The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, June 24, 1918
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----- -PAGE TWO. ra.ui CUCIKIICK, CONNELLSVILLB, PA. MONDAY. JUNE 24, 1S15. ' t e , _ M r 9 . H. P. Snyder, has returned of aeTFirst-TSapOst ctuir£lr-will me Thursday night "in the church, members are invited. All Installation of officers will take place at the regular meeting oC the Edna Rebekah Lodjie to be held Wednesday night in Odd Fellows' hall. Additional stars have been added to the service flag ot tho First Pres- .byterian church, in honor oE Charles Thomas, Charles Cecil, Stanford Marshall and O. C. Harmon.- The King's Da.ngbters _of the First '· Presbyterian church will meet Thurs-' ' day evening at 8 o'clock at the home of Miss Rebecca Sauter in 'Washins- ' ton avenue. The regular meeting of the Ladies' Aid society of the First Presbyterian church will be held "Thursday afternoon at [ZMjo'clvek -inline church chapel, the date having been changed companied by her grandson, H. Snyder, Jr., and John Long. Downs' Shoe Store is now ready to give their trade anything they want in low shoes for the Fourth. Especially well stocked in ladies' oxfords ia patent, gray, and Havana brown; also pumps in all styles. -- Adv.-22. Miss Ethel Buckingham of Wash- RED CROSSAUXEIARIES Realize Handsome Sums From Their Entertainments und Suppers. The neighborhood auxiliaries of the Red Cross are doing splendidly in the matter- of raising funds to carry on their work. Jtrs. M. J. Bcall of Juniata lias turned ?250 over to T. J. Hooper, president oC the Connellsvilie chapter, as the proceeds of the open-air bocial reccnt- HUNDRED TENTH WILL SHOW HOW BOYS OF OLD FAYETTE WILL FIGHT Continued from Pac:o One. mansion where everything is camou- tlaged. "Today I liacl my first American cooked meal sinci 1 leaving Camp Merritt and it sure did taste good. The Cnglisli cooking is very good but is cooked quite different from the way ly held by the Juniata auxiliary, of j UL which Mrs. Bcall ,s chairman. That \ v the patriotic people were generous I () ab , 0 tQ gbow jus| _ , 10W good t[) dea , h to in their support of this function is i shown by the fact that so large a turn was netted after paying all iue expenses 1 o f - t h e social and purchasing sewing machines with which to equip the sewing department ot the auxiliary. The Sugar Loaf Sunday school, near on account of the chautauqua. ington, D. C., formerly of Connells- i ohlopyle. held a supper a few nights ville, is visiting friends here. We all know there is a war going up which hi which of stock Old Pennsylvania can make of hor boys as fighters, and God help the first bunch of Huns that they get a crank at, as 1 feel confident that they svil! get more Germanb than they get of us "i find ilia ]'"rench soldiers, also the English Tommies. · very Interesting and they have some great tales to tell. They are all glad that tho U. S. is netted been turned over to i t ^ 3ay t h a l o u f f e l l O ws at the President Hooper by Mrs. T. M. Mil-] t r o n t navG j, ut , n ( i oin g some wonder- chell of Ohiopyle. Tbe energetic anil | f u l fighting. interested members in Ohiopyle and "Today while out seeing some of the vicinity will hold a meeting either countrj - [ ran inuj rj r . Ralph lxwo of 1C .I 1 'Thursday n 'S' !t of thi s ° r " t ' xt w c o k ' Uniomown and be was tickled to see at which President Hooper will make oom( , ono trrim nome . He has been , i an address and administer the oath o f . OTer ncre sh-cc ] a a t September. He For the best and cheapest repairs , a]Iogianc(! to ^ workers, that roof, conductor or spouting, Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. Samuel Tipton of Washington, D. C.. a former Baltimore Ohio agent here,' spent yesterday Connellsville friends. on see F. T. Evans Estate.