The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1930
Page 13
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VTRDNTCSOAY. M A R C H TTTE DATLT COTTRTFrR, CON.NT!; /LSVTLLE, PA. PAGTE TTTTR.TT-TEN. BY ROY V I C K E R S CHAPTER XLVll. T,I, tnke it affain first ,'on can watch me." said oh riey as thoy road back into the clcarini;. This time the mare responded at once and a clean j u m p I ·hcsat came the i ies and every fewffor his car, but prudenet re* of it. "Now remember what I told you," shf* cautioned, as she handed hfr m o u n t to Abrnmovcl. "Auk your fr rmi^ to stand nway from the ridje or they may frighten her." Abratnovel shouted and the men mover) itvny, with the exception of one who was bigger than the rest. "Ask that other man to mov away too," protester! Shirley "You otig-ht to /five yourself every chnnce :t the first." "Oh, ! don't mind him!" si Abrarno^el contemptuously, a started for the jump. As before, the mare refused the jump a: the la?t second. Abni- movel s'.tot over her head. For t moment there was omnious silence, which v.-ns suddenly brokftn by a big m;i i who still linifercd near the j u n p. Abnunovel caught the bridle iinc was in the saddle, riding back for a seconii attempt. "You rushed her too much," (tnic Shirley. care t.hrt 'Don't fluster her. Take Abrai.iovei was cantering away for the second attempt. Shirley watched with a sporting interest, wholly unaware that there could be nny other interest than a sporting on* 1 . At th · second attempt, the mnre took the j u m p and Abrtunovtv kept hi? seat. He turned the mare in orde · to rifle round the j u m p into tin- clearing. Shirley went forward to congratulate her pupil her comic-opera bandit who lookec l i k e i t i n m p . Sr-e va.i still waikiiiR towards Abrarnovel when oru: of the bandit,' put out hi? arm in f r o n t of her as fi b irrier. She stopped, but n o t h i n g warned her to turn away. She sav A b f i r m o v i - l Ir-ap from his home ami rush at the mini who hat! IniiijlK'ii ;it hi*- t u m b l e . It w us over b e f o i e rhe could t u r n 3iv,-;\y. '['he k n i v e s flashed in the su i there c a m e a hoarse .scream as A b r a m o v e ! re-established Mis l e a d e r s h i p which had b-?en destroyed by the laujrh. S i m u l t a n e o u s l y it seenu-d that there c une a cry in unison f r o m t h e othi-r f i v e bandits. "Zetc Abramovel!" Sick w i t h horror, Shirley si jrered r a c k to the shack. She was trembling with fear, not an animal for hor own person but deep moral fear. It was tier sense of civilization that was outraged. Her imagination was trying to envi: ape tho irreconcilable. Ab- ramoviv., the comic-opera bandit who wanted to learn to j u m p -- -nnd AbraniC'Vel, the fierce white suv- iiKe, fighting hideously t i k e a wild animal. For .* long titnn she ant in a kind of stupor and was roused by Petron : )rinf;ritH: b f r a meal. I t was ten o'clock iind the gangf were ceasing: work. "The heat comes," r;aid Pctros. "Madario would do well to eat and then sli i-p." The Greek's words made her suddenly consciovss of h p r phys-iml sarroardinjjs. Shp chiir-:«d f r o m her ridinK-kit to the l i g h t e s t thinps ! she had iind f o u n d that it scarcely made any difference. With the mimites, it se med, the swarms were doubled. She tried to eat but the flies blitzed about h r fo«H even while sh« wns conveyh g it from the plate ;\ni fihe Rave u.