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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, June 24, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,781 VOL. 16, NO. 192. CONNELLSVILL-E, PA, MONDAY EVENING, fTDN|S 24, ISIS. BIGHT PAGES- POSITIONS; CAPTURE 45 AUSTRIAN RETREAT, 1 Allied Aircraft and Artillery Hammer the Fleeing Foe; Retreat Began Saturday Night Under Coyer of Darkness With Rear Guard Covering With Machine Gun Barrage. AMERICAN AIRMEN FIGURE LARGELY IN BATTLE By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, June 24.--Confidence at Rome that the war may be brought to a victorious close this year if the Allies give the Italians a full measure of support in the offensive -which has "been launched against the Austrians, is reflected in official wireless dispatches received today from the Italian capital. These messages say the Austrian retreat across the Piave in which the Italians already have taken 45,000 prisoners, has become a virtual rout .but that irvformauion from secret sources shows that many divisions of German troops have been detach- 1 ed from the front in France and are being rushed to the aid of Charles, says a Vienna, dispatch, has reserved his decision regarding tne resignation of the Austrian cabinet. In the meantime he entrusts Premier von Seydler with the further direction of affairs. AUSTRIA FORCED OTO FIATE lUTTtli. LONDON, Jime 2*.--One of the iSOFTHE SUCCESSFUL MAN ARE ANALYZED MRS. KILLED BARTELLli CJiaiitauqua Speaker Tells of Causes oi Success, Failure in Life. and SERVICE IS THE KEYNOTE On Strength of Statement Offi-' cer is Sent After the Woman. Best rropraitih of the Week Provided for This Al'tcriioun und Tonight When Ikihumlr Krjl and JJnnd Ulre Concerts; Sidney Landuu Tomorrow A CHARGE AGAINST HER Kalian Convicted of Font Crime at Ihiirson Says !!· l.iod to .lory in tlie Jiclief That He Would Uecciic Light Sentence and Others the Same SIXTT.TWO -1 L\ CASCAL1T LIST. "WASHINGTON, June 24.--The army causally list today contained 62 names, divided as follows: Killed in action, S: died of wounds, 4; died of, 2; wounded severely, 45; wounded degree undetermined, 3. The list includes: Died of wounds, Private Ernest P. ,, _ ,, . _ . ,, .. Hoerr, Portsmouth, Ohio. "Offensive operations by our troops began Sunday, says the ; Wolmd(K j seve rely. Private Clinton dispatch. "After violent artillery preparation that destroyed Alien, Kent, Ohio; Ivan G. Hoffman, tfis Austrian army. Two large audiences attended the Fac-ng death in the electr.c chair, j chautauqua numbers at the big teut ! Patsy Medio, convicted slayer of Ray- Ff'" C ^lL° b) ! C , lS ,,°!L' he T,^" V !h n '^ sterda ' r - In tnc !itt«-"oui Gay Ze- mond Bartelh at Dawson last DC-| uola ^lacLareu, k n o w n on the circuit i cember 7, has shifted the blame for as the star m a "one-girl show," gave thc killing to the woman in the case, a reproduction of "Oul There," a late play, taking ihe part of all the sev- to Germany of Baron Burian, the Austro-Hungarian foreign minister, was to obtain consent for an immediate indefinite postponement of the Austrian offensive, the correspondent of the Daily Mail at Anneinasse, on the Franco-Swiss border, says he learned from an. unimpeachable source. JH.OtW.OOO MILKS 01' SILK I SKI) IN '.I VV BV tt'BST SlDh PLAA'T. )nnug the "lomli of .Mav the Oonnoll.svj!i? SI!A companv used 114.700,30(1 miles of silk thread, it HOE Ip.irne;! today 'Some idoa of ho'.v vast are thesp ligries may lie gained bv computing t h a t a single thread of that length v. ould ciiurcle the earth ·!,5S8 times J t u o u l d leach to the sun anu quarti?.