--Adv. · Miss Mildred Reigh of Greenshurg' was the suest of her aunt, Mrs. Clara _ DRASTIC RULE -Martin of Trader avenue, over Sun- Adopted By Stnte Department dar. flralth With Ui'spoct to Diseases. " Mrs. \V. P. Sherman was a guest Persons in Pennsyhania Services preparatory to comrnun- ovor Snndav at lhe ,, omo ot Mr , and ^ vcnera[ aiseascb wllo on. next bunaay will be Mrs . j o hn Davis at Confluence. ' p , rrv O1U regulations approved by the \ folks not to worn' about us fellows jnst came from the front line trcnch- es where bo had been since early , .March. Ho was in the big drive yon folks have been reading about in the ' newspapers His brother-in-law, Dr. I Jeffrey, wa.= captured and ho has | heart! from him ouce through the Y. suffering! M. C. A. tali to "Give my love to all and tell the . . . " d a ' e V 1 1 n S '"'° °. clock l Auction sale eiery night, 7.30 P. Department of .Health. will b c ' o i c r ncio. My address is: Ceo B. in the ciapel of the First Presbyter-, M . community Jewelry Shop, 100 declar(!d menai:es lo public health and! McCornuck. ' Medical' Detachment, South Pittsburg street--Adv.--24-11., , M u n d c r quarim tine. Miss Katharine -·--·" -' · Scottdale is visiting Earl C. ian church. · The J. O. C., class of tbe First Metttodisu EptscorU Sunlay school will give a. "wondjer stale" Friday) night at the home of ISrs. Harry Beugel in Snyder 'street. Tie L. C. -B.- A. will-meet Wednesday night in the parochial school O f Jul'y? Downs' Shoe Store has nalL everything. Glance in their windows -- ' when passing by.--Adv.-22. Plans are well under -way for the] Warden Knopsnider was the guest strawberry and ice cream festival | ,; fnendo in Uniontown over Sunday, to be h«ld' Thursday night in Odd j jj r an( j \j rs , rj. -\V. Stafford of Fellows' temple. South Pittsburg] Brownsulle were the guests o£ street 'for the benefit of the Y. M. | friends here over Sunday. C. .A. overseas 'var fund and the Auction sale every night. 7.30 P. |llOt!i Infantry, 3rd Battalion, MacBurney ot j ' Th]s step wn i c j, i s t h c most dras- j American E. P., France." her aunt, Mrs. i (c ^ bv any Rta£e ,,, , h l s . country for the control of such dis-i A I . F K E D lUXEDiS OVER .irsr COM! AJfD S-CE. Tlie HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133 N PITTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. Women's and Misses' Sisits Suits Reduced to ?19.75 worth up to $32.50 Suits Reduced to $24.75 worth up to $37.50 Suits Reduced to $3250 worth up to $50.00 Practical Tailored Suits of Navy Blue, Black, Tan, Taupe or Grey, Poplin and Serges and carefully tailored Black and White Checks. Only a limited number of Suits to sell at these prices, making early selection advisable. Wonder Hats at $1.95, $3.95 and $5.95 Recently we conceived the idea of creating a distinctive line of millinery in full accord with the fashion prestige of this store, at a small price in keeping with the growing sentiment among women of good dress for simple and less expensive Hats and ,.ow Hats ofteuer. Our Wonder Hats at ?1.95. S3.95 and $5 95 were