches; Yonnt: Men Enroll for "arnegie Tech Training School. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Juno 24.--Tbo Knights of Malta enjoyed a special service at the Methodist Episcopal church yesterday morning. Rev. "William Hamilton, pastor of the Jacobs Creek Methodist JJpiscopal churca, preached the sermon. The center section was reserved for the knightb . and each man V.-CTP ·* red rose.' Rev. Hamilton gave a history of the lodge j which dates back to the time of| Christ, telling ho*' the Knights o f ; Malta were bandetl together, a bos- ! pitable people, to entertain those who ' came to Christ's festival on - t h e island of Maleta, later known as Malta, and that this i* the\prigin of the name. He used as his test. "The Good S.maraton." Churches Boost Stamps. Scottdale churches made a special DfTort yesterday to drive the need of the buying,of "tt'ar Savings Stamps home and with this in view a certain amount of time \vcs spent in each church. At the Presbyterian church there were special services last evening of a patriotic nature. The sermon topic was: "The Sword of America." tV. r. T. V. XeeUng. The Westmoreland county W. C. T. The smart woman of today Improves each shining hour of snmmer by taking her knitting everywhere she goes, and by wearing frocka ranch like tbose that help to make the three graces pictured above, look so lorable. These frocks are of a sort to make even the Jaded millionairess grow Interested, and everyone else, who knows anything about clothes, to grow enthusiastic. . They have everything thnt we aspire to In our apparel--simplicity, style, refinement, originality--nil within the boundaries set by the season's art- Important items rn Its make-up, j and the sleeves are especially smart, i with'deep shaped cuffs. The tunic la ! bordered with a braided band--the \ bmld In the color of the dress and the ! neck finished with small, covered but- ; tons set In a row at eccli side. It will be noticed that a tailored hat is worn with this daytime frock. Silk jersey, for which satin or fonl- ! ard might be substituted. Is shown in j the skirt nod coatee clRsifm at the right ; of the picture. The sailor collar nnd tunic are finished with embroidered modes, and they are not out of the ; bands, end they define the sides of the U. executive meeting was held S a t - j rench O f wome n ,of ordinary means, j bodice also. The mnch-ndraircd cov- urday afternoon in Scoudale. Those j j t is nar(1 to point out just whnt . erpd buttons In precise rows add their attended ^ere Mrs. W. H. Spang- j g i ves distinction to a frock as simple [ nent charm to this exquisite dress. ~ ~ All these frocks have wide, crushed } girdles, adjusted easily to th« figure wno auenrten were Mrs. ^\. H. bpang- , g!ves d [ st!ncti0 n to a frock as simple [ r ler, Huntingdon. Pa,: Mrs. F. E. An- i n design as that worn by the girl sit- j firews, Irwin: Mrs. George TV. Ston- ting at the left. It lies in the choice j i or, Mosul Pleasant: Mrs. W. W. Eicher and Mrs. Lucy A. Pool*. Scottclale. Arrangements ^vere Tnade . for the county convention which will be held at West Newton September 5 of material, in good hues and in the I below the waistline, and are worn with wide band of embroidery about the skirt with Its motif repeated to finish the neck. Khaki-kool, or similar fab- ; rics. would be a pood choice for It, i i pumps and silk stockings -- footwear j thnt Is In keeping with them, or some oC the heavy weaves in silk or Birthday Party. ST. tin that are supple like those made Little Miss Elizabeth Lipps was ! for the handsomest Bports .skirts. The given a surprise party at her Broad- * embroidery Is done In the color of the way home