- of the d.s- tar.ce back. Liberty Loan Teams Will Cover City in Whirlwind Manner. $321,000 TO BE THE GOAL Team Captains Gather This Afternoon to Plan the Campaign. ALL MATERIALS ARE HEBE Mrs. Sarah Irwin, alias Sarah Wright, who, as told in The Courier eral characters. Musical preludes j Saturday, had been released from were given by James L'lclio Piddes uail. forgiven by her husband, Lyman and evening. The evening Irwin, a Pittsburg contractor. So plausible was the story told bj Med.o to his counsel. Attorney Harry; W. Byrne, that information charging | Mrs. Irwin with the crime was made i lecturo -was on "The Winning i.'au," by Harry L. Poglctnan. *No admihsioa was charged yesterday, bui a silver offering was taken both afternoon and evening, In a rapidfire address, Fogleman HUNDRED TENTH WILL SHOW HOW BOYS OF OLD PENNSYLVANIA FIGHT Limit is ?L,OOfl Per Individual Bnt Large Amounts May lie ContribntM by Families in Tliib .Manner; Sot for Children Alone; All Jlust Help. before Alderman John Darby of Vn- i iontown and Constable Lloyu Darby . was sent to Pittsburg lo intercept , all bridges except one the infantry drove forward with irresistible impetus. The flooded Piave contains thousands of enemy corpses. "The Austrians first resisted our attacks desperately, but finally were forced to retreat to the left bank. The battle continues fiercely in the Sardona sector. Forty-five thousand pris- on;ers and enormous booty was captured by the Italians. ITALIANS CROSS PIAVE. ROME, June 24.--Italian troops have crossed the old chan- Borne, Pa., and Stanley W. Wioneck. Flushing, Ohio. UHITISH TAKE M HI'XS is ?u«m ATTACK. LONDON, June mads a successful German positions 24.--The British minor attack on south of M eteren told of the necessary requirements to , be a " w i n n i n g man." "The winning i Mrs. Irwm who. with her husband. man," he said, "is the man that Has i was said to he preparing to go west ability, reliability, endurance and ac- , to be sm life over again. tion. The larger jou grow in area I "The} say [ am going to die," said Medio to his counsel. "I want to toll you the truth about the shooting. I ConnellsYiHe will iold a whirl-wind War Savings Stamp campaign on. | Thursday and Fnday of this week. ]Tho drive will be conducted, by Uie ' teams that went over the top m the Liberty Loan and Red Cross War ot these things, the greater your success." "Ability is what the business world ! tell you a lie.. I tell everybody wants toda. Reliability is the key-1 Sarah tell lie. Frank Mancuso te;ii C o r m i c k of Tlje Courier, stone in the arch of bucceas. Action i " e - Sarah killed Barlelli." is also needed. A nun. weak in action j '" sv " h J' tll(1 W te » something that is also weak m will. Control must I wasn't true at the trial?" c«!ilInRlr flteerful letter i« Ite- ·chwi From (Jewrpre .vtcrorniick, Memlx'r of .tfedJwil Detachment, "Tickled to death" lo be able soon to show how Pennbylvaiiiaiih can fight and uphold the good name of K » nd drives. All materials necessary the Keyston-,* state at the battlefront f o r t u c Souse to house canvass are ,s the \vav George B. .McCoTnick. uerc ' al d a meeting of the team cap- member of the medical detachment u:ns was held this afternoon for the purpose of working out of details. Connellsville has been given a quota of $321.000 in this drive and every person in the city will be asked be developed to a degree that you must not lose your head. Punctuality must be developed to a degree that you are never a fraction of a second late. Action means you must never (in the Lys salient) last night. Many i l ut ° ff *·» tomorrow what you can do Germans were killed, 50 prisoners j toda '- Endurance ,s a'.so essential. and some machine guns were taken by You c!m ' 1 ha - Te sounrt Noughts au[! the British, according to a statement uel of the Piave river, west of the main stream, and recaptured| issued by the war office today. several of their old positions there, according to a semi-official | ~ announcement tonight from Capo Sille. Other detachments are; Up*\7V HAlVIirF FN advancing toward the main stream of the river. '. nttV I iMUIlrlUfi Ifl The Italians have thrown numerous bombing