The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1939
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COTTRTER, CONNELT^VTLLE PA. WEDNESDAY, M VRCII 8, 3031. ANTI-POLLUTION SUBTERFUGE BILLS OPPOSED BY KEN REID AT CONGRESSIONAL HEARING in M Special to The Courier WASHINGTON Mar. 8--Opening hearings in the 76th Congress Friday, March 3, the Rivers and Harbois Committee o£ the House o£ Representatives heard Surgeon Geneial Parran o£ the U S Public Health Service Abel Wolman of the Maryland Health Department and president of the U S Public Health Association and numerous representatives of the larger polluting industries of the Nation deplore the polluted condition o£ the Nation s watenvays and exhort Congress to pass a bill for the relief of the suffering public from the evils of I pollution The committee had bejoie it five separate bills, H R 205 by Mr Parsons of Illinois, H R 922 by Mr Spence of Kentucky, H R 2890 by Mr Bland of Virginia, H R 4314 by Mr J J Mansfield of Texas, chairman of the committee, (introduced at the request of Abel Wolman, all providing for admimshation by the U S Public Health Service and authorizing an annual appropriation of $1,000,000 to that agency, S700 000 of which was to be given by it to state health departments for investigation and study and H R 4170 by Mr. Mundt of South Dakota, which named the Army Engineer Corps as *he administration and enforcement agency and authorized an annual appropriation to that agent} of ?500,000 for the control of pollution under the clear authority for such control contained in the bill With the exception ol this Mundt bill, which the committee had apparently not planned to consider since it had not im ited its proponents to participate in the hearing, all of these bills were essentially the same and met with the general ap- pioval of the \arious iepresentati\es of industry and public health H E 4314 seemed to be the favorite of this strange collection 01 industrial polluters and U S Public Health officials One aftei another the representatives of industry--pulp and papei tanneiies coal, and oil--told the committee that then industi les v ere working hard to sol\ e the pollution problem and stiessed the importance of then industrj and the large number of \vorkeis employed to the economic uelfaie of the Nation, and the danger of disturbing them in such trying times Frequent praise of the U. S Public Service, state health departments and the handling of pollution by them and interstate compacts was heard from these witnesses To the uninitiated this scene of perfect accord and harmony between the public health officials and the accredited representatives of the very industries that are presently the cause of much of the Nation s i worst pollution working together for the passage oE a bill "to create a division of water pollution control in the United States Public Health Service," uould see-n to herald the arrival of the millenium in matters pertaining to pure streams But to those conservationists who had long fought the battle for pure sti earns against the perennial opposition of these same industml lobbjists, the real motive of the support for these Quizzed in Murder William Hardy (above), who police say -was recently released from Patton State Hospital, Calif, where he was placed after a hammer-attack on a half-sister, was quizzed by Los Angeles authorities about the mnr der of Anya Sosoyeva, Russian dancer and drama student. (Central Press) /*\ SVS T 1 LJ CT A I D Rat * io ln t ormat ' 1 TM \Jm 1 tl t Ml K At a Glance TONIGHT WCAE-- 1221 KC. 6 00 -- American Schools 6 15 -- Evening News. 6 25 -- Spoifc G 30 -- News on Paiaac 6 45 -- Romance Lyrics 7 00 -- Amos and Andy 7 15-- Edwin C Hill 7 30 -- Modern Melody 7 45 -- Jack Beich 8 00 -- One Man s Family S 30-- Tommy Dorsey's Orch 9 00-- Town HalL 10 00 -- Kay Kyser's Klass 11 00 -- News Parade 11 10 -- Stei ing Youngs O ch 11 30 -- Lou B-eeze s Orch 1200 -- Dick J u i g e n s Orch 12 30-- Lights Out 1 00 -- Bei me Cummir Oich KDKA-- 980 KC. ' WJAS-- 1230 KC. 6 00-- News, Sports Weather 6 05-- Organ Melodies 6 Db -- Mov e Magazine of the Air 6 15 --Manuel Contraies' Orch 6 30 -- Music. --Sports 6 45 -- Lowell Thomas 7 00-- Easy Aces 7 15-- Mr Keen 7 3 0 -- Ho-ace Heid^s Oich 8 00 -- Fingerti i Fantu'tcs 8 15-- Fu Manchu 1 8 30 Hobby Loboy 1 9 00 -- Horse and Bugby Days J 30-- Wings to- the 'Martins 10 00 -- Ransome S' eman Presents 10 30 -- Public Interest in Democracy 11 00 -- INiews \veather 11 15-- The Music You Want 1200-- C l i c k Webbss, Oich 12 15 -- New Pe in Orch 12 30-- Al K a v C l m s Orch 6 15 -- News at the World 6 30 -- Bob Trout 6 4 5 -- Talk of the Town 7 00 -- Cojn'y Seat 7 15 -- Lurn and Abner 7 30 -- Aslr-It-Basket 8 00 -- Gangbusters 8 30 -- Paul Whiteman's Orch 9 00-- Texaco Star Theatie 10 00 -- 99 mer and a Gill 10 30 -- It Can Be Done 11 00 -- News with Ken Hildebrard. 11 15 -- Chii-lcs 3aum 11 30-- Tickie Heller 12 00-- Gler Gray's Oich THURSDAY WCAE 7 00 -- Program Resume 7 00 -- Morning Express 3 00 -- News KDKA 6 30-- Curly Millei 6 4 5 -- Farm Matkets 7 00 -- Clock \\JAS 7 30 -- Musicale 8 00 -- News o" the World 8 15 -- Marjorie Stewart 20 PER CENT REDUCTION IN MOTOR DEATHS GOAL Special tp The Courier HASHISBURG, Mar 8--A 20 per cent reduction in highway fatalities was fixed by the Pennsylvania Motor Police as the goal of the Keystone date's road safety campaign this year Pennsylvania ranked first in the Nation last year in the total number of lives saved when more than a 30 Elmer Hough, Former Frick Engineer, Dies Af Home in Florida Elmei Hough 73, one time chief engineer of the H C Fmk Coke Gompany and assistant engineer for the Cainegie Stee 1 Company died lecentl} *u his home in \Vc»t Vugima Couit, Fort Kjeis, Fla Intelment was rmde in tha*. citj Mi Hough a native of the louer Youghioghery Rn ei c ecuon, formei- ly was maor it Homestead rnd had ser\ed as rmjor ot Foil Mvus wheie he mo\ed in 1923 f^om \Vellsburg W Va AVhile m West Viigmi i, he was a stite sei ato for four yeaia and fiist president of tl e West Virginia Automobilt Association In Floiidd he v,.-=. insti umental m passage of legislation for the Caloosn- hatchee-Okeecnobc \vateiway niu' rssisted in obtaining the Palm Beach highway and Tamianu Trail He is survived by his wife Mrs Florence Hough, sci era! sons and si^ sisters Mrs Katherine Wnght of California Mrs Charlotte Smith of Greensburg, Mrs Robert S Smith of Smithton, Mrs Ralph Theophllus o£ Pittsbuigh, Mrs Roland Reager of Liberty and Mrs Frances F Keiftr of Scottdale Annual West Point Dinner Saturday in Pittsburgh Annual West Pom dinner w 11 be held in the Hotel Keystone, Pittsburgh, Saturday night, March 18 Entertainment v ill include motion I pictures of the 1938 Arm-harvard football game and other recent Army games All giaduates and ex-cadets of the League of America, when toward the H. mt . ed S i dtes Military Academy in Western Pennsjlvama are invited to contact Lieutenant J C Sche-mer- horn, United States Eng neers Office, Pittsburgh for information and reservations bills was readily apparent These motives were stated to the committee by Kenneth A. Reid, general manager of the Izaak Walton B 15--Today ^ Almanac 8 30--Do You Remember 8 45--Hits and Encores 9 00--Musical Interlude 9 05--Happj J,ick 9 15--""Jems of Melody 0 30--Band Goes to Town 9 45--Seciet D aiy 10 00--Cent-al City 10 15--John's O'hcr Wife 10 30--Just Plain BiiL 10 45--Woman m White 11 00--David Harum 11 15--Lorenzo Jones 11 30--Young Widder Brown. 11 4a--Road ot Life 12 00--Studio Time Signal 12 00--News 12 10--Melodies 12 15--The O NCills 1230--Caiteie o£ Elm Strce' 12 45--S ngm' Sam 100--Musical Caraian 1 15--Muted Music 1 30--Beime Cummins' Orch 1 45--Melodv Jewel Box 2 00--Song faamplci 2 15--Ed Fitzgcra'di Review 2 30--Kitty Keene 2 45--Utility Hall 3 00--Maty Marlin 3 15--Ma Perkins 3 30--Pepper \ oung's Family 3 45--Giudng Light 4 00--Backstage Wife 4 15--Stella Dallas 4 30--Vic and Sade 4 45--Girl Alone 5 00--Dick Tracv 5 15--Your P u mily and Mine 5 30--Jack Armstrong 5 45--Orphan ^nnje 6 00--Metropolitan Operalogue 6 15--evening News 6 25--Sports 630--GoodulU Houi 6 45--Sweet