- the attempt. She crept to h-er be' and, opening the mosquito net, Uy down under it. It WAS a d i f f e r e n t thing, she fouTirt to fac« tf.e heat oi' n M*cs- rionian summer in an iron-roofei shack up-counts y from facing it in the compa' atively well-bwlt house in Kaia: laria. Sleep was impossible. Th heat s«emed to break on her ( cm die iron roof in waves. Oner feeling; sh« would suffocate, she went out of th shack, only to te driven back to the protection o ' the mosquito net- Finding she c nld do nothing: f- cool herself, »h···. lay and endur« the hours of he it, doling fitfully startina; to wi kefulneas in the hope that she hid slept for hours and finding tha scarcely a couple of minutes bad passed. At four o'cloi Ic there was a »»n sibie lessening c f the hoat and she fot! nslaep, to .vake a couple o: hours later coo: and refreshed a slight breexe. Such was th* distorting affect o ' her surroundings th*t th* «· vents jf the early morn ing 1 , Almn's dwpi rttirt, Ahrnre duel, alike seen ad afar off. At sunset the foreman came np to the nhack w th the records 01 tho day's work It took her no more than a f e w minutes to fine out that Alan made records o: these in an a-count bool: and vastly rolievod at *omt kind oi occupation, she let herself to copy them ont. When darkn* « had fallen, there came to her f otn the camp the aottnd of reed instruments anc sinjrinjf--and t : iis time tha singing was rhythi lical. Sh« looked out across the A big fire been bailt near round it the men Her curiosity with their feet. more the liti« the tents and wero dancing. aroused but in: tinct warned her not to leave th shack. She pick or up a pair of field-glasses ani watched them. She saw a s, on? or so of men, linked by th4?ir arms into a jing-lc line while they performed stamping movement. For a minul« would be motto ilens; then it wonld move a doaen or so feet in one direction and t ten back again. As she watched, Alan's words came back to he ·: "Sometimes they dance ffke sa^ i« n s, only worse. . . . " Shirley i nderstood now. In the dance was he hideous animal outline that liar shocked her when Abramove) hao sprung upon his comrade. It w w the dance of a people whose roiigion is blood. And she wn» ulone with them in the tiearl of the mountains. She was seit i with acute physics) terror, nni naginablv maimed, whilo they dam ed round h»T. A b r u p t l y , thi inonient of panic "They vrill It ive tne alone until Alan conic? back," ran her honphtfi. "Ar, i if Alan never iocs come bad, --i? will be worth t -- nnd wh'-n t :s all over, BOITUN low, somcwhc7t!, we shall both now it was w irth it." * * * Alan arrived shortly after dawn f the third day Shirley was hav- ng breakfast, v hen she heard the 'irst of the IOT ries nimble round lie bend into i :mp. She wiin'Uid o rur down to the camp and wait s train »d her. One by one, the lorries lurched and si-aggvred over the miev«n track. There were twelve or them this time--the first four loaded with men, some fifteen to a lorry --the remainder, she suppo»ed, contained supplies and equipment. I,nat c,f all came Alan's car and ont of it stepped Alan. SThe sa* him Icok towards the shack and »he stood ontaide and waved. H« wavod back and immediately turned to the men by tha lorrien. The minutes "passed while gho watch*d and waited for him to com*. She lost sight of htm