detachments across the main stream where the artillery and aircraft are hammering the enemy. i reasonable thinking in an unsound MOUNTAIN SECTION CAUSED BY FROST.rh body." "The value o£ an individual," declared Fogleman, ' is determined by the amount of supervision required " He said the eniplove who could be handed the work and knew what to i do with it without b.'iEg directed was uch more valuable than one who had be told how to do it. "The one i-v nviTTTi /-*--V-c-- " ' ^o needs no supervision," he said, J- 1U1K ./Ms. 1 Crops Tract.eully Destroyed Alonpr -will go un the ladder of success so I B r r n p ITALIAN ARMY HEADQUARTERS, Sunday, June 23.-- itaek Creel;. Saltlick Township, j rast that the other-, will ha,c- to ex-1 (Night)--The great retreat by the Austrians along the Piave i Say Jtcports. | cusc tis or her dusu" front began und,er co,er of darkness Saturday night. The re-j Following a two-daj co'.d spell, a i speaking of the absolute necessity treating troops left their cannon behind them. I light frost fell here during the nigh'_. 0 f giving service, caller, at- Italian detachments are pursuing the enemy east of the(Reports, ate that crops were not dam- temion to the fact that good custom- i aged to any extent, in some sections i crs or many of them do not complain, of the citv the frost was hardly no- They simply drop out determined that "Well nobody at hearing sav I kill Raymond I think it here like m Italy. I think I get four or five years. Sarah get four or five year* and Frank (meaning Mancuso) get four or five years." It appeared up until t h e time he returned to the jail after the first degree verdict was rendered, Medio did I not f u l l y realize the seriousness of ! his position, believing that a few , years imprisonment would be his | punishment as no one had testified that he killed Bartcili. i ! of the J l u t h Regiment, writes fro.n ' 1 C -1 France to his uncle, diaries B. M_From beginning to end the letter is optimistic in tone H reads: "We had a very nice voyage comin tne exception of one day. make a pledge of some kind. The quota of $4,000,000 is the goal in the county, canvassing teams tnrough- over when we ran into a tog. The sea vvr-s out llle enure region are preparing very calm all UK wa) over and vva for a whirlwind drive. ? quite a few sharks The canvassers here will be armed were able and whales 1 was sea sick for a day *'--h pledge cards, and persons are Jiid a half, but not very bad. The asked to be ready to meet them at the trip v* as very interesting as every- loors of their homes, ready to sub- ·hmg vvab new 10 us It took me a i scnlje, not making it necessary for couple of days to get rid of my sea ! ^ a canvasser to tell all about the legs Wlien 1 iirst got off the boat j drive and why pledges should be and started to run to the tram I made. Persons making a pledge have found that I wasn't able to keep on u n t i l December to pay it, but the my feet. I government requests that the money , "We passed through England which ' bo turned m as quickly as possible. He did not understand that the , V( , found v e r y bca-jtifii 1 aad then we | Canvassers would be glad to receive got to see Fiance, and from w h a t I ! ^ 1C pledge in f u l l on eiiher Thursday have =en of ,t I am in love w n h i t . ' o r Friday. Aftei h i k i n g the belter part of a day Many persons ask why the limit of ty jail and confirmed by A t t o r n e y , v.