and Low 7 00--Anos and Andy 7 15--Vocal Varieties 7 30--Mario Cozzi 7 45--Inside o£ Sports 8 00--Rudy Vallee, 9 00--Good Newb of 1939 10 00--Music Hall 11 00--News Parade 11 10--Bernie Cammms' Orch 11 30 Charles Ba-rett s Orch 12 00--Van Alexanders Orch 12 30--Bob Crosbj 1 00--Sterling Young's Orch close of the hearing as the only conservative representative to be heard, he was accorded a few minutes by the committee Said Mr Heid "We have carefully analyzed al 1 of the bills before your committee, and I ~~~ we can say without fear o£ contra- } tne day v. hen we must face the issue diction that the Mundt bill H R I sqjarely ard contiol pollution A 1 Trt ,r. 4 V n n«1lr *t« n n4 4^-. 1 « 4 - +U .4- li \Va rn n i An rl +!-.n1 4 I, r. r~11 4170, is the only one of the lot that accoids any authority to any agency contend that the following four principles are essential to any for the control o£ pollution E\en bill passed if it is to be worthy of Mr Wolman admitted this fact in his I the name oi an anti-pollution bill testimony before the committee thib and if it is to accomplish the desucd morning Polluting industry kno\\b end this fact and it knows also that the passage of such an innocuous subte^- fuge as any one of these bills under the misleading and incorrect title of a 'water pollution control' bill would constitute the surest and safest guarantee against passage of effective legislation that would actually provide authority for control of pollution · ' The passage o£ any one of these 1 It must contain mandatoiy poweis to control pollution "2 The adiiimstiatn e and en- f01 cement agency should be sjmpa- thetic to the need foi enfoi cement (The U S Public Health Service has always opposed enforcement) "3. State agencies and inteistate compacts for control of pollution should be given full opportunity to act before invok ng the Federal bills so heartily endoised by pollut- I authority ing industry would indeed be a vie- 4 That regarclesi of any de- tory for continued pollution and act j lays in correction of existing pollu- like a dose of soothing syrup against tion which fa ness may demand, the rising tide of public demand for control of pollution It would lull the public into a sense of false security and uould g i \ c polluters an additional b eathmg spell of five to 10 yenis befoie the public would that the spread of pollution from new potential sources bo stopped im mediately "H E 4170 mcoipontes all of i these piinciplcs and it ii the only one I before your committee which m- ,i\vaken to the unple isant fact that it I eludes, any of them Thciefoie we had been duped nto buvmg only an- j md ail othti iccogmrecl N itio ul othei im tiiigatioii to the tune of a j conseivation oiganizations endoise million dollais a yeai i H R 4170 and its compan on bill in 'The Izaak Walton League ot | the Senate S 1691, ntioducea by Amenca is dedicated M the cause ol I Serafoi Bennett Champ Clai c, and puie stieams We initiated the ' w e oppose with cqml Mgoi any and piescnt Fedeial contiol movement all weik subteifii,c bilh such ,is llic %vith the Dcin-Lonergan conCeiencc j other b lib bctcue your committee as in December, 1831 In all the , uctwal flank dttatKi on the crtuse oC \olunimous testimony before Senate j p u i c bti earns It is idle to contend and House committees s nee then and | as the industrial and publ c health in this hearing there is only one real lobbies do, that existing contio' issue That issue is enloi cement, 1 authority is adequate when existing and without enforcement a bill is j conditions t ne the lesult ot existing not onlj worthless but worse than author tj--or lack ot it no bill, for it would merely put off I Heaungs aie be ng continued 7 15--Wes em Trails 7 30--Musical Clocn 7 45--Russell Pi all 8 00--News 8 05--Musical Clock 0 15--D 1 * Sunshine 8 30--Musical Clock 8 00--Shopping Circle 9 15--Lirda s first Love D 30--The Editor s Daughter 9 45--Gospel Singer 1000--Melody Time 10 15--Jane Ardcr 1030--Sirilmg Ed McConnell 10 45--Houseboat Hani ah 11 00--Mary Marlin 11 15--Vic and Sade 11 30--Pepper Young's