in th« hive of activity round the lorries. . , . "Why should he bother to- come up to the shack?" she naked herself. He could see thnt she waa ai] right when she waved to him. Theve was a lot of work for him to do nnd it would be an idle. formality to come all thnt way merely to ask how she had gvt on with t h s brigands--whether she had been frightened or subjected to any indigrnity. i Suddenly «he saw him on horseback, coming toward* her-- -^alfop-' in«. As he neared the shuck, h* bellowad for Potros, who leaped out oi lh« kitchen quarters and to-ok his horse. i As Alan dismounted, she shrank irurtinctively bnck against tho door of the shack, for there hnn'i come to hei tha ridicaloun fancy that he was going- to touch her. H« stood boiore h«r, a little out of breath, and for « moment neither spoke. · "How go«» it?" His tone was balanced, friendly -- had been ao danger of his touching;' nor. i "Non* th« worw," she ajwnrered with t, amH«. "Except that I've b««n borod to death." , "Are you going to stay here now? he asked. The words oiectrifiwl her. Before he had threatened to rcrnovo her from the camp by force. Now he acknowledged that she had won her ri;jht to remain. "Yes, please, AJan," tne an- swenxl cvanly. "But do g-ivc ma »ome work to do!" "I'll work you until you cry for mercy," he answered, laughing. "I've rot a lorry-load of boots lown there. The first thing you ctn do is distribute- them nmongtrt the comitadji. One pair to each man, And to make sure, don't fire up th« new pair until «ac.h man has gtven you his old pair. Feet like it?" "You bet!" "Good. I'lfcirivc you a couple of men to do the actual " . Make every man who can write sign hia name and the datt, I Uunk they ai! can write. It's won-' d*rful how well these aava-os .-ire 1 educated. '; "When you're through with ;hat, f o to lorry No. 7 and #ot tha foreman to have it unloaded. It contains medical stores and t want 'o sco they're hanfle/ rare--' 'ally. That'll carry you through he m i m i n g and we'll rnei't here it ten o'clock for d e j e u n e r . In the enntimc, 1'rn (joins; to fii up a touting system with Abrnmorel. "I've (jot the Serbians all right " he added. "Just fifty. At n pinch hoy :an tacklo Stephanos nnd Abranioyel and his little lot as a makeweight." l» contintteij tomorrow.) o»ririit. int. in run vwiwi; SjvdleeU, tiM. Home-Making Helps ll»w Old /.t art fresh- 'K;r t'.iuc th:r.fJB .t do" -JD,' -on-i liiii (not du.'-Pij and 1 1 me n am-; S cl-H.T ; p t ! u i l of u n ' It may not I y whiit the customer! . Tho Jj'.craity frt'Hh w i t h i n r'-ft»nt hourw a.i one Kel.-j it sonic- o i a farm. ii pkdnly «»ou^h, a frvs.h ':;;T. Conuiii'iTi;illy , "frcHn ··Si.;" ii.Kiri:! any vj;: t h a i hu-i not hfcn In cold «tora«... hut iu-tuali.v it muy m aw much UM t h i r t y dayw old. .\nd !:fre la where a oocultar jiara.- 1«x cnt.'rw. A story f;-" ej;-; may b? bctte-r han a *o-iilli-d fresh "SK- 1C. for vxnmplo. i h u PR^ scvtrul weeks « r cvon a m o n t h okl, had heon "Mhcll t-catcd" -- which (.1 .ipraylnR or rtlppiriff In 7nlnii-af oil -- it wii) remain in Kood condnton. anfl f n r Mime time. Th*- tin:roatH! fresh r-zg tr\}\ not be 90 £Oix! In a few flays. W h a t makc;3 an cgc (iott-riorato? ,Th*re me t i n y p .r«i tn the and t h r o U K h i. ie«« the moisture .