the result. The movation has been a tremendous success from the start. Hundreds of new Hats at this price will be demonstrated tomorrow--the ( D u n n s ) Wonder Hats achievement in this direction. Sample Sale of Children's Coats Here an example of this store giving the right garments at the right time and at the right price. Wonderful values from our own stock go in the great Sample Sale at One-Third the real value . Every mother should take advantage of this big event. Wonderful values. Wonderful Saving's. Materials alone would cost more than the price of Coats. · See the Coats $15.00 Coats now $10.00 $12.00 Coats now :.. $ 9.00 Coats now ... $ 7.50 Coats now $ 5.00 Coats now $ 3.95 Coats now $ 9.00 _.. $ 6.90 _. $ 5.00 $_.3.33 $ 2.G4 Inexpensive Blouses--New Models About five hundred fresh new Blouses,in good materials and styles are here at 79c and 1.50--tailored and lingerie models. B'ouses at $2.00 and $2.50. The alrgest variety of all--over forty styles of serviceable linens, dimities, organdies and batistes in distinctive new models, good sizes, provision including blouses for large women. SKGOONJULY1 Drafted 31en Wll Take Training Course in Yimous Colleges. Six draftees will be sent on J u l y 1 b Local Board tor District No. 2 10 different colleges for training Sam- ' utl Cox and Harry M. Percy w i l l go ; the Polish National Alliance College | at Cambridge Springs, Pa, ! Leo Lowncy and Wlllard K. Seese | spend B ° to s P rms Garden Instit'on, P h i l - i ot tickets have been sold. Music will j about 10 days with friends. From i a'lelpli.a; C. J. Bouher ol Boston. | be rendered during the evening. The ] there they mil go to the Catskill I ,* ass ' w 5 ° Business "Women's Christian association. .The_benefii is. being_glven by th3 latter asso_cia:ion, and the_young women are wort^ng untiringly towards its success. Quite a number M. Community Jewelry Shop. 100 South Pittsburg street.--Adv.--24-lt. .Mrs. B.. Melnick and daughter, Miss Lillian, left Saturday night for New York where they will ©mm S train of the 305th Regiment, has arrived in France, a letter to tbe parents says. Alfred is a member Cora pan}' H. SEttGKAXT KISSELT, ^ James L mssM of Dawsorj , hM rccelved a clrd f r o m hcr hus . bam , Sorge . int Rls5l , o[ Company ^ .^.^ A m m u n i u o n tralD| anntmnc - his 5afo ^^ , 110BISSOX JX FSAXCK, LETTEB SATS. Charles Raymond Robinson bag ar- mountains. Ixist -- Open face silver Waltham watch. Reward if returned to The Courier office.--Adv.-24-2t. Courtney of Acosta, spent to Delawan college, j riTOd ^^ v m France , acoording to Newark, Del.: and J. H. Bllenbergc- will go to tbe University of Pittsburg. ?f, J. Barftor Hopes Soon to Be With Y. 31. C. \* OuTsi-flji. Rev. A. N. Slaytoa, rector of St card received by his friend, Miss R. Acklov of I-oyton. rnoTOCK.vrn OF CAWP FOKItEST 0.\ TTKTV yesterday at the home of his uncle,, ^ Tt J. J. Dougherty on the South Side. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dougherty of the South Side, motored 1 to Somerset today. John Allen and family, Wjiliam j M. J. Barker stating that he had been i of Company G, 52nd Infantry. -Murphy and family of Smock, motor- i accepted as one of the war secretaries ' cd here yesterday and were guest j ] of the T. M. C. A., but that his de- i WILFRED CABLE of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dunn of Ogden ' p.irture v to France had been 'delayed A large photograph displayed m tho | daughter, Mrt. Charles festival will begin at 7.30 o'clock. The community prayer services of the churches of Cawson will be held Wednesday nigh! in the Baptist church,.with Rev. H. A. Baum, leader. TheH.adios.".