The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE FIVE. BEHIND SCENES TOUR, VOICE MIRROR DRAWS MANY TO BELL OFFICE A tour behind the scenes iit the I telephone building is being afforded | all residents ol Connellsville and | vicinity beginning today nnd continu- i ing Thursday and Friday. ! The Bell Telephone Company Is i · opening the doors o£ its central office at 145 Kast Crawford avenue from 1 to 9 P. M. on the three days. John E. Hess, manager, has assigned 20 employes to serve as guides during the "open house" and explain intri- A T C A P I T A L A S I N T E R P R E T E D BY DAVlD LAWRENCE cate mechanisms along the route of Places the cost entirely upon the workers both directly as wage-earn- the tour. High School students went behind the telephone scenes today and groups will continue for the rcmam- ·*!. dcr ot the week, as will service clubs and women's organizations. Every resident of this section has been invited to participate in the educational program. s- Visitors first go to the basement of the building where they observe the Continued from Page Four, purchasing power by distributing the cost of insurance among all elements of society, our program ers and indirectly as consumers. "The idea underlying our system is to build reserves by setting the contributions higher than necessary and by keeping the payments on a low level. But since this hoarded money comes only from direct taxes on wages and payrolls, which reduces purchasing power, the consumptive power of the masses is doubly re- BACKSTAGE" AT TELEPHONE OPEN! HOUSE NUMBERS ODDITY IN WEST VIRGINIA By United Press. CHARLESTON, W. Va., Feb. 23.-Like the bridge hand with 13 of one suit, this perhaps couldn't happen again in so many million cases: ·i'i.r four children of H. E. Connor will celebrate their birthday anniversaries this year on the dates of the months , corresiwnding with their ages. Gail will be 13 on March 13, Hoselyn 21 on April 21, Sylvia 23 on April 23 and Woodrow 25 on September 25. Connor's own birthday is December 5. This year he'll be 55. generators, power boards and battery j duced. room. This equipment provides the I "Moreover, since no funds at all power to send the voice through the I arc provided by the well-to-do, the I tiny telephone wires and makes it j reduced purchasing power must in- possible for the operator, seated at the switchboard upstairs, to ring telephones in homes and offices throughout the community. Here, too, is the cable vault where all telephone wires are brought into the building in storm-proof cables. On the first floor, visitors will sec a maze of wires at the "main frame." These wires lead to all telephones in the community and arc brought to one central point in the building as train tracks lead toward their terminal. l Careful examinations of all telephone lines are constantly made by technical experts at the local "test tax burden. Mr. he want 1 ? certain board," a device which enables tele- prices to come down and certain evitably result in decreasing con- ] sumption, curtailing production, I diminishing profits and intensifying i unemployment." A special committee of experts or advisory council is studying, with the | cooperation of the social security board itself, certain changes in the legislation which arc to be proposed some time this year or next, but this is not touching the economic factor-the capacity of business to absorb, from the point of view of ownership and of the consumer, the price changes that result from such a suddenly imposed Roosevelt says phone men to trace troubles. Another stop that promises more than usual interest is the teletypewriter. It is used extensively by others not to rise, but, if he will have some bureau investigate the relationship of payroll taxes to prices last year, he will find that along about newspapers, business firms and police ! last March, when businesses began to departments throughout the Nation. \ realize they had to pass on social "The machine, which resembles a ! security costs to the consumer, the standard typev/ritcr, may be connect- j beginning of a buyers' strike set in, cd to any one of the thousands located all over the country and messages typed