in honor of her ?iifh ; dress with touches of black or a dark birthday. The gar-sts were Ann.i-j color Introduced. Oyster-shell white, bolle and Una Browning, Sarah M e - j grey or sand color are good choices for Dowell, Imogene Forest and Nondar. I this dress. White of Scotttfale, and. Evelyn Honp of Conne!I:mlle. Tho chaperons were Miss Ella Grossby. Miss Margaret O'Hara and Miss Nancy Linps. Will JJectlYr Diploma. The one-piece tunic dress at the centrr appears to be of satin with over-bodice and apron drape, at the front, of georgette crepe. The two iocs tnspfils at each aide of the nprou Millinery Styles. There are deflnite characteristics to be noted in the spring end summer millinery and the styles of the season. are almost nil charming. There seems, In fact, to be an obvious dismissal of weird and freakish shapes and trimmings, and a firm adherence to those thnt are truly attractive and beantl- fnL Miss Annabelle Brown of this place will be among the ?ever. nurses , 4TrnTf , Ar T¥Ir n , w to graduate at the Fraternal Hail a t |pJ£$L5 UjV IHIj jUAY McKees Rocks tomorrow evening wh«n the nurses who have been in training at tie Ohio Valley General 'hospital will receive diplomas. 'To Enter Training Scliool. Two Scottdale boys have already enrolled in the Tech Cainp which will : open at Carnegie Tech about July 1. ; f u n e r a l They are William C. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. John 'S. Miller, anc! a graduate of the Scoudale high sciioni, 'class of '17. and Joseph D. Knov/les, a graduate of this year's class. Plain Yaets. We told the publir. in plain and unmistakable language that we expect- AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Services Hefld Church of God for David S. Fox. at MANY OF HIS FAMILY IN WAR :i ed to win of success to i Committees Arc Named lr tlie Patri which this store w.-.s entitled on the strength of our values. The public now has the opportunity to put that j statement to the test. "\Ve are out to j louble our June business by offering j values.that we consider tie best i n ! Spcci:U to The C °" rler - Pcottdale and vicinity in~"most w a n t ; ilOUNT PLEASANT, Jane 24.--RDV. ctl merchandise. week's crowds j S. Pulmcr. assisted by tbe Rev. Mr. i p.-oved to use that the public is alive Lol)b of Alverton, conducted tlie f u : to their interest. It seemed as i f ; neral of David S. Fox at the Church of j everybody who practices thrift and : God Saturday morning. Mr. Fox had j economy waf here. They were n-pll^JiS grandchildren and,, fifty Four pillow cases, 20 suits imjamas, 32 hospital bed shirts, 4 pairs bed socks, 4 face towels. 2 hot water bottle covers, 10 triangular bandages, 10 uuderdrawers. 12 undershirts, 1 pair wristlets. 3 sweaters, 6 pairs socks. Bridgeport unit--Twelve hospital bed shins. 28 face towels, 2 Belgian dresses, 2 Belgian skirts. Tarr unit--Twelve sheets, 24 pillow casiis, 20 hospital bed shirts, 5 pairs j bed socks. 20 bath towels, 36 wash cloihs. 30 bed jackets. 16 bedspreads. United Presbyterian uriit--Sixteen hospital bed shirts, IS undershirts, IS ur.derdrawors, 20 substitutes for handkerchiefs." 4 pairs socks, 1 pair wristlets, 1 helmet. , Lutheran u n i t -- E l e v e n hospital bvd undershirts. 10 under- bedspreads, 14 operating otic Leagne lor the Observance of -. . . . , , . , . shirts, 10 Independence Dar. and AM Mortons: i dravvers ± . Hard to .Huk« Big Event a Sncctss.j towels, 13 buckles and straps, 6 pairs bed socks. First Baptist unit--Ten pillow cases. 29 face towels, .Methodist unit --FiDteen pajama suit*. 2 pairs bed socks, 1 Belgian t i u i l t . 