-circle^ ?!o. 300", u the William F. Kurtz post, No. 104, Grand Army '-t)f the Republic, will "meet on Thursday" afternoon in Odd Fellows' hall. · Friendship temple,".Pythian Sisters, No. 25* · will .meet Thursday afternoon ! stree^. ! on account oE the "red tape" necrs- m Markell hall. Paul H. Soisson and party motored sary *o the procuring of passpo.-: nile received a card on Saturday from CHARI.KS C STOUFFKR Charles C Slouffcr. about 56 years of j old. a former resident of Councils', ille. fl.'ed j-i'itprday at ',is bom* 1 in U'as/j- ington, D. C , where he had resitlcd I 5 .since hc Tsat 16 v t a r s of age. Funeral ! Tomorrow. M i . Slouffc-r was bom in , ComicIlsvHle. a son or the Ute Marlin and Charlotte Stouffei. H is survived ly his w i d o w , ono daugluei, '\athaiine, and one son, C h a r i t s M a r - i Jn Stojffer, at home, anti ihc f o l l o u - ng bisters: Mrs Jotc-plnni Re-id of C\-MjnellfaTli'o; Mrs. Kh^aboui .-^LOUifu-! Moore, of Greensbii'-c; Mr- A G tia.Il. Mrs Robert C o n n e l l aurl Mrs. Henry Gilfry, all of Wishington. D. C Emphatically Asserts Worn Ji ** '9 ui rous and Full of Ambition 7 A DAY FOR 7 DAYS Don't blame the man who is perpetually tired; his blood needs more red corpuscles and his brain and nerves are craving: far food. Given t h e right k i n d of medicine, tired -out, inactive, lagging; fel- i JlcCLuVIN. Samuel McClain, G~ 3tars otd, died Sunday morning at U'e home oi' l iis H. rullfii. wmdow'of" A. n7 Kurtz, Crawford ave, i noar Mmmt Br.uidock, f o l l o w i n g , , nne, shows a view of Camp Forrest. ! slrok '-' ot Pa ra 'yss uiffe.ul sever.,1 Peter's Episcopal church in Union- Cbichatnaugua Park. Ten.)., where By- ; da ' s *·"· The ft""-ral will be lomoi- town, has received a lelt»r from Rcr. rira Porter is in training as a member row afternoon at 2 o'clock, from thi Pem home, with Rev. D U. .M:ncri! Dur-bar, Intormont in Mount BraGiock cemtiier ThL FIR'S MTTL I deceased is HUn'i^ed b one daugh- ' Mrs ' F " llcm ' aud °"° iO "' G o r a real energetic and even ambitious student of tho nervous and ·.ny , , low can quickly bo made int live, energetic and even man, Bo say system who advises ail men ·women who feel w o r n out and find it hard to get up ambition cnouRh to take a regular job to get a pitcka*cc of Bio-feren at any droKSnst. This 1 B tho now discovery thit pharnmclstB are recommending be- cauBe It is not expensive and speedily p u t s Tj^or nnd ambition i n t o people who despaired of ever amounting* to an-, it- uiK in life People whose nerves have been wrecked by too rapid living, too much toba , or alcohol, have regained their i old-time confidence and energy in lass than two weeks. No matter from "what cause y»ur nerves went back on you; no matter how run down, nervous or tired out you ore get an original package of Bio-feren at once Take two tablets after each meal and one before bedtime--seven a day for seven days--then one after each meal till all are gone. Then If yon still lack ambition; if your nerves are not steady and"you haven't the energy that red-blooded, keen-minded ir.en possess, your purchase money will be gladly returned. Note to PbTNtclKiisx There la no secret about the formula of Bio-feren, it ib printed on every package. Here it