over it will be reproduced instantly on the distant machine. On the second floor, the visitors will witness a scene of great activity i" in Ihe switchboard operation. Young women seated in front of the local and long distance boards complete 16,000 calls daily at the Connellsville office. Visitors will have a chance to see and hear them in action. The final stop of the tour will be, for many, the most fascinating. It is the "telephone voice mirror," a device which makes it possible'for a person to hear his own voice over the telephone as others have always heard it. A moment after a sentence is spoken into this voice reflector, it comes back to the speaker. "The tone of the telephone voice will be a complete surprise to some people," Mr. Hess said. "Many will whereupon the present recession ensued, because the bottom dropped out of demand, resulting in a widespread cancellation of orders from one end to the other of the whole economic system. The interdependence of such factors in the business world may not be generally realized. Let me trace just one stream of influences as an example. The auto industry raises prices because labor costs and payroll taxes in its own plants, plus labor costs and payroll taxes among the suppliers of raw materials, cause a precipitate increase which cannot be met any other way. Consumers balk at prices and halt their buying ot new cars. This causes the auto company to lay off men and to cancel orders with steel' companies. One steel concern ordered transported about 5,000 carloads of coal a year ago Ia:it January over the Norfolk Western Railroad. This year, in the deny it belongs to them, but the : samc month, this railroad, one of the 'voice mirror' does not lie. Everyone ! most prosperous and efficient systems In Connellsville and vicinity will have an opportunity to experiment with this instrument. It will be here for the duration of the open house program which begins Wednesday aftcrnoor and continues until 9 P. M. Friday." Here are two scenes taken at the central office building of the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania at 145 East Crawford avenue, which will be open to the public today, Thursday and Friday during the open program. Some of the 2D operators employed here can be seen in the picture above. The young women at the switchboard handle more than 10,000 local and long distance calls daily. On Ihe right is Paul Gallagher, checking some of the equipment that speeds telephone calls across the street or across the continent. in the country, carried only 1.000 cars of coal for the same steel company. Earnings dropped from 52,000,000 in January, 1937, to $700,000 in January, 1938, for the Norfolk Western. It can well be Imagined j what the corresponding decline was on weaker railroads. ! When there is little coal to be' moved, workmen are laid off on the | railroads, or else they are cut to n four-day or even three-day week. Then purchasing power continues to drop. The income groups of work- j men ordinarily buy many of the used autos. They stop buying. This slows up the market for new cars and we are back to recession in the automobile industry again which normally is the leading production business in the world. Does anybody in Washington care about the withdrawal of anywhere from $3,000,000,000 to $4,000,000,000 from the stream of purchasing power by means of the payroll lax? Docs anybody offer to shift the burden and give us a social security plan from general taxation and by bigger contributions perhaps from states and cilics? Does anybody in Washington offer an alternative plan to replace with something equivalent | thereto the $3,000,000,000 lo $4,000.