The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1930
Page 16
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FAGE SIXTITEN. Smart Coats Are Shown for Spring Flat Fur Much Used; Cape Theme Appears; Tweed for Genei.-al Wear. Uppermost in every woman's thoughts when [ i l n n n l n 4 her sofisoii'3 w a r d r o b e Ift t h e clio(-e of n spnni; corit ffir i n i i n e f l i a t c wear on those d ' i \ s \v hen the sun i n r k i H a f u r cont ?ii'l- flenly burdensome and e n t i r e l y too reminiscent of t n i d \ u n i e r . So I n g e n i o u s im those who h n v e crented the prcy- «nt moile in its I n f i n i t e v i i r l e t y , so !?l i c r i i l f u l tlie new n odels thi\v present, thiit at first Mush it seens as t h o u g h one rwist have nt least t h r e e c-ont*. a formal one, n street cont nnd one for SOOi-ts, irt order t.) !»· r e n l l y h ' | ) l y , 8'iys a fashion w r i t e r In the New Y o r k 3'iines. Fortunately, for ino'.-t of us ihPiv attll exists the stnnrt cont for general vear, not too extreme In Hue, us.mlly In black or d n r k blue, suited for every dn.vtlme occnsion. Flat fur Is unu h i!=;o(l on cents of t'ols typo, somrf inn", in crtivnt collars, sometimes In srniill s t a n d i n g collars v/lth jabot-lil;e revet-:, and ^omeHmei In the crush or pouch collar. Some a d a p t a t i o n of the rape theme appears on conts for varied occasions, nnd Is featured on n stieet coat v h i c h was In black chiffon o shim-re, w i t h crush collnr of blnck pal.' nk. This cont has a clrrular yoke, nnd the cape taken the form of a flared section attached to the tipper pnrt of the sleeve. This sleeve-cape la favored by m a n y svora- tn, for U does not square the titnire nor ndfl apparent hu!k. The silhouette of this cont is declf'cdly slender, the skirt section l a v i n g a slishl Hare fit the sides, but h f n i r m g straight front and bnck. Black Tweed Is Smart. Black tweed Is e\ eodingly smart end practical a« well for the coat v, hlch must he worn o \ e i diossog of f'nt crepe, Jersey n id l i g h t w e i g h t woolens. A princess model i t i black vu-av^ tweed is slightly flared und made a Kttle shorter In the f r o n t o show the liem of the frock D i a t o a a l seaming j.'ivpg the bodice n sll:;hilv filled line, und the soft jabot col ar nnd cuffs »iro of hiar' g n l v j i k . Patou makes n t o u t h i n t street coat of black cashmere, v s i t h a wide cape collar of black )::'va';, bordered w i t h itn Inch-wide s t t p of w h i t e lupin. This cont has an even henlim 1 , itly dared, at d Is lelted nt the wattKline w l t ' i n wide heit of the fabric drawn t h r o iirh « silver I.tickle. The black-ami \U»rc t'-"Mne «Ko appears on a c»nt c( hla''i; wool crepe, v, lilcli has cireuliir cudrts set Jn the Fide to K i v e swiri; to the sllhrup'to. V-shaped seaming on the sleeves m a t f h the diatom I yoKe of tlie coat, which has n cra-nt collnr of bluet: calynk. lined .-itl whiti*. nnd looped (it one side to X|»PV the w h i t e far. Slightly less for-i'nl, I ' U t «tll! c u l f w j for general wear, is a coat of soft j:recu Rodier fab -ic on the Cossack lines rmide popular by Vionnet. This A he!te3 coat of W- rlc lido elofh, for wear with tho hi tols flat crepe frock or dress of b l n ^ k find v/hlto p r i n t , ha'i a soft Moused bodice, llnred b k t r t w i t h liemllne c u r v e d up In front and crush collar of w h i t e gnlyak. The belted cont vies with Etu: princess In popularity for afternoon wear. Silk Coats for F o t m a l Wear. S i l k coats a i e t,luivvu hy m a n y Paris designers for f o r m n l w "ur, and many h a v e e l a b o r a t e fur trln inlng. l.liu-l: ts In the leiid ior bilk cotts, which are