·vaporutf.i. little by little. Of coui-»«, t h i s doesn't hapj «n U the e«E la kept coveri-tt. In a ;Lat« of uutiire. th« h f n tiikn.i carp of this---completely ··nvelopiriK the r -, K until it's hatched, if tho egg Is rej iovcd from this natural protection, It at onc« t»'KVnn to ;.;::" weifrht. U.ilefls, aa above mcn- UoiiMl it in : 'tlflolally protected from t b « Jiir. "-, tiia may !H donfi by coutitiB with o|] or fnt. By pwckliiR down in hrun. iawcliii[ or Hand, or by ImrTitTHin^ It llmrwatnr, It's pxsy enoi sh to determine thi nuallt.v of an et ? by t««ta. Mp r * art- a few. And If a disater nhotild »ell iin Inferior qua Ity as a frpflh -cfj-- well, tbern nr. always plenty of others who woi 't. first, a frer; i IRK has a thii-lc, rough shell. 7 tint's one Indication, but not concluj iv». B T ELEANOR ROSS Hold It to the light If IT jfrm.i to b« -loudy. It 1» nol fn«rti, but If clear, it Is. Pluo'.- the ffff In a bowl of wnfp-r. A perfectly troth OKR will iilnk to tho bottom anc! rest horizontally. If it I Is lea.^ t h a n fnssh, the Inrir'T end | will r se slightly, a n d tlie more It j rl»iMi ihe olUor la tho ejrR. This Is because more evaporation '.ahe-M p!aco' at l.h* larger end, anrt as thcr« Is mor« -oorri, no much air jsi-Ui in ttiatj it nutnnu/uicaity flosktB. An egg w*v-; rrnl rrcek-) old will re.-jt on ( h o bottom but with an upwa-r-d Inc-lim* toward th* larger end. A n esK s«v- er»l rionthn old will stand uprijj*-. on He nmall «nd. And If H LH many montlia old it will rtss pirrp«udlc- ularly to the top. Al»'), If. when you plch up an rffj; and »hnk« it. the contents seem to move, tho egp ia stal«. And It you h«a.r a rattle, clon'l botlier to ojjon the »ic--jivst throw It awny, The Home Kitchen By ALICE LYNTN BARRY President of World Betnk Sails for Europe Squab and Pigeon. F OH that elextint c o m p m n y luneheon. or llnn«r, nquab may be tho piece de r*»is»anc«-- It l» neeeasnrily a mod«r*M Tlue b««t squabs w«lgh !«·· than a peuud--about thrve- quarter* at a pound, a» a ruin, which, when ' cooked doeem't yield a large amount of edlblo meint. 8(111, It In v«ry (Jell- rate In flavor, and many prefer It to all other game and poultry. 9qua» i* usually broiled--the 4m- pleat tnothorf of preparation. 80111 it down the back and rub all «*er with aoft butter. Broil before · hot fire onUl light brewh and tender, which will be about eight minute* for each iride. The fir* «hnuld be hot, but th« bird* must not )« hf'pt too near the flame. Beujmn with null and pepper Just before avrvlnie. The u*uaj method le to place a half or who)* *quab fdependln* on He atM en a aquar* of buttered toaet. aad vankMt with a cprig ef para}*.*. If a inrgm number ot xiuaha are to ·· eenwd. It will be morn ,-onvmknt to bak« than to broil. Alao. the flavor la eo rouoh better develop*..! tn r«ael- In* that It 1« »lriu)g« thin method la le*a common than quick broiling. Broiling merely haa th« advantage of quick preparation--roaatiaa;, I ho evporien-tty ef flaw. Ajftor ttie equatM are cleaned, do not epIJt, but tea** whole. Tie the toga eJoae to the aide, apread wft butter nrer the bird* and place In a baking; diaa In a hot ovon. Leave for ten mlntee lo aear, then pour enough hot water in the paa to cove* the bottom--e. cupful or more U nowtoA. Cover the pan tightly and reduoe the heat to moderate, then e*ntlau» halting for forty minute*. ptaee a »Hc« of light brown toa*t on ear.?', plate, mointen with corne of th* P«:i gr»» »nd put a hmlf