is: Lecithin; Calcium Glyccro- pbosphate, Iron Peptonate; Manganese Peptonale; Exu Nux Vomlca; Powdered Gentian; Phenolphthalein; Olearesin Capsicum; Kola. Mrs. A. E. Cable of Washington ave- The regular meeting of the Ladies' Aid society of the First Baptist church McClaan, also of near Mount Jiiad- will be held Friday o' the home to the Summit yesterday. Mrs. Richard Crossland of Logan's Perry, is visiting her sister-in-law, and that although he expects to gol over ttoere soon he has been compelled to await the passports. Rev. Barker Is assistant rector of SL Peter's church, and also had Humbert. No. 116 West Payette street 1 Hood college, Frederick, Md., has re-j charge of St. John's in the Wilderness · :- - -- o- ·- · .j turned to her home m Wills road to I Episcopal church at Dunbar. 'ThY Grand International auxiliary! spend the- summer vacation.. Miss night c.t 7.30 Mrs: J. B. Woods of Wilts road. of Mrs. H. C. i Miss Louise Wood,;, a student at to the- Brotherhoo.1 of- JLocomotive Bn- "gineers" will meet Wednesday atter- noon-ia-Odd Fellows' 'ba.ll. -All members are invited. SCJTDAY SCHOOL RALLY ;rhe -- raccept regular meeting of the I. H i menu Woods -visited friends near Lancaster following the close of school. I -Miss- Eleanor Homer will leave I Schools of ^onoupaLela Baptist Association Gallicr jn Uniontovrn, The annual rallj- of the Sunday Thursday for Washington, D. C., to position with the govera- ".: N.. class of the First Methodist Epis- 1 Miss Elizabeth Buttermore left this ;j copal Sunday school will be held Fri- jmormng for Grove C:ty. college! to take '"" day evening at tbe home of Mrs. E r j a summer course. She was accom- -- ..... L. Stillwagon in East Fainrie-w ave-i pa nied by tier cousin. Miss* Elisabeth ,, -v~~ nue. Tbe-mectiag is an important JGuser, and Miss Agnes George, both one and- a large attendance is desir-iof Butler. W. J. Dunn of New York, resident ed. The name of Hetty Jane Buckner, Cable, a member of the 110thl llock Regiment Band, now in France. He , states that he is in good health, alsoj that he will write a letter at the first i STOPKEN LCNHART. j G. L C Hicbard.-.on, yastor of I opportunity. ,JOHX I). FKISBEE FKRUKI) TO CAJH.1' GORDON Joan D. Frisbce, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C Fnsbec, who entered tbe officers' training catnp at Camp Meade on May 15, usiued at home from Saturday ev- t oning until laal evening enrouto to the First Methodist .-Jpi=copal church. ( off'ciated at tbe funeral of Stephen ' Lenhart, held yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the homo of a brother , of the deceased, j. H. Len'iart, m Highland a v e n u e A number of rt-la-1 tives and friends of tho deceased al-1 ' tended. Interment in H i l l G r o v e , cemetery. buyer for the E. Dunn store, spent | cd on the program, yesterday in ConnellsvUle as the guest schools of the Monongabelo Baptist | camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga., to which association win be held tomorrow ev-! s tatjon ening in ,tho Great Bethel Baptist ailvc b church in Uniontown. Reports from then the various schools of tho result o f j Children's Day, special music by the! (,., tft: ivrr choir, awards to the winning scholars,' and a four-minute address arc includ- aad 300 other yonng men transferred to complete tramms. daughter b*?ra last week/ to! of R. M 1 . Cuthbprtson, Sr. Mr. . Rev. and llrs. C. C. Buckner of Ionia, Mrcfa 1 ,, bas btSen" ]ilaced on tfte cradle is a resident buyer for 50 department tores. Mrs. Kirk Hendrickson and son, J. ~" "rolf of the Chrisnan church here. · ' · - · . " - ' -- Donald, and Miss Cecil Berg of North '·' .""A social 'event of unusual .interest i Yakima, Wash., arrived here Saturday ,TM-ll^-the-war dance to be given Friday to visit Mrs. Hendrickson's mother, . - · ..