The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, W3S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNJ3L,JL,SVIL,U;, PA. v- Grange Officers Hold Conference AtRosiraverHall PERRYOPOLIS, Feb.' 23.--The 8rst 1938 regional conference of officers of the granges in the counties in this section was held Tuesday in Rostravcr Grange Hall. Eighty-five delegates from various parts of the State were served' dinner by the women o£ the Rostraver Grange. Among those present were J. A. Boguc, State master, of New Castle; Mrs. Ira Goss, State lecturer, of Johnstown; Rev. R. M. Havcrflcld, Monongahcla City, and G. M. Grifiln of Flatwoods, who is now serving on the State executive committee. The conference wns principally for masters, deputies and lecturers. Nearly all of the lecturers of the Pomona Granges attended. There were 35 present from Fayctte county. Quilts for Children's Home. The Harmony Missionary Society held an all-day quilting and covered- dish dinner at Harmony Church Thursday. There were 25 present and the business part of the day was conducted by the president, Mrs. E. C. Todd. The members decided to give two quilts to the Children's Aid Society Home of Fnyette county. Houicwartnlng Held. The Willing Workers Class of the Star Junction M. E. Church had n surprise shower and house-warming lor Mr. and Mrs. John Haul, who have recently moved into the parsonage. Theic were 31 present. Entertains Bridge Club. Mrs. Ear'. Curtis entertained the Three-table' Contract Club Friday evening, ixtra guests were Mrs. E, H. Evcy, Mrs. Frank Elwell and Miss Nancy Bovman. Prizes were given Miss Ruth Elwell, Miss Emma Cook and Mrs. flwcll. ill-Day Quilling. The wonen of Section 7 of the Great Behel Church of Uniontown held thei! all-day quilting and cov- cred-dist dinner Thursday at the home ot.Mrs. F. L. Townsend. Vtlend Bridge Party. Misse Rocnna and Ncwana Kamerer attnded a bridge party at the CollegcClub in Pittsburgh Saturday. The after was held by the Tri Delta Sorority-if the University of Pittsburgh. Personal Mention, Mr. aid Mrs. Harry Harper of Monesid visited Mr. and Mrs. Chariot Garee, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Moore, Jr., and dughtcr, Shirley Ann, are visiting Jr. and Mrs. James Moore of Canosburg. Mr. Robert Asfcey, son, Bobby, and athcr, David Lang, spent Sunday in Clairton with Mr. and Mrs. Gcoge Jenkins. Nss Zephyre Kurtz of Pittsburgh spot the week-end with her. mother, MB James Lowthcr. liss Jane Rruikin and Mrs. Leora D^idson of Uniontown visited Mrs. ME. Townsend Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hazlett Loyhew, Mr. s'd Mrs. Revcrta Murphy, Mrs. H. i.'Blair, Mrs. Harold Stricklcr, Em- ·m Cook, Leonard Hixenbaugh, illsworth ' Buttcrmore and Leslie Williauu arc among those who spent BARCLAY ON BRIDGE WRITTEN FOB CENTEAI, PRESS B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y The Authority on Authorities" IF TfOJUR «!do ponsetsoi two ·olid suits, tho better tnimp In the one which It more nearly equal In length between your own hand and 'dummy, with the more unbalanced one 88 a side suit. Selecting the balanced suit as trump enables you to get plenty of discard* of losers on the unbalanced suit. Choosing the unbalanced suit as trump leaves you nothing on which to get many discards. V 6 4 2 + A 9 6 4 4. 10 7 5 3 4'A K Q J 10 1 * A.Q J 10 » 4, N'onc (D«»l«r: South. Both sidci vulnerable.) After Souih's opening bid on this deal of 2-Spndcs, North called 3-Clube, South 3-Dlnmondj, North 4-Dlamonds, South S-Spades, North 6-Dlamonds and South 7-SnaJ:s. Wwt led Uif heart K, which South won with tho A. The declarer ran his six spade tricks and tile live *!:amoncl3, out West retained his club A and East the heart J. no that the contract was set by the loss of one trick. When North bid S-Clubs over , South's 2-Spades, he did not g\iar- / antee Uio club A, but his raise In j diamonds and the rcbid of that suit i certainly indicated that he held ! four cards. It would therefore have been far safer for South to have played tho contract at "-Diamonds rather than 7-Spadcs. At diamonds, the sot-up spades would have taken care of tho losing hearts In dummy and the heart 10 could have been ruffed. Tomorrow's Problem 4 10 0 7 5 V K S # K 10 7 * Q 10 S 2 A J S 05 S. V Q 10 7 « .1 4 - J 5 3 2 » A 8 6 3 4. A K 7 -I (Dealer: South. Bait-West vulnerable.) How nhould South piny to make 3-No Trumps after the lead of the club 2? Children Quote From Bible In Refusing to Salute Flag PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 23.