or whole bird on each plate.. Bqiukb or pigeon anay tiret te flUe4 »1U» etufHng-- the eame u eee uaa* k for ehlcken, rut key or diw-k. Or, If oyetera ere popular with the diner*, the* an iratier alufflng may be ueed. Place kom* meieoei il brrail- crumbn Imrtrtu th» bird--Juet enotigki to Une the aide, and a whole oyet*r ·within, no that the liquor from the oyater will be aKmrfeftd hy tke breadcrumb* during th* cooking. Very young b)r4a majr be fried ttn one iio«« eh)ok«-n. After eteeuilng, tie th« wlnira tightly to the atd*i, , then drop the bird in hot fat or oil and oook for ten ar fifteen mhtutee until light brown and tender. If there it dubt altaut the ten- d*mee» of th* a|fe*na, then it I* aafe*t lo etew them «r make a 4el| clou* pie--which mean* additional evoking, alweire *· aaeurance of ultimate tendern«M rtg«*n Me. Heparate the ii|«*n*d pigeon· litto ·mall Johtte. then wipe dr an* fry for a few momenu In a little fat with acune ehapped *nio«i. Meanwhile e«ok the glMet* in enough water t* cover. Butler a fcakiivg «i*a, »hw« In it a layer of the .tetaled ptgeexie. a few piece* of diced *aH p«rh. *oj»* chopped, hard-oiahed egg, a)*o Uie chopped giblel* and the water In which they were e**)k*d. Drerfg* with flour, and «*k*BD witU nail and popper. Over the tup with a N» erwat. ·oneture wtUi a few aJlta t* let ·team eacape, and baJ«e I* a meattum oven for forty-five minute* t« one hmir. 8lo««d Pi C *Mm, Whale. Waah and tt« together the leo and wlnga with atrtng. flace th* bird* IB a deep e, tew pan, with a *llce ·f bacon tied ever the breaata. Add on* cupful of hot water er mare if needed to cover, and cook for twenty mlotite* or a litHe longer if the Wrd» are not tender by that time. Remove ««d rub wUh butter, then pl*c« near th* bf»U^r t« V,raem. Thicken tB« *»uo* with flour md ourrajtt j*Ur. Molor CD., W. Crawford A v ^ n u f . Miij;-A-MnvuT ; MARTY OH |S T H A T SC.'-LET rAE TELL YOU, MR. S M A R T Y - I JU'-T TOOK MY CAR To -IM LITTLE / D R I V E R . FOR G WON W I T H O U T m IT SERVICE DePt-ANO WITH THEIR. VERY OW* U PS THEY Q TOLD 10251 I'Nsox Coupe) 1.920 Essex f'oaclli f»27 Nash 1 onch in the past, a motorist would be l a u g h ed at for mechanical ignorance of his cur. However, Wertheimor's Servieo Dept, has made it unnecessary for you to even know what's u n d n r the hood! 1S12S Essex Sudan lf)2S Essex Coupe l!)i8 Essrx roach Gates W. McGarrah, chairman ot the Board ot the New York Federal Reserve Bank, saHed for Europe on board the S. S. Aquitania to formally accept the appointment aa an American director of the Bank for International Settlement. Although the president of the world bank will he seljcted by the board ef directors, it is understood that MeGarrah is slated for the po«i- Uon and will aecanl. j English Law Demandei Attendant at 'hurch Sunrtity holidoy raak«m and trlppera will b« IntenvsU'd to kaew tlu . a stat* tjtory law In England jenrs ,go prohibited »uch frivolity, says th» London Daily Mall. The Act of UD rormlty, 1552, requires: All pereong except thosa dlasentini: from the wt nship or doctrines of the Chore!) of Bnyland and usually attending eome place ot worship not helongtni: to thi Church of England, are, U they have ni lawful or r*asonnble ercoiio for absence, to endenror to attend thtnl parish church or accustomed ebflp', or, If reasonably prevented from i a doing, soma other plac« where th s dlvino eervlce of the Church of BJ gland Is performed, on el Suadnys » id other days ordained anil u.nd to lx kept n» holy day«, and to abide thet order!