U M j u l J j of heavy c r e p % i i i a i o m m or f a i l l e . I'.rnwn. helge u ul n a v y coats ot s i l k are) also shown. \n exceedingly hand.sotno cout of n r a s h e r dark beige f a i l l e had a border of r l p l e hands of m i n k , c u r v i n g upward t o t h e waist- l i n e In t h e f i o n t . The Tiit-h' collar of mini;, e n d i n g in soT reveres of (he silk, inul bell-'ihaped sections of the fur w o r e introduced «n the sleeves Just a h u v e t h e elbows. This coat was worn v t t h a m a t c h i n g frock of sheer crepe. \ \ l i H e fur, hi) In, ermine or g a l j n K , is used w i t h st I k i n c effect on coats ( f black crepe ( · faille. A volume might be w r i t t e n on the sports coat, fur n e v e r I live t h e fveeda been so colorful, a o v: rlcd in weave, So nlto:.'o!her siitit fyli f . True, t h e Chic Princess Coat for Formnl After- | noon Wear Is of Bciga Cloth. roat nJps lr smartly at the waistline ·with Inverted tnc'ts, und has a narrow string belt c f the fabric. The fklrt is flared, us lire t h o . unusual buttoned euffs. A crush collar of lielge galapln rolls away from tbe | face In flattering lines. | For really formal wear, with the ; lowgei'-sUrteu fro ks of flat crepe or | feorgetto present* d for spring a f t e r - j noon occasions, I ' u q u i n conlinues to jnake his luxurlors ami i-lt-g/uit princess coats on clastfc lines. One model Is most f l a t t e r i n f . acccntutitim; the f lender grace of the wearer. Such n (·oat may be cut a l i t t l e longer t h a n the one for g e n c r i l utility wear, nnd usually dips s l i g h t l y In j h e hn !c. In record with the hemline of forrnul troekf. Intricate son mini; Is used on t h i s coat lo Ind ciite t h e waistline itnrt mold the The g r a c e f u l f i a r p is phiccd v o i y low. and nrlfls lo the slim effect T i e model vias done In hci^e cloth w i t i a very fine ribbed Youthful T-weed Cape ioat in Oranao, Yellow, Brown, f o r Street. tovsn-nnd-coiintry twee I coat leans toward a flnur w e a v e i nd unobtrus-lve designs in beige n r i d 1 -own rust time or navy und irrny mix!',res, which tit » distance suggest phi In colors*. But the loosely woven tweeds 'or sports wear h a v e gone In for his 1 i color effects, and w e h a v e green ni 1 white, bright navy and w h i t e ant a whole range of yellows and t o m a t o Co orlngs. There IH much var cry In line »a well as fabric. Th three-quarter length sports coat is teadily gaining In popularity and It I i probable that w e shall see ninny ( t this type in tho late spring nnd f tmnxir months, Ona coat is n three quarter bulled coat of a tfoft sulpha yellow bMket woave nnd was deglgr ed for w'er r in tho South. Piiigorm! [ jckets, are buttoned to the coat tmd n trim be't of tho fabric 13 piped c|r vn with brown ktdsldn, which matche hut and shoes In color. The ascot P' irf i.'! a f e a t u r e of many tweed conts or spiing. Elbow-Length Caps. Pnton introduces tt n caputet In a youthful tweed cout o ' loosely woven tweed In bright ornn ;e, yellow nnd brown. Tho elbow-!en th cape IB at- t fnchcd to tl e vlecves i i the front and · falls Just below the w; 1st at the bnck. ! This coat is drawn 1 \ at the waist ! with a narrow belt of fie material and ' has a colorful stamllnf collar of paradise fltch which rppt its the yellow ' nnd brown colorings In tho tweed. A 1 boutonnlere njf the f; brie nestles in tbe fur -.t the base of the collar--for ' Ptiton continues to fn or a flower 'in bin spring frocks, suit i and coats. Another light-colon d tweed mixture, io ivory «nd heU ·· w i l h u thread of black, is cut w i l h n flared skirt, [ diagonal pockets and bodice bloused ovor n narrow belt. '''Ids cont has