--Two children expelled from n Mincrsville school for refusing to salute tho Flag quoted from the Bible In Federal court to support their claim that j saluting was a violation of their religious principles. "It's contrary to God's commands," said 12-yenr-old Willinm Gobbitt, when an attorney sought « reason i for his refusal. "Where in the Bible does the j Scripture show this?" the lawyer; asked. I "Exodus, Chapter SO," the boy re- j piled. Then he read from the 10 Commandments. · j William and his sister, Lillian, 13.; testifled at a hearing on their father's suit against the Mincrsville School i Board. The father, Walter, a grocer,. seeks to prccent the board from 1 forcing his children to salute. j The children were expelled from 1 | school in 1935. Since that time, the ; j father said, they have been attcnd- j ing a private school. j Recently Judge Albert B. Maris, i Saturday in Pittsburgh. j j Miss Nancy Eowmnn of California spent the week-end with Mary! · Wolfe. j j Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Luce visited I ! Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Kncppshicld o£ j Jcftcrson township Thursday vvc- Ining. Youths May Enro In CMTC This Year A free vacation, a month of health, education and patriotism and the Government pays all expenses. This opportunity is open to boys and young men of Connellsville and vicinity to attend the Citizens Military Training Cnmp at Fort George Meade in Maryland-from July 13jto August 11. Boys from the Connellsvllle nrea should contact Harold F. .Staurter, former captain of the Howitzer Com- Stripper Averts Panic in Theatre When Fire Starts pany of the P Guard, who is ; :nnsylvania Nntionn] of LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23.--A strip- tense girl went on shedding garments und the chorines mechanically continued their routine while flames swept through scenery back-stage in the Follies burlesque theatre. An hour later the patrons fllcd out and were surprised to flnd 2,000 cx- ' cited persons milling before the theatre. They had not known about the fire t: ough eight flre companies were called. member of the Fayette county con mittee of which Earl Uniontown is chtilr- who heard today's testimony, ruled that the children were justitled In ignoring tho salute If it was contrary to their religion. Lillinn followed her brother to the witness stand. j She quoted front the book ol' John: "Little children, keep your- ! selves free from Idoltry." i Charles E. Roudnbush, superintendent of the school board, told Judge Maris the salute was not n religious net but n patriotic ritual. ; The refusal of the students to ', salute, he declared, was "demoral- ising to the others." ^ S. Arcford man. The government will pay all necessary expenses, trtmspbrtation to and from camp, shelter, food, uniforms, medical attention and laundry. The object of these training cnmps is to bring together annually for a month's training,' the best representative young American citizens; to give them the bnsis of military instruction and physical and mornl development; to inculcate a stronger patriotism nnd respect for discipline and obedience to constituted authority; above nil, to tench the young men their serious duties, responsibilities nnd obligation to home and country. All routine duties nnd worfe in the camp which Include drills, marches, field maneuvers, organized athletics and indoor instruction ends at 4:30 P. M. The courses offered arc divided Into: Basic: ages 17 to 24, for beginners or first year men with no previous military training. Red, White and Blue: 17 to 28. for former CMTC graduates or those who have had previous military training. Blue: 18 ti 20, must be a high school graduate. Colorful Judge I Dies in Chicago CHICAGO, Feb. 23--Judge Joseph B. David, who advised men to "love thy neighbor--but not his wife," is dead. The mercurial jurist, whose epigrammatic utterance nnd forthright action earned him the title "Chicago's most colorful judge," succumbed to heart disease. He was 74 and had served 2) years on the criminal and superior court benches. "If people would develop their sense of humor," he once remarked, "lawyers and judges would have to go out of business." "Nevada, with Its divorce racket," he observed upon another occasion, "ought to be thrown out of the United States." During the 1933 World's Fair, he was asked to stop titillating sideshows. "Let the boobs look if they want to spend their money that way," he ruled In one cnse. District Small Group Music Events April 13 Odlccrs of the southwestern district of the Pennsylvania Forenilc -Music League held * luncheon meeting »t California Stale Tenchers College to complete plans for the forthcoming eliminations. Tentative dates for the two district eliminations were fixed. The small groups music contests for Clam C schools will bo held at California on April 13 while the larger groups of Class A nnd B schools will hoU their meeting on April 9, the place to be selected later. ' mfi ·g^.i", IK-' i::';; £ -A*;-; ***,*»*** ®^ :; ····i;.'' 