Tamily 11 45--Getting the Most Out of Life 12 00--News 12 15--Rosey Bits 12 30--National farm . Home Hour 1 13--Farm Radio Service 1 30--\vomen in the News 1 45--Happj G 'mans 2 00--Betty and Bob 2 15--Arnold Grimms Daughter 2 30--Vilnnt Lady 2 43--Hvmns of All Churches T 00--Home Forum 3 30--Tea Time Tuneb 4 00--Club Matinee ' 5 00--Bi tmore Bovs Orch 5 15--Terry and the Piratea 5 30--Don Wmilow of the Navy. 545--Tom M, x Stiaight Shooters 6 00--News sports weather 6 OG--\our Movie Magazine of the Air (T15--Manuel Contrarcs Orch 6 30--Music--Sports 6 45--Lowell Thomas 7 00--Easy Aces 7 15--Mr Keen 7 30--Romance and Rhjthm 7 43--The Curtain Rises 8 00--Merrv Music 8 15--! u Manchu 8 JO--RoUiCbi.ei PhiHimomc O ch U 15--Whibpen ig Voice Choir 9 30--America's Town Meetirg of Air 10 30--Mmbtrels 11 00--News weather 11 15--The Mus'c You Want. 1200--Al Karelin's Orch 1230--Xew Penn Oicn 12 45--Herbie Kaj s Orch 8 30--ATusicale 8 45--Chcene Melodies 8 W--Todnyi Progiam 9 00--St Patrick's Church D 30--Joyce Jordan 9 45--Bachelor's Children 10 00--Young Dr Malone 10 35--Myrt and Marge 1030--Hilltop House 10 45--The Stepmother 11 00--Mary Lee Taylor 11 15--Scattergood Barnes II 30--Big Sister 11 45--Aunt Jenny's Real Stones 12 00--Kate Smith 12 15--tier Honor Nancy James 12 30--News of the World. 12 45--Our Gal Sunday. 1 00--Goldbergs 1 15--Life Can Bo Beautiful 1 30--Iknd ol Life 1 45--THs Day Is Ours 200--Doc Baitlej s Daughters i 15--The Life and Love of per cent decrease in fatal motor accidents vvjas recorded ' We don/t believe we can accomplish sjs great a saving in lives as we did ijist year but we've set as a goal a 50 per cent total leduction m iata'ities, based on the 1937 records," said Colonel C M Wilhelrn, acting commissionei of the State Motor Police Former Westmoreland Poor Director Dies Special to Tt\e Courier RUFFSDALE Mar 8--John O Ma-tin 87 years old, a w dely-known larmei ot South Huntingdon township and a former poor director of Charles Spangler Dead SOMERSET, Mai 8 -- Charles H. Spangler, 70, of Holsopple, died Sund y at his home after a lingering illness He was engaged in the drayage business for 35 years, retiring £eveial years ago He leaves hls wtte 10 chl ia rcn including Mrs F.ank G ] un t 0 £ Smithfield, 20 giandchildren, three gl .cat-grandchildren and a half- Westmoreland county, died at 10 30 o'clock Sunday night at his home "Vti Ma-tin was a member of the Sewickley Presbyterian Chuich at ! Millbell wheie he had served as a n ' elder foi 50 jears He leaves o r e l daughtei Mis Roy Hoin one son, Thonas G Martin o£ South Huntingdon township, 12 grandchildren and i one great-grandchild The fane al service will be held this dfternoon at the Sew crfJey Presbyterian C-iu-ch in charge of He\ C W Maus Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery S(S t er When COLDS THREATEN- Used at first sneeze, this specialized medication forthenoseand upper throat--helps preient many colds. ViCKS VA-TRO-NOL Life Dr 2 30-- \mericar School of the Air 3 00--A'mj B md 330--hanati RccitiK 4 00--Lc Biun Sisters 4 14--Today s Progi inn 4 20--Riy Blochs Vaiieties 4 4D--Four Clubmen 5 00---Questions Before the House 5 15--How le Wing 5 30--Bjron Elliotts' Oich 6 05--Deep River Bov s 8 15--News of the World B 30--Today with Bob Trout 645--Nan W v n n 7 00--Courtj Seat 7 15--Adxen ures in Scieice 7 30--Joe Penncr 8 00--Kate Smith 9 00--Major Bowes Amateur Hour 10 00--lune Up Time 10 45--Amer cans a' Wo^k 1100--News w th Ken Hildebrand. 11 15--Jimmv Dorbej's Orch 11 30--Cab Calloway's Orch 12 00--Sammv K a v e s Oich, Studefazefc total America's greatest economy run! mem 1 John F O Neil Dies SOMERSET, Mar 8--John F O Neil 68, for 45 veirs an cmplove of Berwmd-Wmte Coal Mining Con- parv, died Saturday night at his home at Wmdber of cerebral hemorrhage He is survived by his w £e, a steo-=on, two brothers and.a sister E VERY day you dnve it, you realize why Studebaker won the great American economy contest--the Gilmort- Yosemite Sweepstakes--under official A A A supervision. 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