n , novel square vest of beige gnlupSn ' w h k h button 1 ? o n t o tli belt. | Madame Chttnel's o vn coat, on se- , verely plain semi-fit! d linen, w i t h , m a n n i s h collar and la pl.s, has proved ' extremely popnbir will women of chic, I and bus been worn ! i the South in ' w h i t e anrl pastel woe lens, while for ; spring wear It IB m u d s of navy onul tweed. Marcel It icbns also dark blue diagonal fvv' ed for a y o u t h - ful sports coat, \vhi -h follows the lines* of the l u m b e r jt ckct ault in Its bloimed black ajid straight wrnp- arouml skirt soctlon. UIP odds a Joyous note of color In a triple scurf j of flat crepe In yell w, bright blue I and navy. / In the South many coats of white and the pastel shudCM, pinks, b l u e s , ' gruen and yellows, ha e been popular ' w i t h I n f o r m a l daytini' frocks 5n (hit ' crepe, cotton or k u i t i i fnbrics. if re- | q u e n t l y these coats ui ; made without fur, having collars o; scarfs of the Siune fabric, [ri other Instances they have cravats or s h a w l collars of w h i t e cal.vuk. There Is everj indication t h a t IMisK'l Jcrso.vH, ba^kt t weaves a n t l ' tweeds will be nm h n evidence "Ibis i coming summer. i A black 11 nd white in»i.«ii«. "-^.. ' I DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS TTULE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 1930. iMtVMtWKWAfWVWfWiiVlfW^^ Ladies' JERSEY BLOOMERS Madr of plain and rayon frriped jorsoy in pink, poacn, white, at f9c. Ian, f-oriso Regularly priced and Leatherette BOSTON BAGS 69c size; ppecial y Large priced. Men's Jersey COAT SWEATERS 79c Part wool brown heathef 1 . 44. $1.29 vtilu blue ai d Sizes 3C o Hand Made BABY DRESSES Dainty little dresses that feature hand embroidery and hand drawn work -Specially priced i'or Suburban Day. of Men's $1.69 FLANNEL SHIRTS $1.49 All sizes. Choic3 khaM and gray. Men's Ribbed I}NION SUITS 79c Ecru; values. sizes 30 to -'6. $1 MUM^ , T . . - V ' 1 * - , Ladies rt$fe VV^ASH DRESSES 89c One special group of vat-dyed dresses in figured prints. Regularly priced at $1.25 and $1.39. Fast Color PRINTS F'ull 36 inches wide -Regularly priced to 28c per yard. Ladies' House Dresses Dark print drersos w th (.hroo-quartev slot-vcs, h z- es 36 to 52, Very spec al I'or Suburban Day Ladies' Jersey Dresae* One lot of wool JPTI ey and silk cre-p* dresses tti tan. blue, black. Up to $5.5)5 values. Special Girls' Heavy Dresses Girls' Coats Wool, crepo and velvet drcases in red, tan, green and blue. Up to $5.95 dresses, Special $2.00 Wool bolivia coat c . -In red, fur triinmed.-' - 2-14 years. Up to $12.50 values, special at S4.00 Peter Pan Prints Just received new spring Prints. Every yard guaranteed faat color. Regular 59c a yard. Special, yard ,, Children's Panty Dresses 50c Wool jersey panty d ross- ea in tan and blue, up to $5.45 dresses. Age 2 to 6 years, special $2.00 Fast Color SHIRTINGS 15c YARD Romper cloth and shirt- Ings, Up to 26e values. 85c Ladies' Silk Rayon Underwear $1.00 values. Including combinations. bloomers, step-ins and vests. Jn p h i ' n tailored and lace trimmed style s. special ... .... . Ladies' Silk and Wool Suits Si k and wool union auits- in low n«k, no sleeve, knee I c n y t h style. To i l.LT) values. Bh'.fs .''