/ and solwrly (li)rir.ij? the Urn* of common prayer, pre«;chli{r, or thcr dt- Tln* ·ervlce th*i p a |)erfon« A. Failure to oibeerv* tlilii Inv? rwt ler-j the offcndlnjt "parishloner or I h n b l t n n t of a parish" wh It not l« rally ei- erapt from nttni(tancj nt dh ne service on Snndayii and lioly da. s "ltubl« In procw-dlnKii t n k c n nifntni h i m In the eeclealnatteal couna to he censured for th« ofTensf, ndroo; l.shed an to hla attejidancn in the f.j lire, nml to bfi condemned In the co» s of the Bedouins Prize Abcv«s AH Pos eciion* ·th more r b p i r in, depend l which /ator for s indeed, fteon or Idles for nost that 1ms fonr ·pll to-do, msldcrwl uits, and itni!!". n l n s who ist as ln- tbe cnt- oinoHmes A pamcJ I» considered w ' r t h « n a w i f e la Flpdouiug. conifs, sotntstlmes th'.'lr llv* upon their cam«'lR. A can run travel w t t h d i i t f orl or ten or twelve . l a y s is v:ihmb But Bntoc w i l l do t o for even t w o n t y iuys. Tlie sa thesi? prlznd b'Mstfl nre t h p I T7ion«\v ctin buy. A n m n wh' or fiv»? can:(*l.i is eon'Idorcd O,ne wlio had fiflv is w e s l l h y . He tas uuaij ser^ llvfs ou th; Income of hi-s i Tlip riviilry between c h i e f h n v o r00 or O'X) cnn.el; In j tenso us It fit'.fn \VPS nmori lie bnronn of ( l i e \Sst. ; onr of the shlclcs t ' f l l h l r f h a n i l t t r . tci sfc-i! ano-'lier'a c s t a r t n feti'I t h a t Imtg frr r'nmi'lsi erit a thorny wi gavan. Thfl v-fi'd I," so dry used to s t a r t fires. Tho ro w i t h n r f « i n f u s lln d Hint most pure (ill)?. Some f tin In the w o r l d is rnad'j 1'roin mcl 1 ? and ·{·a rsi. ·i culled thnt it Is t i n l heat glue Years' Passing Brings Interest in Oi Tlten, t hcgJ "Tins t i l i n g ninre nni crowing o'.d," t i remarked, "li Is tne clnsi that InterpF.ts niv In chc pnpi whs 11 tlrrip f. hen 1 nt-ver ' looking nt. UK- d e n t i l uotlci obituary -o!i;mns. t was w i t h othi^r topic 1 !. most ImfH'rwpUhl.v, at the o h i t u i u I f s in tho lion ppr whirl) I hud bK'ii r(U ycnra. 'J'h'Tn was Hcart-rl went by w i t h o u t , nn a r t i c l e pussing of somn one i imd in 1 wns n bey. Then .lust vf t h o necrciloKli'al nevs toot i n t i m a t e anpeet. I found u: IRK of tliose v / i t h whom I p! a )'oun»:sliT, or w i t : i whom Bdciatrc! as a vouili. 'i'hr itews wore nt tlrsl f»w » (.wren, b u t us tliu y«ars they becnmp ntorp f'-pf|ueist, denly found tny»»lf reodlnp before T did t l i c person nit- News. atuarics ,ne t h a t I ilrert mim of news rs. Then- lOllfillt. of i iirnl t l i e (uisy lowly, al- ·Ivlug for u vvrck nhout the own when Knulunlly n n more .-Bolt rend- cyed when i fur b«- I r i r t e d by nnd I sud- obit'.iffrirs! "--Detroit Training Fodngog Th« firflt genuine elTort : fi?8»lonal training of tenc ! taken in tho world wan i by Jean Baptistc do La Siill In 1681.. At the beginning j teenth century tlie tlerolop sfltutions to ( r n l n ; teacliert new l i f e nnd the 'j'nisBinr normal sehorOs. was firmly Rlx normul schools had bee In thnt country. It wild abo t h n t the subject of preparl for public schools began to t««ntion in America. jr the proem unilrr- Qdoubtedly i at Hholuis f the Nlne- nent of lii- took on a system of ?stnbliahed. i organUed it this