- e came to our rarup which, is u a subscription is f 1.000. The reason is | verj beautiful \.ille V, e are I n i n g n:u the 52,000,000,000 War Savings ,n billets, winch iiu^os it very pleas- stamp Loan would not. go very far it verdict meant that he would forfeit MR Ufp until the matter was fully ox- plained by Ihe prisoners in the cmm- Austrian troops !eft to cover the retreat used their machine gijns to set up a barrage fire. When it was observed that the Austrians had begun a retrograde movement the Italians began to attack virtually all along the Piave line from Montello on the north to well toward, near Indian Head, were frozen, the mouth of the river. The attack was quickly pressed and be- The offic ' al thermometer here s came more insistent, accompanied by violent artillery fire. The number of guns leEt behind by the Austrians as they retreated has not been computed but it is said to be very great. The work of the American aviators who appeared on the front last week for the first time contributed notably to the disorganization of the Austrian forces which had crossed the Piave, according to Raifaele Garinei, correspondent of the Milan Secolo. tlceable but In the outlying districts if they cannot get service in their own the blanket was heavier. Ileports city they will go elsewhere. He dwelt from the Indian Creek valley, say, at length on Ihe necessity of giving Creek, [quantity and quality aad thc manner of the service. Referring to customers going out of ed a temperature of. 42 degrees as the the city to purchase Kooils, he said to that the crops along Back NEGRO KILLED IN REVOLVER BATTLE, ANOTHER IS DYING , am Our fellows are [around with the different j-for first aid an.l ration*. I am w i t h j Company M and ihpv -ure ore a r.ic - hij'ich of f e l l o w s I h a v e a l i t l l c pup lent pitched in ,i front yard of an old ! C»r,nn\ipi on P3s«i Tivo Ton Shots Are Fired by Men in Fight Ofer Crap Game and All of Them Takim; KScct, In a revolver battle at the camp of the Dravo Construction company at minimum for the night This Is the coldest figure that has been recorded in. June Had the clouds rolled away on Saturday night it is believed that a frost would have resulted then but j reason, Took into thc they hung low, preventing any dam- tlie merchants: "If you are t r o u b l e d , with tflat mnd of riellsville, it j o u r Pittsburg, and you *.mt to know the ·Jie plant of the Buckeye Coal company near Carmichaels, Greene cotin- l disease in Con- | tj ._ yesterday afternoon, Jesse Burke, customers go ^to a n c gro , was sjjo. M death anrl George Braouon, 45, akso colored, was per- 22 YEARS' SERVICE To Uie Credit of First Scrceanl Isaac Ivichey, u Connelkt. ille Iky. Tirst Sergeant Isaac Kichfy. now attached to the 3lM Cor.ip.iny 56^h Repmiem Infan'ry. 154th Depot Brigade at Camp Meade, is in lovui on dis/.ributed no '"nu was placed on the amount companies purchasable. The purpose of the government is not to reach the goal by big subscriptions, but to get a loan, from emery man, down to Die poorest The War Stamp pioposidon is to-teach. Uie p«ple to lend money to the government instead of spending it for sonie article which will be needed several months from now, thereby cutting out competition. By sacrificing something and lending the money to the government instead, ;he American people will bo learning thrift, which is very essential m winning the war. Every dollar 5pent needlessly is a dollar tending age. you'll tee him there, quality phis quantity mirror If you plus manner, and i baps fatally wounded. Ten shots were fired and all took on the city;j- o u have services which begins with Overcoats were soon streets yesterday and although it ,u capital S, w i t h the dollar marks r p P T T k X ATTAfTT KFPTTTSFi} ^"l Wa ?'° r '" ' he afternoon ' tbe through it." GER3IA ATTACK IiEFUJAl.1) number of autoists on pleasure trips "Every person is a salesman. I was PARIS June 24.