-evening-at Shady Grove park by Mrs. Mrs. Clara Martin of Trader avenue. --'-'-H.-P. Snyder and Miss Katharine Fris- ; It- is .Mrs. Hendrickson's first visit bee for the benelit of the Red Cross. I home in eignt years. The dance is the first big social func- I Miss Sarah. Scaton, Miss .Minn! Howard H. King, chairman of tje Children's Day committee of the association, will preside. "WALTER. DKROLT H03fK OX FL'ULOUOH. Walter DeBolt, who is in militaiy service at ^Vahmgton. D. C., spent Sunday with his patents. Mr. an.i Mrs. Harry DeBolt ot South Conner*s\ I l l e lion to be given at the park this ~ " Season; axidrnjany: guests .from Qc-n,..* *neUsvine;'lj~nlomQtwTr, 1 'Pittsburg 1 Mc-V- -Keesport, Scottdale, Dawaon and ', V." other -points are expected to attend. " " Bottler, Miss Ethel Addison Dunn, j Mrs. J. !·. Strublc and daughtci, Miss j . L'oreen, spent yester-day at Bear Run.! daughters Virginia, Dorothy and Ma- · John P. Mclntyre of Jerome, Idaho, .Motor From and Mrs. E. M. Atcb mson, has returned home after a visit with "-" -The; hours- are from 8 to 12 o'clock, j his sister, Mrs. H. P. Snyder. Mr. " special' street car "will leave here' Jtclntyra owns a sheep ranch in fe olclock and leave on'the return. ·-'···*trip "at "il.55 o'clock. A big attraction of the dance will be the music by . Kiferle's. orciestia, A program of all I-- irihVCiiewistJand. mosx popular - dance ~ " numbers will he rendered .by Violinist 'KTiferle" and his splendid musicians. Tickets selling at ?1 each have been h-'afo--at the Connellsville B rl ?k jtgrerthe"^riBh'{-M'etzler store - ' ' - Q'uite a num- ntevef al7eady~ been -;disposed of. ' ·The ·proceeds-ara'-tqr aV excellent _hpied 'J^at a -realizen. ·- large PatroniiW! those who advertise. CANNOTRABE PRICE Of Coal to Corer Increase in Frplgrlit .Rates is Notice tn'Betailers. An order issued by tho Fuel Administration prohibits retail coal dealers from adding to the price ot coal they UOHJi ON I'UItliOL'Gll. Sergeant Albert stationed at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., ,s spending a brief furlough w.tb bib parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ranker of East Fairv^ew avenue. JOIDJ G. DBFFIBAUGII The funeral of Jolv G. Deffibaugh wi.I be h f i d tomorrow afleruuon at '2 o'cioch., \vatli ;t- 'he Masonic temple Cumberland. The boiy wi 1 lie in state After 1 o i lock. Thr Ma.^ns of Cumberland, \sil bave chai ge James Ranker, o , lho ri , ucral . WILLIAM T. CAUDV. "William T Candy, 75 ear^ old, a known rc^Hlom of SallliclL t o u n Satur- daugb- bel, aad son Howard, motored from "Wheeling, "W. Va., Sunday and were guests of Mr. and -Mrs. H. C. Rush at 1 Dawson. Tney went also to Mount 1 Pleasant to visit Mi. and Mrs. Grant, Sorseaat Ranker accorapan.ed the b l n v , rtlUL r iy a ]i i,i s nfe, bou of Jamcb P. Donohoe, who d.ed (!?y nighl a( tho , |omo of __^ at Camp l/sc, to the Douohoe liome , or Ml . 