1 pair wristlets. Friendly unit--55 hospital bed shirts, 3 sweaters, 3 pairs socks, 3 reat paid for coming in fxtraordinary val- ' grandchildren. He had four graiid- i ues received. Each day brings new i sous, one great grandson and the bus- · ". surprises. Tho oftcncr veil come thf ' band of on« granddaughter in the- i ' more you will save. Como in. look · war. Of this number OBly one, Otto 'a't tbc roods and a~k thn price and Swa."tz, was able to attend the funeral p r?e for ycurfelf. Iiendiner's Broad- j In the gerrfce are: Arthur' .'.·jray 'TjuJli-a' Store, Pcottda!i. Pa. as · Fox, overseas with the artillery, a. you get off t'le car.--Adr. -- 2-t-lt. ; son of John Pox; Otto P.-Swartz, with · Other otes. the Signal Corps at Camp Meade, 'a! scarfs. Bohemian unit--'Eight suits pajamas, 11 substitute handkerchief?. Second Baptist unit--Sixty-four pillow cases. United Brethren unit--Ten pillow cases, 40 face towels, 10 undershirts, 10 underdrawers, 6 bedspreads. Middle Presbyterian unit--Ten suits 11 mgeraung company at Washington,!, . jColborn. -who is stcticrxv! at Camp · D. C.. waiting for o/erseas duty; Dr. Detts P reaas - ^ls:de. with the Signal Corps, of his.; G. T. MeN:sh, husband of Mrs. G. T. ·7T"mctic-n to scrjrennt. i MoNisb, a daughter of Jesse Fox, in Misses Margaret and Ada Carroll ; F ranee. Mrs. MoNiEto is taking a. ve gone to Spartinsburgr, -"W; Va., ·j^- spend the «umner. Jfr. anS Mrs. Skemp and f amily returned home Saturday from Benson. 111., -where Mr. Skemp has post-graduate course at the Pittsburg hospital for war work. The great grandson serving is Frank Obley, an officer's aide, with the A. E. F., in France. He is a grandson of^Mrs. Cal shirts. 4 abdominal bandages, 1 ambulance robe. Hecla unil -- Five hospital bed shirts. 3 fracture pillows, 10 substitute handkershicfs, 12 pairs wristlets. Church of God unit--Ninety towels, 14 undershirts,' 14 underdrawers. . United unit--Ten suits pajamas, 1 knitted blanket. Jones Mills unit--Seven pillow cases. 7 suits pajamas. 10 hospital bed shirts. 1 pair socl£S, 5 wash ClOtl'E. ' Bear Rocks unit--Or.o scarf. Hurst high-school--Four sweaters. St. Joseph's unit--Eight pairs socks, 1 pair wristlets, 1 sweater. Furnished draftees--One hundred P. Henderson; publicity, Br- j D ": F ^TM e swe =-' ers - 4 s ^ s ' 4 pairs cleansing laxative once each month, i aest .Copeland, W. S. Myers, Rev. Ole- wn e s ' pa ra soc 1S ' 'helmet. Decar matter in the stomach and ! i lr - Royal Wilson and E. E. Zuck; Donations--Mrs, J. D. Kitchman, bowels generates poisons that go to i finance, J. B. Goldsmith, R Copeland.! 2 sweaters. 1 pair socks; Miss Alice every part of your body unless r e - w - p - Henderson, William Checora,: Warden, 1 helmet, 1 pair wristlets, 1 j Steve popovicii. P. J. Slevin, M. J. i P air socks. E. E. Zuck and Mike Kupcka; : -- · freen engaged on a large contract. Obley of West Newton. Miss Susan Shirey spent Saturday Fourth Committee J '.-ith Connellsville friends. ] The following committees hare. Albert Lowry and wife of Somerset | charge of the Patriotic League domon- r-e visiting friends here. I straiten for July,. Fourth: Ami'.s*Rev. and Mrs. I. E. Runk and fatn- ments, W. P. Henderson, J. A. Shep: ly motored home from Dayton. O., | pard, w. O. Stillwagon, Rev. E. J. rrhere they had oeen spending a : K n o x ' a n d C. M. Oa!l«y; speakers, '-" cei - 'Rev. E. P. Smith. T. O. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brownfleld ' C. M. Galley; parade, T. 0. Anderson, returned on Saturday from Cam- j s. P. Stevens and C. J. Sponce; re- bridge Springs where they had gone ! fresumeats. Henry Hanss, Robinson on a -wedding trip. | Bergi s p Stevens and C. H. Jac-- queue; decorations, William Racusin ] You should take a thoro; purifying. Hootier Beaatty--Cornea with Hinged Doom or RoS j The When This ShipmecJ Is Gone, On More at This Price The women who came to tt« opeviruj of our Hoosier Clearance Saturday -*-ill long remember this e!:hus'a.slic sale. Nearly half of our stock was taken before night! And if we had accepted telephone orders, we don't think we would have had a cabinet left. As it is, there are less than 40 cabinets to be sold at the price we offer, and the Hoosier Company has warned us that prices must go up when the sale is over. We could have marked these cabinets at the coming price and made an extra profit on every one. But we bought at a bargain and are selling at a bargain. Our aim is to win new customers by giving women this money. Vital Features Exclusive Hoosier Ideas Tlie Shaker Flour Sifter sins flour I times faster than most, and shakes it out light and fluffy. The Over-Size Base has 21 per cent more space for pots. pans. ere. The Two-TVay Sugar Bin holds t w i c e the ordinary amount. The Revolving Rack of 7 lir-tight dust- proof spice, jars, is also exclusive. The Motion-Saving Arrangement is the result of scientific motion study. The Uncluttered Cupboard gives t w i c e the average work space. OH Time lew 1 une That Extra Daylight lour Don't Spend It in Kitchen AVorfc Long before the Government ordered e^err clock set ahead, the Hoosier Cabinet, was saving daylight hours for more than a million women. Hoosier is a Labor-Saving Machine, a Kiicben System and Germ-proof Food Container Combined. It ;«avep steps, foo and work. It gives you t i m e for Red Cross knitting and other iv a r .service. It vrill serve you every day for life. wlipji you pick out your ilooster Cabinet. Pay the balance $1 weekly--only oc a nienJ Vour money buck if you are not dcii;rhU'(i. Siilo ends Ihe instant the remaining Hoosicrs a *"p tfoiU'. Dours open at S .\» ."H". tomorrow--close at 6 I*. M. "o H ouster orders accepted by telephone. Brilliant Authorities At Your Service Only the Hoosier brings you the valuable assistance of the Hoosier Council of Kitchen Scientists composed of leading household authorises. They arc: Mrs. Christine Frederick. .Honsehold Efficiency Anthority, _\. J. ^Jrs. .fames .MoUcnjtit* Hill. Principal Snmmer Soliool of Cookery, ". H. Miss Fay KcIloRc, Hw v ?]mld Science Architect. X. V. Miss Alice Bradley. Principal Miss Farmer's School of Cookery, Mass. H. -H. Iunlap, Domestic Science Lecturer, 111. Mrs. -S'ellie Redrie Jones, Honseho'd Consnlfanf, Win. -!rs. Alice If. I»resser, ConsrHant^^ Her. .'Iwlii Administration. .Mass. ^^ Remember, more women will want these cabinets than we can possibly supply. Only by coming here tomorrow without fail can you be SURE of getting one. Connellsville's Reliable The home of reliable, exclusive lines of Quality furniture and Homelurnisltings Aaron's four-store buying power makes possible "larger values lor less money" i GENERAL PERSHING ORDERING AN ATTACK 7 E. unit--Twenty-seven pinafores, bedspreads, 3 pairs wristlets, 1 pair socks. M. and K. unit--Ten hospital bed "Eliss Native H e r b T n b t p t s are w i t h out d o u b t tho best rn«n.Mrlne f'.'r rht-u- r n a t i s m [ ever UHLM!." K. W. ,Mills'. 13:^1 I.ynn. W. Va. "I am strong jinH hpjil'.hy ;\i s e v f n i y four, thanks to I.-Hss N u t i v c H«rb Tah- IfcLs." S. C. M a r i i i i . " StBvonshurff, Va. BUSS NATIVE HERB TABLETS for over t h i n y yonrs !;;t\'e r"1iev*."i Shouaand? nt suiTcrnrt« f r o m rlieum"- tisin. live and k k i n o y troiiM* 1 . and n-.n- M t i i m t i o n . f.entle ;tnd effcctivf in :iO- tlon. and coon om inn I in pru-e. *~ni dollar nor l i o x of 200 t ^ b l t M f .