The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1918
Page 8
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· ;; ST-. - " i T v . : ~"PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COtFRIKR, CONNELXSVHU3. PA. SATUKDAX iTCTTE 22, 1918. AMERICAN PLANES -TO CROSS ATLANTIC : BY NEXT SUMMER Season Why They Should "ot Be, Declares British Official. TO CO-OPERATE LEAGUE. Yesterday's Kesults. Pittsburg 3; Chicago 0. Broklyn 1; New York 0. Philadelphia 10; Boston 6. St. Louis 12; Cincinnati 6. · Smithfield. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Pet. - 35 17 ,673 JFIlghU from Great Britain to United ·'.. States to Find Koute ior American -- Crait Definitely Decided U]Ku, Says / Ooenl Brancker; Time 49 Boors. New York _ Boston Philadelphia Cincinnati _ Pittsburg -- -35 _38 By Associated Press ·WASHINGTON, June 21. - -Big .American ^ r and seaplanes should be across the Atlantic to reach the by j*sf summer, Major General ^JW. Brancker ot the British air J 'fitrr said h^re an informal '· statement to the press, lie is in '. Hfeshington to cooperate with Acaeri- , itan aircraft officials, and believes i that a pioneer trans-Atlantic flight -ascruld be attempted without delay. , ' "An enterprise which must be car- *· -"Tied ont as soon as possible," General ' 'Br»ncker sali "te the flight of Uw ' "Atlantic. There is really no reason «hy a considerable number of big .--···planes should not cross tlie Atlan' }i during next summer." : --tGeneral Brancker disclosed toe fact "that the British air council had defl- SL Louis . June 22.--Mr. and Mrs. 'C. H. O'Neil and two boys, Jack and Bruce, left toiiay for Punxsutawney, where Mrs. O'Neil and children will pay an extended visit to her parents and other relatives. Mrs. Nan Newcomer of Phoenix, Ariz., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs, James Rhodes, at High House, and other relatives throughout the county. Mrs. Newcomer and her husband, J. Newcomer, went to Arizona several years ago for the benefit of I Mr. Newcomer's health. He .660 !Mr. Newcomer's health. He was in a .500 [ sanitarium there and derived much .462 | benefit to his health. They were both .442 1 teachers in the schools of Fayette .423 I county. Mrs. Newcomer took up the .423 | profession oE teaching in the schools 405 Today's .Schedule, Chicago at Pittsburg. Cincinnati at St. Louis. New York at Brooklyn. Boston at Philadelphia. AMERICAN LEAGUE. lesterduj's Resells. Boston 13; Philadelphia 0. Cleveland 3; Chicago 1. xNow Yort 3; Washington 2. ^Thirteen innings. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Boston New York _ Cleveland -Chicago Washington St. Louis Detroit Philadelphia 36 32 33 Pet: .600 .582 .550 .519 .483 .463 .400 .382 there at a greatly advanced salary from what she had received in Fay- ! ette county. This has beau increased from time to time until now she is recei\"ing the highest salary paid for the branches she teaches. TVben they went to Arizona their means were limited and by reason of her husband's physical conditio'n he was unable to help replenish them, but the young ·vvite took up the burden of provider, I in which she succeeded, and they are I doing nicely. Children's Day exercises will be i held in the Baptist church Sunday evening, and in the M. E. church the following Sunday ecvnlng. Try our classified advertisements. ' Today's Schedule. Cleveland at Chicago. St. Louis at Detroit. Washington at New York. Philadelphia at Boston. CONFLUENCE BOY WRITES ,vBilely decided on trans-Atlantic air- ^"ir»tt flights In order to find a route ?