5 H o n r j Hou r , al Acme, fol- at Donora. After visiting liis sister. ltlvh g an ,]. Ileii5 dm , [o the inani'i- Mri. \VjUiam Doppleheuer at Donora Seigeant Ranker came on to Connellsville to spend the remainder of. his furlough He will leave for Camp Lee tomoirow morning Sergeant Hanker and his brother, John, also at Camp Lee, aie erjoying splendid hPal'Ji. COASTLINE to The del:ghr» Q{ your vacation beftin the moment you board a D. C Coast Line Steamer for beautiful Miduoae ItUnd--for ha!f of the delights are in the I-akc voyage. Railroad lickctB arc honored oc all D. C. Lice steamer* wita- out extra chaxfic. The D C. Inwtaia iniureB tbe best m ·ppointmcnta, cuisiue. and pninetakini! tervice-. Safety and hcsltii provitioni arc all that could be deiire5 AH Heamcrt are equipped -wHth latm wircleea serrice. All ·water ib sieriliicd by ultra violet ray process. Two eplendjd vetsc's--City of Mackinac II and City of Alpcna II--operate four Uaieta ^cek to Mackinac Island From Toledo Mondays and Saturday-. 8.30 A. Kl , Tuesdays ard Thursdays 6K» P- M. From Deiroil Mondays and Saturdays 3 00 P, M , Wednesdays and Fndays 8.30 A. M Send 3-cent Gtatnp for i 11 LS:rated pamphlet and Great Lakes map. Address L. G. LEWIS, C. P. A., 9 Third Avenue, Detroit, Mjch. TO MACiOIMC ISLAND From Bulf.lo til JO Round Dip 19.00 From Cleveland J 9.00 Round trip 14.00 Fran Toledo J 7.25 Roaad trip 13.00 ^ Delrok S6.50 id trip HEKTBAVGH REAUHl'-S OTHKll S!T)L. Heinbailgh has arrived safe! y or according to cards re- pon-in-!aw and daughter, and returned , ; elved hm Ho^baugh, who is alto Wheeling today. Physical Examinations On. Members of Company G, Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, wbo have not yet been physically examined, will re- between 3 and 5 o'clock as ?oon possible. 'They will be examined tac.ied to tho 5Srd Engineers is a i brother of Mr 1 ?. C. E. Enob | LlTTLi: TO)H'('0 1UT,r,' UK ArritKCUTcn. I Mrs. J. I.. Hough has received hcr port at the armory in the afternoons ! f u s t letter from her son, John Walter a s . l l o i s h , Einca ni? arrival somewhere D " ] in Frar.c-r Tir writes of a p.easant · journey, ol the scarcity of tol'acco, I 1.3 higb c-ri t, ar.c! aslcs to have sonic To Become i'nrsp. ] =ent to ·,,,,.. )[, llg ], tells his mother The advanced freight rates may be | Hiss Margery HighberKer, daughter i ,,,,[ tx. v;oi ry as he is being treated included in the price only when deal-[of .Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Ilighuerger of finely, ers have actually paid them or b e - j Greeosburg, formerly of Connellsville, now have on hand the amount of the Dr. L. P. McCormi-M. increase in freight rates which' becomes effective tomorrow. ! come obligated to pay them. I will enter tiie Children's hospital. Washington, D. C., July 1 to tram as a Chautannna - Talent Photographed, j'nurse. Mrs. William Kdre left this morn- ~ ing f6r 'Cnautauqua, N. Y., to spend the summer. ~-.---^Ehe-best.plac* to-shop-after all. = Brownell Shoe Co-Adv - for a'background', "tho talent.' super-i Jacnues' Opens ul Shady. 2 Mra^A. K. Mclno-re of McKeerport i intdndent and -j,, auaseT3 of t}, e Red . The Jacques Dancing School will ~ ,"5? ^ ^ M ? ^''B" 081 ot her dangh -1 path Chiutauqua Sad pictures taken ] SiTM dancing parties every Monday yesterday afternoon, after the !i;iam had ended. f OKPOli VI. 3VOR11ISO.