-6 to 50-Spec ial Ladies' Silk and Wool Vests Medium weight. Low noot, iio alfpvc styles, G9c and 79c value?. Sizes 36 to f3- JTQ^ Spet ial f »/ V' Childrfen's \Vaist Union Suits 5C-C- knit waist union suit;-, hipfh nock, long sleeve ankle length style. In i lain white and grey and white mixed. Sisws 2 to j 5 years. Special Ladies' Derby Ribbed Hose f0c Derby ribbed hose in file morcerizetS lialo rayrn plated. Light and dark shades. Sizes 8% u) 10, special Ladies' Crepe Undies Society crepe bloomers, step-ins, French panties and, in peach, p i n k , green. $l'.;]9 lo $1.09 values, Spec ial , Hand Made Baby Slips Ruby slips, , beautifully hand embroidered. Special i'or Suburban Day 81x90 Bleached SHEETS 72x80 Double Blankets Ufgnlar $3.50 double cotton blankets in plain Tray, tan and w h i t e with be rders ot p i n k and blue. Onyx Silk Chiffon Hose Chiffon and service weights --SUk from top to toe with mercerized lisle wflt and sole. New shades. Square heels. Sixes S 1 /2 to 10. Overnight Cases And Traveling B igs regular $1.25 and $ values. Special _ -------- ~ None-Burnable Pads An ironing board cove: and a none-burnable pad complete, Special __ ______ Cotton Toweling Cotton and part Ilnei toweling in red and blu borders. Special "J /i/j yard _______________ LUC 81-Inch Full 81 inch sheeting- Sr bleached and unbleached Regular 50c value Special, yard .... 39c Feather Pillows Fancy tide, 21x27 incl feather pillows, regula $2.95 value. fl»-| f \ f ] Special, each Pl.*lllJ FLAT SILK CREPE An exceptional quality! 40 inches wide. Choice of many beautiful colors. $ 1 .45 yd. Ruffle^ Curtains , Rayon Prints Val-U-Ray and Pine Crest Prints in newest spring patterns. 79t: values. Yd. With rayon bands, 'i lance and tie backs, edged m blue, rose, goW $1.00 values. Special Thursday, pair Rayon Twtll Slip CSloth 36 inches wide n good slip shades, Barom tte satin finish. Special 59c Curtain Materials Figured rayon marqui- .KeWe, .fjiU .IU .iiifJb-'is 5 wkV. 35c and 39c value, Special Thursday, yard Marquisette F'anel Curtains S9c values. Thursday, each . Special Lumberjacks Odd lot mon's lumber jacks HALT OFF Work Shirts Outing' flannel, also blue cham bray work shirts -coat style with two QQ ''pockets,*" special O»/C Ieri's Heavy Work x -Pants Priced 352.69 to $5.75 -Thursday 1-3 OFF Men's Winter Underwear Including shirts, drawers and union suits, in cotton, part .wool, etc'. All garments over $1.00 reduced for Thursday 14 Off Men's Fine Knit ·Jersey Coats Black, brown, oxford blue and brown, heathers. $2.95 values, Special Men's Heavy Wool Sweaters $4.50 ami oper, 1-3 OFF Men's Outing Night Shirts $1.00 values . 79c 59 C Unbleached Muslin OHSLDREN'S HOSIERY 3 Pairs 50c Fine ribbed hoso in light and dark shades. Also 'ancy plaids on gray and tans. Regularly priced at 2Fc Sizes 6i/ 3 tn l O ^ g . TURKISH TOWELS; 6 ifor ,, Cannon turkish towels and lioney comb towels. Plain while with colored borders. Large size, medium heavy weight towels. Our Shin iiiaff Ouaranteo--Satisfaction or Tour Money Back. s sheets raacli; long wearing bleacbed Hh ing. Very Kpecial, of Pull 36 inch unbleached muslin, regular IS^c value, special, a, yard . -_ Beautiful Wool Challie $1.25 value, special for Suburban QO ** Day OU C RUFFLED CURTAINS pair Ju blue, rose arid gold with valanco and tin-backs to raatc-h. 1 ! p i ' i f ! I \$*M*A?ii£lftW\fMtopiffWW^^ MM c o l l u r o t r x m t l v n i i u . J i . n K p i n k v l M . l K e hortwmt.Uly, ia us'^d lv" "worth""for I fox, Munv of these r..n,ml coals, one of his classic ,,rl .4s /rot-ka on u°rrrr;;";; s tirx- T, wl , y simiile "r\ vhkh h -TM Rre " p-a,v ,,r h l u r k tox i r l . m u i n u . ^" ^"iv*,.,, b»- ih t woman of alea- DUNBAR, SCOTTPALE, NORTH UNION BOYS IN "FOUL" TOURNEY L'.N'IONTOW.N, March 5 -- AVitli the e n t r y list clooing Wettnetday alter- uoon for he champion-sluj) free throw central- a. tho Yi M. ('. A., under the i county, tlie athlet-o o'clock. [fom 1 axl'litioiiiil liit'jfc'lfi \ i ' ereot-ed in V gym'iaMum . to « fix m e n (o nhool at 011^ t u n e athlctfs from each of tlu Leo Bkeniii, FMwartl Caniliu, Rugfno Slatiffer, K-enuclh Hwartz, Joseph Cou- way, Al .loxewKki; alltraalAs: Ken- 1)0 itiblo t 'JVn f nodi Riiior, I/OUIB Xravky. a r o i /S'orlh "Union--Sluffhauer, Lowm, Se- eligible to i)artici]al» v ith bci ,v«ui j long, Uhazic, KueinicrKky, 150 and L'OO expected lo bo lisk 1 for the competition. O'hc c-oiilest w i l l licl^rmino t)io team anl Individual chtunjilo-if hip -of tH-o th-o lu ;hest you have something to sell and ere in a big h arry to selJ it, let the cie,aii. ied erti^insj department of The Courier prov its ability as a speedy anr] efficient sales rtiedium. i' tho U n k m t o w u Ct-ntor ot the rinivti"-lty o£ Pitteburg, Saturday a t t c r n o o n Ilolllb K. Kttndorhon, phybi- u i l d i r e c t ir, has rorcivei ncctptuiicos Irani t-evc u of the Ii3 school.) to whom invitation-; were- mailed. ^''hools liu'luiU 1 Dtliv ar Township, Xoi h t'nioii, Houth Union, (ler- man Tow islnp, r i i i o i i t o w u , lieorsjiis Tnviisl'i|i and Scattd,ilp. C'ounty athleles particliKilinfr will IK- guests of iho Center at lunch hi the Y. M. C. A. at noon, with the con- lo,t start ns p r o m p t l y al 1:30 o'cJock. The awaidfi w i l t be made al -1:^0 SPOltTS J- number of euccc*s£ui i"ies out £ 50 J i t t c m p t K being; decJnivd champio and tlig team with th-o liiKlicvt total coro the l-e-iun champion. Five schools liav( ulroady sulir ittcd lisis ol' atlrk-led. Tliev are ID follow.s: UuTibur Town^liip -- Jobcph '1 illpy, .laiue-i Bailey, Kug-i'-nc Keilly, Ik -bert Miller, John Behrcnw, Charles teBh- onberg, John Ncre, Raymond Bu key; ' gymnasium when the Cokcra zilternatPH: John Kane, James, JgJo- j "ni home" to tho West Nowlon Thorpe. | » * * S n o t W a l e -- tt'illiatu (''ox, D inald Union town is p ' a n n i n p a caravan Kiehor, Jack Waiile, V«rnon lusk. i tor ilaa'ch 12, (o i. lit Stu'lium, Pitts- Cmdi'ic, Crosslaiui, Rihcl, Cloodieh; alternate: Oeai'y. Ueraiau Township-- A. Donnelly, B. nenilso, K. llout, .1. Crack-owitch, K. Umbel, M. Newman, S. Pupuego, J, Pleula, M. Springer, G. Matthews; alternates: T. Teets, A. 1,1 p lock. There seoiiifi to IMJ a lot of Interest in the girl giimo w h i c h will ho played tomorrow night «l iho High School will be h n r g , w h e n C h a r l e y H j a f ; nid (* Cohen, two Uniontown bo. 1 ^, t-^nio on tho coUepo ciuinlet. will 1 e honored., * * * · JJelle V-PI non came t'nroi gh w i t h a 13-9 tally o v e r Pay-otto C ly al, the lattor's court laht evening i i a clo;wly guarded fray. In onr model n duy. with the t h n t our c i v l l l x n l l o n tries U- nnd to i K H l n f n i n , n KK'in nii ny are nunle nei VOIIB h,v jieiK't anrl soll- tude. Our speed of l i f e Is sui'h thnt tmiifilly, when we seek r "pont 1 , we mnlie n mnd dosh for It. Rut solitude tins a luind to »tll) the puls s'» itai, u voice to c u l m nnd reusatire. Solitude Is a room i n t o , which wo CHII retire whenevei wo need H chnnge from pros ent eonipiiny. It is a bourne of solace and reflection. -- American Clnsslfied Ad", uuiekly follow. It Is Easy To End Fat That is. in the right way, used by modern physicians. No abnormal exercise or diet, but help to a gland that i» weak. The recent large reduction ia excess fat has been largely due to that method. This modern method is embodied in. Marmola prescription tablets. Peopla have used them for 22 years--millions of boxes of them. In almost every circlo you can see She amazing chance it brings. If over-fat, you owe yourself a trial of Marmola. Don't remain abnormal. All druggists supply Marmola nt $1 a box. Each box states the formula and tells the reasons for results. Start growing thin, aa your friendx have done, at once. If w Looking for tho advertising ""MltntHi Courier.

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