|-S)'r the movement of American made J'alr craft to the front. ·fe'It i» expected the initial flight will iJW made this autumn in a machine of pSHtish make, probably a seaboat E?»tarUng from Ne-wfoundkind and Jitenching at the Azores and Portugal pl)«(ore ariving in Ireland. It has been ^otimated the trip can be made in 40 i of flying. Plans under consid- calls for crews at four men! aeomposed o£ an. engineer, a relief of Claries Crow Belatcs Interesting Ex- tjflots and a aavigation officer. peiicnees Under General Purshing. -" J - SpecUl to The Courier. CONFLUENCE, June 22.--Below are found extracts from, a letter from Charles C. Crow, one of the first men sent across with the Pershdng eipedl- tion. Charles is a son ot llr. and Jfrs. I N. H. Crow, who lived here until nine i years ago, when, the family moved to Jacksonville, Fla. They have since ·located at Braddock, Pa. On January 4. littT, Charles enlisted in the Regular Army. Seven days later he was ; sent, to tl e Mexican border. He was i telegraph operator at the wireless sta- | tion at the" regimental station of the 26Ui Infantry. On his 21st birthday anniversary. April 17, 1917, he won a sharpshooter's badge. "I have cause to remember my 22nd birthday by a long hike we took," he says. He is In the front line trench- j es, he says, adding ibat when 'the ! Americans go over the top the Ger- ; COMMON SENSE TO F RULE OFFICIALS IN RE-CLASSIFYING Store Executives and SUlted Workers Jn Bepart- ';. maA Stores Are Except. I*"" - . By Associated Press ffrWASKINGTOiS", June 21.-- New reg- Imlitions Issued to draft boaids today Ijjjt Provost Marshal General Crowder 'i»»" govern application of the work or order, do not rnle' specifically the status of professional play- .«f« or other classes which may be Jaffecteo', but emphasized the section 'tot the order placing games and sports j the occupations classes [·on-useful. S *In an oral statemeat announcing ·fth« regulations officials of General | Tosetl , no OCrowder's office said "at present" the huntmg the last two moi SeenpaUra^oTa baseball pl'a"er "is r"£ i writer - he has been al! OVDI girded as non-productive, but, that ** ".**?* to amusements Cr, jvntll a case had been appealed from ' ia local board there would be no ruling i «B the subject. ' ! £ '("Local boards will ? places, says the over France. p ow says: "We have plenty, if you call hiking all day with 70 to 80 pounds on your back and putting up and taking down consider cases i telegraph operations, amusements." Februan", Crow enjoyed his General' first furlough, and made good use of the seven days allowed. "They served' my breakfast in bed and I slept In a 1 «t Tritidrawal of deferred classiflca- ·tion."wlth common sense," "Crowder's Instructions say, and they named illness, va'cation, the impossi- ·MJity of securing productive employ- *zd in which kings and queens and ami. without a change of residence If"* rich men of the world have slept. 11 reasonable grounds for waiving! I P u t all my clothes under the bed ' and pulled down the spread so as to have nothing to remind me of army Crow says he is in fine health and has not been in the hospital once since entering the service. He says he meral order. While sales clerks ia^stores and clerical workers in offi- £es are classed as non-producers, Boards are directed to exempt department store excutives and skilled jrorkers attached to such i-stablish- mints. Traveling salesmen will be would like tc hear from the people Considered as engaged In productive «Bployment. but automooile salesmen in cities will not. it was ei- plained. Public or private chauffeurs are-'held to be non-producers only wten they combine other -work with mechanical duties. PD SUPPLY IN i HUNGARY FOURTH IP OF REQUIREMENT - at rragne, Bohemia, So Seri- it ~wu* That Austrian GoTernmcnt jjT* is ID Dire Peril. f ** By Associated Press ifl-ONDON, June 22. -- IE m:uny prov- aces of Hungary there is only onc- Jiird or one-quarter -the food neces- 9fy to maintain, the population in tfciftth, 'former Premier Pisza declared Spa. speech to the Hungarian parlia- aest yesterday, according to a Buda- t, telegram forwarded by the Exe.. Telegraph correspondent at PENHAGBN*. June 21. -- The situ^'at Prague, Bohemia, and the m- aartfial "centers In that district has ·come so^ serious that the Austrian orenunent will either be compelled ^increase the bread rations or run -]«. risk of still further exciting the people. about Confluence. Letters should be addressed in care of the 26th Infantry, Headquarters Company, A. A. P., Francs. Crow also sent a letter to his'little sister, Ruth. If Ton Arc Hunting B»rgn!nt, Read the advertlselng columns of The Daily Courier. You will find them. lOc 15c PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For Next Week The borne of the best pictures in Connellsville. Best and coolest theatre. J. F. Franks, Organist. MONDAY AM) TUESDAY Scr- tbr Crratr-"! Western Actor of the Day, William S. Hart in His Best and Most Exciting Picture "A LION OF THE HULS" Supported by Louise Glaum, Enid Markey.'Rea Mitchell and Clara "Williams. A Hart picture ·with some real Hart punch in it. Also a Good Keystone Two-Act Comedy. "Snatched from the Altar"-Blue Bird presents charming Carmel Myers in her best and latest success - «A BROADWAY SCA3TDAI/' A dramatic thrill whereby a doctor on the French front learns faith in women. Also an I, Ko Comedy in 2 Acts. THPKSDAY ·World Presents Kitty Gordon in '"THE INTERLOPER" Supported by Irwin Cummins. A big, smashing, forceful picture, crammed with intense dramatic action and powerfully telling a tremendously interesting, delightfully entertaining story. Also the Universal Weekly and a Good Comedy. FRIDAY SATURDAY The world's "most beautiful pnrglar." The star who captured the Nation. »A story of melodramatic daring. All are combined in the Goldwyn picture. Madge Kennedy in "THE DANGER GAME" Also a Good Comedy In 2 Acts. --COMING-Theda Bara in "DU BARRY" Also Mary Garden in a "A SFLESDID SENTSER" Vanderbilt. r- -- EVANDEF.BrLT, June 21. -- Mrs. pulsa Shallenberger and Mrs. Hulda |kll«nberger were recent Go no. oil s- P» callers. j SfiErs. Joseph Nutt of near I'erryopo- | jlTisited with her brother, W. E. j eHisy, and family recently. 1 3fiss Grace Moore was a recent tttsbarg shopper, having made the jfoin her touring car. -Krs. Belle Newman of Scottdale ifited with her sister, Mrs. "William alley, and family yesterday. MJss Mary Henderson and Mrs. irt McCormick were recent Con- D3»Tjlle shoppers. .£? B. Kno3: fc manager of the Star ipfrt7 Star Jtmctlon, was a business Her; liere Thursday. Jfrt and Mrs. Isaac Baugh of Per- ppolU visited friends here yester- pARAMQUNTTHEATRE 10c --TOJDAI-- 15c WILLIAM POX PRESENTS THE UNIVERSAL AND FAMOUS ACTRESS, THEDA BAHA, IX HER BEST AND MOST INTERESTING PICTURE. "THE ROSE OF BLOOD" THIS PICTURE IS BETTER THAN "A FOOL THERE WAS." ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND PATHE WEEKLY. TODAY AND TOMORROW SEE THE LAST DRAFTEES LEAVING FOR CAMP LEE. H05DAT A3T TUESDAY-SEE THE GREATEST WESTERN ACTOR OF THE DAY, WILLIAM S. HART IN HIS BEST AND MOST EXCITING PICTURE "A LION OF THE HILLS" SUPPORTED BY LOUISE GLAUM, ENID MARKEY, REA MITCHELL AND CLARA WILLIAMS. A HART PICTURE WITH SOME REAL HART PUNCH IN IT. ALSO A GOOD KEYSTONE COMEDY. ORPHEUIVB THEATRE --TODAI-- CHAHLES RAY IN "JDS MOTHER'S BOT" Also the Paramount Mack Sennett Comedy "BIS SMOTHERED LOVE" A2fD IDXSDAT-- WILLIAM S. HART IN TEE TIGER JEAN" An Artcraft Production. FOR SALE 3 Boom House, South Connellsvillo ......... * 600 D Roam House, N. Prospect St ..................... 700 5 Room House, N Prospect 8 Room Double House, Wheeler . .......... 8 Room Houst. N. 7th st ....... 1 ......... 3 Room House, Sr.j'der- town ..... I ............ 0 Room House, N. 10th St. G Room, South Con noil e - villc. rental $15 ........ 3 Room Cottage, FranfcUn St ................... 1 Room House, S. 8th St.. 0 Room Cottage, Crawford 1 Room House, 10th St ---4 room House, South 9th Street .............. 4 Double Houses, TS Craw' f o r d At o., S rooirts each: rental S20; eacli ..... 6 Room House. K G i b s o n . 6 Room DouLile House W. Crawford ........... 10 Room 3ouD]e House. N. Prospect ............ 5 Room Double House, Hyndman St ........ G Room Modern House, Sou th St ............ 0 Room Modern House, E. Hill St .............. 0 Room Home Poultry . Iot, Fraboea Ave ...... 8 Room Modern Honse, 6th St. ............. 10 Room House, Hyrdman SL .................... 8 Soom House. S. !th St.. G Room Modern House, Jefferson St. ......... 8 Room Modern Hoose, N. 8th St ............ 0 Room Modern House, Oth St., TIT. S .......... 32 Room Modern Home, ·table on brick road... C Room Modern Home, N. »th St, "West SWe ---6 Room Modern Home, Ogden St ........... 6 Boom Flat, Fro-irklin Ave ................... 8 Room Modern Home. Art3h St. .............. 8 Ito^m Modrrn Ho-me, N. 8th St., "West ^ide ..... Itt Modern House, Morrell Ave. .................. 8 Room House, 12th St. . . 5 Boom Houp«. E. Fatr- Tdew Ave. ............ 10 Room Double HOOT*, Franklin Are .......... 7 Room Modern House, W. Crawford Ave ........ 8 Boom Modern House, N. Gth St ............. "- 7 Room Modom House, E. Peach ................ 6 Room M""Cflrn House, N. Jefferwn ............. 12 Donb-le H'onse, W. Gmwford Ave ........ 0 Room Modern House, E. Cra-wf ord Ave. ........ 6 Room Modern Hou^e. Jefferson ............. 7 Room Houae, 1011 A-etnn. St, South Side.. 6 Room House, lot 209x134, Frauds Ave. . . ........ B Room Modern House, near Loteenrfiig 1 ...... ,S Room Modern HouSA Elisa St ............. 5 Boom Modern Hot»e, S, 8th St. ................ 8 Room Modem House, JcfEerson SL ......... 6 Room Modorn Etouse, E. MurpiiT Ave ........... 9 Room Modern Horn*, E. Falrvlew Ave ........ 5 Boom Modern Honwe. E. Gibson Ave. .......... 6 Boom Mod. House, Arch SL. above B. * O. depot G Boom House, Highland Ave ................... 12 Room Do-able Honse, S. nth St ................. C Room Modern Hou»«. E. Washington Ave ...... C Roon\ Modem HQU«W, S. 8th St, ............... 6 Room Modern Horn*. N. 1.SOO **' IO ° 3 .TWO 1.SSO 1,«50 1,700 3,300* 2.500 2.500 3,000 2,000 3,000 3,000 3«OOO 3^00 3»5OO 3.300 3,700 3,700 8 Boom Modern Honee. 3. Sth St ................ 8 Room Modern House, S. 8th St ................. 8 Room Modern House, S. Sth St ................ C Roo«m Modern House, N. Pittsburg St ......... 12 Boom Double House, S. ftth St. ............... 7 Room. Modern House, E, Fairvlew Ave ......... 10 Room Double House, Davidson Are ......... 