--The Germans launched a new attack. was cut down considerably. Last a salesman when I sold myself to my against positions held 1V the Italians at Bligny at. 11 o'clock last i night was clear and had the frost ' w l r c . You are .1 bachefoi because night. After hard fighting the Germans were completely repuls-j been heavy many war gardens would j you aro a bum sai^na,,.» ed With serious losses, leaving prisoners in the hands Of tie I h a TM been caught unprotected. | -Salesmanship is nothing more or - 1 The program number for today is expected to draw the largest attend- effect. Six lodged in Burko's abdomen. Four hit Ijraxton in the facs. a brief v i s i t to Ins father. James to lengthen the time which it will take Itichey Bf Wlite Bock. Sergeant lo reach the goal the nation is I Richey icry probably holds the for reran, among Connellsville men for ' T!l1 War Savings Stamp investment of the best that can be made. I conlinmnii service in the Kegula"- Allies, according to a statement issued by the war office today. The French have repulsed a German attack in the region of Antheuil (west of the Oise), the statement says. .T BECOMES 1VILIHI BISORGAXI/IH) BOUT. ITALLt' .Ul»Y HK.VDQl'ARTKRS, Sunday, June 23.--South or the Yen- SD» bend the ABstriscs are fichtine reargiard actiwns to coyer the retreat ol their main hotly orer Uie two ' bridges they ha.c left--at S«n Joaa «nd (irisoK-ra. The Austrian retreat, which began iij iin orderly manner, soon became Tiildlf dlsorgaiiized and confosed. 3lanj- thousands of Anstro-Hiinsari- ans snrremlertid at the first tunity when oTertaken by Iheir pursuers. FLEEKG Al'STKIAXS WA1K THE PUTJi.. LO'IH)\. Jnne 24^-Aiter recap- tnriug the Jiontcllo from Ihe Austrian, according ti news received in I'»ndon this afternoon, Ihe Italians begnn makiuc; bridgeheads at Salvo and Vervesa. The Italians met ivith little resistance. The retreating Ans- trial's crossed the Pi bridge rcBainJnc to v th no damage to crops. There arc reports of damage enlisted sixteen and l! l b a loan with eariy redemption in wo. During tins time fsse of need. The investment pays in- i he has i.een to t h e Philippines o n i t f r e - ' i l at the rate of i 1-i per'cent. j A i n i y . having I one-half years . "COAL AT $700 ACRE ,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,. ..,,,. o , . . . , three different tours of duty and once and comes due in five years.' '^"U* ± ^.^"t ° ., " Mni "· ""» H' *« » « » th, 17th i n - i The p,ans for carrying out th. for tircfne County. The Waynesbtlrg Republican reports tlie tiling of a deed, dated J u n e 10, by which the Title Tiust LOIJI- fantry ; n Jlpxico prior to ihe en try pass of t h e United States i n t o tlie w a r ' Ocrmany. l^oroign service , counting double Sergeant Hichey he announced later. by |ance tor any one day of the entire' p a n 3 " ot W 65 ^TM Pennsylvania of now c-edited with 22 years service. EIGHTY-FIVE DEAD was snow on Saturday and Saturday night. and broken by the granite resistance interposed to the foes' progress. The crest of the Piave river Hood passed yesterday but the falling waters came too late to relieve Uie j irnVT H D A E T f 1 !!! WTTT T position of the Austrians. The i n u n - i f l t A l UKAC 1 liALL WILL dation w-ent 16 feet above the low water mark. The heroic deeds of the Italians in the fighting upon the Carso plateau . east of the Isonzo are recalled by the ! repeated examples o£ valor and eti- ; Movement IViil P.egin July a, to "lie durance shown in the present Strug- Followed Itv Others nt Intmnls · °- ~ J i tiuce lor ituy one (lay ui tne euiirti . - · frost in thc valleys higher up m the ; wcek Bohumlr Kryl and hta b-md Connellsville, has conveyed to the Ba- mountains. In places it is said there w i n gire conc erLi both this afternoon i° r P rfa e Coal Coke company, mcor- He lit mended to make application tom- for Is evening. Tomorrow afternoon the Porated, of Connellsville, a tract of commission as but has prc- TAKE 16,946 MEN FROM THE KEYSTONE STATE lecture. In the evening the entertainers will give a prelude and Sidney I-andon w i l l appear in "Living Likenesses of Gieat ! Literary Men.' 1 br the onlr tlie« north of Other enemr forces were forced to vrado across the stream. Between Montelln nnd Veiison the Italians are on tUe rlvtr for the entire distance. PIATE BEING WTHTTKS 13f LETJEBS OF BLOOD. ITALIAN ARMY HEADQQUAR- rEKS, Sunday. June 23.