\ SAVrTME^SEAT ·fa^l" THE VEUOOUS CORN FOOD pro- Three automobile 'oadr. of-perg^ns were takr-a lo Trot- 1 tsr and Leisenrlng. The pictures tire to be uted for advertising pur- rinsos and also aa souvenirs froa the coke rosiou. muTi:s 10 .st£ r mi. Mrs. R. V. McClain has received a card frorr hcM Ijrother, Corporal Georec Mnrrii,on o£ Ohiopyle, telling of hie '.iff- arrhal in France Hc IB \vith Company A, 313th M'tWihir.e Gun evening, conimencing next Monday,. c o n ] p a n y j w hich trained at Carap Lee Lies of old aye. Pimerdl services vnli be beld from the tomorrow a£t- ornoon ai 2 o rjork, a;id tit 2.,"0, o'clock from the Tinted lanselieia'. c h n r r h , wrJi li^\. Heck, officiating. Interment .11 Ketlar cemclcr. Funeral Director C B Urooks of Indian ' Head. wTl have clia.ige. The dcceaTiert is survived by his \\ idtnv and two daughteni, Jlrt,. H-enry lloffer and ' William jloffer, both of Acnif. tie past two years Mr. Caudj' ^uid made bis honu 1 \\iUi t«o dauybieib. | i AIRS. MARV E. TRUMP. | Mrs Mary 10. Truinp, 71 years oltl. wife of Ilaimon T r u m p and a former v,e!l known rcbident of Conn e l i s v U 1 ^ . died at the linnie o£ IK- i daughter. Mri. George Claj [on at P.ivk Flaeo, Shaion, Monday, J u n p 17. Death resuiKd fron a stroke of paralyb.s ^uiTou-d !.wo yoars 1150. Mrs , r i u m i i ib sun nr-d h hei biibband s uow rosirhne: at Shaion; a daughlet Mrs. Tlaj tni. and .seven sons, ^"al. ter and Vi r i!bcn. oT ^luuMn Samuel 'ri.ailes, Michao] r.nd F.rne i t o r Con- ! nollsville. Tho f u n e r a l took piju e | at Sharou Fnd:i wit 1 - Rev. R N Bai| Ian, n r s l o r of the U n i t c ' d Prer-bytei- 1 ,an church, ofliciitirpr Mr« Trump ' ^ a s a membo] of th-. ^'eihodist Pro' i e - t a n i c h u r c h Tri-S(ate . Hell S42. LOCAL jVITD L05G DISTANCE HOYDfGS. Kesiclciice 101 Haas Are B CONNELLSTH.LE. PA. W. W. Gfotfdty Horida Trndncts on j In the window ot the Stahl Plumb- I ing company. South Pmaburg sireet, I some products of Florida soil are dis- j played which, attract considerable attention from passers by. Two water melons weighing 4G pounds each and three Florida "sweets" weighing 12 pounds are the chief features. Patronize those who advertise. C A S T O R I A For Infants and Children En Use For Over 3O Years MTCHAHL MfDONAl.B M.chaol Mr Donal a, 04 years old, an in ma it? of the count} home a* I'nio",- l o w n foi 26 yoai s. died today. F t) many yoars he had had rati'c care if tii** chickens raised *n the farm Hc was f o r m e i l y employed the about Unionto«*n. at June 2-i, at Shady'Grove Park. Dane-1 as nntll 11.45. Kiterle.-Adv.-20-22- , mi , 4RTZ3LVX SA1V In a letter to his mother, Mrs. Joseph Araman of South Connellbville Walter Al isman, who is with 319th Heavy "ield Artillcrq. writet. -Irom England that the only persons | ' JAMES CASS1DY -ou saw vere wOTien, childiea ana James Cas-nh. an inmat cuppled old men. He states you sec count) !io"ii rffrd s-i-i-iralv no youns men. Young Artzman a i rived in England oik June 2 and wrote that they expected to leave soon for Prance. LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connelisville, Pa. Tr?-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. PATRONIZE EO£IE MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPRR asr evening a'. visit Ho ri'iu l u m h M a s o i t o w n w h J o a-- ?tricken at. a c o u n t e r Hiid ^a* to the sidexvalk, ivhcre he expired. Tiy our classified advertisements. Patronize those adveiiisc Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c ,_.. A prrparaUoo fr-r restoring natural color lo faded tia.r, for racoMimcbiidruff mad na * h nine. U not a di*e. Oenerou 1 * tnceO botUca dealers, ready to uec.

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