- j 000,000 taken out of the stream of | purchasing power, if indeed Ihe present social security law is so perfect that Congress does not dare to touch it? These questions go to the heart of the problem of solving the business recession and if Washington is asleep on these questions, as it seems to be, only an aroused public opinion can wake up the legislators and the politicians who live in warm houses, draw big salaries free from social WPA Music Classes Provide Lessons Free of Charge Music classes on all stringed instruments and trumpet are given free of charge by the \VPA at the Connellsville KYA Recreation Center in South Arch street Tuesdays nnd Fridays, from 4 to 9 o'clock, and at the recreation center at Dunbar Mm days and Thursdays, from 3:30 lo 7:30 o'clock. Included in the Connellsville area are neighboring localities such as Trotter. Lcisenring. Vnndcrbilt nnd Dawson and other places nearby. Adults nnd children 1I years of age and over arc eligible to Join the classes. The teacher in charge is William Bcnford of Dunbar. Applicants rrc nskcd to sec him at the places the classes are held or write him at his home at Dunbar. A new system of teaching i ing started for the term. Predicts Duce's Fall Miles H.inn Succumbs. PITTSBURGH, Fob. 23.--Miles Harm, CO years old, husband of Elizabeth Edge Hann. died Friday niRht at 11:45 o'clock at his home. The funeral services were held ^Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Wolfe Funeial Home in East Pittsburfih. Interment was made in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Randolfo Pacciardi, anti-Fascist exile from Italy and founder of tho Garibaldi Brigade now fighting with tho Spanish Loyalists, is pictured in New York, as ho predicted the downfall of Mussolini. Ho cited Italy's ventures in Ethiopia and Spain as causa of her present "financial agony." PITT'S MEDICAL SCHOOL DEAN DIES By United Press. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 23.--Funeral services were/ held Tuesday for Dr. Raleigh Kussell Huggins, 08, dean of the medical school at the University of 'Pittsburgh since 1919. Dr. Huggins succumbed Sunday to an illness which caused his confinement at a hospital since Christmas. HuKRins joined the staff of the University in 1912. He had practiced medicine at Sharpsburg, Pa., after studying at the University of Cincinnati and Miami Medical College. He was born at Marietta, Ohio. Deer Is Trapped 28 Times. SHINGLETON, Mich., Feb. 23.-Hunters who have marveled at the escape artistry of deer were amazed when the slate conservation depart-' ment reported one buck had been trapped 28 times at its Cusino game refuge, where the animals arc caught, weighed, tagged and released lor study. Woman Scoops Tote. MANCHESTER, Ens., Feb. 23.--A record tote double was scooped by a woman investor on the last day of the flat racing season here. She coupled Solitaire, a 25 to 1 winner, and "Wheel of Joy, a 33 to 1 winner, and got $23,395 for her $2.50 ticket. security taxes, and dawdle along from day to day whilst 10.000,000 human beings are idle. When will their .fellow-workers and fellow- citizens recognize some of the basic causes of the present recession? ;3!!l NEVER UNDERSOLD NEVER UNDERSOLD 1Sc Powder Puffs We Fill Prescription! POND'S COLD CREAM Cut to NAPHTHA SOAP £r All Scrubbing 3f n , 4 J Pvrpotoi O ' ul I U BURN'S Bargain Specials! 8c 25c MILK OF MAGNESIA U. S. P. Standard Cut to SPECIAL! McTEK TOOTH BRUSH CUT TO S5c HARLEM OH. -I Q ,, KIDNEY CAPSULES 20c EPSOM SALTS, out to, Ib S1.2S COD LIVER OIL, pint lOe LIFEBUOY SOAP, 2 cakes Sl.OO WORLD'S TONIC _ j ANALGESIC BALM _ lOc PETROLEUM JELLY lOc SHOE LACES, pair 25c YFOODBURY TOOTH PASTE $1.25 SKIILAC BABF FOOD 75c DEXTRI- MALTOSE 60c ALKA- SELTZER . 75c FITCH'S SHAMPOO 30c OXYDOL Large Siyc Cut to SUPER VA1UB! 2.00 Alarm Clocks G Box of 100 PAPER NAPKINS Cut to n /A 25c /W"oT\ CITRATE Of MAGKEStA CUT TO SUPER SPECIAL! BUGLER TOBACCO, OO or.' SHAVING CUP SOAP 25c EX-LAX or ALL lOo TOBACCO, S for ALL 5c CANDY AND GUM, S for . lOo SAFETY MATCHES Sl.OO YELLO- BOLE PIPES _ 30c VICKS NOSE DROPS .. PRINCE ALBERT TOBACCO, Ib. . . S1.25 SCOTT'S ESIULSION CRISCO, 3 Ib. can CLIMAX WALL CLEANER, 3 cans .. FEENAMINTS Cut to Bottles of 100's. Mild and Effective, 75eSQUIBB'3 ASPIRIN B l l l o l l 00 Cut U COPPER POT CLEANERS 75c BAYER'S ASPIRIN TABLETS Belli, of 100 Cut U S9c :iOc Hill's Ciiscam QUININE TABLETS Cut to HOWWHWK COOK BOOK 25c SAHITARY NAPKINS CUT TO 13C 25c JERGEN'S LOTION VALUES *OQO UP TO */!::: Marsh Wheeling Pioneers Cut (n 8 for 25c Box of 50's, SJ.49 WI1H CARTON FROM CO1SATE.PAIMOUVE TOIlETRItS OR VASELINE HAIR TONIC rvtteiwiSArou* roitircooescowrie

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