--Cruelly larrassed by steady and accurate ar- Jllery fire, compelled to face bayonet tttacks by the Italians and being xrastantly bombed by Allied aviators lying, low in defiance of machine ;un and anti-aircralt fire, the Aus- gle. With the Italian army along tlie f-ort there is only a stern intention to do or (*ie. "The word Piave is beta? written in blood red letters on Austrian hearts," said a dust-covered sweat- stained Italian officer who had been fighting ever' day for a weelt with \ oi a IVeek or Ten Days. HAIIRISBURG, June 24.--Calls for 16,94G Pcnnsylvanians, all white men, qualified for general military duty, i have been made b/ thc arm: state draft headquarters and the qu day m an effo.rt to recruit men, made thc June 24.--Major Theodore Jr., has been cited by the test lor the banks o{ the river. THEODOKK, JR, CITED FOlt (.ALLASTKI. WITH THE AMERICAN AK1IY IN FRANCE, Roosevelt, general commanding the troops to which, his unit is attached for "conspicuous galalntry" m action during the operation connected with the capture and subsequent defense of Cantigny. (IRRMA^S 5ITST C03IK ACROSS 1VJTU MORE COLV. AJISTBRDA1I, June 24.--The relch- stag this week will be asked to pass a new rote of credit of 15,000,000,000 marks, according to the Berliner Tage- blatt. This will raise Germany's war debt to 139,000,000,000 marks. .dans have been flghtins recently ^*S%£^ ll i-n£S.. KESIUJTATIOXOFCABKET ·rithout regard to losses aga nst thc j XOT ¥ E r ACCEPTED, on the Montdllo AMSTERDAM, · June 24.--Emperor I tas arc now Vine worked out Cor t h e ' Arlington Hotel Saturday and Sun- 282 draft districts. o! Uie 9,000 who will start for Camp Lee this week. . Commencing July 5, 3,000 men will go to Camp Wadsworth, Spartansburg, S. C., and commencing July 15, 1,459 will go to the same catnp. July 15, 787 men with grammar school education and with an aptitude Ksfirnato in Disastrous Wreck o£ Hasi'nhack-'H'allace Circus. - ... ,, . - . .... GABY, I n d , June 21.--Sixty-two i G r e a t Lakes Entertainers will give a j " ' '"- acros of Pittiburg vein coal in forred 'o reman m (he ranks. 'bodies .of ilagenbadt-Wailaco circus j musical prelude to be followed by a P'orean township, a.-cenc county; At present Sergeant Richey is in TMP'oyes who were killed in the consideration $197,501.41, or at ;hc charge of a company of 5-10 draftees wreck six miles -vest of here on the rate of T TOO per acre. j at Camp Mearte teaching them to le- M-diigan Central railroad early Sat- Tho tract of coal underlies what'come solders. He is anxious for ur day lay in temporary morgues here was formerly Uie John D. Smith farm.! ovei^eas fhitv ami hns expectations an{ ^ aL Hammond, ]nd., last night The price is believed to be the record j that lip wi!' sboniv lx afachod to a while circus officers made frantic ef- for Greene county coal to date. i u n i t that w i l l help to p u t Ihe kibosh iarts to compile an accurate list of i dead and injured. Only 24 bodies had [been identified. of lb.c others i v, c re charred and mangled beyond recognition. . Udwaid JI. Ballard. general man-' Fa- aeer of thc circus, issued a statement, figure* compiled iidicated that Bably S5 persons hart been, killed, .ue sail a hasty tabulation ot scattered employes showed that 60 are missing, in addition to the 24 identified dead. .Most ot the missing were said AFTER SKILLED MEN The Enterprise Coal Coke company has been incorporated v iy L. F. Ruth, n. Marietta, E. K. Dick and J. ,Vur ,.Virk Recniitiiifr Apent Speaks'.M Grey. in In on Hill. rheiltrc to \roiise Interest. tlie interest of securing skilled v,orkers for positions in plants eu- J. Meat the n^y upo y n'l saged on w " r ralUcri -'l s . M. the nuo-^ ;arth - v ° r ritUburg, who was COL.EDIEOVERSEAS Card Albu-Ti-llj of Arrival of Brother, I IVilliiim IV. Kilie. HICKEY IS FOURTH Cnniiells.iHe !ri,cr Itciit'* the ni'His Hanicy (Milfield. Denuv llickej of this city, d u v i n g a Hudson c a i !im i ;hed f o u i t h in the ! 