^: on and j r nu w i l l p.?: t l i u s"* genuine. Look for t r a d e m a r k UtJ; on box. 9 ^~** Sold by A. A. Cl.-irke a n d ag^nt: ; everywhere. ice. Tills bank is located at 238 XorUi Pittsburg street. Buy another savings certificate.--Adv. czema Grea^" salves and ointments should not be applied if good dear skin is -wanted. From any druggist for 35c, or $1.00 for extra large size, get a bottle of zemo. When applied as directed it effectively removes eczema, quickly stops itching, asd heals stin troubles, also seres, burns, woundsand chsfing. It penetrates, cleanses and soothes. Zemo is a clean, dependable and inexpensive, penetrating:, antiseptic liquid. Try it, as \ve believe nothing you have ever usedisF.scffeotix'car.dsatisfying. The E. T7. Xozc Co.. Cisvetecd. O. - hHfCBESTER S PILLS So?,,^^^ THE IJIAMO.VD BRA.MI. /. fTMm ii'wTM \TM/ Ix»dl«)J Auk jour J)mprl»l/orj Ct\-?ht*.tci-»I\*a!w£ilnnd/. PHI* in J.-cit and ; 0 Id ac:al!k\ imie-:. sc»!cil »:ti Blue KSbboa. 'alic no olhcr. Itay of vomr moved.-- Hotlistor's Rocky Mountain iTer. cleans, purifies the stomach and! bowels.-- Concellsvillo Drug Co. -- Adv. ! music. M. O. Kopwnod, Sam Stevens. ( _· _ _ jT. O. Anderson. O. D. 7,uck. Patsy i " -- " e g a a n d Hugh McCtoy. Th-ese com- CHECKING VCCOTUTT Use one Jtoothing 1 , cooling »pplicj\tio3 of .Tlie Bur.k Offers itlJodem Convenience mmees are workmg very hard and f p , Eami y expect to make an e.-cellent showing. j The July Fourth celebration thev ex- i A cneek ' n s account may be made ·pect to be something that will'long ! very use£ul - if tho depositer. regards j i b e remembered here. ~- I aa a means for. making his financial ! 'affairs more systematic. Open a checking account with the Citizens' National Bank and deposit your income, paying expenses by check, so CONSTmJTTONALITY Of the Fncl RegTilation .i-ntrs J^ Raised in Fittstourp Court. The question of the constitutionality of the law establishing regulation of the prices and distribution of fuel has been brought before the courts in a motion to quash indictments against officers of an AJlegheny .-Gen-era! Billiard of the American forces abroad is :;3iown dictaUns 10 county coal company, charged with a group of French officers the orders of General Persbiug (at tlu; r i g h t ) having demanded prices in excess o f . preparatory to launching an attack sonjewliere aJong tre A:nerican fronu those prescribed by the orders of the ; Fuel Administration. The point was raised that the law- establishing the Fuel Administration ts unconstitutional ou the ground that it restricts the right oC contract and sale, which if, held to be equiva- ; cviier lent to taking property without just compensation. Judge W. H. S. Thompson was disposed to give serious consideration to the question, reserving his decision until he had more carefully considered it. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS B'ERVWHERF Just Over tbe Bridge Connellsville (West Side) Carrol! Battery Co. A I-'nciory Tr;iineI Ilattery Man. Tmcfcn of all kr:d« for any kind oi sei-rice. MACHTKEEY CfX. Fittsburcfa. Pa. ) au. Horner's Qotbiag READ THE COURIER. Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. The lollowing is a report of the j i w o r k turned in by tbe unus o* the j ; local Red Cross chapter during tbe mouth of -Ma, Rc-L'nioa PresbjMriajl churci.-- Has Year that you have a complete record of your financial transactions. We offer prompt, accurate banking serv- BAJLD HEADS. -Vliy \t baftir Save the- ItaJr. Grower, the only remetJy for re- nnltK. jPrtce Jl.flO. po«raK«? paid. Billy Fmrnt, S^^tttfale 1 * Drnc- BOTH PHONES OPPHAKSTRAHS OPPOSITE POST OFfiCE CONNEUSVILLE.'J PA.

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