8 Room Modern House, S. SLh St .............. 8 Boom Modern Home, Vine St . ...- ........ 8 Room Modern Hou*e, S. ' 6th St ................ 9 Room Modem House, Lincoln - Ave ....... 14 Room Double House, E. Cm/wford Ave ........ 10 Room Modern Home, S. Sixth St, West Side . . . 8 Boom Modern House, E. Murphy Ave ........ 8 Room Modern House, W. Peach St ............. S Rom Modern HOIIPG, S Sth St ................ 10 Room Modern House, E. Washington Ave ...... 0 Room Modern House, E. Crawford Ave. ...... 10 RooTn "Modern Ilouse, Lincoln Ave .......... 16 Room Modern Double Honse, S. Sth St ..... 17 Room Modern House, Race St .............. 8 Room Dwell in ir, 5 Room Flat, Store Room 22x51 and G Room Dwelling 1 , all modern, sinuate on S. Pittsburg St, rental 5120 per month .............. 4,3OO 4,500 4,W» 4,500 4,050 4,700 4^00 5,000 5,000 5,000 5.OOO 5,200 5,050 fl,O(M 7,500 12,000 HRICK 1IOMKS FOR SAI,E. 12 Room llodern Brick, N. 3rd 3t B,5OO 8 Room Modwn Bungalow, *V Crawford Ave S^iftO 8 Rooro Modern Brick, Vine SL 6.00O 16 Room Modern Double Brick. W. Wash.inE't-on Ave. «,SOO 14 Room Modern Double Home and one 5 Room Hoasc, E. Cedar A v e . . S^SOO 8 Itoo-m Modern DoiiMe Brick, "WUlis Road I»,W0 12 Room R-story. ex. 'fine JO Hoom Modern House, S. Plttsburg- St 10 f (M0 13 Room Modern Home, W. Apple St 1O,004 Store Room and D^vll Ing, frontage 6G feet E, Craw Cord, near 'Brim-stone C o r n e r . . I2.00O House, E. Gi'een St. . OL1,OOO S Room Modern Double Brick. E. Fail-view Ave. 12,000 14 Room Modern Doiiile BrJck, E. rViirvlew Ave. 14,000 F AIU1 S. 3 Acre Fruit and Poultry Farm, near city 1.70O 10 Acre Fruit and Poultry Farm, near city G,COO A. E. Wagoner Co. 1000 W. Crawford Ave., WEST SIDE;. CONKKLLSVILLB. Both Phones. THESE SUMMER DRESSES As Smart and Pretty as They Are Coo! and Comfortable Dresses light, airy, and in many shades. Drosses that may he ·ubbed again and again, thus assuring their constant freshness and charm. They ar" here by the do/.ens--in voile in gingham, batiste, organdy, lawn and in silk. The color range includes ivhite. pink, tan, peach and rose, ^hile the same shades, along with many others, are frequently seen in attractive combination with some other harmonizing color. Prices Begin as Low as $4.50 and Go Gradually up to $35 An idea of the extensive price range may be had from the fact that there are five different Mages from J4.50 to 519.75. and more than as many more from that price on to $35. Dresses to meet every taste and everyone's ability to pay. A complete range of sizes for women and misses. 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Other handkerchiefs in splendid assortment. Buy War Saving Stamps--Save Gold Bond Stamps READ THE COUEIEE. j: Real Money Can Be Sirred by Baring Xonr . Hat Cleaned into the Latest Shape by our Experienced and Expert Hat Cleanor, who makes a special study of all Panama work. We use no acids and guarantee all our work to be the best Established 190«. Te American Up-to-Bate Sat Geanfng Parlor J. I. PBREl'S, Proprietor. Ill W. Crawford Ave., CONNELLSVILLE, PENNA. --NEXT 1VEEK-- A Shoiv With a Jiew Idea. FOERT L. BKOTT, the Versatile Comedian, Presents Sam L Reed and Associated Players In Wholesome Comedies and Farces. Full of Langlis und Roars. --MONDAY ASB TUESDAY-- The Comedy Hit of the Universe. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IF THIS PAPEK. Commercial Printing q/ all Kinds Done at U/e Courier Job · Printing' Office.

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