time ig touchers rnccive at- Advice to Girls By ANNIE LAURIE , D EAR ANNIE IAURIE: ' . I'm eighteen year» f id and hav* been going with a t y one year my wnvior but here in %iy t rouble; I've bi-esi going w th this boy for a y e a r : - h e »ay» h i loves m«, and 1 b«llev« he do -a, but ( about a month HKO he wen to wif another rirl and hiutn't corie bat:U here any morn. 1 wrote him a letter and he never Urmw ir*l (t. Should 1 writ* him again or Ju»t let It KoT I'd hate to Rive hrm up t« another irirl. WOR1 :ISD, W OftR!13D: Tho behavlo of the young man anil'hln Ini i f f e r e n i o to your lefter should elve .v m * cliie to'hla character. It Is not n quewtlon of g-lving hint up to anothe · slrl; he evidently dlRpose-d of him* If In his own way. Of course you nust not write htm Jigrain unless ou wl«h to repeat the experience of h a v - ing your letter Ipnared, Htfie you'r feellnrs and sook the comr mionshlp of tho«e who will appr*r alf vour friendship. Should you me* t him. do not refw to the incident r let know your r*aJ tselinse TOE OLD HOME TOWN Stanly »ui_,OH YEAH You---^ UEHM TWO HOliRS, AMD AUU HE HAS A MEW RUMBLE SEAT AND EVc OH YE"/.H -- THE SMART ALEC FROM HOOTS VMHO CALLED OH- MISS SUSIE t_A-rr N\5H~C ovER.-ruRNED THE I ROM ON -THE IN MS HASTTE TO f5EA,C« HS CAR Prominent Doctor Lays Death Increase to 'Hum' Diet and Health 6Y U/UI HUNT PC p if8S,M.D, AUTHOR Of Dttr AND HEAITH*AKD CHUT FOR CHiLQREM Dr. Francis J. Gcrty, head of tho Cook C/'ounty, 111., Psycopnthic. Hospital, testified before tho House Judiciary Committee that deaths from alcoholism had increased enormously since prohibition. Prior to prohibition, Dr. Gerty asserted, there; was n marked decrease in alcoholism between 1917 nnd 19J9, but from 1020 to 1922, nil forms of alcoholism increaspd. l.ulu H u m «, rt'M-s, M. 1 New Crime Weapon to Combat Gangland 'Wtwopi ifl Ciitc/h.. "7~\EAH DOCTi'H: Are whooping *~"^ eolith vaci ins of any value HH prcventivo o · aa an aid In fli?ht- SI\K "'I -he wboc line cough after H lijifl bcnn cout.rac tc-d? MRS. \V." Whooplnj cout h (pertussis Is due t o a spr;-clflc Kcrm, the Bonlct a n tl U c n E o u bacillus, n a in e d a f t o r i t s discoverers. (.Most new n:ini".l tlitn way.) I'll quote il- ri-eU;,' from Ab: (lio'r-i an fiutlior- I t y t n childrcn'ii (jijoutiou of vac- CIDH for It; (note tli« no.xv spKllim; of tin; word.) "Thn one sri^at advrui'e In the trratmcnt of per' in the last few years has Vefii the Introduction of vaccln therapy. .Suflhtipnt evjdnnce li:w now IIP- a c c - u i i i u l u t i M l ami reported lo provu 'nut this Is a real udruni'c. II i.-i I ot to b« undurstood t l h i t \-aooin t t u - i n p y curo-j all ca.snM at onro, but proi 'rly ILS"--!] it certainly shurtena tho 11:1 roxy.snml r-1flffc. di- inljiisties t h i m n c r i i y anil froiiuency of t h e p n r o x y n n i : . ;uuJ wards uff corn- pi ii'u" "Shaw rpport: t h n t nt St. Mar- jsaret'H Mouse f r. r Infanta In Albany, 364 cbilJrcn wt ro cxpoaR'l to per- tusala in four ep dnmli's, VBCC(II was adminl.itered. Only 7 per cent of t.hp.