1 ';'. See tfee Rev Automatic Electric Range ·wOtt fk« oexxdng new ·See how much more convenient, how much more economical a "three oven" range can be and you will wonder why no one thought of it before. The new OWE Bange has all three ovens combined In one. SPEED OVEN for single shelf jobs--it's 10% to 30% faster and usci 10% to 45% loss current! MASTER OVEN with unuaual capacity for biggest oi jobs--two 35 lb. turkeys or six 8 inch pies ;it one time! SUPER BROILER with greater flexibility in speed and capacity. Commercial nnd Domestic Eleclrlcnl Supplies and Beer Equipment UMOMTOWy COXJiELLSVILIVK 80 So. Gallnttn Are. Tlione -io. TO" So. ritfsimnr SI. 1'lione 12-li IvMXInr for If so. read the advertislnc columns V. S. Mints Forclim Coins. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 23.--The Philadelphia Mint makes po«" for Cuba, bolivars for Venezuela, lam- pirns nnd ccntavos for Honduras nnd NicnrnKtin, and centisimOK for Panama. They totaled 320,350,000 coins laitt yeur. NEWS OF THE COURTS Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 23. -- Two Evans Mnnor youths who were taken into custody by State Motor Police were released on one year paroles Tuesday by Judge Harry A. Coltom who showed leniency after a pas- sionuto pica 1 by the father oi one of the 'defendants. CfcU J. Marcondi, 20, told the court It was only a silly notion that tempted him to take with him a .25 calibre automatic for which he had no license the night of February 6 when ho and James Sherlock, 19, attempted to steal gasoline from an automobile owned by Jerry_ Whiteman. Marcondi's lather appeared on behalf o£ his son, claiming the boy v as a "good boy" and worked hard 01 the farm and that no one, in the t imily (including nine children) had ever been in trouble. The trooper brought out that one of the sons at the present time is in a Pittsburgh 'jail where he is confronting a Federal sentence. The court granted a parole with a warning to the boy to keep out oi trouble. Uomes. Sfou will flnd desirable homes and home sites advertised in our classi- Dcd columns. Make $5 To $10 More Per Acre On Your Corn Crop By Plnnt/njc WOOD'S HYBRID EARLY YELLOW DENT Deep Roots, Drought, Storm and DbicnM Iftealstant. IncrenMA Your yield* IB to 30% State Experiment Station Testa in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, In which. It yielded up to 122 bushels per acre ndlcato 1C la the hcvleat yielding corn Tor your section. ·' Pi-icon, poatpald: qt-, OOc.: y, peak, SI JO; JLVsck, $2.38. ·'·· F. O. B. Richmond: y f bu., $3.CO; [IIL, $7.00; 5-bu. )ot«, $6.85. Priced Include* seed treatment with Somosna, Jr. D IPloaBo moll free Hybrid Corn Circular and Wood's Seed Catalog. Q Please ihlp me at above prices . . . . · ....Wood'* Hybrid Early Yeflow Den* Seed Cora. ' In Our February Furniture Indirect Junior Lamp .75 ^ ' ' We have obtained a tremendous price reduction for this great event and are happy to pass it on to you. Search t!ic city over nnd you won't find a finer assortment and values like these. Modern Bedroom Suite Sale Priced A lovely suite styled In ,1 conservative modern design. Rich walnut finish. Dresser has clear, round mirror. Easy terms. / BEDS and BEDOS^iG Simmons Cotton Mattress $8.95 Coil Springs $9.95 Innerspring Mattresses $12.95 Child's Large Size Cribs $8.95 Simmons Steel Beds $6.50 Bed Pillows, a pair $3.50 Simmons Felt Mattress $13.50 Occasional Table Gracefully styled. Finished in rich ·walnut color. Turned legs. Sl'ECIALI CURTAIN STRETCHERS Wood frame. Strong supports. A real buy! All Steel Dish or Linen Cabinet $4-95 Has a host oi uses. Very handy. Solid Oak Extension Breakfast Set $22.5O An exceptionally fine set for the money! Nicely finished and decorated oak extension table and Jour sturdy chairs to match--greatly reduced for our February Sale. Simmons Metal Bed Coil Spring and Mattress Walnut finish nert, comfortable mattress and spring at this low price. 9x12 Felt Base Rugs Marvel 9x12 Rugs ; Oval Scatter Rugs Axminster Hall Carpet, a yd. 9x12 Velvet Rugs Rubber Door Mats ·. Bright New Felt Base 7 sq. yd. $6.95 ..$14,95 ,,...$!.00 ....$1.95 ..$33.50 $1.00 Occasional Pieces End Tables $1.95 Card Tables $1.00 Magazine Baskets 1.95 Chest of Drawers $9.00 Sampson Card Tables $1.98 RADIO BARGAINS 5-Tube Philco $5.00 ll-TubeSlivertone..$10 6-Tube Philco $15 9-Tube Crosby $20 A Real Bargain! 3-Pc. Living Room Suite $ You'll be amazed at what wo have done to prices on living room suites for this sale! Suites oC fine quality, with luxurious Umerspring construction, etc., have been marked down absolutely regardless of cost or value!

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