100-mile deihy at Chicago Saturday, Cards received yesterdaj and Sat- , avprapm^ 10S miles an hour in a non- urday annouacetl the safe airiv^il ^top race. Lnui^ Chevrolet took first overseas of the 305th Sanitary Tram Place, Ralph llulfnrt', was second and to be "razorbacks. ' many of them ne- Several were secured yesterday af- | from Camp Lee, commanded by Lieu- . Ira V:ul third. Barnev OicL'ield flu- ' groes. P. S. Whipple. railroad tram- ternoon The 1 agent Pittsburg last eveiiins I. G Xew Piiitor Preaches. Nace, recently cho.sen of the Trinity Reformed church.' Field Hospital. to j tenant Colonel E. B. i;die of Connells' vtlle. In the same mail came new^ o. r the [arrival of the colonel's brothel, v.v.1- pastoriliam \V. Bdie, who ir --·"- 1 - for mechanics, will be sent to the fol- [ . preached the seimon in that c h u r c h ' yesterday morning. He will take. KILLED lil' IIYE lowing educational institutions for special training: 154 to State College, clmrse J u l y 1 108 to Brown Technical School, Lan- ""^-= -caster; 165 to North Carolina State College, Raleigh, i\. C., and 360 to Lehigh University, South Bethlehem. In the flve days' period beginning July 22, 11,700 men will be sent to I Pair tonight and Tuesday, except j urday morning, bhed f.fth. | A. C Stickel of OonnfUsville. own^i of the car driven by Hickey, at- | ·ended I h e races C. M'. Johnson and A. U Con)'- ot V n i o m o v n , olso v\it- ne-sed t h e nntcs's T'icj arn un- master. dead. al?o has been given up as a n i m o u ; in Ilickev drove JiAMMOND, Ind., June 24. _ Two in- vestigalions have been ordered oy official bodies into the cause of the of tlie niottieci races e v e r staged ' America. Wife of Mend Dronns.illc -Ilim in Hospital, Serious,!}- III. Benjamin F. Yoder, 35 years old, of Brownsville, while working at the plant of the Vesta Coal company Sat- one wreck last Saturday on the Michigan in ' Central railroad near Gnry in which j 35 employes of the Hagenhack-Wal- t l a c e o i i c u s were killed and approri- 1 350 injured. i-.aiely Camp Lee. First Home Grown Potatoes. John O. Nicholson of Connellsville township, claims to be thc first in the locality to eat new potatoes, home grown. Tue Nicholson, family feasted on them Sunday at dinner. The N'ieh- olsons live on the old Nicholson homestead. probably showers along Lake Brie; warmer tonight, is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature liecnni. MIS 1E117 Maximum 73 87 Minimum 42 GS .Mean --_ 58 78 The Yough river fell during the night from 2.30 feet to 2.20 feet. :.Io-e Drafters to (',« in ,,i]y. Xolic'f liar, been r"cir ed by Local , Bop.rd foi District No. 5 that anot'ier Draft Drawing This Week. conii'itri-l of mM wil yo to Camp WASHINGTON', June 24.--Wednes- was mstantly killed ^TV£^""n ^^iod '°* " ^"^ ° f "" B """ ^ * by coming in contact with an cleotric nrl to j,,TM,,,, , 1 - 7 oo mcn . The quotas wire which had fallen from its sup- n r ^p afferent districts port. Funeral will be held tomorrow nounced yet afternoon at 2 o'clock, with interment in Redstone cemetery Off for Fari« Salami. Mr Yoder's wife is a patient m the John Boreiter of Dun nr who Brownsville General hospital, w h e r e , l i s t e d in the marine" .eft Fnday she underwent an operation. ~ " " ' " ' are not an- fixc-d as ihe date for th« drawing o! order numbers for tie young men who registered for the army draft on June 5. Bolshevik! Leader Snot , MOSCOW, Friday, June 21.--M. Vol_ - . , odarsky, commissioner for press af« Pays.- morning for Paris Island. 3. c. He Is fairs and a promtoont Bolsheviki 'was cians fear the effect the news w.11 the second son in the Eereuer family shot dead today in a street of Petro-i h a v e on her. I to eniist In military service. icrai

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