-.B child- in o-ntracled the disease. Sh,iw rcniurka I) at from previous ex- periniipe, nt leas' GO per cent of these children would have succumbed to tho dlsenso without vaccln. "HoaK stntns that vaccin Is effective at any stags of the dlseaso, but thnt as a prophylactic (preventive) It is absolute. Ke Insists t hut every clfort Klitiuld b(? made lo give It to children' who IIHVB bffcn f?xpooert. He reported 17 children definitely ex- po.v-d to t h e disease. All of tlieni received vacoln and not one of them contracted pertussis," So you Hue. Mrs. W., that the whooping cough vaccln. in the ««tl- rnation of these special Into. Is of very Eri'ftat value. V Injected under tho «)Un. a's H ·hould lit ( A b t ) , It causes very little local reaction a'»d the pain of the injection Is not jrreat Another new treatment for whooping: 'ou;,'h Is tho X-ray, which arts by Ifisseninff tho Rv.-ulllns of the lymph nodes und mucous membranes of tlio bronchlnl tubcf), is w e l l an acting: as a grermlctde. ' After t!io chili! hn.-? dov«lop'wl tho dlscaee, a uniiK abdominal band itlvns relief in the puro.xysinn of coughing. The child nhouli* b» Hcpt out In th _ open an much as posslbla, and if ho vornita his fooi), a warm nourlshinjr d r i n k should bo Riven Immediately afterward. (This is usually retained.) Many cases are prolonged becauai 1 the child beoonifft »u uni-.*^oiirlsbei on Account of the vomiting:. Younff children and bablrs -will very of ton not have the characteristic whoop, but thero arc blood and other tests which will determine if It is the whooping- cough. * ·» * "Three years ago my husband had a pair of trousers dyr-d, n n t p.fter w w i r i n f f thrm a few times his IcffK broke out with what appeared to bo piickl/ heat. It disappears when cool weather comes, but returns in th? summor, worse ?nch time. Do you t h i n k t h i s ts caused by tha dye? "MItS. O." D.VIH! clothes not Infroqurntly po!- .·ioii and c.iuao Hkln eruptions nntj other listurbance:s,. MrH. O., but in your htisbiind's case I don't seo why it should come back year aftor year U..SH lin is ivearlnp tho same trousers? Hftter have him gu to a skin specialist. * * · Miss F.: We have an article on Superfluous Hair which answers your questions. See column rules. Kditar't "Kate: Dr. Peters cannot diagnose nor gtV'D , peraonal advic*. Your questions, If of goneral Interest, will be .answered In th« column In their turn. Hequests for articled or pamphlets on hand, must 'je accom- nanled by a fully suit-addressed, £t_mred envelope, plus the followlnji small chari?e to help^ cover cost of printing .and handling: for each article wanted, two cents in coin; for each pamphlet ten cents In coin. Thn p 'nphletn aro Reducing and Gaining flypicnc of Women, KMnty and Madder Disorders. Address 15 r Peters. In care of thin paper. Writ* legibly, and -o! over 200 words. Captain John Eagan of the Chicago Detective Bureau examines one of the new teargas'guna received hy the police department for fighting KftngiS. Tlie guns are capable of thrawine a tear bonib 150 yards, affording protection from return ftr^ DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS I! you are coniemplniliiK b u i l d i n g a home come and loolt at tuese tots. T h e y u r e large--COxHO ftt'L N a t u r a l (jus. city wain, fine gmdv selio it a n d - c h u r c h . One mile from bi)sli)«MU district 07 Conncllsvitle; a 5-miiiute t r o l l e y ride. A nice location for iv s u b u r b a q ttoiiio Inquire of C. B. MeComilck. i.- O. BCIJL lit, C« J u- uell. !'.:., Pa., -esidenOQ. . f · POPLAR GRO VE when You Have Something You Want to SeU It in Our CU»*ified Coluam.

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